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  • 139 (For parcel Inquiry)



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  • Press 6- For Parcel or goods inquiry/Complaints

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Division-Wise Contact Detail

Division Phone No. Fax. No. E-mail
Contact Particulars at Division level in Northern Railway
Delhi 011-3740024 011-3744156 nrcelldli [at] nr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Muradabad 0591-412034 0591-424341 srdcmmb [at] nr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Firozepur 0163-243413 0163-244708 srdcmfzr [at] nr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Lucknow 0522-214067 0522-222820
Ambala 0171-2610596 0171-2610596 srdcmumb [at] nr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Contact Particulars at Division level in Southern Railway
Chennai 044-5354457 044-5353531 srdcmmas [at] sr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Palghat 0491-556198 0491-555235 srdcmpgt [at] sr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Tiruchirapalli 0431-418992 0431-411204 srdcmtpj [at] sr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Trivandrum 0471-320012 0471-329454 srdcmtvc [at] sr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Madurai 0452-600526 0452-604604 srdcmmdu [at] sr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Contact Particulars at Division level in Western Railway
Mumbai Central 022-3017328 -- bctpqrs [at] wr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Vadodara 0265-648377 -- nrcellbrc [at] wr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Ratlam 0721-280710 -- rtmpqrs [at] wr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Rajkot 0281-473409 -- rjtpqrs [at] wr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Bhavnagar 0278-445479 -- bvppqrs [at] wr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Contact Particulars at Division level in Central Railway
CSTM 022-2659563 022-2620684 --
Solapur 0217-312752 -- --
Bhusawal 0258-222433 0258-222367 --
Nagpur 0712-560045 0712-547561 --
Contact Particulars at Division level in North Eastern Railway
Lucknow 0522-226021
052-2231545 sdcmljn [at] nerrailnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Izzatnagar 0581-545350 0581-457030 sdcmizn [at] nerrailnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Varanasi 0542-224752 0542-224802 dcmbsb [at] nerrailnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Contact Particulars at Division level in Southern Railway
- Northeast Frontier Railway
Alipurdwar -- -- cmml [dot] apdj [at] nfrrailnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Lumbding 03674-263365 -- Dcmlmg [at] nfrrailnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Katihar 0645-222594 0645-222574 Dcmkir [at] nfrrailnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Tinsukhia 0374-339387 -- dcmtsk [at] nfrrailnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Contact Particulars at Division level in Eastern Railway
Howrah 033-6603056 -- --
Sealdah 033-3501962 -- --
Asansol 0341-204653 -- --
Malda 0351-266222 -- --
Contact Particulars at Division level in South Eastern Railway
Adra 03251-245045 -- --
Chakradharpur 06587-238070 -- --
Kharagpur 0322-755706 -- --
Contact Particulars at Division level in South Central Railway
Secunderabad 040-7833099 040-7833099 srdcmsc [at] scr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Hyderabad 040-7834004 040-7820152 dcmhyb [at] scr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Vijaywada 0866-574167 0866-579618 srdcmbza [at] scr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Guntakal 08552-220305 08552-229419 srdcmgtl [at] scr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Contact Particulars at Division level in East Central Railway
Sonpur 06158-222468 06158-223058 dcmsee [at] nerrailnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Samastipur 06274-221741 06274-223058 dcmspjc [at] nerrailnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Dhanbad 0133-202522 -- --
Danapur 0612-507214 -- --
Mughalsarai 05412-255018 -- --
Contact Particulars at Division level in North Western Railway
Bikaner 0151-544764 0151-201713 --
Jodhpur 0291-431646 0291-431601 srdcmju [at] nr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Jaipur 0141-202915 -- jppqrs [at] wr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Ajmer 0145-432535 -- aiipqrs [at] wr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Contact Particulars at Division level in East Coast Railway
Sambalpur 0663-533195 -- --
Visakhapatnam 0891-746230 -- --
Khurda 0674-490670 -- --
Contact Particulars at Division level in North Central Railway
Allahabad 0532-600977 0532-600958  
Jhansi 0517-473469 0517-449826 --
Contact Particulars at Division level in South East Central Railway
Bilaspur 07752-245034 -- --
Contact Particulars at Division level in South Western Railway
Bangalore 080-2203269 080-2259271 srdcmsbc [at] sr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Mysore 0821-422401 0821-425225 srdcmmys [at] sr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Hubli 0836-266702 0836-266702 srdcmubl [at] scr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Contact Particulars at Division level in West Central Railway
Kota 0744-440995 -- kttpqrs [at] wr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Jabalpur 0761-327480 -- --
Bhopal 0755-584602 0755-587166 --
HeadQuarter-wise contact particulars
Railway Board 011-23384416
011-23386950 dtcclaim [at] rb [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
nrcell [at] rb [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Northern Railway HQ 011-23744484 011-23742444 dyccmcndcr [at] nr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Southern Railway HQ 044-25354455
--  nrcell [at] sr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
nrcellsr [at] yahoo [dot] com
Western Railway HQ 022-22035516 022-22035516 nrcell [at] wr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Central Railway HQ 022-22633075 022-22633075 nrccm [at] cr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
N.E. Railway HQ 0551-2201007 0551-2200516 ccoclaims [at] ner [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
N.F. Railway HQ 0361-2574054 0361-2570490 nrcell [at] nfr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
Eastern Railway HQ 033-22484214 033-22489086 cccell [at] er [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
S.E. Railway HQ 033-22106179 --  serclaims [at] vsnl [dot] net
S.C. Railway HQ 040-27786253
Extn. 282
040-27832214 nrcell [at] scr [dot] railnet [dot] gov [dot] in
nrcellscr [at] rediffmail [dot] com
W.C. Railway HQ 0761-2677082,
cco_jbp [at] claims [dot] indianrail [dot] gov [dot] in

