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  • 09871803333 (24x7)
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SpiceJet Ltd.,
319, Udyog Vihar,
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Haryana, India


  • 09871803333
  • 965 400 3333


custrelations [at] spicejet [dot] com

Grievance Addressal

Level 1

First customer write to  custrelations [at] spicejet [dot] com customer relations assigns

Level 2

If you are not satisfied with the response of SpiceJet’s Customer Relations, then you may contact the Nodal Officer 

Ms. Suman kual

Email:nodalofficer [at] spicejet [dot] com 


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Confusing terms about luggage

My luggage permission was 15 +7 +15+7 Total 44kgs .
I was not carrying any cabin luggage still I got charged for 7 kgs because the Total weight of my luggage was 37 kgs.
I had clubbed my cabin luggage with check-in luggage earlier so,I did this I was charged 2800 rs.
I am totally dissatisfied with this.
Ragini Sharma


Dear sir,
We are not satisfied with the spicejet airline timing as we booked our flight no:SG423 pune to chennai on 17th july 2019 with departure timing 11:15pm. We booked ticked for 6 persons and flight is delayed now till 3pm and as we have 2kids and a baby the airlines should have informed us before itself or either given a temporary room for our kids to rest in the mid night. As your service is very poor we will see to that we will not book our ticket in spicejet again.
With regards,
Vinod shankar

Issues faced while traveling from Spice Jet flight Patna to Delh


The Grievances Cell/Feedback,

Spice Jet Delhi, India.

Sub: Issues faced while traveling from Spice Jet flight Patna to Delhi on 11 June 2019

Dear Sir,

This refers to the mental and financial trouble which I faced while traveling from Patna to Delhi by Go Air flight on 11 June 2019.

On 11 June, I caught Spice Jet flight no. 8998 from Patna at 9:25AM, which was supposed to reach Delhi at 11:10 AM. Since I work in Kabul, Afghanistan and catch the connecting flight to Kabul – Kam Airways flight no RQ 916 at 3:00 PM, the Spice Jet flight from Patna to Delhi in the morning is very convenient to me.

However, the Spice Jet flight could not be flown from Patna airport because of the technical on aircraft at Patna Airport. All of the passengers were boarded in flight, the spice jet was very near to runway for ready to fly. But suddenly the spice jet couldn't capable to make fly due to technical issues. All passengers have waited inside of the flight for more than 2 hours. Finally, the captain of the spice jet was decided to the management are arranged the other flight.
Finally, the Spice Jet flight could manage to fly at Patna Airport around 9: 25AM. I was not allowed to catch my connecting flight to Kabul because of very short span of time. There was no other way except to stay outside and catch the next day’s flight to Kabul.

This created a lot of trouble as I don’t have any known people in Delhi and I was completely unaware of the city. Though I managed to stay in a hotel very close to the Air port at Mahipalpur, but apart from financial expenses it also caused mental trouble to me. Therefore, I am requesting to reimburse me for all the expenses as listed below.

Expense-1 (Hotel boarding and lodging) INR = 600.00

Expense-2 (Cancellation charges for connecting flight to Kabul) = ($ 70.00) INR = 4830.40

Expense-3 (Transportation charges, Delhi Airport to hotel and back) INR = 300.00

Subtotal-1 (Expense-1, 2 and 3) = INR 5730.40Expense-5 (Mental trouble faced @25% of the Subtotal-1) INR = 1432.60

Expense-4 One day absent in office, Due to deduction of salary in $ 100 INR = 6900.00
Total Expense (Subtotal-1 and Expense-4) = INR 14063.00

Since Spice Jet is responsible for all these expenses, I would therefore expect them to reimburse me a sum of INR 14063.00 at the earliest. The money can be sent by cheque to my home address as below.

Address: Prawez Ahmad,

C/o Akhrot Adv

Moh Chhawani,PO Bettiah,Distt- West Champaran-845438,Bihar
Mob no. XXXXXX4025

I would be always grateful to you for this support.

Yours sincerely,

(Prawez Ahmad)


1. Copies of Spice Jet Air boarding Card (No.02) and air ticket (11 June 2019, Patna to Delhi)

2. Copies of Kam Airways air ticket (12 July, Delhi to Kabul), Cancellation charges for booking done on 11 June 2019 and air ticket booked for 12 June 2019.

3. Copy of Hotel expenses

4. Copy of Passport
5. Copy of cause letter

CC: Customer Care, Spice Jet.

No cooling in flight

On 05 July 2019 I travelled Mumbai to Ahmedabad on SG637. There was no cooling in flight on ground and after takeoff.


