Application Form For CENTREX Facility Brand Name COSMOS

Company Name(s): 


Application Form for CENTREX facility Brand Name COSMOS

(Provision / Recovery)
The General Manager ( )
Kindly *provide / recover Centrex Facility
1) Main telephone Number of the subscriber requesting for Centrex facility
(Please read instruction No.1 of the instruction sheet enclosed)
(Number forming Centrex Group is also annexed duly signed by original subscribers)
2) Customer Account No.
3) Name of the customer /company / organisation in capital letters
4) Present Address of the main customer where the telephone is working
5) Billing address
House/Flat/Shop No. Flr No. Bldg No. Wing
Bldg Name Plot No. Street
Locality City Pin Code
I/We hereby declare that information given above is/are true to the best of my/our knowledge
and I/We will abide the prevailing Telegraph Act/Rule framed there under & Tariffs as
amended from time to time so far as they related to Centrex now or at a later date. I/We
am/are not a defaulter on account of non- payment of bills for telecom services provided by
MTNL. I/We also agree that my/our Centrex connection is subject to verification, evaluation &
acceptance by MTNL.
Signature of Customer/Authorised Signatory
and Seal of the Firm (as applicable)
Signed on: Date-----------------------------
*Kindly delete as required.Information to Customers for adding/deleting Centrex facility
1) The subscriber of the main Telephone will be responsible for payment of the consolidated
bill of all the Centrex Telephone Numbers in the Centrex group.
2) This facility is available for only working numbers.
3) The individual subscriber seeking Centrex facility may not belong to the same
4) The Registration amount, initial deposit, monthly rental & installation charges & phone plus
facility for DELs under Centrex, shall be same as normal DEL. However the following
additional Centrex features facilities shall be free of cost to all or some selected Centrex
Numbers subject to technical feasibility.
i) Call pickup – individual & group call pickup
ii) Call transfer
iii) Calls completion to busy extension
iv) Call diversion to operator position if busy & no reply
v) O/G only extension
vi) I/C only extension
5) The uniform tariff of Rs. 60/- per DEL per month will be charged for Centrex service in
addition to normal DEL charges.
6) All intra Centrex calls (calls among Centrex subscribers in the same group) are free.
7) Normal monthly free calls will be allowed for the DELs covered under the Centrex group.
8) The upper limit on the number of members in the Centrex group is presently restricted to 100
within particular exchange. Different group is possible in the Centrex group with numbers
limited to 100. (exchange means only one exchange used for Centrex facility as calls from
one Centrex group to another group of other exchange are not possible)
8) (a) Centrex facility availability status in various exchange of MTNL Mumbai is given as
Availability of Centrex facility:
OCB-283 : 282/4/5/1/6/0, 202/4, 272, 200/7/9/273, 241/2/0, 345/6/7, 380/1/3, 367/8/9/6,
350/370, 305, 300/1/2, 491/2/0, 496/7/4/8, 421/3/22, 431/2/3, 444/6/7, 445,
470/1, 416, 418/1/0/2, 401/2/3/4, 651/5/9/644/2/0/3, 653, 600/1, 614/5/6,
660/1, 628/670/1, 825/6/7, 820/1/2/3/4/34, 829, 876/7/8/9, 849, 858,
880/1/844/860, 885, 846, 861/2/3/4/5, 867/8/9/0, 898/9, 812/855, 552/0/1/5/9,
554/3, 520, 527/8/9, 526, 518, 574/3, 500, 570, 572, 577/8/9/6, 590/1/2/3,
540/1/2/3/4/5/5458, 539/0, 594, 547, 580/1/2/3/8, 546, 549, 754/5, 781, 782,
789/8, 761/8/2, 756, 760, 749, 721, 724, 742, 723, 778, 740/1, 770/1/2
EWSD : 218/5/6, 288, 271, 263/4/270, 495, 430/7/6/8, 645, 650/2/4, 657,
617/8/3/2/663, 665/6, 633/4/1/2/6/5/7, 630, 673, 676/7/8/9, 683/4, 687,
685/6, 854/870, 891/2/3/4/5/0, 814/8/9/804/3, 845, 816/7/5, 833, 548, 502,
503/4, 563, 586, 585, 588, 589, 748, 747
5ESS : 857/847, 896/7/848, 417,
9) The option of consolidated billing payment & discount under the “Corporate Account Holder
Scheme” where applicable may be provided to groups or organisation covered under
Centrex. However if any Corporate Account Holder in the Centrex group is already availing
Volume discount, the Centrex Numbers involved in the group will not be provided the samefacility once again rather those Centrex Numbers falling in the volume discount scheme
should be separated out at the time of billing.
10)The condition of consolidated combined billing for the DELs covered under Centrex group
shall be mandatory. Wherever it is technically feasible to generate single consolidated billing
for payment the Centrex facility shall be offered other wise it will not be provided.
11)The DELs belonging to public services like call Centres, enquiry numbers, ISP dialing IN
numbers, paging service numbers etc. franchisees, PCO holders shall not be part of Centrex
12)There is no restriction on the number of group as long as the subscribers are located in same
building/Complex or Building Co-located (say within the radius of 100 meters).
13)Selection of public numbers & Centrex numbers of the Centrex group is different in
different technology exchanges as follows.
1) EWSD: In EWSD technology any public number can be created with any Centrex
number. Thus full flexibility is available in EWSD.
2) OCB: In OCB, public number should have a definite relation with the private number,
which is given below. The public number range for a Centrex group should be
consecutive & should consist a block of 10 or 100 which is to be defined in OCB
exchange for Centrex.
a) In case of 2- digit Centrex Scheme the last digit of public & private number should
b) In case of 3-digit Centrex number Scheme the last 2 digit of public & private
number should match.
For example:
2digit Centrex number - Public number 4321000 Centrex number - 50
- Public number 4321001 Centrex number - 51
- Public number 4321002 Centrex number - 52 etc
3digit Centrex number - Public number 4777720 Centrex number - 320
- Public number 4777721 Centrex number - 321
- Public number 4777722 Centrex number - 322 etc
14)The following information are required from the subscriber forming the Centrex group
a) Numbers of the subscribers forming the Centrex group.
b) Centrex number short dialing numbering scheme, viz. whether the subscriber wants 2 digit
or 3 digit dialing Scheme.
15)The application of the Centrex facility should be given along with an annexure containing the
following information:
Sl. No.
Telephone No.
Name of the subscriber
Customer No
Address Short digit dialing number scheme offered
Signature of the original subscriber 16 Centrex facility will not provided for the subscriber who are under default (i.e. Non payment).