Sikkim University Contact No.

All India Number(s): 
  • 03592-251 468 (Contact Support)


  • contactus [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in (Contact Support)

Important Link

Important Contact

Details Landline No.
1. Office of the Vice Chancellor 03592-251067
2. Office of the Registrar 03592-251403
3. Office of the Controller of Examination 03592-250104
4. Office of the Finance Officer 03592-251396
5. Office of the Librarian 03592-251060
6. Dean, Students' Welfare 03592-231198
7. Dean, School of Social Sciences 03592-251111
8. Dean, School of Professional Studies 03592-251225
9. Dean, School of Physical Sciences 03592-251222
10. Dean, School of Life Sciences 03592-251188
11. Dean, School of Languages and Literature 03592-251078
12. Dean, School of Human Sciences 03592-251221
13. Finance 03592-250074
14. Academics 03592-251130
15. Administration 03592-250228
16. Establishment 03592-251066
17. Evaluation 03592-250225
18. Systems Management 03592-251186
19. Medical Unit 03592-251056
20. Guest House 03592-251042
21. Science Library 03592-232062

Telephone Directory

Office Phone no
Administration Telephone Directory
1 Office of the Vice-Chancellor 03592-251067
2 Office of the Registrar 03592-251403
3 Administration 03592-250228
4 Establishment 03592-251066
5 Academic 03592-251130
6 System Management 03592-251186
7 Hindi Cell 03592-250040
8 Health Centre 03592-251056
Epabx Ext.  - 29
9 Security Services 9800218371
Epabx Ext. - 33
10 Reception  03592-251212
Location Extension No.
1 PS to the Vice-Chancellor 11
2 PS to the Registrar 13
3 Joint Registrar (Acad) 17
4 Assistant Registrar (Estt) 18
5 Assistant Registrar (Admn) 19
6 Reception  20
7 Section Officer (Acad) 21
8 Assistant, Registrar's Office 22
9 Dispatch Section 23
10 Section Officer (Admn) 24
11 Section Officer (Estt) 25
Examination Telephone Directory
1 Office of the Controller of Examinations 03592-251540
2 Assistant Registrar 03592-250225
Finance Telephone Directory
1 Office of the Finance Officer
Sl. No. Location Extension Numbers
1 PA to the Finance Officer 15
2 Joint Registrar
3 Section Officer
4 LDC (Desk 3) 28

Administrative block Inhouse EPABX Extension

Department / School Landline
1 PS to Vice-Chancellor 11
2 PS to Registrar 13
3 PA to Finance Officer 15
4 Joint Registrar, Fin 16
5 Joint Registrar, Acad 17
6 Deputy Registrar, Estt 18
7 Assistant Registrar, Admn 19
8 Reception 20
9 Section Officer, Acad 21
10 Assistant, Registrar Office 22
11 Dispatch Section 23
12 Section Officer, Admn 24
13 Section Officer, Estt 25
14 Section Officer, Fin 27
15 Finance Section, Second connection 28

