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info [at] sgpc [dot] net

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09:30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.


Jathedar, Sri Akal Takht Sahib 0183-2540820 (O)
Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee
0183-2553950 (O) 
P.A. (President)
Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee
0183-2553950 (O)   Extn. 213


Secretary, SGPC 0183-2553951-56 (O)
Dharam Parchar Committee 0183-2553952 (O)

Manager, Sri Darbar Sahib, Sri Amritsar.

Accomodation Manager, Sri Darbar Sahib, Sri Amritsar.

S.Mukhtiar Singh

S. Rajinder Singh Ruby

0183-2553953 (O)




Information Office, Sri Darbar Sahib Sri Amritsar


S. Jaswinder Singh Jassi, Information Officer

S. Harpreet Singh, Guide, Sri Darbar Sahib Sri Amritsar.

S. Randhir Singh, Guide, Sri Darbar Sahib Sri Amritsar.

0183-2553954 (O)
(Not for Room Booking)




  • S.Gobind Singh Ji Longowal, President, S.G.P.C
    Ph: 0183-255 3950/98558-95558
    Email: bhaigobindsinghlongowal [at] sgpc [dot] net
  • Dr. Roop Singh Ji,Chief Secretary, S.G.P.C
    Ph: 0183-2543 461

SGPC Administration / Officials

Name and Designation Phone No.


S. Gobind Singh Ji Longowal, President,

Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, Sri Amritsar.

0183-2553950 (O)     98558-95558 (M)
bhaigobindsinghlongowal [at] sgpc [dot] net


 Dr. Roop Singh Ji, Chief Secretary  01832543461 (O)
S. Manjit Singh Ji, Secretary

9814728666 (M)

Avtar Singh Ji, Secretary (Personal Secretary to President SGPC) 9592095013 (M)
 Mohinder Singh Ji, Secretary Dharam Parchar Committee, SGPC

94173-13813 (M)

Additional Secretarie

S. Sukhminder Singh. Addl, Secretary

S. Pramjit Singh Ji, Addl. Secretary

S. Sukhdev Singh Ji, Addl. Secretary

S. Bijay Singh Ji, Addl. Secretary

S. Partap Singh Ji, Addl. Secretary

S. Jaswinder Singh Ji, Addl. Secretary

98148-98424 (M)

98550-07516 (M)

98148-98268 (M)

98148-98301 (M)

98148-98497 (M)

97813-54174 (M)

For any information/complaints, kindly contact at office of     

P. A. to President SGPC on above mentioned number and

email:bhaigobindsinghlongowal [at] sgpc [dot] net       

S. Darshan Singh, P.A. to President SGPC

0183-2553950 (O)


98785-22304 (M)

Assistant Secretaries

S. Harjit Singh Ji, Asstt. Secretary

S. Sakkatar Singh Ji, Asstt. Secretary

S. Satinder Singh Ji, Asstt. Secretary

S. Kulwinder Singh Ji Ramdass, Asstt. Secretary

S. Balwinder Singh Ji, Asstt. Secretary

S. Simarjeet Singh Ji, Asst. Secretary

S. Gurmeet Singh Ji, Asst. Secretary

S. Harjinder Singh Ji, Asst. Secretary

S. Sukhwinder Singh Ji, Asst. Secretary

S. Lakhbir Singh Ji, Asst. Secretary

S. Tejinder Singh Ji, Asst. Secretary

S. Gurbachan Singh Ji, Asst. Secretary

S. Sulakhan Singh Ji, Asst. Secretary

S. Nishan Singh Ji, Asst. Secretary

S. Gurinder Singh Mathrewal, Asst. Secretary


98148-98915 (M)

88724-61666 (M)

97795-99752 (M)

98148-98254 (M)

99151-90667 (M)

98148-98223 (M)

99142-12629 (M)

98147-77224 (M)

98148-98257 (M)

98145-07054 (M)

99149-00516 (M)

81463-07030 (M)

98148-98315 (M)

95920-34134 (M)

98030-00313 (M)


S. Satnam Singh Ji, Suprintendent


  0183-2553957-222 (Extn.)
Dharam Parchar Committee

0183-2553957-311 (Extn.)

