Aviva Life Insurance Toll Free No. 1800 103 7766

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800 103 7766 (Customer Support, Mon-Sat, 9am-6pm)
  • 1800 180 2266
All India Number(s): 
  • 0124-270 9046 (For any Queries/Complaints)
  • 0124-270 9000 (For any Queries/Complaints)


1800 103 7766

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  • Press 1: If you are an exsisting customer and wish to buy an aviva policy
  • Press 2: If you are an agent


  • customercare [at] avivaindia [dot] com (Customer Care)
  • customerservices [at] avivaindia [dot] com (General Queries)
  • complaints [at] avivaindia [dot] com (Complaints)
  • claims [at] avivaindia [dot] com (For Claims)

SMS Service

  • SMS "Aviva" to 5676737
  • Type <Keyword> <Policy Number> and send it to 9880102266.
    Choose a Keyword from the list given below. (Eg: POLSTAT 12345678)

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Forms Corner

Grievance Redressal Process

Level 1

If you have any query / complaint you can contact to customer support through by 1800-180-2266 / 0124-2709046 or by email customerservice [at] avivaindia [dot] com

Level 2

If you are not satisfied with the response from the cusotmer support within 7 working days you can escalate your complaint at complaints [at] avivaindia [dot] com you will get response of your complaint within 3 working days or can contact to toll free no.

Level 3

If you are not satisfied with the response within 10 working days ypou can contact at Complaint Redressal Officer(CRO) at: Aviva life Insurance Company.India Ltd.,
Aviva Tower, Sector Road ,
Opp.Golf Course DLF-Phase
V, Sector-43, Gurgaon -122003,
Email: cro [at] avivaindia [dot] com

Level 4

If you are not satisfied with the decisions taken by the official you can directly contact to grievance redressal officer at 9999346907 or can mail at gro [at] avivaindia [dot] com between 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri.

