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  • 1800 345 0330 (Customer Support)
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  • 033-6811 0000 (Alternate Customer Support)
  • 033-2537 0070 (Queries/Support)
  • 040-2770 0011 (General Queries)

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  • customer [dot] support [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in (For any other queries)
  • customer [dot] relations [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in (Unresolved Grievances)
  • faf [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in (To report frauds)
  • customer [dot] portal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in (For Customer Portal related queries)
  • agent [dot] portal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in (For Intermediary Portal related queries)

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Enquiry Counter / Information & Facilitation Counters Contact

Sr.No. Name of Ministry/
National Insurance Co. Ltd.
1 Location of IFC/May I Help
You Counter/Enquiry Counter
National Insurance Co. Ltd.,
6A Middleton Street, 7th Floor,
CRM   Dept.,  Kolkata - 700 071
2 Telephone no. of IFC/May I Help
You Counter/Enquiry Counter
3 Name of the Contact Officers Mr. Amit Kumar Ghosh
4 Designation Administrative Officer
5 E-mail address of IFC /  May I Help
You Counter / Enquiry Counter
customer [dot] relations [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in

CRM Officials at Head Office and Regional Offices

Sr.No. RO Name of Grievance Officer Designation Contact Mail-id
1 Calcutta Regional Office I Mr Debrup Chatterjee Assistant Manager 8335080686 debrup [dot] chatterjee [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
2  Calcutta Regional Office I Mr.Srijit Gupta Regional Manager 8335080372 s [dot] gupta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
3 Kolkata Corporate
Regional Officer
Shri Debashish Saha Administrative Officer 8335080780 debashish [dot] saha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
4  Kolkata Corporate
Regional Officer
Shri Ajitava Das Assistant Manager 8335080775 ajitava [dot] das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
5  Kolkata Corporate
Regional Officer
Shri Joydeep Roy Chief Regional Manager 8404050165 joydeep [dot] roy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
6 Calcutta Regional Office II Ms Anita Reshma Xalxo Administrative Officer 8335080778 AnitaReshma [dot] Xalxo [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
7 Calcutta Regional Office II Mr Suman Kumar Paul Manager 8335080657 sumank [dot] paul [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
8 Calcutta Regional Office II Mr Arup kumar Dey Regional Manager 8335080115 ak [dot] dey [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
9 Calcutta Regional Office II Mr Shomee Roy Deputy General Manager 8335080128 shomee [dot] roy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
10 Bhubaneswar Regional Office Mr Sovan Nanda Assistant Manager 9987969876 sovan [dot] nanda [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
11 Bhubaneswar Regional Office Mr B D Dash Manager 8599010615 bd [dot] das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
12 Bhubaneswar Regional Office Mr A Shetty Chief Regional Manager 8335080259 A [dot] Sethy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
13 Patna Regional Office Mr Pawan Kumar Assistant Manager 8405802523 pawank [dot] kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
14 Patna Regional Office Mr Rajeev Ranjan Regional Manager 8405802666 rajeev [dot] ranjan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
15 Patna Regional Office Mr Balaram Jha Chief Regional Manager 8405802623 balaram [dot] jha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
16 Ranchi Regional Office Mr Vikram Bhawani Singh Asst. Manager 9574221993 vikramb [dot] singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
17 Ranchi Regional Office Mr Sunil Kumar Indwar Manager 8405802689 sk [dot] indwar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
18 Ranchi Regional Office Mr Basudev Marandi Chief Regional Manager 8405802611 basudev [dot] marandi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
19 Guwahati Regional Office Ms Julia Tipri Basumatary Assistant Manager 8404050232 julia [dot] basu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
20 Guwahati Regional Office Mr Dipankar Dutta Regional Manager 8373061621 dipankar [dot] dutta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
21 Guwahati Regional Office Ms Chandana Boro Brahma Chief Regional Manager 8335080353 cb [dot] brahma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 West TAC    
