Air India Customer Care Numbers 1800 180 1407

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800-180-1407 (BSNL & Mobile/Landline Numbers of most Private Telecom Operators)
All India Number(s): 
  • 011-24624074
  • 011-24624075

Air India Call Centers

Toll Free

1800-180-1407 (Toll free number from BSNL/MTNL and select providers)

Landline number


Air India Helpline Desk :

Dy.General Manager - Technical

Handling Contracts & Agreements
Ground Handling HQ, Air India
Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport-II,
Mumbai - 400 099.
Phone : 91-22-2831 8404 / 2831 8469 / 2682 9548
Fax : 91-22-26829629
Email Id : KR [dot] Suresh [at] airindia [dot] in

Contact Points for any Operational Query

Mumbai Airport :

General Manager (O) - Ground Handling – WR

NTB Complex, CSIA-I,
Phone : 022-26156090, 022-2616814
Email Id : wrgmghs [at] airindia [dot] in

General Manager – Ground Handling (Terminal)

CSIA-II, Sahar, Mumbai
Phone : 022-28318063, 28318041
Email Id : wrgmght [at] airindia [dot] in

Chennai Airport :

General Manager - Ground Handling - SR

Air India Unity Complex, Chennai - 43,
Phone : 91 44 2256 1557
Fax : 91 44 2256 0874
Email Id : srgroundhandling [at] airindia [dot] in

Kolkata Airport :

General Manager (O) – Ground Handling – ER

NSCBI Airport, Kolkata (W.B)
Phone : +91 33 2511 9197
Email Id : Mkakolkata [at] airindia [dot] in

Kochi Airport :

Station Manager - COK

Airlines House,
Cochin International Airport
Nedumbassery -683111
Phone : 0484 - 2381465
Emil : cok [dot] traffic [at] airindia [dot] in

Ahmedabad Airport :

Station Manager - Ahmedabad

SVP International Airport,
Ahmedabad 382475
Phone : 079-25505198
Email Id : guj [dot] mgr [at] airindia [dot] in

Goa Airport :

Station Manager - Goa

Ground Handling SBU
Dabolim Airport,
Goa 403 802
Phone : 0832-2431101
Email Id : goi [dot] sm [at] airindia [dot] in


call [dot] bom [at] airindia [dot] in

call [dot] del [at] airindia [dot] in

traveldocs [at] airindia [dot] in (For forwarding scanned copies of travel documents for re-issuance of Tickets / Updating FFP mileage).

Online Chat :Click Here

Air India International Contact Numbers


USA Toll Free Number : 1800 223 7776 Canada Toll Free Number : 1800 625 6424


UK : 44 207 760 3290 (Local)


Paris : 0033-1-76545741 (9am to 9pm) (Local)


Frankfurt : 0049-69-12009821 (9am to 9pm) (Local)


Australia Toll Free Number : 1800 247 463


Singapore : 00-65-62259411 (Local)

For callers from all foreign locations (International Chargeable Calls)

For callers from any location other than India, the AI Contact Centre can also be reached through +91-22-25818515 and +91-44-66921455. All calls made to these numbers are chargeable to the callers by their telecom service provider as per applicable international call rates.

Air India Online feedback

You can give online feedback on all subjects - Reservations, Product & Services, Complaints, Baggage related etc

Air India Frequent Flyer

Toll Free Number

1800-180-1407 (BSNL/MTNL)

Other Contact Number



Email Addresses for FFP Members

General Queries :flying-returns [dot] ai [at] iclployalty [dot] com

Missing miles / Retro credit :retros [dot] ai [at] iclployalty [dot] com

Redemption related Queries :redemptions [dot] ai [at] iclployalty [dot] com

Silver Edge Members :silveredge [dot] ai [at] iclployalty [dot] com

Golden Edge Members :goldenedge [dot] ai [at] iclployalty [dot] com

The Maharajah Club Members :maharajahclub [dot] ai [at] iclployalty [dot] com

Customer Care for Online Bookings

Note: timings 9:30am - 5:30pm

Contact Numbers

(011) 2462 4074

(011) 2462 4075

Email id

ecommerce [at] airindia [dot] in


No reponse on Helpdesk Number

Air India is worst in the world in providing any kind of service. It far better to take even Rajdhani/ Duranto trains instead on traveling through the AI. None of the helpdesk/ customer care numbers works. All are out of service.. that's disguisting. Luckily one number out of many worked and the person who picked the phone didn't have the curtsey to behave with customer and dropper the call without listening.

Instead of improving the service and worst image they don't care at all, any govt owned firm in India is simply the worst and how can Air India be an exception. Shamefull ... even a small and new Private airlines in India provide much better service than Air India.

Not expecting any response as usual from AI.

Don't travel with AI whatever the circumstance else you will have to suffer in someway.

