Central Bank of India Customer Care No. 1800 202 1911

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800 202 1911 (Customer Support, 24 hours)
  • 1800 22 1911 (Alternate No. for Support)
  • 1800 203 1911 (For Pensioner)
All India Number(s): 
  • 022-4190 3900 (Alternate Customer Support)
  • 996 7533 228 (SMS for card blocking)
  • 9555 244 442 (Missed Call For Balance Enquiry)
  • 9555 144 441 (Missed call for Mini Statement)
  • 022-4919 7323 (Card not working for online registration / transaction)
  • 022-4919 7314 (For failed transaction in ATM/POS/Online & Account debited)

IVRS Menu: 1800 202 1911

Select preferred language (English/Hindi)

  • Press 1 : To block or unblock credit card or block alternative bank services or to report a fraud
  • Press 2 : For deposit account & services
  • Press 3 : For loan account & services
  • Press 4 : For complain about products linking of adhar to update email id & mobile number in your account to know interest rate or to get ATM & branch location
  • Press 5 : For decline transaction
  • Press 7 : For change your preferred language


  • digitalsupport [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in (Digital Transactions Help)
  • complaints [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in (Public Complaints)
  • smtbk2 [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in (For Reversal/failed transactions)
  • agmnricell [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in (NRI Banking)
  • nricell [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in (NRI Banking queries)

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ATM Related Queries

Sr.No. Type of assistance Number Email for communication
1 Card Hotlisting  /
Card not working
1800 22 1911 complaints [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
2 Card not working for
online registration / transaction.
debitcard [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
cmcards [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
3 For failed transaction in
ATM/POS/Online & Account
debited requiring reversal
smatmreversal [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in

SMS for Debit card Blocking/Hotlisting

For Debit Card Hotlisting by sending SMS from registered mobile to 9967533228 

  • LOST: For blocking all cards linked to mobile
  • LOST <space> card no. : For blocking specific card no.
  • LOST<space>Account no. : For blocking card in specific account

Public Complaints

If any complaints with the Bank, it will be taken up with this officer :

Designation Asst.General Manager
(Customer Service and Complaints)
Address Central Bank of India,
Operations Department,
Central Bank Building, 2nd floor
M.G. Road, Hutatma Chowk,
Fort, Mumbai 400 023
Telephone 022-61648786
Facility of On -Line
Customer will get Unique Identification Number (UIN) while lodging on- line complaints using the option given below. This UIN will help the complainant in tracking the latest position of complaint in future. Alternatively  Customer may  mail their complaint on  email Id: pmjdy [dot] grievances [at] nic [dot] in
customer service No. 022-61648708 CM
022-22643056 SM

Digital Banking

Description Email
1800 22 1911 (Same for all)
Internet Banking
For technical issues cbsnethelp [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
For Reversal/failed transactions Bharat Bill Pay Transactions mgrtbk_mobile [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
Other Merchant Transactions bmvb4982 [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
IMPS Transactions Smtbk2 [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
Mobile Banking
For technical issues mobilesupport [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
For Reversal/failed transactions Bharat Bill Pay Transactions mgrtbk_mobile [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
Other Merchant Transactions bmvb4982 [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
IMPS Transactions Smtbk2 [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
UPI and BHIM App help
For technical issues - upisupport [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
1800 22 1911
For Reversal/failed transactions - smtbk2 [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
NEFT Handling Team
Arun Sharma Sr Manager,
Incharge Neft Cell
Sunit Srivastava Asst. Manager 022-22637966,

Grievance Redressal

If you have any query/complaints regarding any services provided by bank, firstly contact through the numbers and email id given above which is for customer support or you can Fill Online Complaint Form. If your complaints is not resolved through email/contact numbers or via online form, you can lodge your complaints through four ways:

Step 1- Branch Office

  • You can visit nearest branch office or you also can search nearest branch through Branch Locator

