Rolex Watch Customer Care

Toll free Number(s): 
  • +41 22 302 22 00 (Switzerland)

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3-5-7 rue François-Dussaud
1211 Geneva 26

Ph: +41 22 302 22 00

Personal Data Supervisor

Personal Data Supervisor: Mr. Xavier Braun
Postal address: 3-5-7, rue François-Dussaud, 1211 Geneva 26, Switzerland
Telephone number: +4122 302 22 00
Email address: privacy [at] rolex [dot] com

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Fake/Duplicate/Counterfeit Rolex Watches sold on Club Factory

Dear Sir,

This is in reference to the fake/counterfeit/duplicate Rolex products being sold by the online Ecommerce website

By doing this, Club Factory is not only indulging in infringement of Rolex trademark but also cheating on gullible customers who purchase fake products believing them to be Rolex brand products.

For your information and necessary action please find enclosed listings of your products on the website of Club Factory.

I would be glad to be of any assistance in curtailing these fraudulent acts of Club Factory.


Sunil K

Complaint about using your logo and name selling products

Hello Rolex, I had seen a person selling watches using your brand name and logo and making your company reputation low. I request to you to look into this and take action against people who are selling fake products by using Rolex name and fame making business.

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