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  • dominos [dot] franchise [at] jublfood [dot] com (For Frachise)

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Domino's Pizza India
1 Ghaziabad 0120-4396900
Fax: 0120-4396946
AF 1-3, AF 46, 47, Aditya City Center Mall,
Plot No. C/GH - 3, Vaibhav Khand, Indirapuram,
Ghaziabad - 201014 (Uttar Pradesh).
2 Kolkata  033-40690126
Fax: 033-25775939
P 10 A, 114B, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Beside South
City Mall, Kolkata 700068
3 Mumbai 022-42611510, 022-42611511, 022-42611512 Office No. 101 & 102, Ground Floor.,Timmy Arcade,
Makwana Road, Marol Naka, Andheri (E),
Mumbai - 400059.
4 Bangalore 080-25720347, 080-25720348, 080-25720349 #1573,1st Floor, Sector 1 (AGARA), HSR Layout,
Bangalore, Karnataka - 560102


  • You will receive a refund back in your account within 7-10 working days.

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Jubilant Foodworks Limited
B 214, Phase II, Noida - 201 305
Ph: 0120-4090500
Fax :0120-4090599

Domino's Contact Address

Domino''s Pizza India,
Tower-D, Plot No. 5,
5th Floor, Logix Techno Park,
Sector 127, Noida - 201304, U.P.
Email: corporate [dot] sales [at] jublfood [dot] com

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Please start accepting my location to deliver pizza

Look domino's, there are 2 branches around like 2-3 km away each, AND NONE OF THEM DELIVER AT MY HOUSE, it says that my location is too far away and tells me to check on other branches but none of them work, if you please, then help me

Delivery Issue

Why don't you deliver at our location, vasavi nagar ramanthapur hyderabad?

Why don't you open a new store near our location?

Domnino pizza store located near malakpet, amberpet and ramanthapur, but none of the stores deliver pizzas to my home location

Horrible experience with

Horrible experience with Domino's, have ordered pizza yesterday and it is next day afternoon and I didn't get my order yet. They simply violates and do fraudulent practice.

About Your Service

Hello Sir / Madam,

We are old customers of Dominos. My little girl loves Dominos

We went to your new branch ( GVC8+MXP, Somwar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411011 ).

But there was a Very bad experience. There orders are not taken quickly , No QR code for billing on personal number

payment will be made, They do not accept debit or credit card payments, swipe machine they say it is not working.

And worst of all, we have 4 and There were 4 small children. We ordered and there was no ketchup.

If we ask the staff there, they say ketchup We do not give. If you ask the manager there, it is the same

Spoke He later said that ketchup pouches were not available.

Your company has a very big name we did not expect such an answer After this experience my little girl said that

the Dominos don't want to go any further.

From now on we will not go to dominos but you will provide good services to your customers

Vishal Angre


I've been into many places before in Domino's,but in Silchar,, Domino's staffs doesn't know how to deliver a product perfectly. Ordered 2 3 times..same issue no carrybag during COVID..drinks are warm,,foods are chilli flakes sometimes no origano..i think sikchar Domino staffs think people in this district are illiterate and doesn't know about these products..thats why they deliver products on there own..IT IS SERIOUS ISSUE..AND NEED TO BE RESOLVED FOR ONLINE DELIVERY..Mr. Sathoi Singha and Mr. Vikram doesn't give there staffs proper training for this kinda things..staff Human Factor training shall be provided if they're unaware of such behaviour.

Please do not order from Domino's India app

Domino's is the worst when it comes to customer service

My experience with Dominos is very bad. I placed an order for pizza and sides from their app in Bangalore, to be delivered after 3 hours. I was told to make the payment before the order was confirmed. To my surprise, the order was not accepted till the time of delivery and there was no contact available to reach out. I called nearest outlets but was informed that no such order was received! I called their customer care and found that the number does not exist. After great difficulties, I could raise a ticket which said the amount I paid would be refunded. It's been more than a week and I have not received any information from them. After googling hard for their contact number, I stumbled on many consumer forums where many customers like me from India have been cheated by Domino's. They too had their Order's cancelled and did not receive their refund.

Given that Domino's is such a big brand, such kind of behavior is shocking and totally unacceptable. I have been cheated, scammed by Domino's and I feel I will never be getting my money back. Totally disappointed with Domino's Bangalore.

refund money

i order pizza on 10th may 2021 money deducted from my account but ordered not placed. dominos member told me that your money refund within 7-8 working days today 29th may 2021 but still not refund i rase this issue many times but no any respond back from dominos this make me very frustratred.

Payment issue

these is zaid Shaikh on today afternoon I make order of pizaa from Domino's but bymistake 2 time payment was done and showing successful when I contacted with Domino's manager said on my system it show one time payment was done so plz check it from whom payment was gone see the ss below or Google pay and transaction I'd

Order not placed and payment is deduct

Dear Team

Kindly inform you that we had given a order on dated 17/05/21 but first order is not placed and amount is deduct and also waiting seven days but my amount is not refund till time so please solve this issues as soon as possible.


