Turkish Airlines Customer Care Number

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 000 8000 501565 (Call Center- Only for India)

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Offices in India

Airport Office

Address: OL 11, Level 4, Terminal 3 IGI Airport
Working hours: Every day 09:00-6:00 / 01:00-09:00.

Telephone: 011-4963 8981
E-mail: delops [at] thy [dot] com

Cargo Office

Address: Room No: 9 Public Amenities
Building International Cargo Terminal
Working hours: Closed on Sundays. Saturday 09:30-2:00. Other days 09:00-5:30.

Telephone: 011-49407100 / 011-49407101 / 011-49407102
Fax: 011-49407111
E-mail: delcargo [at] thy [dot] com

General Cargo Agency-Interglobe Air Transport Ltd.

Address: Central Wing 1st Floor Thapar House 124 Janpath

Telephone: 011-43513291 / 011-43513292 / 011-43513293
E-mail: delcargo [at] thy [dot] com

General Sales Agency-Zenith Travels

Address: Zion House Narayanchaour Durbar
Marg Naxal P.O. Box: 4163 Kathmandu/Nepal
Working hours: Closed on Saturday. Other days 09.30-5.30.

Telephone: +977 1 444 6340 / +977 1 422 3502
Fax: +977 1 441 5651 / 977 1 422 7132
E-mail: ktmturkish [at] zenithgroup [dot] org

City Office

Address: Unit No: 1001 A 10th Floor Time
Tower Sector 28 M.G. Road Gurgaon-122-001 Haryana
Working hours: 09.00 am – 5.00 pm

Telephone: 0120-44193000
E-mail: delreservation [at] thy [dot] com / delsales [at] thy [dot] com

Airport Office

Address: Room E8-3050/51,level 3 Terminal 2
(C.s.i.a) Sahar Andheri (E) Mumbai 400099
Working Hours: Operation Hours: 01:30-09:00.

Telephone: 022-66859314/ 022-66859315 / Voip 51319-51351
E-mail: Bomops [at] thy [dot] com

Cargo Office

Address: 228, Sahar Cargo Estate,v.m. Shah Marg
J.b. Marg, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400 099

Telephone: 022-28241819/ 022-28241821/ 022-28241822
Fax: 022-28241817
Mobile: 9167379340
E-mail: Bomcargo [at] thy [dot] com

General Cargo Agency-Interglobe Air Transport Ltd.

Address: Central Wing 1st Floor Thapar House 124 Janpath

Telephone: 011-43513291/ 011-43513292/ 011-43513293 / 9167379340
E-mail: cgkcargo [at] thy [dot] com

City Office

Address: Lodha Supremus, Unit No.1007,
10TH FL, Upper Worli, Senapati Bapat Marg Opp.
Kamala Mills Compound, Lower Parel,
Mumbai 400 013, India
Working hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-5:30

Telephone: 022-61997900
E-mail: bomreservation [at] thy [dot] com

24 Hours Booking / Customer Services and Search Global Offices Contact Details

Turkish Airlines Headquarters

Turkish Airlines General Management Building,
Ataturk Airport, Yesilkoy 34149
Istanbul Türkiye
Phone: +90 212 463 63 63
Fax: +90 212 465 21 21

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90 min Layover at Instanbul Airport

I have booked a flight from Mumbai to Berlin.
While booking the flight I was not sure about the 90 min layover and how big the Instanbul airport.
Mine is connecting flight to berlin from Instanbul and I would like to know, Is international connecting boarding possible within 90 min on Instanbul airport? both flight are turkish airline flight
If flight from mumbai to Instanbul will late due to any kind of issue, then how turkish airline compensate that?

Thank you in advance!!

Complaint number : TK -

Complaint number : TK - 6417982

My complaint is pending over 15 days now. I had a horrible experience at Istanbul airport and had to a night with my own money as I wasn't provided accomodation and meals. I was asked to eat meat based products if TK were to pay for it. Else spend my own money. I have explained all the trauma in the complaint.
When can I except feedback ?

Hi, I am travelling from


I am travelling from Delhi to Istanbul and then from Istanbul to Cappadocia. Both the fligts are turkish Airways. I would like to know if it is possible for you to generate single PNR so that I receive my luggage directly in Cappadocia. The flight time between both the flights is 2 hours so I will not be able to collect the luggage in Istanbul and check in again.

Have been trying to call up on all numbers mentione on your website. Am not able to get through. Please provide a number where I can call and clear all my doubts

Thank you

Child travelling with only one parent

My PNR # is RVE7I5. We are travelling with two children age 1 year and 3 years. Father of these children is not travelling with us. Children are travelling with only one parent (mother) and grandparents. Since it is an international travel, do you need any consent letter from the father? If needed, can you provide guidelines for the same? Any specific draft?

