Application Form for Updation of E-Mail & Mobile Number

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E-Mail & Mobile Number Updation Form

UTI Mutual Fund
Please fill in the information below legibly in English and in CAPITAL LETTERS)
Please update my (1st Holder’s) details as under:
1. Folio Number :
2. Name :
3. e-mail ID
4. Mobile No:
5. PAN (Please attach self attested copy of PAN card and carry original for verification
(Optional) and immediate return)
a) I/We, authorise you to send all communication such as Account Statement, Abridged Annual Report, Confirmation of various service requests like
change of address, change of bank, etc. to me at the above e-mail ID.*
b) In case of change in the above e-mail ID/mobile number, I/We undertake to inform the new e-mail ID/mobile number to UTI Mutual Fund. In case I/we
do not inform the change, the consequences thereof will entirely be on me/us.
Signature of 1st holder Signature of 2nd holder Signature of 3rd holder
*In case you wish to receive the communication through physical mode, please strike off point number (a) above completely and authenticate the same.
UTI Mutual Fund - Acknowledgement of e-mail and Mobile Number Updation form (To be filled in by the investor
Received, subject to verification, e-mail and Mobile Number Updation form
from Mr/ Mrs/ Ms : _____________________________________________________________
Folio No : _____________________________________________________________________ Receiving UFC/ Registrar’s official stamp
with date and signature
e-MAIL & MOBILE NUMBER Updation Form
Registrar: Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd., Unit: UTI Mutual Fund, Narayani Mansion, H.No.1-90-2/10/E, Vittalrao Nagar, Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500 081
Toll free no. 1800 22 1230 • E-mail: uti [at] karvy [dot] com
d d m m y y y y
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1. Please fill in the Form in Block CAPITAL LETTERS and sign as per holding basis.
2. By updating e-mail and mobile number, you can avail various value added services such as receiving alerts, requesting
e-SoA through our website at your registered e-mail ID anytime, information through SMS such as balance in the Folio,
3. On registration of e-mail ID, please visit our website and access your investments online through
invest@uti by generating transaction PIN online.
4. In case of any assistance, please contact nearest UTI Financial Centre. The list of UFCs is available on our website.
Check list
 Form is filled up in block letters
 Form is signed as per the holding basis.
 e-mail ID and Mobile number are filled up correctly.
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