University of Kashmir Contact No. 0194-227 2096

All India Number(s): 
  • 0194-227 2096 (For Contact Support)
  • 0194-227 2097 (For General Enquiries)


  • info [at] kashmiruniversity [dot] net
  • info [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
  • pro [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in

Telephone Directory

People can directly call any of the extension numbers from anywhere outside the campus by dailing the following From
0194-227 (extn) From Land Line: 227 (extn.)

Section Name Designation Contact
V.C Secretariat Prof. Nelofar Khan Vice-Chancellor 0194-2272000
V.C`s Secretariat Dr. Tanveer Ahmad Shah Special Secretary to
Hon`ble Vice Chancellor
V.C`s Office V.C`s Office Office 0194-2272003
Registrar Office Office Office 0194-2272004
Personal Office Dr. Nissar Ahmad Mir Registrar 0194-2272005
Academic Affairs Office Office 0194-2272007
Dean Academic Affairs Mr.M.Maqbool P.A to DAA 0194-2272008
(Recruitment) Mr.Muzamil Masood Mattoo Deputy Registrar 0194-2272009
Research Prof.Irshad Ahmad Nachoo Dean Research 0194-2272010
Research Office Office 0194-2272010
College Development Council Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Shah Dean 0194-2272012
College Development Council Office Office 0194-2272014
Directorate of Internal Quality
Assurance (DIQA/NAAC)
Office Office 0194-2272016
- - - 0194-2272017
Appellate Authority)
Mrs.Asmat Kawoosa Joint Registrar 0194-2272018
Budget and Creation Dr.Ashfaq Ahmad Zarri Joint Registrar 0194-2272020
Legal/Transport/PandS Dr. Peerzada Mehraj-u-din Deputy Registrar 0194-2272021
Accounts Mr.Mohammad Ishaq Sofi Assistant Registrar 0194-2272024
Academic Affairs/ Academics Dr.Ravi Kumar Deputy Registrar 0194-2272030
Research Mr.Mushtaq Ahmad Mir Assistant Registrar 0194-2272031
Recruitment Mr.Zahoor Ahmad Beigh Assistant Registrar 0194-2272032
General Administration/ Mr. Manzoor Ahmad Wani Assistant Registrar 0194-2272032
Research/PIO Mr.Hamid-ullah Assistant Registrar 0194-2272034
Directorate of Internal Quality
Assurance (DIQA/NAAC)
Er.Mujtaba Shafi Scientist-B 0194-2272036
Academic Affairs/Dispatch Mrs.Nighat Parveen Assistant Registrar 0194-2272037
(Purchase/Estates/Env .andHygine Mr.Mubarik Ahmad Joint Registrar 0194-2272039
Construction Divsion Bilal Masood Ex.Engineer 0194-2272040
Electrical/Const.Divisio n Mr.Bilal Ahmad Lone Assistant Engineer 0194-2272041
Academic Office Office 0194-2272042
Accounts (Cashier) - - 0194-2272043
Account IV Salary/Bills - - 0194-2272044
Account (Reconcilation) - - 0194-2272045
Acoount IV B - - 0194-2272046
Accounts III-B Tax Cell/GPF - - 0194-2272047
Accounts Balance Sheet - - 0194-2272048
Administration (T.W) - Section Officer 0194-2272049
Accounts III Salary TW/Officers - - 0194-2272050
Accounts I Salary NTW/Deptts.Bills - - 0194-2272051
Budget Office - 0194-2272052
Construction Div. Office - 0194-2272053
Office Office 0194-2272053
Committee Room Office - 0194-2272054
Dispatch/Misc Office - 0194-2272055
Development Office - 0194-2272056
Estate Office Office - 0194-2272057
Pension office office 0194-2272058
General Administration Office - 0194-2272059
Administration (N.T.W) - Section Officer 0194-2272059
Office Office - 0194-2272060
Legal Cell - 0194-2272062
Telephone Section Office - 0194-2272064
Recruitment Cell 1st Office - 0194-2272067
R.T.I Cell (Adm Block) Office - 0194-2272068
Statistical Unit Office - 0194-2272069
Env. and Hygine(Sanitation) Office - 0194-2272070
Transport Section Office 0194-2272071
Xerox Section Xerox Section Xerox Section 0194-2272072
Purchase Office - 0194-2272073
Audit - - 0194-2272074
Proctor Wing -

