LG Toll Free No. 1800 180 9999

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800 180 9999 (24 hrs, 7 days a week)
  • 1800 315 9999 (24 hrs, 7 days a week)
  • 1800 180 9898 (Bussiness solutions Mon to Sat 9am to 6pm)
  • 1800 180 3575 (SAC Mon to Sat 9am to 6pm)
All India Number(s): 
  • 9711 709 999 (whatsapp Mon to Sat 9am to 6pm)


  • b2bsupport [dot] india [at] lgepartner [dot] com (Bussiness support)
  • cac [dot] service [at] lgepartner [dot] com (SAC)


  • neeta [dot] linz [at] lge [dot] com
  • deepika [dot] kukreti [at] lge [dot] com 


  • saloni [dot] mehta [at] lg-one [dot] com
  • megha [dot] behl [at] lg-one [dot] com

Access Support by sending SMS 

Send SMS to 5757554

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Global Offices

Country Contact Email
China 400-819-0011 (ID)
400-611-9999 (CAC)
samphan [dot] khampradit [at] lge [dot] com
Hong Kong (852) 3543-7777 cshelpdesk [at] lge [dot] com
India 1800-180-9898 b2bsupport [dot] india [at] lgepartner [dot] com
Indonesia 14010 fajar [dot] miftahuddin [at] lge [dot] com
Korea 1544-7777
sungcheol [dot] woo [at] lge [dot] com
Macau (852) 3543-7777 cshelpdesk [at] lge [dot] com
billy1 [dot] wong [at] lge [dot] com
Malaysia 1800-822-822 yingkit [dot] lam [at] lge [dot] com
New Caledonia     b2bsupport [at] lge [dot] com [dot] au
Philippines (02)902-5545 albert01 [dot] adriano [at] lge [dot] com
Singapore 6512-0555 lgesg [at] lge [dot] com
Sri Lanka   6512-0555 lgesg [at] lge [dot] com
Taiwan 0800-898-899 jerry [dot] fan [at] lge [dot] com
yiwen [dot] chen [at] lge [dot] com
Thailand 02-4737999 samphan [dot] khampradit [at] lge [dot] com
sbum [dot] lee [at] lge [dot] com
Vietnam 18001503 thi [dot] le [at] lge [dot] com
quyet [dot] nguyen [at] lge [dot] com
Australia   b2bsupport [at] lge [dot] com [dot] au
New Zealand     b2bsupport [at] lge [dot] com [dot] au
Andorra 96-305-05-66 preventa [at] lge [dot] com
Austria 0810-144-131 Josef [dot] Hrdlicka [at] lge [dot] com
Belarus 882,000,711,111 evgeny [dot] bulynko [at] lge [dot] com
b2bsvc [dot] russia [at] lge [dot] com
Belgium 037 47 00 38 B2B [dot] lgbenelux [at] lge [dot] com
Bosnia & Herzegovina 07-0011545 ugyfelszolgalat [at] lge [dot] com
Bulgaria 07-0011545 ugyfelszolgalat [at] lge [dot] com
Croatia 3851-551-0-551 ugyfelszolgalat [at] lge [dot] com
Czech Republik 810555810(CZ)
0850111154 (SK)
Denmark 80250940 b2b [at] lgservice [dot] se
Finland 0145471032 b2b [at] lgservice [dot] se
France 32-60 and say "LG PRO" savbtob [at] lge [dot] com
aurelie [dot] ravaudet [at] lge [dot] com
Germany 0049-18-03-807-020 b2b [dot] service [at] lge [dot] de
Great Britain   0844-248-6655  
Greece 801-11-200-900  
Hungary 06-40-1000-54 ugyfelszolgalat [at] lge [dot] com
Iceland 145471032 b2b [at] lgservice [dot] se
Ireland 0844-248-6655 andrew [dot] hall [at] lge [dot] com
Israel 972-9-973-4513 nil1 [dot] larom [at] lge [dot] com
Italy 199600122 massimo [dot] rise [at] lge [dot] com
Latvia 80200201 victor [dot] timofeyev [at] lge [dot] com
Lithuania 880008081 victor [dot] timofeyev [at] lge [dot] com
Luxembourg 0900-5462222 B2B [dot] lgbenelux [at] lge [dot] com
Monaco 32-60 and say "LG PRO" savbtob [at] lge [dot] com
aurelie [dot] ravaudet [at] lge [dot] com
Netherland 0900 543 2222 B2B [dot] lgbenelux [at] lge [dot] com
Norway 80010134 b2b [at] lgservice [dot] se
Portugal 351-808-78-54-54  
Romania 40213154376 (B2B No.) radu [dot] mirica [at] lge [dot] com
Spain 96-305-05-66 b2b [dot] es [at] lgepartner [dot] com
Sweden +46 771 54 54 50 b2b [at] lgservice [dot] se
Switzerland 0049-18-03-807-020 b2b [dot] service [at] lge [dot] de
Kazakhstan 8-8000-805-8057077 (only mobile) zhan [dot] saktapbergenuly [at] lge [dot] com
Russia 8-800-200-76-70 b2bsvc [dot] russia [at] lge [dot] com
suren [dot] shindyan [at] lge [dot] com
Ukraine 0-800-303-000 b2bsvc [dot] russia [at] lge [dot] com
suren [dot] shindyan [at] lge [dot] com
Middle East
Armenia 07-0011545 temur1 [dot] ashmeiba [at] lge [dot] com
Azerbaijan 07-0011545 temur1 [dot] ashmeiba [at] lge [dot] com
Egypt 19960 khaled [dot] gad [at] lge [dot] com(HE products)
rania [dot] badr [at] lge [dot] com (AC systems)
Iraq 80011110 (LG call centers)
964-66-3508615 (LG office)
ameen [dot] alsayed [at] lge [dot] com
hussam [dot] ebbini [at] lge [dot] com
Jordan 06-5608530 (LG call centers)
962-6-5652861 (LG office)
ameen [dot] alsayed [at] lge [dot] com
hussam [dot] ebbini [at] lge [dot] com
Lebanon 1273 (LG call centers)
961-1-487540 (LG office)
ameen [dot] alsayed [at] lge [dot] com
hussam [dot] ebbini [at] lge [dot] com
Pakistan 0800-15454 (UAN Toll Free) wajid [dot] bashir [at] lge [dot] com
Turkey 0216 314 5224 (Sadece Kurumsal Hat) infob2btr [at] lge [dot] com
Syria 011-5495400 (LG call centers)
963-11-3319901 (LG office)
ameen [dot] alsayed [at] lge [dot] com
hussam [dot] ebbini [at] lge [dot] com
U.A.E (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) +971 4 805 0299 support [dot] b2b [at] lge [dot] com