Why do you have out of order telephone numbers on the website

Why do you have out of order telephone numbers on the website ?
Landline number : 022-27580777 (landline for private telecom/mobile users)
0124-2877 777 (landline for private telecom/mobile users)

No answer at 24Hr customer care no


As you guys know you are one of the worst in the world to provide airline service, but atleast have curtesy to answer the phone at customer care service.

Shame on you Air India.

I feel sorry to have you as our National Airline.

Hope you guys will be human oneday.


could not web check-in

Thanks, exactly what was I was about to write. I rang Air India and told them about web check in error i receive every time I try to and the lady hangs up the phone, I am calling from UK for my mom. Such a ruthless bas****, I did not receive any help neither they have suggested an alternate web check in helpdesk number nor ready to listen to my problem.

Not able to get my cancelled ticket refund back

I made payment for the flight using my friend’s hong kong credit card and he is leaving hong kong permanently on 8th feb, 2013 and before that he will have to surrender his credit card. In the mean time (apart from follow up emails), I called hong kong customer care (25229247, 25229257) and they even do not want to listen to anything and asked to contact Mumbai head office on this and when I asked to provide them the number they said to go to the website every time. After that, I am continuously trying to contact these numbers (022-22796580,011-24624074, 011-24624075) and sometime I got them busy and sometime nobody picks up the phone and worse situation comes when they picks the phone after long time and cut the line immediately. I have spent money in international calls as well.

I have also logged an complain 15 days before but did not get anything. Below is the details:
Your Reference Number is WB-IHKG040113006 (complain ref no)
Website: http: //

Can anybody please provide me the escalation procedure details so that I can escalate this matter ?

An unacceptable experience

Dear Air India,
I fly regularly from India to the UK once if not twice a year with my son
and husband. I teach at Woodstock International School in Mussoorie, North
This year I booked return flights through the school Travel Agent; President
Travels, Dehra Dun, India for my 12 year old son and myself.
Even before our journey commenced it was dogged with inefficiency and
unprofessionalism which continued all the way through.
Our flight to Birmingham, UK, was via Frankfurt with the flight between
Birmingham and Frankfurt with Lufthansa.
On the 18th June I called the AI New Delhi Office to check for any delays
and was told the flight had been “preponed”. This information was totally
unexpected and caused me great inconvenience as the original booking was for
an early morning flight on the 19th and had been changed to the night
BEFORE! At my request my connecting flight to B’ham from Frankfurt was
adjusted to avoid a huge wait and I managed to reach the airport on time,
(at an additional cost and hassle!). I am aware of the strikes AI has been
dealing with but if a company offers flights which passengers pay a high
price for (54,000 RS per ticket) they must be provided with quality service
and be informed of major changes well in advance – both of which were
lacking on my flights.
The flight from Delhi to Frankfurt was one of the worst I have experienced
in my 25 years of travelling. The seats were uncomfortable and shabby, the
special meals we had requested,(my son has egg and nut allergies),were not
provided and the plane disintegrated a third of the way into the journey and
was awash in filth! The toilets were unusable with soiled napkins next to
the sink, dirty nappies on the floor, an unbearable stench of urine which
was visible on the floor- it was absolutely terrible. Undoubtedly this was
the fault of the passengers BUT it is the responsibility of the airline to
ensure the aircraft is hygienic throughout the journey.
It was a relief to reach our destination and the last leg with Lufthansa was
a breath of fresh air!
Last week I checked the flight details on the internet for our return
journey only to find another change I had not been informed about…a 15 hour
wait in Frankfurt for the connecting flight to Delhi. My original booking
was to reach Frankfurt at 4.30pm and catch the plane to Delhi at 9.50pm on
the 19th of July but with the (uninformed) change my connecting flight was
leaving at 7am on the 20th July. I promptly contacted the AI London office
and spoke to “NS”, (0208 745 1005). She changed our flight to Frankfurt to a
later time and arranged a hotel for the night. She was very efficient and
helpful and it was appreciated.
On the morning of 19th July at 8.30am I called the Heathrow airport AI
number, (0208 745 1020/1053). I wanted to verify whether or not I could use
one large suitcase for my son and I and consolidate our luggage allowance.
My reasoning was that it would be easier for me to travel onward to
Mussoorie with one large piece of luggage. I was aware we had 23 kilos each
as check in luggage allowance. I was told it “was fine” as long as we did
not exceed the limit of 46 kilos for 2 people and we could use one suitcase
for both of us. I felt it was better to get a second opinion and at 9.30am
called the London office (0208 745 1005) and spoke to the same “NS” who
recognized my voice and remembered my name. She confirmed my flight details
and special meal request and gave me the ref number for the hotel she had
booked. (Steigenberger Airport Hotel). I repeated my query
regarding consolidating my son and my luggage allowance and using one large
suitcase between us. She told me that as long as the suitcase did not exceed
32 kilos it would be “absolutely fine”. She explained this was a regulation
all airlines follow for safety reasons and as long as the item of luggage
was BELOW 32 KILOS we would be fine.
I proceeded to pack accordingly feeling quite assured and reached the
airport with one suitcase weighing 32 kilos and one small bag weighing 10
kilos ; well within our allowance. We arrived at the Lufthansa counter to
check in and were flabbergasted when we were told that each piece of luggage
could not weigh more than 23 kilos and each passenger was allowed one piece
of check in luggage only and therefore we would be charged for the 9 kilos
excess weight of our suitcase. I explained that my booking was with Air
India who had given me a very clear go ahead to have 32 kilos in one
suitcase. The response was that the Lufthansa rules applied and there was a
54 pounds charge we must pay if we wished to board the flight.
My husband and I were livid and our son was extremely upset. We paid the
money and proceeded to
Frankfurt. There were no Air India representatives present in Birmingham or
in Frankfurt when we arrived there.
On the 20th July we boarded the AI126 from Frankfurt to Delhi and realized
that our special meal request had once again not been catered for. My son
and I were not even seated together and when we reached our seats we found a
heap of crumpled blankets! The aircraft was poorly maintained and looked
worn out. The choice of inflight entertainment was outdated and poor
compared to most other airlines.
I have already had to bear extra expenses due to rearranging travel plans
whilst flying from Delhi to the UK and now that I have had to pay 54 pounds
due to no fault of my own I feel very angry and indignant.
I want to be compensated for this series of events and the financial loss I
have suffered due to incorrect information furnished by Air India. As the
lady at the Lufthansa counter in Birmingham pointed out it is the
responsibility of Air India staff to be familiar with the policies of the
airlines they work with and this was reiterated by Mr.Kushi, Airport Manager
at the Frankfurt boarding gate 45. He advised me to contact Air India Delhi
and London to pursue reimbursement for inconvenience and the 54 pounds I had
to pay in Birmingham to Lufthansa. I have the receipt which I can scan and
send you.
I would appreciate an immediate response and a monetary payment which I
strongly believe you are responsible for and will pursue this matter until
it is resolved.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Non refund of amount for cancelled flight

