University of Delhi Contact No. 011-2700 6900

All India Number(s): 
  • 011-2700 6900 (Helpdesk, 10am-5:30pm on all working days)
  • 011-2700 8300 (Enquiry no. of School of Open Learning)


  • registrar [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in

Important Links

Helpdesk / Grievance Redressal

Undergraduate/Postgraduate Admissions Helpdesk

  • For queries related to Undergraduate admissions write to ug [at] admission [dot] du [dot] ac [dot] in and PG admissions, write to pg [at] admission [dot] du [dot] ac [dot] in and contact at 011-27006900 (10:00am- 5:30pm) on all working days, except Public Holidays
  • Dedicated Helpline and Email support for DU Admissions 2022-23 for payment related queries -
    • 9871985944/ 9667640628
    • Email Address: dupaymentquery [at] icicibank [dot] com
  • For any queries/ clarifications related to CUET 2022, candidates can Email / call at the NTA Helpdesk:
    • Call: 011-40759000 / 011-69227700 or Email  cuet-ug [at] nta [dot] ac [dot] in 
  • College Convener, Helpdesk (For UG admissions)
  • Department Convener Helpdesk (For PG admissions)

Postgraduate Admissions Grievance Redressal

Faculty of Law - Details of Admission Committee, Help Desk Committee and Grievance Committee with its Sub-Committee

Central Grievance Redressal Committee

  • uggrievance [at] admission [dot] du [dot] ac [dot] in

Helpdesk / Grievance Redressal for CW / ECA / Sports

  • Children/Widows  - cw [at] admission [dot] du [dot] ac [dot] in
  • Extra Curricular Activities- eca [at] admission [dot] du [dot] ac [dot] in
  • Sports - director [at] dusc [dot] du [dot] ac [dot] in

School of Open Learning Admissions Helpdesk

  • Enquiry no/ Helpline no. of School of Open Learning, University of Delhi : 011-27008300 and 011-27008301

Campus Contact Details

List of Departments

List of Contact Numbers of University Officials 

Name Designation Direct Phone EPABX Mobile No.
Mr. Kapil Aggrawal Joint Finance Officer 011-27662585 1351 9250218233
Mr. R.P. Singh J.R.(Estate/Telephones/Special Cell/ GB-I) 011-27666431 1210 9958614905
Dr. A.K. Prakash J.R. (South Delhi Campus) 011-24117772 7122 9899265465
Mr. Jay Chanda J.R. (Academic) 011-27667623
1653 9910448192
Mr. Pradeep Kumar J.R.(P.V.C. Office/Registrar Office/Legal ) 011-27667758
1102 9211018363
Dr. Rohan Rai J.R. (T/NT/Desk) 011-27667619 1257 9540609797
Mr. S.K. Dogra J.R. (Examination) 011-27669794 1051 8527152263
Mr. S. Rangabashiam Internal Audit Officer 011-27666848 1166 9560163620
Mrs. Meenakshi Sahai J.R.( Recruitment) 011-27666667 1189 9810558927
Mr. Sunil Kumar D.R. (IQAC and CR and Vigilance) 011-27666375
1514 9910203395
Mr. Sharad Kr. Sant D.R.(Fin./Scholarship cell 011-27666929 1188 9971153704
Mr. Gaurav Anand A.R. (South Delhi Campus) 011-24115849 7124 9818354671
Mrs. Raj Bhatia A.R.(Finance) 011-27667468 1187 9717949039
Mr. Prashant Nagar South Delhi Campus (General) 011-24116938 7111 9971795270
Dr. Naresh Kumar A.R. ( Colleges) --- 1158 9811686540
Mr. Anand Kr. Soni A.R.(Rajbhasha/CPIO) 011-27666269 1225 9999596223
Mr. Hem Chand Pandey A.R. (Exam.) 011-27666238 1016 9711573736
Mr. Rajiv Saini A.R.(Exam.) 011-27667104 1036 8459801977
Mr. Ranjeet Singh Brar A.R. (Finance) 011-27667007 --- 9899077877
Mr. Benjwal, K.P. Benjwal A.R.( Council) 011-27667170 1154 9818613451
Mrs. Neeru Sachdeva A.R.( Academic) --- --- 9990681157
Mr. Sanjay Kumar A.R. (Legal) 011-27662841 1338 9953393069
Mr. Pawan Smeer Lakra A.R.( Recruitment) --- --- 9868119614
Mr. Akhilesh Jha A.R. Estab(T/HR) --- --- 9953633657
Mr. K.C. Meena A.R. Estab (NT) 011-27667336 --- 8826573792
Mr. Sandeep Sharma A.R. (Proc.& Stores) 011-27001570 1570 9717061313
Mr. Rakesh Hasija A.R. (Estate) --- --- 9810961224
Mr. Girish Kumar A.R (Education) 011-27666255 1594 9718980998
Mr. Ashwani Kumar A.R. (Faculty of Medical Sciences) 011-27662208 301 9818685593
Mr. Rajbir A.R.(Faculty of Art's and Law) 011-27667981 1282 9818521558
Mr. R. Venkatasan A.R. South Delhi Campus, (Exam.) 011-24116143 7127 9910106862
Mr. S.S. Negi A.R. (Examination) 011-27667833 1010 ---