List Of Nodal Officers For Parcel Related Queries

Sr. Zone Officer Division Landlines Mobile
1 Cr Bsl Divison Office Bsl -Bhusaval 02582-223004 9503011972
2 Cr Srdcm Cstm Cstm-Mumbai 022-67453835 9987645307
3 Cr Ngp Divison Office Ngp -Nagpur(B.G) 0712-2544386
4 Cr Pune Divison Office Pune-Pune 020-26124636
5 Cr Sur Divison Office Sur -Solapur 0217-2312752 --
6 Ec Ddu Divison Office Ddu-Ptdeendayalupadhyaya 0537-2600977 9794837343
7 Ec Dhn Divison Office Dhn -Dhanbad 0326-2205284 9771426669
8 Ec Dnr Divison Office Dnr -Danapur 06115-232398 7759070004
9 Ec See Divison Office See -Sonpur 06158-222468 9771429999
10 Ec Spj Divison Office Spj -Samastipur 06274-221741 9771428963
11 Eco Kur Divison Office Kur -Khurda Road 0674-2490670 9437582085
12 Eco Sbp Divison Office Sbp-Sambalpur 0663-2400093 8455886999
13 Eco Wat Divison Office Wat -Waltair 0891-2748641 8978080999
14 Er Asn Divison Office Asn -Asansol 0341-2304170 9002023983
15 Er Hwh Divison Office Hwh -Howrah 033-26411326
16 Er Mldt Divison Office Mldt-Malda 035-12268168 9002024986
17 Er Sdah Divison Office Sdah-Sealdah 033-23509736 9002020963
18 Kr Kawr Divison Office Kawr -Karwar -- 9686656199
19 Kr General Manager
(Sp And Bd)
Rn -Ratnagiri 08322705268 9004476707
20 Nc Jhs Divison Office Jhs -Jhansi 0510-2473469
21 Nc Srdcm/Ald Pryj-Prayagraj 0532-2407981 9794837950
22 Ne Bsb Divison Office Bsb -Varanasi 0542-2224742
23 Ne Izn Divison Office Izn -Izzatnagar 0581-2411402 9760541958
24 Ne Ljn Divison Office Ljn -Lucknow 0522-2233042 9794846963
25 Nf Apdj Divison Office Apdj-Alipur Duar -- 9002052957
26 Nf Kir Divison Office Kir-Katihar 03674-265059 7870559480
27 Nf Lmg Divison Office Lmg -Lumding 03674-265794 9957553915
28 Nf Rny Divison Office Rny-Rangiya -- 9957554968
29 Nf Tsk Divison Office Tsk -Tinsukia -- 9957555984
30 Nr Dli Divison Office Dli -Delhi 011-23362296 9717633779
31 Nr Fzr Divison Office Fzr -Firozpur 01632-243413 9779233942
32 Nr Lko Divison Office Lko -Lucknow -- 9794834924
33 Nr Mb Divison Office Mb -Moradabad 0591-2412034 9760534983
