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Not satisfied for LG dual inverter split ac


I request that I bought LG air conditioner with model number (KSUQ18ENZA.ANLG) / 1.5 ton split AC Manish Sales by Jayendra Ganj Gwalior (MP) on 9 March 2019. It was not cooling the room properly from starting. It was told by the service engineer that its cooling will increase. Cooling is not great even after 3 free services. After this, we called Customer Care and got a paid service done. After checking by the service engineer, he said that your such a thing is doing fine. But we are not satisfied with this cooling.Even after running several hours the room is not cooling. We have been using your LG product for many years. But no such problem occurred. But now our LG is not satisfied with applying AC. Please request us to diagnose our problem and that we can be satisfied. It should not happen in future that our faith may break. Provide information for further action.
Thank you
Your Sincerely
R.K Gupta
Address:- B-34 Ashok Vihar Colony Tansen Road Gwalior(M.P)
Email id :- Sammittal68 [at] gmail [dot] com
Invoice No. - MS/18-19/11114

Unprofessional work

Unprofessional work by the installers of GATEWAY TECHNOLOGIES HOWRAH......purchased an AC on 15th August 2020..... installation done on 18th August 2020 by next half an hour full gas leaked

Fake site

It is a fake phone number


tv screen not show

AC errors

When I am switch off with remote Lg inverter AC(KSQ18ENXA) it showed on display "Co".
Is it any error ?

Co means company

Co mean company. Prakash aircon no 9 walltax road chennai 3.DLF expert
Inverter pcboards replacing at very low cost.ARNU100LT3 PCB SET 10000 only. Call s.prakash

Worst customer care

I have purchased a convecional oven from vatakara few years back and the oven stared to make wistling noice and i coplained their customercare. A mechanic came and advised to change the fan and left after taking his checking charge 250 (forjust come and hear the noice) and an advance to buy the part

This is about 4 months now no body came back despite my numerous calls. The person was answering that he was waiting for parts.
Now i complained their toll free number and i got the replay you have to pay for visiting and part charge again as 3 months finished!!.

The best customer care

T v led

First off all lG is a worst product the technician attended complaint and he told mother board gone and he told it will cost 4800 then other day he came replaced mother board but problem not rectified.then he is saying that tv should carry to service center.for repair.l G is having unskilled technicians he doesn't know what is the problem.he is saying my led TV too old.I bought it five year back.next time I will prefer other company.I suggest my friends don't purchase lg product.

LG Dual Inverter Split AC not working

I have purchased 1 ton inverter split A/C(LG AC JS-Q 12 BUXD.AMLG.) last month and got it installed on May 12 2018.

After few days when the A/C was not giving any cooling , we filed a complaint RNP180530013793 but today on customer care i got to know that respective complaint was closed without my consent(is this fair)
Several people visited our place for 4 days and cited that A/C wasn't properly installed although we got it installed from LG itself.
Many times the gas was filled and even the A/C outer unit position is changed on Monday i.e. 4june 2018.
A/c was not cooling to our satisfaction and technician suggested to see the A/C function for a day or 2.
Today again it is not functioning.
Room temperature is constantly on 31 centigrade.
We are really in trouble with the situation in the scrounging heat.
We are really disappointed by the product and service and request you to immediately take necessary action asap.
We want the replacement of this unit as it is not working.Orlese i've approach Consumer court for the same.
Details are-
Name- Nirvikar Singh
Location- Delhi
Product- LG Split AC 1 Ton

Bad experience of LG TV.

I would not recommend buying LG TV's . I bought the one for 60k and it's display got distorted within a year. Plus they are so delicate that even small push/dakka to the main screen results into panal breakage and new panel costs 22k. Complete waste of money.

new purchased

i have purchased ac from vijay sales -vadodara on dt.7/05/2014 but after a 5 days installation is not due to technicion ego . each and every helpline i have used but not any response what is this lg means life is good not but loss of good do somthing for me .


my ac has a problem of leaking water, so i complained and engineer comes but the engineer was local and dont have enough knowledge so by THEIR FAULT the pcb was crashed,they attached wrong wires,and then have no answer and atlast when they are going they were laughing at us and the customer care i.e., 18001809999 is not answering us and abusing with us ...and my ac is under AMC..

LG cilem

mayne abhi tak ayse sarvis nahi dehki jayse app log kar rahe ho mujh udas hona pad raha hai ki aap log sarvis nahi de pa rahe ho is se acchi sarvis to videocon ke customer ko mil rahi hai

reg complaint my mobile ph lg-p715

your company is very low standard.




our AC is not working properly pls check and call at 9999937021 and 7838037008 to me on urgent basis.

Extended warranty on Washing machine

I purchasesd a LG washing machine Model t 7222PFFC from Reliance Digital in Kilpauk, Chennai which had an offer of 10 year warranty for the motor and 2 year warranty for other parts. The shop could not hand over me the extended warranty card on the date of purchase (on 18 th October 2012). After continuous follow up they could hand over the warranty card on 18th November 2012. The card had a clause that the card would be valid only on registering with them electronically. When I tried registering it on 19th November and several times later I was unsuccessful as the site did not register. I was informed that it was because the offer had been withdrawn on 16th November and the product should be registered earlier than this date. Obviously this was not possible as the warranty card has been handed over to me later than this date. Since then I have been in following it up with Reliace Digital as well as the Area Manager of LG in Chennai. I am only being promised that they would take action to confirm that the warranty is valid but nothing has been communicated to me in writing or by Mail. I am continuously kept in dark. If any damage occurs to the M/C during the warranty period every one would wash off their hands giving some lame excuses I am afraid.

LG: the worst service /product

I am joining the league of unfortunate customers who have purchased lg product. I purchased a washing machine from LG on 22-12-2012, from Arcee Electronics in Navi Mumbai . Till now , no one has come or installation. Daily they are giving false promises that their service person will visit in 24 hrs. it has been six days now. Please advice, how can I approach consumer forum. Arcee Electronics is not providing any support.

Worst products company

I think you are wrong Samsung is no 1 in worst products and not even company is worst service centre's too.
IF you don't believe me buy product of Samsung. Then tell me.

Worst after sale service from LG

I am one of the unfortunate customer who bought LG product even though my family was inclined towards samsung. I bought LG LED and Washing machine and from last 6 days the product is lying in my house and madely following for the demo and installation, made a numerous calls to call centre / service centre and LG customer service rep Mr. Rohit but everything in vein and these people has the audocity to tell that they dont have any idea when the same will be done request Number - RNA121223014630 / RNA121223014605.

I request all the readers to refrain from buying LG product now as their after sale service network is pathetic..

Pathetic LG service ---they dont even listen...

Ref complaint number - RNA 121217055241 - no one to respond , person mentioned will come to look up the product disappears without informing and then has the guts to say that i can call someone else... the Ghaziabad / Noida dealer / division is absolutely clueless what to do... the call center keeps harping about the complaint being registered and someone will call...

Just to sum up... its a PATHETIC LG out there... no wonder its dying ... keen to see how long LG will survive in India...

anyone listening...

non compliance to our complaint

I am pained to state that i am a frequent user of LG products & I have a LG Microwave OTG which i purchased in 23-05-2010. it was not working upto the mark since the date of purchase. Once it was repaired on June 2010 (Complaint ID No. 1060106487)
Now its display again got dis functioned as previously.&t we have been told that the display units are obsolete & company is no more manufacturing the same (Complaint No. 121005006125)

now we are offered to exchange it on a bare minimum of 55% of its purchase value.

now our Genevieve is that we do not want to exchange it because it is no where mentioned that the model will be obsoleted with in two years & you have to exchange it at pennies
as a loyal user of LG products (I have TV, Fridge of LG).
Kindly personally look into the matter & either replace our Display Unit (which is our Priority) or & newer model should be given to us in replace because it is nowhere our fault
otherwise I have to seek the other ways for justice.

Complaint aganist LG company Regarding my ac

I have a LG window AC model no 2CR1A , The above mentioned AC needed repair because of low cooling.