Very disappointed trying to call customer service from hours but busy or hang up, you are promoting to buy so many packages but when we call no answers

Flight from Bnagalore to Gwalior

Could you please Start one more flight from Bangalore to Gwalior for Diwali as the one which is there is already full and is highly charged now. Could you please have some more flights for that week.

Seat Problem

I had travelled by flight No. SG-125 from Bagdogra to Delhi on 25-Jun-2019. As per my booking details I was allotted seat No. 9F, which was changed to 8A for unknown reasons, while issuing the boarding Pass. The person sitting at seat No. 7A, claiming to be medically unfit bent his seat backward, as a result of which my sitting space became narrow enough to cause me a lower back pain due to forced poor sitting posture. I requested the Air hostess on duty for changing my seat, but my request was simply ignored.
Kindly look into my complaint, failing which I am forced to approach Consumer complaint Cell.

Dr. Sushil Kumar Sharma
Phone No. XXX
E-Ticket No. VG985H

Regarding service

I am trying from half hr to connect customer care it just on hold,so bad experience i want to take wheelchair service.why not corporate customer.

Flight Payment

Imagine if you will, buying a ticket months in advance of your flight, then arriving at the counter only to be told if you want to board your flight you will have to pay again because they have confused your credit card no. That is what happened to me in January of this year. And they said oh don't worry it will be refunded back to you. Well after many phone calls and futile attempts to recoup my loss, months have gone by and I have given up on ever receiving any of my money back. You win SpiceJet, you win! But you can be sure that this will be the very last time you take advantage of me with this ridiculous policy of yours. And I will be proclaiming to anyone who will listen, to avoid this airline like the plague. My advice is NEVER fly SpiceJet.

No proper enquiry sysem either through online or airport

I have called around 5 times but no one attendinf the call and even i went to airport for an enquiry they are also responding properly asking to check with customer care but no use of it.


Should DSLR camera allowed to take on hand bag in international flight ?

on board certificate /departure certificate


Could you please let me know the process of getting departure/on board certificate.

Also please confirm if the same is chargeable.


Carring of liquor in checked baggage in domestic flight

I am going to travel from Delhi to Chennai in spicejet flight. Can I carry a liquors bottles, if yes then, how much litters or bottles can carry in domestic spicejet flight

Regardless service

Regardless service from spice jet airlines. my brother going form Dubai on 20 May 2019 there is lighter and torchlight on luggage. Because of that they stop that luggage in Mumbai airport.3 Day's already but didn't send
Until Now. I suggest to all costumer please avoid to go by spice jet airlines pathetic service spice jet airlines plus Mumbai airport. Regardless staff I will never fly with this airlines

flight crash so cancel my booking from them end so what about it

My ticket is cancel by them but what about my travelling and for new ticket booking reply me fast because your customer care number from there nit getting positive response

No Proper contact facilities

I have booked online ticket and would like to avail add on facilities like seat and meal. In this regard i tried to update details on site for which PNR is not being accepted. When tried to reach customer care no person is lifting since last 4 hours. The worst customer care center which i have evidenced in the recent times.
I thought of having delight experience, but everything gone into vain.

Also, in this comment blog, no provision for reply from management, so this is only to input your impression and not to expect reply from the company

Anil Kumar

No Proper contact facilities

I have booked online ticket and would like to avail add on facilities like seat and meal. In this regard i tried to update details on site for which PNR is not being accepted. When tried to reach customer care no person is lifting since last 4 hours. The worst customer care center which i have evidenced in the recent times.
I thought of having delight experience, but everything gone into vain.

Anil Kumar

Baggage missing not response spice jet

Dear sir,

I am travel from jeda to hyd in spice jet but I am not like your service because it's third class catogry your team not response for missing laguge they told only delivery our bags in two days but still not delivered and never travel again in spice jet.

OK to board

Dear Team
I booked a ticket IXE DXB online and I am a resident of UAE for last 46 years.
I received a message saying I need OK to board contact my travel agent.I booked online Who is my travel agent.
Why there is no option in your website to click resident visa holder or visit or new visit Ext Etc.
Please reply I don,t have time to visit any agent or any of your office except your check in counter.
Please advice immediately.If nagative I need to cancell your flight and look for alternate airline.

rude and rough check in stazff.

i travelled with my wife ccu bom on 6th december18, under pnr nos QFSRMH, at the time of check in the luggage was 34.6 and she charged me extra for 5kgs in spite of my argument that one pillow of 3.5 kgs are carrying on medical ground of my wife cancer operation and we are senior citizens can not carry any hand luggage due to health problem and asked for seniors to explain but the girl on spice max was very frude, rough and unmannered and charged us extra luggage. my argument that even foreigh air lines and all domestic airlines includes spice jet never charged me on medical ground sg
he replied every time u dom
nt expect favour.