Grievance Redressal Officer

Zone Name Branch Designation Contact No. Email
East Tridip Saikia Dibrugarh-1 Executive 8638085491 tridip [dot] saikia [at] avivaindia [dot] com
East Sanchita Pan Kolkata 5 Deputy Manager 9883129700 sanchita [dot] pan [at] avivaindia [dot] com
East Prasim Majumder Kolkata 1 Deputy Manager 9830505523 prasim [dot] majumder [at] avivaindia [dot] com
East Pabitra Mukherjee Hawrah-1 Deputy Manager 9830898415 pabitra [dot] mukherjee [at] avivaindia [dot] com
East Mintu Kumar Dutta Sharma Tezpur1 Executive 7578011424 mintu [dot] duttasarma [at] avivaindia [dot] com
East Md Mohsin Ansari Siliguri-1 Senior Executive 9903361716 md [dot] ansari [at] avivaindia [dot] com
East Krishna Das Agartala-1 Deputy Manager 9436484976 krishna [dot] das [at] avivaindia [dot] com
East Kasturi Mahanta Guwahati-1 Deputy Manager 9854067984 kasturi [dot] mahanta [at] avivaindia [dot] com
East Dipak Nath Jorhat-1 Deputy Manager 9706062787 dipak [dot] nath [at] avivaindia [dot] com
East Chandan Singh Patna-1 Senior Executive 9313126748 chandan [dot] singh [at] avivaindia [dot] com
East Bhupesh Kumar Samantaraya Bhubanswar-1 Deputy Manager 9337393609 bhupesh1 [dot] samantaraya [at] avivaindia [dot] com
East AMIT KUMAR Ranchi-1 Assistant Manager 9350933300 Amit [dot] kumar4 [at] avivaindia [dot] com
North Vikas Kapoor Ludhiana-1 Deputy Manager 9888044868 vikas [dot] kapoor [at] avivaindia [dot] com
North Umesh Pratap Indore-1 Executive 9616100822 umesh [dot] pratap [at] avivaindia [dot] com
North Tej Ram Chandigarh-1 Assistant Manager 9878311548 Tej [dot] ram [at] avivaindia [dot] com
North Suchetna Mahajan Amritsar-1 Deputy Manager 9017271035 suchetna [dot] mahajan [at] avivaindia [dot] com
North Shubham Sharma Delhi Vikaspuri Executive 9540980491 Shubham [dot] Sharma [at] avivaindia [dot] com
North SANJEEV KUMAR Delhi-5 Senior Executive 9891339450 Sanjeev [dot] kumar6 [at] avivaindia [dot] com
North Raman Yadav Delhi-3 Senior Executive 8368509589 Raman [dot] Yadav [at] avivaindia [dot] com
North Naveen Pal Model Town Senior Executive 9871790996 Naveen [dot] Pal [at] avivaindia [dot] com
North Kajal Sharma Jammu-1 Executive 9796241147 Kajal [dot] sharma [at] avivaindia [dot] com
North JOBI PV Delhi-1 Deputy Manager 9899769997 jobi [dot] pv [at] avivaindia [dot] com
North Jasbir Kaur Jalandhar-1 Assistant Manager 9855034282 jasbir [dot] kaur [at] avivaindia [dot] com
North Deepak Thapliyal Noida-1 Senior Executive 7404340751 deepak [dot] thapliyal [at] avivaindia [dot] com
North Chirag Verma Gurgaon-2 Executive 8506041128 Chirag [dot] verma1 [at] avivaindia [dot] com
North ANUPAM KUMAR Kanpur-1 Senior Executive 8400166834 Anupam [dot] kumar [at] avivaindia [dot] com
North ANIL KUMAR Delhi-6 Assistant Manager 8506880343 Anil [dot] kumar17 [at] avivaindia [dot] com
North ABHASH SRIVASTAVA Lucknow-1 Senior Executive 8090907090 Abhash [dot] srivastava [at] avivaindia [dot] com
North MOHIT NAGER Faridabad-1 Senior Executive 9599250106 Mohit [dot] nager [at] avivaindia [dot] com
South Suresh D Desai Devangere-1 Executive 9743993642 suresh [dot] desai [at] avivaindia [dot] com
South Sudheer R Thrissur-1 Executive 9995852399 Sudheer [dot] r [at] avivaindia [dot] com
South Jerin S Ernakulam-1 Executive 7736648150 s [dot] jerin [at] avivaindia [dot] com
South Ramya AVM Coimbatore-1 Assistant Manager 95997666701 ramya [dot] avm [at] avivaindia [dot] com
South Rajesh Kumar M Trivandrum-1 Assistant Manager 9847196946 rajeshkumar [dot] m [at] avivaindia [dot] com
South P Ravi Chandra Chennai-1 Assistant Manager 9841597797 P [dot] Chandra [at] avivaindia [dot] com
South Motapothu Rupendra Kumar Vishakhapatnam-1 Executive 9030205304 motapothu [dot] kumar [at] avivaindia [dot] com
South Kalyan Bhagavatula Hyderabad-1 Senior Executive 9492507462 Kalyan [dot] bhagavatula [at] avivaindia [dot] com
South Raghu-R Bangalore-2 Executive 9740363402 raghu [dot] r [at] avivaindia [dot] com
South Gishnu M Bangalore-1 Deputy Manager 7736358112 gishnu [dot] m1 [at] avivaindia [dot] com
South G V Rajesh Vijaywada-1 Assistant Manager 9052611647 g [dot] rajesh [at] avivaindia [dot] com
South Dibin P Calicut-1 Assistant Manager 9809018789 dibin [dot] p [at] avivaindia [dot] com
South Jerom Selvan Kottayam-1 Executive Outsourced 9487947501 Jerom [dot] Selvan [at] avivaindia [dot] com
West Komal Shankar Mohite Pune-1 Senior Executive 9850872562 Komal [dot] Mohite [at] avivaindia [dot] com
West Vikas Pandurang Maner Mumbai-2 Senior Executive 9869247551 Vikas [dot] Maner [at] avivaindia [dot] com
West Umesh Jagdale Mumbai-8 Senior Executive 9833350942 umesh [dot] jagdale2 [at] avivaindia [dot] com
West Saroj vishwakarma Pune-2 Senior Executive 9718717778 saroj [dot] vishwakarma [at] avivaindia [dot] com
West Sachin Kulange Ahmadnagar-1 Assistant Manager 9822859962 sachin [dot] kulange [at] avivaindia [dot] com
West Ranjana Kshirsagar Mumbai-3 Deputy Manager 9004424421 ranjana [dot] Kshirsagar [at] avivaindia [dot] com
West Pravin Dnyandeo Chitrak Nashik-1 Executive 9823622246 Pravin [dot] Chitrak1 [at] avivaindia [dot] com
West Pooja Amit Bimalwar Nagpur-1 Executive 9325277795 Pooja [dot] bimalwar [at] avivaindia [dot] com
West Nilesh Baydukar Aurangabad-1 Assistant Manager 9823799694 nilesh [dot] baidukar [at] avivaindia [dot] com
West Krishna Das Ahmedabad 1 Senior Executive 8927039198 KrishnaDas2 [at] avivaindia [dot] com
West Hardik Vithalani Vadodra-1 Deputy Manager 9924265370 hardik [dot] vithalani [at] avivaindia [dot] com
West Devendra Hada Jaipur 1 Senior Executive 9352959598 Devendra [dot] Hada [at] avivaindia [dot] com
West Denis Pereira Surat-1 Assistant Manager 9898002350 denis [dot] pereira [at] avivaindia [dot] com
West Asis Kumar Pal Mumbai-4 Deputy Manager 9338449666 asis [dot] pal [at] avivaindia [dot] com
West Alok Jangle Bhopal-1 Senior Executive 9302333353 Alok [dot] Jangle1 [at] avivaindia [dot] com
West Aditi Amit Salvi Kolhapur-1 Senior Executive 9823122623 Aditi [dot] Salvi [at] avivaindia [dot] com
East Hemanta Kumar Sarmah Tinsukia 1 Executive 9678318596 Hemanta [dot] sarmah [at] avivaindia [dot] com

Council for Insurance Ombudsmen (CIO) Contact Numbers

Partners Contact Details

Toll Free No.: 1800-180-2111
Email: weconnect [at] avivaindia [dot] com

Registered Office

2nd floor,Prakashdeep Building,
7 Tolstoy Marg,
New Delhi - 110030
Delhi, India
Fax: 0124-2571205

Corporate Office

Aviva Tower,Sector Road
Opp.Golf Course,DLF-Phase V
Sector-43,Gurgaon -122003

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