Step 2- Regional Offices

SNo. City State Number Email
1 Ahmedabad Gujarat 079-71786020 rmahmero [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
2 Baroda Gujarat 0265-2431699
Fax- 0265-2431699
rmbaroro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
3 Gandhinagar Gujarat 079-71786023 rmganaro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
4 Jamnagar Gujarat 0288-2676566 rmjamnro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
5 Rajkot Gujarat 0758-2226538 rmrajkro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
6 Surat Gujarat 0261-2465841
rmsuraro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
7 Ambikapur Chhatisgarh 0281-2229452 rmambiro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
8 Bhopal Madhya Pradesh 0755-2760727 rmbhopro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
9 Chhindwara Madhya Pradesh 07774-227024
rmchhiro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
10 Gwalior Madhya Pradesh 0755-2674038
Fax- 0755-2320061
rmgwalro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
11 Hoshangabad Madhya Pradesh 07162-236511
rmhoshro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
12 Indore Madhya Pradesh 0751-2320061 rmindoro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
13 Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh 0761-2662694 rmjabaro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
14 Raipur Chhatisgarh 0771-4042035 rmraipuro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
15 Ratlam Madhya Pradesh 07412-299108 rmratlro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
16 Sagar Madhya Pradesh 0771-2255437 rmsagaro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
17 Shahdol Madhya Pradesh 07652-351061 opershahro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
18 Amritsar Punjab 0183-2921861 rmamriro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
19 Chandigarh Chandigarh 0172-2540991 rmchanro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
20 Jalandhar Punjab 0181-5064614 rmjalaro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
21 Karnal Haryana 0184-2272583 rmkarnro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
22 Ludhiana Punjab 0471-4000046
Fax- 0471-2401741
rmludhro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
23 Rohtak Haryana 01265-282846 rmrohtro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
24 Shimla Himachal Pradesh 0866-2475943 rmshimro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
25 Bangalore Karnataka 0891-2512588 rmbangro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
26 Chennai Tamil Nadu 044-28883201
Fax- 044-28883134
rmchenro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
27 Coimbatore Tamil Nadu 0422-2398083 rmcoimro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
28 Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh 011-23940444 rmguntro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
29 Hubli Karnataka 0836-2332339 rmhublro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
30 Hyderabad Telnangana 011-23952187 rmhydero [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
31 Ernakulam Kerala 0141-4913586
Fax- 0141-4842861200
rmcochro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
32 Madurai Tamil Nadu 0291-2644655
Fax- 0291-2537460
rmmaduro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
33 Trivendrum Kerala 0744-2450135 rmthirro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
34 Tiruchirapalli Tamil Nadu 03242-252050 rmtricro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
35 Vijaywada Andhra Pradesh 0866-2478460 rmvijaro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
36 Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh 0674-2397509 rmvisaro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
37 Hanamkonda Telnangana   rmwararo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
38 Dehradun Uttarakhand   rmdehrro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
39 Delhi Nct Of Delhi 9899455099 rmdelcro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
40 New Delhi Delhi 011-42827338 rmdelaro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
41 Delhi Delhi 033-22313342
Fax- 033-23940444
rmdelbro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
42 Jaipur Rajasthan 0141-4913586 rmjaipro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
43 Jodhpur Rajastan 0291-2522798 rmjodhro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
44 Kota Rajasthan 0353-3643743
Fax- 0353-2450135
rmkotaro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
45 Bankura West Bengal 0376-2322905 rmbankro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
46 Barpeta Assam 0562-2856960 rmbarpertaro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
47 Bhubaneshwar Orissa 0522-2612347 rmbhubro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
48 Coochbehar West Bengal 0581-2555513 rmcoocro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
49 Durgapur West Bengal 05568-222353 rmdurgro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
50 Guwahati Assam 05688-252526 rmguwaro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
51 Jalpaiguri West Bengal   rmjalpro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
52 Kolkata West Bengal 0510-244044 rmkolknro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
53 Kolkata West Bengal 033-22312720 rmkolksro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
54 Sambalpur Odisha 0663-2522798 rmsambro [at] centralbnk [dot] co [dot] in
55 Siliguri West Bengal 0353-22643743 rmsiliro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in 
56 Jorhat Assam 0542-2366470 rmupparo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
57 Agra Uttar Pradesh 0562-2526756 rmagraro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
58 Ayodhya
Uttar Pradesh 8303714301 rmayodro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
59 Bareilly Uttar Pradesh 0832-2425106 rmbarero [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
60 Deoria Uttar Pradesh 022-25335716 rmdeorro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
61 Etawah Uttar Pradesh 06272-233388 rmetawro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
62 Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh N/A rmgoraro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
63 Jahnsi Uttar Pradesh   rmjhanro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
64 Kanpur Uttar Pradesh 0512-2297521
Fax- 0512-2297521
rmkanpro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
65 Lucknow Uttar Pradesh 06252-227683
Fax- 06252-2228890
rmluckro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
66 Meerut Uttar Pradesh 0121-4333103 rmmerro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
67 Varanasi Uttar Pradesh 0542-2369792 rmvararo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
68 Mumbai Maharashtra 06454-224905
Fax- 06454-40345857
rmmumnro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
69 Mumbai Maharashtra 022-62531225 rmmsro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
70 Panaji Goa 0832-2425106
operpanaro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
71 Thane Maharashtra 0241-2779050
Fax- 0241-25415914
rmthanro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
72 Darbhanga Bihar 0724-2400114
Fax- 0724-233388
rmdarbro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
73 Dhanbad Jharkhand 0721-2560562 rmdhanro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
74 Gaya Bihar 0240-2331701 rmgayaro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
75 Katihar Bihar 0257-2262011 rmkatiro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
76 Motihari Bihar 0712-2523949
Fax- 0712-222681
rmmotiro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
77 Muzaffarpur Bihar   rmmuzaro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
78 Patna Bihar 0612-2226259 rmpatnro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
79 Purnea Bihar   rmpurnro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
80 Ranchi Jharkhand 0651-2560332
Fax- 0651-2560454
rmrancro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
81 Siwan Bihar 06154-295101 rmsiwaro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
82 Ahmednagar Maharashtra 0241-2779070 rmnagaro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
83 Akola Maharashtra 0724-2401013
Fax- 0724-2459867
rmakolro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
84 Amravati Maharashtra 0721-2560565 rmamraro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
85 Aurangabad Maharashtra 0240-2331701
Fax- 0240-2332053
rmauraro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
86 Jalgaon Maharashtra 0257-2262012
Fax- 0257-2262013
rmjalgro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
87 Nagpur Maharashtra 0712-2532824
Fax- 0712-2528915
rmnagpro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
88 Nasik Maharashtra 0253-2353598
Fax- 0253-2353597
rmnasiro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
89 Pune Maharashtra 020-26131611
Fax- 020-24450879
rmpunero [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
90 Solapur Maharashtra   rmsolaro [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in