Administration Contact

SNo. Name Desgination Contact Details
1 Avinash Khare Vice-Chancellor 03592-251067
vc [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
2 Sh. K.V.S. Kameswara Rao Registrar 03592-251403
registrar [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
3  Dr. S. Murali Mohan Controller of Examinations 03592-251540
coe [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
4 Dr. Shri Ram Librarian 03592-251060
librarian [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
5 Shri. Pratap Keshari Dash Finance Officer 03592-251396
financeofficer [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
6 Dr. Suresh Kumar Gurung Joint Registrar skgurung [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
7 Ms. Grace D Chankapa         Deputy Registrar gdchankapa [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
8 Dr. Manjushree Thapa Manger Chief Medical Officer mthapa [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
9 Shri Vivek Moktan System Analyst vmoktan [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
10 Shri Manoj Ramchandra Dhembre Executive Engineer mrdhembre [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
11 Shri Lok Bahadur Limboo Sr. Medical Officer lblimboo [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
12 Ms. Kunjini Prakash Darnal Public Relation Officer kpdarnal [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Office of the Vice-Chancellor
13 Ms. Kessang Doma Bhutia PS to VC kdbhutia [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
14 Shri Sandipan Kar Personal Assistant skar [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Office of the Registrar
15 Ms. Roshni Lama Tamang PS to Registrar  rlama [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
16 Shri Satyam Rana Assistant srana [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
17 Ms. Deepika Subba Hindi Typist dsubba [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
General Administration Section
18 Ms. Kalpana D. Chettri Section Officer kdchettri [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
19 Shri Nishad Subba Assistant nsubba [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
20 Shri Gyan Tshering Lepcha UDC gtlepcha [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
21 Shri Lalit Bdr. Gurung LDC lbgurung [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
22 Ms. Joshna Rai LDC jrai [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
23 Ms. Nirkala Gurung Library Attendant nkgurung [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Establishment Section
24 Ms. Kalpana Rana Section Officer krana [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
25 Ms. Prava Mukhia Assistant pmukhia [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
26 Ms. Renuka Chettri Assistant rchettri [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
27 Ms. Reshu Pradhan Assistant rpradhan [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
28 Ms. Sujata Chettri LDC schettri01 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
29 Shri Roshan Kr. Chettri LDC rkchettri [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
30 Mrs. Sarita Tiwari LDC stiwari [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
31 Ms. Tshering Diki Bhutia Laboratory Attendant tdbhutia [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Academic Section
32 Shri Gagan Sen Chettri UDC gschettri [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Systems Management
33 Shri Anil Khati Senior Technical Assistant akhati [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
34 Ms. Dimple Rai Technical Assistant drai02 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
35 Shri Sunil Kumar Prasad Laboratory Attendant skprasad [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Engineering Section
36 Shri Hemant Sharma Assistant Engineer hsharma [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
37 Shri Manzil Darnal Junior Engineer (Civil) mdarnal [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
38 Shri  Karma Gyatso Bhutia Junior Engineer (Electrical) kgbhutia [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
39 Shri Palden Lepcha LDC  plepcha [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
40 Shri Mingma Dorjee Tamang Plumber (On contract)
Security Section
41 Ms. Netra Kheral Security Officer nkheral [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
42 Shri Sanjib Barman Security Inspector sbarman [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Health Centre
43 Ms. Chung Chung Bhutia Staff Nurse cbhutia [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
44 Ms. Anjana Bista Nursing Attendant abista [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
45 Ms. Mingma Angee Sherpa Pharmacist
masherpa [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Hindi Section
46 Ms. Jutika Goswami Hindi Officer jgoswami [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
47 Shri Kumar Babla Hindi Translator 
(On contract)
kbabla [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Administrative Staff posted at other offices/buildings
48 Shri Kamal Subba , DSW Office Assistant ksubba [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
49 Ms. Christina Rai , Provost Office Assistant crai [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
50 Ms. Minu Thapa , Law Building LDC (On contract) mthapa01 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
51 Ms. Doma Tamang , Deans' Secretariat UDC dtamang [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
52 Shri TB Limbu , Barad Sadan Building LDC tblimboo [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Examinations Officer
53 Shri Sonam Wanchuk Assistant Registrar swanchuk [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
54 Shri Biswajit Ghosh Personal Assistant bghosh [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
55 Shri Vishal Tamang Section Officer vtamang [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
56 Ms. Dakshata Lawer Assistant dlawer [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
57 Shri Adip Tirwa Technical Assistant atirwa [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in 
58 Shri Bishulal Subba UDC bsubba [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in 
59 Shri Sudeep Gurung UDC sgurung [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in 
60 Shri Rakesh Paswan LDC rpaswan [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in 
61 Shri Samson Mangar LDC smanger [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in 
62 Shri Diwas Rai LDC drai03 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in 
Finance Officer
63 Dr. C.B. Chhetri Internal Audit Officer cbchhetri [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
64 Mrs. Punam Chettri Section Officer pchettri [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in 
65 Shri Lakpa Tsh. Sherpa PS to FO ltsherpa [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
66 Shri Kishor Chettri Technical Assistant kchettri [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
67 Shri Bijay Kumar Chettri UDC bkchettri [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
68 Shri Arun Thapa UDC athapa [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
69 Ms. Hissey Gurung LDC hgurung [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
70 Mrs. Pooja Khilingay LDC pkhilingay [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
71 Shri Pema O. Sherpa LDC posherpa [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in

Deans of School Contact

Name of Scool Name of Dean Contact Details
1. School of Human Sciences Prof. Sohel Firdos Email: deanhs [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Telephone : 03592-251221
2. School of Languages and Literature Prof. Kabita Lama Email :deanll [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Telephone : 03592-251078
3. School of Life Sciences Prof N. Sathyanarayana Email : deanls [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Telephone 03592-251188
4. School of Physical Sciences Prof. Sanjay Dahal Email: deanps [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Telephone: 03592-251222
5. School of Professional Studies Prof S.S. Mahapatra Email: deanprs [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Telephone : 03592-251225
6. School of Social Sciences Prof. Manesh Choubey Email: deanss [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Telephone : 03592-251111