Complaint for Non-Receipt of Order But Payment Debited to my

Dear Sir / Madam,

This is to inform that below transaction of Rs.555/-, which was debited and SMS received, but the order did not get processed as reference number was not generated of Dominos Pizza.

SMS RECEIVED ON 16-05-2021
ALERT: You've spent Rs.555.00 on CREDIT Card at on 2021-05-16:21:33:28.

I hereby request you to please look into it and arrange for refund at the earliest, and credit my account again or arrange to serve my order.

Sunil Nemani


Dear Team,

Hi this Gourav from Chandigarh.
Today I have order a pizza from domino's and after 30 min we have called the pizza delivery boy he didn't respond me and after that I have call one of your outlat in sector 8 C Chandigarh and the person who picked up the call he was very rude I ask him very politely that my order is still not deliver and he responded very ruadly he said your order will deliver when we get time this is very unprofessional and I never accept this from domino's . Pizza delivery boy is also not respond after 1 hour of ordering pizza not even any of your outlet respond to my call. My order was paid but with this kind of service and very much disturb and disappointed with Domino's . Now I want my money back and a solution for this mistake asap other wise am going to file a case about this harassment.

Horrible experience

Pizza was completely crumpled n crushed
No one from Dominis bothered calling irrespective of complaint raised

Incomplete order and missing garlic bread strips

I am writing email everyday TO dominos!! But company is least bothered!! Unprofessional attitude towards its customers that too when you are at mistake!

My complaint:
I always order from this dominos and they always mess my orders up. I give them the benefit of the doubt and they do it again. Last time when I ordered couple of weeks before garlic bread one entire slice strip was missing. That time also I filed complaint and later manger called me and requested me this will not happen in future. I believd you. again on 10th December 2020 I placed an order along with mirinda 500ml.. when I opened my order it was incomplete order being incomplete where mirinda was missing.again I filed complaint and again manager told me over phone that Ohh we forgot to deliver sorry ..It saddens me to have to deal with this kind of unprofessionalism from a place of business that I actually love what they offer. But I think I’m done dealing with this store because till now I'm only tracking you guys and you are not bothered to call me or reach to me.

You have only one line to say..our team will get in touch with you within 24hrs. Did you accept money after 24hrs of placing order?..infact we need to pay in advance than only you place orders online..

I am done now.
Please wakeup and do justic to your customers

Thank you

Pathetic experience- karnal Outlet Near Bus Stand

Its a worst experience I had with dominos I have even mailed my concerns but no one bothers to reply.

about the pizza the out has no sense of service nor of cooking...musrooms in pizza were burnt.
pizza was cooked and was lying at the counter no one even thought of informing.

Veneet Arora

My Order is not delivered

My order was confirmed and I received a confirmation message from Dominos. After some time I received another message that this order is cancelled. I have arranged a party and Dominos has ruined it.
Highly disappointed.

My order not delivered

My order not delivered in my address and in application its showing deliverd I have already paid in net plz refund my money my order date is 10 may 2020 time 8:30 pm.

Late order and no update regarding refund

I place a order yesterday it will be received late by 13 minutes . The delivery executive commit me for refund but i did not still get my refund.

Eye fukr pay and eat don’t

Eye fukr pay and eat don’t expect anything for free nothing gonna happened if you get pizza 15 minutes late begger

Not refund

27 i well Oder and i cancel my order but no pay may refund


It is really ridiculous!!Had ordered by paying from netbanking yesterday (Inv:67182/19/19323) for 20 people 35 items and they missed 10 items and no cash refunded.On top they took 3 hours to deliver and the whole guests were waiting on the desk gaping each other!! Ridiculous!!

EDC Machine Not Available At one Of Your outlet

This Is to inform You That i Had Visited Your Outlet In Kamothe .Had ordered 2 Pizza And Wanted To Redeem My points Through Axis Bank Card. The Same Was Not Available At the Said Oulet. But Option Was There At your Kalamboli Oulet.Also When Asking About the Same The outlet Manger Had No Solution For this Is Said we Do not Have Machine To Swipe. Suggest To Display The Mode of Payment in your Outlet..EDC Machine Not Available At one Of Your outlet ,


Im from Mumbai
There is no discipline in Dominos Mahim branch Mumbai
Very dirty clothe wearing staff nails big no good account
Please take care

pizza is not delivered

i order pizza from magarpatta pune dominos order no.363 registred mobile no.77808XXXX email id. anambedi03167 [at] gmail [dot] com after 2 hours pf wait i didnt get my order so many times i make calls in dominos they are just saying it will reach in just 10 minutes but i didnt get my ordee n i payed all the amount in advance i want pizza otherwize i want my money back

regarding franchise

how to open dominos store in own city?