Administration Contacts

Name Designation Contact No. Office Contacts
Professor Yogesh Singh Vice Chancello -- E-mail: vc [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in
Tel: 011-27667011
Ms. Vinod Kapoor
Professor Balaram Pani Dean of Colleges 011-27667066
dean_colleges [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in
Mr. Vipin Pandey,
Professor Ranjan
Kumar Tripathi
Joint Dean of Colleges jtdean_colleges [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in
Professor Shri Prakash
Director South Campus 011-27662865,
dir_udsc [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in
University of Delhi South Campus,
Benito Juarez Road, New Delhi 110 021
Email ID : dir_udsc [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in

(A) North Campus Office :
Tel : 011-27662865 - Direct
(Main Campus) Extn. 1217
Mr. Prem Chand Nagpal, Private Secretary

(B) South Campus Office :
Tel: 011-24116427, 011-24113045
- Direct (South Campus) Extn. 7114
Mr. Vinod Sharma, Senior Personal Assistant
Professor Sanjeev Singh Joint Director South
Sh. Nawal Kishore Treasurer 011-27662851
treasurer [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in
Office of Treasurer
E.mail ID : treasurer [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in
Tel: 011-27662851 Ext. 1218
Professor Rajni Abbi Proctor proctor [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in Prof. Manoj Kumar Singh
Jt. Proctor
Email: mksinghanthro [at] rediffmail [dot] com
Dr. Vikas Gupta Registrar 011-27667853 Tel: 011-27667853 Ext. 1116
Fax: 011-27666350
Email: registrar [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in
Mr. Deepak Sharma, Personal Assistant
Sh. Anoop Lather Public Relations Officer
EPABX No. - 1250
pro [at] admin [dot] du [dot] ac [dot] in
Tel: 011-27666538, EPABX No. - 1250
Email: pro [at] admin [dot] du [dot] ac [dot] in
Sh. Nand Kishore Chugh,
Personal Assistant
Shri Pradeep Kumar Liaison Officer - OBC
(Other Backward Class)
lo_obc [at] admin [dot] du [dot] ac [dot] in --
Dr. Rohan Rai Liaison Officer - EWS
(Economically Weaker Section)
lo_ews [at] admin [dot] du [dot] ac [dot] in --
Shri Rishi Pal Singh Liaison Officer - SC / ST
(Scheduled Caste and
Scheduled Tribe)
lo_scst [at] admin [dot] du [dot] ac [dot] in --
Dr. Bipin Kumar Tiwary Liaison Officer - PwD
(Persons With Disabilities)
lo_pwd [at] admin [dot] du [dot] ac [dot] in --
Girish Ranjan Finance Officer 011-27667878 Tel: 011-27667878 Ext. 1128
Email: finofficer [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in

Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Sr. Personal Assistant
Mr. Pintu Prasad, Assistant
Dr. Vikas Gupta Chief Vigilance Officer cvo [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in --
Dr. Rajesh Singh University Librarian 011-27667848
librarian [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in
University Librarian
Tel: O11-27667848
Email: librarian [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in

