Application Form For Internet Banking (United Online)–Retail

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United Bank of India

Application Form for Internet Banking (United Online) – Retail

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I request you to register my application for Internet Banking Facility (United Online) & link my accounts with your branch/branches with following rights.
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I affirm, confirm and undertake that I have read and understood the Terms & Conditions for users of United Bank of India - United Online (Internet Banking Services) and agree to them. I am aware that the users of United Bank of India internet banking are governed by the Terms & Conditions which are displayed on <>. Further I accept the Terms & Conditions governing internet banking of United Bank of India bank accounts as displayed on Bank’s web site. I accept and agree that I am aware of the contents of the Terms & Conditions and that all my rights and liabilities would be governed by the said Terms & Conditions by my act of assessing on <>. I hereby agree to be subject to and comply with all the provisions of the Terms & Conditions which are incorporated by reference herein and deemed to be part of this application form to the same extent as if such provisions had been set forth in full herein.
Additional Terms & Conditions for NRI Customers :
I agree that the facility of United Bank of India, United Online shall be available only in specified types of account(s) notified by Bank as eligible for internet banking facility from time to time. I do hereby undertake that I shall not make available to any person/s resident in India foreign currency against reimbursement in Rupee or in other manner in India. I further confirm that all details of my accounts for the purpose of investment in India and credit representing sale proceeds of investments are covered either by general or special permission of Reserve Bank of India. I agree that the facility of Internet Banking is available intra bank only and no fund transfer can be effected from other Banks to my account maintained at United Bank of India as well as no fund transfer is permissible from United Bank of India to accounts maintained with other Banks. I further undertake and declare that any request made by me through United Online a Banking facility for transfer of fund shall be further approved bonafide transactions of domestic nature only and in any event such request will not be in contravention to the various regulations framed under Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999, Foreign Exchange Management (Deposit Regulations 2000) and other Rules and Regulations laid down by Reserve Bank of India including Exchange Control Regulations.
I do hereby indemnify and forever keep indemnifying the Bank and its successors and assigns from and against any and all claims actions and penalties that may be made suffered or incurred by the Bank by reason of non-compliance of any of the Terms & Conditions mentioned therein.
Place :____________________________ Signature :______________________________________________
In a joint account all account holders are entitled to register as user of ‘United Online’ but transaction would be permitted based on the account operation rights recorded at the branch. Each signatory to an account requiring access to United Online Retail Services must have separate User ID and Password and therefore a separate form must be used for applying for these services by each signatory to an account.
For Office Use
Branch Confirmation:
We confirm the following and recommend for granting internet banking facility (United Online) to the above customer.
1. The Customer details given above are correct and the same are recorded in CBS.
2. We have verified the signature of the customer as mentioned above.
3. The communication address with Pin Code as given by the customer has been updated in CBS.
4. All the mandatory fields marked by ‘*’ have been filled by customer and updated in CBS.
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