Step 3- Zonal Offices

SNo. Location Number Email Address
1 Ahmedabad 079-25503634 zmahmezo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in 9 Th Floor, Central Bank Building,
Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad 380001
2 Bhopal 0755-2674030
Fax: 0755-2552019
zmbhopzo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in 9, 1St Floor,Arera Hills,
Jail Road
Bhopal -462 011
3 Chandigarh 0172-2704787
Fax: 0172-2704047
zmchanzo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in P.B.No: 13, No: 58-59,
Bank Square, Sector 17B,
Chandigarh - 160017
4 Chennai 044-23464201
Fax: 044-23464200
zmchenzo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in 3Rd Floor 48/49,
Red Cross Road,
Chennai - 600008
5 New Delhi 011-42827707
Fax: 011-23626381
zmdelhzo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in Plot No. 4, Block No. 54,
Opp. Desh Bandhu Gupta Road, 
Karol Baugh,
New Delhi  -110 005
6 Guwahati - zmguwazo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in Central Bank Of India Building,
2Nd Floor, Shaktigarh Path,
Near Senco Jewellers,
Bhangagarh, Guwahati- 781005.
7 Hyderabad 040-23468901 zmhydezo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in Central Bank Building,
Mahapatram Road, Bank Street,
Koti, Hyderabad - 500001
8 Kolkata 033-22301270
Fax: 033-22309865
zmkolkzo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in Central Bank Building
33, Netaji Subhash Road
Kolkata -700 001
9 Lucknow 0522-2611301
Fax: 0522-2613240
zmluckzo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in 1St Floor,73, M.G.Road,
Lucknow- 226 001
10 Mumbai Metro
Zonal Office
Fax: 022-40345819
zmmmzo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in 346,Standard Building,
1St Floor,
Fort,Mumbai-400 023
11 Patna 0612-2226607
Fax: 0612-2221898
zmpatnzo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in 2nd Floor, Block B
Maurya Lok Complex
Dak Banglow Road,
Patna -800 001
12 Pune 020-26131611
Fax: 020-26131618
zmpunezo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in P. B. No. 98, 317
M. G. Road,
Pune -411 001

Step 4 -Central Office

  • Visit Registered/ Corporate Office at the following address:
    Central Bank of India
    Chander Mukhi, Nariman Point
    Mumbai-400 021
    Tel: 022-66387777

All complaints received at every level will be immediately acknowledged by the concerned incharge. Again if not getting response, you can contact the nodal officers:

Nodal Officers at Regional / Zonal Offices

Sr.No. Regional Office Name Of Nodal Officer Designation Contact Number Mail Id
1 Zo Ahmedabad Shri Prashant Deshpande Agm 9422654648
Agmoperahmezo [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
2 Ahmedabad Shri Rakesh Roshan Sr Manager 7567883892
Operahmero [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
3 Baroda Shri Nandkishore Verman Chief Manager 8860084295
Operbaroro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
4 Gandhinagar Shri C K Garg Chief Manager 9466212988
Operganaro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
5 Jamnagar Shri Sanjay Ghosh Manager 9431268589
Operjamnro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
6 Rajkot Shri Dharmraj Kumar   9909992087 Operrajkro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
7 Surat Shri Pritesh Shah Manager 9879794069 Opersura [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
8 Zo Bhopal       Operbhopzo [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
9 Ambikapur Shri Neeraj Goswami Chief Manager 9616366260 Cmoperambica [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
10   Shri K C Mohanty Sr Manager 7008222138  
11 Bhopal Shri Harishankar Soni Chief Manager 7024173565
Operbhopro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
12   Smt Anjali Bhagat Asstt Manager 7024115014
13 Chhindwara Shri C.P. Nandeshwar Chief Manager 8226003800 Cmcreditchhiro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
14   Shri Arvind Kumar Sr Manager 7903747908  
15 Gwalior Shri N K Mangal Chief Manager 7354888663
Recvgwalro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
16   Shri Alok Rohatgi Asstt Manager 8989782975
17 Hoshangabad Shri Prashant Yadav Asstt Manager 9893773197 Operhoshro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
18   Shri Ishan Verman Chief Manager 8871946759  
19 Indore Shri Kamlesh Diwakar Sr Manager 8370012095 Auditindoro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
20   Shri Chetan Pattidar Chief Manager 8660017460  
21 Jabalpur Shri Anil Nayak Chief Manager 8226014333 Cmoperjabaro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
22   Shri Meena Shrivastava Asstt Manager 8226012911  
23 Raipur Shri G C Dewangan Chief Manager 8370019826
Operraipro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
24   Shri Dinesh Yadav Sr Manager 8770918811
25 Ratlam Smt Samyuktha Shetty Asstt Manager 6262603306 Cm2Ratlro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
26   Shri Radheshyam Chief Manager 9926402106  
27 Sagar Shri Manoj Jain Chief Manager 9926133263 Cmopersagaro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
28   Shri Abhishek Jain Sr Manager 9993666061  
29 Shahdol Shri Mukesh Khare Chief Manager 8226012556 Opershahro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
30   Shri Saurabh Raj Sr Manager 9111031119  
31 Zo Chandigarh Shri C.S. Chugh Agm 9988803085
Operchanzo [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
32 Amritsar Shri G.L Pandit Chief Manager 9888851878
Operamriro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
33 Chandigarh Shri Ashok Kalra Chief Manager 9988690156
Operchanro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
34 Jalandhar Shri N.K. Ahirwar Chief Manager 9888825910
Operjalaro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
35 Karnal Shri R.K. Yadav Chief Manager 9179045414
Creditkarnro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
36 Ludhiana Shri Baldev Singh Chief Manager 8054209043
Operludhro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
37 Rohtak Shri Pradeep Kandu Chief Manager 9370588927
Operrohtro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
38 Shimla Shri J.S. Meena Chief Manager 9547600991
Opershimro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
39 Zo Chennai Shri Satish Talreja Agm 9361908924
Agm2Chenzo [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
40 Chennai Shri T Choudry Chief Manager 7010660417
Operchenro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
41 Coimbatore Shri Kumaravel Chief Manager 8939381222
Opercoimro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
42 Kochi Shri Sadanandan Chief Manager 8943332848
Opercochro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
43 Madurai Mrs Nalini Meenakshi Chief Manager 8489945253
Drm1Maduro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
44 Trichy Shri U Ambigapathy Chief Manager 9944014425 Opertricro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
45 Trivandrum Shri Anil Babu Chief Manager 9633854899
Operthriro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
46 Bangalore Shri Gururajachar Chief Manager 9538893712 Cmoperbangro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
47 Hyderabad Shri G V Ramesh Chief Manager 6304903704
Cmoperhydero [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
48 Vijaywada Shri M Viswaprasad Chief Manager 6304906604
Cmvijaro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
49 Hubli Shri V V S Prasad Chief Manager 9538867536 Cm2Hublro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
50 Warrangal Shri Amba Das Chief Manager 6303929009
Cm2Wararo [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
51 Guntur Shri P Chandrashekhar Rao Chief Manager 6304906606
Cm1Guntro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
52 Visakhapatnam Shri B K Prasad Chief Manager 9441829763 Cm1Visaro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
53 Zo Delhi Shri Sujit Kumar Agm 9650104428
011- 42827820
Complaintsdelhzo [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
54 Deharadun Shri Vimal Kumar Chief Manager 8859504254 Armdehrro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
55 Delhi-A South Ms. Nitasha Malik Chief Manager 9871758491
Operdelaro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
56 Delhi-B North Shri Anil Thukral Chief Manager 7838788855
Operdelbro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
57 Delhi-C Central Shri S K Bhatt Chief Manager 9999729532
Operdelcro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In,
Cmoperdelcro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
58 Jaipur Shri Anil Jindal Chief Manager 9654005051
Cmoperjaipro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
59 Jodhpur Shri A S Chauhan Chief Manager 9460919891
Cmjodhro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
60 Kota Shri B.L. Meena Chief Manager 8696913817
Drmkotaro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