Two hours late for delivery and finally order cancelled

I ordered pizza at Baner Pune outlet today at 8:20 pm. Registered number with the shop belongs to my husband who is currently out of country. The order did not reach after 2 hours. Meanwhile, i am calling customer care number, who kept apologizing and assuring that Rs. 300 will be waived off as it is late delivery. The status of my pizza says, "delivery guy out for delivery". Finally customer care person connects me to the shop. The delivery guy came to the landmark building which is next to my building and went back as phone number was unreachable, (which belonged to my out of country husband). I cancelled earlier order and wanted to place another order which might take another 35-40 minutes. It was already 10:30 PM now. These guys are not cooperative, not feeling sorry for late delivery and not giving any waiver to the dissatisfied customer. I had to finally cancel the order and cook at home. My little daughter was very sad and crying a lot. But what can we do if Domino's customer service is so much worst!!!!

Money deducted but no order generated

On 05/07/20 I ordered pizza from Dominos as my daughter was requesting but I was unable to fulfill her wish even by paying the amount to dominos. After deducting the amount from my account no order was generated by dominos. And till you contact the call centers and do all the process the outlet gets closed. This was very disappointing for me & my kids, henceforth we are not going to make any purchases from dominos. God knows now when they will return the money.


How I can back my money? I pay by paytm and they cansel my order and did not return my money

Complaint Against the High Amount deducted from Paytm Via OTP

Dear Team ,

This is quite frustrating that yesterday i ordered via phone in domino my total bill was Rs. 418 and a OTP link of Rs . 629.9 has been sent and deducted from mine Paytm account and same discussion has been made with the (domino rave-3) and they have told me that the something has been done wrong from there side but till now no action has been taken.

Please do the need Full ASAP.


carelessness of dominos

Today i placed an order of 2 small size pizza at 12:30 pm and seller asked address nd said that we'll confirm it and tell you with confirmation call that your pizza order has been punched or not..and now its 1:30..they haven't yet replied. Feeling very hungary nd annoyed..jst hate this bloody dominos services and lazyyyy sellers..and i called there again nd they said "which order"....i m vry much irritated..
Bloody scoundrel hipogret..!!!!!!!!!



I had placed an online order at Chennai store on 10th July 2013 for
Veg Doubles[Qty-1]
Crust : Classic Hand Tossed
Size : Regular (serves 1) Rs. 220
Garlic Breadsticks[Qty-1]
- Rs. 75
Sprite Mobile[Qty-1]
- Rs. 35
Butterscotch Mousse[Qty-2]
- Rs. 118

upon which I was shown tracker and all fancy stuff with promise of delivery in 30mins. I ordered at 8:19pm they delivered me a part order at 9:19pm only when I followed up with them. However, they never delivered what I ordered and took FULL money from me as I didnt check due to my attention in work and hunger. When I realized I called them back and they didnt say anything and STOPPED answering my calls now.

NEVER ORDER from these retards. I am very upset with Dominos India.

Dominos Store Address
Alwarthirunagar, Thangam Square, No.4gandhi Roadopp.mega Martalwarthirunagar,chennai - 600087 044-23775444/ 23775700/ 01/ 02/ 03/ 04., 04423775444



Late Pizza Delivery

We have ordered two peperoni cheese burst pizzas from Dominos (Electronic City)
The guy was late and as per dominos policy if the product is not delivered within 30 minutes customer should get a discount of 300 RS.
But the delivery guy was not at all ready to give the discount.
his excuse was if you are ordering pizza on friday,saturday or sunday there is no time guarantee(Wow )
Then we had to call the store and we have explained the complete story and then only we got rs 300/- rebate.
if Dominos is not ready to provide any discount then I think they should go ahead and remove their Tag Line "30 minutes nahi to free '
I will make sure that I will not order any damn thing from you guys.
Cheers guys for such a nice service
this kind of service is really unacceptable .


late delivery and an uncourteous staff

we had ordered from 4, block C, Omaxe Plaza, Sohna Road.
Order no: 95
Server: Hemchand B
Date: 7/5/13
Time of ordering: 3:38pm
Time of delivery: 4:12pm

The delivery boy refused to accept that he delivered late. After we called at the outlet, the manager (Mr. Arvind) accepted that it was late but gave a justification that the delay happened due to the extra time taken at the entrance checking (please note there is no entrance or check to the society). He also asked us to pay full amount or return the order. Disappointed with this behavior, we finally returned the order. Having such an experience, i would never myself or recommend ordering from Dominos.

More than the late delivery, its the staff behavior which caused a lot of disappointment with the brand that claims to deliver in less than 30 mins. Contradicting to their tagline - this wasn't really a khushiyo ki home delivery.

Mobile alerts.

Hello iam shibu chandran.p from trivandrum kerala india.few days before I had gone to dominos pizza situated in vellayambalam, trivandrum, kerala.I gave my contact no to the shop as they ask me.after that they are continously sending me alerts and offers regarding pizza which I don't day I call the pizza shop and request to stop the mobile alerts and they assured me that they won't send the alerts nd message iam fed up with your messages and going to file a case against dominos pizza mobile no is 09995016191.bye

i love dominos mysore

I love the service in dominos.I am a regular customer of my mother's friend Johnny who works there. its the best place to have pizza

Human Touch service.