I therefore logged a complaint, no RNA 120620089811 on 20.06.2012 and was assured that engineer would visit within 24 hrs , but no one turned up, I again reminded the customer care SEVERAL TIMES and was informed that engineer would take up the case within 24 hrs, but no one turned up , i again informed the customer care on 07.10.2012 expiry of 24 hrs and was assured that case will be taken up as early as possible, but to my surprise these people seem to be least concerned about customer service & are just making mockery of the term customer service.

I sincerely request kindly take note of the same & do the needful.
LG Customer service head of zonal office seems to be keeping his phone on no answer mode all the time-contact no- 9051075111.

Miscommunication between LG Showroom, cutomer care & call center

I just to bring to the notice of LG to make their internal processes & communication clear. Customer is nothing to do with the internal processes of LG.
I purchased a Microwave oven & wanted to get it delivered after 4 days at my home, with installation & demo to be completed on Saturday keeping in mind my work schedule. First of all i got a call from delivery person with wrong address. I myself called at showroom to make the corrections in the address but still I am very sure that they must have not been updated that. I coordinated with delivery person by my own & got the product at 12noon.
From 12 noon till 7pm I made n number of call to Showroom & call center that when that representative will come for the demo. Every time i got the same answer that we will call you in sometime. I got different answers from both showroom & call center like, only one number can be registered, customer is supposed to register the call for demo & installation, your call has registered at 12noon,2pm, 5pm.......
After a full day of drama i got a call from so called Senior person who asked to wait me for another 2 days as demo & installation could not be completed as the next day was Sunday. He believes that his representative are human beings, but sorry to say that he forgot that customer is also a human being. After 2 calls of approximately an hour with that so called senior person he didn't seem to feel regret for whatever happened & all the time just tried to save & favour his people. He also created the same confusion to me that for demo & installation customer has to register the call. Absolutely waste talking to that senior person & result was zero.
I am really disappointed with this whole behavior. No one is clear with the process neither showroom, call center nor that so called senior. Just running a big brand name in the country doesn't mean your are excellent. To maintain that, the services should be at par.
I have no expectation now as i wasted my whole day for this if i could have got a call that my demo can't be done on Saturday i could have completed my other works.
I don't expect much after all this & regret to purchase. As my all happiness disappeared after all this drama. Lost my enthu of purchasing a new & awaited product for myself.


21' CTV Colure fade problume

dear sir meera lg ka 3 year's purana 21' inc tv colure fade ho raha hai kripera tv banene ke kripa kare jo bhi rest amount hoga o pey kerduga
Ravi Prakash
Ashok Kumar Gupta
Revanaher Bikram
AT+ Po+Ps = Bikram
Distt. - Patna
pin 801104
con. No 9334030270


The technician inspected the TV set and he will be back with original key setting numbers of picture tube. After repeated reminders they advised me orally to send the TV set to cervice centre. I insisted the technician LG service to provide me some service report or work report or job order that the picture tube is to be rectified and it needs a fulfleged cervice centre to rectify the same.

Inspite of my repeated reminders to LG service they are not bother to provide me the same.

1. What happened to my TV set i should know a written service advice
should indicate that i should send my TV set for picture tube problem.

2. Why I should send my TV set to your service centre

3. Clause 14 HLP prescribes that the transportation charges as fixed
by LG will borne by the customer and customer liability is pay only
transport charges in case of picture tube problem

4. Verbal advise will not carry and mereit and I should know the LG
Service centre location and address unless other wise service advice

I need service (Repair) report and there must be written advice that
the Picture tube is to be rectified on the receipt the written service
report I act upon for further action.

Early service (Repair) / inspection report of my TV set will be
forwarded to me for taking further action in this regard

please do the needful.

The worst customer service

Dear lg...

It has been a horrible experience with LG since the day i purchased your product. I went on to purchase your product because i thought a big brand like you must believe in fair customer services but my expectations were completely wrong. Here is a synopsis of what i have been through and still experiencing-
I purchased LED 47" model 6200 on 6th sep.12 saturday... And I registerd a complaint against its starting problem on Sunday evening...
And till now I didnt got reply... The executive recommend us to change da piece... And the dealer is not taking any action against it... Plzz look into da matter..
Dealer : ECO ELECTRONICS, dharampura bazaar, patiala..
Customers no.: 09888608722
Patiala, Punjab.
Bill no: R-2012LGLUD0473-7055

Complaint no: RNA120906028161.
Plzzz immediately look into da matter

Fw: RE: RE: Fw: RE: RE: no reponse from L.G from 25 days

i had lanch compled on 17-8-2011 RNA120817050872 NOW service manger mr sheakar is telling i not provied u service because u had not purchase from deepkia sales.five time i had done mail to l.g customor care.they are telling to contact mr sheakar. I am custmor no one is sporting me .9850036274

LG Customer Care should have some shame

My RNA ID 120901041226 on 1st sep2012. till today not sure that they are coming or not.no call before coming and no timing seance whether customer present or not ?
I am facing in KOLKATA city area....very poor service,giving wrong information and misguiding..
even toll free help line people also misguide us different way...like, request for another call to different executive then his number still engaged for few hrs(SR executive 09051075111)
LG kolkata 8697708443
above this nuber not receive my call when i ask that why not come for service
basically this persons are not give our valid service..



Harassment and Shoddy Service by LG Customer Care Bangalore


Once you advertised so much on LG Customer Care -121. Here is a sordid story of your 121 -- typical case study..

I had purchased an LG Dishwasher and have an active 2 years AMC on it. I live in Bangalore and had put the complaint with your so called Customer Care on 09-Aug-2012 vide ref number: RNA120809010258 to corrected. As Service Engineer visited on 11-Aug-2012 and suggested that dishwasher be taken to Service Center. The Service Center Person in Marathahalli took the Dishwasher on 13-Aug-2012 and returned it back after multiple followups on 28-Aug-2012.

The same night dishwater again tanked with same errors and problems.

I again launched a complaint # RNA120830079611 on 29-Aug-2012. One Engineer Calls me on 31-Aug-2012 to fix it. O with a promise to come on next day; but never turned up. Then I receive a SMS on my registered mobile with you last 4 digits - 8771 about the closure of complaint.

Is this the way you call 121 Customer Service..?

Is this your harassment to the customers..? Why I am made to undergo so much agony to call for more than 50+ times for a small repair with no fruitful result in sight.

Is this what you called LG - "LIFE IS GOOD" by harassing your customers..?

I would say SHAME ON YOU - LG

Complaint regarding fridge cooling (rna120827089662)

LG product quality and customer care leaves a lot to be desired. Fridge stops cooling within a year of purchase, fairly rude service personnel asks us to keep the fridge open for 5 hours and check if the problem 'goes away', comes back after 2 days and says that a part needs to be replaced. Now it seems the part will be available after a week (the service personnel does not even have the courtesy to call back and inform me about this, I came to know after a call to the service center).
This is my last purchase from LG. If someone from LG Customer Care is reading this and intends to change my opinion, do call me on the number listed in your records (complaint number in the subject of this post).

Murad Wagh

Poor service

My split AC 1.5 under AMC upto 2015 has low cooling and mid night stopped problem. I reported issue with LG customer care at no 18001809999 under complaint NO RNA120810064130 dated 10 .08. 2012. I was assured resolution/call back within 24 hours. However, the company has not even responded back till 17.08.12 despite the customer reply is your compliment is cancelled by the service center without mentioning reason again they are register RNA 120810047015 on 17.08.12 but still such time no body contact and attending but again cancelled without mentioning reason again registers RNA 120822026952 3 reminders. the same problem done last four months back at the time also given a compliant through this net at the time somebody calling from Delhi from purchasing onward this problem is avaailable this is a poor and worst product and service I hate to trust this highly unreliable company. Can someone suggest hot I can proceed legally against the company?






