Maharashtra State Government Contact Details

All India Number(s): 
  • 022-22025222 (General Informational)
  • 022-22024950 (Public Works)
  • 022-22024850 (Lobur)


Name Phone (Office) Phone (Residence) Portfolio
Shri Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray, Chief Minister 022-22025222, 22025151, 22029214 022-23634950, 23630408, 23621313 General Administration, Information Technology, Information and Public Relations, Law and Judiciary and Departments or subjects not specifically allotted to any other Minister
Shri Ajit Anantrao Pawar, Deputy Chief Minister 022-22020263, 22025014, 22022401 022-23631606, 23634877 Finance, Planning
Shri Subhash Rajaram Desai 022-22025250, 22025362 022-23645555, 23677000 Industries,Mining, Marathi Language
Shri Ashok Shankarrao Chavan 022-22024950, 22025360,22028096 022-23616699, 23626699 Public Works (Excluding Public Undertakings)
Shri Chhagan Chandrakant Bhujbal 022-22024592, 22025308 022-23620770, 23620771 Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection.
Shri Dilip Dattatray Walse-Patil 022-22024850, 22025247 022-23610925, 23610976 Labour, State Excise
Shri Jayant Rajaram Patil 022-22024832, 22026658 022-23633676, 23637075 Water Resources and Command Area Development
Shri Anil Vasantrao Deshmukh 022-22843628, 22843664 022-23697278, 23633659 Home
Shri Vijay alias Balasaheb Bhausaheb Thorat 022-22029742, 22026660 022-23515889, 23524664 Revenue
Dr. Rajendra Bhaskarrao Shingane 022-22817040, 22817074 022-23646612, 23646613 Food and Drug Administration
Shri Rajesh Ankushrao Tope 022-22025051, 22023858,22023450 022-23634669, 23630096 Public Health and Family Welfare
Shri Nawab Mohammed Islam Malik 022-22842559, 22842440 022-23613594, 23611589 Minority Development and Aukaf, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
Shri Hasan Miyalal Mushrif 022-22885104, 22042810 022-22882902, 22882190 Rural Development
Dr. Nitin Kashinath Raut 022-22843657, 22843647 022-23618686, 23618585 Energy
Smt. Varsha Eknath Gaikwad 022-22842720, 22842791 022-22020450, 22020445 School Education
Dr. Jitendra Satish Awhad 022-22025300, 22024688 022-22020097, 22880083 Housing
Shri Eknath Sambhaji Shinde 022-22025398, 22024751 022-23630609, 23630286 Urban Development, Public Works (Public Undertakings)
Shri Sunil Chhatrapal Kedar 022-22831983, 22025313 022-22020435, 22020436 Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development, Sports and Youth Welfare
Shri Vijay Namdevrao Wadettiwar 022-22023059, 22022924 022-22020092, 22020615 Other Backward Classes, Social and Educational Backward Classes, Vimukta Jatis, Nomadic Tribes and Special Backward Classes Welfare, Khar Lands Development, Earthquake Rehabilitation
Shri Amit Vilasrao Deshmukh 022-22024700, 22025736 022-22023478, 22023479 Medical Education, Cultural Affairs
Shri Uday Ravindra Samant 022-22023992, 22022100 022-22025311, 22024570 Higher and Technical Education
Shri Dadaji Dagdu Bhuse 022-22843246, 22843264 022-22046629, 22023294 Agriculture, Ex. Servicemen Welfare
Shri Sanjay Dulichand Rathod 022-22886188, 22886093 022-22817064, 22817078 Forest, Disaster Management , Relief and Rehabilitation
Shri Gulabrao Raghunath Patil 022-22025225, 22025241 022-22022540, 22046114 Water Supply and Sanitation
Adv. K. C. Padvi 022-22843665, 22023165 022-22829535, 22022219 Tribal Development
Shri Sandipanrao Aasaram Bhumre 022-22025251, 22028660 022-22873572, 22871970 Employment Guarantee, Horticulture
Shri Shamrao alias Balasaheb Pandurang Patil 022-22886090, 22843741 022-22828214, 22854631 Co-operation, Marketing
Adv. Anil Dattatray Parab 022-22871440, 22875441 022-22023475, 22023476 Transport, Parliamentary Affairs
Shri Aslam Ramzan Ali Shaikh 022-22025270, 22026582 Textiles, Fisheries, Ports
Adv. Yashomati Chandrakant Thakur (Sonawane) 022-22875930, 22876342 022-22886294, 22886096 Women and Child Development
Shri Shankarrao Yashvantrao Gadakh 022-22843718, 22843623 022-22020249, 22020239 Soil and Water Conservation
Shri Dhananjay Panditrao Munde 022-22886025, 22886293 022-22046632, 22047312 Social Justice and Special Assistance
Shri Aaditya Uddhav Thackeray 022-22025200, 22024987 022-22023203, 22023204 Tourism,Environment,Protocol