Department Contact

Department  Landline No.
1. Department of Anthropology 03592-231121
2. Department of Chinese 03592-231662
3. Department of Management 03592-251968
4. Department of Economics 03592-251152
5. Department of Horticulture 03592-251485
6. Department of Geography 03592-280302
7. Department of International Relations 03592-201826
8. Department of Mass communication 03592-280337
9. Department of Law 03592-231549
10. Department of Computer Applications 03592-251788
11. Department of Peace & Conflict
Studies and Management
12. Department of Nepali 03592-251342
13. Department of Psychology Studies 03592-280774
14. Department of Sociology 03592-231547
15. Department of Physics 03592-232080
16. Department of History 03592-251004
17. Department of Chemistry 03592-232067
18. Department of Microbiology 03592-232085
19. Department of Botany 03592-231270
20. Department of Geology 03592-231151
21. Department of Music 03592-232225
22. Department of Political Science 03592-201827
23. Department of Education 03592-280239
24. Department of English 03592-231551
25. Department of Hindi 03592-231776
26. Department of Zoology 03592-231302
27. Department of Tourism 03592-231318
28. Department of Commerce 03592-231322
29. Department of Mathematics 03592-231522

Faculty Contact

SNo. Name Desgination Contact Details
Human Science
Department of Anthropology
1 Dr. Nitish Mondal Associate Professor nmondal [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
2 Dr. K.R. Rama Mohan Professor krrmohan [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
3 Dr. Maibam Samson Singh Assistant Professor mssingh [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
4 Dr. Charisma K. Lepcha Assistant Professor cklepcha [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
5 Dr. James Vungjangam Haokip Assistant Professor jvhaokip [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
6 Dr. Garima Thakuria Assistant Professor gthakuria [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
7 Shri Sudip Biswas  Technical Assistant sbiswas [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Geography
8 Dr. Uttam Lal Assistant Professor, In-Charge ulal [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
9 Prof. Sohel Firdos Professor  sfirdos [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
10 Dr. Ishwarjit E. Singh Assistant Professor eisingh [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
11 Dr. Abdul Hannan Assistant Professor 
ahannan [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
12 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Assistant Professor  rkumar01 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
13 Shri Biswanath Saha Guest Faulty  
  Lab Staff details:
14 Shri Tulshi Sharma Lab. Assistant tsharma [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Psychology
15 Dr. Satyananda Panda Professor,Head spanda [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
16 Dr. S. Maheswari  Assistant Professor smaheshwari [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
17 Dr. Sumnima Rai Assistant Professor srai01 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
18 Ms. Alisha Chhetri
Guest Faculty
19 Ms. Ajanta Tamang Guest Faculty  
Lab Staff details: 
20 Mrs. Annu Kumari Laboratory Attendant akumari [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Languages & Literature Life Science
Department of Bhutia
21 Shri Yeshey Namgyal Bhutia Assistant Professor, In-Charge ynbhutia [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
22 Shri Bhaichung Tsh. Bhutia
Associate Professor,  btbhutia [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Nepali
23 Prof. Kabita Lama Professor,Head  klama [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
24 Prof. Pushpa Sharma Professor psharma [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
25 Dr. Samar Sinha Assistant Professor  ssinha [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
26 Dr. Dewchandra Subba Assistant Professor  dsubba01 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
27 Shri. Balaram Pandey Assistant Professor  bpandey [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
28 Dr. Aruna Rai Assistant Professor  arai01 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Chinese
29 Dr. Dhriti Roy Assistant Professor, In-charge droy [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
30 Mr. Moromti Baroowa Assistant Professor mbaroowa [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
31 Mr. Irfan Ahmad Assistant Professor iahmad [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
32 Mr. Snehal Ajit Ulman Assistant Professor saulman [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of English
33 Dr. Rosy Chamling Professor, Head rchamling [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
34 Dr. Ram B Yadav Assistant Professor  rbyadav [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
35 Dr. Saswati Saha Assistant Professor 
ssaha [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
36 Dr. Abrona Lee Pandi Aden Assistant Professor  aladen [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
37 Dr. Parvinder Kaur Assistant Professor pkaur [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Hindi
38 Dr. Hardeep Singh Associate Professor,Head hsingh [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
39 Dr. Dinesh Shahu Assistant Professor dshahu [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
40 Dr. Pradip Tripathi Assistant Professor ptripathi [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
41 Dr. Chukey Bhutia Assistant Professor cbhutia [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Lepcha
42 Ms. Rinchen Ongmoo Lepcha Assistant Professor,In-Charge rolepcha [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
43 Shri Migma Ongdup Lepcha Assistant Professor molepcha [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in

