Baroda UP Gramin Bank Contacts

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 180030101886 Miss Call Balance Enquiry
  • 1800229779 Toll Free For ATM Card Block
All India Number(s): 
  • 02226763671 Enquiry for ATM Card Block
Address A-1, Civil Lines,RAEBARELI : 229 001
Phone 05352702075, 2700022
Fax No. 05352700723
EMail ho [at] barodauprrb [dot] co [dot] in


Address 3D, Tashkent Marg, ALLAHABAD211001
Phone 05322407653
Fax No. -
EMail roalla [at] barodauprrb [dot] co [dot] in

Regional Office Allahabad

Address 117 / N / 26 , Kakadeo, KANPUR
Phone 05122501776, 2505393
Fax No. 05122505413
EMail rokanp [at] barodauprrb [dot] co [dot] in

Regional Office Kanpur

Address City Road ,PRATAPGARH 230001
Phone 05342228564
Fax No. 05342220235
EMail roprat [at] barodauprrb [dot] co [dot] in

Regional Office Partapgarh

Address Baldeo Niwas Compound,Acharya
Narendra Deo Road, Reidganj,
Phone 05278244032, 244194
Fax No. 05278241706
E Mail rofaiz [at] barodauprrb [dot] co [dot] in

Regional Office Faizabad

Address 124-C, Civil Lines,BAREILLY243001
Phone 05812429839
Fax No. -
EMail robrly [at] barodauprrb [dot] co [dot] in

Regional Office Bareilly

Address 151, Kirorimal Complex, Beliganj,RAEBARELI229001
Phone 0535-221100
Fax No. -
EMail roraeb [at] barodauprrb [dot] co [dot] in

Regional Office Raebareli

Address Badujai-2, Near Town Hall, SHAHJAHANPUR242001
Phone 05842227794, 223363
Fax No. -
EMail roshah [at] barodauprrb [dot] co [dot] in

Regional Office Shahjahanpur

Address 2 A Gautam Nagar, Civil Lines, FATEHPUR212601
Phone 05180221213, 221212
Fax No. -
EMail rofate [at] barodauprrb [dot] co [dot] in

Regional Office Fatehpur

Address Amethi Plot No.-837, Near Power House, Gauriganj, Amethi-227409
Phone 05368244006, 244008
Fax No. -
EMail roamet [at] barodauprrb [dot] co [dot] in

Regional Office Amethi

Address Sultanpur Village Amhat, P.O. Raniganj, Sultanpur228001
Phone 05362231028, 2231029
Fax No. -
EMail rosult [at] barodauprrb [dot] co [dot] in

Regional Office Sultanpur

Address Manjhanpur Po.Manjhanpur Ditt. Kaushambi PIN 212207
Phone 7379011800
Fax No. -

Regional office Kaushambi


(I sent India 31_12_2018 to

(I sent India 31_12_2018 to 18900 rupees, but the account number started wrong, 58 was real but I made 50 mistake that made him go wrong so far you do not know anything until you tell me how long it will be)

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