61 Zo Kolkata Ashok Kumar Singh Chief Manager 6292191378
Operkolkzo [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
62 Bhubneshwar Shri Lambodar Behera Chief Manager 7064431301
Operbhubro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
63 Coochbihar Shri Tapan Saha Chief Manager 9733209903
Opercoocro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
64 Durgapur Shri Jayanta Das Chief Manager 8695624206
Operdurgro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
65 North Kolkata Shri Rajib Bansal Chief Manager 6292191378
Operkolknro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
66 Siliguri Shri Divyendu Sarkar Chief Manager 8136037112
Opersiliro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
67 South Kolkata Shri Manoj Kumar Mondal Chief Manager 9955440132
Operkolksro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
68 Barpeta Shri Bibhuti Bhusan Jha Chief Manager 9127051573
Operbarpetaro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
69 Guwahati Shri Keshab Rao Chief Manager 8886911811
Operguwaro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
70 Upper Assam Shri Manish Dutt Chief Manager 8989632211 Operupparo [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
71 Jalpaiguri Shri Prem Chand Mullick Chief Manager 9735011006
Operjalpro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
72 Bankura Shri Sumit Kishore Chief Manager 9394094370
Operbankro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
73 Sambalpur Shri Kishor Kar Chief Manager 7381041471
Opersambro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
74 Zo Lucknow Shri Ankit Srivastava Manager 9340360649 Complaintsluckzo [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
Operluckzo [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
75 Agra Smt Shruti Agarwal Sr Manager 8859502888 Operagraro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
76 Ayodhya Shri Jitendra Nath Manager 9135904891 Operayodro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
77 Bareilley Shri Meenakshi Singh Sr Manager 8303716063 Operbarero [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
78 Deoria Shri Sanjay Kumar Manager 6388035347 Operdeorro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
79 Etawah Shri Mukesh Mukul Sr Manager 7903884450 Operetawro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
80 Gorakhpur Smt Doli Agarwal Manager 9336461805 Opergoraro [at] Centrallbank [dot] Co [dot] In
81 Jhansi Shri Kuldeep Singh Manager 7908673906 Operjhanro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
82 Kanpur Shri C M Telang Chief Manager 8795816298 Operkanpro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
83 Lucknow Shri Nischal Sahu Manager 9918002150 Operluckro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
84 Meerut Shri Srikant Verma Sr Manager 8303713804 Opermeerro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
85 Varanasi Shri Mithilesh Rao Manager 9236106769 Opervararo [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
86 Zo Mumbai Shri P K Das Agm 9894462447
Agm2Mmzo [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
87 Mro Shri A D Sarkar Chief Manager 7602853478
Cmoprmro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
88 Msro Shri A K Jha Chief Manager 8879128470
Cmcreditmsro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
89 Panji Shri Ajeetkumar Kc Chief Manager 8148609810
Cmpanro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
90 Thane Shri Jaykumar Singh Chief Manager 9049629629
Cmthanro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
91 Zo Patna Shri Vijay Pal Singh Rana Agm 9988690453 Dzmpatnzo [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
92 Darbhnaga Shri Satya Narayan Prasad Chief Manager 9955899600 Operdarbro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
93 Dhanbad Shri M P Pandit Chief Manager 8298199766 Operdhanro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
94 Gaya Shri Dinesh Pd Sinha Chief Manager 7002479155 Opergayaro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
95 Katihar Shri Ajay Prakash Gupta Chief Manager 9693910301 Operkaro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
96 Motihari Shri Satis Kumar Chief Manager 9534397041 Opermoro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
97 Muzaffarpur Shri Sanjay Kumar Chief Manager 8406902283 Opermuzaro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
98 Patna Shri Arun Kr Singh Chief Manager 9470076969 Operpatnro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
99 Purnea Shri Rajiv Ranjan Jha Chief Manager 9123140698 Operpurnro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
100 Ranchi Shri Satish Kumar Chief Manager 9570900444 Oprrancro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
101 Siwan Shri Sanjay Kumar Sarmah Chief Manager 8406902272 Oprsiwaro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
102 Zo Pune Shri Manoj Kumar Singh Agm 9607046667 Operpunezo [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
Dgmpunezo [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
103 Ahmednagar Shri Alok Kumar Chief Manager 7350087212
Opernagaro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
104 Akola Shri Dyaneshwar Tapre Chief Manager 7798881424
Operakolro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In,
Drmakolro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In,
Cmakolro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
105 Amravati Shri Shekhar Dhongade Chief Manager 9619600961 Cm1Amraro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
106 Aurangabad Shri Prakash M Shende Chief Manager 8390903463
Operauraro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In,
Drmauraro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
107 Jalgaon Shri Rupesh Kumar Sharma Chief Manager 8294514221 Cmoperjalgro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
108 Nagpur Shri Milind Tare Chief Manager 7262099444
Extn: 23
Opernagpro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
109 Nasik Shri Kamal S Ramnani Chief Manager 7798986454
Opernasiro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In,
Armnasiro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
110 Pune Ms C S Geeta Chief Manager 9923200364
Drmpunero [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
111 Solapur Ms Pratibha Badurkar Chief Manager 8879794550 Cmopersolaro [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In

