Ministry of Consumer Affairs Customer Care No. 1800 11 4000

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800-11-4000 (09:30 am To 05:30 pm)
  • 14404
All India Number(s): 
  • 81300 09809 (SMS no. to get a call back)

Important Links

Minister for Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution

Room No Name Designation Office No.
179, Krishi Bhawan Shri Piyush Goyal Hon'ble Minister 011-23070637
011-23386098 (Fax)
Minister-ca [at] nic [dot] in,
180- A, Krishi Bhawan Dr. Ravi Kant Gupta PS to Hon'ble Minister
(CA, F&PD)
011-23386098 (Fax)
180 B, Krishi Bhawan Sh. Anuj Gupta OSD to Hon'ble Minister
(CA, F&PD)
011-23386098 (Fax)
178, Krishi Bhawan Sh. Ravi Singh Addl. Private Secretary
to Hon'ble Minister
(CA, F&PD)
011-23386098 (Fax)
180, Krishi Bhawan Sh. Bhoovan Soran Addl. Private Secretary
to Hon'ble Minister (CA,
011-23386098 (Fax)
- Sh. Chetan Aggarwal APS 011-23070637
011-23386098 (Fax)
- Sh. Manoj Shinde APS 011-23070637
011-23386098 (Fax)
- Sh. Niranjan Sethi APS 011-23070637
011-23386098 (Fax)
- Shri Vijay Jha APS 011-23070637
011-23386098 (Fax)
180, 181 & 186 Personal Section Personal Section of
Hon'ble Minister
011-23386098 (Fax)
160 Visitor's Room of
Hon'ble Minister
173, Krishi Bhawan Shri Raosaheb
Patil Danve
Hon'ble Minister of
011-23380632 (FAX)
moscafpddelhi [at] gmail [dot] com
174, Krishi Bhawan S. K. Jadhav, IRS PS to Hon'ble Minister
of State
011-23380632 (FAX)
psmos-ca [at] nic [dot] in
265, Krishi Bhawan P. Sampath OSD to Hon'ble Minister
of State
011-23380632 (FAX)
sampath [dot] p [at] nic [dot] in
262, Krishi Bhawan APS APS toHon'ble Minister
of State
011-23380632 (FAX)
263, Krishi Bhawan Personal Staff Office of MoS 011-23380630
011-23380632 (Fax)

Secretary (Consumer Affairs)

Room No Name Designation Office Number Email Id
49, Krishi Bhawan Ms. Leena Nandan Secretary (CA) 011-23782807
011-2307 0121
011-2338 4716 (Fax)
Secy-ca [at] nic [dot] in
49-A, Krishi Bhawan Shri R. Pradeep Kumar Principal Staff Officer
to Secretary
49-A, Krishi Bhawan Shri T P Paul Private Secretary 011-23782807

Additional Secretary & Financial Advisor (AS&FA)

Room No Name Designation Office Number Email Id
264, Krishi Bhawan Shri G. Srinivas AS & FA 011-23384418
011-23388523 (Fax)
asfa [dot] fpd [at] nic [dot] in
266, Krishi Bhawan Shri E. Jotheeswaran PS to AS&FA 011-23384418
011-23388523 (Fax)

Additional Secretary (Consumer Affairs)

Room No Name Designation Office Number Intercom
270, Krishi Bhawan Ms. Nidhi Khare Additional Secretary
011-23386575 (Fax)
Eamil: as-ca [at] nic [dot] in
225, 16
255, Krishi Bhawan Shri Anil Kumar Sr.PPS to AS 011-23383027
011-23386575 (Fax)
255, Krishi Bhawan Ms. Kanika
PS to Additional
Secretary (CA)
011-23386575 (Fax)

Senior Economic Adviser (Consumer Affairs)

Room No Name Designation Office Number Intercom
486 - A Krishi Bhawan Smt. Rupa Dutta Sr. Economic Advisor 011-23384840
011-23385821 (Fax)
srea-ca [at] nic [dot] in,
rupa [dot] dutta [at] nic [dot] in
486-C, Krishi Bhawan Smt Chitra
PPS to Sr. Economic
011-23385821 (Fax)

Joint Secretary, Economic Advisor and Chief Controller
of Accounts

Room No Name Designation Office Number Email Id
365-A, Krishi Bhawan Shri Anupam Mishra Joint Secretary(CA) 011-23386666
011-23386322 (Fax)
js-ca [at] nic [dot] in,
365, Krishi Bhawan Ms. Kavita Agnihotri PPS to JS (CA) 011-23386666
011-23386322 (Fax)
011-2338 5316
456-C, Krishi Bhawan Shri Vineet Mathur Joint Secretary 011-23386189
vineet [dot] mathur68 [at] nic [dot] in
376-C, Krishi Bhawan Shri Hitender Kalyan PPS to JS (VM) 011-23386189
485-A, Krishi Bhawan Dr. Kamkhenthang
Economic Advisor 011-23386857
011-23387245 (Fax)
ea-ca [at] nic [dot] in,
guite [at] nic [dot] in
390, Krishi Bhawan Shri S.K.Trehan PS to Economic Advisor 011-23386857
280-B, Krishi Bhawan Shri. Bhaskar Verma Chief Controller of
Accounts (CCA)
cca-ca [at] nic [dot] in
276-A, Krishi Bhawan Ms. Shashi Bala PA to CCA 011-23782609