22 Mumbai Regional Office III Ms. Surekha N. Suvarna Manager 7506345106 sn [dot] suvarna [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
23 Mumbai Regional Office III Ms Kavita Londhe Manager 7506345001 kavita [dot] londhe [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
24 Mumbai Regional Office III Sh S K Singh Deputy General Manager 8335080358 SK [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
25 Mumbai Corporate Office Ms Bina Kelkar Deputy Manager 7506345225 bina [dot] kelkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
26 Mumbai Corporate Office Ms Jolly Menachery Deputy Manager 9099998625 jolly [dot] menachery [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
27 Mumbai Corporate Office Mr R Bhatia Manager 7506345161 r [dot] bhatia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
28 Mumbai Corporate Office Mr Atul Malhotra Regional Manager 9643003649 atul [dot] malhotra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
29 Mumbai Corporate Office Mr K K Raina Deputy General Manager 7506345006 kk [dot] raina [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
30 Mumbai Regional Office II Ms Usha Kosambi Manager 7506345177 ushap [dot] kosambi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
31 Mumbai Regional Office II Ms. R. Kala Regional Manager 7506345285 r [dot] kala [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
32 Mumbai Regional Office II Mr. B L Sonkar Deputy General Manager 7506345242 bl [dot] sonkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
33 Pune Regional Office Dr Vishal Dhamane Assistant Manager 8411885926 vishal [dot] dhamane [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
34 Pune Regional Office Mr Dhananjay Kumar Deputy Manager 9711554159 dhananjay [dot] kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
35 Pune Regional Office Mr P R Suresh Regional Manager 8589985409 PR [dot] Suresh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
36 Pune Regional Office Mr Ajay Nakhale Chief Regional Manager 8411885988 ajay [dot] nakhale [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
37 Nagpur Regional Office Ms Vigneshwari Bhiwgade Assistant Manager 9607366333 vigneshwari [dot] bhiwgade [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
38 Nagpur Regional Office Ms Gita Moni Deputy Manager 8411886036 gita [dot] moni [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
39 Nagpur Regional Office Mr Raju Janrao Sherkar Regional Manager 8411886173 raju [dot] sherkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
40 Raipur Regional Office Mrs Reena Soman Deputy Manager 8370009328 r [dot] soman [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
41 Raipur Regional Office  Mr Santosh Shriram Bhimte Manager 8411886047 ss [dot] bhimte [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
42 Raipur Regional Office Mrs Radha M Kathale Regional Manager 8411886117 rm [dot] kathale [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
43 Raipur Regional Office  Mrs A Mehta Sinha. Chief Regional Manager 8405802621 a [dot] mehtasinha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
44 Ahmedabad Regional Office Ms Ruchi Kapadiya Administrative Officer 9924445343 ruchin [dot] kapadiya [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
45 Ahmedabad Regional Office Mr D D Verma Manager 8370008913 dd [dot] verma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
46 Ahmedabad Regional Office Ms Runa Kumari Assistant Manager 9099013460 runa [dot] kumari [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
47 Ahmedabad Regional Office Mr B C Dabhi Regional Manager 9099998450 bc [dot] dabhi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
48 Baroda Regional Office Mr Sandip Roy Deputy Manager 7069006728 sandip [dot] roy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
49 Baroda Regional Office Mr Y D Dave Manager 9099998417 yd [dot] dave [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
50 Baroda Regional Office Mr A Mazumdar Regional Manager 7506345280 a [dot] mazumdar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
51 Indore Regional Office Mr P C Nihore Manager 8370008993 pc [dot] nihore [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
52 Indore Regional Office Mr Shrinayan Dale Regional Manager 8370008960 sn [dot] dale [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
53 Indore Regional Office Mr Vinay Shukla Deputy General Manager 9643003611 vinay [dot] shukla [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 North TAC    
54 Delhi Regional Office IV Ms Suman Jassal Assistant Manager 9717878441 suman [dot] jassal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