Chief Security Officer

Teaching Wing Mr.Peer Naseer Ahmad Deputy Registrar 0194-2272076
Directorate of Internal Quality
Assurance (DIQA/NAAC)
Mr. Showat Shafi Deputy Director 0194-2272079
Dev./Cash/Pension/Bal ance Sheet Mr.Nazir Ahmad Sheikh Assistant Registrar 0194-2272080
Telephone Wing Er.Mushtaq Ahmed Bhat Jr.Engineer Telecom 0194-2272088
Transport - Inspector 0194-2272092
Transport - Transport Inspector 0194-2272092
Directorate of Internal Quality
Assurance (DIQA/NAAC)
Confidational Room Office 0194-2272093
Receiption Gate (Adm Block) Office - 0194-2272094
Teaching Wing/DCDC Mrs.Asmat Chesti Assistant Registrar 0194-2272098
Generator Room - Opperator 0194-2272155
Construction Division Generator Room Operator 0194-2272155
Transport Workshop Office - 0194-2272194
Estates Store Office - 0194-2272219
Mr.Mohd Maqbool Mr.Mohd Maqbool Supervisor (Naseem Bagh) 0194-2272220
Directorate of Internal Quality
Assurance (DIQA/NAAC)
Dr.Mufti Mudasir Co-ordinator 0194-2272412
Development Mr.Inam ul Rouf Malik Joint Registrar 0194-2272299
RUSA Mrs.Unsareen Qureshi Assistant Registrar 0194-2272457
Directorate of Internal Quality
Assurance (DIQA/NAAC)
Dr.Adil Bashir Co-ordinator 0194-2272413
Examination Dr.Mohammad Yousuf Bhat Controller Examination 0194-2272100
Examination Dr.Altaf Ahmad Bhat Jt.Controller 0194-2272102
Certificates/PIO Mr.Ab.Qayoom Sofi Assistant Controller 0194-2272104
Examination Yasmeen Jan Assistant Controller 0194-2272105
Registration Mrs.Yasmeen Akhter Assistant Registrar 0194-2272105
UG Courses Mrs.Arjumand Fatima Assistant Controller 0194-2272107
Automation Er.Azhar Yousuf Mir System Engineer 0194-2272108
Examination - P.A to Controller 0194-2272112
Ist year U.G Office - 0194-2272117
III rd Year U.G Office - 0194-2272118
Certificates Office - 0194-2272119
B.Ed Certificate - - 0194-2272120
Prof I B.Ed/M.Ed - - 0194-2272122
Prof II MBBS/Engg. - - 0194-2272123

Revalvation/ Transit-I
and II/U.G.P.G Courses

- - 0194-2272124
PG/Proff M.A/ - - 0194-2272124
Re-evaluation Unit - - 0194-2272125
Revalvation/Profession al Office - 0194-2272125
Registration Section - - 0194-2272126
Secrecy I - - 0194-2272127
Secrecy II - - 0194-2272128
Tabulation I - - 0194-2272129
Transit I (BA/BSC) - - 0194-2272130
Xerox Section - - 0194-2272131
Secrecy Account - - 0194-2272132
P.G courses Er.Musavir Munawar Khan System Engineer 0194-2272134
- Er.Muzaffar Ahmad Bhat System Engineer 0194-2272134
- Mr. Arshid Ahmad Sr. Computer Opt
Automation Er.Imran Rashid Banday System Engineer 0194-2272136
Transit II - - 0194-2272137
Accounts Office - 0194-2272138
Accounts Mrs.Shaheena Kounsar Assistant Controller 0194-2272138
R.T.I ( Exam) - - 0194-2272139
Automation (Lab) Office - 0194-2272140
Receipt and Despatch - - 0194-2272141
Transit (M-Ed) - - 0194-2272142
Transit (P.G) - - 0194-2272143
Secrecy III - - 0194-2272185
Transport/Purchase Section - - 0194-2272187
Tabulation II - - 0194-2272200
Store Examnition Office Printing and Stationary 0194-2272350
Marks card coduct U.G course - - 0194-2272432
Registration Section - - 0194-2272433
II nd Year U.G Office - 0194-2272434
Prof. B.Ed IT (Lab) Section - 0194-2272436
Automation (Lab) P.G Office - 0194-2272437
Degree Unit Lab
(All course MD/MS)
Office - 0194-2272438
Automation (Lab) U.G Office - 0194-2272439
Automation Mr.Syed Suhaib Hassan System Engineer 0194-2272440
Transit I Professional - - 0194-2272442
Prof III MBBS/Engg. - - 0194-2272443

Other Department Directory

People can directly call any of the extension numbers from anywhere outside the campus by dailing the following From
0194-227 (extn) From Land Line: 227 (extn.)