Complaint aganist LG company Regarding my ac

I hold a LG AC model no LWMI860BC , set serial no 3031LOO2122
The above mentioned AC needed repair because of low cooling and needed to be taken to the company service centre for filling of gas as stated by engineer Debkumar Das. The AC was taken on 18.7.2012, and was returned on 23.07.2012 with all rectifications. The delivery man took the required money but on delivery it was found that he has misplaced the thermostate knob and promised to replace the same as early as possible, but nothing happened
The above mention AC lost its cooling power once again because of leakage of gas, i therefore i loged a complaint, no RNA I20817040971 on 17.08.2012 at about 11.50am and was assured that engineer would visit within 2 hrs , but no one turned up, I again reminded the customer care and was informed that engineer would take up the case within 24 hrs, but no one turned up , i again informed the customer care after the expiry of 24 hrs and was assured that case will be taked up as early as possible, but to my suprise after 4 hrs ( 4 pm on 18.08.2012) but no one turned up
kindy help me.

Complaint - Window AC

Dear sir,

Would like to bring to your notice that in the month of June 2012, my LG Whisen series 1.5T (Window AC purchased in 2006) was sent to LG Service Centre (Hi End Solutions, Dwarka) during June 2011.

As a Company of Repute, I’m sure that LG Technical Service Engineers are fully trained & committed and it’s their principal duty and obligation to highlight all foreseen & predictable irregularities (prior to undertaking any repair & maintenance work on any product) and also guide to the Customer, so that an appropriate decision on the product repair or replacement may be taken.

Though I wanted to go for Exchanging this AC with another LG product but based on your Service Engineer confidence after thorough evaluation and checking the AC, your advised me an estimated repair cost of Rs. 5000/- and assured me that after this, this AC should be alright and good for subsequent usage.

Based on their assurance, I agreed to send my Window AC for repair & I paid Rs.4740/- (as per attached retail invoice # 2331 dtd. 25th June 2012). At the time of delivery, LG Service Engineers reasonably assured me about its good working condition & advised me of all the Regular Warranty features.

Incidentally in less than two months, the AC stopped functioning & on bringing it to the notice of the Service Engineer (Mr. Ankit, Mob: +91-9910985547) on 10th August, he without actually visiting the site or checking the AC, advised me on the Telephone, that the Compressor of the AC has faulted.

This actually become a major concern for me & gives me a suspicion that probably the Service Engineer was ‘fully aware’ of this fact that the Compressor of the AC was weak and still, instead of highlighting the problem earlier, they carried out the repair work, made me pay for the ‘unnecessary repair’ and later very casually announced to me about failure of the Compressor.

I fail to understand that if the Compressor was weak, why was this not brought to my notice, when this AC was sent for repair to LG workshop two months back in June 2012.

Until last week, I was a satisfied LG customer & myself used many LG Electrical equipments (used 3 different Washing machines at various intervals) and always recommended LG products to all my friends & family in light of LG prompt & professional after sale service, but in less than a week time, I myself get stuck with this adverse episode which completely changed LG’s image in my mind and I am actually feeling sad to have recommended such a brand, where the service people takes advantage of their own customers by keeping them in dark.

With no fault at my end, I am forced to incur unexpected repair cost of ~ Rs.5000/-, and now once again I am left with the AC which is not in a workable condition and all this, due to fault committed by your Service Engineers.

This matter has been brought to your notice so that an appropriate action deem fit may be taken and I look forward receiving your valued advice on this matter.

I would at least expect a call from you.

Niketan Kapoor
Flat # 84, Indraprastha Apartments,
Sector 12, Pocket – 3,
Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075
Tel: +91-9971152023

my next product choice will not lg

LG Electronics.

My name is Viral Doshi from Mumbai (Bombay) India. I am one of the loyal customers of LG, having plasma TV (42”), Split Airconditioers, PC Monitors, Mobiles etc, all of your company, who is totally dissatisfied now..

I was thinking that LG is making good products and they offer good after sales service also. But to my dismay, it is not true. And, now I am able to see true face of your company, which is clearly anti customer.

I bought Plasma TV of 42” size (42PJ560R) in November 2010. Up to 28th April 2012 it was ok, but it is totally closed from 28th April 12, because it is not working at all. My complaints are already there in your systems and I am in touch with Mr. Praful Karkera of your company.

From last 3 months, I am in constant touch with your customer care people and they are promising me every time about the non working part of TV, that it will be fitted and TV will start working. The malfunctioning part of my 42” plasma TV is relay card / panel.

I don’t know what type of third class company LG is, that it can not supply faulty plasma TV part, even after 3 months. It seems, once goods are sold, customer is of last priority in your company.

Do your service people have any idea what damage they are doing to your company? Why they are playing with the customers like us, who are loyal to LG?

I have seen that recently your company is awarded with most trusted consumer durable brand of India. What a joke? When there is no reply even after 3 months of problem in product and there is no availability of faulty part even after 3 months, and company is awarded with most trusted brand of India.

Can any of company’s person tell me when this 42” plasma TV will be repaired at all? Or it will never be repaired?

Can LG really repir its products or you do not have such technical expertise.

In India people have the belief that Japan is number 1 technically, in electronics and South Korea is nowhere near. I have started developing same feeling, lately.

If you are unable to repair your faulty product, please accept it and tell me immediately, so that I can scrap this 42” plasma TV of LG. And I can by some new Sony or Panasonic TV.

During this same time period of last 3 months, I had problems in 2 split ACs also. (Again of LG make) I had to run literally after your people and plead them for repairing my Air conditioners, which they did after 2 months of running.

I hope some person in the company is still worried about the image of the company, which is deteriorating day by day. At least he/she will try to do something and will reply me.

Awaiting for the reply from technically incompetent company like LG,

Viral Doshi
Email : viral [at] shearline [dot] in
M : 00 91 98210 31103
R : 00 91 22 2882 6882
Address : B-305, Rupal Apt,
Shivaji Chawk, Duftary Road,
Malad (E), Mumbai – 400 064.
C.C. To

Bon-Joon Koo
Vice Chairman & CEO, LG Electronics

LG Home Entertainment
Havis Kwon
Executive Vice President

LG Home Appliance
Young-Ha Lee
President & CEO

Harrasement at the hands of service centre

I lodged my first complaint of my hotand cold LG AC on 01/04/2012 for refilling of Gas. My product was not in warranty. After continuous follow up, they picked up the AC from my home after about 10-12 days and returned after much persuations , around 22/23rd of April'12. Ater 3 days , I found that the gas had leaked. I again complaint on 28/04/2012 vide RNA 120428080293 , which was picked up and returned by about 7/8 May 2012. The front grill or cooling pipes were said to be leaking. So, they changed it . When the product was returned , i checked and found that the hot and cold system was not working . This was in the presence of their staff. The same was mentioned by me in the work sheet also. With a promise to look into it, they returned and then started the process of follow up. I was given their direct number by your customer care toll free number. After much persual , One of their staff came around 8-9 june , and he made some adjustments , only as a temporary setting as there were a lot of complaints and they could not service my product. They insisted that i should use my AC without any problem. So I started using it and some thing happened and the AC was not working. I again tried to talk to them ,but to no avail. I lodged an official complaint on 13/06/2012 vide RNA 120613058091 , regarding the matter . But nothing happened. I again lidged a complaint on 03/07/2012 vide RNA 120703060231 . They came and picked up the product vide their Work sheet no. W 1574. The copy of which is still with me. Now , they are harrasing me and not giving the service or the product back. They are asking the advance for all the repairs. for which i have refused, looking at their past performance. They are now not taking my phone calls also. I request you to kindly intervene and settle the matter . After such a long harrasment and trouble , we have since bought another AC , to have atleast some peaceful days in this scrotching hot days. I want you to penalise him not only for poor service , but also for the toyture and harrasement, that i have gone through all these days.

An early action would be highly appreciated.


LG the brand name behind which people are running..... I am sorry to say this is the worst brand to go for....specifically AC.. with in 20 days from the date of purchase my AC stopped working .......all type of smokes started coming out from it....i registered a complaint to customer care complaint no RNA 120723076044.....they promised that technician will visit in 24 hours.....but than it was just a promise .......... I made call to even home care but I am sorry to say no body was even picking up the phone...... Miss pooja mathur......she never answered the calls ....... any ways to hell with all this calls I am moving to consumer court if my AC is nt repaired within 2 days ...and i suggest u all to do same......and lets educate people how bad these products are

Pathetic Service Support_LG Washing Machine

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am having LG front loading Washing Machine (Model WD 85260NP) which is under Annual Maintenance Contract.