34 Nr Umb Divison Office Umb-Ambala Cantt 0171-2610596 9729539980
35 Nw Aii Divison Office Aii -Ajmer 0145-2432535 9001196963
36 Nw Bkn Divison Office Bkn-Bikaner 0151-2544764 9001190706
37 Nw Jp Divison Office Jp -Jaipur 0141-2202915 9001199969
38 Nw Ju Divison Office Ju -Jodhpur 0291-2431646 9001198959
39 Sc Bza Divison Office Bza -Vijayawada 0866-2574163 9701373537
40 Sc Gnt Divison Office Gnt-Guntur 08632-254161 9701137407
41 Sc Gtl Divison Office Gtl -Guntakal 08552-220305 9701374959
42 Sc Hyb Divison Office Hyb -Hyderabad 040-27834004 9701372961
43 Sc Ned Divison Office Ned-Nanded 02462-223545 9730471955
44 Sc Sc Divison Office Sc -Secundrabad 040-27833099 9701371975
45 Se Adra Divison Office Adra-Adra 03251-245045 9547883991
46 Se Ckp Divison Office Ckp -Chakradharpur 0657-238070 9771482252
47 Se Kgp Divison Office Kgp -Kharagpur 0322-2255706
48 Se Rnc Divison Office Rnc-Ranchi 0651-2600278 9771484989
49 Sec Bsp Divison Office Bsp-Bilaspur 07752-417814 9752491126
50 Sec Nag Divison Office Nag-Nagpur(N.G) 0712-2544386 --
51 Sec R Divison Office R-Raipur 0771-2252236 9752877998
52 Sr Mas Divison Office Mas -Madras 044-25355793 9003061977
53 Sr Sa Divison Office Sa-Salem -- 9600956230
54 Sr Tpj Divison Office Tpj -Tiruchirapalli 0431-2418992 9003864970
55 Sr Tvc Divison Office Tvc -Trivandrum -- 9567869375
56 Sw Mys Divison Office Mys -Mysore -- 9731667984
57 Sw Sbc Divison Office Sbc -Bangalore 080-22876288 9731666974
58 Sw Ubl Divison Office Ubl -Hubli 0836-2266702 7022029814
59 Wc Bpl Divison Office Bpl-Bhopal 0755-2454602 9752416996
60 Wc Jbp Divison Office Jbp -Jabalpur 0761-2627480 9752418987
61 Wc Kota Divison Office Kota-Kota 0744-2467021 9001081777
62 Wr Adi Divison Office Adi-Ahmadabad -- 9724093961
63 Wr Brc Divison Office Brc -Vadodra 0265-2638377 9724091981
64 Wr Dcm/Bvc Bvc -Bhavnagar 0278-2445479 9724097950
65 Wr Srdcm/Mcc Mcc -Bombay Central 022-23083228 9004499950
66 Wr Rjt Divison Office Rjt -Rajkot 0281-2473409 9724094974
67 Wr Rtm Divison Office Rtm -Ratlam 0741-2232572 9752492970


