Enrolment Form for Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP)

Company Name(s): 

Enrolment Form
Please use separate form for each Scheme/Plan/Option
(Please read the Terms and Conditions overleaf)

UTI MF Date ___________________
I/We have read and understood the contents of the Scheme Information Document (SID), Statement of Aditional Information (SAI) and Key Information
Memorandum (KIM), addenda issued till date of the scheme and the terms/conditions overleaf. I/We hereby apply for enrolment under SWP and
agree to abide by the terms and conditions of SWP. I / We undertake to confirm that this investment has been duly authorised by appropriate
authorities in terms of all relevant documents and procedural requirements.
Folio No. (Existing Unit holder)
Application No. (New Investor)
Name of the First / Sole Applicant
Name of second Applicant/Guardian (in the case of first/sole applicant is minor)
SCHEME DETAILS – Name of the scheme ____________________________________________ Plan – Growth
(This facility is available in the Growth Option only. Please refer the instructions)
WITHDRAWAL DETAILS – 1st Business day of every month
Frequency Amount No. of installment Please Tick
Monthly in figures
In words Minimum 12
(minimum `. 1000 & in multiples of `. 100 there after)
Quarterly in figures
In words Minimum 4
(minimum `. 3000 & in multiples of `. 100 there after)
Half yearly in figures
In words Minimum 2
(minimum `. 5000 & in multiples of `. 100 there after)
Yearly in figures
In words Minimum 1
(minimum `. 5000 & in multiples of `. 100 there after)
Commencement date for SWP (after cooling period of 30 days) 1st Business day of every month M M Y Y
If you wish to receive the following via e-mail Please ()
Account Statement Annual Report Transaction Confirmation Communication of change of address, bank details etc.
I/We have not received nor been induced by any rebate or gifts, directly or indirectly in making investments
*I/We confirm that we are Non-residents of Indian Nationality/Origin and that the funds are remitted from abroad through banking channels or from
my/our NRE/NRO Account. I/We undertake to provide further details of source of funds and any such other relevant documents, if called for by UTI
Mutual Fund.
* Applicable to NRIs
I request you to include all subsequent investment also under SWP as per option indicated above.
Holders Signature PAN Number# Email Id / Mobile
1st holder/Guardian
2nd Holder
3rd Holder
# Mandatory as per SEBI guidelines
Acknowledgement of SWP Application Form (To be filled in by the Unit holder)
Received from ________________________________________________________________________________ SWP Form the folio
___________________________ for scheme ___________________________________ amount_______________ frequency_______________
Karvy Computershare Pvt. Limited,
Narayani Mansion, H No 1-90-2/10/E,
Vittalrao Nagar, Madhapur, Hyderabad 500 081.
Tel.: 040 – 23421944 to 47, Fax: 040 - 23115503,
Email: uti [at] karvy [dot] com
Terms and Conditions of Systematic Withdrawal Plan
1. All correction / changes (if any) made on the registration form, needs to be authenticated by canceling the re-writing the correct details and countersigned
by the sole/all applicants.
2. Unitholders are advised to read the Scheme Information Document of the respective scheme(s) and Statement of Additional Information carefully.
3. Existing uniholders are required to submit only the SWP registration form duly completed. Unitholders name should match with the details in the
existing folio number, failing which the registration form is liable to be rejected. New unitholders who wish to register for SWP are required to fill the
SWP registration form along with the Scheme Application Form.
4. The AMC reserves the right to change / modify the terms and conditions of SWP.
5. The provision for ‘Minimum Redemption Amount’ specified if any, in the respective Scheme Information Document will not be applicable for SWP.
6. In order to protect the interest of unitholders from fraudulent encashment of redemption cheques, SEBI has made it mandatory for Unitholders
to provide their bank details viz. name of bank, branch, address, account type and number, etc. to the Mutual Fund. Unitholders should note that
redemption / withdrawal proceeds under the SWP will be paid by forwarding a cheque or by directly crediting the Bank Account registered in the
Scheme on the date of each withdrawal. In case an unitholder wishes to change the Bank Account/address, the unitholder may fill up the change in
the bank/ Address form.
7. Unitholders must use separate ‘SWP’ enrolment forms for different Scheme / Plan / Option.
8. Methodology: The amount of monthly / quarterly/ half yearly/ annual payment desired by the unitholder would have to be indicated in the application
form subject to the following minimum limits.
Option Minimum SWP Thereafter in multiples of Minimum no of installments
Monthly 1000 100 12
Quarterly 3000 100 4
Half Yearly 5000 100 2
Annual 5000 100 1
If the value of investment fails to such an extent that if it is not eligible for SWP, UTI may, at its discretion, repurchase the outstanding amount
at one go.
9. Withdrawal of SWP: Investor wish to withdraw the SWP facility by giving the letter in writing clearly specifying the details of the scheme and
folio no., atleast 15 days prior to the next SWP date.
10. Termination of SWP:
SWP will automatically get terminated under the following conditions.
(a) The unitholding under the scheme becomes nill.
(b) In the case of the death of the first unitholder.
11. The unitholder should submit the duly filled in SWP Enrolment Form at least 30 days before the first withdrawal date.
12. Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) is available in the Growth Option of the following schemes.
UTI-Balanced Fund, UTI-Banking Sector Fund – Regular Plan, UTI-Contra Fund, UTI-Dividend Yield Fund, UTI-Energy Fund, UTI-Equity Fund,
UTI-Infrastructure Fund, UTI-Leadership Equity Fund, UTI-Master Index Fund, UTI-Masterplus Unit Scheme, UTI-Mastershare Unit Scheme,
UTI-Master Value Fund, UTI-Mid Cap Fund, UTI-MNC Fund, UTI-Nifty Index Fund, UTI-Opportunities Fund, UTI-Pharma & Healthcare Fund,
UTI-Services Industries Fund, UTI-Top 100 Fund, UTI-Transportation & Logistic Fund, UTI-Wealth Builder Fund – Series II, UTI-Bond Fund –
Regular Plan, UTI-Floating Rate Fund – Short Term Plan – Regular Plan, UTI-Gilt Advantage Fund – Long Term Plan, UTI-G-Sec Investment
Plan, UTI-G-Sec Short Term Plan, UTI-Liquid Cash Plan – Regular, UTI-Short Term Income Fund – Regular Option, UTI-Treasury Advantage
Fund, UTI-Mahila Unit Scheme, UTI-MIS Advantage Plan – Growth Plan, UTI-Money Market Fund –Regular Plan, UTI-Monthly Income Scheme,
UTI-Unit Scheme for Charitable & Religious Trusts & Registered Societies, UTI-Variable Investment Scheme – ILP, UTI-Children’s Career
Balanced Plan, UTI-CCP Advantage Fund.
The above list is subject to change from time to time. Please contact the nearest UTI Financial Centre for updated list.
13. SWP Date: 1st business day of every month. In case of the date falls on a holiday/book closure period, the next day will be considered for this
14. Redemption of Units: Based on the option opted by investor appropriate no. of units equivalent to the amount specified by the investor will be
redeemed on FIFO basis (First in First Out).
15. Redemption of units under SWP will be at NAV after deducting the applicable exit load,TDS etc. for respective scheme.