support [dot] b2b [at] lge [dot] com
Algeria 021-36-5454 minyong [dot] an [at] lge [dot] com
rajiv [dot] sharma [at] lge [dot] com
sejin1 [dot] im [at] lge [dot] com
Mauritius 0800-545454(LG) vinod [dot] vallabh [at] lge [dot] com (HE, Vinod vallabh)
youngho23 [dot] choi [at] lge [dot] com (HA, Young Ho Choi)


abdelali [dot] bachri [at] lge [dot] com
Angola 800-9811-5454 rolly [dot] magnaye [at] lge [dot] com
rajiv [dot] sharma [at] lge [dot] com
sejin1 [dot] im [at] lge [dot] com
Ghana 800-9811-5454 rolly [dot] magnaye [at] lge [dot] com
rajiv [dot] sharma [at] lge [dot] com
sejin1 [dot] im [at] lge [dot] com
Kenya 80098115454 sunggeun [dot] kang [at] lge [dot] com
Nigeria 800-9811-5454 rolly [dot] magnaye [at] lge [dot] com
rajiv [dot] sharma [at] lge [dot] com
sejin1 [dot] im [at] lge [dot] com
South Africa 0800 545454(LG) vinod [dot] vallabh [at] lge [dot] com (HE, Vinod vallabh)
youngho23 [dot] choi [at] lge [dot] com (HA, Young Ho Choi)
North America
Canada 1-888-542-2623
1-855-286-2456 (B2B Only)
b2b [dot] support [at] lge [dot] com
USA 1-888-865-3026 comm [dot] display [at] lge [dot] com
South America
Argentina 0800-345-5422 macelo [dot] kuon [at] lge [dot] com
Brasil 0800-727-54543003-5400 helpdesk [dot] ac [at] saclg [dot] com
helpdesk [dot] bs [at] saclg [dot] com
Chile 800-54-2000 javier [dot] pardo [at] lge [dot] com
Colombia 018000-910-054 alejandro [dot] velandia [at] lge [dot] com
Costa Rica 0-800-507-5454 b2b [dot] servicerequest [at] lge [dot] com
Curacao 507-315-6888 b2b [dot] servicerequest [at] lge [dot] com
Dominican Republic 1-800-751-5454 b2b [dot] servicerequest [at] lge [dot] com
Ecuador 1-800-101092 b2b [dot] servicerequest [at] lge [dot] com
El Salvador   00-800-6309 b2b [dot] servicerequest [at] lge [dot] com
Guatemala 1-801-422-5454 b2b [dot] servicerequest [at] lge [dot] com
Haiti 507-315-6888 b2b [dot] servicerequest [at] lge [dot] com
Honduras 800-2791-9270 b2b [dot] servicerequest [at] lge [dot] com
Mexico 01-800-801-23-54 ricardo1.perez@lge,com
Panama 800-5454 b2b [dot] servicerequest [at] lge [dot] com
Peru   0-800-1-2424  
Puerto Rico   001-800-510-9564 b2b [dot] servicerequest [at] lge [dot] com
Trinidad And Tobago 1-877-490-9112 b2b [dot] servicerequest [at] lge [dot] com
Venezuela 0-800-542-4477 b2b [dot] servicerequest [at] lge [dot] com