My frnd & i had visited Phoenix market city Dominos for my frnds birthday treat. My frnd had odered a medium pizzas we all were very exited to celebrate the B'day treat. we received the pizzas order asap & were singing the birthday song for my frnd we dont know how the employee of the dominos (Christon) came to know that it was my frnds birthday after some time he came with a surprise & gave my frnd a nutty choco lava cake & wished her a Happy birthday, we all were impressed & were shocked with his wonderful service we all frnds thanked him and salute him for his good service. Keep It up CHRISTON :)

Great Service


I happen to order Dominos Pizza from the coromandel plaza.. Special mention to the executive Nithya who took the order patiently, and the order was delivered in time!

Thanks Nithya much appreciated, and thanks for the excellent service

Excellent Service

Dear Sir:

I had been to Domino's Pizza outlet on my daughter's birthday on June 18, 2013 at Virar outlet in the west. There, needless to say, my daughter enjoyed the pizzas thoroughly and the service given by the salesgirl there named Pradnya was excellent. I am sure she will make a good head start in this industry if she renders services like this. My heartiest congratulations to Domino's for employing such a salesperson who caters the needs of their customers with a loving smile.

Excellent service

We pick up pizza from CG Road outlet of Dominos quiteoften. Always found the staff very courteous and service excellent. I particularly would like to mention Mr Azaruddin,s name for helping out customers, politeness, courtsey and service.

not got free delivery inspite of late arrival

Order place at 12:54 according to the Dominos counter system, Delivered at 1:33, when called to the concerned person in the Dominos hub, I was told that it is not late, And I will not get the Pizza Free and the order value was within the liability limits, Claims of Free delivery if not reached on time is false and yes the area where it was to deliver from the hub was within 2 km and the address was clear and was not in any nook or corner but was in the heart of the city where the deliveries had been made earlier many times

Received Pizza in pathetic condition


This is to report to you my most disappointing moment with Dominos. Last Tuesday afternoon, I ordered a Farmhouse cheese burst pizza for lunch. I was really hungry and was waiting eagerly for my favorite pizza. But as soon as I opened the box, all my excitement was long gone and my expectations were shattered. The pizza was in real bad shape as the cheese scattered shabbily over the slices.The pizza was also lacking the amount of cheese that should be contained in a cheese burst pizza. The quality of crust was not up to the mark. The worst thing was that upper layer of the pizza was sticking to the inside walls of the pizza box.

That particular sight completely baffled me. In nutshell, I was completely let down by dominos that day. I would like to request you to look seriously into this matter. I have attached the picture of the tattered pizza in this mail for your reference. I hope you will do the needful.

Aashish Ola
oaashish1 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Misbehaviour and discourtsey by Mohali Phase 3B-2 staff

Today we ordered 4 pizzas from the Phase 3B-2, Mohali franchisee. The pizza was not delivered in time (It was delivered in 1 hr time). When contacted about non delivery, the person on phone started behaving discourteously. In punjabi, his language was " Aaram naal gall kar oye".
The delivery boy did not give any satisfactory answer. The store Manager Mr. Arjun was contacted. He did not tell me the name of the person who misbehaved.
The behaviour of sale person on phone was extremely discourteous.
DOMINOS Managers: Are such people helping your business?

Pizza Mania availability

Hi Team,

I had repeated experience in Dominoz that is pizza mania is the very good add which is reached customer very attarctively but if you go to shop in the weekend you cannot get it. You have buy only except pizza mania. This is happened for me for many weekends. I went with my family to have pizza mania but its not there, if asked they are saying that its over, heavy order like silly reason. I dont know how all the branch it will get over in the weekend. My guess is, this is the very cheapest pizza in dominoz so they are doing voluntarily to increase other pizza sales. Instead of that they can give add like pizza mania will not available in the weekend, it will be available in working days like that. It will be very decent.

Thanks for understanding.


Complaint for misbehaviour -Mohali- Pankaj Singh

Dear Sir

I placed an order in Dominos Mohali SCF 26, Phase-X, Mohali and i ordered 1 medium farm house and 1 medium spicy cheese burst and a garlic bread with cheesy dip and ordered at 14:06 HRS and your delivery boy reached at 15:15 HRS and first of all he requested that manager is saying that he will deduct from his pocket and when i asked to make me talk to the manger then the manager said that you have used CRM 33 coupon which is fake infact i showed your people the original copy for which the Manager Mr. Pankaj SIngh refused and said that you have got it printed at your side only and he misbehaved with me continuously and when i asked that how your people accepted it before then he said sorry either you have to pay double or i will call the pizza back. Just PIZZA doesn't matters me anything but i cannot see someone misbehaving me for just Rs 509/- which is not the big deal for me and infact i haven't order the pizza to take it free. But misbehavior will not at all be tolerated. Mr. PANKAJ called me type of fraud. I just need a strict action or i will go in a consumer court for making such allegations on me and made me mentally harrassed. And for the final this was my last call to dominos for order but in future i am not going to call to Dominos.
I placed order from +91-9988255444 and made order at 01722231432.


