Women Helpline Numbers

Name Contact
Women in Distress 1091
Domestic Abuse 181
National Commison For Women (NCW) 011-23237166, 23234918
Delhi Commision For Women 011-23379181, 23370597
Outer Delhi Helpline 011-27034873 , 27034874
Student / Child Helpline 1098
Delhi Women Protection Cell 011-24673366/4156/ 7699
Andhra Pradesh Women Protection cell 040-23320539
Hyderabad Women Police Station 040-27852400/4852
Banglore Women Police 080-22943225
Bihar Women Helpline 18003456247 / 0612-2320047 / 2214318
Chandigarh Women Police 0172-2741900
Ahemdabad Women Group 7926441214
Self Employed Women's Association 079-25506477/ 25506444
Haryana Women and Child Helpline 0124-2335100
Haryana Women in Distress 9911599100
Himachal Pradesh Women Commision 9816066421,09418636326, 09816882491
Punjab Women Helpline 9781101091
Punjab Women Commission 0172-783607
Punjab Samvad ( NGO ) 0172- 2546389, 2700109, 276000114
Tamil Nadu Women Helpline 044-28592750
Tripura Women Helpline 0381-2323355,2322912
Rajasthan Nirbhaya Helpline 1800-1200-020
Rajasthan Women Commission 0141-2779001
Jodhpur Women Helpline 0291-2012112
Karnataka Women Police 0821-2418400
Karnataka Women Commision 080-22100435/ 22862368, 080- 2216485
Mysore Women Police 0821-2418110/2418410
Madhya Pradesh Women Commission 0755-2661813, 2661802, 2661806, 2661808 , 1800-233-6112
Madhya Pradesh Mahila thana 0731-2434999
Maharashtra Women Helpline 022-26111103, 1298 , 103
Kerala Women Police Helpline (Trivandrum) 9995399953
Kerala Women's Commission 0471-2322590, 2320509, 2337589, 2339878, 2339882
State Vanitha Cell 0471-2338100
Women Cell , Kollam 0474-2742376
Women Cell , Kochi 0484-2396730
Uttar Pradesh Women commission 0522-2306403 , 18001805220 whatsapp : 6306511708
Uttar Pradesh Sahyog NGO 0522-2341319 , 2310747
West Bengal women commission 033-23595609, 23210154, 2217 4019 ,2244 8092
Swayam - Westbengal NGO 033-2486 3367/3368/3357

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Domestic violence and torchure by my husband

I got married in 1997. it was an arrange marriage. We we're living in New Delhi. Now after 2007 my husband left job, turned completely & started harassing me. We have two children one girl and one boy.
My husband is doing nothing since 13 years. I am the only earning person since 13 years. I have the responsibility of whole house. He started misbehaving with me when I am asking for job, started hitting me and uses abusing language every other day.
Everytime he asks for money. I am bearing all this because I have two children.
I am into JOB so able to survive. but getting hurt from his behavior. and still love my husband. I am getting into desperation. as my husband was very good & loving & caring toward me.
where I will go not having so much money also.
I need small help from you.

Calls from unknown numbers

I am getting calls from unknown numbers which i am suspecting to be from my ex boyriend. I am getting calls every alternate day till i pick and then somebody takes different names and talks rubbish. I need to know what can i do regarding this without letting my parents or anyone esle know it.

Domestic Violence & torched by Husband

I got married in 2011. it was a love marriage. now after giving birth to my sone in 2018 Jan. my husband turned completely & started harassing me. stop being in bed with me. most of the time spent out of the house. telling me to lie for small things. misbehaving with my family members. stop bearing my expanses. when I asked him for this worn behavior he started hitting me for all the small things. For 2 years I am bearing all this coz of my son is very small. how I will go out. and I don't have mother only father & brothers, in this case, if I will try to set up my life without my husband, my entire family will start blackmailing emotionally.
My husband is in an extramarital affair. I got to know from his phone once long back. after that I cannot touch his phone else he will hit me. he rented her a house close to our house so that he can easily manage to go & to come. now he is all the time spending with her. & money also he is spending on her. I just bought a CAR for her. and not even buying house grocery.
I am into JOB so able to survive. but getting hurt from his behavior. and still love my husband. I am getting into desperation. as my husband was very good & loving & caring toward me. he never left me on the road alone.
even I tried to talk to his parents but they are not ready to listen and asking me proof that he is in some kind of affair. I don't have any way to get this proof. where I will go with 2 years' baby to get the proof. not having so much money also.

Need help to please, can't even die coz of my little one. but my husband asking me to leave the house without a baby. he will manage to grow baby with some maid. mentioned.
Just small help required. I need help to get the information where he goes to which house. who is she? so that I will be in win situation & stop being mental torcher. also, his parents will listen to me.