55 Delhi Regional Office IV Mr Raj Kishore Manager 8396991404 raj [dot] kishore [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
56 Delhi Regional Office IV Ms Anita Poddar Regional Manager 7412085600 anita [dot] poddar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
57 Delhi Regional Office IV Sh R S Chopra Deputy General Manager 8884499513 rs [dot] chopra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
58 Delhi Regional Office I Ms Babita Chawala Assistant Manager 9643003058 babita [dot] chawla [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
59 Delhi Regional Office I Mrs Gunjan Garg Manager 9643003464 gunjan [dot] garg [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
60 Delhi Regional Office I Mr Viresh Dayal Mathur Regional Manager 9643003651 vd [dot] mathur [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
61 Delhi Regional Office I Mrs Mamta Sagar Deputy General Manager 9643003534 m [dot] sagar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
62 Delhi Regional Office II Mr Manish Jaiswal Administrative Officer 9643003349 manish [dot] jaiswal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
63 Delhi Regional Office II Mr Abhishek Upadhyay Administrative Officer 8392954518 abhishek [dot] upadhyay [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
64 Delhi Regional Office II Mr Sanjay Kumar Sharma Dy. Manager 9643003491 sanjayk [dot] sharma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
65 Delhi Regional Office II Mr Anil Kumar Bareja Regional Manager 9643003605 ak [dot] bareja [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
66 Delhi Regional Office II Mr Dhananjay Singh Deputy General Manager 9643003554 dhananjay [dot] singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
67 Jaipur Regional Office Mrs Anulika Jain Administrative Officer 7230005531 Anulika [dot] Jain [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
68 Jaipur Regional Office Mrs Kalpana Dangi Administrative Officer 7230003234 kalpana [dot] dangi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
69 Jaipur Regional Office Mrs Geetanjali Deputy Manager 7665014490 geetanjali1 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
70 Jaipur Regional Office Mr Ashok Kumar Ola Manager 7665014976 Ak [dot] ola [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
71 Jaipur Regional Office Mr Chetan Lal Raiger Regional Manager 7665014968 cl [dot] raiger [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
72 Jaipur Regional Office Mr V P Mittal Chief Regional Manager 7665014891 VP [dot] Mittal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
73 Jodhpur Regional Office Mrs Rimpy Kapoor Deputy Manager 8411886132 rimpy [dot] kapoor [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
74 Jodhpur Regional Office Mr Jagdish Meena Regional Manager 8392954552 jagdish [dot] meena [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
75 Jodhpur Regional Office  Mr.A K Tewari Chief Regional Manager 9643003598 ak [dot] tewari [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
76 Delhi Regional Office III Mr Mukesh Kumar Deputy Manager 8939840105 mukeshkumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
77 Delhi Regional Office III Mr Harpreet Singh Manager 7832927104 harpreet [dot] s [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
78 Delhi Regional Office III Mr Chandra Shekhar Sharma Regional Manager 7665015061 chandras [dot] sharma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
79 Delhi Regional Office III Mr Sanjay Lalla Deputy General Manager 7704900444 sanjay [dot] lalla [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
80 Ludhiana Regional Office Mr Parvinder Singh Assistant Manager 8558835027 parvinder [dot] singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
81 Ludhiana Regional Office Mr Kuldip Raj Manager 8558835083 kuldip [dot] raj [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
82 Ludhiana Regional Office Mr Ashwani K Chopra Regional Manager 9643003417 ashwanik [dot] chopra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
83 Chandigarh Regional Office II Tanu Mohil Assistant Manager 9805695922 tanu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
84 Chandigarh Regional Office II Mrs Sunita Ramesh Regional Manager 9643003652 sunita [dot] ramesh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
85 Chandigarh Regional Office II Mr K G Sharma Chief Regional Manager 8558835002 kg [dot] sharma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
86 Lucknow Regional Office Ms Seema Singh Deputy Manager 7704900134 seema [dot] singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
87 Lucknow Regional Office Mr Durga Prasad Manager 7704900174 durga [dot] prasad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