Due to problem of water leakage, I registered complaint with LG Care on 16.06.12 (request ID RNA120616073400). The same was attended after 2-3 days. However after using the same, we found that the water leakage problem was resolved partially.

Again I registered a new complaint on 22.06.12 (request ID RNA120622066673). To my utter dismay, no one turned up from LG.

I further registered a new complaint on 12.07.12 (request ID RNA120712078066). The concerned customer care executive on phone line assured me that the same would be attended on priority and as far as possible on the same day.

Till the time of writing this mail, no one from LG has bothered to attend the complaint.

I really feel sorry to see the state of affairs at LG where there is utter disregard for after sale service and customer can only rue his decision for going for a LG product. Unfortunately I have my LED TV, Microwave Owen all of LG make.

Least I expect LG to stop misguiding the consumers by making claims of attending complaints within 24 hours.

I don’t know how LG has emerged as the No.1 consumer appliances company in India. But one thing I am pretty sure that if the current state of affairs continues, soon it will get relegated to the bottom.

Is there someone listening at LG?


Charu Upreti

LG Support

This is regarding LG complaint number RNA120703058449. This was opened on 03rd July and today is 11th July. No One has visited till date and i am following up to get the freeze issue rectified.

I always had similar experience with LG,

AC is not working

Dear Sir,

We have purchased a split AC 1.5(Ton), now it is not working we have called Mr. Netaram Mob. 08094011801 Barmer ( Raj.) to repair the AC but ha has not taken any action on it.

Still our AC is not working since last 2 month so plase look into the matter.
Rajesh Mishra

Service related complaint: RNA120626004404

I have purchased 3 year AMC for my LG window AC from LG electronics. On 26th June'12, I observed that the said window AC under AMC has low cooling problem. I reported issue with LG customer care at no 18001809999 under complaint NO RNA120626004404 dated 26 June 2012. I was assured resolution/call back within 24 hours. However, the company has not even responded back(till 3rd July 2012, 6:00 PM) despite several (atleast 3) reminders. My family consisting of small kids 5 years old are suffering due to extreme summer heat. I faced social embarassesment as I had to turn away some of the visiting outstation guests as it was very uncomfortable to accomodate the guests without the A/C. I hate to trust this highly unreliable company. Can someone suggest as to how I can proceed legally against the company?

Low a/C

I have purchased 3 year AMC for my LG window AC from LG electronics. On 26th June'12, I observed that the said window AC under AMC has low cooling problem. I reported issue with LG customer care at no 18001809999 under complaint NO RNA120626004404 dated 26 June 2012. I was assured resolution/call back within 24 hours. However, the company has not even responded back(till 3rd July 2012, 6:00 PM) despite several (atleast 3) reminders. My family consisting of small kids 5 years old are suffering due to extreme summer heat. I faced social embarassesment as I had to turn away some of the visiting outstation guests as it was very uncomfortable to accomodate the guests without the A/C. I hate to trust this highly unreliable company. Can someone suggest as to how I can proceed legally against the company?

LG the worst consumer friendly company

My window AC under AMC has low cooling problem. I reported issue with LG customer care at no 18001809999 under complaint NO RNA120626004404 dated 26 June 2012. I was assured resolution/call back within 24 hours. However, the company has not even responded back(till 3rd July 2012, 6:00 PM) despite several (atleast 3) reminders. My family consisting of small kids 5 years old are suffering due to extreme summer heat. I faced social embarassesment as I had to turn away some of the visiting outstation guests as it was very uncomfortable to accomodate the guests without the A/C. I hate to trust this highly unreliable company. Can someone suggest hot I can proceed legally against the company?

Ist Service not done yet

Incharge Customer Care,
This is with reference to my complaint no. RNA 120621047398 dt. 20th June, 2012 for getting Ist service done of my window A.C which is not still done after repeatedly calling to customer care centre. When ever I spoke to the executive of customer care I was always being assured that within 24 hours our engineer is going to call me, but till this time I have not got any call from any concern person, as I feel that LG electronics is only bothered to sell their products and they don't care after sale service that is the reason their is no one to listen the complaints only just to sell the products to increase the turnover of company, hardly bother for the satisfaction of customers.
I hope the concern people will take some action and will get the jobe done.

Worst after sales service

Dear LG,

It has been a horrible experience with LG since the day i purchased your product. I went on to purchase your product because i thought a big brand like you must believe in fair customer services but my expectations were completely wrong. Here is a synopsis of what i have been through and still experiencing-

I purchased a 195 litre LG refrigerator serial no- 109NRUJ028718 on 6th February 2012 with a plan of installing it in my new opened office in Noida. On 9th June 2012 i unpacked the item and installed it. but even after 2 days there was no cooling. so on 11th june 2012 i registered a complaint regarding the same with complaint no- RNA120611066886. As assured to me that someone will visit my site within 24 hours but instead i had to rigorously follow you with repeated calls to check my complaint status i somewhere around made 15- 18 calls within a time span of 7 days. Everytime someone pick the call at customer care got amazed just by looking at the complaint history and asked me with surprise "still is it pending"? with in that week i acquainted with almost all of your support staff and they all end up the call while trying to connect me to their seniors and failing everytime. Then they all assured me getting a call back from their seniors within 4 hours which never happened. To the height of this when i called the customer care on 17th June 2012 they told me that your complaint is closed as they had remarks like someone visited my office but there was no electricity. That is the height of foolishness. First of all Sector- 63 Noida is a purely commercial sector so there are DGs installed in each and every office even if there is no electricity the DGs do the work. Additionally UPSs are also installed in my office to mitigate the fluctuation risks.

Now can someone tell me how can you close my complaint without having a feedback from my (client) side. I should have been in the loop. Somehow i controlled my anger and registered a new complaint, this time it was normal next day your engineer visited my office and gave a feedback that there is no coolant gas in the refrigerator, next day two people came from LG side and filled the gas, then the refrigerator started working. Again can someone explain how can a brand new product misses coolant in it. It must have been passed through QA/QC.

Leave it, now on 23rd june 2012, it again stopped working. You have delivered me a piece of scrap and nothing more.
So i again registered a complaint, complain no- RNA120625071874, and again i am stuck in this vicious cycle. I am repeatedly calling your free toll free number, at best what they can do is to provide me the contact number of Pooja Mathur which i have with me since 12th june. On 26th i talked to her and she was so shocked like this is happening the first time in history of LG. She assured me of giving a call back "very soon" which i asked her to quantify so she said within half an hour, i am still waiting not exactly waiting but trying to contact her again.

Today it is 27th i have escalated my complaint to senior dept as well but it is more like they pick the call ask you to burst out and then again keep surfing their internet. no body is keeping a record, absolute mess.

Still waiting for a reply from LG end. Now i realize why u call urself LG- Aapki to" Lag Gayi..."

Service Related Complaint no. RNA-120613019704 ..Poor Service

I am a LG customer from Vasundhra, Ghaziabad and would like to register my displeasure about the quality of service provided by LG service center.

We got my Window AC serviced by the LG home care center at Vasundhra Sec 10 Ghaziabad. on 29th of April.

The AC goes out of Order with in 2 months. It is not able to cool below 31 Dec C. As per LG claim service is under warrnty for 3 months from the date of invoice. We spent Rs 1700 on the AC service which seams to go in drain.

A Complaint was registered on 13th of June complaint no. RNA-120613019704 at LG customer Care.

Problem 1: how a repair / service goes fail with in 2 months. That seams work man ship is poor.

Problem. 2. No one, I say no one called from the service center or customer care since complaint was registered. All calls were done by us to the customer care or service center.

Problem. 3. After almost 10 follow up calls at service center and 3 calls at customer care, engineer visited on 20th June, 7 days after call registered. and assured to pick up the AC for repair at workshop tomorrow morning, no one visited to pick up and when enquired at the service center they said that it would not be possible we will do it tomorrow, on which i have no faith to believe as such promises are made on every call for last 8 days.