Railway Board
New Delhi -110001
Railway Number: 139
Email: pmshd [dot] sw1 [at] gmail [dot] com

Parent Article: 


Discrepancy in Parcel Charges

We travelled with our pet Dog. For Dog's parcel charges are different. On 1/7/2023, For going From CSTM to Barddhaman (BWN), they changed Rs.1058/- whereas On 12/7/2023, we back From Barddhaman (BWN) to CSTM, at Barddhaman Station, they charged only Rs.706/- for the same Dog.
Pls also not that On 1/7/2023, our Train was started from CSTM more than 12 hours late.

I parcel my bike on

I parcel my bike on 29/04/2023 on Villupuram railway station.
I travel to Tuticorin so i parcel my bike but it was delayed so please slove the delay.

I have booked my bike from

I have booked my bike from Delhi junction to Sahjhanpur SPN .....but I have not received my bike..... please take some action to give me my parcel

Regarding threat to damage my parcel product

Sir with due respect I want to say that I'm a student and i booked my cycle from patna junction for prayagraj rambahg.
While booking the railway staff suggested me to pay the staff for their pakaging and loading on the train but he didn't demanded any money from me for himself. (His behavior was quite good and friendly to me)

While moving out of the parcel station the packaging labours stoped me and started demanding extra money but being a student i had limited money and so replied him that if I'll give you then I'll be unable to reach there my collage. Then also one of the staff told me to give 20 rupees so that he would put my parcel for fast delivery and due to fear of my 5 years old favourite cycle's safety I gave him and tried to move out from there.Again while moving one who packed my cylce came and threatened me if I won't pay him 100 rupees then he would damage my cycle and put lots of scratches on it and he would fully damage the parts of it and also he used some abusive languages also ; but being a student i ignored all these things and move out from there.

But sir I'm really afraid about my cycle. Sir please i need it in my same condition because it is my favorite cycle which was gifted by my mom. Sir please look after it and try to make those people out so that they won't do what they threatened me about my parcel.

Name-Siddharth Roy

PNR(parcel)no- 2015 125658

Bike not yet received

I had my bike parcelled from Kochuvelli to Ratnagiri on 21st May 2022 and the same was over carried in the Kochuvelli Chandigarh Samparkranti Express and I did not receive the bik yet. Even after following it up with Chandigarh parcel and Ratnagiri Parcel office I have still not received the bike, The same is a Royal Enfield Classic 500. The SR number for the same is 624569. Please help in getting the bike delivered to Ratnagiri.

Scooter Not received

Dear Sir,
We have booked scooter from Sealdah to on 30th Apr 22 and received message scooter loading completed(loaded from SDAH in Train No. 13153 on 30-04-2022) But our scooter not unload in Ranpurhat.
So request to you please look into this matter & resolve the ASAP.

Activa not received

I have booked my Activa scooter from Agra to Panvel on 1st April 2022 but till now I have not received any update from railway whether my scooter has been moved from Agra or not.
Let me know the status of my vehicle as soon as possible.


Dear INDIAN railway,

We have booked our house hold items to shift gandhidham to gorakhpur on 04th march 2022 train festival special which is reached on gorakhpur 06th march 2022 with parcel but parcels are not unloaded from the train due to staffs are not available at platforn, please arrange our parcels urgently at gorakhpur.

Parcel not yet received

Dear Sir,
We have booked our bike from SBC Bangalore to Solapur Maharashtra on 29th Jan 22 but still our bike not reached in Solapur, Maharashtra.

Pl look into this matter & resolve ASAP.

Bike No:-MH-25 AF-7309 Honda Shine

Gulchand Rathod

parcel not yet receive

Dear Sir,
We have booked our bike from Rewari Haryana to Sultanpur (SLN) Utter pradesh on 10th Nov'21 but still our bike not reached in (SLN) Sultanpur utter pradesh.

Pl look into this matter & resolve ASAP.