Room No Name Designation Office Number Intercom Email Id
372-B, Krishi Bhawan Shri Dharmesh Makwana Director (Bureau of Indian
Standards and National
Test House)
270, 20 dirbis-ca [at] nic [dot] in
390, Krishi Bhawan PS PS 011-23383120
235 -
456-A, Krishi Bhawan Shri Sita Ram Meena Director (Public Grievances/
NCH, Emblems & Names Act,
Essential Commodities Regulation
& Enforcement)
267, 24 dirpg-ca [at] nic [dot] in
390, Krishi Bhawan PA PA to Director(CWF,PG,
Emblems and Names and NCH)
223 -
Room No. 6, 12/A Jamnagar House Shri Singh Veer Pratap Director (Costs) 011-23381341
sv [dot] pratap [at] nic [dot] in
390, Krishi Bhawan Sr. PPS Sr. PPS 011-23382503
555-A, Krishi Bhawan Shri Alok Kumar Verma Director (Publicity) 011-23071149
269 alokkumar [dot] verma [at] nic [dot] in
374, Krishi Bhawan Shri Abhay Kumar Director (Price Monitoring
Division and IC)
232, 28 k [dot] abhay [at] nic [dot] in,
251-A, Krishi Bhawan, Shri R. C. Dhankar Director (Integrated Finance) 011-23382503
221, 28 dsif-ca [at] nic [dot] in,
ramc [dot] dhankar [at] gov [dot] in
461-A, Krishi Bhawan Shri B.N. Dixit Director (LM) 011-23389489
245, 16 dirwm-ca [at] nic [dot] in
390, Krishi Bhawan Smt. Sunita Arora PS to Director (LM) 011-23389489
245, 280 -
371, Krishi Bhawan Shri S.S. Thakur Director (Coop) 011-23386210
234 dircoop-ca [at] nic [dot] in
456-B, Krishi Bhawan Shri Surendra Singh Director (Consumer Welfare
277 dsadmin-ca [at] nic [dot] in surendra [dot] singh [at] nic [dot] in
461, Krishi Bhawan Shri G.C. Rout Director (Consumer Protection
24, 246 dscpu-ca [at] nic [dot] in ,
rout [dot] gc13 [at] nic [dot] in
468 Shri Pradeep Kumar Bhatnagar Director (Parliament &
Coordination, O&M and
265 pradeep [dot] b [at] nic [dot] in,
dirpc-ca [at] nic [dot] in
461, Krishi Bhawan Ms. Richa Sharma PA to Director(CPU) 011-23389936
246 -

Under Secretary and Deputy Director

Room No Name Designation Office Number Intercom Email Id
374-A, Krishi Bhawan Shri Charanjit Gulati Under Secretary (GA and E&N Act) 011-23070139
233 usgen-ca [at] nic [dot] in
253, Krishi Bhawan Shri P.K. Tyagi Under Secretary (IF) 011-23070481
272 usif-ca [at] nic [dot] in
Room No.7, 12/A Jamnagar House Shri T.T.K. Muan Under Secretary (PG Cell ) 011-23386744
ttk [dot] muan13 [at] nic [dot] in
374-A, Krishi Bhawan Shri P.S. Thakur Under Secretary (ECRE & Vigilance) 011-23388778
288 usvig-ca [at] nic [dot] in,
usecre-ca [at] nic [dot] in
373-C Krishi Bhawan Ms. Jasbir Tiwari Under Secretary (Parliament &
Coordination / RTI Nodal))
286 uspc-ca [at] nic [dot] in
466-A, Krishi Bhawan Smt. Jayashree Narayanan Under Secretary (CPU) 011-23384627
25, 209 uscpu-ca [at] nic [dot] in
373-C, Krishi Bhawan Smt. Jayalakshmi Kannan Under Secretary (CWF and Cash) 011-23381019
215 uscwf-ca [at] nic [dot] in
466-A, Kishi Bhwawan Under Secretary (ECRE) Under Secretary (ECRE) 011-23097042
217 usecre-ca [at] nic [dot] in
373-C, Krishi Bhawan Anil Kumar Pandey Under Secretary (BIS,
Establishment and Direct Selling)
286 usbis-ca [at] nic [dot] in,
usit-ca [at] nic [dot] in,
usestt-ca [at] nic [dot] in
Room No. 464 C, Krishi Bhawan Shri Sunil Kumar Mishra Under Secretary(Publicity) 011-23381767
249 mishra [dot] sunil [at] nic [dot] in
466-A Krishi Bhawan Shri D K Sonker Deputy Director (NTH) 011-23097042
217 d [dot] sonker [at] nic [dot] in
541-A, Shastri Bhawan Shri Ashutosh Agarwal Deputy Director (Legal Metrology) 011-23386194
ashutosh [dot] agarwal13 [at] nic [dot] in
546-C, Krishi Bhawan Ms. Lal Ramdinpuii Renthlei Deputy Director (Price Monitoring Division) 011-23385444
290 ddpmc-ca [at] nic [dot] in
546-C, Krishi Bhawan Shri Satinder Kumar Deputy Director (Price Monitoring Division) 011-23385444
290 satinder [dot] c [at] gov [dot] in
486-B Krishi Bhawan Shri Sanjay Kaushik DD( Price Monitoring Division) 011-23386127
263 -
Basement Area, ‘G’ Wing Shri J.S. Rawat Under Secretary (P&C/O&M) 011-23382525
248 js [dot] rawat14 [at] nic [dot] in
567-A, Krishi Bhawan Shri Anand Singh Rawat Under Secretary (Consumer Welfare Fund) 011-23386959
254 socwf-ca [at] nic [dot] in
470, Krishi Bhawan Shri Krishan Lal Under Secretary (Cash)/DDO 011-23386188
243 ddocash-ca [at] nic [dot] in

Deputy Secretary

Room No Name Designation Office Number Intercom Email Id
468A Krishi Bhawan Shri Sanjay Kumar
Deputy Secretary
(Establishment and
General Administration)
264 direstt-ca [at] nic [dot] in,
dsgen-ca [at] nic [dot] in,
prasad [dot] sk [at] nic [dot] in