Shri Norbu Tshering Lepcha

Associate Professor

ntlepcha [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
45 Ms. Dukmit Lepcha
Assistant Professor (On Contract) dlepcha [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Limbu
46 Shri Ash Bahadur Subba Assistant Professor, In-Charge absubba [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
47 Shri Bal Bahadur Subba Associate Professor 
bbsubba [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Botany
48 Prof. N Sathyanarayana Professor, Head nsathyanarayana [at] cus [dot] in
49 Prof. Shanti S. Sharma Senior Professor sssharma [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
50 Prof. Dhani Raj Chhetri Professor drchhetri [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
51 Dr. Santosh Kumar Rai Assistant Professor skrai [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
52 Dr. N Bijayalaxmi Assistant Professor nbdevi [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
53 Dr. Arun Chhetri Assistant Professor achettri01 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
54 Dr. Arun Kumar Rai Assistant Professor akrai [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
  Lab Staff details:
55 Shri Deepak Chhetri    Technical Assistant    dchettri [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
56 Shri Roshan Rai Lab. Assistant rrai03 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Horticulture
57 Prof. Laxuman Sharma Professor, Head lsharma [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
58 Dr. Niladri Bag Professor nbag [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
59 Dr. Manju Rana Assistant Professor mrana [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
60 Dr. Sujata Upadhyay Assistant Professor supadhyay [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
61 Dr. Karma D. Bhutia Assistant Professor kbhutia01 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
62 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Assistant Professor rkumar [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
  Lab Staff details:
63 Shri Gagan Gurung Lab. Assistant  ggurung [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
64 Ms. Oma Gurung Lab. Attendant ogurung [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Microbiology
65 Prof. Jyoti Prakash Tamang Senior Professor,Head jptamang [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
66 Dr. Buddhiman Tamang Assistant Professor btamang01 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
67 Dr. Bimala Singh Assistant Professor bsingh [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
68 Dr. Nagendra Thakur Assistant Professor nthakur [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
69 Dr. Anil Kumar Verma Assistant Professor akverma [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
  Lab Staff details:
70 Mrs. Radha Kumari Basnet  Technical Assistant rkbasnet [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
71 Shri Pukar Bishwakarma Lab. Attendant pbishwakarma [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Zoology
72 Dr. Bhoj Kumar Acharya Associate Professor, Head bkacharya [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
73 Dr. Basundhara Chettri Assistant Professor
bchettri01 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
74 Dr. Bisu Singh Assistant Professor bsingh01 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
75 Dr. Sudeep Ghatani Assistant Professor sghatani [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Lab Staff details:
76 Shri Bedanta P Sakya      Technical  Assistant   bpsaikia [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
77 Shri Ashesh Sharma Lab. Attendant asharma01 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Physics Science
Department of Chemistry
78 Prof. Sanjay Dahal Professor, Head sdahal [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
79 Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Gupta Associate Professor akgupta01 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
80 Dr. Somendra Nath Chakraborty Assistant Professor snchakraborty [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
81 Dr. Sudarsan Tamang Assistant Professor stamang [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
82 Dr. Biswajit Gopal Roy Assistant Professor bgroy [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
83 Dr. Anand Pariyar Assistant Professor apariyar [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
  Lab Staff details:
84 Shri  Sovan Dutta Technical Assistant sdutta [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
85 Binod Chhetri    Lab. Assistant  bchettri [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Computer Application
86 Dr. Mohan Pratap Pradhan Associate Professor, Head mppradhan [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
87 Prof. Swarup Roy Professor sroy01 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in 
88 Ms. Chunnu Khawas Assistant Professor ckhawas [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
89 Dr. Rebika Rai Assistant Professor 
rrai [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
90 Mr. Partha Pratim Ray Assistant Professor ppray [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
91 Ms Lekhika Chettri Assistant Professor lchettri [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
 Lab Staff details: 
92 Shri Keshav Bishunkey  Lab. Assistant  kbishunkey [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Geology
93 Dr. Anil Kumar Misra Professor,Head akmisra [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
94 Dr. Rakesh Kr. Ranjan Assistant Professor rkranjan [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
