Samsung Refrigerator Customer Care Numbers

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Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800 407 267 864
  • 1800 266 8282
  • 1800 3000 8282
  • 1800 5726 7864
All India Number(s): 
  • 30308282 (With City STD Code)
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water liking problem

solv my refrijerator

Samsung Refrigerator is not cooling


Place: Bangalore (Koramangala) (India)

My Samsung double door refrigerator (RT28K3343R2/HL/2017) is not working. I bought it on 5th November 2017. Just after 3 to 4 months i started facing sound problem. I raised a complaint regarding the sound problem and technician came for around 4 to 5 times and still issue is not resolved. Then after sometime technician closed the call saying that it is not a problem and can be avoided. Now just after 1 to 2 months of warranty expiration, my fridge is not cooling. I again called for technician (Manager Name: Rajegowda and Technician name: Karthik), now they are telling i need to pay Rs1800 for gas filling and Compressor is anyway free. My point was since i was raising the concern since several months no one took it seriously, now when warranty period is over they are telling i need to pay for it. I have all the details for raising the concern. Could you please help me out with the replacement of the Refrigerator or any good exchange offer.

Thanks & Regards,
Amrendra Singh

Complain the store manger kanpur

I purched the refrigerator on 14 april 2019 and didnot get the sevice when i ask him for that they didnot solve it and not co-operative
Sir irequested please take it serious because from this time i never purchased any product of samsung and didn't suggest any one to buy it....

Balangir cervice centre not responding to complaints

My fridge(double door)doesnot work properly.The big chamber is not cooling.Made a complaint i Jan19.Technician couldnot sortout the problem.Paid Rs.472/-for service charge.The same problem continued.Again lodged an online copmlaint in March19.The task was assigned to Service engneer Murli.Technician came but could not the fridge.On 15.4 I made a call to the service centre making a complaint.I personally attended the centre on 15.4 and 16.4.19 and requested to send some person having proper knowledge on it.Till now no body has come although I wastold that they would send them by 12.30pm.This is the service given given by the service centre at Balangir(odisha).Please do something practical to get my fridge repaired.Thanking you.

Refrigirator side parts heat

Sir memu 4months back frize tesukunnam side over heat untundhi Ala andhuku untundhi


my Samsung double door refrigerator is not working well since last month the lower portion is not getting cooled so all the fruits and vegetables kept their are getting rotten , i lodged a complaint with service department they did send technician who replaced the temperature sensor but the problem is not solved and now he is not receiving calls too. The service is pathetic and the service center is also not attending my calls. Please send a technician having knowledge about refrigerator .

Frustrated with convertible Sumsung refrigerator

I purchased a Samsung refrigerator (RT34K3983SZ/HL) on 13th MARCH 2016. jUST AFTER THE WARRENTY PERIOD the refigerator strated giving problem. fIt was not cooling. I am facing lot of problem with this refrigerator. It happened periodically 5 times since last one and half year. And each time I spent about 1000 including service charge.
I request you please replace this refrigerator.
I have purchased a refrigerator Jamshedpur show room address: Khosla Electronics.
Please do replace the item.
Dr. KK Sahu


I purchased refrigerator from Reliance and it was delivered at my house on 28.5.2018. I have received the product but nobody visited at my house for demo saying that just remove it from cartoon for single door no such demo required.

Very next day the freezer door while opening get in hand. I called but no response

Then two days before bulb automatically get off and fridge totally stop working so I find the number of customer service they send the technician. But technician asking repair and service charges along with replacement for bulb and the inside freeze door around Rs.800/-.

I am unsatisfied with your service.

Fridge model is SAM RR20N1 2Y2 ZS8

Within a 6 month fridge stop working. How can you charge for service repair and replacement of small accessories of fridge. Better you delivered a good condition refrigerator of same model at my house.

Better provide proper service to the customer which we expect from Samsung.