Mr. Sunil Arora, Personal Assistant

Deans Contact Details

Name and Designation Contact Details
Professor K. Ratnabali
Dean, Academic Affairs
011-27666744 Ext. 1301
adminblock [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in
Professor Pankaj Arora
Dean, Students' Welfare
011-27666518, 011-27667092
Ext. 1134
dsw [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in
office [at] dsw [dot] du [dot] ac [dot] in
Professor Mridula Gupta
Joint Dean, Students' Welfare

jt [dot] deandsw [at] gmail [dot] com

Professor D S Rawat
Dean, Examinations
011-27667934 Ext. 1059
adminblock [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in
Professor Mridula Gupta
Joint Dean Examination
adminblock [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in
Professor Haneet Gandhi
Dean, Admissions
011-27666073, 011-27006900.
dean [at] admission [dot] du [dot] ac [dot] in
Professor Niranjan Kumar
Dean Planning University of Delhi
011-27667295 ,
011-27667771 Ext. 1371
dean_planning [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in
Professor M K Pandit
Chairperson, Research Council
011-27666744 Ext. 1301
Professor Shyama Rath
Dean Alumni Affairs
Contact No. and Email is Same for all

Ph: 011-24111141
Email: adminblock [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in
Dr. Hena Singh
Joint Dean, Students' Welfare
Dr. Hemant Verma
Joint Dean, Students' Welfare
Professor Ravi Prakash
Dean (Rectt. and Promotion)
Dr. Ajay Jaiswal
Joint Dean, Admissions (UG)

Dr. Amit Pundir

Deputy Dean, Admissions
Professor Chander Shekhar
Chairperson, International Relations
Professor Amarjiva Lochan
Joint Dean, Foreign Students' Registry
Professor H. P. Singh Dean, International Relations
(Science and Technology) -
Professor Anil Rai Dean, International Relations
(Social Science and Humanities)
Professor Amarjiva Lochan
Joint Dean, International Relations
Professor Yamini Gupt Joint Dean, International Relations
(Social Sciences and Humanities)
Professor Raj Kishore Sharma
Dean Research (Physical Sciences
and Mathematical Sciences)

Professor Ujjwal Kumar Singh

Dean Research (Humanities and
Social Sciences)
Professor Neeta Sehgal Dean, Research (Life Sciences)
Dr. Mukesh Mehlawat
Joint Dean (Research)
Prof. B.W. Pandey Dean (Works)

Deans of Faculties

Name Contact Details
Faculty of Applied Social
Sciences & Humanities
Professor C.P. Gupta
Dean, Faculty of Applied
Social Sciences & Humanities
(Department of Business Economics)
University of Delhi, Delhi - 110007
Faculty of Arts Professor Amitava Chakraborty
Dean, Faculty of Arts
University of Delhi, Delhi - 110 007

Phone: 011-27662223,
011-27667725 X 1280
Faculty of Ayurvedic
& Unani Medicine
Professor P.K. Prajapati
Dean, Faculty of Ayurvedic & Unani Medicine
University of Delhi, Delhi - 110 007

Phone: 011-23524180
Faculty of Commerce &
Business Studies
Professor Ajay Kumar Singh
Faculty of Commerce & Business Studies
University of Delhi, Delhi - 110 007

Phone: 011-27667891 x 1632 (EPABX)
Faculty of Education Professor Pankaj Arora
Dean, Faculty of Education
33, Chhatra Marg, University
of Delhi, Delhi - 110 007

Phone: 011-27666377,
011-27667509, 011-27667030
Faculty of Homeopathic
Medical Sciences
Professor Neelam Vaney
Dean, Faculty of Medical Sciences
University of Delhi, Delhi - 110 007
Faculty of Inter-Disciplinary
And Applied Sciences
Professor Rajeev Kaul
Dean, Faculty of Inter-
Disciplinary And Applied Sciences
Head, Department of Microbiology
University of Delhi South Campus,
Benito Juarez Road,
New Delhi 110021

ssaha [at] south [dot] du [dot] ac [dot] in
Phone: 011-24157380
Faculty of Law Professor (Dr.) Usha Tandon
Dean, Faculty of Law
University of Delhi,
Delhi 110007

