LG Washing Machine Toll Free No. 1800 180 9999

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Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800 180 9999 (24 hrs, 7 days a week)
  • 1800 315 9999 (24 hrs, 7 days a week)
  • 1800 180 9898 (Bussiness solutions Mon to Sat 9am to 6pm)
  • 1800 180 3575 (SAC Mon to Sat 9am to 6pm)
All India Number(s): 
  • 9711 709 999 (whatsapp Mon to Sat 9am to 6pm)

Ranges of LG Washing Machines

  • Front Loading Washing Machines
  • Washer Dryers
  • Top Loading Washing Machine
  • Semi Automatic Washing Machine
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Washing Machine torn of clothes, No action taken

No physical action has been taken yet except sending SMS after lodging complaint to customer care toll free number multiple times "Dear Customer, Your Complaint dt 21/2/19 RNP190221052926 is in process(Reason : Customer re-appointment.).For any support, call on 1800 315 Xxxx" I think that LG is not accepting the fault of semiautomatic washing machine damaging Laundry. I launched my Complaint on 06/02/2019 vide complaint no.RNP190206051149 Technician arrived but my issue not resolved and LG is showing issue Solved. LG Official never tried to Consult me regarding the solution of issue. LG's Jalgaon Area Manager make call and instructed to send details, I have send him issue details and photos of damaged laundry on whatsapp to him, then he got silent. It seems that no interest towards solution. LG top Officials should take necessary action regarding the issue of trouble.

Rude Behaviour of LG Personnel

Dear LG Customer Service,

This is a COMPLAINT about the Rude and Uncouth Behaviour of LG Mumbai technician, one Mr. Ashwak Mullah, who spoke to me on phone, on November 23, 2018, about an Issue regarding the LG Washing machine that I had recently purchased. During the course of the conversation, Mr. Ashwak was Disrespectful towards me, raised his voice several times, just to override what I was saying. He also did not SPARE any Words to PUT me Down. At the end, Mr. Ashwak Obviously DID NOT Address my Concern; NOR was he NOT BOTHERED about Resolving my Problem! On the Contrary, when I got DISTRESSED with Mr. Ashwak’s Obnoxious behaviour and said, “I will have to take this matter to the CONSUMER FORUM…”, Mr. Ashwak retorted, “Very Well, go to that Forum. Go wherever you want go.” This kind of NEGATIVE Behaviour and ATTITUDE totally PROVES that - the LG Company, Once it was DONE with SELLING a PRODUCT to a customer, Did NOT CARE about the Customer any more. An LG Representative, with such an OFFENSIVE Attitude as Mr. Ashwak Mullah from LG MUMBAI, is enough to DISSUADE customers from BUYING LG Products in the Future. People like Mr. Ashwak Fails to REALISE that 'CONSUMER IS THE KING'. It is Because of us Consumers that a company like LG is Doing BIG BUSINESS in India.

Lg washing machine

Lg washing machine ke vayr fuk gya hai to phone bhi nhi Mel rha hai

Automobile machine

This machine works style is very slow in future I am not suggest anyone dealing with lg automatic machine.

very bad service

very bad service as technician came to solve the problem of Front Load Washing Machine but pcb of machine is not working. Next day he come with PCB but that PCB is faulty which will sent by LG company. After that the technician told he come on Tuesday to change the PCB but he not come to change or call me for delay of repair PCB. The LG customer Care has no idea of service centers service or when part will provide by company. No any higher authority talk with me. The Pune's service center is very hopeless and arrogant. I very disappointed with the customer service from very popular company of world wide. I suggest to not purchase any LG product.

very bad service as

very bad service as technician came charged 4100 to change the motor of the dryer within a month it stopped working again now i am calling him but no solution instead he sends another techinician who was another idiot spends good one hour in rectifying the problem and just to get the money he said service is done so i paid him his charges after that till date machine didnt work at all...i have been a loyal customer of LG products but now i am quiet disappointed with the customer service...