95 Dr. Md. Abdullah Khan Assistant Professor akhan [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
96 Dr. Nishchal Wanjari Assistant Professor nwanjari [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
97 Dr. Badikar Ananda Ganapati Assistant Professor bganpati [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
98 Shri Om Prakash Kaptan Assistant Professor opkaptan [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Lab Staff details:
99 Shri Bhanu Manger Lab. Attendant bmanger [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Mathematics
100 Dr. Amit Chakraborty Associate Professor,Head achakraborty [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
101 Ms. Rinkila Bhutia Assistant Professor
rbhutia [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
102 Dr. Namita Behera Assistant Professor nbehera [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Physics
103 Dr. Ajay Tripathi Associate Professor, Head atripathi [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
104 Prof. Subir Mukhopadhyay Professor smukhopadhyay [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
105 Dr. Amitabha Bhattacharyya Associate Professor abhattacharyya [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
106 Dr. Hemam Dinesh Singh Assistant Professor hdsingh [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
107 Dr. Archana Tiwari  Assistant Professor (On Lien) atiwari [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
108 Dr. Dhurba Rai Assistant Professor drai01 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
109 Dr. Rupak Mukherjee Assistant Professor rmukherjee [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
   Lab Staff details:
110 Shri Nar Bahadur Subba Lab. Assistant    nbsubba [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
111 Shri Bikram Thapa Lab. Assistant bthapa [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Professional Studies
Department of Commerce
112 Prof. S.S. Mahapatra Professor,Head ssmahapatra [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
113 Prof. Abhijit Dutta Professor adutta [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
114 Dr. A N Shankar Associate Professor anshankar [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
115 Shri. Bivek Tamang Assistant Professor  btamang [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
116 Shri. B. Mathu Pandian(On Lien) Assistant Professor bmpandian [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
117 Shri. Rakesh Basnet Assistant Professor rbasnet [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
118 Dr. Ravi Shekhar Vishal Assistant Professor rsvishal [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Education
119 Dr. Talluriji Mouni Suvarna Raju Associate Professor, Head tjmsraju [at] cus [dot] a [dot] c [dot] in
120 Dr. Yodida Bhutia Professor ybhutia [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
121 Dr. Anju Verma Assistant Professor averma [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
122 Ms. Aabriti Sharma Assistant Professor asharma [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
123 Dr. Kanagaraj K. Assistant Professor kkanagaraj [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
124 Dr. Ravipalli Sri Santhi Nehru Assistant Professor(On Contract) rssnehru [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
125 Dr Chandrakant Lonkar Assistant Professor(On Contract) cslonkar [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
126 Mr Bappaditya Adhikary Assistant Professor(On Contract) badhikary [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Management
127 Dr. Krishna Murari Associate Professor, Head kmurari [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
128 Dr. Shailendra Kumar Assistant Professor skumar [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
129 Dr. Pradip Kumar Das Assistant Professor pkdas [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
130 Dr. Achanta Ravi Prakash Assistant Professor arprakash [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
131 Dr. Rachana Rai Assistant Professor rrai02 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
132 Dr. Shalini Shukla Assistant Professor sshukla01 [at] cus [dot] acin
Department of Communication
133 Dr. Manoj Kumar Das Assistant Professor, In-Charge  mkdas [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
134 Dr. Jasmine Yimchunger Assistant Professor  jyimchunger [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
135 Ms. Niharika Buragohain Assistant Professor  nburagohain [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
136 Dr. Pooja Basnett Assistant Professor  pbasnett [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
  Lab Staff details:
137 Shri Dorjee Sherpa Technical Assistant  dsherpa [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
138 Shri Khush Naryan Basnett Lab. Attendant knbasnett [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Music
139 Dr. Krishnendu Dutta Associate Professor,Head kdutta [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
140 Shri Jayanta Kumar Barman Assistant Professor 
jkbarman [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
141 Ms. Samidha Vedabala Assistant Professor svedabala [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
142 Shri Santosh Kumar Assistant Professor skumar01 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
143 Shri Surendra Kumar Assistant Professor skumar02 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Tourism
144 Dr. Jigme Wangchuk Bhutia Assistant Professor, In-Charg jbhutia [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
