T-Series Customer Care Number 1800 5320 266

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  • 1800 5320 266(Customer Care)


Tseries [at] tseries [dot] com

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Services Name Tel. No. Email/Fax

All Licenses (except mobile & digital) 
for GCC (radio, tv, events, sync etc

Bollywood Dreams Advertising


054-383 8165

050-8011 221

shujah [at] bollywood-dreams [dot] com

imad [at] bollywood-dreams [dot] com

rajesh [at] bollywood-dreams [dot] com

Mobile & Digital Platforms
& Radio Licenses
Mr. Sachin Chauhan

Mobile: 98 7138 2052 Landline:

0120-2515 116/17

Email: sachin [at] tseries [dot] net

Fax: 0120-2515 121

A&R Hindi (Singer, Music Director, Lyricist) Mr. Raju Chanana   rajchanana [at] tseries [dot] net
Mr. Shivam Chanana shivamchanana [at] tseries [dot] net
Ms. Sonal sonal [at] tseries [dot] net
International Publishing & Sync Mr. Amit Shukla Landline: 0120-251 5970

Email: amitshukla [at] tseries [dot] net

Fax: 0120-251 5121/2513 361


A&R Punjabi (Singer, Music Director, Lyricist) Mr. Harish 96 4306 1979 harish [at] tseries [dot] net
Mr. Bhogal 98 9944 6977 rajeshbhogal [at] tseries [dot] net
Mr. Sunil

93 1378 2889

(O) : 0120-251 5116/17

sunilkumar [at] tseries [dot] net
Corporate/Bulk Sales (DVD, VCD, ACD & MP3) India Only Mr. Prashant Kapur

Mobile: 98 1857 6578

0120-2515 116/17

 prashant [at] tseries [dot] net

For Movie Marketing Alliances

(In Film Branding /Cross Branding Associations)

Ms. Yesha Shah   yesha [dot] shah [at] tseries [dot] net
Retail Shop License Mr. Vipin Vig Mobile : 98 1016 9050 Rakeshsoni [at] tseries [dot] net
Physical Export Sales Mr. Anil Bhat Mobile: 97 1795 8811 anilbhat [at] tseries [dot] net
Publishing TV, Cable & Commercial Sync for India Ms. Nina Dawer   nina [dot] dawer [at] tseries [dot] net

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