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  • 1800 407 267 864
  • 1800 266 8282
  • 1800 3000 8282
  • 1800 5726 7864
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  • 30308282 (With City STD Code)
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Washing machine

My washing machine problem is in washing cloths time is lagging in between time water floating continuosly. Here sumsung persons not responding correctly and answer is return quation to me why are u brought that machine .
I have one quation why are u sell that MACHIN to me.
And with out service how to slove the machine problem
My machine is top load
Auto matic
10years gar

औटो मैं टिक बासिगमशीन PCB replies

Samsung washing main sahi krane ke liye kitne kar m kol kar chuka hu lekin abhi tak meri samsya doob nhi hue h

सेसंग का वासिंग मशीन ऑटोमेटिक

सेसंग का वासिंग मशीन ऑटोमेटिक शकुंतला सेल्स , पोस्ट ऑफिस रोड मधुबनी से 2015 में खरीद किया था ड्रायर में कुछ खराबी आ गया है दुकान पर जाकर ठीक करवाने के लिए कहा किन्तु शिकायत का संज्ञान नहीं ले रहा है दुकान दार ।

Regarding defect of Automatic washing machine

Samsung WMSAM WA65H4000HD Was purchased on 19/06/2015 at Shakuntala sales ,Post office road , Madhubani Suddenly some defect in drier arose but the shop keeper is not taking Cognizance to get it repaired .Let me know the reason behind it .

Regarding defect of Automatic washing machine

Samsung WMSAM WA65H4000HD Was purchased on 19/06/2015 at Shakuntala sales ,Post office road , Madhubani Suddenly some defect in drier arose but the shop keeper is not taking Cognizance to get it repaired .Let me know the reason behind it .

Regarding defect of Automatic washing machine

Samsung WMSAM WA65H4000HD Was purchased on 19/06/2015 at Shakuntala sales ,Post office road , Madhubani Suddenly some defect in drier arose but the shop keeper is not taking Cognizance to get it repaired .Let me know the reason behind it .

Washing machine top loaded

Mane 28/10/19ko customer care me call karke complent ki aj 02/11/19hai Abhi tak mera problam solutions nahi hua,,,, very bad sarvis....

Defective Washing Machine

This is to bring to your notice that I recently bought a Samsung washing machine and from day 1 it has been giving me trouble, recently when the service engineer came to look into the issues, he damaged the product while investigating. I demanded a change of the unit, but Samsung is not helping me with this regard and is always asking for few more days, this is unacceptable from such a top brand. This is POOR SERVICE and the suffering is on the customer side. I regret to announce that I will never go for another Samsung product in my life.

Top loading washing machine drier not working

From last three days my top loading washing machine drier is nonfuctional and unable to use the same. Three days back online complaint registered and no body attended
Very poor response

Bad service for Samsung washing machine

My front load washing machine drier was not working. Placed a complaint on the toll free number in Pune. Mr samir Khan visited and checked the machine but was unable to repair. Asked for 350/- as visiting charges which was paid. He informed that will return with his senior but no one has come yet from last 15 days. Informed the toll free number also but no one has Turner up. I suppose Samsung is not interested in business which such bad service??

Purchase of washing Machine


We Natural Remedies Private limited would like to purchase 166 units of Semi Automated Washing machine.

Please share your distributor number soon.

Our contact details given below :

Pauline Mary D

Customer care number in Shillong,Meghalaya.

Sir,I have a 6.5kg automatic washing machine,model 2016,it was in good condition, purchased from Ghaziabad but now I am in shillong,here it is not washing the cloth properly wherever all stages followed,spin is ok.kindly provide the customer care number so that engineer can visit once at home.the number given on website is not working.kindly email me on my email id ,thanks.

Washing machine not working

Top load Samsung washing machine (WA60H4100H) not working


I have purchased S9 mobile from Kerala & I didn’t use to that mobile for making call used only for internet,
Now I am back in Saudi & I can’t use the mobile for making calls every time I insert sim inside phone message comes “sim network pin blocked enter sim network PUK, I have already tried entering PUK code of sim but still not working.

Related to Washing machine

Very poor service to Samsung, I have purchased the Samsung wishing machine, in 17/10/2018 but no on the washing machine after purchase 20 daye, and visiting tha Samsung Boy, but no response in tha boy and alloted to this district Samsung service center. So I have no satified this product, very poor response in Samsung.

for repaire of washing machine

i have a sumsung washing machine its drier of cloth is not working please check at an early date

Complaint about your customer care service

Myself vijesh Kumar.I bought your washing machine fully automatic. Now it is not work properly so called your customer care service for home visit.but no one came to my home from last 10 days..I regular call your cust care officer Mr.Akansh.he said, we registered your complaint and technician call you but i did not recieved any call from your tecnician and your cust care officer for resolve my problem if you are not able to provide service to your customer. I am very upset to see you customer services, no one is there who can help and resolve customer problems..
My heartily request to you pls get to visit your technician to my home.
Thank you
Vijesh Kumar

Spare Part non availability

I have buyed Samsung Top load washing machine in 2011 as the retailer told me that the product is not going to be changed for a long time and the service and spare parts will be available for future. At present the control board of the machine is not working so I called the service engineer after the complete check up he told me that the parts of this machine are not available anywhere as the model is seven year older. Then why the hell company is manufacturing these types of products if the spare parts are not going to be available in future.

For service washing machine

I am purchased samsung washing machine before three years but not any pls raise my request for service my washing machine.