Assistant Director

Room No Name Designation Office No. Intercom Email Id
541-A, Shastri Bhawan Shri Shailender Singh Assistant Director
(Legal Metrology)
adwm2-ca [at] nic [dot] in
486-B, Krishi Bhawan Venkat Hariharan Asha Assistant Director
(Price Monitoring Cell)
263 -
541-A, Shastri Bhawan Shri Dinesh Sagar Assistant Director (LM) 011-23386194
Basement Area, ‘G’
Shri Ashok Kumar AD (OL) 011-23389024
251 adol-ca [at] nic [dot] in
312-A, Shastri
Shri Deepak Garg Assistant Director
- -

Section Officer

Room No Name Designation Office Number Intercom Email Id
464-B, Krishi Bhawan Shri Roshan Burman Section Officer
247 & 266 soestt-ca [at] nic [dot] in
562, Krishi Bhawan Ms. Anita Meena Section Officer
(Essential Commodity
Regulation & Enforcement)
236 soecre-ca [at] nic [dot] in
562, Krishi Bhawan Shri Kumar Sundaram Section Officer (Essential
Commodity Regulation &
236 soecre-ca [at] nic [dot] in
458, Krishi Bhawan Shri Arvind Kumar Section Officer (Vigilance) 011-23383846
242 sovig-ca [at] nic [dot] in
373-A, Krishi Bhawan Shri S. Mahesh Section Officer (GA) 011-23383557
231 sogen-ca [at] nic [dot] in
12-A, Jamnagar House Shri S. Lalthang Section Officer (Public
Grievances & CGRC)
s [dot] lalthang [at] nic [dot] in
567-A, Krishi Bhawan SO (CPU) Section Officer (Consumer
Protection Unit)
255 socpu-ca [at] nic [dot] in
303, A-Wing, Shastri Bhawan SO (Publicity) Section Officer (Publicity) 011-23385344 011-23383863
-- sopub-ca [at] nic [dot] in
303, A-Wing, Shastri Bhawan Shri Rakesh Kumar Raushan Section Officer (Direct Selling) 011-23387359
-- soit-ca [at] nic [dot] in
562-A, Krishi Bhawan Shri T Chaudhary Section Officer (Bureau of
Indian Standards)
250 sobis-ca [at] nic [dot] in
562-A, Krishi Bhawan Ms. Sarita Bhatnagar Section Officer (Bureau of
Indian Standards)
250 sobis-ca [at] nic [dot] in,
sarita [dot] bhatnagar [at] nic [dot] in
253, Krishi Bhawan Shri Devi Dayal Singh Section Officer (Intregrated
272 singh [dot] devidayal63 [at] nic [dot] in
12/2, Jamnagar House Om Prakash Section Officer (National
Test House)
sonth-ca [at] nic [dot] in
546 Krishi Bhawan Shri Dharam Prakash Senior Statistical Officer
(Price Monitoring Division)
257 -
546-A, Krishi Bhawan Shri Harish Kumar Senior Statistical Officer
(Price Monitoring Cell)
256 -
546-A, Krishi Bhawan Ms. Niti Kapoor Senior Statistical Officer
(Price Monitoring Cell)
257 -
546-A, Krishi Bhawan Shri Surender Shah Senior Statistical Officer
(Price Monitoring Cell)
256 -
Basement, Krishi Bhavan ASO ASO (PG/NCH Unit) 011-23385723
294 -

Pay and Accounts Officers and Assistant Account Officers

Room No Name Designation Office Number Intercom
12/A, Jam Nagar
House, N.Delhi.
Shri Alkesh Kumar Pay and Account Officer 011-23385740
011-23387011 &
566, Krishi Bhawan Ms Sakshi Mittal Assistant Accounts Officer 011-23389084
566, Krishi Bhawan Shri Anand Singh Senior Account Officer 011-23389084
464B, Krishi Bhawan Sh.Jitender Sharma Assistant Account Officer 011-23384882
247, 266

NIC Unit

Room No Name Designation Office Number Intercom Email Id
2nd Floor, A-Block,
CGO Complex
Deputy Director
Deputy Director
-- -
546-B, Krishi Bhawan Shri Satish Kumar Consultant 011-23381689
274 satishkumar [at] nic [dot] in
546-B, Krishi Bhawan Shri N. Natarajan Technical Director 011-23381689
274 natarajan [at] nic [dot] in
208 For Internet 1800 111 555 011-23381789

Other Utility Services

Room No Name Designation Office Number Intercom Email Id
373-A, Krishi Bhawan Shri S. Mahesh Protocol Officer 011-23383557
231 s [dot] mahesh13 [at] nic [dot] in
468, Krishi Bhawan VACANT Parliament Assistant 011-23382525
248 -
373-A, Krishi Bhawan Shri Arjun Singh Orderly Officer/Caretaker 011-23383557
231 -
373-A, Krishi Bhawan Sudhir Singh Staff Car In-charge 011-23383557
231 -
12-A, Jamnagar House Section Officer-NTH Library Incharge 011-23073638
- -
50, Krishi Bhawan Shri Gautam Singh (Consultant) Night Duty Incharge (R&I) 011-23387449
200 -
470, Krishi Bhawan Shri Kuldeep Singh Cashier 011-23386188
234 kuldeep [dot] singh13 [at] nic [dot] in
Gate No. 6, Krishi Bhawan Reception - 011-23389752
205 -
Krishi Bhawan CPWD(Civil) - 011-23389228
- -
Shastri Bhawan CPWD(Civil) - 011-23389797
- -
Krishi Bhawan CPWD(Elect) - 011-23383819
- -
Shastri Bhawan CPWD (Elect) - 011-23384265
- -
Jam Nagar House CPWD (civil.) Jam Nagar - 011-23386755
- -
Jam Nagar House CPWD (Elect.) Jam Nagar - 011-23386755
- -
- Driver Room -
206 -