Block Designation Name Extn No. Section
Unani Medicines Dean Prof.Akbar Masood 0194-2272008 Unani Medicines
Dean Research Accounts Office I 0194-2272011 Office I
ULD (Landscape) Landscape Office 0194-2272060 Office
Dean Research Research Office II 0194-2272091 Office II
Convocation Complex PRO Mrs. Lubna Bhat 0194-2272114 Proctor Wing
Convocation Complex Director Dr. M.S.Sumbli 0194-2272116 -
Convocation Complex Convocation Complex Dr.M.S Sumbli 0194-2272116 -
Directorate IT and SS Office Office 0194-2272145 -
Physical Education
and Sports
Director Dr.Nisar Ahmad khan 0194-2272148 Physical Education and Sports
Directorate of Physical
Edu. and Sports
Director Dr.Nisar Ahmad Rather 0194-2272148 -
Directorate of Physical
Edu. and Sports
- Office 0194-2272149 Office
Directorate of Physical
Edu. and Sports
Assistant Director Mr.Nadeem Ahmad Dar 0194-2272150 -
Directorate of Physical
Edu. and Sports
Assistant Director Ms.Basharat Ali 0194-2272151 -
KUMSA Office KUMSA 0194-2272156 -
Shaikh-Ul-Ala m Chair Chairman prof G.M Khaki 0194-2272157 -
Shaikh-Ul-Ala m Chair - Office 0194-2272158 Office
Health Centre - Office 0194-2272161 Medical Centre
Hostels Organisation Warden - 0194-2272163 Rabiya Basiri Girls
Hostels Organisation Designation - 0194-2272164 Qurat-Ul-Ayn Hyder
Girls Hostel
Hostels Organisation Haba Khatton
Girls Hostel
Dr.Rubu Zutshi 0194-2272166 -
Hostels Organisation Boys/Girls Provost Office 0194-2272167 -
Hostels Organisation Warden - 0194-2272169 Gani Kashmiri Schloors Hostel
State Eligibility Test Co-ordinator Prof.Irshad Ahmad
0194-2272170 SET
Public Relation Center Media Cordinator Ms. Muslim Jan 0194-2272171 P.R.O
Public Relation Center PRO Enquiry 0194-2272172 -
Dean Students welfare Cultural officer Mr. Shahid Ali Khan 0194-2272173 -
Dean Students welfare DSW Office 0194-2272174 Office
DSW Dean Prof. Raiees Qadri 0194-2272175 DSW
Dean Students welfare Liaison Officer Mrs.Nasiha Naqash 0194-2272176 Automation Grievance
Gate-1 WandW Maulana Rumi Gate 0194-2272177 Proctor Wing
Gate-2 WandW Sir Syed Gate 0194-2272178 Proctor Wing
Convocation Complex PRO - 0194-2272179 -
Allama Iqbal Library Scientist B Er.Adnan Hassan Khan 0194-2272180 Iqbal library
Allama Iqbal Library Chief Librarian - 0194-2272181 -
Allama Iqbal Library Office Office 0194-2272182 Office
Allama Iqbal Library Assistant Librarain Dr.Ajmal 0194-2272184 Musium
Centre of Central
Asain Studies (CCAS)
Iqbal Library (Musium) Dr.Ajmal 0194-2272184 -
Examination - - 0194-2272185 Secrecy III
Examination - - 0194-2272187 Transport/Purchase
Public Relation Center Office Office 0194-2272188 Office
Shaikh-Ul-Ala m Chair Office 0194-2272189 Office
Examination - - 0194-2272190 Information Cell
State Eligibility Test Office Office 0194-2272192 Office
Dean Students welfare Jr.Co-ordinator Mr.Zahid Jeelani Wani 0194-2272196 -
Tourism and Hospitality Head of Department Dr.Riyaz Qureshi 0194-2272198 -
Tourism and Hospitality Office - 0194-2272199 -
Examination - - 0194-2272200 Tabulation II
Iqbal Institute Cordinature Dr. Mushtaq Ah Ganaie 0194-2272201 -
Iqbal Institute - Office 0194-2272201 Office
Institute of Home Science - Office 0194-2272203 Office
Institute of Home Science coordinator Humaira Azim 0194-2272204 -
Model School Principle Mrs.Razia Akther 0194-2272205 -
Model School - Office 0194-2272206 Office
Commerce Head of Department Prof.Mushtaq Ahmad Bhat 0194-2272207 -
Commerce - Office 0194-2272208 Office
History Head of Department Prof.Bashir Ahmad Khan 0194-2272211 -
History - Office 0194-2272212 Office
