Nexa Maruti Suzuki Toll Free Number 1800-200-6392

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800-102-6392
  • 1800-200-6392

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Toll Free Number

  • 1800-102-6392
  • 1800-200-6392

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  • contact [at] nexaexperience [dot] com


Corporate Communications

Maruti Suzuki India Limited, 1, Nelson Mandela Road, Vasant Kunj, 
New Delhi, India

Email:corp [dot] comm [at] maruti [dot] co [dot] in

Phone No:011 46781000


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Cheaters and Liars in Nexa/Acer Motors Hyderabad

Worst service. Broke my door and lock system with your service and not providing me any solution.

Baleno Average problem

My car Maruti nexa baleno delta Average problem my average is 10 km per letter I’m very sad plz Please Saul my problem

Suzuki s cross delivery

I took s cross delivery on 18 Jan 2019 from Varun motors nexa dear they gave me damaged and full of scratch es with full of dust inside the cabin when they gave delivery they were making urgency to take my vehicle outside' very bad experience IAM no other way except to go to consumer court to get my vehicle repaired pl don't by from nexa they are cheating people by giving old vehicles by giving discounts don't ever go to Varun motors

Horrible Nexa Experience

I just bought a Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Alpha manual delivered at 6pm yesterday on Wednesday 14th November. The hybrid option does not work despite running the car for some 10-15 km. We complained to the dealers staff today ... who gave us cock-and-bull stories about engine temperatures etc. Finally someone showed up from the dealership today at 3.45pm to tell us that the dealer T R Sawhney delivered it without checking the power source for the hybrid option. Amazing. So they took it back to the garage. Then within 10 mins they call to say "now it's working". They lived to us as customers ... there was a problem they fixed after driving away with the car. Surely in 10 mins the battery could not have charged by itself. The joke begins with their triumphant return only to have to take the car away again because the hybrid option does not work.

Big mistake we made buying Maruti. This car replaced a trouble free Innova sold only because of the 10 year law. Thankfully our Fortuner is running like a dream. Never had a problem with Toyota and their bullet proof quality. We should have stuck to Toyota. Maruti Suzuki sucks.

Deepak Mukarji

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