Indian Railways Customer Care Numbers

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1323 ( e-Catering)
  • 138 ( Grievance Number )
  • 1800 11 1139 (General Inquiry)
  • 1800 11 1322 (Railway Police )
  • 1800 11 1321 (Catering Complaint or Suggestion )
  • 155210 (Vigilance)
  • 182 (Helpline For Children and Women)
  • 1512 (State Zonal Wise Railway Police)
  • 1098( Lost/Missing Child Help)
All India Number(s): 
  • 139 (PNR/Cancellation/Fare Inquiry, Seat availability, Current train running position)
  • 011- 155210 (Vigilance Help Line No.)

139 Menu (When you call)

For PNR, Fare, Train Arrival/Departure/ Train Time Table
Accommodation Availablity, Train Name/Number

  • Dial 139

  • Initially when you call you will hear welcome message both in Hindi & English asking for language choice

  • Choose Language
    • Press 1 for Hindi
    • Press 2 for English
    • Press 3 for Punjabi

  • →After language selection you are presented with following options:
  • Select Option
    • Press * to call directly to customer care executive
    • Press 1 for PNR Status
    • Press 2 for Arrival, Departure, Cancellation ,Train Divertion status
    • Press 3 for Accomodation avability
    • Press 4 To Know About Fare Enquiry
    • Press 5 To book Ticket through UPI,Debit Card ,Credit Card or by Cash Card delivery by courier or in your email
    • Press 6 to cancel reserved ticket
    • Press 7 for Wake up call or initial alert
    • Press 8 for Wheel Chair Booking
    • Press 9 for ordering food menu

Send SMS to 139 (SMS Charge 3/SMS)

Enquiry SMS Format Send it to Example
For PNR Enquiry PNR <10-digit PNR number> 139 PNR 1234567890
For Train Arrival/
Departure Enquiry
AD <Train number> <Station STD code> 139 AD 12859 011 (STD Code of Delhi)
For Accommodation
SEAT <Train number><Station from: STD code>
<Date of Journey ddmmyy><Station to: STD
code><Class e.g 1A ,2A ,SL or G><Quota>
139 SEAT 12561 020611 0542 0571 SL G
For Fare Enquiry FARE <Train number><Date of Journey ddmmyy> <Station form: STD code>
<Station to: STD code><Class><Quota>
139 FARE 12561 020611 0542 0571 SL G
For Train Time
Time <Train number> 139 TIME 14034
For Train Name/Number <Train Name> or <Train number> 139 TN Kalka Shatabdi or TN 14034

For Any Complaint or Suggestions

  • 1800-111-139
  • 1800-111-321 (Food Quality Complaint / Pessenger's Opinion Card)
  • 138 For Complaint/ Suggestions

Railway Police Helpline

  • Dial 1512 Police operated by State Government Police
  • Dial 1800-111-322 Police under control of central govt. (RPF)

Vigilance Toll Free Helpline

  • 155210

Security Helpline or Railway Police

  • If you feel unsafe in train you can call
  • 182 or Dial 1800-111-322

Online Complaint

Fare Enquiry

Train Enquiry

Complaint on Twitter

Complaint Through SMS

  • Send your any complaint to number
  • 9717630982

Other SMS Number having same facility for quick response

Enquiry SMS Format Send it to Example
For PNR Enquiry PNR <10-digit PNR number> 5676747 or 54959 PNR 1234567890
Checking for Trains
running between two
TL < starting city > < ending city > 5676747 or 54959 TL Delhi Mumbai
Checking for Ticket Availablity TA <train number > <starting city> <ending city> <journey date > 5676747 or 54959 TA 2432 delhi mumbai 17Aug

Coach Mitra Service / डब्बे मैं सफाई आदि की सुविधा

SMS using below syntax to 138

For Coach Cleaning OB <Space> C<Space><PNR>
For Toilet Cleaning OB<Space>T<Space><PNR>
For Watering OB<Space>W<Space><PNR>
For Pantry Repair OB<Space>R<Space><PNR>
For Pest/Rodent OB<Space>P<Space><PNR>
For Linen/Bed Roll OB<Space>L<Space><PNR>
For Electrical Repair OB<Space>E<Space><PNR>