Rules related covid

My son wants to book ticket by turkish airlines for zurich to mumbai He wanted to know REQUIREMENTS
related covid before departure zurich airport & arrival at mumbai airport.there is layover for 1 to 2hour at Istanbul.He completed his both dose of covid at Zurich. Is it he needed to test for covid negetive?? Is there any quarantine rules on arriving Mumbai
He wants to clarify all his doubts

My ticket is not showing on your Official Site

i am Jatin kumar
My booking id is
Booking Id: IN1B1598115960381
I hv booked 1 ticket (Turquish Airlines) through Make my trip
21 August 2020 India-Istanbul-Berlin
When I check the ticket in your official site, my details are not showing there. It is not always correct to show your surname.
Please check it and tell me what is the reason.
This is my last question (whether I am sure or not)

Conversion to Open tickets

Dear Sir / Ma'am,

I had made the flight bookings for my family (Anish Kapur, Mishna Kapur, Aliyah Kapur and Kabir Kapur)

1. from Istanbul to Kayseri – TK 2012 on 17th Jun 2020 with reference number TNXP4I; and

2. from Antalya to Istanbul - TK 2411 on 24 June 2020 with reference number UZBHVT.

We were scheduled to travel from India to Turkey on 14 June 2020. However, due to the current covid-19 Pandemic and corresponding travel restrictions in place, our flights to Turkey have been cancelled. I have also received a message from Turkish Airlines that this flight has been rescheduled or the route has changed and I have been asked to contact the sales office for rescheduling or refund.

Request you to kindly issue open tickets.

Anish Kapur

Forgot my iPad in flight


I forgot my iPad in a flight (TK1726) from Berlin to Istanbul on 18th December 2019, I have been trying to contact the customer care but couldn't. Can someone please let me know whom and how should I contact the concerned team to get it back.

Kunal Ghai

Lost property on airplane

Dear Team,

I was travelling from berlin to delhi on 13th of December and my flight is supposed to reach delhi next morning at 5:15.
So During my connecting flight from Istanbul to delhi i forgot my wallet on my seat. My flight number is TK0716, and my seat number was 55A. I tried to fill feedback form but they replied and gave me a link to open but when i am selecting the link. The page that is opening is saying error 404.

I tried to email on the same number again but there is no reply. There are valuable documents in my wallet multiple debit card and a lot of cash. I don't care about cash but my documents are priceless so please help me to get them back.

My first travel with Turkish Airlines


I am forwarding you this email because the email address that I have for Dr. Eksi doesn’t seem to work. I would appreciate your help in this matter in resolving this issue or forwarding this email to Dr. Eksi.

So far I have created the following feedbacks on your website, but I am still not close to having a resolution. I even send a doctors letter showing that my son suffers from a disability as requested by one of the customer service representative.


Jamal Ali

From: Ali Family
Sent: Friday, December 13, 2019 1:31 PM
To: beksi [at] thy [dot] com
Cc: SALESCHI [at] THY [dot] COM
Dear Dr. Bilal Eksi,

My name is Jamal Ali. I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I just wanted to bring your attention to an unfortunate event that I have experienced with Turkish Airlines.

I have never flew Turkish Airlines. However, my best friend Ikut Guvener said that I should experience the impeccable service that Turkish Airlines provide.

When my ailing father of 96 years old requested that he wanted to see his grandchildren before he passes away, I made a reservation online with Turkish Airlines online. The very next day I realized that my Son’s start on the 4th of January, I tried to call Turkish Airlines customer service. After several attempts I spoke to a gentleman by the name Markus. He has spent several hours trying to change my booking and told me that he will call me back in 10 minutes. For the next four days, I kept on calling Markus and left messages for him. Fourth day, he called me back and said that since my trip involves a partner airline, they cannot change the reservation and that I have to go online to do it.

I went online, but there was not option for me to change it. I called him again and his response was to go to Miami and speak to the sales staff. Since Miami was 7 hours’ drive from where I live; I tried to call every number I can find. None of them worked – even when I pressed on different options it would come back and tell me that mail box is full (all of them).

My friend then directed me to the Chicago office. I sent them an email and they responded asking me more information which I provide. Since I didn’t hear from them I called and asked what happened. They said all the return flights are booked. I went online and checked if that is true. I found out that the tickets for the same date is available online. The response to that from the Chicago staff was “there are more options online, which we do not have access to”.

