STRIP Enrolment Form

Company Name(s): 

STRIP Enrolment Form
(Please read terms and conditions/instructions overleaf)

Name of Financial Advisor and ARN Sub ARN Code Sub Code EUI No. MO Code UTI RM No.
For office use only
IH No. Reporting Branch Name
Acknowledgement of STRIP Enrolment Form (To be filled in by the Unit holder)
(for existing unitholder) Folio No. ____________________________________
Received from Mr./Miss/Mrs : ___________________________________________________________________________________________ STRIP application.
Amount of transfer per installment ` __________________________ From Scheme / Plan ____________________________________________________
to Scheme/Plan _________________________________________________
Name of First / Sole Applicant
Name of the Second Applicant
Name of the Third Applicant
Name of the Guardian (in case First / Sole Applicant is a minor)
APPLICANT PAN (Mandatory) KYC Complied Mobile No. E-mail ID
First/Sole Applicant
Second Applicant
Third Applicant
2. SYSTEMATIC TRANSFER INVESTMENT PLAN DETAILS (Please note that it will take 7 days to Register STRIP)
Frequency of STRIP Daily Weekly Monthly Quarterly
Minimum No. of STRIP 20 24 6 2
Minimum amount ` 100 ` 500 ` 1000 ` 3000
Dates of transfer All business days 1st, 7th, 15th and 25th 1st, 7th, 15th and 25th 1st, 7th, 15th and 25th
FROM - UTI scheme n ame Plan Option
TO - UTI scheme n ame Plan Option
Fixed Amount per transfer Frequency (Please  Tick) DAILY WEEKLY MONTHLY QUARTERLY
Dates (please  tick) 1st 7th 15th 25th Number of transfers
Transfer period from D D M M Y Y Y Y To D D M M Y Y Y Y
I/We have read and understood the contents of the Scheme Information Document (SID) and Key Information Memorandum (KIM), addenda issued till date of the source scheme as well as
destination scheme and the terms/conditions overleaf. I/We hereby apply for enrolment under STRIP and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of STRIP. I / We undertake to confirm that this
investment has been duly authorised by appropriate authorities in terms of all relevant documents and procedural requirements.
I / We have not received nor been induced by any rebate or gifts, directly or indirectly in making investments.
The ARN holder has disclosed to me/us all the commissions (in the form of trail commission or any other mode), payable to him for the different competing Schemes of various
Mutual Funds from amongst which the Scheme is being recommended to me/us.
* I / We confirm that we are Non-Residents of Indian Nationality / Origin and that the funds are remitted from abroad through approved banking channels or from my / our NRE / NRO Account. I
/ We undertake to provide further details of source of funds and any such other relevant documents, if called for by UTI Mutual Fund. * Applicable to NRIs
EUIN: “I/We hereby confirm that the EUIN box has been intentionally left blank by me/us as this is an “execution-only” transaction without any interaction or advice by the
employee/relationship manager/sales person of the above distributor or notwithstanding the advice of in-appropriateness, if any, provided by the employee/relationship manager/
sales person of the distributor and the distributor has not charged any advisory fees on this transaction”. ( Please tick only when EUIN box is left blank)
____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________
(Signature) (Signature) (Signature)
First /Sole Unitholder /Guardian Second Unitholder Third Unitholder
Application / Folio No. of Source Scheme Date: d d m m y y y y
Transfer Frequency STRIP Date
Transfer Period From
DD / MM / YYYY to DD / MM / YYYY
Fixed Amount per Transfer
in figures
Date & Stamp of Receiving UFC
Upfront Commission shall be paid directly by the investor to the AMFI/NISM registered Distributor based on the investors’ assessment of various factors including the service rendered by the distributor.
I/We confirm that the EUIN box is intentionally left blank by me/us as this is an “execution-only” transaction without any interaction or advice by the distributor personnel concerned or notwithstanding
the advice of in-appropriateness, if any, provided by such distributor personnel and the distributor has not charged any advisory fees for this transaction. ( Please tick only when EUIN box is left blank)
Features and Terms & Conditions
List of Schemes where STRIP facility is available
1. Systematic Transfer Investment Plan: is a facility wherein
investor can opt to transfer a fixed amount at regular intervals
from one designated scheme to another designated scheme of
UTI Mutual Fund.