हिंदी मैं

कोच की सफाई के लिए OB <Space> C<Space><PNR>
शोचालय की सफाई के लिए OB<Space>T<Space><PNR>
पानी की उपलब्धता के लिए OB<Space>W<Space><PNR>
किसी छूती मरम्मत के लिए OB<Space>R<Space><PNR>
कीड़े/मकोड़े या चूहों के लिए OB<Space>P<Space><PNR>
बिस्तर एवं चादर आदि के लिए OB<Space>L<Space><PNR>
बिजली की मरम्मत के लिए OB<Space>E<Space><PNR>

Other Helpline

  • Click For check FNR Status . FNR (Frame Noise Reduction) is service used to eliminate fine noises from blu-ray discs


Some one use my contact number in other ticket reservation

Some one use my contact number in any other railway ticket booking how it possible I don't know before one week have disturb the railway massages like your is ticket waiting ,rac confirm


Seat no -B4 52,B4 51.
I forgot one bag in Train coach B4 seat no 52 . In this bag there is a big toy .Kindly return if anyone found mail me at sirji2k at gmail dot com

Not proper behaviour in utsarg train

Please provide one rpf police man in utsarg train train no. 18191. Because some people doing improper behavior in tarin with tha train passenger.

RAC has not cleared. No TTE/TC taking care.

The following trains has not taken care by the TTE/TC in clearing RAC tickets.

1) Date:18th July,2019, Train no.:17213. Narsapur to Nagarsol.
It seems all the vacant seats they sold to other passengers. Most of sleeper RAC passenger's traveled whole journey till Nagarsol, in their sitting seats without allotment of sleeping berths.

2) Date: 21st July,2019, Train no.: 17214
Nagarsol to Narsapur.
No single sleeper RAC passenger allotted berth till Secunderabad.
Two TTE were changed one from Nagarsol (origin station) & one more from Manmad.

All the RAC sleeper passenger's travelled without allotment of sleeper class berth, travelled just with RAC seat as of now (till Secunderabad).

RAC has not cleared. No TTE/TC taking care.

The following trains has not taken care by the TTE/TC in clearing RAC tickets.

1) Date:18th July,2019, Train no.:17213. Narsapur to Nagarsol.
It seems all the vacant seats they sold to other passengers. Most of sleeper RAC passenger's traveled whole journey till Nagarsol, in their sitting seats without allotment of sleeping berths.

2) Date: 21st July,2019, Train no.: 17214
Nagarsol to Narsapur.
No single sleeper RAC passenger allotted berth till Secunderabad.
Two TTE were changed one from Nagarsol (origin station) & one more from Manmad.

All the RAC sleeper passenger's travelled without allotment of sleeper class berth, travelled just with RAC seat as of now (till Secunderabad).

RAC partner contacts

Dear sir/mam,

Can I get RAC partner contacts


Seat na chhodane ke liye

Dear sir

Me Mumbai thane se 18029 cotch no s9 me apni seat pr baitha hu us pr do log or ake baith gye h unhe hutane ke liye bola to bo hut nhi rhe h or koi tt bhi ni aya h

time sudule very bad

हमारे देश के प्रधानमंत्री जी! देश मे बुलेट ट्रेन चलाना चाहाते है! यहां जो ट्रैने है वही 5 घंटे से 10 घंटे कभी 1 घंटे लेट चलती है!ओर देशो से तुलना की वाजय अगर यही ट्रैने अपने सही समय पर चले तो! हमे विकसित देश बनने की ओर बढ़ाएगी!