88 Lucknow Regional Office  Ms. Neelam Sachdeva Regional Manager 8392954331 neelam [dot] sachdeva [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
89 Lucknow Regional Office Mr Anurag Mishra Deputy General Manager 7704900264 anurag [dot] mishra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
90 Dehradun Regional Office Mr Sanjeev Kumar Sakhuja Deputy Manager 8392954432 sk [dot] sakhuja [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
91 Dehradun Regional Office Mrs Shalini Kumra Regional Manager 9643003407 shalini [dot] kumra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
92 Dehradun Regional Office Mr Amit kumar Satish Chief Regional Manager 9643003631 amitk [dot] satish [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 South TAC    
93 Chennai Regional Office Mr. R. Ramesh Assistant Manager 8939840217 rameshr [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
94 Chennai Regional Office Mrs C N Jayasree Regional Manager 8939845853 jaysreec [dot] n [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
95 Chennai Regional Office Mr D Benjamin Regional Manager 8335080202 d [dot] benjamin [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
96 Hyderabad Regional Office Ms Anita Kalra Deputy Manager 8558835361 anita [dot] kalra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
97 Hyderabad Regional Office  Mr B Venkatesa Guptha Regional Manager 8939840154 bv [dot] guptha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
98 Hyderabad Regional Office Mr M Janakiram Chief Regional Manager 7799903618 m [dot] janakiram [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
100 Vizag Regional Office Mrs B Indira Lakshmi Assistant Manager 7799902862 b [dot] indiralakshmi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
101 Vizag Regional Office Mr Y R Steven Chief Regional Manager 8335080299 yr [dot] steven [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
102 Kochi Regional Office Smt Athira K S Assistant Manager 8848025495 ks [dot] athira [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
103 Kochi Regional Offic Smt Geetha Udayakumar Manager 8589985239 geetha [dot] udayakumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
104 Kochi Regional Offic Sri T Radhakrishnan Regional Manager 8589985289 t [dot] radhakrishnan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
105 Bangalore Regional Office Ms R Sujatha Manager 8939845831 r [dot] sujatha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
106 Bangalore Regional Office Ms C Sridevi Regional Manager 8599010557 chellaa [dot] kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
107 Bangalore Regional Office Mr.B Kesava Mohan Chief Regional Manager 7799908287 keshav [dot] mohanB [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
108 Hubli Regional Office Mr Manjunath Basavaraj
Administrative Officer 9986118211 manjunath [dot] attimarad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
109 Hubli Regional Office Mr Anil J Rao Kumbhare Regional Manager 8411886127 aj [dot] kumbhare [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
110 Hubli Regional Office Mrs. R Lalithakala Chief Regional Manager 7799906391 r [dot] lalithakala [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
111 Madurai Regional Office Ms. S Saranya Deputy Manager 8939845885 saranya [dot] s [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
112 Madurai Regional Office Smt Nalini Rajendran Regional Manager 8939845832 nalini [dot] rajendran [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
113 Madurai Regional Office Mr.K.Inbaraj Chief Regional Manager 8939840288 Inbaraj [dot] k [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
114 Coimbatore Regional Office Ms.Anugraga Jeyakumar Deputy Manager 8939845882 anugraga [dot] jeyakumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
115 Coimbatore Regional Office Mrs A P Mary Manager 8939845878 ap [dot] mary [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
116 Coimbatore Regional Office Mr.K.Balamurali Regional Manager 7799903656 k [dot] balamurali [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
117 Coimbatore Regional Office Mr.S.Dinesh Kumar Chief Regional Manager 8589985410 sd [dot] kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
118 Head Office H.O- 3 Middleton Street   033-22831760  
119 Head Office CRMD-Helpline (Toll free) 033-22831742 18003454033 customer [dot] relations [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
120 Head Office Mr Amit Kumar Ghosh Administrative Officer 8336939035 amitkumar [dot] ghosh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