Business School Professor Prof.Nazir Ahmad Nazir 0194-2272213 -
Hospitality and Protocol Office/Reception Zabarwan Guest House 0194-2272215 -
Hospitality and Protocol Mananger Mr.Reyaz Ahmad Patloo 0194-2272216 Sheikh Hamza
Guest House
Administration - Office 0194-2272219 Estates Store
Administration Supervisor (Naseem Bagh) Mr.Mohd Maqbool 0194-2272220 Mr.Mohd Maqbool
Business School - Office 0194-2272222 Office
Management Studies Director Prof. Iqbal Hakeem 0194-2272223 -
Business School Assistant Registrar Mrs.Asmy Iqbal 0194-2272223 Business School
Business School Assistant Registrar Bu 0194-2272224 -
Shah-I-Hamad an Inst
t.of Islamic Studies
HOD Prof.Manzoor Ahmad Bhat 0194-2272225 -
Shah-I-Hamad an Instt
.of Islamic Studies
- Office 0194-2272226 Office
Shah-I-Hamad an Instt
.of Islamic Studies
Sr.Professor Prof.Manzoor Ahmad 0194-2272227 -
Shah-I-Hamad an Instt.
of Islamic Studies
Assistant Pro. Dr.Nasir 0194-2272228 -
Geography and Regional Dev. - Office 0194-2272229 Office
Geography and Regional Dev. Head of Department Prof. Shamim 0194-2272230 -
Social Science Dean Prof.Bashir Ah Khan 0194-2272231 -
Centre of Central Asain Studies (CCAS) Director Prof.Tariq Ahmad Rather 0194-2272232 -
Centre of Central Asain Studies (CCAS) - Office 0194-2272233 Office
Population Resarch Centre - Office 0194-2272234 Office
Economics Head of Department Pro.Effat Yasmin 0194-2272234 -
Food Science and Technologist Head of Department Prof.F.A Masoodi 0194-2272235 -
Food Science and Technologist - Office 0194-2272236 Office
Gandhi Bhawan Office Gandhi Bhawan 0194-2272237 Estates
Social Science - Office 0194-2272239 Office
Hostels Organisation Warden Dr. M.Younis 0194-2272240 Mehboob-ul-Alam Boys
Sociology - Office 0194-2272241 Office
Sociology Head of Department Prof Aneesa Shah 0194-2272242 -
Political Science - Office 0194-2272243 Office
Political Science Sr.Professor Prof.Gul Mohammad Wani 0194-2272244 -
Political Science Professor Prof. Asifa Jan 0194-2272245 -
Economics - Office 0194-2272246 Office
Hospitality and Protocol Office/Reception Sheikh Hamza Guest House 0194-2272250 -
Proctor Wing Dy.Chief Proctor Dr.Imtiyaz 0194-2272252 Proctor Wing
Proctor Wing Assistant Watch and Ward Mr.Habib Ullah 0194-2272253 Proctor Wing
Distance Education Distance Education Prof.Tariq Ah Chesti 0194-2272254 -
Directorate of Distance
P.A Mr. Ansar Banday 0194-2272254 -
Directorate of Distance
- Office 0194-2272255 Office
Directorate of Distance
Assistant Registrar Accounts Mr. Manzoor Ah Mir 0194-2272256 -
School of Law Dean and HOD Prof. Mohamad Ayoub 0194-2272259 Law
Law P.A - 0194-2272259 -
Law - Office 0194-2272260 Office
School of Law Assistant Registrar Mrs.Rubeen Yaseen 0194-2272261 Law
State Resoure Centre Director Dr.Nisar Ah Mir 0194-2272262 State Resoure Centre
JandK State Resource
Director Mr.M.A.Khuroo 0194-2272262 -
JandK State Resource
- Office 0194-2272263 Office
Centre for Career
and Planning
- Office 0194-2272264 Office
Centre For Career
Planning and Counselling
Director Prof.Mohammad Shafi Sofi 0194-2272265 Centre For Career
Planning and Counselling
Centre for Career
and Planning
Director Prof.Farooq Ahmad Khan 0194-2272265 -
National Service Scheme
Co-ordinator Dr.Musavir Ahmad 0194-2272267 -
National Service Scheme
- Office 0194-2272267 Office
UGC-Human Resource
Development Centre
- Office 0194-2272269 Office
UGC-Human Resource
Development Centre
Director Prof.Shabir Ahmad Bhat 0194-2272270 -
Staff Acedamic College/HRD Director Prof. Shabir Ah Bhat 0194-2272270 UGC/ Human Resource