Our flight AI 131 for 12th May 2012 has been cancelled by Air India. Hence I would like to apply for full refund for following ticket details.
Booking reference no (PNR): JD7WX
Web Reference: AIBE3630098

Issuing Airline: Air India Ltd.
Issued date: Thu, 29 Mar 2012

Dear All,

I am really shocked to see the lukewarm response from Air India. I had booked flight well in advance. I have paid full amount via credit card. Due to unfortunate event of strike, my flight was cancelled at last moment hence I had to get another flight at higher cost.
Since this was cancellation from Air India, I expect common sense of returning my money immediately. However it is pathetic that, I have to write mail to refund. The flight was cancelled on 11th may and I have to get my refund till today. I am feeling very disappointed and angry by this slow response from ecommerce division. Why do they take so long to refund? Why do they require 1 month for refund for cancelled flight? Are Air India doing any favour by returning money? My credit cards are blocked now as I have booked twice. I cannot pay my credit card company for the amount booked for Air India and hence I am being fined by Credit card company due to delay.
Does Air India expect me to take some kind of loan to pay this huge amount. Again If I pay this amount to credit card company and Air India refund this amount back to credit card, I have to spend that much amount as credit card company will not give me my cash.
Air India seems to be punishing me for keeping faith in National carrier.

I am marking this copy to all mail id’s expecting some caring person will take note of it and respond positively.

No Thanking you.

Rupesh Khot

No one responding at city office no.

I am trying to contact Air India of its City Office No.24622220, about getting some information from last two days. But no one is responding on these numbers.

pax ticekt reembus

passanger name : jayalakshmi
DATE : .01.04.2012
This ticket has been cancelled on pax not accompany
still not revert back to the ticket amount

Please revert back the details or send us transaction I D



whats the price for airticket from -- TRV - to- CMB

baggage allowance very very less

Economy passenger baggage allownace for international flight is very very less in air india..
for a person shifting base from india to hongkong, 20-23kg wt is too less to wrap the essentials

plus the extra baggage charges almost kill the passenger !!


iam tring to cancal my tikit

Poor Condiion of Flights


I traveled on AI968 flight from Sharjah to Trivandrum on 11th May, 2011. The flight seemed to be so old and I didn't feel any security during the flight.

The flight was not at all full with passengers. Many seats were vacant. I think so the people are mainly hesitating to travel in Air India due to these old flights. If flights are replaced with new ones, I'm sure that all the flights will be full.

I saw the advertisement of new flights in Air India with many facilities and luxuries. Old flights are used only for the people traveling from gulf countries?

I'm so sorry to say these defects of our National Airline. Hope you wold take a good action in this case.


Rizwan Rassi


I am trying to contact Air India frequent flyers from last two weeks. But no one is responding on these numbers provided by the Air India customer care
1. 24631337
2. 24622220

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