121 Head Office Mrs Mayuri Sarma Administrative Officer NIL mayuri [dot] sarma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
122 Head Office Mr Deepankar Saha Administrative Officer 8335080748 Dipankar [dot] Saha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
123 Head Office Mrs Mahua Mukherjee Deputy Manager 8335080295 Mahua [dot] Mukherjee [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
124 Head Office  Mr Awneesh Krishna Chief Manager 8405802619 a [dot] krishna [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
125 Head Office Mrs Anita Das Deputy General Manager 8335080218 anita [dot] das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
126 Head Office Mr. Peter R Chittaranjan General Manager 8335080171 pr [dot] chittaranjan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in

CRM officials at Divisional and Branch Offices

Sr.No. Office Name Name Designation Mobile No. Mail-Id
1 Kolkata Regional Office I Nayak,Basant Kumar Dy.General Manager-RO Incharge 8335080196 BK [dot] Nayak [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
2 Taratala Branch Maitra,Ayan Branch Manager 8335080145 Ayan [dot] Maitra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
3 Kolkata Division III Singh,Bharat Pratap Divisional Manager 8335080750 BharatPratap [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
4 Kolkata DA Branch I Shome,Sayak Branch Manager 8335080120 Sayak [dot] Shome [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
5 Kolkata - M G Road Branch Banerjee,Samarjit Senior Branch Manager 8335080274 Samarjit [dot] Banerjee [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
6 Kolkata Division IV Roy,Soma Divisional Manager 8373077225 Soma [dot] Roy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
7 Kolkata Division V Sarkar,Ruma Senior Divisional Manager 8335080279 Ruma [dot] Sarkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
8 Kolkata Division VI Majumdar,Siddhartha Senior Divisional Manager 8335080371 S [dot] Majumder [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
9 Kolkata Division VII Gupta,Vijay Kumar Divisional Manager 8335080339 VijayKumar [dot] Gupta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
10 Dunlop Bridge Branch Raiguru,Devi Prasad Administrative Officer 8335080311 DeviPrasad [dot] Raiguru [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
11 Kolkata Division IX Chatterjee,Mainak Divisional Manager 8335080662 Mainak [dot] Chatterjee [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
12 Kolkata Division X Gupta,Sreejit Senior Divisional Manager 8335080372 S [dot] Gupta [at] NIC [dot] co [dot] in
13 Kolkata Division XI Anwar,Shakeel Divisional Manager 8335080240 S [dot] Anwar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
14 Kolkata Division XVIII Pal,Rudranil Divisional Manager 8335080399 Rudranil [dot] Pal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
15 Kolkata Division XX Viswas,Devashish Senior Divisional Manager 8335080335 Devashish [dot] Viswas [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
16 Kolkata Division XVI Sinha,Biswanath Divisional Manager 8335080666 Bisvanath [dot] Sinha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
17 Kolkata Ballygunge Branch Ghosh,Mithun Senior Branch Manager 8335080757 Mithun [dot] Ghosh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
18 Kolkata Division XXI Ghosh,Sanjay Senior Divisional Manager 8335080290 Sanjay [dot] Ghosh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
19 Kolkata Auto Tie Up Hub Dasgupta,Shamik Shankar Divisional Manager 8335080667 shamiks [dot] dasgupta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
20 Port Blair Branch Bhattacharya,Abhijit Administrative Officer 8335080425 Abhijit [dot] Bhattacharya [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
21 Kolkata Salt Lake Division Gautam,Ansuman Senior Divisional Manager 8405802624 Ansuman [dot] Gautam [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
22 Kolkata Sealdah Division Mallick,Ranjit Divisional Manager 8335080365 Ranjit [dot] Mallick [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
23 Kolkata BC Hub I Jha,Naween Chandra Divisional Manager 8335080164 NC [dot] Jha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
24 Kolkata - Garia BC Mistri,Mrinal Kanti Administrative Officer 8335080516 MrinalK [dot] Mistri [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
25 Kolkata - Baguiati BC Saha,Asitava Administrative Officer 8335080490 Asitava [dot] Saha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
26 Kolkata - Nagerbazar BC Chowdhury,Sanjay Kumar Administrative Officer 8335080580 SanjayK [dot] Chowdhury [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
