Samsung AC Customer Helpline Numbers

Company Name: 
Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800 407 267 864
  • 1800 266 8282
  • 1800 3000 8282
  • 1800 5726 7864
All India Number(s): 
  • 30308282 (With City STD Code)

Customer Care Number

  • 1800 3000 8282
  • 18002668282
  • (Prefix Local STD Code) 3030 8282
  • 1800 110011

SMS Service

SMS 'CARE' to 54242

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Samsung Brand new AC Repair - Worst product and Worst Service

I have purchased Samsung 1.5 Ton Inverted AC on 03-April-19. It was working fine for 2.5 months and suddenly its stopped working. I have called customer care and complained about it on 17-Jun-19. There was a service engineer visited and checked the AC. He said the outdoor unit compressor choked and it needs replacement. Since its under warranty they can order but he told me I need to pay Rs. 3600 for service charges. He took Rs. 1000 advance (I have the receipt) and said they have to get the Compressor from Chennai and once they get it they can come back and replace. It came back after a week and another technician came, checked and said there is no problem with compressor, instead the gas was completely leaked and they have to refill it. So he said why simply to replace brand new compressor which came from the original purchase and said he cannot send back the replacement as-is. So he swapped the sticker between compressors (I did not understand this concept but I did not care as all I needed was my AC to work), worked for a day and refilled the gas etc. But still the AC did not work :( He said an expert engineer need to visit since there is a small technical problem somewhere inside the outdoor unit and that is causing to show gas is empty though it was full.. blah blah. Finally he said he will talk to his supervisor and come back with expert engineer.

Meanwhile my complaint was closed stating it's resolved and also no 'expert' engineer visited. When I called the supervisor, he said they cannot keep the complaint for long time and they closed it since the new compressor is replaced. I understand there is an SLA to close a complaint and how can mark it resolve and close when the problem still exists. When I asked the same, he said no need to worry they will come and fix it. 2 more days passed and no one came. So I called customer care and asked about the same. They said they will re-open the case instead they created a new one. I thought its fine as long as the problem is resolved. This time the so called 'expert' engineer came after few days, spent half day and did some stuff (vaccum, gas fill blah blah) but still it did not work. Finally he said, they have to take the AC to service center and do some flushing... So he removed the entire AC unit and kept outside my home (in Balcony) and said their service van will come the same day evening and pick it up. It will be services at their service center and fixed.

Meanwhile a week passed and no service van came and the dismantled AC unit still lying in my balcony. I called customer care few times and they said they will put a reminder. Also I got few calls from customer care about feedback of my complaint and ensure its resolved. I said the same story to everyone and ofcourse they said the same thing to me that they will escalate and resolve it as soon as possible.

I was furious and frustrated and called customer care on 05-Jul-19 to escalate to their supervisor or someone and I got response saying currently the manager is busy and they will schedule a call back within in 2 hours. As usual no call back or no response. And surprise, they created a new complaint. Not sure if they have closed the previous complaint as well.

Overall its brand new and 3 months old AC, there are 3 complaints and it'e been more than 20 days and not resolved. I felt like I was cheated big time by Samsung and also their entire customer service is a big scam to loot people. I don't think Samsung will really read my concern and take any action but I am hoping it helps atleast some people to be cautious before they buy these SAMSUNG WORST PRODUCTS.

Stay faaaaaaar away from Samsung. WORST PRODUCT AND WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE


the company selling defective technology to customer.
company should be stoped all INVERTER AC production

Poor Service complaint not attended till date

Dear Customer Service,
I have sent an email last week regarding very poor service by Selvakumar, Samsung Service Salem. But, till date the complaint has not been acted up on.
I don`t understand why my complaint is being ignored.
I appreciate an immediate action.
If I do not get a reply in the next two days, I have to escalate this complaint to a higher level.

