Eureka Forbes Customer Care Numbers 1860 266 1177

All India Number(s): 
  • 1860 266 1177(Helpline )
  • 3988 3333 (With City STD Code)
  • 1860 200 3434 (Enquiry about vendor)


  • onlineshopping [at] eurekaforbes [dot] com (Online sales)
  • deepa [dot] customercare [at] eurekaforbes [dot] com (Service)
  • shopping [at] eurekaforbes [dot] com

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Dail 1860 266 1177

  1. For Water Purifiers
  2. For Vacuum Cleaners
  3. For Air Purifiers
  4. For Home Security
  5. For Water Softener

SMS Service

Send REQ as an SMS to 8082299333 (For Maintenance and Service)

Corporate Office

Corporate Office B1/B2, 701,
7th Floor, Marathon Innova Marathon NextGen,
Off Ganpatrao Kadam Marg Lower
Parel, Mumbai - 400 013, India.
Tel No.: 02248821700, 62601888

Timing :(Monday -Friday 9:30 am to 5:30 pm)

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Overall service is very poor

I was complained so many times in past for so many problem. Another problem is arised in lockdown period. I was purchased a product in EMI basis by PDC cheque dated on 15 th of every month. They were not deposited the cheque between 15th to 25th for this month. Then I was informed to sales executive and told him for inform me before deposite the cheque between lockdown period. But the amount was debited in my account today without any intimation. Now I am calling to executive but he is not picking my phone.

No Flow Water

After 1/2 year service, water flow is very poor, three times tried to rectify the complaint. So without delay solve the problem. I have three year warranty.

No process in complain

In above comments they all saying absolutely right the company is fraud and very bad service i complain 2 months ago but there is process zero call many times but there was no response very bad company and fraud company


I am trying almost last 15 days for servicing my aquaguard. I called to customercare many times they assured me to send worker but no one came.Even they didn't come to fit it when i purchased.

Not working my Eureka RO.

Eureka RO filters not working propriy

machine not function

i have purchased amc for dr. Aquaguard classic on 1 year amc.
But inspite of followups since 4 days, no 1 attended it. I have paid 2140 /- for amc. They are not given proper response.

for not work water

Dear sir ,

for time 10 days i am not able to get any


I have already complaint about the service given ,during sercice he cut the wire without telling us,and said problem is only uv lamp than why they cut the wire .Again third time problem is there noise is coming,so is there peremenant solution ,for the same or else there is another way out.I hv already ask to replace the machine.

Very bad service

Our water purifier purchased within a year had a service problem
It has been 45 days
No one answers the toll free calls
Representatives attend the calls and goes missing for 45 days
What a reputed company maintains such type of toll free and service
We have literally waited for 45 days to get the part placed in the peak of summer
This is too much

Ban Eureka Forbes

Eureka Forbes is FRAUD!! Thousands of ppl have registered case in Consumer Court due to pathetic service and because they were looted by this Unethical pervert scammers...I support ban to there products#BanEurekaForbes

poor service in warrenty period

We have registered complient 3 times no response from the team Ian really disappointed with ur service persons are not working perfectly and ur complient rectification are bad .service request no. is Iam waiting For last 3days

Eureka Forbes — worst service and customer care by eureka forbes

You are waiting for last three days, aand I am waiting for months.
The customer care department is very much worse than any other. The service persons don’t respond even after repeated calls, even after 20 days, they didn’t respond. This is the third time I am facing for last two-three months for my water purifies which is just 3 months olf. And the customer care people gives false promises, and well written repeated sentences. Even, Ms Deepa, from customer care also responds through auto reply (as we get the same reply with same sentences everytime, which means without reading the complaint just giving the automated reply).
The escalation page is another false thing in their website, to make the customers fool. Everytime to log a escalation, it asks for the ticket no. of the registered complaint, and when it was entered, it says, ticket doesn’t exist, even thourh it is new. So you cannot escalate any of your complaint, just listening to the nonsense talk by the customer care people only. And no email ids are available for the escalation persons.
Overall, I recommend, everybody not to got for Eureka Forbes at all, as it is one and only the worst company having no servicing. Their, service center in Chennai is completely nonsense, having untrained professional, without having any knowledge of opening the systems also. In front of you they will call to their service center and asks how to open. That is the kind of service team they have.

Fake service

I am really disappointed with your sales and service, it is my humble request to all the directors of eureka forbes company to contact me, this is really shame that you are loosing the 12 year old customer who has purchased more then 10 product. Sales person are really frod and your complaint rectification are bed... overall your employee makes my mind to say goodbye to eureka forbes from my life, in future i will never bye any eureka forbes item..

You are absolutely right they

You are absolutely right they are FRAUDS!! Pathetically unethical...No service at all...It's like piles pain...Pain in the ass! They loot when it comes to calling then for service

Vaccum clear i clean modal

Before 1 yr i puchased i clean vaccum cleaner.i have some problem in this product but any custumer care or any other sources i became fadup your very poor communication service . Any satisfied answer was not given by yr company. My experience with yr company became very bogus .

Installation of aqua Sure

This is to inform you that I had purchased Maxima UV water purifier on 04 September 2018 which was installed on 7th September by your technician. At the time of installation your technician insisted that a PRV for Rs.1200/- had to be installed inspite the fact that we had shown him the pressure regulator which is installed by the builder in our flat. On further enquire with the facility center of our building and with your sales office it has come to our notice that the same (PRV) was not required.
The same was informed to your customer care when I received the call on 11th September 2018 regarding as to why I had rated the service low. I had briefed him about the same and subsequently he had promised to remove the PRV and refund the amount.
Till date I haven’t received any feedback nor refund. It is very socking that a reputed company like EUREKA FORBES cheat their loyal customer. We faced no issues with the vaccum cleaner and water purifier purchased previously for our old house and the service too was remarkable and hence without a second thought we had purchased the Aqua Sure. But we are really disappointed with your installation this time.
I kindly request you to once again look into this matter and do the needful.
Hoping for a favourable reply.