I don't know how this System works out for Dominos Pizza India.

I had a very worst experience on ordering pizza through telephone at "Ashok Nagar", Chennai, Tamilnadu (INDIA) dominos pizza outlet.

The delivery person (name told : "MURUGAN") what type of person he is? don't know how to behave with customer. He opens his mouth large but his ears are very short. He must have been told before starting up for delivery that he should "TALK LESS" with customer; especially when they started Complaining about the Quality of Timely Delivery.

Some small excuses, even if it is sheepish we the Customer could adjust at last.. after all we are in India.. we know how the Corporate deals at Customer "stating Customer is our King" but throwing him at Dust-Bin once the value of the order received!!

This is very unacceptable behaviour by a Service Executive!

One another comment about this particular outlet (at "Ashok Nagar" Chennai the Manager himself don't visit the Website and have updated knowledge on Offer. Repeatedly selling his thoughts; even customer (that is me, who had this worst experience) is very particular about the Offer put on to him over website. This too very much frustrating and HIGHLY IRRITATING BEHAVIOUR.

Someone please care for the Customer who are standing on roads even after paying their money (which feeds you on your BUSINESS!!)

Jaikumar Ranganathan

about dealership

Respected sir I want to get dealership in Ahmedabad , Gujarat, India so plz give me advice for it I m waiting for ur handsome reply

services and suggestion


I have placed an order in

I have placed an order in Dominos on 27/04 at 9:45 PM. The Store location was in Madippakkam. We have not received the Pizzas even after 1 hour. I was trying to reach the store for the last 30 minutes and still they are not able to give me an appropriate response. Every time when i call, iam getting a response that it would reach me in 10 minutes... Its one of the worst response am hearing from any sales person. When i asked about the 30 minutes guarantee, the sales person is saying that since there is conditions apply this is not applicable.
Order # 277
Store : Madippakam

Exceptional Service and Hospitality


Yesterday (i.e 24/04/2013) I along my friend on our way to work, being noon felt having lunch. We got down to Domino's Pizza store @ Athapur , Hyderabad. I felt very comfortable and relaxed starting from entering the store, placing order and having our meal. When having our meal we notices one of the air conditioner was not working, they i requested staff regarding the problem. Then I hope they passed the information to the superior. With in short notice of time a person with name tag on his shirt embossed as PRAVEEN came to me and introduced himself as Praveen and arranged a comfortable place where we felt that we got solution to our request. I really appreciate Praveen and his team for providing me and my friend as wonderful hospitality. I felt like sharing this in broad medium of communication. So, that's above info.... Good luck mates...@ Dominos pizza......

good service

your service is super
yestarday I ordered 1 pizza mania,1 vaggie delight. jelepino dip nd taco Indiana,from dominos ankleshwar. gidc. outlate I ordered it on 20:16 nd delivery boy sahid delivered by 20:32 super service but there was problem in pizza I eat veggie delight nd after eating it vomiting and stomach pain happened I think mushroom and paneer is not good my order no is 90,91 so please take care.:

late delivery & sent wrong pizza

I ordered pizza at dominos at 8:32 p.m & didn't get till 9:40 then i contacted area manager to know about the reson for delay he didn't answered properly but finally i got the pizza at 9:50 but not the sameone which i ordered so i sent it back i just want to know about the policy of dominos and will they please tell me how much they hurt the feelings of small kids who slept while wating for pizza


this is to inform you that your bareilly store is indulging in unfair practice. the store in order to not abide by your 30 minute guarantee has forwarded the time of their clock by 9 minute and you tell them that they are late they show u receipt and tell you that they are on time, (as mentioned in bill)
i was suspicious of this activity so this time when i placed my order i asked them the time and matched it with the doordarshan clock and it showed 9 minute difference.shame on you

Dominos Poor Service

I have been facing this problem from quiet some time and finally wanted to share this on public forum. My 7 year old son is very fond of pizza and asks me to order for it. Since last 2-3 times dominos people fail to take my order at one go, I have to redial them at least twice to place my order. The same thing happened with me today I have ordered a pizza at around 7:50 pm and am still waiting for it. Finally I called up dominos people now what they say is that I never ordered for one. In fact I have called them twice to place my order.
This is real irritating when a child is waiting for his food and these people fail to deliver. Dominos management should try to employ better people who have potential to take the orders.
Suggestion to dominoz management- Stop boosting on the delivery potential of your 30 min nahi to pizza free.. at least start hiring good resource who have the potential to understand customer requirements.

