Pizza Hut Customer Care Numbers 1800 202 2022

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800 202 2022
All India Number(s): 
  • 3988 3988 (Prefix 3 digit STD Code)
  • 6000 9000 (With City STD Code)
  • 3988 398 (Prefix 4 digit STD Code)


  •  HutCares [at] yum [dot] com

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Your Local City Contact Number

3988 3988

If your city STD code is 3 or more numbers then remove the last "8" &
use the 7 digit number: 3988 398.


12th Floor, Tower D, Global Business
Park, Gurugram 122002, Haryana, India

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Please donot order as they

Please donot order as they are not deliverig on time and taking more time to deliver.
There is no response from customer care and poor service

Much worst experience.

Much worst experience.

Pizza hut numbers doesn't

Pizza hut numbers doesn't work.
I ordered pizza amount deducted but order got cancelled now it's more than 35 days amount not refunded and customer care not reply to my mail.

Do not buy from pizza hut online

dami pizza hut

Ahmadabad vastral A1 PIZZA HUT is privet ...hs read GPS lokeshan ....
my PIZZA HUT E voucher is not valid..

Horrible Service and Business Processes

Today for lunch I ordered food from Pizza Hut from app. The order & payment went through smoothly and after 20 mins I receive a call from some store saying that they dont deliver to my location. Hence I called Call Centre and got assurance they will assign it to a different store and so I did wait. After 1 pm I again called the Call Centre and was again assured that I will receive the order by 1:15 pm.
After 1:20 PM I once again contacted Call Centre and then they connected me on a con call with some store in Powai and I was communicated that the store will not deliver. The call centre then said that Pizza Hut is helpless if the store refuses to deliver. THIS IS THE STATE OF AFFAIRS FOR PIZZA HUT. SO either they are going bankrupt or they just don't care. Either ways alll I can say to them is I AM TAKING THEM TO CONSUMER COURT FOR THIS.

They are completely unprofessional.


I have ordered Pizza and some other foods, however on their website they received the order and they called me and told me that they do not deliver at that location. I have only one question that, if you guys are not able to provide service then, what's the need to confirm particular order? I will never prefer again pizza hut due to this mis conduct.

Worst service

Worst service at pizzahut trivandrum Kowdiar branch ,Manager jubin.
Delayed our food more than am hour for dine in. Embarrassing dinner with our guests.Attitude of the people is very bad ,they don't come even if we call them.They are on their mobiles or watching something's in their mobile.because we asked they purposely delayed our food when we saw everyone around us having food and even take seats after we came.We are recommending to all our friends and relatives not to go Pizzahut

Worst Service. Pathetic Customer Care

Worst Service. Never choose Pizza Hut. Pathetic useless customer care.
Ordered Pizza and waited for more than an hour. Upon contacting so called customer care, irresposible answer, technical issue. order again. No value for customers. Should avoid Pizza hut

Worst service by Pizza Hut. I

Worst service by Pizza Hut. I ordered a Pizza online and my order was given to Dilshad garden branch, New Delhi. The pizza hut( Dilshad Garden branch) then called me and said we cannot deliver to this address.
Worst service.
Will never order again.

Disappointing and worst

Disappointing and worst service

I had ordered pizza in noida and they didn’t deliver it. I had paid money online, my money got deducted and they neither cancelled my order nor did they deliver. I will never ever use their service again.

Not getting order

Same thing happen with me in Pune and my daughter is eating from 1 hour for pizza

Vouchers Valid until Nov not being honored

We placed an order using pizza hut vouchers purchased via valid until Nov 2019. The order was placed on 8th March 2019 for 7 pizzas with Pizza HUT sector 35 Chandigarh. Contact name is Sanjeev Kumar @ Pizza hut sector 35 Chandīgarh
They are saying that the vouchers are not valid.
a order placed

Order regarding problm

Dear sir i order pizza in alwar location than order will come i eat pizza than i see jn pizza hair in pizza this is embrassing my order id ia 22H180022639 pls help outher wise i go cansumer court..