Since then I spoke to two other gentlemen at the Chicago office. I had a lengthy conversation with Mr. Eric Lopez. He gave me the following two solutions:

1. That he will issue a separate ticket for Noah Ali to leave Kochi on January 1st and reach Miami on January 2nd. However, my 13 year old son is considered as an adult therefore will not be given the unaccompanied minor help even if I pay for the service.

My son is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and cannot take care of himself on a normal situation. Let alone going through 3 different airlines in 3 different countries.

2. The next option he gave me was to give me a full refund for my Son’s ticket.

Since the trip is for my son to see his ailing grandfather (96 years old); I do not know what to do with other two tickets.

Under the circumstances, I asked him to give me a full refund for all our three tickets. He asked me to hold to speak to his manager. In the meantime the line was disconnected and I tried several times to call him back; but every time someone picked up the phone and hang-up. I then received the following message from Mr. Lopez:
“Dear Ali,
I apologize It’s seem our connection has disconnected. As discussed in our conversation on the phone. Kindly be informed that a refund claim can be lodged via Turkish Airlines online feedback by clicking the following link below. Our colleagues will get back to you after they assess the case and all of the circumstances related to the escort hostess irregularity. You will receive a case number which passenger can follow-up online. They will be able to assist your request on this subject. If you have any other questions, please, let us know.

I contacted the link that he provided and the response was a standardized message asking me to call a sales office to resolve the issue.

Since then, I printed the list of 76 contacts for “special assistance for passengers” and called each and every one of them. Most extensions don’t exist or nobody called back after I left the message. I also wrote several emails to Turkish Airlines offices in the United States and nobody helped me.

At this point, all I am asking is to refund my tickets so that I can find other means to go to see my father. I hope to hear from you soon.



Refund of tickets

We have booked 4 tickets from New Delhi to budapest for 5th December. The visa for 3 people have been refused. Indigo operated by Turkish Airline
6E - 11-Q DEL Thu, 05 Dec 2019 | 05:15 hrs BUD Thu, 05 Dec 2019 | 12:40 hrs
Duration : 11h 55m. These are the ticket details. What are the chances of getting the refund? Please let me know the process.

Missing baggage

I have lost my baggage from Istanbul to Delhi which was partly run by Indigo. I m not getting anywhere with the constant calls to the customer services. worst experience of my life. Would not recommend Turkish Airlines to anyone.

Lost baggage

I have lost my baggage i came india delhi to dakar which was partly run bye indiago.and now 125 days has gone i did not get any call from customer service. Please tell me what i do..

To add middle name

I would like to add middle name to my first and last name on ticket.
Please guide. I have a flight to catch this Sunday.

Cancellation of Tickets

Dear Sir/Madam
we have made bookings from del-ist-bru and return of 3 pax, and have applied VISA on 21.08.19 , but till date the update is "English:Your visa application has been sent for further assessment by the Embassy/Consulate general of Belgium to the Belgian Immigration Office on 26thAugust 2019. YOUR FILE NUMBER IS 125710. This number enables you to contact the Belgian Immigration Office, single point of contact for all questions related to the status of your visa application as of this moment (Antwerpsesteenweg 59B, Your visa application has been sent for further assessment by the Embassy/Consulate general of Belgium 1000 Brussels, T: +32.2.793.XXX, infodesk [at] ibz [dot] fgov [dot] be). Furthermore, using this file number, you may check on the status of your visa application on the Immigration Office website. Should you need your passport back before the end of the procedure, please send your request by e-mail to the Embassy or Consulate." and we have even mailed them several times but getting NO RESPONSE, so now we have decided to CANCEL the tickets, so we had called GOIBIBO for the same but on seeing the cancellation charges of TURKISH AIRLINES theou people for asked us to talk to you for the WAIVER of the same, was trying your all helpline no's but could not made a contact so was suggested by your delhi/gurugram office to contact from here, so we request you to please look into the matter and do the needful. for reference our PNR no. are UB2K5X for 2 pax and T5L877 for 1 pax., your early action will be hightly obliged.
Thanks n Regards !
Vishal Vohra

Ticket Not Received_Process Refund

I booked my ticket at 11.15 pm IST from Istanbul to Denizil through sky scanner for 219.98 TRY from my credit card for 2 passengers for 1st October 2019.

Amount got credited but no ticket informed received, also the airline page says invalid CVV hence transaction could not be completed.

Either you book get my ticket booked and send me the confirmation or refund my money back in 3-5 business days.

Your response is awaited.