UGC-Human Resource
Development Centre

Co-ordinator Dr.Mohammad Ishaq Geer 0194-2272271 -
Life Long Learning Director Dr. Gh. Hassan Mir 0194-2272272 Life Long Learning
Center for Life
Long Learning
Director Dr.Gh.Hassan Mir 0194-2272272 -
Center for Life
Long Learning
- Office 0194-2272273 Office
CORD - Office 0194-2272274 Office
CORD Sr.Professor Prof.Azra Kamli 0194-2272275 -
CORD Director Prof.Bashir Ah Ganaie 0194-2272276 -
CORD Director Prof. Azra Nahid Kamli 0194-2272276 CORD
Alumini (KUAA) - - 0194-2272278 Alumini (KUAA)
Women Studies Centre Co-ordinator Dr. Tabasum Firdous 0194-2272279 -
Psychology - Office 0194-2272283 Office
Psychology Head of Department Dr.Tawseefa Rizv 0194-2272284 -
Social Work (MSW) coordinator Prof. Adil Bashir 0194-2272285 -
Social Work (MSW) - Office 0194-2272286 Office
Institute of Kashmir Studies Director Prof.Mohd Yousf Ganaie 0194-2272287 -
Institute of Kashmir Studies - Office 0194-2272288 Office
Gates Naseem Bagh Zain-ul-Abidin Gate 0194-2272289 -
Hostels Organisation Warden Dr.Mehraj Ahmad
0194-2272290 M.A.K Boys Hostel
Allama Iqbal Library Assistant Librarain Ms.Somaira Nabi 0194-2272291 Allama Iqbal Library
Allama Iqbal Library Assistant Librarain Mr.Sheikh M Imran 0194-2272292 Allama Iqbal Library
Allama Iqbal Library Sr.Professional Assistant - 0194-2272293 -
Allama Iqbal Library Assistant Librarain Mr.M.Ishaq Lone 0194-2272294 -
Allama Iqbal Library Assistant Librarain Ms.Uzma Qadri 0194-2272295 Allama Iqbal Library
Allama Iqbal Library Assistant Registrar Mr.Syed Ulfat Shah 0194-2272296 Allama Iqbal Library
Allama Iqbal Library Assistant Librarain - 0194-2272297 -
Clinical Bio Chemistry Co-ordinator Prof. Shehjar-ul Amin 0194-2272300 -
Clinical Bio Chemistry - Office 0194-2272301 Office
Bio Chemistry Head of Department Prof. Siraj-ul-Amin 0194-2272302 -
Bio Chemistry - Office 0194-2272303 Office
Chemistry Head of Department Prof. Wajahat 0194-2272304 -
Chemistry - Office 0194-2272305 Office
Chemistry Co-ordinator DST Prof.M.A.Khursoo 0194-2272307 -
Mathematics - Office 0194-2272308 Office
Mathematics Head of Department Prof.B.A Zarger 0194-2272309 -
Mathematics Head Prof.Bashir Ah Zargar 0194-2272309 Physical and
Material Science
Physics - Office 0194-2272310 Office
Physics Head of Department Prof. M. Farooq Mir 0194-2272311 -
Computer Sciences Head of Department Prof. Mohammad Arif Wani 0194-2272312 -
Computer Sciences Office 0194-2272313 Office
Educational Multimedia
Research Centre( EMMRC)
Director Dr. Saleema Jan 0194-2272314 -
Library and Information
HOD Dr.Shabir Ganie 0194-2272316 Iqbal Library
Library and Information
- Office 0194-2272317 -
Media Edu. Reseach
HOD Dr.Alliya Ahmad 0194-2272318 -
Media Edu. Reseach
- Office 0194-2272319 Office
Zoology Head of Department - 0194-2272320 -
Zoology - Office 0194-2272321 Office
Botany Head of Department Pro.Abdul Hamid Wani 0194-2272322 -
Botany - Office 0194-2272323 -
Persian - Office 0194-2272324 -
Persian Head of Department Prof.Shad Hussain 0194-2272325 -
Linguistics Head of Department - 0194-2272326 -
Linguistics - Office 0194-2272327 Office
Plant Texonomy Head of Department Prof.Hamid Wani 0194-2272328 -
Plant Texonomy Office Office 0194-2272328 Office
Arabics Head of Department Pro.Manzoor Ah Khan 0194-2272330 -
Arabics - Office 0194-2272331 Office
English Dean Arts and Head of Department Prof.Lily Want 0194-2272332 -
English - Office 0194-2272333 -
Hindi H.O.D Pro.Rubi Zutshi 0194-2272334 -
Hindi - Office 0194-2272335 -
Kashmiri - Office 0194-2272338 Office
Kashmiri Head of Department Prof Mahfooza Jan 0194-2272339 -
Pharmaceutica l Science Head of Department Prof. Mubashir Hussain Masoodi 0194-2272340 -
Pharmaceutica l Science - Office 0194-2272341 Office
Educational Multimedia