2. M inimum amount of investment: in the source scheme is Rs
12,000/-. This is applicable for the initial investment in the case
of new investors and outstanding balance in the case of existing
The minimum amount of investment for “Institutional Plan”
under the Source Schemes, wherever applicable, for Systematic
Transfer Investment Plan (STRIP) will be the same as applicable
for normal investment under “Institutional Plan” as mentioned
in the Scheme Information Document of the respective Schemes.
3. Default Investment: In the “To Scheme” if no investment option
is ticked default option will be Growth Option. If no dividend
option type is selected, default option will be ‘Reinvestment’. If
no frequency is ticked, however date of transfer is ticked by the
investor, then by default Monthly option will be considered. If
no frequency is ticked and if all 4 dates are ticked, same will be
treated as weekly option and processed accordingly.
If frequency and Date are ticked however no period is mentioned /
Number of transfer is left blank, STP shall commence immediately
on the next STP date (Business Day) after 7 days from the time
stamping date of the form and will continue until default period
of 5 years.
Default amount:- If no amount is mentioned then by default
minimum amount as prescribed under each frequency shall be
considered as the STRIP amount.
4. Periodicity of transfer: STRIP facility is offered with the following
periodicity: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly. Weekly STRIP
will not be allowed, if the STRIP under the folio is already
registered with any other frequency (Daily / Monthly / Quarterly).
5. M inimum No. of Days for Registration of STRIP: The
application for enrolment of STRIP should be submitted atleast
7 days prior to the commencement of first STRIP date.
6. Transfer of funds: Transfer of funds will take place from source
scheme to destination scheme for the schemes mentioned below
in the table.
7. Date of transfer: Unitholders will be eligible to transfer a fixed
amount on daily basis i.e. on every business day; on specified
date i.e. 1st, 7th, 15th, & 25th of each month under Weekly
periodicity; on a pre-specified date i.e. on 1st or 7th or 15th or
25th of each month under the Monthly periodicity and on 1st
or 7th or 15th or 25th of the first month of each quarter, under
Quarterly periodicity. If that day being a holiday, next business
day would be considered for the transaction.
8. M inimum amount of transfer: The minimum amount to be
transferred is Rs.100/ – per business day under Daily Periodicity;
Rs.500/ – under the Weekly Periodicity; Rs.1,000/ – under
the Monthly Periodicity and Rs.3,000/ – under the Quarterly
9. M aximum amount of transfer: There is no upper limit for
transfer under all the periodicities.
10. M inimum Number of STRIPS: Minimum number of STRIP will be
20 under Daily Periodicity, 24 under Weekly Periodicity, 6 under
Monthly Periodicity and 2 under Quarterly Periodicity. There will
be no upper limit. If the minimum number is not mentioned,
then by default, the transaction to be continued till the amount
in the source scheme gets exhausted.
11. Transfer of amount: The transfer of amount from the source
scheme to the destination scheme will be effected by redeeming
the units of the source scheme at applicable NAV/redemption
price as on specified date and the amount will be converted into
units as per applicable NAV/purchase price under the destination
scheme as on the specified date.
12. L oad: Load structure existing at the time of investment under
source / destination scheme will be applicable under the respective
In terms of SEBI circular no. SEBI/IMD/CIR No.4/ 168230/09 dated
June 30, 2009, no entry load will be charged by the Scheme to
the investor effective August 1, 2009. Upfront commission shall
be paid directly by the investor to the AMFI registered Distributors
based on the investors’ assessment of various factors including
the service rendered by the distributor. No entry load shall be
charged for direct applications received by the Asset Management
Company (AMC) i.e. applications received through internet,
submitted to AMC or collection centre that are not routed
through any distributor/agent/broker. No entry load shall also be
charged for additional purchases done directly by the investor
under the same folio and switch in to a scheme from other
schemes if such a transaction is done directly by the investor.
Wherever the ARN/Code of a broker/IFA/sub-broker/distributor
given in the application form has to be struck off, it has to be
counter signed by the first applicant. In case the first applicant
does not counter sign it the application will not be treated as a
direct application. For direct applications, the area for providing
ARN/ Code of a broker/IFA/subbroker/ distributor should not be
left blank. It should be marked “Direct” or “Not Applicable”.
All Official Points of Acceptance will be available on the website
of UTI Mutual Fund
No entry and exit load will be charged on Bonus Units issued and
on Units allotted on Re-investment of Dividend.
13. Termination of STRIP: STRIP will automatically get terminated
under the following conditions
• The unit holdings under the source scheme becomes nil or lower
than minimum amount to be transferred as stipulated.
• In the case of death of the first unit holder.