ट्रेन अत्यधिक विलंब होने के संबंध मे

आदरणीय प्रधानमंत्री जी
आपसे निवेदन है कि ट्रेन को समय से पहुचने के लिए अपने अतिसुस्त रेल मंत्रालय और उससे संबंधीत अधिकारियों को आम जनता के समय को समझने के लिये सज्ज करे।
आज मैं ब्रह्मपुत्र मेल से सफर कर रहा हु, पूरी से इलाहाबाद के लिए और ट्रेन देर पर देर किए जा रही है। मेरे भाई इलाहाबाद स्टेशन पर मेरा वेट कर रहे है अब आप बताइए क्या किसी का समय बर्बाद करना उचित है। मुझे इस सुस्त व्यवस्था से अत्यधिक खेद है।
आशुतोष तिवारी
MJMC स्टूडेंट्
इलाहाबाद विश्वविद्यालय

I am sorry I am travelling

I am sorry I am travelling through tapaswani express 18452, at AB1 23
No seat but some person with out tickets travel here and they make too much knoise and use slang language,this is not like a ac compartment where is RPF Or TT

Execive luggage by a passenger in ac

I am travelling in a train no 17008 in 2nd ac A2 compartment theres one man who has boarded train from jharsogda in seat no. 21 who has brought atleast 20-25cartoons n has put on the seat n floor n not letting us to sit.. theres no one here ro complain..

My brother is missing.

Dear sir,

My brother is missing, we are unable to find him.
He has started his journey from ASANSOL (ASN) at 3.45PM 4 July 2019 either in train no. 13151 or 19607.
Please ask TT or someone to identified him he is from Chittorgarh (COR) Rajasthan.
He is missed from his wife and he is mentally disturb.

Name: Rakesh kumar somani
Age: 35
Height: 5.2
Language: Hindi

Please please please help us.

Rainy water comes in coach (AC Coach)

Train now reaching to Itarsi junction ( Train no. -22631). Rainy water comes on birth no. 7 & 8 of coach no. B-10. And no any attended in coach.
Pls look into matter.

Train Let

Sir 12538 kyo hamesha let chalti hai let pahochne ki wajah se 12537 let waps bhi hoti hai please check kre

Sir, I GVRY Narayana, booked


I GVRY Narayana, booked a train ticket from Railway booking counter of Visakhapatnam from Visakhapatnam to New Delhi on 5th of June, 2019 at 8:00 am for 2nd A/c vide ticket Rs.2960/- same as paid through ICICI Credit card.

At the time booking of my ticket, I requested booking clerk any charges for paying through credit card? They reply no charges will be charged through Credit card, hence I booked and get the ticket and travelled to Delhi on 9th June 2019 and reached Delhi. Today I received credit card statement in that "POOLING ACCOUN VISAKHAPATNAM IN" CHARGED Rs.52/- extra. I approched Bank they said charges are collected by Marchent (Gateway) charges. I am specifically enquired in the counter they said NO extract charges will leived from you only Rs.2960/- (Rupees Two thousand Nine Hundred sixty only) will be paid by you. Hence I would request you to please pass message and not to collect any extra amount apart from exact amount from the card holder.

My address:

GVRY Narayana
7-B pocket A-3
Mayur Viahar Phase 3
Delhi - 110 096

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Status of reservation coach ( packed with unreserved person )

Dear sir ,
Toda,I am traveling in Latur to cstm
My sheet birth is in S8
I am sorry to say this coach not look like a reserved coach actually this is totally pack with unreserved person ( not able to reach toilet) .after completing half journey no one person asking them to why not go in unreserved coach or make silence to avoid disturbance of sleeping passenger
Kindly look into this & do the needful


Attari train running 14 hours

Attari train running 14 hours late without any reason. No winter season . No rainy season. Then also running too late. Passengers are not that much free to tolerate 14 hours extra in train. From attari to jabalpur it is taking 3 days time to reach.

Unreserved ticket holder occupying the reserved seats

I m travelling in 16332 train from pune to mumbai in s11 coach, some unreserved ticket holder occupying the reaserved seats, and on saying them to vacate, they threten us to beat us and kill us....... Why is they are allwoed to board reserved coaches and allowed to create a scene .....