Department of Consumer Affairs
Krishi Bhawan
New Delhi -110001


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online shopping company - fraud with me
You have told me that I have a gift of LED TV and for that I have deposit some Ru Transaction Date:-17/11/2018 Mode of Payment:- JdPay Transaction amount- Rs.6119/- Transaction Date:-21/11/2018 Mode of Payment:- JdPay Transaction amount- Rs.11000/- Transaction Date:-05/12/2018 Mode of Payment:- JDPay Transaction amount- Rs.13948/- Transaction Date:-12/12/2018 Mode of Payment:- JDPay Transaction amount- Rs.22500/- Transaction Date:-15/12/2018 Mode of Payment:- JDPay Transaction amount- Rs.20382/- Transaction Date:-30/01/2019 Mode of Payment:- JDPay Transaction amount- Rs.35603/- So total all Amout – 1,23,949 (one hundred twenty three thousand nine hundred forty nine) through just dile than you told me that my led has gone for insurance you have given me wrong way bill no than agaIn you said that my LED TV is damaged by couirer person and you promiss will give me Ru. 296186 (Tow lakh Nintysix Thousing one hunderd Eighty six) cash.
you have taken my and my nominees details and all the bank account no also, now I am regularly making calls at least 80 call per day on this no but not getting any response from your side. I am in contact of shri Vijay Sexena only he told me that he will alllow me to talk with soniya mam banking branch and told me that he will alow me to talk after one or two horus.

than he told me to deposit money from nominees acount by just dial and I have deposit 25626.00 (Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Twenty-Six ) for nominees acount verification.
you are continuously harrasing me and till date I have not got my money back .
Till date I have deposited Ru. 1,23,949 (one hundred twenty three thousand nine hundred forty nine) and I have not get any refund .
dheerendra sharma
jodhpur rajasthan

Complaint against Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Settlement team

Respected Sir/Madam,

My name is Ramesh P and I am from Tamilnadu, India. Here I forwarded one attachment file of the NOC Certificate to you with this email. This email of the NOC Certificate was came to me from ministry of consumer affairs, settlement team regarding pending settlement of sweep Stake Prize in the year of March 2018. At the time they are asked some charge fee to me regarding transfer of this fund to my bank account. Already I sent my two bank accounts pass book scan copy and my pan card and voter ID card scan copy to them through email. But at the time I am not able for paying the such charge fee to them regarding this process. Because I am a very poor person and my side nobody there in help. At the time I told to them regarding this my situation. But they are not accepting my request at the time. After I mailed this NOC Certificate to IRDAI mail ID of complaints [at] irda [dot] gov [dot] in and asked about this process. They are also sending me do the needful and attached this same NOC Certificate by his email. After that I confirmed this process is 100% true and I will ready for go ahead to this process. After I will send the email to ministry of consumer affairs, settlement team email of settlement [at] consumeraffairs [dot] org [dot] inregarding my willingness to claim my sweep Stake Prize money. But they are not replying to me regarding this process. After two days again I will send email to them regarding this process. But my email was not sending to them email address. My send emails are return to my inbox and my send emails status are failure. My email inbox is showing the email address is not found. And still now the same. My emails are not going to them email address. So now I didn't understand what to do for claiming my sweep Stake Prize money from them? So please find my attachment file and please verify this process and please help me for transferring my sweep Stake Prize money to my bank account. I took your email id in google search. So please reply to me your answer for this process. I am waiting for your reply regarding this process. This is my kind request. So please understand and kindly do the needful.

Thanks & Regards,
Ramesh P.

My Airtel number issued to some other person within my grace per

After I filed a case in National consumer helpline they advised me to send an email to
appellate [dot] tn [at] airtel [dot] in.

I have sent them an email with below contents on August 6th 2018. After exactly 24 hours I received an automatic email saying "there is a temporary problem delivering your message to the email I'd". I don't understand what will be an issue in delivering the email and I need my number back to me. Please help me how should I follow up with them. They gave me 7 to 10 days time period to get reply email from Airtel. But still the email is not delivered to them what is the time period now.

I was using the Airtel Network for past 8 years Mobile Number : xxxxxxx

I really disappointed and hurted because of Airtel service so I filed a case against airtel in Department of consumer affairs Case Number:856216

Unfortunately i was out of country for 3 months and am not able to use Airtel in that time period. I got message from Airtel on July 13 saying your account is deactivated. Immediately on July 16 sent an email to 121 [at] airtel [dot] com saying my number linked with aadhar and all my bank accounts and all other accounts including my company accounts and I was in the grace period of 15 days while I sent that email also I got reply from them saying we will understand your situation and we will hold the number untill you get it.

I asked the my friend(whose proof the Sim belongs) to get in touch with the Airtel store room to get the Sim with his id. As the bank account is linked with my name they asked my blood relation(i sent my brother) to come and collect the Sim. Even after they both visited they didn't give proper answer.

We have been visiting the Airtel store daily from July 16. We never heard back any favour answer from them. Finally I reached India and went to Chennai(velacherry on 30th July) Airtel store they asked me to visit villupuram store as the Sim is bought from that circle. I visited villupuram store(4th August) as they mentioned in the email. They got my proof also one letter stating these information and I provided all the information and they said it will take 24 hours to get activate so I visited on monday( 6th August) they said they were not able to activate the Sim as it is already active with someone's I'd(coimbatore). So I called Airtel customer care and told all this information they just answered without any care(irresponsible answer) we don't know about your emails go and ask the person who replied to your email. How come the Airtel people doesn't know about the request we raised about the Sim.

We almost following up every day from July 16 to till date. Also we were receiving reply from Airtel (121). But I didn't get any favour from the Airtel customer care and store. I took 2 days leave from my office anf spent the whole day. Also I really disappointed and hurted because of Airtel Network.

I have attached the email copy of the conversation with 121 service.

I need justification for the whole time spent for this and I need my number back to me.

Kindly do me the favour to get my number.


