Bank of Baroda Customer Care Numbers

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800223344 (Dibit Cards Hotlisting/Blocking)
  • 18001024455( For Banking)
  • 18002584455 (Dibit Cards Hotlisting/Blocking)
  • 18001024455
  • 18001027788
  • 1800220400 (For debit cards)
All India Number(s): 
  • 8468001111 Balance Inquiry
  • 8468001122 Mini Statement
  • 91-7949044100 for NRI
  • 91-7923604000

Head Office

Bank of Baroda
Baroda Bhavan, R C Dutt Road,
Baroda - 390007

Phone No. 02652361852

Name Designation Phone No Role Address Fax No Email
Shri K.R.Kanojia General Manager 02652316791 Head - Operations & Services 6th floor, Suraj Plaza -I, Sayaji Ganj, Vadodara 390005 gm [dot] ops [dot] ho [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
Shri K.B.Gupta General Manager 02652576401 Head (HR Operations) 2nd Floor, Baroda House, Mandvi, Vadodara
390 006
Shri Tapan Kumar Das Deputy General Manager 02652307901 Inspection & Audit 10th floor, Suraj Plaza -I, Sayaji Ganj, Vadodara 390005 02652361806
Shri V. P. Srivastava Deputy General Manager 02652307879 Customer Service 1st floor, Suraj Plaza -I, Sayaji Ganj, Vadodara 390005 dgm [dot] cs [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
Shri Niraj Sharma Deputy General Manager 02652361997 Central Transaction Monitoring Unit 9th floor, Suraj Plaza -I, Sayaji Ganj, Vadodara 390005

Important Numbers

Toll Free Numbers

  • 1800223344
  • 18002584455
  • 18001024455

PMJDY Customers and other Financial Inclusion Scheme

  • 18001027788
Balance Inquiry
  • 8468001111

Missed Call Services

Mini Statement
  • 8468001122
NRI From Oversea
  • 91-7949044100
  • 91-7923604000

Corporate Centre

Bank of Baroda,
Baroda Corporate Centre,
Plot No. C-26, Block G,
Bandra Kurla Complex,
Bandra (East),
Mumbai 400051

Phone No. :02266985000

Fax No. 02226523500


Departments Phone (0265)
Customer Services Department 02652307881
Operations & Services Department 02652316769
Insurance Department 02652316739
Stationary & Security Forms (HO) 02652316759
Pension and Gratuity 02652576409
Provident Fund 02652576411
Recruitment and Promotion 02652576416
Officers service regulation and Industrial Relations 02652517812
Official Language (HO) 02652316798
Central Internal Audit Division 02652307902
KYC and AML 02652307805

