Kotak Mahindra Bank Toll Free Numbers

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800 102 6022 (From India)
  • 1855 365 6767 (From USA)
  • 001180044990000 (From Australia)
  • 00180044990000 (From Hongkong)
  • 0080044990000 (From U.K. )
  • 18557684020 (From Canada)
  • 8001013054 (From Singapore)
All India Number(s): 
  • +91 022 6600 6022 (From Abroad)

E-Mail :

service [dot] bank [at] kotak [dot] com (Customer Service Centre)
itsecurity [dot] bank [at] kotak [dot] com (For Reporting any Security related issues, frauds or Vulnerabilities)

SMS Service :

1. Banking Accounts

Balance Inquiry : K BAL B

Last 3 Transactions : K TXN

Last 3 Month Statement on email : K STMT B

Statement on email for a particular month in the current financial year : K STMT B E

Statement on email for any particular period : K STMT B F G

Cheque Status Inquiry : K CHQSTATUS B C

New Cheque Book Request : K CHQBOOK B

2. Interbank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS)

Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) Generation / Retrieval : K MMID B

MMID Cancellation for an account : K MMIDREVOKE M

MMID Cancellation for all accounts : K MMIDCANCEL


3. Pin Regeneration

Net Banking : K NETPIN A

Phone Banking : K PHONEPIN A

Debit Card : K DEBITPIN D

4. Debit Cards

Activation of Debit Card for use at Merchant Establishments : K POSACT D

5. Locator

Know the nearest ATM : K ATM Z

Know the nearest Branch : K BRANCH Z

6. Demat Accounts

Know Your Account No. : K DPACCT A

Holding Value : K DPBAL Y

7. Investment Accounts

Know Your Account No. : K MFACCT A

Holding Value : K MFBAL X

  • A - Last 4 digits of Customer Relationship Number
  • B - Last 4 digits of Account Number
  • C - Complete Cheque Number
  • D - Last 4 digits of Debit Card Number
  • E - First 3 letters of the month
  • F - Start period. First 3 letters of the month followed by last 2 digits of the year (e.g.: For September 2007 please mention as SEP07)
  • G - End Period. First 3 letters of the month followed by last 2 digits of the year (e.g.: For February 2008 please mention as FEB08)
  • M - 7 digit MMID of your account
  • X - Last 4 digits of Investment Account
  • Y - Last 4 digits of Demat Account
  • Z - 6 digit Postal Pin code

Registered Office Address :

Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd
36-38A, Nariman Bhavan
227 Nariman Point
Mumbai - 400 021


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