Bed roll not provide

Dear sir, train departed ke 1 ghanta bad bhi bed roll nahi Mila hai koi arrangement kara sakte hai kya. Train no 22411, coach no. B4, berth no. 11 & 12.

cannot able to see my valid season ticket in booked ticket histo

Dear WR,

I am not able to see my valid season ticket in " booked Ticket history " column in UTS mobile application. Hence i am struggling to get season ticket print. Unfortunately I lost SMS received from UTS about mentioning confirmation of booked ticket with Booking id, so cannot take print at AVM machine too.
Kindly help.
reference: UTS no of season ticket booking transaction: X01OCCC0E0

Train chart has not been prepared even after train departed

This was an unacceptable behavior from Indian Railways, chart of train 19422 has not been prepared yet and the train has already departed from Patna. You should think about passengers who are waiting for their waiting list to be confirmed. Beside this the helpline numbers are of no use as I am calling since 2 hours and the automated caller machine just speaks "Sorry the network is busy now" (i mean sorry for what you already wasted my lot of time) and now I don't find any other numbers to contact (Also I tried calling on railway station but either the numbers were incorrect or they were not answering my calls). Indian railways should improve their system.

Ac not working

Now 19/05/2019 I'm in AP ac exp 22415 coach B1 ac not working complaint raised but not rectify plz solve problem

Lost pair of shoe, covered with white polythene cover

I was travelling in Mysore to kacheguda train, forgot one pair of shoes at last Bangalore station

Didn't get Refund of my ticket

I booked ticket from IRCTC App.
But it didn't conform and didn't get Refund of my money.

Need a doctor in deksin express

Need a doctor in deksin express 12861 S3 seet no 45,46

Fans are not working

Swaraj express 12472
Not even single fan working this is how you provide

Found a lost bag

One of my co passenger forgot his bag in train, i tried calling almost every indian railways complaint no.but netwrk is congestd the all time...the passenger got down mathura station..Following are details. Please help
Train Number - 12649
Start station - 17 April 2019(Yeshwantpur)
End station - 19 April (Nzm)

Coach - S4
Seat - 10,13,16
Luggage details - Green colr hand bag

Please contact NZM railway police..

Train leaving before time

I train leaving before time today train from Jui nagar leave the station at 5.29pm and its timing is 5.32 I have to catch the Valsad train today which is 6.20 in Dadar because of this I will be missing my Valsad train after 5.32 the train is 5.46 how can I catch that train now the railway motor man should to be punish of leaving train before time


i want ask something fro rrb ........i wnt to complaint as an applicant not as a passenger

Gundagardi in pass coaches in PUNE to MUMBAI Deccan queen

So I buy a pass for Deccan queen pune / mumbai super fast express. Now to my surprise the moment I board my pass coach which is D8 and D9 I get told that the seats are already taken by other pass members. The pass does not have any reservation or seat number on it. The regular pass members do not allow you to sit in the pass coach even if you have a pass. I had to go standing for all 4 hrs morning and evening because the regular pass people don’t allow you to sit. Please take cognisance of the matter and appoint some police force during the boarding time. I’m worried I’ll have to go standing again tomm for 4 hrs.

For toilet

2/04/2019 train number 11071 running in this train.coatch Number S6 seat number 31 in this coatch not available in water for basin and toilet

AC not functioning

01 Apr 2019 train number 12626 Kerala express coach number B3 .
I am traveling from New Delhi to Trivandrum central ....
The problem is that AC is not functioning I did complaint about the matter to the electrician but still now the action didn’t take by them nor any feedback....


14/06/2019 Train number18625 hatia kosi express coach number be1.
I am traveling from Mulriganjto Trivandrum Gaya. The problem is that AC Is not functioning I did complaint about the matter to the electrician but still now the action didn't take by them nor any feedback....

A passenger details

Sir my brother rounak khandelwal has a new Delhi station to Goa ticket of 25 March 2019 in sleeper coach in Goa sampark kranti 12450 . His phone is switched off and we have no clue whether he is in the train or not. We don't even know his PNR or seat number .sir please help us.please please sir

Enquiry regarding parcel.