Refrigerator not working properly

It is not defrasting ICE & there is no cooling. It is three months old

refrigerator convertible freezer not making ice

Its 01year 08 months old under warranty 10 yrs on compressor bought from reliance digital pre gst sales offer

Refrigerator Cooling problem, windows problem and comparison pro

Hi Team,
I purchased a Samsung refrigerator (RT34M3954U7/HL) on 1July 2018 for around Rs.43000. With in 2month refrigerator is not cooling. I registered a complain there is nothing can be done so Please replace my refrigerator.
I am facing lot of problem with this refrigerator. Cooling problem, windows problem and comparison problems. Our work is getting spoiled due to the fact that
I call customer care daily, but there is no solution.
I request you please replace this refrigerator.
I have purchased a refrigerator on Noida show room address: ELECTROMART STORES PVT. LTD SHOWROOM P-5 GROUND FLOOR OCEAN PLAZA SECTOR-18 NOIDA(UP)
I request again. I need replacement

If someone can help please do so with the following mobile number: xxxxxxxxxx email id : meharban [dot] ali [at] gmail [dot] com


Samsung fridge

I face the same problem and their service is so sad , they will unnecessarily change parts like they did for my motherboard heater eleent sensors but could not solve problem. I had to she'll another 6k to 8k in service and parts and still the fridge isn't working well either eater drips and ruins all the food stuff of it super freezes everything. Samsung has just being playing the fool with customers I have lost my faith and looking for legal advise on how to sue Samsung in India for supplying under grade products and simply looting customers with service that they outsource to a third party who can be a lame engineer at times.






Fridge silver colour - started fading

We have brought Samsung fridge silver colour.and after 6 months it started fading in one side alone.asked dealer he told to change whole fridge door
So guys please don't buy grey colour fridge in Samsung and their response is very bad.
We bought fridge for 38,000 inr and dealer asking 6500 inr for whole door change

Refrigerator water lickeg

hi i have complain fro lat three month about my Refrigerator but still not solve my problem from company please arrange parts and solve my problem

Thanks and Regards
paras golchha

Exorbitant charge

I am currently using double door fridge, where the lower portion ice is forming. I called a customer care who allotted M/S RamcoTechService Chennai The technetion informed to replace the thermostat and costing Rs.4500+tax. I checked up with google found the cost of thermostat was from Rs. 550 to Rs. 1000/-. It is surprising me how there's a huge difference in cost. I am also not sure that the spare parts are original support by your company Under this condition I request your good office to assist me to get my fridge repaired with actual costs from a genuine spare parts Hopefully a will get response from you
MSK Rajan E-12 MIG-120 TNHB 11th Avenue Ashok Nagar Chennai

Excess cooling in refrigerator: Notice

Sir, madam,

1. Fresh vegetables get spoiled due to excess cooling. Whereas the temperature setting is kept at maximum ie knob at 1 and slider in freeze is at min for refrigerator . I am making complain with customer service for six months. Service engineer visited many times, without any resolution. He checks temperature gives some operating instructions. No technical resolution provided.

2. There is more loss than benefit due to frosting and ice formation which make fresh vegetables unusable. Better to be without refrigerator in such case. I humbly request to rectify snag otherwise I will have to approach consumer authority for redressal.

QDIGI Services Ltd has been chited on the name of Authorised se

I had asked for the Authori Service center sevices on 12th June 2018.
As a quick response and on 13th I got the service Engineer at our place. He checked and share the problem we said OK to do the job, he charged 295/- Rs as visiting charges.
Later on there is no response till 18/6/2018. On 18th one person visited on the name of QDIGI stating that we are u r neatest Authorise service center...they had done the job of GAS feeling and Filter change. They have changed us 3000/-Rs for the same...when we saw the bill it was on the name of MS Services. We had almost rase a question to the on the bill heading and QDIGI.
On 24th we found the same problem in the product so we tried to call again. Now his and all the numbers are switch off.
We again call to Samsung toll-free num. We come to know that MS Services is not thr authorise service center.
Now my question is 1. how come MS services come to know about my complaint about my refrigerator and the main issues with it. Also the Exact Address and contact details?
2. How can the person visit on the name of QDIGI?
3. IS Samsung or there authorise service center is providing data to the local service center on the name of commetion?

We are looking for the promt Responces from your end. As we had already contacted to Samsung toll-free mum too...
I had shared the documents attach...pls check the attachment.