Stop Politics of OBC Resavation

Chief Minster of Maharashtra

Honnrrble Chief Minster

This is to inform you that The Politics of OBC Resavation to be stopped in the state and summit Imparcal data to Honnrrble Suprime Court till next Week.
We will not tolerate the miss governance in this issue .

Best Wishes
Narndra Modi
(Prime Minster of India)

Forest land encroachments and plots. Sold.

Respected hon'ble chief minister of Maharashtra.

We,have noticed forest land being plotted
Contructed and land being sold inspite of us giving information of the above matter to forest official, but because of political and failure by local administrations to act on these accused, matter are silently going on and matter is internally being suppressed.
In Titwala- revti pada, survey no-56,
Taluka - kalyan.
Hope to see immediate action on these officials, who have hidden this serious matter of encroachment.
With Regards

Citizen to protect forest.
Mr Andrew Jennings. Activist
Thane, (email- jenningsandrew10 [at] gmail [dot] com

Ring road plan me ghar toot rha hai

Sir Ji
Main MANDA TITWALA Distic thane me rhta hu
Mere area se ring road nikal rha hai Jis me hmari basti ja rhi hai
Hum logo ne Yeh ghar Yha ke biulder se liye hai
Hme road plan ka malum nhi tha
Humne Es ghar ka kdmc ko tax pay kiya hai
Ab kbmc Es jgah ka mubadla jgah Malik ko de rhi hai
Hmari Aap se request hai kdmc agar hmara ghar toode to humko badle me ghar de
Aap ki Bht kirpa hogi

Need Job

Dear Sir ji

I need Job please help me

I am working with tours and travels company now please
Help me I am 49 years old.
I work any ware in Mumbai.
I stay in Borivali West Mumbai.

For job

Any job for me

Corruption based project as to end this from nation wholly

I wanna request to Maharashtra government that I have an excellent project which is based on complete end of corruption from India whereas it has been dream to end corruption because of which whole nation is in problem but after very hard mindset and work I have made very effective and useful proper solution of corruption with gurenty after bringing it in implimentaion India will be above 90‰ corruption free that is why I request from Maharashtra government to give a chance so that I can light this project to nation sir truelly I can say with full heart it is very difficult to make as I made in the world because I took around 1 year to make this and I know because of political profit and mindset center government will not allow to implement such solution whether it is a complete relief of nation toward wrong fact of corruption really Sir central government can denie becoaue they think that they may have disadvantage because it and their wrong mindset, politics, policy, and many ways by which they have huge profit all think will be under surveillance that is why but Sir I tell you this project has been made by thinking and using smart mind and all future facter and negative and positive mindset even we have carefully made this it will play very amazing and phinominal role in India and will be very unexpected I am gurenty whole India will be corruption free if you will help me so I will show my whole project and tell how it will be implemented because people of nation want such solution and I thing some political party can have advantage with and some can have disadvantage even I tell you on base of its information that we have a solution of corruption if a simple person can go ahead for election so I am damn sure whole people of India due to happy ness they will ellect the same person as pm of India because of its relief so try to understand I want help from you that please give me a chance to show you my whole project which will remove corruption from all corner of our country really or you can help me by other way I am waiting sir for your response because now I am not desirous to give it to central government becosue they will not let this project be implemented because of personal loss what they have in their mindset but demand from you ANUP Mishra from MP even I am fan of balasahab thakre

Not able to get my refund from goibibo

Respected sir , we were going to go to Canada in April 2020 and we booked our tickets through goibibo of British airways .our airways cancelled our flight due to corona virus and given to understand that whole money would be refunded . Calling the customer care of goibibo where they stated that they have received the money from British airways and they will transfer it to us.I have not received my money it’s 3 months now I am able to get through any people from goibibo I have tried sending them mails but all are blocked .dont know what to do .please help sir

sellary probelum sir ji

Sir ji Mai Mumbai turbhe gav me rahta tha our duty Mai cufpared me lnt kompny me dusare contecter company me Norman virdhi infra llp me karta tha our Mai 28 may KO apne ghar chala gya to company sellary dene se mna kar rahi hai sir ji helf kijiye sir ji