Problem 4. Service Center manager Mr. Ashu Khan picked up the phone only twice in 8 days, and now on, he do not picking up his phone, and put to switched off. Ghaziabad Area Manager Ms. Puja Mathur picked up phone once and after that always no response on almost 7 tdays. I dropped the SMS twice to highlight the problem, she never called back.

Service center resource / receptionist always pick up the phone but could not meet her commitments as she seams helpless.
After the day wait for the person to visit as per promise for last 7 to 8 days, when we try to call around evening at 5PM, all phones not reachable, service center no response, Ashu Khan Switched Off, Puja Mathur Switched off.

No one seams to be responsible to attend the call after 8 days. Simultaneously complaint was also sent on mail at serviceindia [at] lg [dot] com, serviceindia [at] lge [dot] com, lgservice [at] lgindia [dot] com, no reply and response was received.

On the 9th Day, Ashu Khan is not picking up the phone, Puja Mathur Picked up the phone and assured for 2 consequitive days that AC will be picked today. No one came to Pick up the AC.

Then we called Mr. Panposh Supervisor of Ms. Puja, he also assured that AC Your complaint would be attended, After serious folloups no commitment was provided by Him.

Next day 10 we again called Puja, Again the same response "We will pick the AC today" No one came on day 10 also.

I have no hope now that LG would come forward and give me service which is under warranty.

This is not the service level expected from a global and leader product developer company like LG.

We are really disappointed by the quality of response. LG Please introspect and support your customers.

After reading the horrified stories above, I feel i have no hope to get support and service under warranty from LG Customer support.

Not to mention Please decide yourself wisely before buying LG Product in future.

Vijay Singh

for a/c service

I am very sorry to say your way service support very very bad and worst, i purchased LG window ac last year frequently i facing problem, , recently my ac having problem my self logged a compliant on 16-june -2012 call no RNA120616067291, Engineer came and no attend the complaint .

LG cookie smart t-375

sir mere ko LG cookie smart t-375 ke full Details sent me plzz

Poor customer service from LG

Dear sir / Madam,

This is regarding complaint registered on 30th May 2012 for LG 1.5 Ton windows AC which was under AMC and installed in my parents room.I called your customer care and registered a complaint that there is some cooling problem with windows AC, customer care representative gave complaint # RNA120530007841.

Company engineer attended the call on 31st May2012 and found that compressor has some issue and it has to be replaced. He charged transportation charge of Rs250 + tax and took AC to workshop.

Since then I have been continuously following up with Company but I have not yet received back my AC. Every time they tell me that company is short of compressors and it will take 2-3 days. I have made100 calls but to no avail.


It is really sad that my parents are suffering because on your negligence and I feel that it was big mistake to buy LG AC .

I request you to please take immediate action on this.

Pradeep Sachdeva
Contact # 09971007387

Irresposible behaviour by your end.

I called up your customer care around a month n half ago regarding a problem with my 0.75 Ton A.C. Your representative said that a person would be calling me in 2-3 working days. But no one called me nor any of your representative visited my place. I mailed your service desk even that could not help. So please tell me that will my problem be solved.


i had purchased a refrigerator about a year n a half back model no. LG REF 478YSX. I had lodged a complaint with Lg toll free no.18001809999, which I got after a lot of hassles and it took me three days to get this no. and this complaint RNA 120605049362 on 5-6-2012. After the complaint I got this SMS that the fridge will be repaired in 24 hrs.Now after a lapse of 6 days nothing has been done . I am unable ot understand how to pull on without fridge. Yesterday someone came saw the fridge and went back that someone else will come and do the needful, which is still awaited. VERY UNSATISFACTORY SERVICES ARE BEING RENDERED. The item developed sang twice in1 and 1/2 year itself shows something is wrong with the product in manufacturing or designing. KINDLY LOOK INTO THE MATTER AND GIVE US RELIEF.
9,Antariksha Apartments, Vikas Puri, New Delhi 110018


i had purchased a refrigerator about a year n a half back model no. LG REF 478YSX. I had lodged a complaint with Lg toll free no.18001809999, which I got after a lot of hassles and it took me three days to get this no. and this complaint RNA 120605049362 on 5-6-2012. After the complaint I got this SMS that the fridge will be repaired in 24 hrs.Now after a lapse of 6 days nothing has been done . I am unable ot understand how to pull on without fridge. Yesterday someone came saw the fridge and went back that someone else will come and do the needful, which is still awaited. VERY UNSATISFACTORY SERVICES ARE BEING RENDERED. The item developed sang twice in1 and 1/2 year itself shows something is wrong with the product in manufacturing or designing. KINDLY LOOK INTO THE MATTER AND GIVE US RELIEF.
9,Antariksha Apartments, Vikas Puri, New Delhi 110018

Very Poor Customer Service


My 1.5 window AC is under AMC upto 2014. When i called for service no proper response from LG customer service.
ID NO- RNA 120521012492 dated 21st May 2012
ID NO- RNA 120528089033 dated 28th May 2012
ID NO- RNA 120607024735 dated 7th June 2012
But AC is not properly repaired and not working properly till yet.
If Any Necessary action is not taken within 24 hours, I will sue in Consumer Court.
My Contact no 9811233460.

LG LED TV (Model LV 3000) from EZONE - Howrah

I have purchase above mentioned LED TV (Model LV 3000) from EZONE ( Pantaloon Retail (INDIA ) Limited Howrah - AVANI Reverside MAll on 01/06/2012 being Invoice No 156960860 and delivery note 3009484944 buyer's Order No. 2114000840 in the above mentioned name. as informed by said EZONE representative to send engineer for installation in a day or two
On 3rd June 2012 one LG person came to our home for installation and when he open the box the said LED Panel is shown as broken. I and your Engineer also inform to the EZONE representative to replace the said LED TV but I am not satisfied with the reply of EZONE.
Now you are kindly requested to look in to the matter and change the said LED TV at an
Thanking you
Suraj Narayan Singh

Terrible service by LG.

Terrible service by LG. Complaint no. RNA120601058904. Will never buy an LG product again. Please stay away.


Dear Customer Care Officer
Kindly be informed that my wife Mrs. REKHA on June 1,2012 evening,
lost her most Favorite mobile LG 580 IMEI NO.357232-03-510257-1
S/N: 006KPHG510257 WITH SIM CARD No. 9811033233 & MEMORY CARD.

We have already informed & lodged a written complaint with local Police Station
(Hazrat Nizamuddin - Jangpura Police Chowki) to prevent misuse.

Please do the needful at your end.

best Regards

Dear all valued customers of

Dear all valued customers of LG products,

Like all of you my colleague also did the mistake of of buying an LG Product i.e a 190 lt refrigerator this summer from VANSH ELECTRONICS LAXMI NAGAR DELHI on 08 MAY 12. His sufferings started immediately as the fridge was delivered by a van without company or dealer rep coming to install.Any way being a simple job, as was considered by the dealer, it was installed.The fridge remained HOT . Now stared the phone calls.Call made to call center who are Very prompt.To your anguish and irritation the person on other side will repeatedly say "SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE SIR" in Hindi & Hinglish repeatedly. RNA 120515089424 given on 09 May 12.resulted in no action till 19 May 12. Second call RNA 120519058993 on 19 May. Resulted after frantic additional calls made, the fridge picked up on 21 May 12. However my friend is still waiting for the replacement and its 02 Jun 12 today.I pray he gets his refrigerator before the summers are over and he gets the satisfaction on having a glass of cold water at home.
I would like to complement the LG management in having such efficient staff in their payroll. Mr Samir Dhiman Sr service manager Noida who after assuring to call back never does it and now doesn't takes the call , Ms PUJA MATHUR CCO,no reply. user busy.
Any ways the only satisfaction is after reading all the agonizing comments above my friend is not the lone sufferer.
Hope the top management are not so busy like their service staff,and take time to look into their customers plight.
Thank you LG ? Friend i have benefited from my friends mistake.

LG Customer Care should have some shame

I have AMC with LG for my Split AC. I logged a complaint as my AC was not working. Service engineer came after 1 week and repaired the AC and they took Rs 281 as some charges. Now after few days my AC again has the same problem and I logged a complaint last week and after repeated reminder no one is willing coming to repair my AC. my Complaint number is RNA120524035955.