Poor service by Mr. Selvakumar,Salem Samsung service

Dear customers service,
I purchased 3 ACs fromSVRS, Salem on 18 04 18 bill no AA/4426.
Manager of the showroom Mr. Satya was very nice and stated that the installation will be done the next day freely.
On19 April 2 acs were fully installed and the 3rd one no outlet was provided.
He demanded charges for installation when i told him about our discussion about free installation he said the company charges for drilling cement wall and it is free only for brick walls.? When I checked with Amar. selvakumar senior manager customer service he said I have to pay for drilling hence I paid. ( of course the person left lot of dirt) when I told him to clean he said it is not his job.
On 18 August we received a complaint from the flat below stating that water is leaking, when we checked the outlet has fallen
We informed Mr . Selvakumar about this he sent a person on 20 August, the person who came told me that the outlet was not properly fixed hence it is fallen in one ac and I another ac it can not be done.
Last evening Mr. Selva Kumar called me and said he would arrange a plumber to fix the pipe but I will ha e to pay 500 Rs because it is plumbers job and not that of Samsung.
When I asked him why this was not told to me earlier he did n T answer properly.
Now I would like to know:
Is the amount collected is genuine or we are tricked in the sense company sells products stating that installation is free and charges the customer indirectly.
I would appreciate an early action
Gowri nagarajan

Unhappy customer service

Hello everyone today i m going to share my experience about samsung company .. 3 months earlier i hve bought my ac of samsung. .it was installed but iT was not doing cooling properly .. then after so many calls to the customer care the person came to visit ..bit he checked and told nothing is wrong with it and we also thought that it may be summers are peak it was not cooling but time gone we are getting no cooling and despite of that our electricity bill is hike so mch just because to our new ac ...but after 3 months later when we checked it then we got to know that inside there are three cardboards was there in three of the side due to which air was not coming ..then after removing that cardboard is giving cooling now so i just want to ask that when the installation happen then the man has not removed that cardboard ... So this is the service you are providing to the customers ..and after so many times of calling to the customer care the man visited and he doesn't checked it properly .. so who is responsible for the problem we have faced ..we bought ac just to beat the haet of summers ..but it was totally waste as in summer we doesnt get cooling just bcoz of this stupidity of installation guy ..and the customer care people.

ac cooling problem

Sir, yours is the most pathetic service providing company to its customers. I booked my complaint on 15th august but till 18th august no one contacted me. I would request all my fellow indian to not to buy samsung products. particularly. Pankaj Electronics, yousuf sarai. who misleads its customer to go for samsung. a totaly irresponsible bad company


Cooling problem

AC installation complained

Sir, new air conditioner has not installed .outdoor release the gas. Pl .return the outdoor and give me new outdoor and then it may be installed.

Floor standing ac not working since date of purchase

Sir i am fed up witj your samsung floor standing ac.i am not satisfied by your product .it is failure product in market.i have 160000 rupee for this ac but i am fully disapointed.please replace my ac.

no response from any toll free number

I am trying all your toll-free nos since yesterday, but not able to contact.
Sometimes it is invalid no, sometimes no response.

do not manufacture the ac

please samsung.stop making us fool.your air conditionar is such kabad.this brand is cheater brand.waste of my money to purchase is cheater and cheap brand ac.

AC water is inside league

Dear sir,
we are perched 1.5 T one year over but i was complaint to so many times dealer but they not responsible .

Airconditioner repair


This afternoon, my ac compressor located on the exterior of my 11th floor apartment needed charging. I was very surprised (and shocked, to say the least) to see the mechanic carry out this work without any safety gear like a harness protection. This is extremely hazardous and can lead to fatal accidents working from such a height. Perhaps, you could look into the possibility of adding extra fittings to the compressor platform for fitting safety harness hook attachments.



Dear sir
I purchased samsung AC IN THE YEAR 2009 , After running 1-2 years in well conditioned it started giving problem , every year gas was been leaked , I sent it to samsung service center several time , every time gas was filled and returned , in the year 2016 service center told this is a problem of one default knob and they rectified it , After the summer arrived when in 2017 I started the AC but that time it did not start , after checking again by service center I was told that the compressor now has been out of order , and by now the warranty of the compressor is over so I have to purchase it .

no response from customer-care nos

I am trying all your toll-free nos since yesterday, but not able to contact.
Sometimes it is invalid no, sometimes no response.
I am really at a loss what to do.
The local dealer here (Bhilai, C.G.), Shyam Enterprise is also not helping.

May pl respond asap - it's an sos.

Re locating my split a/c

I want to shift my a/c in a different room same house need assistance pls call back

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