Airtel - Fooling the Customer in the name of MY FAMILY PLAN

Hi Team,

I have been to airtel store on 19th Dec 2017 for Slow network services, they said because of launching new towers i am facing this issue and above that they asked me to take my family plan to reduce my bill plan. So My wife prepaid number is changed to postpaid number and asked to add my number as child number. so they told me going forward only one bill will be generated but that is not happened till now after 7 months. On jan and Feb instead of one bill i have paid two bills. when i approached customer care they said they are facing issue in doing my the my family plan from their end. so this will be resolved soon.

My service has been stopped in March when i approached customer care and informed them about this issue they done the waive off and activated my services and for resolving this issue airtel has sent the representative to my office to collect the documents for re initiating the My family plan.
I wasted my time and provided proofs once again and paid325Rs for new SIM card.

Again in april month the bill has been generated again and when i approached customer care again they waive off the bill and said the issue will be resolved ASAP, similarly in May and July my service has been stopped and i have approached customer care and airtel store to resolve my issues.
the issue is from their end and i have been penalized for last 7 months now.

Now on 15th july my father is passed away and i want to inform the saddened news to all my relatives but again on 17thjuly the service has been stopped and it put me in immense pressure to convey my message to all. again i have been put into circle for activating the number. after several calls to customer care they activated the number. and again 21st july they stopped the services and saying they can activate only after 6 hrs.

This is been continouly happening, on 17th July i want to take ashes to beach to dissolve it but i am not able to book cab or call to my friends for help because of de-activation of my services. I wasted my time for last 7 months and chasing this people has not come to any resolution. Now also they are not proper action against this issue.

I have been chasing them for last 7 months and i have all those details with me. so i need your help in penalizing them.

I need 25lakh compensation for putting me in this situation and airtel should provide me lifelong free services.


any action taken by fficers

any action taken by fficers after you filed a complaint

Fraudulent Balance Deduction by Airtel service provider

I want to state that I had recharged my Airtel mobile No on today (11 Jun 18) and Immediate after recharging it I received two SMSs stating that some service have been activated on my mobile so Rs. 70 has been deducted from my main Balance (Each service costing Rs. 35). I want to make it clear that I am neither interested in such useless service nor subscribed for same.

It is therefore requested that necessary action may please be initiated accordingly because these bastards have make it their trend to loot their customers.


Regarding Idea Service


I bought Idea number 9130043402 and they have updated the plan 349 Rs per month. My location is Manjri Farm Solpaur Road Pune where this DIEA never works on a single call. There is no network 24*7. I asked to change the plan for minimum as 99 Rs. Idea care says you have to make the payment for two months as 349 and also for 99. The biling date is 09 and I requested the same on 11 Sep 2017.
Even though I never use their service because of Network issue why Should I pay the bill? What service they gave me if there is NO NETWORK.
Can I port this number to some other operator as I bought this sim in one month before.?

ur helpline no is also worng

ye hai system india me all helpline no. are wrong or not in use koi presan hoke helpline no. par call karta h vo bhi wrong milte h ya fir milte hi nhi ......
lots of thanks indian gov. & indian system
u have a great pleasure...

Aircel block my mobile no. 9424635151

I am a consumer (no. 9424635151 ) of Aircel from before last year. due to any problem Aircel is closed to provide service. my above no. has been blocked but not to allotted to anybudy. I want to get the same no. Please take action imeadietly.



MO - 9827075121

Compliant against Airtel

This is regarding my money deduction by Airtel for browsing internet in mobile
number 99808 56599.

I was in a plan of Rs 199 for 2GB browsing internet for one month. After I
utilized 2GB, suddenly I was automatically shifted to a plan that was 100
times more expensive than the current plan.

I was not intimated about this by phone or sms and my permission was not taken
before shifting to this new plan.

I had a deduction of Rs 800 in just 5 days from 26 july to 31 july 2014.

(1) why did you shift me to so expensive plan without taking my permission ???

(2) Also, you did not send me any intimation of these high charges by sms or
the phone call before shifting me to this plan. Why?

(3) You said you do not have any provision to provide the internet usage
details for my mobile number. So what is the logic behind deducting Rs 800 in
just 5 days from 26/07/2014 till 31/07/2014?

Please answer these three questions OR refund me Rs 800 that have been deducted
from my account.

Manohar Joshi
99808 56599
98807 21843

Complain regarding compensation because of fake commitment and n


Complain:Complain regarding compensation because of fake commitment and not refunding my Payment by company name

My name is ASHISH KUMAR. This is my complain about website address out of three product only 1 received and that is through
shopitmarketing which is
four times costlier than displaying on their website or even six times than market rate others orders producrts i did not received even after cancellation mail of
product no response from their side and my
amount is not refunded into my account.This is my complain about website name person namely mr.ramesh ,kritika and siddhart followed me
constantly and managed to take three orders by me
fraudently.In which one I received and two doesn't.I complain about it in their customer care
telephonically but they did not response me properly and asked me to complain it through mail .I complain about it many times but they did not
responsd me as yet .
It look like a well planned scam running
by company they are calling people and making fool using website ,internet and calls to promote their selling.First ramesh call me in the month of
march and tell me our branch has selected you as a lucky customer and you will win a BMW car on 16th of april and that function will organize at GIP mall noida.
You Just need to pay an order of value amount 12999 for this registration against this we will send you our welcome kit of that much value besides of it everytime
you will shop from our website you will get an extra 50 to 60 % discount on every purchasing.I enquire about that website and made payment on 10th of march the
product I received is so inferior in quality and cost is three times more than from their own rate displaying in website when i asked about it they told me not to
worry about products it is just a welcome kit you are not buying something you are just paying a registration amount.After some time once again they call and told me
to pay 20000 RS more because they need to generate an id of value RS one lakh in which branch will pay 80000 because you are participating from branch side firstly
I denied to pay any amount because Ramesh told me that this is the only amount you need to pay but later they managed to make payment by me on 27th of March 2014.

