Samsung Tablet Customer Helpline Numbers

Company Name: 
Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800 407 267 864
  • 1800 266 8282
  • 1800 3000 8282
  • 1800 5726 7864
All India Number(s): 
  • 30308282 (With City STD Code)
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I haw a new back panle

My back plane is dames

Service complaint

I went to your authorised showroom at AK Paul, 550 diamond harbour road today at 8.40pm, today for a micro USB to USB cable. There were 2 ladies and 4 men in Samsung blue uniform. There were only one otner customer being attended by a lady. They REFUSED to give me the item saying they do not have the original part with them. Their behaviour was rude. I went to SM TEL further down the road and got the cable instantly for rs.349. Please find out why a simple basic item was not available at AK Pual showroom. And why the arrogant behaviour? I must add that the people at SM TEL were most polite. Thank you.

Tablet not starting

Imported piece lock pattern forgot. Hence tablet was formated. Not it is not starting. Pls suggest

Model : SM T508

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