SBI Pizza Hut Voucher not accepting

I had a SBI Pizza Hut voucher, and had been to this shop and many nearby Pizza Hut shop in the month of August and September. They said they have technical problem from their end & it will be resolved shortly. I approached again & again after every short duration, that technical problem was not resolved. The was also spoken with Pizza Hut customer care, where they had assured, the voucher which i had can be used even after the voucher expiry date because their technical problem was not resolved....They had also assured they will give a reminder call when the technical problem get resolved...But when I had approached this Pizza hut shop weeks back, they said it cannot be used because its validity is expired and not reflecting on system. On the spot i called and made the store keeper Mr. Arun to talk to Pizza Hut customer care stating it was not problem from my end and it is to be resolved from Pizza Hut side.
So the matter was escalated to floor manger & he spoke with store keeper that it is to managed and accepted by store level itself.....Later on Store keeper assured he will escalate this matter and will extend the validity of voucher from their end by sending mail to his concerned authority....Now he is saying it cant be accepted....

Now please make this issue resolved from your end before taking the matter to your valuable client SBI as it was problem from your side being not accepting my Pizza Hut Voucher in your technical problem duration.

Pizza order was never delivered R Mall Mulund, Mumbai

I am Shyam from Mulund. I want register a complain against your store at R-Mall through 022398839XX. I had ordered Veg and non veg combo each around 8:42 PM on 06 Oct 2018 from my mobile . I was told that it would be delivered in 30 minutes. Upon waiting for an hour I called on 022398839XX on 09:46 I was told that it would be delivered in 6 minutes. We waited until 22:15 that is one and half hours almost and called on same number for follow up.Initially I was kept on hold and we had to redial to connect to your agent. We were told that order was not registered at all and my kids slept without any food tired of waiting. Person on the call centre was a south indian and did not revealed his name. Please investigate this matter as it caused a lot of inconvenience and embarrassment in front of my guests. How was delivery time committed on second call if the order was not registered. Remember we did not get the order at all.
Thanks and Regards, Shyam

Nishant : New Pizza hut outlet Nagarbhavi circle Bangalore India

I want to place appreciations for staff and especially for Nishanth in The newly opened pizzahut outlet at Nagarbhavi circle Bangalore India.

We have been regular Pizza hut customers in vijayanagar Bangalore and as we shifted to University near Nagarbhavi Today we went to this new outlet and it was unusually crowed and lot of orders for takeaways. We planned order and waited for 25 min and finally my daughter was about to get upset due to the delay and Nishant jumped in to make sure we are taken care. Really all the best to this team and Nishanth great job. Keep it up

Refund not received

Pizza Hut cancelled my order but did not refund my debited amount.

Order No- 3286995

why its a problem for late delivery

Order Placed : Order no. 3277768
i got a message departed at 7.44pm received pizza at 8.15 pm half hour i have to warm up garlic bread and pizza in my microwave. its happened to me before too. i m not interested discount they give or given now and before. but leave no choice but accept my order and eat. getting excuse such as they didnt have 7 up this time so stopped on the way to buy last time carrying two to three order so takes time. if deliver is a problem for your company i guess instead of screwed family diiner then stop deliver pizza. i lived in michigan USA and as far as i remember i am enjoying pizza hut since 1981.recently i stopped because problem of deliver problem you have. if traffic or other reason if you cant delive pizza on time u making pizza hut name bad.your pizza is always better then others.but we rewarm its always lose original test you enjoy 100%. choice is yours how you want to keep your name but as far me as a pizza hut lover name always loved by my family either in usa or india. sincerely viralbaxi

I place the order but not recive

I jai arora place the order at your hot line no the person name azhrudin taken my order but after 45 minute i cal at your no they provide cal back from lajpat nagar outlet they told me we did not recive any order from your side this is so bad radiclous service very bad my guest wait for

order not received

Pizza hut service very bad. i order pizza online funds deducted & order done but didnt received the pizza. i called customercare they hold me long time after disconnect my phone.
ORDER #3252997

Staff compliant

Dear sir/madam

I ordered a pizza at Pizza Hut India nashik Maharashtra, but I missed the call from your delivery boy but when I went to collect the pizza at your office after sometime, the sale person available there didn’t responded me properly and after sometime Pizza Hut delivery boy Mr. Kiran Nagare abused me at my hotel where I asked for my delivery. This is not the way that a reputed company like your should behave with the customer. I real thing you should not keep people like this in your company or your agency. I really think these is not good for you and your company reputation so I feel you should take an appropriate action as soon as possible.

Amount debited without any confirmation

I had tried ordering pizzas online on the 20th of August, 2018 from the Pizza Hut outlet located at Kapil Towers, Nanakramguda, Hyderabad. The amount (Rs. 556.5) was debited but no order was confirmed. Immediately I had called the customer care. They informed me that the amount would be credited back to my account in 4 days. Rightly on the 4th day (Aug 23) the amount was credited. On the 28th of August, 2018 the same amount was debited from my account by Pizza Hut giving reference to the date August 23. I called the customer care again and informed them. The representative told me that she will ask the employees at the outlet to call me back. How can Pizza Hut India be so irresponsible and play around with their customers' money?