But this time i did not get any confirmation mail from their side then i afraid and call to their customer care and complain about it and told
them to refund my amount and cancel my order they told me not to worry siddhart sir will call you
and resolve your issues now siddhart told me why you are worry sir you are now locked at no. three position and apart from your order you will get amount
one lakh sixty thousand and since we have
internal setting with concert so you will definetely get BMW 1-series car on 16 th of april since you are
participating from delhi branch side even your whole taxed amount will be borne by delhi branch only
Your whole arrangement ticketing to staying will be borne by delhi branch because branch will get a contract of value Rs
10crore and branch will get contract only if you win.He provided me a mail Id and password
by which i can avail discount 50 to 60 percent.But he told me to pay once again 5000 more because only 75000 rs is accepted by
branch and from customer side they at least 25000 must be paid I paid this amount on 12th of april
But while making payment I logged in their website through the mail ID that is provided by siddhart but when i logged in g-mail account
through that mail ID I found this ID is already registered to someone else.
Till today I did not received their second and third product also i want to return their first product as I come to know that this all things are fake.
They are making people fool throgh this online marketing.May be they doing it
on large scale and generating crores of amount.They are also asking about debit card /credit card information from people .
I just want my whole amount back plus all those expenses that i made in them calling and using internet
that is thirty eight thousand plus 2000 extra into my account and take their so called welcome
kit back as it has not market value of 4000.Such type of scam bussiness actvity must be stopped and such people must be sentenced to the jail.
I do have thier call record with every explanation.Whenever I making call to their customer care department and complaining about it
they just get back to me with another line to keep me in their touch and makes me busy in their scam.I do have their hundreds of call record ,
mail record,Bank statement everything that is enough to proof them guilty.
THese are the no. From which I got call From their side

The telephone no. are :01409800406,01148289550,01148289450,01148289350,01148289400
The company customer care no. throgh which these perrson are identified by different executive :011-43333334

order ID of value 12999/- is 7479

26th of march of value 19999 - is 100000841

12th of april of 4998 /- is 100001218

Status of first order product received.
Staus of second order product I not received and refunded through same courier as i already complain about cancellation.
Status of third order I received conformation mail about cancellation.

As after process of of first order I have been told by ramesh that I have been locked at no. 6 position and at least my gift hamper of
value 50 to 60 thousand is assured. After process of second order they committed that I locked at now no. 3 position and at least gift
hampher of value 160000 is assured and after placing third order They told me that actually sir now you are leading to all other participant
and will be declared winner on 16th of April 2014.But as company failed to make any promise and provided me a fake mail ID for platinum membership.
Also i asked them if all these events are true then provide me everthing in wriiten but they did not did like that.Now I have left with no option to
complain to you about all these.May be they are calling so many people to raise crores of fund and may declared a winner on any day to person under his influence.

Sir, I would like to request you to stop such type of activity because these are the big threat to online bussiness and trust.
In compensation against it I request you to ask them to make payment at least 3 times more than actually I paid. Total amount I paid that is 37996/-.
Then I request you to ask to pay them at least 1,13,988. Actually I wasted lots of time and money regarding this fraud activity.

They also demanded my pan card ,my mother Voter id card on their registered mail id that is info [at] shopit4me [dot] com to look all these drama real.There is also a breach of commitment
by company in written as in mail that is provided by company to me before ordering it is written in mail that winner will announce in 16th of april 2014 but that doesn't happened.

Now I want my compensation against these fraud commitment throgh you by the campany.If they will get such kind of punishment they may stopped promoting such kind of fraud
commitment.I already cheated by twice by scuh activity.
If there is violation of any rule against online bussiness then court must also fine against such fraud.




ashishjha [dot] 999 [at] gmail [dot] com

Foreign Matter Cockroach body in Tropicana Mixed Fruit Juice

The date of purchase of the "Tropicana" mixed fruit tetra pack - 14/04/2013 from Reliance Fresh, Ambattur.
The date of Manufacture:-11.03.2013.
Time of Manufacture:-01:31.
Batch number:-255A03
The date of opening the sealed Tetra pack in the presence of five guests - 21/04/2013.
Observed Foreign bodies while pouring them into washed, dried four glasses.
Foreign matter/bodies/elements observed were :- White pulp, two body parts of Cockroach, black tiny spots like matter.
This shocked not only me, but my guests too, apart from the embarrassment, mental and physical agony suffered by the disrespecting human life attitude of the manufacturing company - Pepsico foods after sending an email on 22/04/2013.
The company's tutored statement of Ms. Mridula, from this number 911244228235, "Our personnel would revert to you in 24 hours to look into the matter." on 22/04/2013.
Till 25/04/2013 no response from their end. No personnel attended to the complaint.
Again my guest called and spoke on the 25/04/2013 in my presence to the same person Ms. Mridula on the same number, only to hear that their personnel would surely revert in 24 - 48 hours.

Ms. Simi Mehta, Customer Service Manager, responded after 14 days on 5th May 2013 -
"We are in receipt of your mail below and really apologies for the delay taken by our Chennai representatives.
Another reminder has been logged and sent to the Chennai team. They will surely in touch with you tomorrow."