After all these ways if you are untill unsatisfied, the last step for your resolution is contact the RBI at Address & Area of Operation of Banking Ombudsmen

Foreign Exchange Branches

Sr No Branch Branch Code Regional Office State Swift Code Contact No.
1 Benz Circle, Vijayawada 1567 Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh CBININBBVIJ 0866-2472608
Bmvija1567 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
2 Visakhapatnam Branch 824 Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh CBININBBVIS 0891-2563595
Cmvija0824 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
3 Patna Branch 9 Patna Bihar CBININBBPAT 0612-2216017
Bmpatn0009 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
4 Bhilai Branch 789 Raipur Chhattisgarh CBININBBBHI 0788-2261612
Cmraip0789 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
5 Ashoka Hotel 298 Delhi - A (S) Delhi CBININBBASH 011-24101848
Cmdela0298 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
6 Parliament Street Branch 316 Delhi - A (S) Delhi CBININBBPAR 011-023743858
Agmdela0316 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
7 Janpath Branch New Delhi 318 Delhi - A (S) Delhi CBININBBJAN 011-23321343
Agmdela0318 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
8 Nehru Place Branch 1410 Delhi - A (S) Delhi CBININBBNEH 011-26449332
Agmdela1410 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
9 C F B Delhi 3464 Delhi - A (S) Delhi CBININBBCFD 011-49992220
Dgmcfb3464 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
10 Panaji Branch 713 Panaji Goa CBININBBPAN 0832-2425389
Bmpana0713 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
11 Madgaon Branch 715 Panaji Goa CBININBBMAD 0832-2714077
Cmpana0715 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
12 Surat Branch 512 Surat Gujarat CBININBBSUR 0261-2590325
Cmsura0512 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
13 Lal Darwaja Branch 546 Ahmedabad Gujarat CBININBBLAL 7925504899
Agmahme0546 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
14 Rajkot Branch 571 Rajkot Gujarat CBININBBRAJ 0281-2222915
Cmrajk0571 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
15 Jamnagar Branch 580 Jamnagar Gujarat CBININBBJAM 0288-2676511
Bmrajk0580 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
16 M C B Vadodara 3875 Vadodara Gujarat CBININBBMBA 0265-2350364
Agmbaro3875 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
17 Karnal Branch 381 Chandhigarh Haryana CBININBBKAR 0184-2272583
Bmamba0381 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
18 Ranchi Main Branch 86 Ranchi Jharkhand CBININBBSOU 0651-2220080
Bmranc0086 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
19 C F B Bangalore 3816 Bangalore Karnataka CBININBBMRB 080-22282539
Agmbang3816 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
20 thiruvananthapuram Branch 937 trivandrum Kerala CBININBBTHI 0471-2471294
Bmtriv0937 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
21 Alleppey Branch 948 Kochi Kerala CBININBBAPP 0477-2251450
Bmcoch0948 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
22 Ernakulam 963 Kochi Kerala CBININBBWIS 0484-2352025
Cmcoch0963 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
23 Arera Hills, Bhopal 3312 Bhopal Madhya Pradesh CBININBBMBH 0755-2674058
Agmbhop3312 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
24 M C B Indore 3827 Indore Madhya Pradesh CBININBBSIY 0731-4083826
Agmindo3827 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
25 Andheri (East) Branch 595 Msro Maharashtra CBININBBAND 022-26836525
Agmmumn0595 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
26 Mandvi Branch 619 Mro Maharashtra CBININBBMAV 022-23420134
Cmmums0619 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
27 Mumbai Main Office 621 Mro Maharashtra CBININBBBMO 022-40575702
Agmmmo0621 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
28 Opera House Branch 625 Mro Maharashtra CBININBBOPE 022-23810476
Bmmums0625 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
29 Pune Camp Branch 658 Pune Maharashtra CBININBBPOO 020-26131615
Agmpune0658 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
30 Pimpri Branch 667 Pune Maharashtra CBININBBPMR 020-27423413
Cmpune0667 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
31 Mcb Pune 3863 Pune Maharashtra CBININBBPOO 020-26131615
Bmpune3863 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
32 Nagpur Branch 695 Nagpur Maharashtra CBININBBNAG 0712-2532323
Cmnagp0695 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
33 Nariman Point Branch 1067 Mro Maharashtra CBININBBNPT 022-66361901
Cmmums1067 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
34 Seepz Branch 1490 Msro Maharashtra CBININBBSPZ 022-28290129
Bmmumn1490 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
35 C F B Mumbai 3007 Mro Maharashtra CBININBBCFB 022-40785801-13
Agmcfb3007 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
36 Bharat Diamond Bourse Branch 4564 Msro Maharashtra CBININBBBDB 022-26753558
Bmmumn4564 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
37 Civil Lines (Amritsar) Br 339 Amritsar Punjab CBININBBAMR 0183-2565473
Bmamri0339 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
38 Civil Lines (Jalandhar) Br 353 Jalandhar Punjab CBININBBCLJ 0181-2453644
Cmjala0353 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
39 Sector 17-B Br Chandigarh 412 Chandigarh Punjab CBININBBSEC 0172-2702431
Cmchan0412 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
40 Ind Area Br Phagwara (1161) 1161 Jalander Punjab CBININBBPHA 01824-262008
Bmjala1161 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
41 M C B Ludhiana 3931 Ludhiana Punjab CBININBBLUD 0161-2600041
Agmludh3931 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
42 S C Road Br Jaipur 1065 Jaipur Rajasthan CBININBBSCR 0141-2364144
Agmjaip1065 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
43 Indra Prastha Kota 1557 Kota Rajasthan CBININBBKOT 8696930752
Bmkota1557 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
44 Karur Branch 901 Tiruchirapally Tamil Nadu CBININBBKRU 04324-236063
Bmtiru0901 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
45 Salem Branch 903 Coimbatore Tamil Nadu CBININBBSAL 0427-2211140
0427-2210371Bmcoim0903 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
46 Coimbatore Branch 908 Coimbatore Tamil Nadu CBININBBCOB 0422-2396226
Cmcoim0908 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
47 Madurai Main Branch 914 Madurai Tamil Nadu CBININBBMDU 0452-2345604
Cmmadu0914 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
48 Tirupur Branch 910 Coimbatore Tamil Nadu CBININBBTIR 0421-2201075
Cmcoim0910 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
49 Kovilpatti Branch 925 Madurai Tamil Nadu CBININBBKOV 04632-220269
Cmmadu0925 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
50 Pondicherry Branch 1354 Tiruchirapally Tamil Nadu CBININBBPON 0413-2344409
Bmtiru1354 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
51 C F B Chennai 3507 Chennai Tamil Nadu CBININBBADT 044-23464265
Bmchen3507 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
52 C F B - Hyderabad 3815 Hyderabad Telangana CBININBBHYD 040-23468942
Sm1Cfb3815 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
53 Lucknow Branch 139 Lucknow Uttar Pradesh CBININBBLKO 0522-4037750
Agmluck0139 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
54 Mirzapur Branch 198 Varanasi Uttar Pradesh CBININBBMIR 05442-262657
Bmvara0198 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
55 Agra Cantt. Branch 238 Agra Uttar Pradesh CBININBBAGR 0562-2466424
Bmagra0238 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
56 Saharanpur Branch 273 Meerat Uttar Pradesh CBININBBSHA 0132-2648386
Bmmeer0273 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
57 Moradabad Branch 278 Bareilly Uttar Pradesh CBININBBMOR 0591-2329997
Bmbare0278 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
58 Civil Lines (Kanpur) Branch 1450 Kanpur Uttar Pradesh CBININBBCLK 0512-230523
Bmkanp1450 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
59 Bhadohi Branch 2136 Varanasi Uttar Pradesh CBININBBBHA 05414-224272
Bmvara2136 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
60 Nepz Noida Branch 2737 Delhi - A (S) Uttar Pradesh CBININBBNEP 0120-2562003
Bmdela2737 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
61 Camac Street Branch 93 South Kolkata West Bengal CBININBBCAM 033-22827299
Bmkols0093 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
62 Kolkata Main Branch 107 North Kolkata West Bengal CBININBBCAL 033-22623038
Agmkolk0107 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
63 Maldah Branch 1464 Siliguri West Bengal CBININBBMAL 03512 220530
Bmsili1464 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In
64 C F B Kolkata 3842 North Kol West Bengal CBININBBCFK 033-22303606
Agmcfb3842 [at] Centralbank [dot] Co [dot] In