Request Pizza Hut India to refund the amount immediately to my account.

Money deducted but no confirmation of my order

Hi Team,

I ordered triple 3box my amount was debited of INR 733 and I didn't received and confirmation of my order or order I'd...this is not happened once this happened earlier also guys have the worst customer support first call don't go through and after that your customers support are rude as hell....worst experience...I want my money back

Money deducted but no order confirmed

Hi, On 25 July I ordered bulk pizza of cost 1659. My money deducted and send to pizzahut bank account but no order confirmed. I want my money refund back. I mailed to feedback [at] pizzahut [dot] com but no one replied. There customer care service is worst. How can I get back my money? Need help.


Money deducted but no order confirmation received

Hi Team,

I ordered triple 3box my amount was debited of INR 733 and I didn't received and confirmation of my order or order I'd...this is not happened once this happened earlier also hguyz have the worst customer support first call don't go through and after that your customers support are rude as hell....worst experience...I want my money back

worst experience ordered online

I have ordered pizza through their online website and i have not received any confirmation email and the amount was deducted from the ATM.Worst experience ever.And when you call them they said have not received any order from this number.

Opt me out from all sms from Pizza Hut

I wish to opt out from all kinds of sms from Pizza Hut.
Please remove my number immediately from sending pesky notifications sent via sms.
Thank you.

Unhygienic Food and Place

Flies and mosquitoes on food and ambeiance
Left the pizza slices since flies were sitting on cheese and drinks.
Cutler ids were also oily and dirty
I doubt if the kitchen would be clean or not...?

Completely not acceptable
Brand like Pizza Hut is also not focusing on hygiene....!

Do respond to complaints

Space for rent

Hi I am Subir Debnath from Islampur Bazar Islampur Uttar Dinajpur pin 733202 I have 1000 sqft Available space rent for showroom in Islampur main market . If you interested for this spaces for showroom kindly contact uS
Thanking you

Quality issue

I orders pizza combo for 4 & lemonade in U.P Kanpur z squar mall
Order no - 12917G036306

Its very shameful for pizza hut lover like me to say that the standers and quality level of pizza had gone so cheap that its much better to go road side small pzzarian shop rather than going to international branded pizza hut food chain and paying thousands.

Unappropriate Pizza Delivered by Pizza Hut Karol Bagh

This is regarding a pizza ordered for Home Delivery (complete order details mentioned at the end of mail).

As you can see in the picture, (pic attached), only 4 main chunks of CHICKEN are seen in the whole pizza and 2 small ones.

#. Do you think the quantity of Chicken on the pizza is good enough to create the flavor of the pizza ordered?
#. Are these Chunks worth enough to pay such a huge amount of total, specially where these chunks doesnt cost more than approx 10 rupees only?
#. The pictures shown on your menu, e-menu and your website shows pizzas full of toppings and/or chicken toppings, whereas, the original pizza or the actual delivery seems to be totally different than the ones shown.

You are cheating and duping your customers by delivering a product not even worth of 1/4th of the total value paid by them. What do you think you can fool around with your customers like this? Are these the right quality standards followed by such a big company???

I need a proper explanation and a compensation for this filthy plain pizza served. Expecting a proper feedback regarding the same.


P. Verma
(Legal Advisor)


Pizza Hut Home Delivery Order at Devyani International Ltd., 6/85, Padam Singh Road, Karol Bagh, ND-110005.

Order No: 005120044738
Date & Time: 13/11/12, 05.54.15 PM
Order Punch Time:05.52.20 PM
Chicken Delight MIA-PER
Total Bill Amount Paid: 253.00 INR

Go Green. Save Planet Earth!

This is for the MG Road Pizza

This is for the MG Road Pizza Hut Pune; their feedback form has a technical snag so unable to do on their site.

I have had a bad experience twice when trying to order; I get pamphlets that carry no of this outlet. First time I was ordered; after listening to the order I was told to try anothetr outler as the MG road was far. The person was extremely rude maybe bcoz the order size was small. Next time I asked at the onset that I was calling from NIBM road and will they deliver. Again after listening to the order I was told sorry....
the guy refused to listen to me, did not allow me to talk and said the order size was too small.

Maybe he is right but if I am ordering for myself than what do I do and my problem is with the attitude, tone and not informing the customer at the onset about the policy.