Baroda Corporate Centre, Mumbai

Regional Office

Name Designation Role Phone No Email
Shri Ravi Venkatesan Non- Executive Chairman Non- Executive Chairman
Shri P. S. Jayakumar Managing Director & CEO Managing Director & CEO   md [dot] ceo [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
Shri Mayank K Mehta Executive Director Executive Director 02266985802 02266985814 ed [dot] mmehta [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
Shri Ashok Kumar Garg Executive Director Executive Director 02266985899 ed [dot] akg [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
Smt. Papia Sengupta Executive Director Executive Director ed [dot] psg [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
Shri K. N. Nayak Chief Vigilance Officer Chief Vigilance Officer,
BCC, Mumbai
0226698 5717
Shri S.S.Ghag General Manager CTO & Head-IT
Projects & CRM
Shri K.Venkateswarlu General Manager Head - Digital Banking
and Fintech
Shri Nagesh Srivastava General Manager Head - Corporate &
Institutional Relationship
Shri M L Sharma General Manager Head-Recovery & First
Appellate Authority
under RTI Act, 2005
Shri G.B.Bhuyan General Manager Head - Rural & Agri
Banking & CSR
Shri Eric F Tucker General Manager Head - International
Shri Radhakant Mathur General Manager Head - Governance &
Perf. Of Domestic Subsidiaries,
Jt.Venture Associates &
Official Language
Shri Ashok Aneja General Manager Head - Mortgages &
other Retail Assets
Shri Sadanand R.Samant General Manager Head - Compliance &
Reg.Relationship including
Risk Based Supervision
Shri N.K. Pawar General Manager Head - Disciplinary Proceedings 02266985706
Shri O.K.Kaul General Manager Head - Project Management
Office-Project Navodaya
Shri P.N.Mehrotra General Manager NPA Recovery 02266985719
Shri Rajneesh Sharma General Manager Head - Corporate &
Institutional Credit
Shri S K Choudhary General Manager Head - HR Administration 02266985708
Shri N.K.Singhal General Manager Head - Credit
Quality & Portfolio
Shri Rakesh Kumar Bhatia General Manager Head - Marketing/
Corporate Communications/
Wealth Mgt Services
Shri K.K. Mahajan General Manager Head-Treasury & Global Markets 02267592855
Shri Sanjay Kumar General Manager Head - Strategic Planning
& Perf.Budgeting & CFO
Shri A.K.Gupta General Manager Head - IT Operations 02266981551
Shri Shankar Ram Solankee General Manager Head - Financial Inclusion 02267592610
Shri D K Namdeo General Manager Head -Facilities
Management & COA
Smt.Purnima S. Rao General Manager Head- MSME Relationships
& Govt.Schemes
Shri L.M.Asthana General Manager Head - Records Digitisation
(Document Management System) Project
Shri M.L.Jain Deputy General Manager Exe Secy to MD & CEO & Secy to
Board and Company Secretary
Shri Bhaskar Sharma Deputy General Manager Head -Risk Management
& Credit Approval
Shri Joydeep Dutta Roy Deputy General Manager Head -Strategic HR & OD 02266985564
Shri N.Venugopal Deputy General Manager Head - Legal & RTI 02266985559
Shri S.V.Hardikar Deputy General Manager Head-Liabilities &
Deposit Mobilisation
Shri Madhur Kumar Deputy General Manager Head- Corporate
Banking Transaction
Shri P.Rajshekharan Deputy General Manager Project Office 02266981505
Shri A.K.Singh Deputy General Manager Intl IT Operations 02266981438
Shri Krishan Gopal Goyal Deputy General Manager Corporate & Institutional
Shri Suryaprakash S.Mahawer Deputy General Manager Corporate & Institutional
Shri Naresh Gupta Deputy General Manager Corporate & Institutional
Shri Haresh M.Adhia Deputy General Manager Corporate & Institutional Banking 02266985640
Shri K.D.Bansal Deputy General Manager NPA Recovery 02266985314
Shri Chiranji Lal Gupta Deputy General Manager NPA Recovery & PIO 02266985890
Shri M.S.Chary Deputy General Manager Ascrom 02266985270
Shri Sarvesh Kumar Gupta Deputy General Manager Chief Information Security Officer 02266985230
Shri V.Murugan Deputy General Manager Rural & Agri 02267592560
Shri M.V.Murali Krishna Deputy General Manager Financial Inclusion 02267892600
Shri Anoop Kumar Deputy General Manager NRI Business 02266981504
Dr.J.Karnavat Deputy General Manager Official Language 02267592602
Shri Pradeep Kumar Deputy General Manager Compliance 02266985395
Shri Pramod Kumar Singhvi Deputy General Manager RBS, Compliance & Coordination 66985703
Shri K.Z.Islam Deputy General Manager Project Management Office 02266985150
Shri A.C. Nanda Deputy General Manager Disciplinary Proceedings 02266985561
Shri K.C.Bisoi Deputy General Manager Credit Monitoring 02266985234
Shri Shailendra Kumar Singh Deputy General Manager Mktg- Social Media 02267592543
Shri B. Elango Deputy General Manager International Operations 02266985427
Shri V K Sethi Deputy General Manager Retail Banking 02266985310
Shri Sanjay Kr Grover Deputy General Manager Treasury 02266363601
Capt.Sanjay Joshi Deputy General Manager Security 02266985196
Shri Sanjay Bhagoliwal Deputy General Manager MSME 02266985811
Shri Sarvesh Bhasin Deputy General Manager Vigilance 02266985528
Shri Y.Kumar Chugh Deputy General Manager Vigilance 02266985528
Shri U.C. Mohapatra Deputy General Manager Strategic Planning 02266985321
Shri Ashok Kumar Dangaich Deputy General Manager Corporate Accounts & Taxation 02266985288
Shri A.K.Moharana Deputy General Manager DWH 02267892820
Shri K.V.Tulshibagwale Deputy General Manager Digital Operations 02266981594
Shri Sanjay V. Mudliar Deputy General Manager Digital Strategy 02266981414
Shri Jain Mithalal Leelachand Company Secretary DGM, Company Secretary, BCC, Mumbai