27 Kolkata - Burrabazar BC Mitra,Amit Kumar Senior Assistant 8335080502 Amit [dot] Mitra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
28 Tollygunge Branch Chakraborty,Tanmoy Branch Manager 8335080639 Tanmoy [dot] Chakraborty [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
29 Shyambazar BC Ganguly,Santanu Senior Assistant 8335080604 Santanu [dot] Ganguly [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
30 Kolkata Corporate RO Roy,Joydeep Chief Regional Manager 8404050165 Joydeep [dot] Roy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
31 Kolkata Regional Office II Roy,Shomee Dy.General Manager-RO Incharge 8335080128 Shomee [dot] Roy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
32 Kolkata Division XV Das,Nilesh Senior Divisional Manager 8335080177 Nilesh [dot] Das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
33 Haldia Division Manna,Chandra Mohan Divisional Manager 8335080166 CM [dot] Manna [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
34 Contai Branch Mondal,Amales Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8335080160 AmaleshK [dot] Mondal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
35 Tamluk Branch Sarkar,Asim Branch Manager 8335080608 Asim [dot] Sarkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
36 Durgapur Division Paul,Suman Kumar Divisional Manager 8335080657 SumanK [dot] Paul [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
37 Suri Branch Parui,Soumen Kumar Administrative Officer 8373081981 SoumenK [dot] Parui [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
38 Bankura Branch Ghosh,Suvradip Branch Manager 8335080693 Suvradip [dot] Ghosh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
39 Benachity Branch Das,Ananda Assistant - Cashier 9735867649 Ananda [dot] Das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
40 Asansol Division Das,Sudeb Divisional Manager 8335080167 Sudeb [dot] Das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
41 Ranigunge Branch Nandi,Saurav Branch Manager 8373061577 Saurav [dot] Nandi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
42 Barakar Branch Biswas,Subhas Chandra Senior Branch Manager 8335080475 SC [dot] Biswas [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
43 Purulia Branch Choudhary,Kartik Branch Manager 8335080689 Kartik [dot] Choudhary [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
44 Siliguri Division Wangdi,Mingma Yanki Senior Divisional Manager 8373061637 MY [dot] Wangdi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
45 Siliguri Branch I Ghimirey,Narendra Branch Manager 8373061517 Narendra [dot] Ghimire [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
46 Darjeeling Branch Bhutia,Needen Deputy Manager 9434563415 Niden [dot] Bhutia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
47 Kalimpong Branch Lepcha,Kush Senior Branch Manager 8373061616 K [dot] Lepcha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
48 Gangtok Division Neopaney,Kharga Bahadur Divisional Manager 8373061608 KB [dot] Neopany [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
49 Malda Division Barman,Jayanta Divisional Manager 8373061619 J [dot] Barman [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
50 Raiganj Branch Haldar,Parimal Chandra Branch Manager 8373061561 ParimalC [dot] Halder [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
51 Balurghat Branch Biswas,Arijit Senior Branch Manager 8335080659 Arijit [dot] Biswas [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
52 Gangarampur branch Mudi,Kashi Nath Senior Branch Manager 8373061510 KN [dot] Mudi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
53 Howrah Division Chowdhury,Swapan Kumar Deputy Manager 8373061585 SK [dot] Chowdhury [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
54 Liluah Branch Chatterjee,Sourav Branch Manager 8373061578 Sourav [dot] Chatterjee [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
55 Uluberia Branch Ghosh,Goutam Senior Branch Manager 8335080669 Goutam [dot] Ghosh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
56 Chandannagore Division Ganguly,Abir Divisional Manager 8373061632 Abir [dot] Ganguly [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
57 Tarakeswar Branch Bochiwal,Krishna Senior Branch Manager 8335080673 Krishna [dot] Bochiwal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
58 Midnapur Division Dewri,Sujit Divisional Manager 8335080317 Sujit [dot] Dewri [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
59 Chandra Kona Road Branch Saha,Sanjoy Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8373061547 SanjayK [dot] Saha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
60 Kharagpur Branch Singh,Utsav Senior Branch Manager 8335080695 Utsav [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