Research Centre( EMMRC)
Producer Mr.Ajaz -Ul-Haque 0194-2272342 -
Educational Multimedia
Research Centre( EMMRC)
Producer Mr.Tariq Abdulla 0194-2272343 -
Educational Multimedia
Research Centre( EMMRC)
Research Scientist Dr.Saleema Jan 0194-2272344 -
Educational Multimedia
Research Centre( EMMRC)
Assistant Engineer Mr.Muzafar Ahmad 0194-2272345 -
Educational Multimedia
Research Centre( EMMRC)
Producer Mr.Shafaqat Habib 0194-2272346 -
Examination Printing and Stationary Office 0194-2272350 Store Examnition
Centre for Society Interface Director Prof Aneesa Shafi 0194-2272351 -
Political Science Head of Department Prof.Peerzada Irshad 0194-2272360 -
University Service
Instrumentation (USIC)
Scientific Officer Mr.Bilal Ahmad Office 0194-2272365 -
Urdu HOD Prof Akbar Masood 0194-2272366 -
Department of Urdu Head of Department - 0194-2272366 -
Urdu - Office 0194-2272367 Office
Institute of Technology Scientist B Er. Riyaz Ahmad
0194-2272368 Zakura Campus
University Service
Instrumentatio n (USIC)
- Office 0194-2272369 Office
University Service
Instrumentatio n (USIC)
Director Dr. G. M Bhat 0194-2272370 -
USIC USIC Prof.G.M.Bhat 0194-2272370 -
Statistics Head of Department Prof. M.A.K Baig 0194-2272371 -
Statistics - Office 0194-2272372 Office
KUTA Office KUTA 0194-2272373 -
Education Dean/Head of Department Prof.Iqbal 0194-2272374 -
Education HOD Prof. Taslema Jan 0194-2272374 Education
Education - Office 0194-2272375 Office
Education Office Dean Education 0194-2272376 -
Education Assistant Registrar - 0194-2272377 -
Earth Sciences - Office 0194-2272378 Office
Earth Sciences Head of Department Prof.Shakeel Ahmad
0194-2272379 -
Earth Science HOD Prof.Gulam Gelani 0194-2272379 -
Electronics and
Instrumentation Tech.
- Office 0194-2272381 Office
Electronics and
Instrumentation Tech.
Scientific Officer - 0194-2272382 -
Electronics and
Instrumentation Tech.
Head of Department Dr.Tariq Ahmad Banday 0194-2272383 -
Bio Technology Head of Department Dr.Rayees Qadri 0194-2272384 -
Bio Technology Office 0194-2272385 Office
Env. Science Head of Department Prof.Fayaz Ahmad 0194-2272386
Env. Science - Office 0194-2272387 Office
Institute of Foreign
Co-ordinator Dr. Irfan Fazili 0194-2272388 -
Institute of Foreign
- Office 0194-2272389 Office
Sanskrit - Office 0194-2272391 Office
Sanskrit Head of Department Dr. M.D Mehraj Ahmad 0194-2272392 -
Geo Informatics Head of Department Prof.Shakeel Ahmad
0194-2272396 -
Geo Informatics - Office 0194-2272397 Office
Bio Technology Sr.Profeessor Prof. Khursheed Andrabi 0194-2272403 -
Hostels Organisation Warden - 0194-2272414 Bi-Bi Amina Hostel
Bio-Resource Coordinator Dr. Manzoor Ah Mir 0194-2272415 -
Bio-Resource Office Office 0194-2272416 Office
Health Centre Medical Officer Dr.Azra Ahad 0194-2272421 Health centre
Health Centre Medical Centre Recepation Counter 0194-2272422 Health Centre
Music and Fine Arts Principal Prof. Naheed Vaid 0194-2272471 -
Music and Fine Arts - Office 0194-2272472 Office
Music and Fine Arts Painting Mr Viney Khajorya 0194-2272473 -
Music and Fine Arts Applied Art Mr. Ifti Khan Jaffar 0194-2272474 -
Music and Fine Arts Sculpture Deptt. Mr.Shaiqa Mohi 0194-2272475 -
Music and Fine Arts Santoor Deptt. Mr.Shabir Ahmad 0194-2272476 -
Music and Fine Arts Vocal Deptt.I Mr.Kamlesh Hamdoo 0194-2272477 -
Music and Fine Arts Tabla Deptt Mr.Imtyaiz Malik 0194-2272478 -
Music and Fine Arts Library Mr.Aadil Tibet Baqal 0194-2272479 -
Music and Fine Arts Vocal Deptt.II Mr.Kamlesh Hamdoo 0194-2272480 -
Mr.Mohi-ud din Head Assistant,
South Campus
Mr.Mohi-ud din 9596170856 -
Institute of Technology Laision Officer Mr.Abdullah Danish 0194-2272005 Zakura Campus
Mr.Manzoor-ul -Nabi Dar Section Officer,
South Campus
Mr.Manzoor-ul-Nabi Dar 9906520442 -