Aqua sure water fliter faulty installation

I have been using aquasure filter since seven yrs and machine is in AMC.
Recently transferred to Panchkula sec 8
Called for reintallation . It worked for few hour after thatwater stopped automatically. I am tried so many time but my complaints has not been address since 72 hr. Life has become helll without drinking water.

Another surprise was that during my AMC renwal dt 29 -05 -18
My filter was replaced with old filter whose date had been 02/17.
Since my machine was handled by one person since 04 yr by MR Rafique at bangalore , i trusted him blindly and did not check the date on filter. This was pointed out by the service personnel at panchkula.

Truely speaking i did not anticipate this kind of response from your company as i have long association

Service very bad

We have registered complaint 3 times but there is no response from the team
We have not still received the dust bag with the vaccum cleaner and we had a service done but still the dust bag for the vaccum cleaner was not given.

Not replacing the spares within warranty for Eureka Forbes vacci

I have registered a complaint saying that less than 10 months knob broken and registered a complaint to replace it .They promised within 2 Days someone wIll visit my office and rectify. After two long weeks a person came to my office on the day of Eid and he told without the bill he cannot do a free service.I have spoken to many people and they ptomieed they will send another technician and it is more than 3 months they didn’t replace it.I am planning to fake this case to consumer court. Can anybody suggest.Eirek Forbes wet and Dry vacc cleaner don’t Purchase S they are not at all bothered to their warranty what they have promised.if anyone has suggestion please send your suggestions to ktrahman [at] rediffmail [dot] com to proceed a consumer case.


On May 6 of this year classic model of aqua gaurd was done at Udaipur which was not satisfactory as problem of beep beep for which servicing was done and same was again cropped up after a month period which is beyond expection.Pl. appoint someone to resolve the same.

vaccum is not good

kindly coordinate to send service man to repair

for service in warrenty period

Complained more than 5 times in a month but no service till now. I don't no what to do

Service request not attended

My service request no given but not attended

Spares not available easily

I have purchased euroclean star in 2013 with in some time the dust collection bag got damaged since then the cleaner is of no use, suggest me some address so that I can purchase the bag in Bangalore.

Bad Service and No Guarantee/ warranty card with product

I have purchased Euroclean Srorm on 21-07-14. Your rep has not given me Guarantee/ warranty card,
Only hand written on user manual.
I want to know whether this is a usual practice or something fishy.
Kindely give me these information by return enabling me to start using the poduct.
I also have Euroclean Wet and Dry Vacuum cleaner. Fire Guard and Nova Water purifier.
Your service is very bad no body contact after sale of product and your reps. Give wrong information/promise to sell the product
I have purchased all the products from Goa.
Expect your reply by return

very very bad service

We have a Eureka Forbes Green RO model which is order to 30th June 2014. We have a complaint on their service helpline number No.39883333 on 14th July and the complaint was registered no.89951384 . We have been calls to the customer service number after 4/5 days and we are promised that a technician would attend to the problem in the next 2 hours!!!! (yet to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!) so know i want cancel my order.

We are disgusted with the Eureka Forbes. I am not recommend any one.

Claim for higher charges for all surface cleaner brush

Dear Sir/Madam
I am proud owner of Eureka Fobes Vacuum cleaner.Purchased a long -long back.Still working fine except for the all surface cleaner brush which lost its hair significantly. Recently on 06.03.2013 purchase one such brush from DUBEY ASSOCIATES,Sec No.1,Navjeevan Vihar,Vindhyanagr,Singrauli(MP),486885.,Ref Bill No. 555 Dated 06.03.2013.The price charged is Rs.450.00.The item was procured direct from the shop,no home delivery.The same party last year on DIWALI sold me one inline Water purification system .So the customer is not new and my house NH-1,D-23 is just at walking distance. The Brand Image of the company in the mind of customer is very good but may change if spare part are not priced and delivered at reasonable rate.May please look into the price of spare part.If it is too steep,then I thinks customer like me will search for other brand.
Thanking You

non attendance of service

i have been complaining regarding the service of my r o for last 20 days on mob nos. 9792319591, 9984454560, 9455561922, 9415376968 in azamgarh, but to no avail.
such poor service i have not seen ever.

Disgusting service by Eureka Forbes

We have a Eureka Forbes Classic Aquaguard model which is out of order since 3rd June 2012. We have lodged a complaint on their service helpline number No.39883333 on 4th June and the complaint was registered vide ticket no.0066974335 on 4th June. We have been making several follow up calls to the customer service number every day and we are promised that a technician would attend to the problem in the next hour!!!! (yet to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!)

We are totally disgusted with the casual approach shown to customer complaint redressal by a market leader like Eureka Forbes. I would definitely not recommend them to any one else for their lousy service.

I am unable to get through to any of their higher ups in their web site. Hence please take it up at the appropriate forum.


Not attending complaint

This is regarding complaint no.65517102 dated 8.2.12, 13.2.12, 16.2.12, 22.2.12. Nobody is attending complaint. What is the use of purchaing the machine if they are not giving any service. One mechanic Sitesh told us in November 2011 that they want extra money.


failure of giving service

i have the annual servicing contract of my purifier from 07-08-2009 to 06-08-2012. the service people has done servicing for only one year. for the year 2011 no body turned up or even bothered to inform that we are not able to do the service. what a rediculus sevice they are providing.i have lost my money also.