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No home delivery from Domino's.

Dear Sir
I Nagesh Thombe would like to complain to you that I am staying at Aboli Society, Deshmukh Home Complex, Golvali, Dombivli East, Kalyan and there is no home delivery from Domino's to my home as well as in the entire Deshmukh Home Complex.
Sir there are two dominoes out let just five minutes away from my house. One is Gharada Circle Dombivli and the other is Metro Mall Kalyan. However, why home delivery is not done should not be they answered.

REFIT ANIMAL CARE: Nurturing Veterinary Excellence in India

Nice Information

Recovering Expert

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Please delete wrong Video

Respected Sir

Sir Kisi ne hamare Video Uplaod karne ki dhamki de raha hai or bol raha hai ki paise do sir may to mar hi jaunga agar ye galat video upload ho gaya to aap se request hai ki mera video upload na hone de.


बनावट खाते

युजरनेम urmilamaind03 फोटो हे बनावट खाते आहे प्लीज हे खाते बंद करा कोणीतरी दुसरी व्यक्ती आहे

Email account recovery

Hello sir

This is nikitha. I have been using this account as backup id "nikithakumar711 [at] gmail [dot] com" so that I didn't provide any alternative email and mobile number to this account. I have accidentally removed it from my device. Kindly help me to recover it back sir please. You can contact me to this email id "tornadomapla [at] gmail [dot] com"
Please help me sir.

Account suspended

My dream11 account suspended I want to reactivate my dream11 account

Gmail hack

Dear sir/mam
My gmail account hack please help me

Account not link

My account not link in my account
Summit don't match a rha ha

मध्यप्रदेश के पटवारियों की हड़ताल का 26वा दिन

मैं ABP news का नियमित पाठक एवं दर्शक हूं, परंतु बहुत ही शर्म से कहना पढ़ रहा है कि मध्यप्रदेश के समस्त पटवारियों का वेतन 25 वर्ष से नहीं बढ़ा हैं और वे अपनी जायज़ मांगो के लिए 26 दिन से हड़ताल पर हैं और आज से क्रमिक भूख हड़ताल पर आ गए हैं, किंतु आपकी टीम ने उनकी आवाज़ मुख्यमंत्री तक नहीं पहुचाई और नाही आपने मांगो के संबंध में सत्ता पक्ष से सवाल किए! उम्मीद करता हूं कि आप पटवारियों की जायज मांग को आप अपने न्यूज चैनल पर प्रसारित करेंगे ।

ऑनलाइन एचडीएफसी बैंक का ओपन किया अभी तक नहीं तो केवाईसी हुई है न

ऑनलाइन अकाउंट एचडीएफसी का ओपन किया 11 अगस्त 2023 को अभी तक केवाईसी पूरा नहीं हुई है नहीं तो खाते में नहीं तो यूपीआई सेट हुई है और खाते मैं एक दूसरे को पैसा नहीं भेजा जा रहा है
मेरे खाते को प्लीज चालू

Some people in karwar

Some people in karwar karnatka taking money of every thing more than mrp rate from naval personal only

Mara orders nahi aaiya he

Mera orders babhi le nahi aaiya he

Unable to recover, forgot the password

Hy I am unable to recover my account when I try to forgot password first it shows that enter your registered mobile number i entered the number and got the otp when I fill it, it shows that one more otp is sent to your Gmail how can I get my Gmail I don't have it I have to recover the Gmail when I click on try another way there's no way of recovery I have my registered mobile number only.
This is the email I want to recover: geetesh123kumar [at] gmail [dot] com

Don't play callbrack

Mera callbrack me background download nhi ho raha hai

Forgot password

Sir I have forgotten my gmail password and also lost my phone number. How do I open my Gmail account?

Unrestricted my account

am not able to access my account for the last few weeks. I have uploaded documents for the verification process. But still, I am not able to log in. Kindly receive my account. My account has been restricted permanently.
Name : janani
My account ID :jd677923 [at] gmail [dot] com



Account restricted

From last 2 days my linked account is freeze pleas I request to activate the same as I have already done my documentation verification

Hello sir/mam your security

Hello sir/mam your security system had been locked my own facebook Account now so iam sending my proof id so kindly review it and reopen my real facebook accout

Telegram Account Banded

Please Heip me

Hi sir maine Paisa bheja tha

Hi sir maine Paisa bheja tha kisi Aur account mein aur dusre ke account Mein chala Gaya Hai sar ek 63 rupya hai ek 220
rupya hai sar yahi dusre ke account Mein chala Gaya अलग-अलग account Apne dost ke pass 63 rupees
 send kar raha tha dusre ke account Mein chala Gaya Hai sar sar Maine 220 Bhai ke account mein bhej raha tha galti se
kisi ko aur account Mein chala Gaya Hai please sir .

Scam Recovery content

Losing crypto online is too rampard these days, scammers are getting more intelligent that's why getting a legitimate expert on recovery of stolen crypto is so difficult without having scam experience. Most people have been scammed severally and they give up on their funds. I'm here to let all scam victims know that recovery is possible when you contact the right source, am saying this cause I was a victim too until I read a helpful article talking about recovery I decided to DM Freddictine Atconsultant com because quitters never win, Am glad I made the decision of not giving up. indeed not giving up on anything in life will always lead to a better outcome

Payment Refund

plz Refund yo my amt & contacted me my

Dear Sir/ Team SHAME ON YOU

Dear Sir/ Team


I Justify the above based on following reasons.