Bike No:-HR36L-9712 Hero Splender

Vishnu Tiwari

Parcel not yet received

I have booked my parcel from ANG to AGTL dated 07 Jul 2021 but i have not received my luggage yet please help me.

Lost original receipt of bike parcel

Hello, i have booked my bike in parcel from Bangalore to new delhi but now i have lost original receipt and do not have photocopy even. I have a PNR of the parcel. What is the procedure to pick my bike

Enquiry for dog cart in train number

Hello sir
I just want to know that is there any facility to move my dog in dog cart box which is provided by indian railway in train number 02564 please help me

Scooter not received till today


Have booked a scooter from PRYJ to TDL on 26-Aug-20 and today have go to the TDL parcel office for getting status on package but didn't know the status of the same.

Is there anyone available who can give me a clear cut status of my package.

Parcel not received

I have booked my parcel from AGC to SKZR dated 14/08/2020.but i have not received my parcel yet.please help me.
Thank you sir.

Scooter not received

I have booked my parcel on 19/07/2020, from DLE to KNE , till today i have not received my parcel , I visited at parcel counter but it’s closed, even I tracked my parcel but there is sawing only loaded status.
Pleas try to resolve this issue otherwise i will do some legal action against you.

Indian Railway Parcel Service

I am trying to connect to all possible tracking provided through Tele call, website to track my parcel booked from Bangalore to Mumbai. Non of the tele call numbers are getting attended or website give tracking. Got sick of wasting my time since 2 days. Why the Govt who claim rubust rail services put things on right perspective ?? Why systems are so pathetic ??

Request Rail authorities to look into the flaws and correct for serving the people who opt its services.

Parcel enquires

I would like to know that , can i book my bike from new delhi to gaya in between date 15 may to 20 may 2020.

Parcel not received yet

Booking was done 25th February 2020 at new Delhi, to send a parcel to TATA. but as at today, march 5th 2020,my brother at TATA is yet to receive it.
What is happening please? Why the delay? My brother needs his research samples to commence work at his research institute...

Not recrived bike

I have booked bike number JH01CF2697 Hero passion xpro on 28/02/2020 at Rly.station Daltonganj to Tundla and loading in muri exp. 18101 on 29/02/2020 but till date not delivered to me. I have approached to time in parcel office Tundla but no response from railway station.

parcel not rcvd

we have not received parcel having no. 2013314


Bike no mh-42. L2233 NXG daund to kamakhya .6/12/19 daund to hawra .my bike in hwh but she is not send my parsel to kamakhya why

Missing bike

I have booked by bike from Daund to kamakhya .6/12/2019 daund to hwh train .but hwh is not send my parsak from there to kamakhya why ....

Not received parcel

I have booked by bike from Moradabad to Varanasi on 4th November, 2019 but yet not received till 11th of November.
I have filed a complaint against at CPS Varanasi but nothing is happening. Recpiet no. - 906776


I have booked the ticket in 22651 train.Same train i have parceled my two Wheeler...I get down my destination but i did received any information about my bike...What happened for my bike...When i will get my bike...Please update me the status.. I am not satisfied irctc treatment ..


I have booked my parcel on 20/05/2019 from Kota to Moradabad via Delhi ..
I have not received my parcel

Goods not received

Goods not received Mathura to Lucknow by kota patna Express 0n 7/2/19 to 8/2/19.

Not received a parcel

I haved parcel a bike from punne to panipat n i have not received it. It was parcel on 22 dec2018 in jhelun Express
The parcel recipient no is 724674.
And bike no is Mh12px0095

Booking office timubg

Will parcel booking be open on 25th december at new delhi? Timings will be till 5 pm?

issue regarding parcel

i have booked my parcel on 3-12-2018, from bpl to Nzm , till today i have not received my parcel , i visited at parcel counter but i have got the same answer from the concerned incharge person that they have not received yet .
plz try to resolve this issue otherwise i have to complaint for it