61 Jalpaiguri Division Singh,Arun Kumar Divisional Manager 8373061642 Arun [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
62 Coochbehar Branch Beck,Bertilla Senior Branch Manager 8373061512 B [dot] Beck [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
63 Birpara Branch Tigga,Pradeep Administrative Officer(Br inc) 8373061489 Pradeep [dot] Tigga [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
64 Baharampur Division Halder,Haralal Divisional Manager 8373061638 H [dot] Halder [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
65 Krishnagar Branch Biswas,Suprabhat Branch Manager 8373068168 Suprabhat [dot] Biswas [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
66 Bardhaman Division Singh,Dhirendra Kumar Divisional Manager 8373061639 DK [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
67 Memari Branch Ray,Sujit Branch Manager 8335080692 Sujit [dot] Ray [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
68 Kolkata Division XIX Bhattacharjee,Bishwanath Senior Divisional Manager 8335080161 B [dot] Bhattacharjee [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
69 Ranaghat Branch Sarkar,Sanat Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8335080278 Sanat [dot] Sarkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
70 Kolkata Division XXII Podder,Biswanath Deputy Manager 8335080266 Biswanath [dot] Podder [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
71 Barasat Division Roy,Samir Divisional Manager 8335080272 SamirKumar [dot] Roy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
72 Barrackpore Branch Banerjee,Rajib Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8335080468 RK [dot] Banerjee [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
73 Baruipur Division Mondal,Partha Sarathi Divisional Manager 8335080165 PS [dot] Mondal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
74 Amtala Branch Chaudhuri,Sarbamitra Senior Branch Manager 8335080647 S [dot] Chaudhuri [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
75 Rampurhat BC Nandi,Chhotan Administrative Officer 7047719723 Chhotan [dot] Nandi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
76 Bagdogra BC Pal,Suhrid Senior Assistant 8373061548 Suhrid [dot] Pal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
77 Kurseong BC Chettri,Amar Assistant - Non Typist 8336002315 Amar [dot] Chhetri [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
78 Udanarayanpur BC Nayak,Sandip Kumar Administrative Officer 7872319851 SandipK [dot] Nayak [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
79 Panchla BC Dhole,Tapan Kumar Administrative Officer 8373061559 TapanK [dot] Dhole [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
80 Arambagh BC Saha,Kuntal Kumar Senior Assistant 8373061556 Kuntal [dot] Saha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
81 Dankuni Branch Molla,Abdur Rouf Samim Branch Manager 8373061576 AR [dot] Samim [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
82 Alipurduar BC Bhattacharjee,Nirmalaya Administrative Officer 8373061498 Nirmalya [dot] Bhattacharya [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
83 Malbazar BC Minj,Prabodh Administrative Officer 8373061535 Prabodh [dot] Minj [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
84 Jhargram BC Bar,Arunava Administrative Officer 8373061542 Arunava [dot] Bar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
85 Basirhat BC Mondal,Ashis Senior Assistant 8373061555 Ashis [dot] Mondal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
86 Habra BC Das,Prasenjit Assistant - Cashier 8335080605 Prasenjit [dot] Das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
87 Kolkata - North Dum Dum BC Mandal,Subhabrata Senior Assistant 8336918801 Subhabrata [dot] Mandal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
88 Chakdah BC Sarkar,Nihar Administrative Officer 8373055761 Nihar2 [dot] Sarkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
89 Bongoan BC Das,Jagannath Senior Assistant 9007066495 Jagannath [dot] Das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
90 Duttapukur BC Saha,Debabrata Assistant Manager 8335080453 Debabrata [dot] Saha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
91 Kolkata - Rajarhat Gopalpur BC Ghosh,Sujit Administrative Officer 8335080508 Sujit [dot] Ghosh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
92 Kolkata - Maheshtala BC Mishra,Ashok Kumar Administrative Officer 8336918803 AK [dot] Mishra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
93 Fulia BC Saha,Pradip Administrative Officer 8373055768 Pradip2 [dot] Saha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