Financial Loss costly Refrigerator not repairable in four years

The expensive Samsung refrigerator(Price Rs 76000 Rs) bought from Samsung Dealer , Electrocraft, Bistupur Jamshedpur, vide Invoice no 1010/DP/RI/14-18 Dated 18th May 14 (4 yrs back) stopped working since 11th May'18. After repeated requests and follow up Samsung engineer were checking the machine for last 30 days and now your officials says that machine cannot be repaired and that they will give me negligible value at 34% of the value at diminishing return. It is gross violation of consumer rights as it was never communicated to me by any one from Samsung company or dealer that such expensive machine has life of only 4 years. I have paid heavy premium on Samsung brand. We assumed life of such machine to be minimum 10 years. Kindly re-consider the amount to be minimum 60% as only 4 years have passed since I purchase the machine. Failing to reconsider my demand, I will be forced to use other forum (consumer forum of India, Jago Grahak Jago, Social medias – facebook , twitter) so that my genuine grievance and expectation from Samsung India is heard and get fair justice. This will also act as guiding torch for consumers in India before they buy expensive machine from so called premium brand.

Same problem with samsung

I would like to sue then cause they have made me change good parts all for their trial n error test repair and I had to bear the cost. Samsung should be sued

If we can collectively out a mass case it will help

I have face this for last 3 years

Full of shit service and products by Samsung



I have exactly the same

I have exactly the same problem..The service center guy came and put gas...still not working....changed compressor...still not working...after that they are not picking my phone too.
The Samsung call center just keep on saying that they have informed the service center and they will visit.
Now it is one month that the refrigerator is not working.

Same problem

Samsung diverts service to a random service center . Service center guys did awful job and rip off with huge service fee while the product is still in warranty. Samsung says they are not responsible when approached . The service center guy never answers phone. Never buy Samsung products.

Low cooling of convertible refrigerator

I have buy a refrigerator 6months ago. But now when summer is come then the refrigerator have not cooling. I was complaint then the local engineer was come and check the fridge. And say it's OK but refrigerator is not working properly. It have low cooling. And not give ice in 24 hours.

Refrigerator Problem

I bought a refrigerator 495 Litres Double Door for Rs 50K. For the First two years , it was under warranty. Still we had to get it repaired for cooling problems. It was without any cost. As soon as the warranty got over, the refrigerator again lost cooling capacity. We got it repaired as well as gas refilled.
again after one year the same problem occured. We again got it repaired,paying thru our nose everytime. When asked about the problem, the answer is that Samsung only guarantees the part for 3 months,after that its not their responsiblilty. This is as if we are giving a maintanence charge to samsung for the refrigerator . And the worst part is that the service center/ Call center does not register your complaints and doesnt send the engineer on time. They take at least 10 calls and some yelling to hear us.
i have been waiting for one full week but everyday there is a new story with the customer care. The complaint number they give us does not exist on the system after 24 hours, /they say that the complaint was not recd at all. The service is pathetic and the quality abyssmal. I would not suggest anyone to buy samsung products. The company is a cheat company. Beware

My refrigerator compressor damag and gas lekage .

Poor service for Samsung your executive not deceived my call.

Refrigerator cooking problem

Refrigerator cooking problem . customer care members not help to me .it's worst .they said we will repair within it's too late .still not solve my problems .

Samsung claims the equipment are made to work for only five year

My refrigerator is not operational for last 12 days. After struggling with the service centre and Samsung's head office, i get a reply that the equipment is unrepairable due to internal leakages.

After lots of struggle and providing sales invoice, finally they agreed to give me 10% of the invoice value and retain the fridge.

The senior manager looking after the sales service stated that Samsung claims the equipment life only for 5 years and anything after 5 years is not even included for a claims or refund.

I bought the 480 ltrs just about 5 years ago at a price tag of 53000 and i am getting only 10% refund that too after returning the refrigerator.

What a shame!!!!!
Perhaps companies should not be allowed to sell their products if they can't fix it.
Does actually spending a amount of 50k justified for use of only 5 years.

Samsung needs to rethink here.

Fridge not working for last two weeks

My fridge is not working.I am from jamshedpur local engineer is changing part after part for last 10 days but not able to solve. They are doing experiment and made my refrigerator worse. Please look into . Pkmishra no 1 Kaiser bungalow kadma sonari link road kadma jamshedpur

Pathetic Samusung Customer Care

I called up to samsung customer care, w.r.t my fridge cooling not working accordingly..
the samsung customer care is so pathetic that they even after letting them know the problem that cooling is not working they ask 100 questions, did u on the fridge, is power gone stupid questions...and waste their time and customers time..

Can u kindly send some technical guy to get my fridge repaired accordingly..