Appreciation for overwhelming service at Alora Park-Vadodara

Last week i was going to domino's at alora park vadodara with my friend,i would like to appreciate the overwhelming service of Vidhi,she give very good service.


best pizza

I like to eat dominos pizza very much . The best pizza I ever had . The pizza is so yummy and delicious . The service is very nice .

dominos sales man bad talking

dont call dominos they treat you with no respect. me- 08427722233

Apprecition of service

Yesterday visited the dominos kandivli west outlet near vaishali building ...
Was very pleased with the cordial staff there specially this guy sumit who was very alert with customer needs. Also was impressed with his spoken english. Looking forward to such pleasant experience at dominos always.


dominos serve's best quality pizzaa

hey everyone

just stopping by to say hey

i love dominos pizza

i love dominos pizza

Reading unbelievable service .

hi iam from out station.iam really exited ur service.i visited last week bell road store.iam really very happy to ur staff .expline very well.informed me offers.suggest me very well.i got fast was hot fresh.& i forget my crdit card in ur store.she called me to really exited ur service. thanks a lot really loving domino's .



chilly flakes and sauce not given


I went to order for take away pizza and garlic bread (in K.K. towers, Vijayawada, DPI66315; Tin # 28570100247 on 16-Feb-13 at 3:10pm). When I brought it home, I found that Chilly flakes and tomato ketchup sachets are not given with my order.

While ordering asked if the pizza could be put in the hot flask I took. They said it is not possible. They could only give it in their box.

So, I had to eat a cold pizza without tomato ketchup and chilly falkes:-((. My # 9963687803.



I purchased boloroni pizza from mahim store on 16/1/2013. Great service was provided Mr.rohit tainaria. I received my pizza in just 7 mins, where in other outlets i need to wait around 15-20 mins. Earlier also i have been there but service was not satisfied with the service. This time it seems Mr. rohit tainaria maintain the service properly and very polite. 1st time i m satisfied with the domino's service.....


Dear Sir,

This is to inform that I had ordered 3 items (1 PIZZA, 2 CAKES) from your website and paid through my credit card too for Rs.694.48 (TRANSACTION FROM CITIBANK ATTACHED DOWN) .




91766 79007


can you tell me whom do we have to call for the refund? i have encountered the same deducted but order not submitted..

I faced the same problem.

I faced the same problem. Order cancelled but money not yet refunded even after 1 week.

fooling customers

one salesman had come and sold a booklet of coupons for 500/-
it had special offers. we called up those people to order but they said that we couldn't redeem our coupons in the store which delivers us and that we have to have to order in one specific store which does not deliver to our area....we had no other option but to go to that store with our own transportation and get the pizza. i want to ask the advertising people ,,,u can sell the coupons anywhere in the city but we have redeem them in one store no matter how far it is right??
you people surely know how to fool customers!!! thanks for trouble anyways!! never going to order at dominos or buy any coupons

Delivery of Pizza late by 2 Hours

Hi All,

I am a loyal customer of Pizza Hut, today first time I order pizza from Dominos.
Then the series of unfortunate incident start happening, like:

1. Order pizza at 10:49 pm on 31st Dec 2012
2. Order was diverted to BKC outlet and Ms.Allaya (Customer Care Representative) received my order.
3. Called them at 11:40 pm to remind them that I have placed an order with Dominos and not received my pizza's yet. She told me that the order is on the way.
4. I called her once again at 12:28 pm to remind her that I have still not recived my pizza's. She gave the same excuse/response.
5. Finally, at 12:37 I received my pizza's. Pizz's were cold and were in a very bad state. I talked to the delivery guy (Alas - Name suggested by him), he connected me to his Manager, Mr. Qazi(9819913687) - who did not receive the call. The delivery boy was in a hurry and said that he is getting late and would not be able to deliver me the pizza if I delay and insist to talk to his seniors. Finally, on my insistance, he connected me to his senior Mr.Sudhir / Ram from BKC outlet. He also refused to accept my point of getting pizza almost 2 hours late.

Sudhir/Ram of BKC outlet encouraged me to not to pay for Pizza's. Therefore I didnt pay anything but I didnt eat too. It was cold and so pathetic that we had to throw the food. It was the waste of food.

My only point is - Dominos must have informed me at the time of placing an order that delivery might take more than usual time. I would have ordered from Pizza Hut and have celebrated my new year in a peaceful manner.

I sincerely request Dominos representatives to take my mail seriously and improve their service, otherwise the brand (already struggling)will be suffering a lot in long run.

If they want, they can contact me at - kritesh [dot] grohe [at] gmail [dot] com

poor service

i have stayed in delhi and we had a very good raport about dominos.But only recently we shifted to ambala and tried ordering a pizza homedelivery firstly we could get through after 30 mins of calling and then the delivery took one hr and that too wrong order and when enquired their delivery boy luxman reluctuntaly offered to return the money for items not delivered and also called his manager at the outlet who said he will deliver the order in next 30 mins and in hot condition and there after nobody returned neither the pizza nor the delivery boy and my kids kept waitin.I request you to kindly look in to the matter.
Maj Kd Singh

Incorrect order delivery

I have ordered a Large Mexican Chicken Pizza with extra cheese and black olives, but the pizza was delivered without extra black olives. I tried to contact the store which has delivered the pizza but the number was always busy.