Workplace bullying

In in workplace where I am working everyone bully pass bad comment and scold me.its affecting my mental health I am depressed, sometime I feel like quiting this job or commit suicide. Please help me to come out of this situation.

Dominating by my ex boyfriend

My name is Aarushi Singh, I'm 19 year's old and I'm from new delhi. My ex boyfriend created my fake account on social media and spread my contact number to every man and tells them that I'm a slut please contact me for hookups, everyday people's call me and asking me one night payment, i am depressed, and i really don't know what to do?
Please give me advice regarding my problem and also i dont want to know my problem in front of my parents.

My child’s right

I am pregnant. I have been married for 1.6 years. My husband is living abroad. He is not talking to me and saying if you want to talk we will talk legally.
Since my 1st month I am living at my parents house and he is not agreeing on bearing any future expenses.
In this case what I can do??
I want my child to have a great future.
What is my rights?
What is my child’s right?
Should I file for divorce or there is any other way?

how to overcome from harrasment and blackmailing

Ma'am/Sir, My name is Akash saini. I am from Kanpur, up. I want to ask some queries. One of my friends is in trouble. once she was in a relationship
with a guy but now that guy blackmails her by some photos. they save some intimate pic.
plzz help..

Enquiry to know my legal rights after marriage

I am Shilpa Khare i am 28 year old. I live in Pune Maharashtra. I am working in mNC at Pune.

I have got engaged on 25 January 2019. After that in 2-3 months i got to know my fiance has lied about few of his habits of smoking and drinking and also he has a nature of taking a u turn from his words which i have noticed very frequently and due to which i have communicated this to my parents and told them that i don't want to marry this guy. Also i have communicated the same to my fiance as well. But as the engagement were already done my parents didn't supported me to cancel this marriage and my fiance his parents and my parents emotionally blackmailed me to do this marriage. They not only abuses me but also threatened and questioned my friends also for this. Even in the process of this my sister has stayed at my rented shared residence and created a seen in front of my roommates as well. They involved my rummates to keep an eye on me and used this information to pressure me and my friends. She even slapped me in the society garden in front of many people.Due to this immense pressure and the prestige issue of my parents i finally agreed to do this marriage on 30th November.

I have got married on 30th November 2019. At the vidai function my in laws has created a big seen in front of all my relatives because of the arrangement and conduction of rituals which is not as per their expectations. Even my husband supported them and he has actively participated in the verbal spat between my family and his mother. After this spat the vidai function and a reception function in the evening was continued and they forced me to be the part of this function as it will create a reputation issue for my in laws if i don't do so and they promised that after these functions they will allow me to go with my parents to my home town. But when this happen and i came back with my parents they were continuously calling my parents and me and abused and threatened us. They even questioned on my character and also said that i don't want to have physical relation with my husband so I left from their house. And in this my husband supported his family.

Now after this whole drama my husband visited my home town and now he is saying to stay with him at Pune as his mother and father doesn't lives with him and my own family is now supporting this. Even my parents, my sister and brother-in-law ( who lives in Pune as well) along with my husband is forcing me to stay in my husband's house. They are not only abusing, threatening me to go to my office and create a drama there, also they are not even allowing me to go to office and asking me to quit my job as well as they are threatening me to not to contact any of my friends and if i do so they will file complaint against them and remove them from their job. Even my sister has done physical violence with me prior also to do this marriage and now she has again done this to force me to stay at my husband's place. Also my parents are giving me threats that they will commit suicide if I don't follow what they are saying.

I have decided that i don't want to continue this marriage and so don't want to stay at my husband's House as it has not only exhausted me emotionally from last 11 months but also has a major impact on my social life. All my friends were called and threatened by my parents, sister and brother-in-law previously when i don't want to get into this marriage and now I have a major doubt that they will again do so.

I just wanted to know if i am bound to stay at my husband's House if i don't want to stay there? also what are the legal actions that i can take to prevent this behaviour from my husband and parents.

Can you please respond and let me know what I can do in this case?

Thanks and regards
Shilpa Khare

Domestic abuse

There is a family living in front of my house.where a man,lawyer by profession is beating his wife and daughter everyday and no one cares. When police was called sometime back the abused women refused the help. Someone kindly look through this and please help them asap.

Worst behaviour by women support helpline

When we call them they don’t even ask for proper problem just reply that you need to visit your nearby police station if I am facing any problem right now or someone is harassing me at this point of time how I am able to visit the police station then why the hell you are advertising so much regarding this fake women helpline number.

Freedom from parents .

I want freedom from my parents' restraint, I want to study as per my own and I want to work but my parents do not allow me in this matter. They want me to stay home Lead a life according to them .

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