Description: Description: Description: Z:2012CommonNew LogosCorporatepepsi brang group logo-01.jpg

Simi Mehta
Customer Service Manager
PepsiCo, India
3B, DLF Corporate Park, S Block, Qutab Enclave Phase III,Gurgaon - 122002

A lady Ms Anitha, spokeperson of Pepsico,spoke rudely and was very particular that she wanted the pack from me on the phone. She cared least to meet me even once on this issue.
I received this mail from Ms Simi Mehta on 8th May 2013 after almost 5 mails to her which is below:-

Dear Ms. Mehta,
This is with reference to your complaint about finding a cockroach in a Tropicana Mixed Fruit pack manufactured under batch number 255A03 dated March 11, 2013.
We would like to bring to your notice that Tropicana juices are manufactured from concentrated fruit juice and packaged in Tetrapak (a packaging which is owned by a company which uses globally patented aseptic packaging technology). The juice is untouched by hand and post pasteurization is filled into tetrapaks and sealed on fully automated lines. The packaging has several layers of film and metallic foil which prevents any air, and more importantly, microbes from entering into the container and coming into contact with the juice. This ensures that the juice remains fresh and pure.
We have checked a sample from the same batch and found the same to be normal. In addition we had also reviewed corresponding production & quality record of the day & found no deviation against the set protocol. We have very strict control points including stringent pest control systems in our manufacturing lines that there is no possibility of foreign material least of all cockroaches to be found on the production lines.
It is important for us to get the alleged pack analyzed and reach to the root cause of this issue. We, therefore, request you to please hand over the alleged pack to us to analyze the same. The analysis report of the same will be shared with you. We are requesting our Chennai team to be in touch with you to collect the pack.
We again assure you that Tropicana juices are packed under highest quality using latest technology so that consumer finds fresh tasting high quality juice in every glass served.
Simi Mehta
Customer Service Manager
Anitha – please get in touch with Ms. Mehta to collect the pack.

Till 13.05.2013 Ms Anitha was making abrupt calls, with no concrete solution even after my repeated mails to Ms Simi Mehta.

This callous attitude of the staff and the Customer Service Manager has forced me to request you take severe action against the Company for delay and denying tactics.

Alka Mehta.


i purchase a mobile phone from online shopping KAUNSA .COM,order no- “KA/27236/ZHSQANDH”, company phone no is-0120-4835000 MR Ahtisham Ahmed MIFY SOLUTION PVT LTD,SF-204 SINGHALTOWER SEC-58 NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh, India (Noida Area, India) Business Supplies and Equipment,thay are add online 21st march 2013 samsung Galaxy NOTE II 32GB only 10999only then i purchase this mobile phone through my SBI credit card and pay 10999RS full payment then company delivery my phone through “Blue Dart ”courier services 25th march. when i open the packet then i saw a unknown and UN registered a chins co phone ( ISUZU CO) and its market price hardly 2000rs and company charge 10999rs,then i contact customer care executive he told me we contact our seller (CREATIVEHOUSE 67 NOIDA-110091 UTAR PRADESH), and he told me you complain online,then i complain but there r not responding for this probe lame, i understand i am chit ted by KUNSA.COM,so please help me, mobile no-9830229977,home phone no-03326746094,email id-abhijit_avi [at] yahoo [dot] com . .I requested to u please watch this site ,how to chitted and collated core rs from the market,i requested to you please take action immediately and save society from chitted company.

Official Response from Support

Dear Avijit,

We thank you for writing to us and providing us with your feedback through this blog.

However we check your order id KA/27236/ZHSQANDH, the product is already dispatched on 27th April 2013 at 10:30 by A MAJUMDAR from First Flight Courier courier, Consignment Numbers W15799790. As we dispatched it on 09th April 2013.

Data as per the record of First Flight Courier courier

Consignment Number :W15799790
Date Serving Location Status
09-Apr-2013 Noida Dispatched From Origin
10-Apr-2013 Delhi Despatched From Hub
27-Apr-2013 Kolkatta Delivered-Consignment Delivered

****** Check status online here

We request you to bear with us in the interim.
Assuring you of our best services.

team – kaunsa.Com
contact numbers:
board number - 0120-4835000 (9:30 am to 6.30pm) monday to saturday

Recharging of TATA DOCOMO sim.

Dear Sir,
Sub: Attempt to change over/cancel erroneous recharging of TATA DOCOMO SIM
Ref: Place of origin of complaint - Kochi
Recharging transcation id of 100002179134401
Date of recharge- 09th Dec 2012
Time of recharge -18 01 45 hrs

On 09th Dec 2012 I, by mistake, recharged Rs 666 on TATA DOCOMO sim, which scheme is exclusively meant for local calls FOR A PERIOD OF ONE MONTH ONLY. Within a couple of minutes, I realized the error (as with this Rs666 offer I cannot call outside the state), I requested the vendor to cancel this recharging with TATA DOCOMO office and convert it to either normal recharging with indefinite validity or refund the amount to me. Immediately he called up the office and conveyed the details of the error.

I was directed to approach the local office in Kochi. This office advised me to contact the vendor, so that this can be sorted out with him by the DOCOMO people. I went back to the vendor.

When I tried to use the facility after a couple of weeks as no reply was forthcoming, I found that this could not be used, for whatever reason.

Till to date nothing has happened. Today the validity period of the recharge is getting over.

The amount is not large, but the unwary customer is at the mercy of such situations.
Please look into this and help set the procedures of change over/ refund.