Earlier we buy LG because of its after sale service but its really disgusting that no one is there to hear customer complaints. LG please wake up otherwise in coming days you will be out of market.

installation of window AC

This is really horrible that a International co. is poor at after sale service.
No one is responding & customer care is assuring for installation with in next 24hours.
Please suggest to whom we should contact?

Poor Installation , Terrrible after sales service

We bought an LG 1 T AC a month ago, since the day we purchased it , we have been having issues, First it took almost 15 days and repeated reminders and follow up before we got it installed. The very next day, the water started dripping into the room. I had to call them again and it took 2 days before the repaired it, Now the same problem is recurring. THe customer care number is always busy and i do not know how to reach these guys.

I used to recommend LG products to all my friends, and most of my appliances are LG. However i have decided that i will never ever buy an LG product again.

LG spare parts availablity

I belng t Indore city, and i am facing problem regarding poor responce from the reparing of My LG flatron 19"(18.5) wide screen LCD monitor, since I need to replace the Logic card of the monitor ,but I came to know that the LG dose not provide any spares parts or services to the LG monitores after it wareenty period is over
I tried hard enough to found the palce at indore , where I could repair the logic card ,
but LG is very poor in after sale service and spare pasts availablity

TV Repair

Please note we booked one complaint on above subject complaint number RNA120524038902 dated 24th may. After two day’s your one of franchise visited and even though he told he doesn’t have spares and he needs to go to his office and check. I asked for price of the PCB he says he needs to check from His office. Today He calls and tells me that they doesn’t have they needs to Oder. And it cost me approximate Rs.7500/- This type of service is not at all acceptable like company LG. Please ensure Transparency in your customer handling and give proper impotence to your customer call I expect someone from LG call me and

Worst LG service support

Dear Team,

I am very sorry to say your way service support very very bad and worst, i purchased LG Sprit ac last year frequently i facing problem, Especially any part replacement they getting over a month, recently my ac having problem my self logged a compliant on 07-may-2012 call no RNA120524076570, Engineer came and attend the complaint and confirmed compressor gone faulty and go back. after my continuous and lack of followup one Engineer came and removed the compressor taken for service, again my continuous and lack of followup my compressor returned after service but only returned not installed they only delivered, after that i continuously still now i am following for installing my unit there is no response happening in service center, in this time i am clarify with LG TOLL FREE call center they told your complaint call no above mentioned was already closed that service center by replaced compressor, So i thinking to go for local AC service center and avoid LG service support.

So totally LG brand name spoiling very much for there service support, any LG higher persons seeing this mail please look into this issue and do something and improve your service support.

Still my complaint not closed. Even three times Service engineer came there is not given single service report.

Yours affected LG customer,
Sathyendran R
r [dot] sathyendran [at] gmail [dot] com

Complaint No. RNA 120511049369

Complaint No. RNA 120511049369

After frustation by calling many times your local LG care and their unattentive attitudes, I request that my complaint may kindly be attended.

I have made ample no of

I have made ample no of complaints..for repairing LG yet no use.
WHy does this company keep customer service unit..i cant understand.
It is our fate of buying this product..
the agents are all liars..they promise to come.but somehow wil not turn back and close the complaint.


No. action on complaint No. RNA 120504092054

It is a matter of concern that a company like LG who claims to be one of the best companies in terms of providing after sales services has not taken action on above complaint even after 20 days of complaint registration. I suggest my all freinds and relative not to purchase LG Product and suggest everyone not to purchase their products

hopeless aftersale sevice of lg and very bad attitutude of CSD

I have read comments of various dissatisfied customers of LG products and I fully endorse their anguish. The total LG is not bothering for customers and are harassing the consumers by ignoring their complaints and rendering the products purchased by them from Lg totally difunctional. This amounts to sale by cheating the customers. The consumer court should take a notie. I also find that LG customer care officers/staff are ready to do service on private basis and they do it within a day but some time they also cheat as I have personal experience of this. Since lg do not listen customers are going elsewhere and in the end consumers are changing their loyalty from LG. I have vowed that I will never buy ANY LG PRODUCT AND NOT ALLOW MY ACQUINTANCES TO buy it IN FUTURE. This is a loss to LG but I donot know everh their superior directors of the company are not reacting or taking corrective action This is a very sorry state of affair. I rang up mr, samir dhiman sr serrivce manager of noida but he never lifts his phone and similarly his juniors never lift the phone, only toll free number registers the call and forgets thereafter. this is what is LG today. And i requesty senior direytors of LG to ready consumers grievances and intervene as thesre is very bad image of LG in the market and esven your own employees are propagating bad about the company

late in delivery

Dear sir
I have booked a LG refrigerator 190 ltr (Model No. GL205xFDG5 ) IN Rs-12000 AND LG washing Machine (Model No.-T755DF21P) In Rs-15000 through Bajaj Finance on dated 14th May 2012 in Fundamental electronics-123/3,nsc bose road-kolkata 700040.
Since date of purchasing to till today they are just committing me to delivery of purchase goods but till today they are not deliver my goods.

I am much frustrated and lodging a complaint on fundamental electronics.

I am not understanding that what i will do.
Requested you to please try to deliver my Refrigerator and washing machine
Please help me.

Ranjit kumar singh

79/1,regent place,ranikuti,kolkata-40

Sir, there was a picture

Sir, there was a picture problem in my LCD TV, model No. 22LG30R, set was under repair with M/s Advance Solution, 294, Patpar ganj,industrial area, N.D.-110092 , vide job no. RNA120,dt.07.04.2012. On enquired for status of my tv, today 04.2012 after one months , advance solutions says they are waiting for screen or whatever .... amazing the firm like you internationally, whatever you achieved ,it seems you have to improve your working efficiency in india that you have maintained for people of india.. it is 21 st century...Thanks

Very - very poor Customer support

I, Lakshmi Narayan, residence of Plot No.-5, Flat No.-C, Mangla Appartment, 43rd Street, 6th Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai-600083, near Sony Show room has purchased a LCD TV on dated 01.05.2012. Since then I am following to customer care centre/customer service centre (id is RNA 120501065614 & RNA 120504073, but still no actual response yet.
I wanted to talk with service manager on 9176995675, but some times not picking the call and some time switched off.
It is there fore requsted please attend my complaint for installation and demonstration at the earliest.

Lakshmi Narayan

LG Refrigeter Complain No- RNA120330048353

Complain No- RNA120330048353
I have taken 3 years AMC for my LG Refrigeter ( Rs.2250/-) 6 months ago and I logged above mentioned ticket in March 1st week and was promised to serve within 24 hours.But No one has visited at my site till now . I got a call from the LG engineer after 1 week but all the details which I had given in my tickets was not with them and they asked me to wait for another 1 week. I have followed som many times with their senior as well but did not get any reply and still I have the same problem.
I want to request to LG Executive ,please refund my AMC amount if you can't solve the issue. No one is going to wait for such a long time(2 months).
Please refund my AMC amount which I have given at the time of joining.

Poor Customer service

I thought sharing my bad experience wtih LG customer service... While seeing all the complaints, my feebdack never going to give any impact. Seems like LG used take these type things lightly (since 2010). Hereafter, if we go LG or refer any LG product to anyone means we are fool.

LG spilit AC Service

my Spilit AC 1.5t is under AMC, when i called for service no proper response from the customer care!.

request id RNA120414039329


MY NO 9003056434



LG Pathetic Service

See Below the tough email sent to LG Head in India and no response yet....

To: suresh [dot] pykkat [at] lge [dot] com
From: srini bala <srini [dot] bala [dot] dba [at] gmail [dot] com>
Date: 04/17/2012 10:53AM
cc: Sanjoy [dot] Bhattacharya [at] lge [dot] com,
Subject: LG Pathetic Service

Hello Suresh

We had taken an AMC ( AMC #: 47563 ) for our LG split A/c and it is still valid, till 08-Mar-2014. The A/c blow is not in good condition and we had asked for a service and first we raised a request
RNA120411009672 on 11-Apr-12 at 11:305 am and it seems they called us 3 times continuously with in a few mins of duration, when the phone was busy so
they just went ahead and closed the complaint stating no response, also we tried to call back but seems they called us using IP phone so were not reachable.
We again raised a complaint RNA120413020076 on 13-Apr-12 at 5:45 pm but this time there was no response and when we tried to escalate we were given a
contact no of a irresponsible Higher Official called Mohana ( Ph# 9176995675 ) who never picks any call from the customers and there is no clue about when we will get the service
done, when we reported the same to the customer care they gave the contact of the service center, who always kept saying tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, which
never came and god only knows which tomorrow. Please help us.

