Application Form for change in Child's Name

Company Name(s): 

The name of _____________________________ is changed to ______________________
and I further declare that the said name ________________________________ and changed name
___________________________________ is of one and the same person.
Her/His name may please be changed as
Affidavit for Change in Child’s Name
UTI Mutual Fund/SU-UTI
(For Children’s Schemes )
I, ____________________________________________________________ residing at
________________________________________________________________________ hereby declare that I have
purchased _______ units under folio number / certificate number ___________________________________under
CGGF 1986 / RUP II / CCP of SU-UTI/UTI Mutual Fund in the name of my ______________ Kumar / Kumari
Before me ( with seal )
Govt./Post Master of Post Office (Permanent employee in-charge of Post Office)/ Chief representative of
UTI Mutual Fund/Manager of Nationalised Bank/MP or MLA.
(1) The affidavit should be stamped as an agreement with the special adhesive stamps of the value as per the
prevailing rate in that State of execution or be written onn on-judicial paper of the like value.
(2) To be executed before stipendiary Magistrate / civil judge / labour court judge / Munsif of civil court / presiding
officer of labour court / presiding officer of income tax tribunal or Customs tribunal or sales tax tribunal /
Tehsildar / Talukdar / Mamlatdar / Notary Public/Honorary Magistrate/Gazetted Officer of Central or State
Signature of the Applicant ( Donor ) :
in the unitholding records.