I.T. Department

System Administrator,  Internet Offic


General Department

General Branch & Staff 0183-2553957-222 (Extn.)
Incharge Section 85 0183-2553957-232 (Extn.)
Incharge Section 87 0183-2553957-230 (Extn.)
85 Branch Supervisor & Staff 0183-2553957-232 (Extn.)
Type Branch 0183-2553957-231 (Extn.)
Stationary Branch 0183-2553957-245 (Extn.)
Accounts Branch 0183-2553957-223 (Extn.)
Construction Department 0183-2553957-240 (Extn.)
Establishment Branch 0183-2553957-229 (Extn.)
Cashier 0183-2553957-225 (Extn.)
Branch 87 Section 0183-2553957-237 (Extn.)
Publicity Branch 0183-2553957-243 (Extn.)
Secretary Office 0183-2553957-211, 233 (Extn.)
Audit Branch 0183-2553957-238 (Extn.)
Purchase Branch 0183-2553957-244 (Extn.)
Construction Branch 0183-2553957-236 (Extn.)
Flying Branch 0183-2553957-217, 241 (Extn.)
Inspection Branch 85 (Chief Gurd. Inspector) 0183-2553957-234 (Extn.)
Inspection Branch 87 (Chief Gurd. Inspectors) 0183-2553957-235 (Extn.)
Trust Branch 0183-2553957-247 (Extn.)
Accounts Branch 0183-2553957-224 (Extn.)
Law Branch (Legal Advisor) 0183-2553957-242 (Extn.)
Revenue Branch (Revenue Officer) 0183-2553957-248 (Extn.)
Transport Branch 0183-2553957-252, 316 (Extn.)

Publication Department

Asstt. Secretary & Staff

01832534327 (O)

Printing Presses

Golden Offset Press


Shiromani Printing Press, Amritsar

0183-2553957-246 (Extn.)

Gurdwara Printing Press, Amritsar

01832533951 (O)

Sikh History Research Board/Sikh Reference Library


0183-2553957-447 (Extn.)

SubOffice, Sgpc, Kothi No.30, Sector 5A, Chandigarh




Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee,
Teja Singh Samundri Hall,
Sri Harmandir Sahib
Complex, Sri Amritsar

EPBX No. 01832553957, 01832553958,01832553959

SGPC Administration

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New Developments in Canada

I am a Canadian citizen who came from Pakistan in 2001. I had vast experience in the field of banking, great academic qualifications and expertise in the field of Loans, Credit and Advances besides excellent verbal and writing skills in English. I applied for more than 500 jobs in banking but to no avail. That is fine.

So, I applied for a Security Guard job and the white Hiring Manager hired me right away. Due to working at the minimum wages and the responsibility to feed a family of six, I had to work all the seven days a week. That is also fine, as the life was moving forward anyway.

The situation began to grow painful for me as the batches of Indian students (95 percent Sikhs) started coming into Canada on daily basis. Since then, tens of thousands have already landed here so far, and obviously lot more are to come. That is fine too. I understand that the economic situation and job opportunities in India are not ideal either, as one of the Sikh youngsters I met told me that young people grow up to 35-38 years of age and remain jobless. My sympathies are with them.

But the bad effect of this development is not due to the growth of Indian students, it is the Hiring Managers/Supervisors who surprisingly emerged in every security company, hiring only the Indian students. They only look up the names of the applicants and if it is Sikh or Hindu, they hire them. In other words, if the applicant depicts a Muslim name, his chances of getting hired are between 0-5 percent, depending how diligent the Hiring Manager is. Due to the cut of my working hours, I applied to numerous other companies, but never got any response despite my 19 years experience in security.

The Verse 156 of Chapter 2 of the Holy Quran Says, "Verily, we belong to Allah, and verily to Him we will return." In other Verses, Allah commands us to do justice, and that Allah loves those who are fair and just.

It is my earnest request to please instruct the Indian Hiring Managers/Supervisors to be fair. Achieving objectives by clandestine plans is not ideally good in the long run. I am sure they will pay attention to your instructions.

My best wishes are with all the Sikh people in the world and I pray to Allah for your health, happiness and safety. Ameen.

Best Regards,

Some man's are taking bath in sarover

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
I am manmeet Singh bindra from ghaziabad I had seen live telecast of harminder sahib
So I have seen that some people are taking bath in sarover I think it not should done because of crona virus please take action on this
Thank u And if I say something wrong please forgive

gurudwara in pakistan punjab

pakistan new procedure by imrankhan gpvernment on sikh pilgrims. 2019.