Nomination Form (For Individual Applicants Other Than Joint Applicants)

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Nomination Form
[For Individual applicants Other than Joint Applicants]

I hereby nominate the person mentioned below who shall, in the event of my death, be entitled to get
the telephone/ registration transferred through this form to his /her name or be entitled to be paid the
amount of registration/security deposit for the telephone so registered in my name, to the exclusion of all
other persons.
(i) Name of the Nominee
(In Block Letters) :________________________________________
(ii) Relationship with applicant :________________________________________
(ii) Full Address of the nominee
(In Block Letters) : _________________________________________
(iv) In case nominee is a minor,
please indicate Date of Birth of minor :___________________________________
Signature of the Nominee:_______________ Signature of Applicant:_______________
Name:________________________________ Name :_____________________________
Full Address: __________________________ Full Address:________________________
_________________________ ________________________
1 Signature: _________________________
Name : _________________________
Complete Address: ___________________________________________
2. Signature: _________________________
Name : _________________________
Complete Address: ___________________________________________