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Zone Wise List Of Nodal Officers- Pension

Sr.No. Zone Nodal Officer Designation Mobile No. Number Email
1 Ahmedabad Kamlesh Gupta SM 7971786017 079-71786011 operahmzo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
2 Bhopal Vijay Banka SM 7554924755 0755-2576028 operbhopzo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
3 Chandigarh Giriraj P Meena CM 9988883823 0172-2702996 operchanzo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
4 Chennai Vishal Mittal CM 7988050660 044-28883110 operchenzo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
5 Delhi Anshu Kumar SM 9973701825                  011-42827852 operdelhzo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
6 Kolkata A. K. Singh CM 6292191378 033-22301270 operkolzo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
7 Lucknow Vinod Joshi CM 7339402506 0522-2611304 operluckzo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
8 Mmzo Kishalay Kume SM 9334297647 022-40345855 opermmzo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
9 Patna Tarkeswar
Kumar Singh
SM 7360065150 0612-2226607 operpatnzo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
10 Pune Akshi Deka ASST
020-26131611 020-2226607 operpunzo [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
Central Office Nodal Officers
11 CO Chief Manager CM  -- 022-22703216
cmcppc [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in
12 CO ASST.General Manager AGM  -- 022-22623450 agmcppc [at] centralbank [dot] co [dot] in

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Irresponsible bank staffs

I am a Central Bank customer from last three years. I believe on great facilities and services provided by the bank.

My mother wanted to open saving account. We visited to the Central bank branch - Urdu bazar, Chaudhary gali 168/3 PAHARPUR, GORAKHPUR to open her new account on 14 August.

But staff denied to open new account and asked us to come after 15 days then he will decide whether to open the account or not.

This behaviour of staff mainly who belongs to one of the most reputed bank is not acceptable by the customers.

No clearance of cheque

I have deposited my cheque to branch parner dist ahmednagar on 8/7/2020 but still my cheque is uncleared.many time I went to branch but they are not answering properly.plz help

Transaction failed & money

Transaction failed & money deducted from my sb account for Rs6005/-on 3.3.20 at11.14 AM and not credited to my account yet.custmer care service phone is not connecting at all after trail for 10 to 15 times.online complain is also not receiving.your cbi always harassing the customer in this manner and request for correction. I will withdraw all my money & close ally account with your bank.