Also I am extremely sorry to bring to your notice that the service provided from LG has been ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFULLY PATHETIC.

Key Points:

1. Never in time.
2. In-spite of taking AMC no regular visits ( 3 Maintenance per year) for taking AMC, careless attitude towards customers.
3. Most importantly trying to cheat by charging for the part replacement ( My last experience) for the product which has AMC.
Had to run around people to get it clarified and getting delayed by more than a week and then replacing without charging.
Not sure if they understand what AMC means.

My Product Details as below

Model : LSA5WB . 2VF" AE43DR
SERIAL # : 809DRMV017827
AMC # : 47563
AMC Start Date: 09-Mar-2010
AMC End Date: 08-Mar-2014


I fully agree. LG AMC is really useless. The manager in service center does not pick up the phone or states that it will be done tomorrow everyday. Day light cheating. Do not go for LG products and also buy any AMC from LG

Do not buy LG Air conditioners

I bought 1 tonne LG window unit on June 30,2010.Within 2 years the fan unit including fan motor needs replacement as the bush/bearing has gone.What cheap quality.
Please be warned about LG products.

LG TV- 5 months : Mother Board defaults

Dear Sir,
I had purchased LG TV - just 8 months back and past 2 months it is giving immense problems. I have to switch on the TV for 15 mins where it will be blank and then reswitch again to start. This problem was notified to LG CC division and they promptly came to supervise. Post that they told us the Mother Board has gone and it needs replacment. The approx cost quoted was Rs 10K.
If a brand like LG makes such TV where a important device like Mother board goes off in jus 6 months - i dont have any other words to say.
They have clearly said - they will not replace the TV & also not change the Mother Board for FREE !!
It was jus 2-3 days that our 6 months warranty was completed and they did not relent to any of our requests.

I am in a fix now... After spending approx 42K- and not even one yr has passed - we are facing this trouble.

Hope somebody from LG Electronics pays heed and listens to their customers !! We are through users of LG brand as hv Micro Oven/ Washing Machin/AC from the same brand.

Any one LISTENING !!


compliant No: RNA120406024530

I Book my compliant RNA120406024530, Dt: 06/04/2012, due to no cooling in the Split Air Conditioner.

Today your Engineer Mr. Aqueel (9711359810), Visited & inform us that there is Leakage of Refrigerant in the AC. For Rectification of the same he required Rs 250/-.

In his regard Please find the attached documents for which I talk to your team leader Mr. Arvind (9711359852) & he also inform me to submit the charges before rectification.

Immediately I call to your customer care lady & inform everything to her. She informs me to not give any amount to any one for the rectification & requested to talk to your Engineer but Mr. Aqueel refuse to talk to her.

It also coming in my notice from my other Nabors that your DSC team member of B1/E9, Mohan Co-operative Industrial Area, Badarpur, New Delhi – 110044. Take lot of money for rectification, even after AMC paper is submitted.

I observe that it is same repeated compliant & your team is not competent to rectify the same. The above have same repeated compliant of less cooling in the Air Conditioner & every time your team Rectify & top up the refrigerant. This Indicate that there is a very minute leakage in the Air Conditioner & your team is unable to rectify properly from the month of June 2011.

Your immediate response is highly appreciable so that my faith on LG team should be remaining.

Poor after sales service

As usual LG living upto their track record of providing poor service and not living upto promises made during sale. I had taken AMC for 3 years, of all My LG equipments by paying following amounts respectively on date 08/02/2112 :-

1/ Two LED Tvs - Rs.15883/- Each
2/ Refrigeter - Rs.2250/-
3/ Two Split A.C.'s - Rs.6353/- Each
4/ Six Window A.C.'s - Rs.4608/- Each

Grand Total of Rs.74370/-

I was promised service within 24 hrs of receiving complaint (By the way same is/was promised by your service/complaint call center). I was given a free first wet service besides promised 2 wet and 2 dry services each year of AMC as a check on equipments for purpose of AMC few days later. However that was also done after many missed appointment dates which were promised by your service department only (From Sarita Vihar apparently). During service they broke the drain pipes fitted on the drain tray under the two of my Window A.C.'s. just FYI I had leading plastic pipes fitted to direct the flow of A.C. drain water since the drain water was falling in our neighbor's property living below us and on staircase which is very dangerous as it makes it slippery. At that time they said they will come in 2-3 days and repair it but after many reminders to Mr. Narendra Mangla (Sales representative of LG for AMC), it was not repired. Later i came to know he has been transfered and now Mr. Amit Tomar is incharge. Mr. Tomar has a habbit of not picking his MOB and even when he does he will make false promises. Finaly one day i lodged a complained (Complaint no. 120403016636 and 120403016764) on Noon of 03 April 2012. Again I was promised service within 24 hrs but itll date Noon no one has bothered to repair the two A.C.'s. Ii am unable to use these A/C.'s as my neighbor object to drain water falling on his property and as unsafe since water falling on main/only staircase.

view of all above kindly refund all my money as mentioned above since you are incapable of providing services as promised. Just FYG the AMC contract dates and nos. are asf :-

LM 010983, LM 010984, LM 010985, LM010976, LM 010982, LM 010980, LM 010994, LM 010981, LM 010978, LM 010979, LM 010977 (Total 11 Nos.) and all dated 08/02/2012

Total value of Rs.74370/-

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks & Best regards
Capt. Naveen Goel

Although we have raised

Although we have raised multiple complaints to LG India grievance department, so far, even more than 4-5 days, there has not been even a single response.

Regarding complint no. RNA120327039853 Dt. 27.03.2012

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please take the necessary action immediately against the complint no. RNA120327039853 Dt. 27.03.2012

Thanking you,

Best regards,
Basudev Dasbibard.
Mob: 09239129332

Cheating, Harassment by LG India

Although we have sent multiple complaints via email to LG India grievance department, so far, even more than 4-5 days, there has not been even a single response. This is what has happened:

1. We were forced by the Sales Rep. Mr. Rajesh from LG BEST SHOP, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad to purchase a non-popular LG Split AC Maxima and well knowing that it was not in stock, even though we went to purchase Aura 3 star model. On 19/3/2012 we were told when we wanted to know as to when the AC would be delivered and installed, that the stock was not available and it would be take at least 15-20 days and the Stores Manager Mr. Naveen was so rude when he said that we have to wait (with the kind of summer we have in Hyd) for 15-20 days or that we have to shell out Rs. 2000 more to get Aura as if it was our fault. He almost threatened by telling that we can go and complaint to anyone and that nothing would happen to him. We asked him to pay back the amount and for which both Mr. Rajesh and Mr. Naveen really mis-behaved.

2. We reported this to Mr. Bilal (one of the Sr. Manager of LG) and we had a conf. call with one Mr. Sharma (Warehouse in-charge of Bajaj Electronics), whose tone and attitude was not that comfortable to us and he also said that LG Best Shop is their sister concern/store where they sell only LG products. Mr. Bilal also told Mr. Sharma that both Mr. Naveen and Mr. Rajesh have to be removed from LG Best Shop for their rude behavior and misguiding us, but unfortunately when I was driving in that vicinity the next day (20/3/2012), I saw both of them still working at LG Best Shop.

3. On 20/3/2012, the AC was delivered in the morning around 11:30AM or so and on Mr. Sharma’s preferred technician, we were told that the LG technicians would be coming from S P Associates, Medhipatnam, Hyderabad (Mr. Kiran) to install the AC.

4. There were 2 technicians who were not authorized LG nor professional technicians who were sent by Mr. Kiran around 6:30PM and they didn’t know where and how to install the AC and damaged the walls of the bedroom and the bathroom and left mid-way through stating that they would ask Mr. Kiran to send someone who is a professional technician.

