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  • 080-67350900(Registered Office Number)
  • 080-67350904(Registered Office Number)
  • 9538043753(Helpline Number)


security [at] olacabs [dot] com

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Ola Offices in India

Head Office

4th Floor, Torrey Pines,
Embassy Golf Links Business Park,
Challaghatta, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560071

Registered Office

ANI Technologies Private Limited
Regent Insignia,
#414, 3rd Floor, 4th Block,
17th Main, 100 Feet Road 
Koramangala, Bengaluru, 560034

Phone Number :  080-6735 0900
Fax Number :080-6735 0904

Bengaluru Office

ANI Technologies Private Limited 
Maruthi Infotech Center,
A Block - 5th floor
Bengaluru, 560071

Phone Number :  080-46655 300

Bengaluru Other Office

ANI Technologies Private Limited 
Torrey Pines,
Embassy Golf Links Business Park,
Bengaluru, 560071

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Cannot update password


I have changed my phone and reinstalled all apps. I was successful in doing so for all my apps except you...the great OLA!

1. I forgot my password and since an hour I have been trying to create a new one. But your website is the shittiest that I have ever seen. On the app, I am supposed to receive an IVR call for verification, which I guess I will not receive in this lifetime.
2. The customer care number .......900 which you have flaunted on Google goes unanswered.
3. The support section mentions some links like "forgot your password" on the screen...which is not visible to the human eye.
4. Today is my last date for payment of Postpaid amount, and I am trying to look for a tab on your shitty website to pay the same...but of course! it is not visible to the human eye.
5. My emails to your olasupport or whatever is not replied to.

Pranita Gurung

KYC update awaited for last three days

I have completed my KYC on 30/05/19, which was to be approved within 24 hours. It has already been more than 72hours. Approval is still awaited.

Because of this delay, I am unable to add money to my ola wallet.


Driver refused

I booked ola yesterday around 10:46 am after some time I called driver he said he is coming in 10 mins but after 10 minutes I called him again he is still at the Ludhiana railway station he is not coming he said he didn’t see the confirmation and he said you cancel the ride most of the time the ask the customer to cancel the ride but they refused to come it is not customer mistake then pls charge the cancellation fee from the customer

Same incidences

Same incidences happen with mi on 09/07/2019 5pm driver come near my location & when I called her hi aske wher is drop after confirm drop location driver cut my call and switch off mobile phone,go away from my location,if driver refused to pick cansle ride then why Ola charge 50rs in my account.i msg on support system but no any one reply mi very bad service from Ola driver & support system

Incorrect balance amount in Ola Money.

After completing the last trip the balance in my Ola money account was Rs 740/-.
Now it shows zero balance and indicating insufficient money.

Moreover history of previous trips are also not being shown.

Kindly check and do the needful.

Incorrect balance amount in Ola Money.

After completing the last trip the balance in my Ola money account was Rs 740/-.
Now it shows zero balance and indicating insufficient money.

Moreover history of previous trips are also not being shown.

Kindly check and do the needful.

Bad experience

My name a.ramanarsaiah,took your ola car drive on rental service from Dammaiguda to rajeev gandhi international airport on 11/03/2019 at 8a.m wherein while I was booking for my ride amount shown as Rs 732 where as after reaching massage given as RS 872 ,as per this message driver took the amount.

My concern is amount should not vary from booking amount to actual amount after I reached to airport what they demanding.because sometime we can not plan sufficient amount what you charge after service.


Ola driver wrong veheviyar

कल रात को मैंने एक ओला की थी जो किसी वर्मा के नाम पर थी 11:29 ड्राइवर आया और उसने बताया हुए स्थान पर जाने से मना करा मुझे अशोकनगर त्यागी दिल्ली से प्रेम बिहार शिव विहार जाना था उसने कहा मैं वहां नहीं जाऊंगा टाइम बहुत हो गया आप मेरे पीने का टाइम है और उसने लोकेशन पर गाड़ी ला कर घुमाई मैंने का तो फिर भाई देर ज्यादा हो रही है बच्चे साथ में है आप कैंसिल कर दो तो उसने कहा कि ठीक है मैं कैंसिल कर दूंगा फिर उसने मेरा फोन नहीं उठाया कुछ देर बाद फिर मैन दूसरी जब ओला बुक करनी चाही तो मुझे पता चला कि ₹50 एक्स्ट्रा लग रहे हैं मैंने फिर ड्राइवर को फोन करो कि भाई तुमने कैंसिल क्यों नहीं गई तो उसने मेरा काफी देर तक फोन नहीं उठाया आप मेरे ₹50 वापस करें और उसके खिलाफ एक्शन ले जाएगा ओला कंपनी ड्राइवर को रखती है चोर ड्राइवर ड्राईवर को रखती है

Driver misbehave

Totally misbehave by Ola driver, I book a Ola he has not come my location and he call me own their location after boarding he refuse to go my destination and told me cancelled the ride I told to driver why I should cancelled you should cancel, after that driver has cancelled my ride and cancellation charged to customers is it good.take necessary action such type of driver otherwise like this drivers sold Ola name. This is horrible situation for me. This type of situation thought me never use Ola.