Worst service

i have purchase fully automated washing machine at date 21/07/2018. i want a demo, but we don't get demo by samsung still, its really worst service samsung,

bad services

dear samsung team,

i have purchase fully automated washing machine at date 29/06/2018. i want a demo, i have call to toll free no. for demo, but we don't get demo by samsung still, its really bad service, no one hope this type of service by samsung,

best regards

Bad service and fake commitment

Bro same it was happened with me, I purchased Samsung washing machine fully automatic and still waiting for demo as well as installation and I keep calling always thrice a day but all the the time I get excuses with no action and the communication seems 0 between there employees and when I talk with owner of the service center then I got to know I have done big mistake to purchase Samsung washing machine instead of purchasing I would have washed from my hand :). I was told Samsung has many service center available around country I don't to know why Samsung wasting there money in services like this.

I request every one not buy Samsung product specially washing machine.


dryer is not working properly. i am belong from villager area(pandwa patan palamau.) i was call before 10 to 12 days but don't provide any service.

Spare parts need

Sir, I bought a WA65F4H6QWP/TL model washine machine in 2014. Now that machine board is complaint so I have to enquired lot of authorized samsung service centres and local shops for that product but I can't got that so how can I got that board? And how much price for that?

Complaint for washing machine

Drier is not working properly

Defective New washing Machine

We bought a new Samsung Washing Machine in February 2018. Within a month its start/stop switch malfunctioned. A technician came and found that the entire front panel was not properly fixed and not only the switch, but also the panel to select mode of washing was defective.. He placed an order for replacement . A week later another tech came with a new panel, but without the device to select washing mode. He blamed the first tech for not specifying the defects and made a new request . One week later a third tech came, again without the washing mode panel , in spite of a detailed work order by the previous tech. Then he called his superior , who made some funny excuses and said he will look into the matter.
Samsung service department has no coordination, very poor communication between the techs and is so substandard that I have decided not to buy any Samsung appliance, be it phone, washing machine or TV , I also will make sure this message is passed on to all prospective customers.

purchased top washing machine TOP LOADING




poor customer service

we have purchased samsung top loading washing machine 3 years back. technician came and changed some hardware as it was not doing auto cut off water supply . Aftersome days again the same problem is there.we are fed up with this machine. It seems that your technicians are deliberately not using good parts.very poor local agents.

Yes same thing happen with

Yes same thing happen with me. Technician came without watching properly he said to change whole PCB. Which is costly i ask them to repair it they denied because he not able to do.
Really very poor quality of service by Samsung.

worst customer service

I have purchase a fully automatic samsung washing machine from kurumpelil appliances in kollam district of kerala in 2017..Within 10 months it got stuck and does not work. The worst thing is the customer service centre which located in Kottarakkara.The behaviour of the technician is very rude.Even they cannot find out what is the mistake.It is very shame for such a leading product.From today onwards i will never buy any product from samsung.

poor service

I have purchased samsung top loading washing machine 4 years back since then it is not in too much use as we stay somewhere else.last year your technician came and changed some hardware as it was not doing auto cut off water supply . After one year this year again the same problem is there ..I am fed up of this machine now bought it on recommendation of my mom but now I am going to tell everyone that buy any but don't buy samsung washing machine. It seems that your technicians are deliberately not using good parts .

Ritu Sharma

Washing machine repair


We bought a samsung automatic washing machine (newly) - now it is not working. We want a proper technician to check the machine from your side. Pls provide his phone number for the area: Tamilnadu - Tiruvarur
Thanks and regards,

Syed ahamed

Washing machine is not working properly

I have purchased a washing machine 6.5kg fully automatic from union radio & electric, Sadar bazar, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh on October, 15/2017. Bill number-3701. When we start it,it takes all the processes but the clothes are not cleaned properly even after washing if we start it again the clothes are dirty . Every time service engineer comes and tell us how to operate it,we follow his instructions but clothes are dirty and their are stains on them. Please take it back.
Address- behind 66 kV, civil line, khandi,tehsil Talbehat, Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh.
Phone number-94500xxxxx washing machine number- WA65M4020HP

Washing machine repairing

Washing machine on off kharab ho gaya hai Jesus speed main chalta hai wakhra ho gaya hai Upar ka jo button Hai ghumne wala aur jis mein Pani sakta hai upar wala ghumane wala do din kharab ho gaya hai isliye please banane ke liye

about washing machine

sir i bought fully automatic washing machine but after some time the water is store inside the machine and the water does not come out the machine.
there is no code is shown on screen.Is the machine is going to be damage or not. please advice me as soon as posible.ormit is normal?

Poor quality of product

I have purchased a fully automatic Samsung front load washing machine in August 2017, and till date it has stopped working for 3-4 times, every time service engineer comes you people change some hardware and after few days again I face same problem. I just want you to replace my whole machine.I didn't accept this kind of service from Samsung, poor than any local product.

bad quality of washing machine 8 kgs. semi auto.

I have purchase a washing machine 8 kgs,semi auto. from Aggarwal Electronics,Chimni Road,Shimlapuri. Ludhiana-141003
first in my home when we start there was some problem in motors and come huge smell.after some time dealer replace
another washing machine 8 kgs. semi auto. but sorry to say that second machine also give problem on start.
and your product let us down.than my self & my family members take dicission to take another product.And at last
we have purchased LG made washing machine 8 kgs. semi auto.
Please note I was always proud on your product as 18 month ago I have purchased 40" LED of your co. made from Bedi Electronics world,
feroze pure road., opp.A hotel ,Ludhiana
I am still surprised why a worldwide company delivered bad quality to their dealers. to face their customer.
Sir, please look the matter deeply so that our area people again trust on your product.
91,(old 6239), Street no.-2,
Guru Govind Singh Nagar,
Daba Lohara Main Road,
Near Bachan Gas Service

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