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Unappropriate Pizza Delivered by Pizza Hut Karol Bagh

This is regarding a pizza ordered for Home Delivery (complete order details mentioned at the end of mail).

As you can see in the picture, (pic attached), only 4 main chunks of CHICKEN are seen in the whole pizza and 2 small ones.

#. Do you think the quantity of Chicken on the pizza is good enough to create the flavor of the pizza ordered?
#. Are these Chunks worth enough to pay such a huge amount of total, specially where these chunks doesnt cost more than approx 10 rupees only?
#. The pictures shown on your menu, e-menu and your website shows pizzas full of toppings and/or chicken toppings, whereas, the original pizza or the actual delivery seems to be totally different than the ones shown.

You are cheating and duping your customers by delivering a product not even worth of 1/4th of the total value paid by them. What do you think you can fool around with your customers like this? Are these the right quality standards followed by such a big company???

I need a proper explanation and a compensation for this filthy plain pizza served. Expecting a proper feedback regarding the same.


P. Verma
(Legal Advisor)


Pizza Hut Home Delivery Order at Devyani International Ltd., 6/85, Padam Singh Road, Karol Bagh, ND-110005.

Order No: 005120044738
Date & Time: 13/11/12, 05.54.15 PM
Order Punch Time:05.52.20 PM
Chicken Delight MIA-PER
Total Bill Amount Paid: 253.00 INR

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This is for the MG Road Pizza

This is for the MG Road Pizza Hut Pune; their feedback form has a technical snag so unable to do on their site.

I have had a bad experience twice when trying to order; I get pamphlets that carry no of this outlet. First time I was ordered; after listening to the order I was told to try anothetr outler as the MG road was far. The person was extremely rude maybe bcoz the order size was small. Next time I asked at the onset that I was calling from NIBM road and will they deliver. Again after listening to the order I was told sorry....
the guy refused to listen to me, did not allow me to talk and said the order size was too small.

Maybe he is right but if I am ordering for myself than what do I do and my problem is with the attitude, tone and not informing the customer at the onset about the policy.

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