1. Don't have any control on the logistic partner.
2. No system of complaint escalation and resolution process.
3. No COD, (Advance payment, On cancellation non payment immediately cheating the customer) forcing the customer to restrict with the order and forego current discounts.
4. Delivery on the mercy of DECATHLON, not adhering to time lines at all. Because no penalty on late deliveries.
5. Call centre guys simply replying either through mail, complaint, store, social media etc, using some innovative convincing words for the time being without any concrete time lines (waste of resources) passing the day.
6. No value for customer time, feelings, embarrassment with the children etc. (blocking the money).

If you really cannot handle your logistic partner, better Please shut your online sales, moreover to pay immediately.

I would have cancelled your order if it is on CASH ON DELIVERY, and purchased the same with additional Rs. 1000 to 2000 currently available. Cheating the customer after collecting the money is not a good business relationship.

By the way if you have a child, asking you every day for the orders, feels very bad. the reason for going online orders is not having the all stock at the store.

Gift card

This gift card not activated so please activate thiss gift card

Restrictions of my account

Please I want know how my comment is violence to other ..And how you allow that type of video which are more than violence from my comment why you show that video ...

Login trouble.

Dear sir,

My facebook account is send me a login code,but I can't received login code.
So please help me,this is my official account 2015,2016 please help me.
My account name is MD.wakaar
I shall be thankfull to you for this.

Thanking you
Yours obediently.

My account is hacked

Submitted by Sashi kanta sahu (not verified) on 10/07/2023. 6:18pm
My facebook account is hacked and changed my mobile no and email I couldnt log in to my id so please help me

My account is recover hack

Meri Facebook ID hack ho chuki hai nahi login karpara or password bhi change kar diya hai Mera phone number please help me

My account is hacked

Submitted by Sashi kanta sahu (not verified) on 10/07/2023. 6:18pm
My facebook account is hacked and changed my mobile no and email I couldnt log in to my id so please help me

I lost access my fb account

Sir,i am lost my fb and Mobile numbers lost plz help

How i got back my lost funds

Report scam to  cybertecx net for payout solution 

my whatsaap number working please

Dear whatsaap please solve my whatsaap number banned problem. i didnt work without my whatsaap please please sir. thank you


Hello everyone my name is Tina Karm, I’m here to educate you and guide if you are seeking guidance on who to contract for your hacking problems.I was in a hot mess where i lost so much money to a fake investment company but i got it all back with the help of “VALOR HACK” , they hacked into their site and retrieved it all back. Contact VALOR HACK NOW .. Email : valorhaq g m ail com

Phone number is invalid

Sir Mera phone number se WhatsApp nhi khul raha hai phone number invalid bata raha hai

My WhatsApp messenger account chalu karava babate

Koi pan jatani bhul vina my WhatsApp account WhatsApp thi my account locked karava babat

Account remove

This is my account hack please help me


Is there anyway to keep it from putting the checkmark in so soon? When I go to a webpage and have to fill in a form and a comment, this puts the checkmark in right away, however, it disappears again and I can't get it to check it again when I'm ready to submit and I can't add the checkmark manually. Any info would be helpful. Thank you

Account is restricted

I am unable to access my account since yester please help me to recover my account whenever I upload valid identity cards then it shows something went wrong please recover my account

My WhatsApp number is ban please unbanned my number

My WhatsApp number his ban if try but not open WhatsApp
I am not used thard party app and not use any app ?why ?
Ban my number
Please open and unban my WhatsApp number please

My account number unbanned

My account number WhatsApp hilp me my account unbanned

Mera number bhul gya hai otp

Mera number bhul gya hai otp nahi aa raha hai

मैने Online shopping

मैने Online shopping Instagram से 12000/- रुपये मे की थी | return policy होने के बावजूद भी अब वो मुझे product exchange करने को मना कर रहा है..
Instagram id

Reset Password

Sir my email account suddenly got logged out from my phone and forgot password. Please sir can you open my email account once again.

Recover gmail account

Dear sir,
My name warkad Bhagvat my gmail I'd (warkadbhagwat1 [at] gmail [dot] com) Time.today10:30AM
sir my gmail account password I know. but not login gmail account your not account login. Sir please help me

Recovery Expert

I don’t think the internet is going to be safe ever again .if I was told that one day I’d be a victim to an online scam I wouldn’t believe it , but here we are today . I lost my entire savings while investing in stock trading . Ever since then I’ve not been at peace with myself , I’ve been with the trading company for just a month and never realised who they really were on time, I was drained mentally after I couldn’t make withdrawals from my account since I upgraded to a higher investment plan . I was asked to pay 5%of my total earnings as a certain legal fee , which was never mentioned in the first place before I got into all of this , I had no option but to pay , since I needed my funds back to pay for my dad’s surgery but but nothing good came out of it still , I made my own personal research on how to get my money back from these scammers before reporting it to the police . My own research turned out good , I came to know of an Asset Recovery Firm on telegram @ Virtualhacknet and email : VIRTUALHACKNET @ GMAIL DOT COM after reading about their great deal of service and experts they have within . They were so helpful and dedicated to their craft . After providing the required details about the whole thing I had with the scammers , they ran a check on their website and traced the funds directly to the final wallet it arrived at , in less than 48 hours after the trace was completed , the money was moved back to my wallet . Ever since I got my money back I swore never to get involved in anything concerning online investment ever again .

Sir meri Facebook I'd haik ho

Sir meri Facebook I'd haik ho gayi hai aur vo Banda sab chij change kar diya hai

Refund issue

Dear Sir/Madam I canceled the ticket but didn't get the money back

Withdrawal- Beware of scammers using zebpay

Zebpay Withdrawal- Beware of scammers using zebpay
It's not a nice idea for anyone to trust this platform, they only extort from your account and disable everything when you request for withdrawal. I was only lucky enough to get it resolved after which I search Rykabalan in telegram they help me with a reversal to my account . zebpay has been taking advantage of so many .