Issue about ola service.

I book ola on 11 Dec 2018.from bhullanpur to Varanasi station. I talk to ola cab driver but after some time drive cancelled booking.then I pick up auto rickshawa then rich to destination and pick up train in last movement.bad service by ola.very bad.same on mr.ola Aggrawal.

My encounter with your Super sharp and ruthless cab drivers

Today on 17/10/18 at 11:22 pm it started with booking a premium Sadan for my residence , some 8 km away from New Delhi railway station.i could get a ride after cancelling five rides as each cab driver asked same question that where shall I go and after they learnt the fare was a paltry 130/- they decided instantly not to go and started giving excuses like gas khatam hai , Abhi main pessanger chhodne jaa raha hun , 20 min lagenge etc etc. Pl see to it


Ola cabs driver already receive payment through phone pay but driver again payment received cash mean 1 ride double payment. Drive name is ketanbhai micro rides vehicle no is Gj 01FT1437. Please reply and my payment back.

Service related issue

Today I booked Ola can from Varanasi airport to destination (approx 39 km). The car got punchered after 5-6 km from airport. . I was left isolated place with family. After half an hour I got one auto and managed to get to my destination somehow. But to my surprise I was charged full for only 20% of distance. It got deducted from my Ola money balance.The vehicle was in
an extremely poor condition. Request Ola to please look into the matter.

Driver behaviour

The driver of the cab I booked confirmed me of the ride, and after a good 25 minutes he cancelled the ride. Thereafter he didnt respond to repeated calls made to him. If this attitude is there I regret I have strong memory.

Hope you get the point and would do the needful.

Ola app issue

Hello sir/mam

I am ola parter and also using ola cabs for my personal use.I have my personal phone and ola device .some problem in my ola device.so i choose my personal phone has a device. I downloaded the ola parter app in my personal mobile .After that I change my mind and in uninstall the app in personal mobile .After that I downloaded the ola book app their will be some error.the app shows your device will not available for this app.

So tell me proper solution for this.

Thank you

Can't understand why you blocked my account??

It's really surprising that my account is blocked!! I tried your app after a gap of almost month and found that it's blocked

Can you please inform me the reason??


My auto rickshaw add with ola

My auto rickshaw add with ola

Ola cab not available this area

Pls..sir my area pin code is 123106
Pls available this area oq cab

Too much of Fare collected than it shown at the time of bookin

It is not fair cheating people using ola app. Amount shown at time of booking is low. But the final amount is too much high. Is it the way to cheat people and to make money...your customer care no is always in busy mode. .or it is set as busy...don't cheat poor people.

charger double.. and did shown the amount before ride

Hello ola...
I am very dissapointed with u guys... First... I booked a sharing cab... Your driver went away infront of me... And cancelled the booking and i again booked a sharing cab.. After 10 min he also cancelled... U waste my much time... After at last i booked a auto... But you ola did not shown the amount before ride... And accoding to me you chared me double... I am not saying that in this matter auto driver's fault... It is ola's fault... And u did not mail me any bill... Plz provide me all bills on my mail id... Asap...

did not recieve any bill on my mail id

Plz provide me all my bills... To my mail id... akshaypanwar2408 [at] gmail [dot] com ...
And u did not shown amount of my last auto ride... I am very upset with u guys... U chared double... And also ur sharing cabs cancelled my booking... Which is not gud... Either one of the dirver has shown me... But he did not stoper

Refund Amount

Dear Team,

This is to inform you that I am giving the request to my deposited amount refund but still I am not received and it is more than 45days I am giving the request ,
I request to you Please do the needful,

Kaushik Padiyar

Ola joining issue

Hello sir/Medan

I want join in ola cab
I have indigo car. I am second owner of this car
But last owner is already join the ola cab with this car and his outstanding amount is negative...

My car number is GJ01DU9365

Its fault is last owner and between the ola company.

So please supply me for the joining ola cab...


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