I Want to know whether I can send the LED TV through Indian Railway parcel service from bangalore to delhi.

Train time departure


It is very very sad to say that Indian railways system is very lazy railways system, mostly train will be late from there arival & deaprture time so that people don't believe on railways system and take the bus & other things for travel & reach the destination on time,

Today I am also done the reservation from dewas to vidisha by train number 14319,
At Bhopal station arival time is 9:50 it is on time but actual departure time was 10:05pm but it will not departure at 11:15 pm, why train will be staned on Bhopal station at so long.

Unauthorised charge of pay and use toilet

Raipur junction Railway station- The pay and use toilet service attached to waiting room in Raipur junction railway station is charging unauthorisingly . For Toilet only the charge is Rs 10/- per person. Is this is correct or they are looting the comman public?

Lost Red Colour Pouch

I was travelling in Couch B5 Seat 44 with berth overnight,on 12223 LTT ERS/Duranto from Mumbai,getting down at Madgaon station
as on 10th March 2019.
sooner I found my red colour money pouch I was carrying, missing with cash 40000/=+ while hurriedly getting down at station.
Anyone found or traces the same can revert.

Pl revert asap.

Sitaram Borkar

Unreserved passenger are sitting in near my seat..

In train no. 11077 on 24th feb, unreserved passengers are sitting by force in Sleeper class bogy S10. I'm doubting the character of the passenger sitting near to me. Can someone please help to escort this person to other bogy please.
Ladies hai saath me yr..


I called 182 today as I was having trouble with my co passenger. The RPF police panigrahi in Vizag immediately came to PF 5 to train num 18518 and sorted my problem in a very pleasant manner. Great to see Indian railways and police responding very quickly.iam super impressed with this service

No water no cleanness

Train No. 15635,on dated 8th feb 2019. while traveling in this train in coach S 3 there is no water no cleanness from the starting where train departure. its a very bad experience while journey

Unreserved passengers sitting in hwh mail in Sleeper class

In train no. 13006 on 16th Jan, unreserved passengers are sitting by force in Sleeper class bogy S10. I'm doubting the character of the passenger sitting near to me. Can someone please help to escort this person to other bogy please.

CustomerCare did not recive complain call

Dear Sir/Maddam,

I am calling 139 number many time , but no one was received my call.
I am unable to inquiry why my train was canceled and have any alternate arraigned for same time.

Please help me regarding for that

PNR Number:
Transaction ID:
Train Number/Name: 17013 / PUNE HYB EXPRESS
Booking Date: 04 Feb 2019
From: PUNE JN (PUNE)23 Feb 2019
To: HYDERABAD DECAN (HYB)24 Feb 2019 04:30 Hrs
Ticket Type: E-ticket
Vikalp Status: No
Boarding Station: PUNE JN (PUNE)
Date of Boarding: 23 Feb 2019 14:15 Hrs

Thanks & Regards,

hi I catch train at


ticket booking

I have booked a ticket using credit card. However even after repeated attempts the OTP message did not come and transaction failed. Please look into it.



Non availability of Water nor cleaness

Train No. 18420. while traveling in this train there is no water no cleanness from the starting where train departure. its a very bad experience while journey.

Water not available

Iam travelling train number 12225 my coach number S8 but water not available please arrange my problem

Ticket not booked but fund has been deducted

Hi I just wanted to let you know we have a pathetic railway service, first of all your 139 number doesn't work. I booked ticket and money has been deducted but ticket is not in my inbox....why we are so behind in technology we have good experience people use them... But the central govt will not use them coz they have to pay high salary's to them. If they do so they cannot fill their own pocket that the reason we are far behind technology because of this netas we Indian are still under developed country...same on ourself....


After chart prepared my pnr status is wl /102
Can i travel without any extra charge?

