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Puma saling very bad quality product durring the sale

I was client of puma since 11 years and I have purchased many shoes from puma store and puma online website from last 3 years and never had issue with products...from last session I purchased two shoes from puma store city center mall of nashik and found one of my shoes got soul crack after use of two days. Hence I reported issue to shop owner and they ask me to submit shoes for replacement. After few days later they called me and asked me to visit shop for shoes replacement. I have surprised afterwards they were asking me to pay additionally for new shoes which was difference between new shoes. I asked to provide me same shoes or refund my money but they refused to all. They were forcing me to pay additional cost or buy any other product with same price..it was like puma cheated with me! And they have no respect for the client who's client from so long time. And employee of puma are liar too they told me that they have sent my shoes to compnay but when I asked for refund money or return the shoes they immediately return problematic shoes as they were said that shoes aleady sent to the puma. I was like wow..even shop owner asking me to buy jacket with same amount which shows how professional they are. I need to puma take immediate action on this or I will go far behind and will put review on Twitter and insta and facebook about my this experience. Will also recommend my freinds not to buy any product durring the sales. Sorry too say this but I am very unhappy with this product and service.

Puma shoes

My shoes is cut only 1 manth repair riqward

Poor Service at Puma store at Seawoods Mall


I visited the Puma store at Grand Central Seawoods Navi Mumbai on 31.12.19 to purchase an Ignite Running shoe. At the billing counter the store manager, Nandan, informed me that I had accumulated about Ra.1200 points (loyalty) that could be deducted from the bill of Rs.7000. They were unable to process this even after 2 OTPs were sent to me. The asst store manager, Sahil, then informed me that the system now showed only Rs.600 points. When I asked for an explanation as to how the point were reduced the store manager went away and refused to speak to me. The Asst store manager kept assuring me that Nsndan would come and speak to me and made me wait for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes he told me that Nandan refuses to speak to me and I could speak to the Area Sales Manager Vishal Rai. I phoned Vishal and after a 15 minute conversation he said that he would revert after 2 days. I have never seen such pathetic service anywhere. The Puma store was just not interested in listening to the customer and store manager and asst store manager were very unpleasant. I walked out of the store and will probably never buy anything from Puma again.

Utter disappoint with Puma shoes


This is with utter disappointment that I have to report my unpleasant experience with Puma.

I have been a regular buyer of Puma shoes and had been quite content with the product unless this time when I purchased a pair of Puma running shoes from the Lifestyle Store in Rohini West, New Delhi on 8 Oct 2019

However to my surprise the heel lining (inner lining) started wearing off within a week’s time, that too without regular use.

I reported the matter to Lifestyle on the 7th of November. The pair was kept by them and I was told that a request regarding replacement will be generated and the pair will be sent to the factory for further perusal. Also I was told I will be contacted by the concerned people regarding the update on replacement.

Again to my surprise nobody contacted me whatsoever and I had to follow up with lifestyle via telephonic contact and visited them personally as well but to no avail.

Finally I spoke to one of the staff members from lifestyles shoe section two days back and was told to wait for another 4-5 days.

Just yesterday I received a call from lifestyle asking me to mail to Puma for the follow up of my pair of shoes as there is no revert from your side regarding the issue.

I am attaching scanned copy of the bill, return slip and the pictures of the worn off shoe for your reference.

It has been more than a month without any update and I am the one following up for a product I have purchased with full trust in your brand.

My concern now is to get an update regarding the pair as soon as possible. Also I would appreciate if there is follow up from your side as this is not how a customer is dealt with on encountering an issue with your product.

This msg I have sent to PUMA no response till date it’s been 45days

Rajeev Sharma

Slipper damage

Bad product

Skin of shoe is coming off

brought a pair of PUMA G.VILAS from puma store Ambiance mall on 29.6.2019.
Now it’s been only 3 months and the shoes are started to tearing off. Upper skin of shoes is coming off. Kindly look into this.
I don’t find my bills as I never thought to keep that with me as puma products will not get vanished easily.