145 Ms. Ashi PemPem Wangmo Assistant Professore apwangmo [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
146 Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Singh Assistant Professor aksingh [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
147 Dr. Amit Kumar Singh Assistant Professor aksingh01 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Social Science
Department of Economics
148 Dr. Rajesh Raj S.N Associate Professor,Head  rraj [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
149 Prof Manesh Choubey Professor  mchoubey [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
150 Prof. Komol Singha Professor  ksingha [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
151 Dr. Ruma Kundu Assistant Professor  rkundu [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
152 Dr. Pradyut Guha Assistant Professor  pguha [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
153 Dr. Rangalal Mohapatra Assistant Professor  rmohapatra [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of History
154 Dr. Veenu Pant Professor, Head vpant [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
155 Prof. V. Krishna Ananth  Professor vkananth [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
156 Dr.Vijay Kumar Thangellapali Associate Professor vktangellapali [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
157 Dr. Sangmu Thendup Assistant Professor sthendup [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
158 Dr. Anira Phipon Lepcha Assistant Professor aplecpcha [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
159 Dr. S. Jeevanandam Assistant Professor sjeevanandam [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
160 Dr. Khwairakpam Renuka Devi Assistant Professor krdevi [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of International Relation
161 Mr. Ph. Newton Singh Assistant Professor, In-Charge pnsingh [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
162 Dr. Sebastian N Assistant Professor  nsebastian [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
163 Ms. Dipmala Roka Assistant Professor droka [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in 
164 Dr. Ningthoujam Koiremba Singh Assistant Professor nksingh [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Law
165 Ms. Denkila Bhutia Assistant Professor, In-Charge  dbhutia [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
166 Dr. Pravin Mishra Professor
 pmishra [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
167 Prof. Imtiaz Gulam Ahmed Professor (On contract)  igahmedlaw [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
168 Mr. Veer Mayank Assistant Professor  vmayank [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
169 Dr. Nidhi Saxena Assistant Professor  nsaxena [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
170 Mr. Vijoy V Assistant Professor(On-Lien)  vvijoy [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
171 Dr. Sonam Yangchen Bhutia Assistant Professor  sybhutia [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
172 Dr. Pramita Gurung Assistant Professor  pgurung [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Peace And Conflict Studies And Management
173 Prof. Nawal K Paswan Professor, Head nkpaswan [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
174 Dr. Vimal Khawas Associate Professor vkhawas [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
175 Dr. Salvin Paul Assistant Professor spaul [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
176 Dr. Dinesh Kumar Ahirwar Assistant Professor dkahirwar [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Political Science
177 Dr. Durga Prasad Chhetri Associate Professor, Head  dpchettri [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
178 Mr. Bidhan Golay Assistant Professor 
 bgolay [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
179 Dr. Gadde Omprasad Assistant Professor  opgadde [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
180 Dr. Amit Kumar Gupta Assistant Professor  akgupta [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
181 Dr. Budh Bdr. Lama Assistant Professor   bblama [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
182 Ms. Swastika Pradhan Assistant Professor[On SL]  spradhan [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
183 Dr Swati Akshay Sachdeva Professor, Head sasachdeva [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
184 Prof. Sandhya Thapa Professor sthapa [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
185 Dr K.Indira Assistant Professor kindira [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
186 Shri Shankar Narayan Bagh Assistant Professor snbagh [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
187 Shri Binod Bhattarai Assistant Professor bbhattarai [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
188 Ms Sona Rai Assistant Professor srai [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Department of Sociology
189 Dr Swati Akshay Sachdeva Professor, Head sasachdeva [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
190 Prof. Sandhya Thapa Professor sthapa [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
191 Dr K.Indira Assistant Professor kindira [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
192 Shri Shankar Narayan Bagh Assistant Professor snbagh [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
193 Shri Binod Bhattarai Assistant Professor bbhattarai [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
194 Ms Sona Rai Assistant Professor srai [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in