Activa scuti not receive

This is very sad that I am complaining about our Indiana railway system for me.
I have book my Activa from Ranchi to secandarabad 26th Nov and yet not receive,
I have visited 3 time Secunderabad station and meet with Mr gladwen supervisor he try to find but he couldn't and he send to me Hyderabad railway station and told me try to find ur avtiva there because some time parcel download in Hyderabad also then I visited Hyderabad railway station there is also no proper response.
And Ranchi parcel officers said I have already uploaded on 26 Nov, then where is my Activa who will responsible for that.

Recipt no 794014.
Train no 07007


Your activa is riding in New Delhi

Why am I not able to book train ticket

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been try to book rail tickets but I have fail transaction at all occasions, I get charged through internet banking and then have cash register debited to my bank account after some days.

My help me resolve this issue I have some rail tickets to book urgently.



Lost luggage

Dear Sir,

I have lost luggage in train and called many times but mostly no one picks up and after some one picked up so far no satisfactory response. Following are details. Please help (Item is not expensive but very important).

Train Number - 12650
Start station - 11 Nov (NZM)
End station - 12 Nov (Yeshwantpur)

Coach - S1
Seat - 9
Luggage details - Green color striped Bag

Please call me or email me if found

Thanks in advance.

Cancel ticket refund my money

Please refund my money.... Aalrady ticket cancel utometic note conform my ticket,,


Sir I am apply to rrb ntpc online form but my pement is not clear my bailence 1000 is technically problem plz refund my bailence

Not credit money account refund money

Cencenation ticket refund money not cirdit account ...pls

cancellation money not refund my account




Ticket nhi milne pr

Sr mai ne abhi tatkal tickit nikala hai but ticket nhi nikla lekin paise kat gye ac . SE koi help kr skte ho to kro please

Train time

Train number 12537 Manduadin exp, schedule time of departure from MPF was 19.35, however the train was departure on 22.05 on 5th and 7th Sep, 2018, delayed by 2 hour 30 minute. Pls confirm 22.05 is schedule time for 9th Sep, 2018 also.

Payment refund

Meri train 14312 me Ahmadabad se Ajmer ki slipar book thi par train divert hone se train Ahmadabad nahi aayi or nahi ticket ke pese refund hue


Hi what is the procedure to carry a dog in Train in Indian railway. Please help in this.

tatkal dhokha

tatkal ticket book ke time ke phle hi waiting dikha ra tatkal ticket... bhot si trains ke liye
ye bhot galat h.. ye dhokha h customer ke sath

SMS received as train cancelled but PNR is still active

Yesterday I received SMS stating that "Train No. 12380 of 28/10/2018 has been cancelled due to unavoidable

However, my booking is not yet auto cancelled. The PNR status also doesn''t indicate cancelled status.

Could you pl. check and clarify for my further planning.


Chinmay Rout

refund money

I m lakshmiaakula , from Andhra.
i booked 4 tickets from RJy to Chennai egmore sttion throug online mount hs been credited in IRTC but i havent received confirmtionof my tickets and confirmation detils,PNR number.
kindly assist me to get bck money in to my acount.

Parcel To Gyanpur road


Refund money cancel ticket

Refund money cancel ticket


General coach me travel kr raha hoon saalon baad log seat rok krso rahe hai yaha kai log khade hai aur ye so rahe hai iska koi solution bacche ladies bujurg khade hai aur ye students ke naam waleso rahe hai waah re india general mein bhi reservation ka aaanand. Waaa

Enquiry about train

Please tell me on 7th october varauna express(24227) train cancel or not??

Ticket booked Problame

mera ticket ranugunta sa howrah ka liya tha. Mera bank sa paysha katchuka hay
lakin mera ticket booked nahi huya

Booked ticket problem

Dear sir/Madam,
I have booked takal today from Thanjavur
To Chennai Egmore. But PNR number and booked history not received please do needfully

Ticket booked Problame


Here in uttarakhand sampark

Here in uttarakhand sampark kranti TT has given a seat to a passenger in d4 compartmenet before the authenticated passenger came hence there became an unhealthy situation both passengers are fighting for their seats..... This is because of the TT 's improper duty.... All Co passenger were affected by this incident

Pet related enquiry

Dear sir/mam,

I have booked a 3 tier AC ticket in Howrah Pune Duranto ( Train no 12222). I want to travel with my pet (Small Rabbit). What is the procedure for this. Please help.