Deceased Claim of Mr Narayanan Chettiar and SNK Kalyani Achi.

I am an NRI. My father passed away in 2006 and my brothers and sisters realised that he had two NRI recurring deposits at the Karaikudi Branch of Central Bank of India. For the last 16 years we have been to the branch and have submitted documents after documents and have been unsuccessful in making the claim. All of us are now senior citizens and it looks like Central Bank of India is going to cheat us by not giving the money.

Deductions in recurring deposit as penalty

Central Bank of India deducted rupees 6300 as penalty e for or not paying the three installment of recurring deposit amongst 21 months

Rude and irresponsible behaviour of staff.

I applied for debit card on 3rd September 2019. Today on 19th October 2019 i went in my home branch of Khopoli-Raigad for getting the debit card for which i applied for almost 1 MONTH and i have not got any notifications of card has arrived or not. where i talked to the staff(Purshottam Dekate) he said there are 2000 debit cards and i cannot spend my time right now to find yours and told me to come after 3pm or wait for some time. I told him i cannot come after 3 i will wait. In another 2 min without any verification he told me that your debit card is not yet arrived. I went to another staff(Deepali Sonawane) she told me your card is generated but she again told me to come after 3. I told her same problem that i cannot come after 3. She started talking rudely and told me there is no one to work here. I told that is not my problem. She said “go and find staff to help you, there is no one who can help you”. I went to the 1st staff(Purshottam Dekate) To ask why dis he lied to me saying card is not arrived? He started talking rude saying dont talk to me go and talk to the so called madam(Deepali Sonawane). After which we had argument. But still they did not give me my debit card.
Which i got when i agin visited the branch after 3pm.
This kind of behaviour is not at all accepted from the staff. As we are the customers.

I am registering this complaint hoping that higher management will take strict action against these staff members as this branch is going to loose 2 customers because of their behaviour.
Me and my brother are going to close our account from central bank because of This kind of customer service.

Transaction fail money

Transaction fail money deducted from my account on 30/9/2019....reversal request. customer service is worst service ever

Regarding money deduction

Even though my transaction failed, the amount get deducted from my account.

FD ka paisa pura nhi de rahe

FD ka paisa pura nhi de rahe bank wale DD banakar diye paise kat kr 2 mahine se chakkar katwa rahe hai

Bribing in central bank

Dear Sir/mam,

My wife has an account at central bank and an ATM debit card was issued by bank which suddenly stopped working.
We went to the central bank of India Hardi branch and the manager and cashier both said that we have to pay Rs236/- to them to get a new ATM card immediately.
So I called to the provided helpline number to get more information and the representative said that bank deducts ATM's charges itself so you don't have to pay anything to them.
I have recorded a video of those people saying it.

Please resolve the issue and the people skills of The manager is really questionable.

Please take action again those corrupt officials.
Thank you

Ramnaresh Trivedi
Mob. No. 9993586XXX

Bribing in central bank

Dear Sir/mam,

My wife has an account at central bank and an ATM debit card was issued by bank which suddenly stopped working.
We went to the central bank of India Hardi branch and the manager and cashier both said that we have to pay Rs236/- to them to get a new ATM card immediately.
So I called to the provided helpline number to get more information and the representative said that bank deducts ATM's charges itself so you don't have to pay anything to them.
I have recorded a video of those people saying it.

Please resolve the issue and the people skills of The manager is really questionable.

Please take action again those corrupt officials.
Thank you

Ramnaresh Trivedi
Mob. No. 9993586XXX

बचत खाता खोलने के लिए आधार कार्ड़ का अनिवार्य होना--

सुप्रीम कोर्ट द्वारा बैंक खाता खोलने के लिए आधार कार्ड़ की अनिवार्यता (mandatory) को काफी पहले समाप्त कर दिया गया था, लेकिन सेन्ट्रल बैंक की हर ब्रांच नया खाता खोलने के लिए आधार कार्ड़ अनिवार्य रूप से क्यों मांगती है। कृप्या अपनी सभी शाखाओं को आधार कार्ड़ आवश्यक रूप से ना मांगने की सूचना प्रेषित करने का कष्ट करें, ताकि जिन लोगों के पास आधार कार्ड़ नही है वो भी अपना खाता आसानी से खुलवा सकें।


Yesterday we shop in jewellery store and the transaction failed but got the message of deduction of 80,280.
Please tell me when the money will be reversed.

My balance is deducted from my ATM

Worst customer care service never pick up the call nor answer

Complaint about inactive work of the staff

The worst service that your staff gives and that's why perhaps you are facing the issues of loss From last year.
The most highly qualified staff doesn't know how to behave.

Not behaving properly

Not giving proper information ruth less behaviour

My loan statement copy

Pls send me my loan statement copy