Affiliated Colleges Of Sikkim University

Name Contact Details
1 Nar Bahadur Bhandari Degree College
Tadong,East Sikkim - 737102
Dr. D. Purohit,
Phone: 035920231119(O),
Email: sgct1977 [at] gmail [dot] com
2 Namchi Government College Kamrang,
Namchi, South Sikkim-737126
Mr. Deepak Tiwari,
Phone: 03592-263544(O),
Email : namchigovtcollege [at] gmail [dot] com
3 Sikkim Government B.Ed College
Soreng,West Sikkim- 737121
Dr. K.L Singh,
Phone: 03592-253383(O),
Email:khmkchm1967 [at] gmail [dot] com
4 Sikkim Government College Burtuk,
East Sikkim 737101
Dr. I. Upreti,
Phone: 9434191722(M),
Email: principalsgcburtuk [at] gmail [dot] com
5 Damber Singh College 6th Mile Samdur,
Dr. S.K Pradhan,
Email: principal [dot] dsc [at] gmail [dot] com
6 Harkamaya College of Education
6th Mile Tadong-737102
Dr. Kishore Kumar Biswal,
Phone:- 9332521223 (M)/
Email : hce_gtk [at] yahoo [dot] com,
principal [dot] hcc [at] gmail [dot] com
7 Sikkim Government Law College Burtuk,
East Sikkim-737102
Dr. Tshewang Dorjee Lama,
Phone: 202268(O),
Email: principal [dot] sglc [at] gmail [dot] com
8 Government College Rhenock Rungdung,
Rhenock, East Sikkim- 737133
Mr. Bidhan Subba,
Phone: 03592-253741(O),
Email: gcrhenock [at] gmail [dot] com
9 Sikkim Government College Gyalshing,
West Sikkim -737102
Mr. Kishore Kr. Rai,
Phone: 9832588885(M),
Email: gyalshingcollege2011 [at] gmail [dot] com
10 Loyola College of Education Namchi,
South Sikkim-737126
Dr. Francis A.V. Sj,
Email: namchiloyola [at] gmail [dot] com
11 Himalayan Pharmacy Institute Majitar,
Rangpo,East Sikkim- 737136
Dr. N. R. Bhuyan,
Phone: 03592-246462(O),
Email: hpinstitute [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] in
12 Sikkim Govt. Science College Chakung,
West Sikkim.
Dr. Sudhan Pradhan,
Phone: 9679809268/
7872887127 (M),
Email: sgsc [dot] chakung [at] gmail [dot] com
13 Government Vocational College,
Dentam, West Sikkim - 737 121
Sh. Punya Prasad Sharma,
Phone: 03592-250050(O),
Email:punyasharma21 [at] yahoo [dot] com
14 Namgyal Institute of Tibetology Gangtok,
East Sikkim
Shri. Tashi Densapa,
Phone: 03592-281525
Email:directornitsikkim [at] gmail [dot] com
15 Sikkim Institute of Science and Technology,
Chisopani,South Sikkim
Dr. B.B.Pradhan ,
Phone: 9434144077,
Email: sist [dot] sikkim [at] gmail [dot] com
16 Government Pharmacy College Sajong,
Rumtek,East Sikkim
Dr Gauthaman Karunakaran ,
Phone: 9655453453(M),
Email: sgpharmacycollege [at] gmail [dot] com (O),
prinicipal [at] gpcsikkim [dot] ac [dot] in (O),
gauthamank [at] gmail [dot] com (P)
17 Sikkim Government College of Nursing,
Sochakgang, Gangtok,East Sikkim.
Ms. Chunni DomaBhutia,
Phone: 7908103951,
Email: sgcon082018 [at] gmail [dot] com
18 Government Arts College, Mangshila,
North Sikkim
Mr. Karma Samten Bhutia
Mobile - 9832470999

Grievance Redressal Cell

Prof. Nawal K Paswan
Designation: Professor
E-mail: nkpaswan [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in

Anti-Ragging Cell

Name Designation Post Contact Details
1 Prof. Sanjay Dahal,
Dean, Students’ Welfare Chairman Email: deansw [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Contact: 03592-251122
2 Shri Balaram Pandey,
Assistant Professor
Provost Member Email: provost [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Contact: 94344 44737

