Form for Bond Of Indemnity With Surety

Company Name(s): 



THIS AGREEMENT made the _____________ day of __________ Two Thousand ____________
BETWEEN__________________________________ residing at_________________________________________________(herein after
referred to as the applicant) of the first part, __________________________________________________________________residing
____________(herein after referred to as surety) of the second part and UTI Mutual Fund/Specified Undertaking of UTI(hereinafrte referred
to as UTIMF/SUUTI ) of the third part, WHEREAS the Certificate/s bearing No.(s)
__________________for________________________units standing in the name(s) of :
__________________________________________________ (Distinctive Nos. from _________________ to ______________________ )
in the register of the unit holders of the UTIMF/SUUTI and WHEREA S the applicant/s has/have represented to the UTIMF/SUUTI that the
said certificate/(s) has/have been lost / misplaced / stolen /destroyed and the applicant/s has / have not been able to trace i t / them though
diligent search has been made therefor. The applicants have further stated that they have not sold, transferred , pledged or otherwise dealt
these certificates. AND WHEREAS the applicant/s is / are desirous of having duplicate(s) of the certificate(s) in respect of those units and
WHEREAS the UTIMF/SUUTI has agreed to issue duplicate(s) of the ce rtificate(s) on the said applicant(s) agreeing to indemnify the
UTIMF/SUUTI as hereinafter mentioned AND WHEREAS the surety has agreed to join as such Surety in those presents. NOW THIS
AGREEMENT WITNESSETH that in consideration of the UTIMF/SUUTI having agreed to issue duplicate certificate/s for the said
units/shares to the applicant/s, the applicant/s and surety do hereby for themselves respectively and their respective heirs, executors and
administrators jointly and severally covenant with UTIMF/SUUTI that they the Applicant/s and Surety or one of them , their heirs , executors
or administrators or the heirs , executors or administrators or one of them will
indemnif y the UTIMF/SUUTI or their successors against all
costs and expenses and all losses or damages which may be incurred or suffered by the UTIMF/SUUTI or their successors in consequence or
by reason of the UTIMF/SUUTI issuing duplicate certificate/s as aforesaid or by reason of two certificates for the same namely original and
duplicate being outstanding at the same time.
BY _____________________
Applicant's Signature:
In presence of __________________________
Full Signature ________________________ Name_______________________________
Occupation___________________________ Address:____________________________
BY _____________________
Surety's Signature: ______________________
In presence of : __________________________
Full Signature: __________________________ Name______________________________
Occupation: _______________________
Address: ________________________________
Date :
1) The bond of indemnity should be stamped as an agreement with the special adhesive stamps of the value as per the
prevailing rate in that State of execution or be written on non-judicial paper of the like value.
officer of Labour Court / Presiding officer of Income Tax Tribunal or Customs Tribunal or Sales tax Tribunal /
Tehsildar / Talukdar / Mamlatdar / Notary Public/Honorary Magistrate/Gazetted Officer of Central or State
Government/Post Master of Post office (Permanent employee in charge of Post office)/Chief Representative
of UTI Mutual Fund/Manager of Nationalised Bank/M.P/M.L.A
2) To be executed before Stipendiary Magistrate / Civil Judge / Labour Court Judge / Munsif of civil court / Presiding