Order Number: 319
Date: 31/12/2012 Time: 8.46 pm

Online order at store;

40/2&5, INSD LYT, Yalachanahalli, Kankpura Main Road, Bangalore 560 078.

very very poor serivce

Dominos is doing a good good by disconnecting calls multiple name is Rajan Singh i called twice an kopar khairane shop (disgusting fellow shame to any oganisation) disconnected my call twice.....this is shame to disgusting company......if you don't want customer than stop business...and sell vada pav on road....cause that is where u belong with your 3rd class customer service. disgusting people. u need to sell something roadside..where u belong

No Service - Pizza Home Delivery

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this to you regarding the Home Delivery Services you are not providing at Sec-4, Haripur, Panchkula. Although you have nearby outlets in Sec-10 and Sec-5.

Its very disappointing that company approach has changed, Initially you were catering the area Haripur, Panchkula but now after your establishment you are ignoring it. Now you are not providing your services whereas you are providing it previously

We are a big fan of your dominos pizza , especially my 5yrs daughter and 3yr old son, but on her B'Day on 23 Dec 2012, I was very disappointed to have a talk at your Sec-10 outlet that they will not deliver the pizza at the above said venue. My request is to kindly consider the business loss and the brand loyalty the customer is losing.

Pls. revert on this how it can be addressed ?

appreciation- satisfied service of domino's g-corp mall pune

I purchased boloroni pizza from g-corp mall pune on 16/12/2012. Great service was provided Mr.Zeeshan ahemad. I received my pizza in just 7 mins, where in other outlets i need to wait around 15-20 mins. Deepali helped me for the selection of my pizza, thanks for her support. Earlier also i have been there but service was not satisfied with the service. This time it seems Mr. Zeeshan maintain the service properly. 1st time i m satisfied with the domino's service.....

Domino's cheated me

Domino's took extra money in the form of sodexo coupon.Now they are not returning it back.The bill was of Rs 815 they took Rs 850 and another bill of Rs 415 they took Rs 450.


I am really dissappointed with the rude and lame behavior of dominos staff. They just don't know how to talk to their customers.Everytime i order a pizza they have a problem with.Sometimes that specific pizza is not available sometimes they have a problem with the delivery and at times they don't even pick up the phone.This is really pathetic.

Poor Handling of almost every issue on Dominos


I am Swati Navik and I order from Jayanagar Store, 4th Block, Bangalore.

I am a working professional who lives alone and hence i order outside food. But Dominos has surpassed all the expectations, I mean the other way round.

One guy who spoke with me over phone called himself MANAGER,( Kiran from Jayanagar) when I asked for one - First off, he does not know how to speak to customers. If you firm is at fault - 1) Late deliveries 2) Cold pizzas 3) No manners to speak with customers over phone, I myself work for a customer oriented company I could not believe how this guy (KIRAN) was talking to me... He was Rude, did not know how to speak in english etc.

I am very disappointed in Dominos Store Service. On top of everything this guy cancelled my order because they were out of stock. I am sure writing a letter to consumer court, they are going to pay way more than I have ever paid to them.

They should check my order history. I am never ordering with dominos every again. They have lost a customer after today's call. (Dec 6, 2012, 10:21 P.M). And they are global firms!!! I would say go teach your staff some rules/manners in service industry!!!


fraud of rupees 1044.75

this to inform u that i gagan who ordered a dominos pizza online and made payment from my icici bank and the balance was ductuded and the pizza boy also took money from my inlaws rupees 1044.75+tips (extra) as it was a treat from us anyways i filled a complaint to your delhi office and no action was taken i just want that dominos to retun my money .the pizza was delivered from dominos sector 34 and the rest of the detalis are as follows .
My Statement Details :
10/12/2011 10/12/2011 BIL/274935445/Anniversary/DOMINOS_MICI265 1,044.75

Other Details:

Order Number : 355
Time of Order : 12/10/2011 6:26:01 PM
Trace No. : nb-24e011f0
Final Total : 1044.75
Payment Type : credit

Thank you for your valuable feedback. You will hear from us within 48 business hours.
Your Reference No. is: 13941.

and my number 9915215038


I had ordered a Medium Chicken Fiesta and Garlic bread and asked for a regular Chicken spicy (free pizza offer) from your AS Rao nagar outlet at hyderabad on02/12/2012 (order No 206) at 7.36 PM. The pizza was delivered in 20 mins but when we opened the packet the pizzas were half baked and almost no cheese on them. I called them again and complained and they sent me another Medium pizza only which too was sub- standard. On query with them they said their Oven was giving trouble. If that was the problem they should not take orders and disgrace the name of DOMINOS. Kindly check the problem as one is now scared to order a pizza from them in future. Thanks.

not good service

my name is tilak n ur manager ajay is not good service with me


late pizza delivery

I have placed my order 136 ...on 7:50 pm and recieved at 8.40 .