Zonal Office

Name Designation Address Phone No Fax No Zone Name
Shri Birendra Kumar General Manager Bank of Baroda, Zonal Office,
Anand Vihar, 5th Floor,
West Boring Canal Road,
Patna 800001.
06122557643 06122557691 Patna Zone
Shri Deb Brata Mukhopadhyay General Manager Bank of Baroda, Zonal Office,
Baroda Tower, Plot No.38/2,
Block GN (5th & 6th Floor),
Sector-V, Salt Lake City,
Kolkata 700091.
03323401602 03323576211 Kolkata Zone
Shri Navtej Singh General Manager Bank of Baroda, Mumbai Zone,
Bank of Baroda Building, 3,
Walchand Hirachand Marg,
Ballard Pier,
Mumbai 400001.
02222613969 02222611259 Mumbai Zone
Shri R.N.Sharma General Manager Bank of Baroda,
Ahmedabad Zone,
8th Floor, Bank of Baroda Towers,
Near Law Garden, Ellis Bridge,
07926473061 07926467815 Ahmedabad Zone
Shri M.S.Patel General Manager Bank of Baroda, Baroda Zone,
6th Floor, Suraj Plaza-III, Sayajigunj,
Maganwadi, Baroda
02653966600 02653966610 Baroda Zone
Shri Arun D.Parulkar General Manager Bank of Baroda, Pune Zone,
2nd Floor, Sharada Centre, 11/1,
Erandwana, Khilare Path,
Pune 411004.
02025937107 02025466907 Pune Zone
Shri Rajendra Kumar General Manager Bank of Baroda, Bhopal Zone,
Ganga Jamuna Complex,
MP Nagar Zone-1,
Bhopal 462011.
07554289103 07554274202 Bhopal Zone
Shri Ram Kumar Gupta General Manager Bank of Baroda, Zonal Office,
Bank of Baroda Building, 16,
Sansad Marg,
New Delhi 110001.
01123322949 01123323297 New Delhi Zone
Shri Navin Chandra Upreti General Manager Bank of Baroda, Zonal Office,
Baroda Bhawan, Plot No.13,
Airport Plaza, Durgapura,
Jaipur 302018.
01412727100 01412727106 Jaipur Zone
Shri P.Narasimha Rao General Manager Bank of Baroda, Zonal Office,
2nd Floor, Nilesh Lexington Avenue,
No.72, Brigade Road,
Bengaluru 560025.
08025130700 08025300478 Bengaluru Zone
Shri P.V.Subba Reddy General Manager Bank of Baroda, Zonal Office,
Baroda Pride, New No.41,
3rd Floor, Luz Church Road,
Chennai 600004.
04423454348 04423454331 Chennai Zone
Shri B S Dhaka General Manager Bank of Baroda, Zonal Office,
Baroda House, 3rd Floor, V-23,
Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar,
Lucknow 226010
05226677607 05226677710 Lucknow Zone
Shri S.K.Arora General Manager Bank of Baroda, Zonal Office,
1st Floor, 129-D, Civil Lines,
Bareilly 243001 (UP).
05812420563 05812423261 Bareilly Zone

Government & PSU Business, New Delhi

Bank Of Baroda
Govt. & PSU Business
8th Floor, Bank of Baroda Building
16, Parliament Street
New Delhi 110 001

Phone : 01123448701
Fax: 01123448703

Name Designation Role Address Phone No Fax No Email
Shri G.B.Panda General Manager GM (Govt Business) Bank of Baroda, Govt & PSU Business Dept, Bank of Baroda Bldg., 8th Floor, 16 Parliament Street, New Delhi
110 001
01123448701 01123448703 gm [dot] gb [dot] delhi [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
Ashok Kr.Bajaj Deputy General Manager DGM (Govt.Business) Bank of Baroda, Govt & PSU Business Dept, Bank of Baroda Bldg., 7th Floor, 16 Parliament Street, New Delhi
110 001
01123448706 gb [dot] delhi [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
A.K.Gupta Deputy General Manager DGM (Govt Business)(CPPC) Bank of Baroda, Govt & PSU Business Dept, Bank of Baroda Bldg., 13th Floor, 16 Parliament Street, New Delhi
110 001
cppc [dot] delhi [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
Shri A.N.Mehta Assitant General Manager Central Pension Processing Centre 01123441344 cppc [dot] delhi [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
Shri Rajesh Kr. Arora Assitant General Manager Public Sector Enterprises. 01123448720 01123448706 gb [dot] delhi [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
Shri S.C.Baral Assitant General Manager Govt. Ministries 01123448716 01123448706 gb [dot] delhi [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
Shri Sanjay Kr. Verma Assitant General Manager Govt. Ministries 01123448709 01123448706 gb [dot] delhi [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com

