IRCTC Air Customer Care Number 0755 661 0661

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800 110 139 ( For Tourist Train, Lounge)
All India Number(s): 
  • 0755 - 6698100
  • 0755 - 4090400


For E-mail verification code

I have an account in (user name is chandu_kd). Unfortunately, I forgot my password. I am trying to reset my password and your site ask the email verification password and mobile verification password. I already got the mobile verification password by an SMS. But, I can't get email verification password. Please send the email verification password in to my mail (chandan_kkd [at] rediffmail [dot] com) urgently or suggest another way to reset my account.

Cant able to Login - Change password page shown

Dear sir, I am kapil, is availing online ticket booking facility since last five years. Today I could not log in and getting message user id and password is wrong. my user id is tkapil82, dont know wat to give for mobile verification password and email verification Please help me what to be used as email verification id. regards, kapil.T

Profile upgration-provision of mobile verification password

IRCTC vide their email dated the 25th May,2011 upgraded my profile but they have not provided me mobile verification password without which I am unable to activate my account. In this regard I have sent several emails and phone calls but needful has not been done so far. Sham Sunder Sethi User id: sham_astha Mobile number: +919417259691

not able to log in

My user id is gurudandu and my earlier password is ramram. On 26th May 2011, I got new password from irctc viz.gyc518 and mobile verification password as gsl974. But I have not so far got email verification password tilldate. In this connection I have sent more than 6 emails to you. No positive response. I also contacted customer care at chennai. Again no positive response. I have already booked tickets for travel on 4th June 2011 from Chennai to Bangalore City by Brindavan express. I have not taken out printouts of etickets. I have not noted pnr number. Pl help me.

Online Payment done but NO Booking Transaction....

Dear Sir / Madam, This is regarding my Tarin ticket booking through On Line on IRCTC website TODAY on 30th May 2011 Time - 2:09 pm; Train No: 16515; Train Name: YPR MAQ EXPRESS - Rs. 666/- got paid from my HDFC Bank Credit Card no. ending with 6338. I confirmed from HDFC bank Customer Care and they have given the But I have not got any PNR / Trasaction reference from IRCTC web site and website got hanged. I have been calling chennai Customer care but NO one picking up calls. What customer care is this. My Credit Card Transaction number is - 095212 - AMOUNT Rs.666/- Kindly give me the PNR number / send me the E Ticket

payment deducted from account, but not got the ticket.

Dear Sir/Madam, Yesterday(27/05/2011) about 4.30pm, I have reserved a ticket for cuddapah station to Nizamuddin by APSampark kranti Express(12707). My balanced has deducted but ticket didn't find till now. Transaction number was 0345765410. I paid by State Bank of India and my account no was 30636170137 reserved ticket for Cuddapah Station to Nizamuddin for 08/07/ 2011. It is showing like that payment settled but ticket not booked. Please confirm the same, I am waiting for your response. --

E-mail and mobile verification password

After all years enjoyed through IRCTC, i got problem with e-mail verifcation and mobile verification passwords which I dont know nothing received to my cell or in e-mail. Its really difficult to solve this problem. I am really struck with this. Please make things easy not much complicated. Best regards Aravind


Train no.12236 GHY RAJDHANI passed through MFP once in week. However qouta is less. After five minute of opening i got ticket for ac 2 in waiting. However after one later for GHY there was availabilty. I have two confirmed tickets other two are WL/1 and WL/2. Journey date 28/6. Is any chance tickets confirm?

knowledge for railway travelling

Dear, Sir/Madam I have railway E-Ticket. but i have for ID Proof only schooling Certificate. can i travel with graduation certificate. or what is the requirement for ID Proff.Plz reply soon.

No you can not.

No you can not.

paid but ticket didnt find

Dear Sir/Madam, I have reserved a ticket for Banglore station to Davanagere by Hubli passenger. My balanced has deducted but ticket confirmation didn't find until now. I paid by SBI Debit card no6220180440700137621. Please confirm the I am waiting for your response. My contact no. is 9986189465 Thanks

Paid But Ticket Didn't Find

Dear Sir/Madam, Yesterday(15 may) about 3.30pm, I have reserved a ticket for nizamuddin station to agra cantt by Taj Express. My balanced has deducted but ticket confirmation didn't find until now. I paid by Punjab National Bank Debit card no. 5126-5200-7818-6314 and reserved ticket for Nizamuddin(Delhi) to Agra By Taj Express for 2o May 2011. Please confirm the same, I am waiting for your response. My contact no. is 9811198073 Thanks Devesh Dagur

Don't worry. First login &

Don't worry. First login & check in your account booked tickets. See if the ticket is there. If it is not then wait 1 week or so, the amount will be reversed in your account.

Rude behaviour of TTR in train nos 12678 on 13/May 2011

Dear Sir I had booked an ticket in the above train bearing nos 4541492758 i n AC 3 tier on 13/May/2011, the TTR was so rude because I showed him the ticket in the platform with my left hand, as i was carrying my suitcase in my other hand. He almost throw the ticket, & was rude telling that his day would be bad as he got the first to thro a left hand, he shouted at me & asked me to go sit in the train, I had showed the the ticket as the Chart was not put up on the train. When asked why he was so rude he said that this was his Tone Please advice your staff & train them not to be rude awaiting your reply on this issue I am also sending a copy of this mail to your HQ at Delhi & Secunderabad A hard copy of this would be sent to Ministry of Railways also. Awaiting your reply on my ID vinodksankaran [at] rediffmail [dot] com Regards Vinod k Sankaran

no water facility in train number 12270 ,at coachs s4&s7

sir .there was no water in coachs of s4&s7 on the train nummber 12270 (duranto express) .we complaint to TTR he is not giving responsible .so check out these coachs and recover it sir

not able to log in

Dear sir, I, Anil Kumar Sinha, is availing online ticket booking facility since last ten years. Today I could not log in and getting message user id and password is wrong. my user id is anshu5 and password is 16031949 on trying on your website, i got mobile verification password afe122 and email verification with instruction to include string also [IRCTC#1501252], but still I am not being allowed to log in. Please help me what to be used as email verification id. What does mean by please also include string? Anil Sinha

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