• If the unit holder wishes to terminate at any time by sending a
written request to official point of acceptance. Such notice will
have to be sent at least 15 calendar days prior to the due date
of the next transfer date.
• If lien or pledge or STOP is marked against the units in the source
• If redemption is put for all units or entire amount during the STRIP
transfer then the STRIP would cease off after units are redeemed.
Source Scheme
UTI-Bond Fund
UTI-Credit Opportunities Fund
UTI-Dynamic Bond Fund
UTI-Floating Rate Fund (Short Term Plan)
UTI-Gilt Advantage Fund – LTP
UTI-G-Sec Short Term Plan
UTI-Liquid Fund Cash Plan
UTI-MIS Advantage Plan
UTI-Money Market Fund
UTI-Monthly Income Scheme
UTI-Short Term Income Fund
UTI-Treasury Advantage Fund
Destination Schemes (To any one of the schemes)
UTI-Balanced Fund
UTI-Banking Sector Fund
UTI-CCP Advantage Fund
UTI-Children’s Career Balanced Plan
UTI-Contra Fund
UTI-Dividend Yield Fund
UTI-Energy Fund
UTI-Equity Fund
UTI-Equity Tax Savings Plan
UTI-India Lifestyle Fund
UTI-Infrastructure Fund
UTI-Leadership Equity Fund
UTI-Mahila Unit Scheme
UTI-Master Value Fund
UTI-Masterplus Unit Scheme
UTI-Mastershare Unit Scheme
UTI-Mid Cap Fund
UTI-Nifty Index Fund
UTI-Opportunities Fund
UTI-Pharma & Healthcare Fund
UTI-Retirement Benefit Pension Fund
UTI-Services Industries Fund
UTI-Spread Fund
UTI-Top 100 Fund
UTI-Transportation & Logistics Fund
UTI-Unit Scheme for Charitable and Religious Trusts and Registered
Societies (UTI – CRTS)
UTI-Wealth Builder Fund – Series II
STRIP facility is available under all Plans and Options of the below mentioned Source/Destination Schemes.
(i) The name of unitholders (1st, 2nd & 3rd) and their order
should be identically mentioned in the source scheme
application form as well as STRIP enrolment form.
(ii) New Investor desiring to opt for STRIP facility is required to fill
in source scheme application form as well as STRIP enrolment
(iii) The provision of “Minimum Application Amount” and
“Minimum Redemption Amount” if specified in the respective
scheme information document of the source and destination
scheme will not be applicable in the case of transaction
through STRIP except institutional plan.
(iv) STRIP request will be registered for a folio, even if it is already
under Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), Monthly Withdrawal
Plan (MWP) or Fixed Withdrawal Plan (FWP).
(v) If the residual amount in source Scheme is less than the
scheme minimum amount or strip amount whichever is less,
then the residual amount will be included in the last STRIP
installment. However, on termination of STRIP, if the balance
in the destination scheme is found to be below the minimum
amount as per the provisions of scheme, the same will be
redeemed at the redemption price applicable on the effective
date of termination under the conditions stated in point no.
13 above.
(vi) If the total investment amount to be transferred is not
mentioned then the entire invested amount will be
(vii) UTI Asset Management Co. Ltd. reserves the right to reject
STRIP mandate without assigning any reasons thereof.
(viii) UTI AMC reserves the right to change / modify the terms &
conditions of STRIP facility at any time.
(ix) SoAs under STRIP – Daily / Weekly Periodicity will be issued
on a quarterly basis viz December, March, June & September
(x) Know Your Client (KYC) requirement is now mandatory for
all investors, irrespective of the amount of investment w.e.f.
January 01, 2011. For details, please refer to Statement of
Additional Information (SAI).
(xi) Note on EUIN: Investors should mention the EUIN of the
person who has advised the investor. If left blank, the Fund
will assume and consider the declaration relating to EUIN
signed by the Investor under “Declaration and Signature
of the Applicants” in the Application Form and accordingly
process the transaction.
EUIN will assist in tackling the problem of mis-selling even if
the employee/Relationship Manager/Sales person leave the
employment of the ARN Holder/Sub broker.
Following table may please be referred for Default options:
Default option
Dividend Option type Destination scheme option If no frequency is ticked If no dates are ticked If no amount is mentioned
Dividend Reinvestment Growth Option of the scheme Monthly frequency by default Immediately on the next STP date (Business Day) after 7 days
from the time stamping date of the form and will continue
until default period of 5 years
Minimum amount as prescribed under
each frequency
Please refer instruction no. 3