Respected sir,
I, Shantanu gupta, along with my family and friends, used Turkish airline services on 21st july2019 from Delhi to Prague & return on 7th Aug 2019.
We are highly dissatisfied with your services and staff.
While on our departure date, 21st July, the flight got delayed from 6:25am to 8:52 am, which got our second flight delayed. It resulted in a major delay for reaching Prague from 1:25pm to 8:00pm that lead us to missing of pickup from airport & loss of tour we booked of that day evening. On second connecting flight we didn’t received any vegetarian food.
On the other hand, for the return flight to Delhi, we had opted for vegetarian food at least 7 days before departure. But the food served to us was non vegetarian; one of my friends had eaten up before told by the cabin crew.
Again at baggage counter our luggage bag got changed with another passenger .while changing & signing missing form it took 3 hr to find your representative and most of my day was wasted.

Info about cabin baggage and luggage transfer

My booking id is
Booking Id: IN1B1554469187335
I hv booked 4 tickets (turquish airlines) via Make my trip
20th July (6.30 am) - bom-Istanbul- Berlin
2nd aug(14.40 pm)- Zurich- Istanbul-bom
In my E-tickets checkin baggage for bom-ist and ist-txl is not avaliable .
I hv contacted mmt regarding the same ; they hv suggested me to contact the airlines directly.
Please May i know if the checkin baggarge limit is 30 kg and cabbin baggage -7kg for the entire journey.
And will the airline transfer our luggage for the break flight ?
Thank you !

Hi i booked my ticket from

i booked my ticket from warsaw to hyd in the month of July so I need to change the travel date to June the month actually I booked the ticket from goibibo travel agency I am calling them to reschedule the ticket but they are telling der cannot able to find the fare for the date what I told ,and i got to know that Turkish airlines team is not responding so plz help them Turkish Airlines team to solve the problem

Delay in landing at Istanbul

Kindly let me know the connecting flight at Istanbul on my way to Frankfurt by Flight no TK717 alongwith flight no. TK 1591, in case of delay in landing of TK717 at Istanbul on May 12th. I have to inform my host at Frankfurt accordingly.
Sankalan(PNR VAPI2Q)

can i pay online for carrying bike before travel date

i have booked tkts mumbai - zurich via istnabul, i am carrying bicycle and i know extra charges too, but i wan to know if i can pay online charges before my travel date


Change dates of booked tickets

How can I change the dates of flight tickets booked in turkish airlines !

Baggage allowance for student

My daughter is studying in Ukraine.We would like to book round trip flight booking.Will you please confirm allowable baggage weight for her.

The toll free number is NOT TURKISH AIRLINES

We have had this number for over 20 years. I cannot help anyone with their luggage or travel plans. Please tell google and Turkish Airlines to remove this number.

Bag is missing

Hi , i travelled by turkish airlines from delhi to San -Francisco via istanbul , on 28th october,
i hvae checked in 2 bags , but on san francisco i got only 1 bag, it's being one week , till now no response from airline.
can anyone please let me know what is the status of my bag search. i have all my clothes , jewelries everything in the same bag.
feeling very disappointed on this carelessness of Turkish line.

Bag is missing

I was traveling from Mumbai to London, via Istanbul, but my London had miss in Istanbul and I come back in Mumbai but my luggage is missing they have told me you reach the Mumbai that if you can transfer your luggage to Mumbai, I will still have or not.

Baggage Allowances


I will be travelling from Hyderabad to Munich. Could you please confirm whether checked in baggage allowance is 2 pcs of baggage with a maximum weight of 23 kgs each. That is a maximum of 46 kgs.

Is there any extra baggage allowance for students travelling for the first time.

Thank You



When my wife came from USA to India, they submitted all the baggage 23 kg and 7 kg.
Today, She has a flight from Delhi to USA when she submit the 7 kg baggage they told her that they cannot submits the 7kg bag. My daughter is doing travil with her.She is 3 year old. She requested that she can not carry this bags with me. Pleases submit the baggage with 23 kg. They told her that submit the extra money 15000Rs. This is not a over weight.
If your policy that can not submit the bag with check in.Please mentions your policy.


Cabin baggage

I will travelling to India from Budapest on 23rd Oct and I have booke my tickets through MMT . However, they have not allowed 30 kgs free baggage allowance for the same. The same was allowed to me before booking the ticket but on the e ticket received by me the check in baggage of 30 kgs is not included. Please help me with the same.

Check in Baggage Query

In my ticket baggage allowance is 30 kg. I am travelling from Mumbai to Stockholm via Instanbul. My query is, I am carrying 30 kg single piece baggage will it be allowed?

hoping for ur quick response.

Missing bag

My bag missing for admerstam

baggage allowance

hello, i'm travelling from Mumbai to Boston, i have baggage allowance of 2pc of 23kg. as i'm a student can i add one more extra baggage of 23kg for free ?