Name And Designation Contact Details
Deans Of School
Prof. Nahida Tabassum
Dean, School of Applied
Sciences and Technology
nahida [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
Dr. Zafar Ahmad Reshi
Dean,Dean Biological Sciences
zreshi [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in

Dr. Nazir Ahmed Nazir
Dean,School of Business Studies

nahmed [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
Prof. Shamim Ahmad Shah
Dean, School of Earth and
Environmental Sciences
deaneesc [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
Prof. Showkat Ahmad Shah
Dean,School of Education and
Behavioural Sciences
showkat [at] kashmiruniversity [dot] ac [dot] in
Prof. Gowhar Bashir Vakil
Dean, School of Engineering
gowphy [at] kashmiruniversity [dot] ac [dot] in
gowphy [at] kashmiruniversity [dot] ac [dot] in
Prof. Beauty Banday
Dean, School of Law
 deanlaw [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in,na
Prof. Tariq Ahmad Chishti
Dean, School of Open Learning
tachishti [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
Prof. Irshad A. Nawchoo
Dean,School of Social Sciences
 irshadnawchoo [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
Prof. Khalid Majid Fazli
Dean,School of Unani and
Ayurvedic Medicine
fazili [at] kashmiruniversity [dot] ac [dot] in
Examination Wing
Dr. Majid Zaman Baba
Controller of Examinations
0194-2272100, 0194-2272101,
ce [at] kashmiruniversity [dot] ac [dot] in,
ce [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
Mr. Altaf Ahmad Bhat
Joint Controller
Altafku2011 [at] gmail [dot] com
Dr. Feroz Ahmad Gurkhoo
Joint Controller
gferoz [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
PA to Controller of Examination  0194-2421234
Mr Javed Ahmad Bhat
Assistant Controller
(UG Conduct)
Mr. Ab. Qayoom
Assistant Controller ,
Tabulation (Results)
Javid Ahmad Bhat
Assistant Controller of
Ms. Yasmeena Akhter
Assistant Controller
 Ms [dot] yasmeena [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
Assistant Controller
(Professional Conduct)
Mr. Mohd. Farooq Mir
Assistant Controller
Mrs. Roohi Gadda
Assistant Controller
Mrs. Ishrat Jalali
Assistant Controller
(PG Conduct)
Prof. Aneesa Shafi
Dean Students Welfare
Public Relation Centre
Dr. Nisar Ahmad Mir
Director,Convocation Complex
Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed Zarri
Joint Registrar
 ashfaq [dot] zarri [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
Dr. Tanveer Ahmed Shah
Joint Registrar (Hospitality and
Protocol/Special Secretary
to HVC/Sub Office Jammu/HRD
(Non Teaching) )
tanveer [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
Mr. Inam-ur-Rauf Malik
Joint Registrar (Development
/Printingand Stationery)
acelku [at] gmail [dot] com
Mr.Bashir Ahmad Haji.
Director Finance
dirfinance [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
Mrs. Asmat Kawoosa
Joint Registrar (General
Legal Cell)
asmatkawoosa [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
Dr. Ravi Kumar
Joint Registrar
(Academic Affairs/
 ravibhat07 [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] in
Mr. Mubarik Ahmad Shah
Joint Registrar(Purchase/Estates/
mubishahuk [at] gmail [dot] com