Other Functionaries - Corporate Centre, Mumbai

Designation Role Phone No Fax No
Chief Economist Chief Economist 02266985216 02226523511

Overseas Officers/ Branches

Name Designation Role Mobile No Phone No Email
Mrs. Kavita Singh AGM Chief Executive 434223021 0061290877405 sydney [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com,
sydney [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
Mr. Karia Ashok Dhirajlal DGM Chief Executive 36873307 0097317216410
ce [dot] bahrain [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
Mr. Krishnamachary DGM Chief Executive 96329700 0085225258429 ce [dot] hongkong [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
bobhkg [at] netvigator [dot] com
Mr. Ritesh Kumar AGM Vice President 57283141 002302083678 bobgen [at] intnet [dot] mu,
vp [dot] mauritius [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
Mr. Sanjaya Agarwal GM Chief Executive
(European Ops)
7946423499 00442074571520 dce [dot] uk [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
ce [dot] uk [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
Mr. Prajith Kumar D. AGM Alternate Chief Executive 917-4429500 0012125784556 newyor [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
,ce [dot] usa [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
Mr. Arun Kumar Gupta CM Managing Director 6254024 005922266423 bobinc [at] networksgy [dot] com,
ce [dot] guyana [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
Mr. Ashwini Kumar AGM Managing Director 77-2775577 00256414232783 bobho [at] spacenet [dot] co [dot] ug
,md [dot] uganda [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
Mr. Rajesh Mohan Jauhari AGM Chief Executive Officer +60177865432 0060320261767
ext 100
ceo [at] iibm [dot] co [dot] my
Mr. Shailesh Damle CM Chief Executive 13600071870 00862083752390
cr [dot] china [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
Mr. Sunil Kumar Srivastava DGM Chief Executive 8123 4644 006565369949
singapore [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
,ce [dot] singapore [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
Mr. Manoj Kumar Jha CM Acting Chief Executive 83 4498237 0027117840715 joburg [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com,
ce [dot] sa [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com


Fraudsters Bankers.

Respected Sir / Madam

This Message Is Regarding The Complaint Of Bank Of Baroda, Andheri Branch, Mumbai, Mumbai Metro(N) INDIA.
Sir We Have Deposited Rupees Three Crores ( Rupees 3,00,00,000 ) Against The Purchase Of M/s RUSI PHARMA (P) LTD. To The Bank For Which We Also Possesses The Receipts And No Dues Certificate.
We Wrote The Higher Authorities Of Bank Of Baroda Regarding The Registry Of Company On My Name.
But After A Very Long Period Of Time Nothing Have Been Done On Their Behalf & Neither Do They Replies To Our Mails.
They Are Neglecting To Register The Company After Receiving The Payment From Our Side.
I’m Also Attaching The Scanned Copy Of The Documents Received By Us For The Same By Bank Of Baroda.
Please Do Look Into The Matter & Resolve Our Issues As Soon As Possible.
Also Mentioning The Contact Mail Id For The Concerned Bank.
ANDHER [at] bankofbaroda [dot] com
I'm So Much Depressed With The Circumstances That Have Been Created & Sometimes Willing To Suicide.
It's My Hearty Request You To Please Do Something About This As Soon As Possible.

Thanks & Regards,
Sudhir Kumar ( Director )

Refund money didn't reflect on my account

Dear Sir, I bought an item from Amazon but they delivered in a wrong place so they refunded my amount already and they provided me the refund reference number but the above mentioned refund amount isn't reflected still yet in my account.So,please kindly help me. Yours'Sincerely Brajabashimayum Basanta Sharma

Taking to much time to provid passbook and check book

Veary bad servise taking 2 3 week for providing me cheack book and passbook

About demand draft

BOB Ashoka Garden Bhopal take about one and half hour to prepare demand draft.which kind of banking same same

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