Grievance Redressal Team

Contact form

Mailing Address

LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd,
A Wing ( 3rd Floor )
D-3 , District Center Saket,
New Delhi -110017

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Pls update the Tel no of

Pls update the Tel no of service stations and dealers in jamshedpur, Jharkhand because either the nos are not valid or not of LG

To shift AC FRom Kompally to Kamalapuri Colony Hyderabad

Services required for shifting my AC's

LG Mobile Customer Care center Ahmedabad

i am Having LG GU220 Mobilephone I have some trouble in instrument pl send me the detail adress of LG Mobile Customer Care in Ahmedabad.

in-sincerity of the LG officials

we have purchased one no of LG 2.0 tn split air condition in the month of June 2011. we have installed the same without any problem, but our remote in not working properly. I logged a complaint and gave the all address and contact number. then they called me to know the exact location when i said our factory address the was stunned and told they have a different address at minto park. when i requested them to rectify the address and send somebody to our said address they told this not their job. they also told they will cancel our call and asked me to logged a complaint again.

this is a sincerity of the customer care officers of that esteemed company?


i want to lodge the complaint through e-mail

LG poor call center experience

I have 3 AC, 2 TV and one washing machine,. I will get rid of them in my next opportunity from LG. I tried reaching LG care and after 2 hours of repeated attempts, on the first instance the line got disconnected and no one even bothered to call me back. On the second instance, the rep, had my address wrong and kept asking for details of my date of purchase etc, while I am on AMC contract with them. I sincerely think I have been fooled with LG and would not only buy any more products from them, but make sure I recommend others to stay away from LG. Poor customer service, and when they take AMC they promise every 3 month service and in the past 15 months after reminders from me they serviced only twice. This is day light robbery.

LG India are suckers , don't

LG India are suckers , don't buy LG products.

double-door refrigerator model nO.GR-T252GP

I was told that the service engineer will contact me within 24 hours. So far no person turned up. My machine is not working for the past 48 hours. I have booked my complaint twice - rna110618056288 and rna110619070280. Please contact me immediately.

worst service

worst service i have ever experinced in my life. improve the service. my complaint no. RNA110603028520

Lg toll free no is not

Lg toll free no is not working pls give me a other no.

poor customer service

I called up at customer care several times but i was unable to connect with any executive the call automatically disconnected. If LG will not improve its services then it'll be in loss.

poor service


LG KU990

Dear Sir. I have LG KU990 mobile. Last a few days before it is not working my phone. My battery also demaged. I searched battery for this mobile but it cannot found it to buy. I need proper service center for repair this mobile. I am staying in Coimbatore city, Tamilnadu State, India. with regards S.Prabhu

Regarding not getting your toll free number

Dear All, Its regarding my complain of Window a/c for which I am trying your toll free no18001809999 but sorry I cant ,so please help me with any other alternative number as its very urgent.

Installaton of split AC

Total irresponsible behavior of LG. Purchased split AC on 4th May 11 with the assurance to get it installed within 24 hrs. But till date i.e 10th May 11 pending. Number of times contacted the Arevee Sales, South Delhi, and on no. 18001809999, every time response getting is -- "will be done within next 24 hrs". Will LG fix the responsibility and get the AC installed immediately.

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