Ticket date chsnge

Ticket date change

change my flight

i am book flight on 2/8/19 (PNR Y6NCMY) FLIGHT SG8482 has been cancelled due to operational reasone
i need ticket nxt day morging r u reffund amount plz tell me the ammount you reffund

Spice Jet preponds the flight and then penalizes me

I am highly dissatisfied to see customer service by Spice Jet.
I have an international flight and wanted to book excess baggage according to the policy.

But spice-jet preponds the flight and then says to qualify for discounted baggage costs I should have done it before 24 hrs.

I was on the phone for 1 hr explaining the whole scenario -
I was traveling and could not book the baggage since this option is not visible on the phone website.
But still its all the customers fault and spice-Jet completely denies to help and keeps repeating the policy.

What is the timings of my flight ?

Hi Jet team,

I received a message regarding my flight. can you please let me know correct timings. Details are below:

Name: Saurabh Patidar
Travelling : From Bangalore to Jaipur
Date : 2nd Nov 2018

Saurabh Patidar

Bad experience

the worst experience ever.. i am travelling to delhi from kolkata from spicejet.
i am travelling with my grandfather who is 86 years old.. first of all i waited in the queue of checkin for 20mins , i requested can we proceed first but no one listened..Secondly togther our luggage was 32.5kgs which is 1 kg each extra.. and the girl at the counter never listened or considered even once even after requesting so much.. ive travelled in other airlines indigo, air india and i have always been given 1 kg consideration which is quite fair..1 kg margin..i requested i am ready to pay just waiver off a lil but she was rude, arrogant and blunt and said pay and pls leave mam..i ended up paying 1200 rs.. i asked for 2 seats togther she said pay and get it else seperate seats.. i asked her pls make it fast he has been standing since long she said who asked him to come here he should have sat down..what the hell.. is this a way to talk to a customer..i am nevr gonna travel with spicejet ever again in my life.. worst experience travelling with spicejet in ny life..not a single consideration given..
sg 130.. 7.50 am flight..


Dear sir,

We booked 4 tickets from Delhi to Goa on 1st June 2018 and the PNR SGZCMH. The flight is delayed more than 3 hours. i resister the complaint in customer care and the complaint for Compensation. there is no update and no reply from customer care. please look into the matter and resolve the problem.


Miss behaviour by spice jet staff

I travelled from surat to delhi by spice jet sg 428 on 19 Feb 2018 .but on arriving at new delhi air port I saw my bag broken and not carried proper by spice jet staff . After that even I can't carry my bag or hold it in hand properly .spice jet charged high more than another air lines but I didn't expected this kind of behaviour with my bag.I don't think I can suggest to any person for spice jet

Ticket issue as it's on hold

Hi we have booked ticket to travel on feb 28 from dxb-ixm and the pnr number is XESVGK and now we have to cancel the ticket but it's displaying as ticket is on HOLD
How to cancel the ticket as payment is done already but it's displaying as payment to be done
Pls reply me back asap

Complaint against getting me down forcefully from the flight

Dear Sir,
I’ m very shockingly & heart fully writing this that myself along with my friend was flying on 8th of this month through return tickets from Delhi -Chandigarh- Delhi. As per schedule , our flight tookoff from Delhi timely and we landed at 8.05 am at Chandigarh airport.
After finishing our scheduled job, we both the friends timely boarded retutned flight sheduled for Delhi at 3.10 pm. As per our boarding pass, our seat no was 25 A & 25 B. We calmely occupied our scheduled seates but unfortunately, after 5 minutes 2 employees of Spice Jet came to us and asked us ot get down thight for a while. When we asked the reason, they told us, they want to enquire something. We requested them to enquire theire itself we might have missed the flight. But they didn’t agree & assured us that our flight will not b missed. But when we agreed to them & followed them to the terminal, we were shocked to that the would heave taken off ! Besides that they forced me to sit on wheel chair when I was perfectly ok to walk. After that , they told us no reason of the incidense and told us now we were free to go now !
As after that , there no flight, we had to co come to Delhi by taxi. We are shocked to such a rude & improper behaviour from such a renowned flight!
I hope a valid reason will definitely be bring to my knowledge no such behaviour or treatment will be meet out with non of the else passengers in future !
Bye Byr !
In anticipation of some proper reply !

H R Singh

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