Pizza was too cold not good for having. I expecting my amt should refund back to my credit card. Please find below detail.

Name akhil kumar
Mobile Number 9886997346
Address 04
1st floor, 04th main,4th cross,mattadahalli,
Store Name RT NAGAR
Store Address GF,SAYEED COMPLEXSITE NO 8, NEW NO 14, 1ST MAINRAHAMATH NAGAR,RT NAGAR,,BANGALORE - 560032 PH.NO. 080-23552244/ 23552241,42,43,45/ 46
Order Date/Time 11/17/2012 7:50:28 PM
Form of Payment credit
Order No 136
1 Large Mexican Green.. 535
Sub Total 428
VAT 62.06
TOTAL 490.06


appreciation and thanks giving

hello ,
i, myself asha love sharing my experience wit DOMINOS.. i basically work in narayana hrudayalaya and i am a lover of pizzas from many yrs.. i m so glad about the new dominos at bommasandra.. they have best hospitality.. loving taste of pizzas.. mouth watering.. and.... EXCELLENT staffs.. esp, PRATHAM, SANTHOSH,VINYASA, RANJITHA, ASIF AND JAMESH...I FEEL EXCELLENT SERVICE.. wishing good luck for betterment of there hard work.. and feels great being there on all my stress filled days.. i hope many staffs from my hospitals are the frequent customers there.. filling in behalf on them..


Order not taken but money was....

I am from IIT Madras. I have ordered pizza online 0n 30th oct 2012 and money has been cut from my account Txn no. PRN=MSPG2840123835 but my order was not confirmed. please try to solve this problem either by takin order or return the amount. thankyou.....

Order id not generated but money was taken

I stay in Mumbai. I have ordered a pizza online from the Dominos websit at around 1.30 pm today (9th Nov). I have made the payment by using HDFC credit card but once i made the payment, I didnt get an order id on the website and also the transaction of Rs 3792.12 was done from my credit card. I also received the SMS for the same. The pizza is also not deleivered at my place

When i contacted the store they are saying that no order was placed against the phone number. The money was taken and also pizza was not deleivered.

Increase in Salary - Weekender

Dear Sir,

We have written many mail regarding the increase in salary for the weekenders.. but still date we have not got any reply nor any news about our salary increase. We have submitted all the documents to the store managers and also we have give our bank account details as requested by you.

We kept asking the managers, store managers, DM and the HR but they keep saying that it is under process but now since July we are only getting the answer that it is under process. But till date nothing seems happening. They dont even give us proper response regarding increase in salary.

We all weekender are waiting anxiously for the increment in our salary. Will the Domino's are going to increase the weekender's salary? or are Domino's are going to keep us in the dark regarding the increase in salary? or How long will this procedure is going to take place kindly let us know.

Kindly hear and listen to our voice of the weekender.

Waiting for your favorable response.

Ravi Rane

I want a job

Sir, I am B.Com Pass. and I Knowledge Computer. My Mobile No. 9804611085.

mr. sarvesh is an awesome employee..

i ordered a pizza n garlic bread few days back from kirti nagar tagore market new delhi order was delivered late n in response to that a senior bullshitter employee did not even let me redeeem my late delivery offer...not only he mis behaved he also argued so badly that my pizza cold by that time n i had to send back the pizza !!!that day i decided not to order from dominoes again but it was mr. sarvesh who called back n apolozised and promised a redeem in the next order..its good to know that there are still some sincere employeees..!!

experience with Handsome pizz boy

This is Vishal from Pune.

27 male from magarpatta.

Magarpatta Dominnos Pizza boys are so handsome.

After Dine-in..i made up my mind (with some mischief) to do an online order.

When Pizz boy came to my place.. I opened door NUDE... it was an amazing experience.

Even Pizz boy liked it ;)

Hoping for few more online order :)

DOmino's worst coustomer service ever and burnt pizza's

Getting Burnt pizzza for Three time in A Row..

i Think They Have Tooo May Loyal Customer soo They dont care


Worst ever service I had ever seen in my life.....

Non Delivery of Order and no reply on when we call
We have ordered Pizza but it was not delivered even after 1 hour.
When we call the stores manager and asked why the order is not delivered, he replied what he can do...further he disconncet the call.

This is highly ridiculous. I will never order anything from Domminoz.

Worst ever service I had ever seen in my life.....

Mobile No.

Non Delivery of Order and no reply on when we call

We have ordered Pizza but it was not delivered even after 1 hour.
When we call the stores manager and asked why the order is not delivered, he replied what he can do...further he disconncet the call.

This is highly ridiculous. I will never order anything from Domminoz.

Worst ever service I had ever seen in my life.....