5. I called Mr. Sharma who said that we shouldn’t have allowed such people into the house, as if we knew that they were not professionals and he washed out his hands by saying that he is not responsible for anything. After confirming with Mr. Kiran, my wife had allowed these 2 people inside our apartment to install but later found that they were neither from LG group nor professionals.

6. We called and spoke with Mr. Bilal who in turn put us to Mr. Vijay (ASM from LG) and when we told him the way the walls were damaged and that the 2 people who came to install the AC were not professionals, initially he was very rude and he said that LG doesn’t send such kind of people and he said that they belong to LG and when I told him that we already confirmed this with Mr. Kiran, he slowed down and said that he would make sure that he would send professional technicians from LG the next day.

7. He didn’t want to accept that fact that the damages were done but on the hand was trying to tell us that we should forget whatever has happened and said that he would send in professionals as if he was doing a favor to us. The damage was already done but he was very rude in his tone as well as he was trying to protect Mr. Kiran and the men that had come who had damaged the walls and at the end of the day didn’t install the AC as well.

8. I reported this by calling the toll free 800 number on 21/3/2012 and also sent 2 emails and whenever I call the 800 number and talk about the concerns, the first word that I always hear is SORRY and we feel that it is the MOTTO of LG that when a customer purchases any LG product, we were not aware that we get the BONUS and that too FREE of cost (at no additional cost) all the unprofessional technicians to install the product, harassment, cheating, ill-treatment, mental agony etc. as a COMPLETE PACKAGE.

9. Also, the ASM’s (like Mr. Vijay) feel that they are doing a favor and talk so rudely and mis-behave with customers and more or less tell us that we should be happy that our entire apartment was not damaged but these unprofessional technicians damaged few places alone, as if this also comes along with the package.

10. Post installation of the AC on 21/3/2012 by Mr. Kiran and his team, as we were not still happy for the kind of service they provided in installing the AC, in the feedback form we have raised our concerns and also told Mr. Kiran that he must send/share the feedback comments with LG India.

11. Later in the afternoon when Mr. Vijay (ASM) called me and asked if we were happy about the installation, for which we said that we were still not happy as we still felt that these people could have done a better job, and the damage areas was not fixed, Mr. Vijay said that, that is what they could do and said that we must be happy that they installed the AC and also said that he heard the damage areas were covered, for which I told him that he trusts his people more than the customer and when I asked him to visit my place, he was very rude in saying that he doesn’t want to visit any customer’s house.

12. He also told us that he has not received the feedback form from Mr. Kiran and I am sure that he said that because we have raised the concerns about Mr. Vijay in the feedback form as well. We are saying this because when I called Mr. Kiran on 22/3/2012 and asked him as to why he has not handed over the feedback form to Mr. Vijay, Mr. Kiran told me that he in fact had sent one of his colleagues to hand it over to Mr. Vijay the same afternoon (21/3/2012). So it seems like both Mr. Vijay and Mr. Kiran don’t want to share the feedback with LG India, as we feel that it could be a practice not to share the negative feedback with LG India but share only the positive feedback from the Customers.

13. Also, we feel that it is like that the customers should always be polite with all the staff of LG and their associate dealers (even when we told by the customer care rep. that both LG Best Shop and Bajaj Electronics are not the authorized LG dealers but they use LG’s LOGO) and the bottom line is that the customers always have to provide only POSITIVE FEEDBACK, even if they are harassed, ill-treated and so on, as we feel that these are part of the BONUS PACKAGE from LG India post selling of their product.

These 3-4 days as it has been a HELL for us and have caused a lot of MENTAL TENSION/AGONY, harassment, ill-treatment, we are approaching the HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION and also would be approaching my lawyer to file a CRIMINAL CASE against the people who threat us including Mr. Naveen, Mr. Rajesh (both from LG BEST SHOP), Mr. Sharma (Bajaj Electronics), Mr. Vijay (ASM of LG), Mr. Kiran (S P Associates) and also publish this entire episode and would share it with all the LG staff across the world mentioning as to what kind of hardship we had to go through and that the LG India Senior Manager, even after raising several concerns with the grievances cell, have been sitting tight and trying to protect their staff all way along.

LG - Worst Service, Unprofessional & Unethical staff

I have purchased Split AC from company outlet of LG in Ahmedabad. I have been given assurance that since
I am purchasing from company outlet, I will be given high priority in all the services and support calls.

Unfortunately, the AC which I purchased has a manufacturing defect which any person having basic knowledge of electronics can judge. However, to my surprise LG support engineers were not ready to accept it as manufacturing defect and every time they were asking to check one thing or other.

After 10 days of continuous followup they have agreed that it's the fault in the in door unit and it needs to be replaced. However, now they are saying that particular model is not in stock and it will be replaced whenever it will be available. Surprisingly they are not even ready to give approximate date about when it will be available.

I was quite optimistic about LG products and it's after sales services, however after this experience I will certainly not recommend LG products to anybody. I am seriously thinking to go to consumer court if they are not replacing my product in next few days.

Extremely disgusted and frusterated with the LG support team.

I have sworn never to buy a LG product in my life again and also to dissuade anyone who would even dream of buying a LG product.

The first product I bought was a LG washing machine in 2011. Within a year it went bad and I called the LG customer support, logged a complaint. It took them almost 1 month to determine that they would need to take the machine to their center to fix it. Another 1 month later, I was informed that the machine cannot be repaired and since it is within one year of purchase, I will be reimbursed a part of the amount. Three months later, with constant follow up, I received a cheque for it.

I also had purchased a refrigerator from LG in 2008. It was a three door refrigerator and I paid close to 1 Lakh for it. Last year 2011, May 2011, it went phut where it would not cool and the display would show an error. After 1 1/2 months and multiple calls and visits, They told us that the pcb card was not working and so would need to be replaced and will have to be ordered from Korea. I offered to get it couriered as it was extremely difficult in the summer season with out a refrigarator... food getting spoilt etc. Finally after a couple of months, they REPAIRED the old PCB and replaced it temporarily ensuring me that they will replace with a new PCB when they receive it. Guess they never received it and so was never replaced.

Fast forward to Jan 2012... the refrigarator has gone phut again. I have lodged 5 complaints in the last 2 1/2 months so far and each time a LG guy comes, replaces something and charges me and leaves telling us it would work perfectly... Of course it does not. They donot answer the calls. It is March and I am still waiting for it to be fixed.....

To all the guys out there looking to buy any electrical products... I strongly urge you NOT TO.. It does not matter how great the product is.. once it goes bad, you are at their mercy....

A totally dissatified LG customer who has sworn never to look at another LG product in her life.


I bought an lg air conditionar in auguest 2011 now the inner unit vibrat and noice occur i was register a complaint in the customer care but no one can attend it still the problem is occur


I purchased an LG X330 mobile IMEI NO-354691-040129387 from SATGURU TELECOM,ROORKEE UTTARAKAND on APRIL 17 2011.After 10 months it had a problem with the speaker and it was always showing head set mode.Since the warranty period is available, I took the mobile to the LG service center (GEETANJALI TELECOM,ROORKEE UTTRAKAND) on 06/02/2011. They took it for servicing and promised me that they will give in 3 days. It's been more than 10 days now and still my mobile is not serviced.Everytime when i call the service center i got a reply that it will take three more days. But till today i have not got my mobile .

M NO-9927230124, 9639004063

complaint ok

Dear sir my complant ok so plz my complaint remove google

Poor service suppot on LG CTV


I have registered on complaint (120113002298) with LG for replacement of faulty picture tube. Its more than a month now and no update till now. whenever i called up consumer support guys they used to say that they have no update. Even local service centre people doesn't respond to my calls.

Is this the kind of service anyone gets from LG. Till now there is no update from LG guys.

I talked to many guys and they told me that they are also facing similar issues with LG products.

I ask everybody to donot purchase LG products. Please expense 500 rupees more to purchase samsung product or otherwise you will expense 5000 rupees to claim the warranty.

They are selling 3rd class products in india.