Shoes Issue - PUMA Speeder

I really thought that I should once purchase PUMA product and excitedly I purchased Puma Speeder and it was great disappoint for great expecations.

This shoes dont have good stability and I fell down while walking; this never happened in my entire life while using any shoes of other brands or while walking bear foot.

Could you please consider my concern where I purchased these shoes from Bangalore Whitefield Inorbit Mall and it is waste of money as well as spoiling health issues. That's the reason, I even dont want to give away this shoes to anyone even for free.

I need to highlight issue of this shoes model to management for its wrong design of stability. My purchase has been over 90 days surely. Let me know what you feel after reading my concerns. Feel free to reach out.


Anand Agawane
Nine eight Nine Zero Nine Zero Five Eight Eight Six

Hey, I recently bought a puma

I recently bought a puma bag pack on 09-09-19 from luggage station shop in Vikas nagar Lucknow . I was told that it is a waterproof bag and my items will be safe in the bag I don't have to worry about my items as my puma bag is waterproof. Today after coming from college I was stuck in the rain. And I was so damn sure that my belongings will be safe as it is "waterproof " . And when I came back to my house I open my bag and my entire notebook my clothes everything is TOTALLY WET. So what is the purpose of me to buy a company bag pack specially PUMA .what is the difference between the local ordinary bag and YOUR PUMA BAG? Please help me out.

Upper Layer got Cracked but received disappointing response

I purchased Puma shoes from a puma store. My shoes’ upper layer got cracked before 3 months when i took it to store they said Company has denied the replacement request. By looking at the pics they said product was washed and kept in hight temperature condition! But the truth is shoes were not washed! Even Company didn’t see the product ! Its very disappointing ! No happy with the customer service.

Regarding quality issue

I have purchased sandals from Puma store form Gahtkopar R city mall. On a first time i took wrong (UK6) size then i reppaced for (UK7) size but i found there are some molding problem in sandals. It seems small cuts at top at sandals and looking different from one another and asked for replacement but shop keepers took 1 week. Finally he said this size is not available. I dont understand why there is short availability on new arrivals product and how i believe on your product quality. Expected your quick feedback.

Regarding quality issue

I have purchased sandals from Puma store form Gahtkopar R city mall. On a first time i took wrong (UK6) size then i reppaced for (UK7) size but i found there are some molding problem in sandals. It seems small cuts at top at sandals and looking different from one another and asked for replacement but shop keepers took 1 week. Finally he said this size is not available. I dont understand why there is short availability on new arrivals product and how i believe on your product quality. Expected your quick feedback.

Repair Required

Last year I bought Puma sports from showroom for about 6000/- after about 6 months there came a hole on the toe which looks ugly,can you please help me out with this issue of getting the same repaired as the cobler nearby doesn't looks familiar with repairing it.

Order cancelled :-

Hello ,

This is Vinay Gupta from Ahmedabad city , India.

Actually , i have ordered one of your shoes through flipkart (Order id :- OD115545273551260000) on 23rd May.

But i haven't got my product. Infact , i got an update (after 12 days ) from flipkart that my order was cancelled by seller and asking me to order again with the increased price.

In this what a customer should expect from huge Brand like PUMA??

Very disappointed from this incident.

Puma sendel

I am purchese online puma sendel 3 month ago.
Sendel sold remove


My Foot length is 26.5cm.
Which US size do you prefer for me??

Netting of the shoes is coming off

Hi I got a pair of casual shoes from your CP Delhi branch and now after 3 months the threads are coming off of the netting and left a hole in few places. I took it to the store and they told me that they cannot refund but exchange it. They don't have any shoes in the same price range, please help us out with more options or give us a solution. Didn't expect the products of this brand to be this cheap quality.

Returning of defected product

I bought a trackpant from puma store jabalpur (m.p) but after 20 days the threads started coming out from every where.
I went to the store from where I bought the trackpant and they refused to replace or make refund.
As such a respected company you are selling rejected products and not even helping the coustomer. I request you to please take required action to either replace or refund

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