Dr. Peerzada Mehraj ud Din
Deputy Registrar (Printing and

Dr. Peer Naseer Ahmad
Deputy Registrar
(Administration TW/Transport)
Mr. Showkat Shafi
Deputy Director, DIQA
Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Mir
Deputy Registrar (Recruitment)
Mr. Faheem Aslam
PRO University of Kashmir
Mr. Shabir Ahmad
Assistant Registrar(Registration)
rshabir [at] kashmiruniversity [dot] ac [dot] in,
Mr. Mohd Ishaq Sofi
Assistant Registrar
Bashir Ahmad Shan
Assistant Registrar
abc121 [at] gmail [dot] com
Secretary to Vice Chancellor
Dr. Tanveer Ahmad Shah
Special Secretary to
Vice Chancellor
tanveer [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
Proctoral organisation
Dr. Imtiyaz A. khan
Chief Proctor
drimtiazkuzoo [at] gmail [dot] com
Mr Manzoor Ahmad
Chief Security Officer
Saima Farhad, Proctor saimafarhad [at] gmail [dot] com
Er Riyaz Ahmad Qureshi
erriyaz [at] kashmiruniversity [dot] ac [dot] in
Medical Staff
Dr Khalid Nazir
Dental Surgeon
dr [dot] khalidtarzan [at] gmail [dot] com
Arshad Maqbool Bhat
Dental Technician
 arshbhathc [at] gmail [dot] com
Hospitality and Protocol
Mr. Riyaz Patloo
Manager Guest House
riazpatloo [at] kashmiruniversity [dot] ac [dot] in
Directorate of IT and SS
Dr. Maroof Naieem Qadri
maroof [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
Dr. Majid Zaman Baba
Scientist E
ermajid [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
Mr. Ghulam Mohammad Ganai
Consultant Admin
Prof. Irshad Ahmad Shah
allamaiqballibrary [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in

Dr Sheikh Mohammad
Imran Sr.
Assistant Librarian

smimran [at] kashmiruniversity [dot] ac [dot] in
Dr Mohammad Ishaq Lone Sr.
Assistant Librarian
lishaq [at] kashmiruniversity [dot] ac [dot] in
Mrs. Asmat Aziz Assistant
asmataziz [at] kashmiruniversity [dot] ac [dot] in
Uzma Qadri, Assistant Librarian  quzma [at] kashmiruniversity [dot] ac [dot] in
Mr. Mukhtar Ahmad Wani
Assistant Librarian
Mrs. Mubeena Parveen
Assistant Librarian
mubeena [at] kashmiruniversity [dot] ac [dot] in,
Adnan Hassan Khan, Scientist B adnan [at] kashmiruniversity [dot] ac [dot] in
Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad Khanday
Director South Campus
 directorsouthcampus [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
Dr. Parvez Ahmed Director
North Campus
directornc [at] kashmiruniversity [dot] ac [dot] in
Prof. Gowhar Bashir Vakil
Director Zakura Campus
gowphy [at] kashmiruniversity [dot] ac [dot] in
Registrar Personal Office
Mr. Shabir Ahmad
PA to Registrar
darshabir [at] kashmiruniversity [dot] ac [dot] in
Hostel Organisation
Prof. Aijaz Mohammad Sheikh
Provost Boys Hostels
aejaz [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
Prof. Aneesa Shafi
Provost Girls Hostels
aneesashafi [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] in
Dr Altaf Hussain Mir
Warden, Gani Kashmiri Hostel
draltaf_786 [at] yahoo [dot] com
Dr. Md. Meraj Ahmad
Warden, Maulana Anwar Shah
(M.A.K.),Boys (P.G) Hostel
drmeraj76 [at] gmail [dot] com
Dr. Younis Rashid
Warden, Mehboob-ul-Alam
Boys Hostel
youniszaha [at] gmail [dot] com
Dr. Farzana Gulzar
Warden, Habba Khatoon
Girls Hostel
 farzanashahrukh [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
Dr. Sabeera Muzzaffar
Warden,Bibi Rabia Basri
Girls Hostel
sabeerabhat [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
Dr. Aasia Maqbool Warden,
Bibi Amina Girls Hostel
aasia [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in,
aasia [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
SUB Office Jammu
Ms. Meenakshi Raina
Officer Incharge
(Sub Office Jammu)
0191-2493748, 0191-2493749
subofficejammu [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in

List Of Schools


Directorate Contact Details

Directorate of Information
Technology and Support Systems

nfo [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
Directorate of Distance Education


Directorate of Life Long Learning 0194-2414481
Extension. : 2273/2200

Directorate of Physical
Education and Sports

directorsports [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in
Directorate of Internal Quality

Centre for Career Planning and

contactccpc [at] uok [dot] edu [dot] in

Research Centres

Head Office

Hazratbal, Srinagar,
Jammu and Kashmir,
India, 190006
Fax: 0194-227 2096

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