Thank you,

G. Vijay Gopaal,
Landline - 04842355262 / Mobile - +919995339539

Insurance claim of the vehicle


I have the insurance of Mahindra Bolero with Shriram General insurance Company Ltd., bearing Policy No.-10003/31/12/435786; Code:-3599861, Registration No. of the vehicle CG 12 Y 0559.
I have met with an accident on 7/05/12 with the above vehicle. When my vehicle was under repair, & Repairing Centre even didn't calculated/generated the Retail Invoice (Bill) of the vehicle, at that time Shriram General Insurance surveyor Nitin Vijay (SLA NO.- 57542) have submitted the claim amount to the Insurance Company. I was astonished to know that the surveyor have submitted the claim amount without the repairing of the Vehicle, & without Repairing Centre Retail invoice, & how the Shriram General Insurance Company (SGI) have sanctioned/settled the claim amount of Rs.1,17,932 for the repair of the vehicle? I think that both Surveyor, & SGI Insurance company are misguiding the whole claim procedure. Repairing centre have given the estimated amount of Rs.2,31,366.
I have filed a complaint against the Shriram General Insurance Company Ltd. on 24th Aug.2012 in District Consumer Forum Korba (C.G) for the settlement of the above claim amount.
Registrar of the consumer forum delayed two months in sending the notice to the Insurance Company at head office Jaipur, at Korba, to Surveyor, & at Mahindra Auto Centre, Korba.
Now till date my vehicle is ready, & repaired with the bill amount of Rs.2,56,196, the original retail invoice has been courier to the Shriram General Insurance JAIPUR dt. 22nd Sept.2012 addressing Mr. Ajit Sharma (Regional Manager-Claims), but till date no response have come from there side, & the Shriram General Insurance is denying, & delaying in giving the exact amount towards the repairing charges of the vehicle, and even till date Shriram General Insurance surveyor didn’t came for the final photo of the vehicle. Even MD of the Insurance Company send a mail saying that it would be settled in the month of October 2012, but till date no action have been taken from there side.
After getting notice they hired the lawyer from Korba. On October 2012, judge of the Consumer forum told the lawyer of the Insurance Company for their decision of the case, & adjourned date till November 21, 2012 for the date of hearing, but on that date judge didn’t came, & everytime the lawyer is submitting the vakalatnama, he is telling nothing for the decision taken by Insurance Company, as asked by the judge, & extended the date till(December 17, 2012).
It is almost three months passed, but till date no relief was granted by the judge of the District Consumer Forum.
Due to this I am suffering lots of Problem which hampers my daily lots of time, job, & money. I am both mentally, & physically torture with the issue of the same
I, therefore request you to take necessary action against them, & given me proper claim money.

Rebooting of brand new samsung galexy I9003.

Dear sir,

I purchased the samsung galexy S(GT-I9003) on 21.04.2012. On that day evening its self it started problem. Automatic shutdown. I complained in tool free . Got the complaint no of 8441744935. They said that they can do only service and cannot replace. What do i do. I purchased from Sangi & Co. from kannur - kerala. Please tell me what do i do


Blatant overcharging on 12164 Dadar Chennai Express25/07/11

On 26/07 travelling by the above train, for two egg curry meals was charged Rs.150/- @ Rs.75/meal, and on persistent insistence and threatening of not paying without the issue of a bill, was issued one bearing the number 4804 dated 26/7. Bearing the legend M/S Sunshine Caterers Pvt. Ltd. Licencees Pantry Car 1041 / 1042 / 1027 / 1028-Mumbai-Chennai-Mumbai with no other details of address, telephone nos. etc.
Packed items to be paid for @ of the MRP is misused in the case of Packaged drinking water by serving unheard of brands with a printed MRP of Rs.15/-, when the best in the business retail @Rs.12/-
There is no rate list available nor displayed in the pantry car.
Their devil may care attitude underlines their nexus with the powers that be.

Quality of workmanship and servicing at Amitdeep Motors Allahaba

Dear Sir,

1. I have a 2004 model Zen LX bearing registration number GJ 5CB 3988. I am a serving officer with the Indian Air force and I am a doctor by profession. I have been recently posted from Bangalore to Allahabad.
2. The air conditioner of my Car was not working when I was in Bangalore and I suspected some electrical problem in the same, as there was known Rat menace near my residential area. Due to paucity of time at Bangalore, I decided to get my Car repaired at an authorized service station at Allahabad.
3. I had given my Car for servicing at Amitdeep Motors, Sulem Sarai,GT Road Allahabad on 14 Jun 2011 with the main complaint as A/C not working and with regular running servicing.
4. The Car was delivered to me after “so called repairs” , but when I checked the A/C system in front of the delivery boy itself the A/C did not function. I sent the car back to the garage for required work. The next day after all possible repair work that could be done by the technicians at Amitdeep Motors, I was informed that the wiring of the car is at fault and the entire wiring has to be changed to which I concurred. I was informed that since the wiring has to be arranged from Gurgoan which will be available in a few weeks after an email from Amitdeep Motors.
5. The problem started there after, when I noticed that the car was getting overheated and later discovered that the entire radiator was empty and did not contain any coolant. Now it raises question as to whether the radiator and the coolant is supposed to be checked during running servicing or not???
6. I raised the same question during my visit to Amitdeep Motors, Sulem Sarai,GT Road during my so called “Complaint Visit”. I will like to compliment the manager at Amitdeep motors for a patient hearing and prompt action to “fix” my car. I was informed that not only was the A/C not working but also the radiator fan which derives the current from a similar source is not working, hence now they have fixed the wiring and it would not give rise to any problem in the future.
7. I came back from the garage happy thinking that the worst is over. But I soon discovered that the next day the A/C stopped working again and the car was getting overheated again. Now fedup of the “Authorized Service Station” I decided to approach the know local car repair mechanic.
8. The diagnosis reached by him is that the ECM of the car has short circuited and is the cause of the problem which I have seen my self which has a small burnt portion.
9. Now the question that I am trying to find an answer to.
a. Was the ECM already damaged, if so why did Maruti mechanics were able to find the same out?
b. Has the ECM been damaged after the “so called repairs done by your staff?
c. Why do we pay much above the general market rates at Maruti Authorized service station’s, if the net result is as poor as I have found.
d. Who pays for the cost of the ECM?
10. I hope that an answer will be found soon to my complaints at the earliest and a solution will offered to me.

In anticipation of a quick reply
Sqn Ldr (Dr) HPS Sahota
Graded Specialist
Aerospace Medicine
Indian Air force

Contact Details: +91-9651290898, +91-9651290878, +91 532-2580422

Replacement of Defective Laptop

I purchased an HCL Laptop computer Serial No. 1111AE647589 on 18/03/2011 on the date of installation 21/03/2011 it was found defective I informed HCL INFOSYSTEMS LTD, NOIDA, UP -201301. They did not pay heed to my complaints for replacement. Now the Web camera is not functioning which need repairing. Please look into the matter. Tapan Kumar Basu 3/3, M. B. Road, Belgharia Kolkata - 700056 Phone (033) 2541-6377 Mobile : +91 98303 11460