E-mail - dean_law [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in;
deanlawDU [dot] so [at] gmail [dot] com
Ph. No. - 011-27667483
Faculty of Management
Professor Vivek Suneja
Dean, Faculty of Management Studies
University of Delhi, Delhi 110007
Faculty of Mathematical
Professor Naveen Kumar
Dean, Faculty of Mathematical Sciences
(Department of Mathematics)
University of Delhi, Delhi 110007
Faculty of Medical Sciences Professor Aditya Nath Aggarwal
Dean, Faculty of Medical Sciences,
C/o VPCI Building6/7th Floor,
University of Delhi, Delhi - 110007
Faculty of Music & Fine Arts Professor Alka Nagpal
Dean, Faculty of Music & Fine Arts
Mall Road, University of Delhi, Delhi 110007

Phone: 011-27667608 x 1616 (EPABX)
Faculty of Open Learning Professor Payal Mago
Dean, Faculty of Open Learning
University of Delhi, Delhi-110007

Phone : 011-27667041
Faculty of Science Professor Ashok Kumar Prasad
Dean, Faculty of Science
University of Delhi, Delhi-110007

Phone: 011-27666601
Email Id: office_fsc [at] admin [dot] du [dot] ac [dot] in;
dean_sci [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in
Faculty of Social Sciences

Professor Seema Bawa
Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences
(Department of Economics)
University of Delhi, Delhi 110007

Mr. Vijay Kumar Sharma, Office-In-Charge
Mr. Gaurav Kumar, Assistant
Mr. Ramvant, Junior Assistant
Mr. Hans Raj, Office Attendant
Mr. Devender Kumar, Office Attendant

Faculty of Technology Professor K.S. Rao
Dean, Faculty of Technology
C/o Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology
Azad Hindi Fauz Marg,
Sector 3, Dwarka,

List of Faculties

Other Important Contacts

Cell/Department Contact Details
Central Placement Cell Dean Students’ Welfare,

Phone: 011-27667092, 011-27662812,
011-27001134, 011-27001135
Fax: 011-27666518
E-mail: placement [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in
Computer Centre Professor
Department Institute of Informatics
and Communication
sanjeev [at] south [dot] du [dot] ac [dot] in
Engineering Department

Mr. Anupam Srivastava
University Engineer
Engineering Department  
Phone: 011-27667157, 011-27667725,
EPABX: 1700-1705
Fax No.: 011-27666007

Email: ue [at] engg [dot] du [dot] ac [dot] in

Foreign Students' Registry office

Foreign Students' Registry office
Room No. 11, First Floor,
Conference Centre,

Phone No: 011-27666756
E-mail : fsr_du [at] yahoo [dot] com,
dydean_fs [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in
Dealing Timings: 09.30am-1pm & 2pm-5pm
(Office will remain closed on Sat, Sun
and all Public/ Gazetted Holidays)

Gandhi Bhawan

Director : Prof. K.P. Singh
Gandhi Bhawan
32, Chhatra Marg

Phone : 011-27666243
Email : gandhibhawan [at] du [dot] ac [dot] in

Health Centre

Adjacent to Arts Faculty
Phone : 011-27667908 x 1660 (EPABX)
Complaints of beneficiaries against
empanelled Hospitals or Diagnostic Centres

E-mail : hospitalcomplaint [at] healthcentre [dot] du [dot] ac [dot] in

South Campus:
Dr. Rinku Mathur
Medical Officer - M.O-I/C

Email :- drrinku [dot] mathur23 [at] gmail [dot] com

World University Service (WUS)

WUS-Delhi University Committee
Room No.- 9, 1st Floor, Student
Activity Center, Faculty of Arts,

Phone: 011-27666167
E-mail: romabanerjee2k2 [at] gmail [dot] com

Rajbhasha Cell

Room No - 107, 1st Floor, New
Administrative Block,

Tel: 011-27666269, 011-27667725 (Extn. 1225)

List of Committees


Campus Address
North University Road, St Stephen's
College, University Enclave,
Delhi, 110007
South South Campus, South Moti
Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110021

Social Sites


Phone numbers are never reachable

I have been trying all the contact number available on north campus, delhi university website to get some information regarding migration certificate and working hours due to covid situation. Unfortunately, no one is responding on these numbers, they are of no use.

Please suggest me a way to reach out to DU staff for queries and concerns. Thanks