Baroda Gujarat Gramin Bank Toll Free No. 180030109636

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 180030109636
All India Number(s): 
  • 02642247991
  • 02642247994

Head Office

Baroda Gujarat Gramin Bank
Head Office,
Sky Line Building, 2Nd Floor,
Near Shital Guest House,
02642-247991-94 Fax -247997
Email Id:ho [at] barodagujaratrrb [dot] co [dot] in

Valsad Region

Vadodara Region

Godhra Region

Baroda Gujarat Gramin Bank
Regional Office, Valsad
3Rdfloor, Aditya Chambers,
Station Road,

Baroda Gujarat Gramin Bank
Regional Office, Vadodara
101/A, B.N. Chambers,
1St Floor, Opp. Welcome Hotel,
R.C. Dutt Road, Alkapuri,
Vadodara €" 390005

Baroda Gujarat Gramin Bank
Regional Office, Godhra,
Mahavir Jain Society,

Tele No.
(02632) 253790 / 242130 / 241194 / 241195

Tele No.
(0265) 2310940 / 2310950 / 2310960 / 2310970

Tele No.
(02672) 243297 / 242438 / 248405 / 244834

(02632) 244057

(02672) 2310980

(02672) 247401

E-Mail Id
rovals [at] barodagujaratrrb [dot] co [dot] in

E-Mail Id
rovado [at] barodagujaratrrb [dot] co [dot] in

E-Mail Id
rogodh [at] barodagujaratrrb [dot] co [dot] in

Important Contacts

Departments At Head Office : Bharuch

Name Designation Departments Mobile No.
Mr.N.K.Prasad Chief Manager Vigilance & Inspection 9909999714
Mr.M.A.Gadiwala Chief Manager IT/CBS 9909999724
Mr.K.C.Joshi Chief Manager NPA Management & Recovery 9909999716
Mr.A.A.Doshi Chief Manager II 9727743644
Mr.N.B.Vora Senior Manager Credit 9909999715
Mr.G.J.Desai Senior Manager Planning & Secretory to Board 9909999713
Mr.G.L.Shiyani Senior Manager P & E Accounts 9909999718
Mr.Sudarshan Ganji Manager HRM 9909999719
Mr.A.M.Putliwala Manager Taxation 02642-247991-994
Mr.A.L.Chauhan Manager Financial Inclusion 9909999721
Mr.M.C.Pansheriya Assistant Manager IT/CBS 9909999720
Mr.K.S.Lodhi Assistant Manager NEFT-RTGS 9099096751
Mr.N.G.Rewariya Assistant Manager Investment 9909999717

Head Office : Bharuch

Name Designation STD Code Phone No. (Direct)
Mr. Vineet Kumar Dudeja Chairman 02642 247991 to 994
Mr. M. B. Wala General Manager 02642 247991 to 994

Regional Office : Valsad

Name Designation STD Code Phone No. (Direct)
Mr. P.G.PARMAR Regional Manager 02632 245890,9909999731
Mr. B.C.TANNA Chief Manager 02632 242130,9909999732

Departments At Regional Office : Valsad

Address :
3rd Floor, Aditya Chambers, Station Road, Valsad 396 001

Phone : 02632 242130 , 253790 , 241194,
Fax : 02632 244057

E-mail : rovals [at] barodagujaratrrb [dot] co [dot] in
IFS CODE : BARB0BGGBXX for all Branches
Name Designation Departments Mobile No.
Mr.C.V.Patel Manager NPA Management, Audit & Inspection 9909999734
Mr.S.R.Parmar Manager Credit 9909999735
Mr.B.D.PATEL Manager Operations & P & E 9909999738
Mr. S.P.Agrawal Manager Planning 9909999737
Mr.N.D.Tandel Assistant Manager HRM & Vigilance 9909999733
Mr.H.U.Desai Assistant Manager IT/FI 9909999739

Regional Office : Vadodara

Name Designation STD Code Phone No. (Direct)
Mr. V.K.UPADHYAY Regional Manager 0265 2310980,9727740751
Mr. J.P.RATHOD Chief Manager 0265 2310940,9727740752

Departments At Regional Office : Vadodara

Address :
101-A, B. N. Chambers, 1st Floor, Opp. Welcome Hotel,
R. C. Dutt Road, Alkapuri, Vadodara-390005

Phone : 02652310940,2310950,2310960,23010970
Fax : 02652310980

E-mail : rovado [at] barodagujaratrrb [dot] co [dot] in
IFS CODE : BARB0BGGBXX for all Branches
Name Designation Departments Mobile No.
Mr.T.C.Maniyar Senior Manager Credit 9727740755
Mr M.S. MAKWANA Assistant Manager NPA Management & P & E 9727740756
Mr. R. M. SHAIKH Assistant Manager HRM & Vigilance 9727740753
Ms. K. P. Gandhi Assistant Manager Planning & Inspection 9727740757
Ms.B.L.Patel Assistant Manager FI-Taxation 9727740221
Mr.C.R.Parmar Assistant Manager I.T & Accounts 9727740754

Regional Office : Godhra

Name Designation STD Code Phone No. (Direct)
Mr. M.S.RATHORE Regional Manager 02672 246005,9909999741
Mr. A.M.PANCHAL Chief Manager 02672 242438,9909999742

Departments At Regional Office : Godhra

Address :
“Kalindi”, 1, Mahavir Jain Society, Godhra 389001

Phone : 02672242438 , 248405 , 244834
Fax : 02672247401

E-mail : rogodh [at] barodagujaratrrb [dot] co [dot] in
IFS CODE : BARB0BGGBXX for all Branches
Name Designation Departments Mobile No.
MR.V.K.BHATT Senior Manager Credit 9909999745
Ms. R.C. Chauhan Senior Manager Planning 9909999747
Mr.M.A.KANDACHIA Manager HRM & Vigilance 9909999743
Mr.B.R.PATEL Manager P & E - Inspection 9909999744
MR.Manvir Singh Manager NPA Management 9909999746
Mr.S.R.PATEL Assistant Manager I.T. & F.I. 8238083061
Mr.Pankaj Meghwal Assistant Manager Accounts 8238083062


After six months I didn't receive my Debit card

Before 6 months by mistake I lost my debit card and I write an application for receiving new debit card at my bank ( vishol branch ) but after 2 months when I visit at bank they told me write a new application and I write new one and then after 4 month till day I don't receive my new debit card ...

I need a debit card as soon as possible so please solve my problem as soon as possible.

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