Front loading washing machine and refrigerator

I have surge in EB supply. The LG refrigerator which is declared with inbuilt stabilizer is not with stand and power board burnt. Another shock is washing machine power board also gone.we are waiting for the spare to come fir kadt two weeks. One of the 40 inches TV display is also failure with in two years .i have two split ac fro LG and connected through stabiliser.this is ok. But one ac remote controller failed. The message is LG products are not reliable

washing machine taking more than two hours to complter task

my lg washing machine- direct drive- purchased more than two years ago is taking more than two hours to complete the task.

Bad customer care service

The customer care service is very poor.
Without listening to the concern customer care executive is telling me search for another customer care number which is for warranty period, and executive disconnected the call without asking....Is this the way LG is dealing with customers???? Extremely bad should be complained to consumer court

Washing machine installation

Machine was delivered on 5 may 18 but as per company norms, no-one has come for demo n installation purpose, it's been 1 week now, I'm trying to contact LG customer service number but shows unavailable.
It seems LG is so irresponsible n unprofessional regarding customer service.

installation/demonstration of new LG sa washing machine i

we purchased the above new m/c from ur dealer m/s VASANTH & CO 'S BRANCH at 50 , south usman road , chennai 17 on 1/5/18 ,when they promised to send the technician promptly for installation/demonstration . the m/c was delivered to us on 2/5/18 . it is lying unpacked since then as no one has turned up either from LG or from VASANTH .Pl expedite . pl acknowledge/ confirm action

washing machine repair

Dear LG team,
your executive had visited to inspect the faulty washing machine and after collecting service charge of rupees 295 /-TCR NO: SVIJ/1503 DT 03 April 2017 he told this cannot be repaied need to take to workshop and will inform when he will come to pick up but after that there is no information nothing , can u please help us

Rat mesh not provided

Bought LG front load WM from Vijay sales Prabahdevi but rat mesh was not receive-Suchit Raul

Fresh Machine - Demonstration not properly done by mechanic

New Washing Machine - Mechanic in a hurry and didn't properly do demonstration. Helpless house hold calls him again. He demands money for a second visit . It is gross injustice. Please don't exploit customers who put trust in your products.

Regarding problem in front load washing machine

I have purchased front load washing machine in Nov 2017 .from first month machine was getting a problem to drive.so many times your mechanic comes and goes but still problem was not solved in last 5 month .L am very disappointed about LG product and customers care .So my personal request to all LG customers don't buy any LG product.

Bakwas customer support

Pathetic after sales worst at customer care 1800. They are just interested in collecting database, big Chuck back attitude towards the customer call & his service issues one facing. Their advertising says "life is good" after buying this Non reliable daily to use product life becomes miserable..

front load washing machine running problem

I am having LG front load washing machine. The problem is machine is stopping in between washing. PLZ let me know the exact solution.

top.load repair issue

I purchased top load machine on 2012, till last month it was good no complaint , jan 24th watrr keep on.draining my tank got empty , i reg. a complaint 1 engineer came
Repaired for 2hrs , not satisfied service also he didnt gave bill copy when i asked u will get tru sms he told but no sms yet, also i paid him 650 he went with change of 20rs , now again same problem started its draining i.e., water is not stoping automatically , i raised complaint in LG
pls help me

Fault in machine

Abnormal sounds observed during running

Washing machine problem

Drain not working from yesterday

LG Washing machine

VERY perfect design. Drain pump died in a year and one day! Bingo! Never had that kind of bad experience ever in my life. This set is # 5 in my life in US. Kenmore, No name (GE?) from Sam's club, Maytag, Cabrio lasted longest. That 10 years warranty big sticker on LG - like a bad joke. And what is that pile of sticky smelly stuff under machine? Customers service? Nice Indian guy... trained perfectly to reject any attempt to get parts without paying to their "authorized" repairman. Chinese parts assembled in Vietnam.... This is only left to buy for hard earned American dollars... Sad...

Washing machines

My washing machine is not cleaning the clothes properly.model no. is WF-T7239PR.please help




please contact numbers sent my email address

Problem is washing machine

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