Please send deatails of cancellation policy

Please send me deatails of cancellation policy of booked tickets n money refund of Turkish airline.. How much dedication percentages as per days before departure of flight ...
Please send me fastly ,I want to book some Tickets



Excursions & Hotel in Istanbul

Hello ,
I'm flying from Mumbai to Milan via Istanbul. I will stay there 19 hours.
Can I have sighting excursions in Istanbul ?
And also I need a hotel because my flight is early morning.
Can I get it ?
Thank you !

Regarding stay at IST

do they give you any hotel to stay? or take you to see the city for sightseeing? any charge taken? please share your experience.

Baggage allowance

My cousin is travelling to Huston from Mumbai via Istanbul, on 17 april. I need to know that the 2pc baggage allowance includes the cabin baggage or not. Does the baggage need to be in some particular size???


I will be traveling from Mumbai to Istanbul on 3/6/2018 around 6 am flight. Can I carry Battery Power Pack, DSLR camera, Mobile in Cabin bag? Please send any other special instruction for this flight along with answer to my above question. Waiting for your early reply, Thank you.

Unable to track missing baggage- Turkish Airlines

To Whomsoever it may concern,

My husband, Soham Prajapati and I, Jinal Prajapati had a flight from JFK airport, New York to Delhi via Istanbul on 26th march, 2018 00:10 am New York time. The flight number was TK0012 for New York to Istanbul and TK716 for Istanbul to Delhi . We were supposed to collect our bags from Delhi airport on the morning of 27th March, 2018. We landed on Delhi airport at 5:10 am local time on 27th March, 2018 and found one of my bags missing (Bag tag no. TK240060). We registered a Property Irregularity Report about the same with customs at Delhi airport.

It’s been three days now and I am not getting any feedback via calls. I have tried calling multiple times but there is no response. I would appreciate an update on the status of the same. Kindly let me know if there’s any formality to be taken care of with regard to whether the bag is found or not.

Kindly let me know how you can help further.

Jinal Prajapati.

Seat booking


My wife, my son and myself are traveling from Dubrovnik to Mumbai on July 1, 2018.


I would like to pre-reserve our seats, so that we get enough leg space and are comfortable. However, your website doesn't seem to allow me to book the seats with leg space. Please advise how I can do so.

Thank you.


Anjum Rajabali

PS. I have been trying to call your Delhi and Mumbai numbers. However, the reservation extension rings for a while and then disconnects. No one has been answering.

Unable to use manage booking option


I am unable to use manage booking as i keep getting an error "An unexpected problem occurred in your flights. Please review the flight details on your ticket" along with Cancel Flight option.

I tried to call the India customer care number 1800 874 8xxx, per your website but it seems this number is not operational.

Could you please tell me how do I reach some airlines personnel and get this issue resolved so I can book my seats.


Unable to use manage booking function.

I’m having the same problem. Were you able to resolve your issue?

The same error

Hello, guys, I have also the same error. I wrote them to FB and they answered that it is because of the changes of my flight and that I have to call to the support and say that I agree with changes. Otherwise, I won't be able to check in. So I did - called the support of Lithuanian offices and they told me to write an email with the ticket number and say that I confirm the changes. So I did. And they replied my that my flights are confirmed. I try to use online check in again and I still get the same error (it is too early for me to check in but I just want to see how it looks), then I wrote them again to ask, if there won't be any problems at the 24 hours to check in for me because of that error and they said that it will not. So I hope so. My flight is at the 9th of July this year. What the interesting thing is, I bought tickets through skyscanner.com which redirected me to mytrip.com page and there I bought it. After the changes, I got an email that there are minor changes in my flight (times are changed for a few minutes) and I DON'T NEED TO TAKE ANY ACTIONS. But when I wrote to Turkish Airlines, they said that I have to do that. So I'm curious if mytrip.com was planning to do that for me later or what...

Baggage Allowance


My son, Satyajit Bose, will be travelling from Mumbai to Chicago on March 2nd, by Economy Class.

Could you please confirm whether his checked in baggage allowance is 2 pcs of baggage with a maximum weight of 23 kgs each. That is a maximum of 46 kgs.

Thank you.

Pranab Bose

pre seat assign charge

I am traveling on 01st of Apr from india to miami, my ref id is#TI3XE7. I was trying to pre-assign my seat, and i completed my seat selection and at the bottom of the page i saw something written like there are some charges for selection seat in advance But it was not showing exact amount for seat selection .
Can you tell me it is free or there is some charges ? If there is some charges please tell me the amount?