No ticket checking

General ticket passenger are travelling in sleeper class my coach is D1 in BACKSALASAR SUP FAST (22421). I can't seat properly bcs they have put drum in front of me also too much crowd here

No ticket checking

General ticket passenger are travelling in sleeper class my coach is S7 in doon express from dehradoon to howrah train no is 13010 kindly insure that why there is no ticket checking

Train cancelled but no money refund why

Train cancelled but no refund why

Money not refound

Plz check my ticket and refund my money

Tickets cancelled but no refund

Last 1week back ticket transaction failed amount not refund

Train cancelled but no money refund

I am booking three ticket was on September 26 but two ticket was cancelled on September 28 ticket cancel message and three or four working days ticket cancellation refund money 140rs will returned.But ticket cancelled date up to today 4 days complete but no money refunded why?

I have booked a parcel want

I have booked a parcel want to know what is meant by PC not paid, ( I have already paid the amount) there a number for parcel service in New delhi ? regards

Complain for water

Sir date 1/08/2018 train no. 14511(nouchandi exp) ke s1 & s2 coach main paani bhare hi Allahabad se rawana kar diya gaya...bahut prob ho rahi hai sir jaldi se paani ki samasya ko door kiya jaye


Dear sri

Me bhatinda se firozpur cantt aaya mere paas pesenger ka tikat tha jaldi me mene exp pakad li tti ne 2000 manga hamne kaha ki chalan kar do jo bhi hoga ham denge usne kaha thi he usne chalan ki rashid nhi di 2000rupe le liye

Name roshan

Ticket booking ke vishay me.

Maine aap ke update huye irctc ki website se online ticket book kiya jisme hmari process Puri hone ke bad hmare account se paise ka bhuktan bhi ho jata hai aor payment pending show karta hai aor masg time se ni a pta hai jiske karn hme jankari ni ho pati hai sath hi update Hui website se reservation Karne pr agar seat book ni hoti hai to paise account se cut jata hai phir uske liye 10din ka intzar Karna pdta hai .to manyvar aap se nivedan hai ki is gambheer samsya ka dhyan de taki ek samany parivar ko dikkt ka samna na Karna pde .Hal hi me hmare account me se 3000 rupay ka bhuktan ho gya tha punh is prkar ki ghatna hmare sath Hui hai to aap se nivedan hai ki aap hme uchit sujhav hmare mail PR bhejhe aor is samsya ka nidan ati sheeghra KR hame soochit kare.

Train late arrival

Sir on date 8/6/2018 the passenger from vskp to Kurda too much late this is your employs irresponsibility tell me your answer

Dear Sir im traveling to

Dear Sir im traveling to nizambad to huzursaheb NANDED train rech to maltekdi station but there stop the train 35min please check the problem sir all passengers suffering.. maltekdi to NANDED station only 5min but y the train stopped 35to40min


my pnr no6712427153 is cancled 18 may but till now i haven't receve my refund pl help me

Shipra express experience.

Hi all,
I unfortunately happen to travel to kolkata with my fiancee on today's date and this experience has been so awakening that I am compelled to write this mail:
1) TTs are never available n very illmannered.
2) people generally travelling in this are regular commuters to west bengal thus the newbies get paranoid watching them.
3) The dirtiest train I havr ever travelled in my entire life.
4) The train doesnot have any schedule and I believe runs as per the driver's whims & fancies; the delay and adhoc stoppage at almost in the middle of no where in the middle of the night shows that.
5) basic hygine is not maintained - is it for the fact that it has more of SL passengers and not premium?
6) number of hawkers selling eatables and others are unjustifiedly priced.

I am cordially and humbly requesting to the authority, if there is anyone at all who is reading this, plz do somthing or else you /or your family member could be encountering this somethime.

V Sarkar

No checking of tickets

General passengers are boarding in sleeper class. Train no. 19031.delhi to haridwar.

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