Bottleguard of Samsung refrigerator

I have a double door refrigerator 340 litre Samsung refrigerator.its bottle guard is broken.The mechanic had come but couldn't give the exact price to be paid. Please intimate me the spare part shop in New Delhi near Tilak Nagar from where I can get the bottle guard

Samsung freez parts

Please change my freez's external parts samsung bio fresh 260litr.

Refrigerator ice part was not cooling

I had face issue of cooling problem in the upper part of frige. Ice was nt properly. The issue is frige is not cooling. I purchase it in 2014. And company gives us 10 year warranty. Nw wt i do pls give me some solution.
Thank you

Refrigirator not working

Refrigirator not working from 5 days

Refigeter not for cooling

Please help me

No cooling and misguiding by customer service center

I lounged no double door no cooling complaint in customer care on satureday the attended told sunday ko bhi engineer aayega dont wory
Then i called sunday sombdy said aap ko nhi sajta kya aaj subday hai koi nhi aayega but engineer will come tomorrow
Monday bhi nhi aaya then again i call customre care theyhe told me the engineer is on the way he reach in half an hour then i called after 2 hr in cc the lady attendent told me koi engineer nikla hi nhi to ayega kaise n told ke u r staying in pgp are so enginer wvisit once in a week jo muje 2 dinse nhi bataya gaya tha.then i call tuesday same thing he replied aapki complaint forword kar di gai hai n n engineer visit once in a week.the servise is very very poor

Fridge repair

The fridge was attacked by rats and some wires are cut. The liquid inside the box had come out. It is not getting cooled.Kindly arrange a mechanic to repair this problem.The address -- Mrs.G Mariamma w/o G Chinna Marreddy,late,Mattampalli,Suryapet Dt,Telangana

Refrigerator cooling problem

I had been facing problem with the Samsung refrigerator. There was no cooling in the lower door but the freezer part was working ok. I registered complaint and the person came and changed some parts and repaired it. after 2 months again faced the same problem, the mechanic came as sent by customer care changed some part again and charged 750/ like earlier. I paid twice for the same problem in February end.But after 10 days of repair I am facing the same issue. Cooling is not happening in the lower door. I dunn know what problem you pepl are addressing. Does the person who come to repair even know about actual resolution. Highly unacceptable from such brand. I expect urgent and serious resolution for this. If you people cannot solve the issue it's better to confront rather than charging people money again n again. Very poor service

No cooling

The fridge not cooling

Fridge koi bhi Saman Dhanda nahi ho raha hai mechanical

Fridge Mein Thandha nahi ho raha hai koi bhi Saman Phir Chali Na Ja Meri madat Ki aur helpline number aur mere ghar Aakar Mere problem



Water leakage

Water is leaking from the freezer to the lower end of the refrigerator

Excess charge for parts replaced.

Dear Sir, I called a service engineer through your call- center to attend to my refrigerator which was not cooling.He was from Sai Service Center, Akurdi
, Pune. He charged Rs2650/- for Compressor Starter circuit. The same part was changed by another service person from Cool and Cool last year and charged only Rs800/-.
This abnormal charge from your service center engineers put question mark on their ethics and in turn on you for keeping them on your roll as it seems they are interested in fleecing the customers rather than giving service at reasonable and genuine pricing.
Shall await your response at the earliest.
Thank you.
Somenath Sarkar

Refrigerator heating problem

Refrigerator start then body part is heat

Refrigerator not cooling

Hi, i was out of town for a month. My refrigerator was switched off. On return I cleaned the refrigerator, dialed the cooling to maximum and turned it on. Lights are on, but it's not cooling. Model: RT24BDWI1/XTL/2011. Location: Guwahati.
Please advise

refrigerator not cooling

Refrigerator not cooling. But lights on.

Samsung Refrigerator not colling

Plz customer care no Ahemdabad chandkheda. 382424

Service centre not responding

Sir ,
My samsung refrrgerator model
RT-28 is giving trouble from last one month.I contacted coustomer care and one Nilesh Enterprises Nagpur sent technician (supposed to have been directed by coustomer care Delhi)to repair the same.They attended after several calls but now again the same problem.The thermostat too was changed.
Last 3 days I have made 15-20 calls but they are not attending.
If this is the attitude of the service centres,who will purchase your products.

Samsung Refrigerator chilling issue

Samsung Refrigerator model number -RA23/2008 .Not chilling as per the retirement. Kindly send the technician for repairing.

Samsung Refrigerator Customer Care Numbers | India Customer Care

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