Virgin Atlantic Airways Toll Free Number 1800 102 3000

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800 102 3000
All India Number(s): 
  • 0124-4693030


Special_Assistance [at] fly [dot] virgin [dot] com

COVID-19 (Flight Updates)

  1. If you want to check & rebook your ticket, visit
  2. For flight scheduling, you can read Covid-19 travel advice

* Check flights scheduling as per DGCA Guidelines

* For Contact details visit DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation)

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Virgin Atlantic Local Offices

Country Contact Number
UK +44 344 874 7747
USA +1 800 862 8621
South Africa +27 11 340 3400
India 1800 102 3000
Caribbean +1 800 744 7477 & +1 246 228 4886
China +86 21 61 361777
Cuba +53 7 204 0747
UAE +971 4 406 0600
Nigeria +234 (0) 1 4612747 & +234 (0) 1 4483000
Hong Kong +852 2532 3000

Contact Details

List of World Wide Contact Numbers


  • Reservations: +44 (0)344 874 7747 (Open 24/hours day)
  • Flight Information: +44 (0)344 209 7770
  • Flying Club: +44 (0)344 412 2414
  • Special assistance: +44 (0)344 481 4455 (Open Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm and bank holidays)
  • Special assistance: +44 (0)344 209 0747
  • Preorder duty free items: +44 (0)344 579 0055
  • Cargo Reservations: +44 (0)344 209 8300
  • Virgin Headquarters: +44 (0)344 8110 000


  • Reservations/Flight Information: +1 800 862 8621 (Open 24/hours day)
  • Special assistance: +1 888 747 7474
  • Flying Club: +1 800 365 9500


  • Reservations: +1 800 744 7477 or Barbados: +1 246 228 4886 (Open 24/hours day)
  • Flying Club: +1 800 744 7477


  • Reservations: +86 21 61 361777 (Open Monday to Saturday 8am - 8pm, Sunday 8am - 5pm)
  • Flying Club: +86 21 5353 4600


  • Reservations: +53 7 204 0747 (Open Monday to Friday 9am - 4.30pm. Closed weekends)
  • Flying Club: +1 800 744 7477

Hong Kong

  • Reservations: +852 2532 3000 (Open Monday to Saturday 8am - 8pm, Sunday 8am - 5pm)
  • Flight Information: +852 2181 8888


  • Reservations (Lagos):
    +234 (0) 1 4612747
    +234 (0) 1 4483000
    (Open 24 hours a day)

South Africa

  • Reservations: +27 11 340 3400 (Open 24/hours day)
  • Flight Information: +27 11 978 6000

United Arab Emirates

  • Reservations: +971 4 406 0600 (Open Sunday to Thursday 9am - 5:30pm, Saturday 9am - 12:30pm)

Office in India

Virgin Atlantic Airways
314, 3rd Floor
Time Tower
Mehrauli - Gurgaon Road
Gurgaon- 122002

Head Quarters

The Office, Crawley
RH10 9NU
United Kingdom (U.K.)

Tel : 0844 811 0000

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corona virus


I am booked to fly to London on 31 March, 2020 and returning 8 June. In view of the COVID scare, it seems unadvisable to fly at the moment. So what is the airline policy for reschedule/cancellation? It would be a nice gesture if Virgin announces waivers since this is a natural calamity. I tried calling Makemytrip (through whom I had done the booking) but am unable to get through. And your Indian telephones also do not respond, there is constant music being played. So can you respond for these queries please?

For reschedule

Today is my flight but I could not go because I’m feeling sick can you please help me to reschedule the ticket


Kind attn.: Mr.Peter Norris/ Mr.Craig Kreeger/Mr.Shai Weiss.
Dear Sir/s,
Your statement states “We continue to deliver great experience for our customers”.
Stands true!!?? No.
We were three Indian ladies (Sr.Citizens) travelling on your business class ticket from Mumbai (India) > London > New York > Chicago > Detroit > London > Mumbai from 5/6 September to 22/23rd September 2018.
At Heathrow Terminal, when we went to check in at the travel desk before entering the aircraft we stood in the priority “Q”.
 We were only three passengers then.
 Suddenly two white couple came in “Q”.
 To our utter surprise after checking in one lady
 Your ground staff asked us to stand in Economic Class “Q”.
 On enquiring she did not reply!
 But called the officer who was checking economy passengers and gave our passport to him.
 Is this called being “RASIST”.
 Or to add fuel to fire your Chief Purser when we asked for feedback form, enquired what went wrong?
 We explained and asked him too, was that Counter Lady Rasist as the moment she saw two white people she literally dumped us.
 He rudely told us we have racism in my mind (only to realise that he too was white) which was the worst blow.
 Was this the great experience, you were referring??
We wanted to make sure never to travel with your airline and we wanted a full refund.

But we got a reply that “We are sorry and we cannot do anything to refund your ticket.”
There was also no special meal provided for Jains (as Jains fasting period was going on), though we had booked in advance.
You are talking very highly about your company Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited and its services but we are highly disappointed. Even after our feedback, complain, no one in your organisation tried to do something by going out of their way or even inquiring if they could do something for us to change our opinion about your airlines.
Let me introduce myself , I am a business lady having USD 15 million turnover and member of many Government Chambers and Industrial Association, also Ex-Chairperson of Bombay Industrial Associate (Ladies Wing), one of the Elite Business/ Industrial Association of Mumbai (Bombay) the commercial capital of India.
Definitely I will share this great experience with my associate members and others.

*We are also sending a mail on Special_Assistance, providing you with our itinerary.

Transit Visa Rules at Heathrow, London for Indian Passport Holde

Please do let us know, what are the requirements for the Transit Visa at Heathrow, London.
I am Indian Passport holder, travelling to New York & San Francisco by Virgin Atlantic.
Do I need Transit Visa at Heathrow.
My flight from Mumbai lands at Heathrow & after 2:30 layover,( From Terminal 4 ) I fly to New York.
However my return flight from San Francisco arrives at Terminal 3 & my Bombay flight is from Terminal 4, however the layover is 78:00 hou
Please do advice me about my Transit Visa,
even If I need Visa at Hethrow, can I get Visa at the Airport or do I have to take Visa at Bombay.
Please do reply back.
Thank You.
Anand Saxena

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