Wardens of all Hostels

Sl. Name of the
Address No. of
Name of the
Contact Details 
Boys' hostel
1 Rangeet Beas Boys hostel Near Entel Motors,
6th Mile
58 Dr. Elangbam Ishwarjit Singh,
Assistant Professor Department
of Geography
eisingh [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
2 Tendong Boys hostel Lumsey, 5th Mile 30 Dr. Sudeep Ghatani,
Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Zoology
sghatani [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
3 Teesta Boys Hostel Above Palzor Stadium,
67 Mr. Dinesh Shahu,
Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Hindi
dshahu [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
4 Dzongri Boys Hostel Lumsey, Near
VIP Colony
34 Dr. S. Jeevanandam,
Assistant Professor,
Dept. of History
sjeevanandam [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
5 New Boys Hostel Development Area  42 Mr.Anil Kumar Verma,
Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Microbiology
akverma [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
Girls' Hostel
1 Rangeet Girls Hostel 1 6th Mile, Tadong 50 Dr. K. Renuka Devi,
Assistant Professor,
Dept of History
krdevi [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
2 Rangeet Girls Hostel 2 6th Mile, Tadong 29 Dr. K. Renuka Devi,
Assistant Professor,
Dept of History
krdevi [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
3 Talung Girls Hostel 5th Mile, Tadong 41 Dr.Jasmine Yimchunger,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Mass
jyimchunger [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
4 Pandim Girls Hostel 5th Mile, Tadong 19 Dr.Namita Behera,
Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Mathematics
nbehera [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
5 Raap Jyor Cauveri
Girls Hostel
5th Mile, Tadong 135 Dr. Rachana Rai,
Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Magement
rrai02 [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in
6 New Girls Hostel 6th Mile, Tadong  --- Dr. Veenu Pant ,
Associate Professor,
Dept. of History
vpant [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in

Building Co-ordinators of all Buildings

Name of the Building Name of Coordinator
/In- charge/Warden
Contact No.
1 IrPS Building Ms. Dipmala Roka 8172056443
2 Guest House Building Mr. C. B Chhetri 8348177548
3 Teesta Boys' Hostel Dr. Dinesh Shahu 7864878427
4 GeoMASC Building Dr. NiharikahBuragohain 9476247433
5 EduPSYBuilding Dr. Anju Verma 8001605914
6 PCMG Building Dr. AnandPariyar 7797446360
7 LC Building Ms. DenkilaBhutia 9647886235
8 ESoc Building Mr. BinodBhattarai 8016254703
9 TendongBoys' Hostel Dr. SudeepGhatani 9862240590
10 Dzongri Boys' Hostel Dr. S. Jeeveenandam 9435433898
11 Cauveri Girls' Hostel Dr. NamitaBehera 7506913181
12 MMH Building Dr. Dinesh Shahu 7864878427
13 Barad SadanBuilding Dr. Maibam Samson Singh 7679456390
14 Talung Girls' Hostel Dr. Jasmine Yimchunger 8348586511
15 Pandim Girls' Hostel Dr. NamitaBehera 7506913181
16 Rangeet Boys' Hostel Dr. ElangbamIshwarjit Singh 7407829223
17 LBL Building Ms. DukmitLepcha 9734037840
18 ExaBotBuilding Dr. N. Bijayalaxmi Devi 8759718501
19 Central Library Building Mrs. Pinkey Rai 9832340520
20 Rangeet Girls' Hostel Dr. K. Renuka Devi 9083035394
21 History Building Dr. Laxuman Sharma 9434217895
22 HorSEBuilding Dr. Laxuman Sharma 9434217895
23 Admin Building Sh. L. B Chettri 9474980645
24 Health Centre Building Mrs. Chung ChungBhutia 9609862775
25 Nepali Building Mr. Dew Chandra Subba 9932385312
26 DeaManBuilding Dr. Shailendra Kumar 8116355194
27 CoAppBuilding Mrs. LekhikaChettri 8116413752
28 EPCS Building Dr. RumaKundu 9475176186
29 New Boys' Hostel,
Dev Area
Dr. Anil Kumar Verma 9678883549

To report any instances releated to ragging, The Vice-Chancellor or Registrar may be contacted

  • Office of the Vice-Chancellor : 03592-251067
  • Office of the Registrar: 03592-251403

Anti-Discrimination Officer

Prof. Nawal K Paswan
Designation: Professor
E-mail: nkpaswan [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in

Right To Information (RTI)

Appellate Authority

Sh. K.V.S. Kameswara Rao
Registrar Sikkim University
6th Mile, Samdur, P.O Tadong,
Phone: 03592-251403
E-Mail: registrar [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in

Central Public Information Officer

Ms. Grace D. Chankapa
Deputy Registrar (Estt.)
Sikkim University 6th Mile,
Samdur, P.O Tadong,
Phone: 03592-251212 (EX-18)
E-Mail: gdchankapa [at] cus [dot] ac [dot] in


Sikkim University
6th mile, Samdur, 
P. O. : Tadong-737102 
Gangtok, Sikkim
Fax: 03592-251067

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