94 Duillya BC Dutta,Netai Chandra Administrative Officer 9051559833 Netai [dot] Dutta1 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
95 Bagnan - Manikpur BC Bowali,Provash Assistant Manager 8373061564 Provash [dot] Bowali [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
96 Bhubaneshwar Regional Office Sethy,Abhiram Chief Regional Manager 8335080259 A [dot] Sethy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
97 Cuttack Division I Das,Debi Prasad Senior Divisional Manager 8599010617 Debiprasad [dot] Das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
98 Baripada Branch Karan,Saroj Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8599010488 SK [dot] Karan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
99 Baleshwar Branch Dash,Bishwaprakash Senior Branch Manager 8599010627 Bishwaprakash [dot] Dash [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
100 Keonjhar Branch Singh,Yudhisthira Senior Branch Manager 8599010565 Yudhistir [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
101 Cuttack Division II Nayak,Kailash Chandra Senior Divisional Manager 8599010571 KC [dot] Nayak [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
102 Jajpur Road Branch Panda,Amarendra Nath Branch Manager 8599010620 AmarendraN [dot] Panda [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
103 Paradeep Branch Panigrahi,Bodhisattwa Branch Manager 8599010660 Bodhisattwa [dot] Panigrahi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
104 Cuttack Branch Panda,Sujit Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8599010628 Sujit [dot] Panda [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
105 Bhubaneshwar Division I Pattnaik,Gouri Kanta Senior Divisional Manager 8599010494 GK [dot] Patnaik [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
106 Berhampore Branch Kumar,Pranav Administrative Officer 8599010652 Pranav [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
107 Jeypore Branch Gupta,Kamlesh Branch Manager 7978486765 Kamlesh [dot] Gupta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
108 Nayagarh Branch Panda,Natraj Senior Branch Manager 8599010553 Natraj [dot] Panda [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
109 Rourkela Division Seth,Ramani Senior Divisional Manager 8599010534 Ramani [dot] Seth [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
110 Barbil Branch Patra,Anam Charan Senior Branch Manager 8599010612 AC [dot] Patra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
111 Sambalpur Division Pande,Siba Narayan Senior Divisional Manager 8599010525 SN [dot] Pandey [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
112 Jharsuguda Branch Lakra,Firnath Senior Branch Manager 8335080648 Firnath [dot] Lakra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
113 Bolangir Branch Tumnia,Prafulla Branch Manager 9437565184 Prafulla [dot] Tumnia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
114 Bargarh Branch Darjee,Tapan Kumar Branch Manager 8599010654 TapanKr [dot] Darjee [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
115 Bhubaneshwar Division II Pati,Saroj Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 8599010527 SarojK [dot] Pati [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
116 Puri Branch Jha,Arun Kumar Branch Manager 8599010653 ArunK [dot] Jha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
117 Angul Division Swain,Tapas Ranjan Senior Divisional Manager 8335080397 TR [dot] Swain [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
118 Dhenkanal Branch Barik,Naba Kishore Senior Branch Manager 8599010568 NK [dot] Barik [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
119 Talcher BC Mohapatra,Ranjan Kumar Administrative Officer 8599010555 RanjanK [dot] Mohapatra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
120 Jaleswar BC Mahalik,Rabindra Assistant Manager 8599010589 Rabindra [dot] Mahalik [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
121 Bhadrak BC Behera,Kailash Chandra Administrative Officer 8599001079 Kailash [dot] Behera [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
122 Athagarh BC Sahoo,Bichitra Kumar Assistant - Non Typist 8058312580 Bichitra [dot] Sahoo [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
123 Kamakshyanagar BC Rout,Narendra Administrative Officer 8599010580 Narendra [dot] Rout [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
124 Parlekhemundi BC Panda,Kanhu Charan Administrative Officer 9437423086 KanhuC [dot] Panda [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
125 Jagatsinghpur Branch Behera,Naresh Chandra Senior Branch Manager 8599010603 NareshC [dot] Behera [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
126 Chandikhole BC Mohapatra,Ashis Kumar Assistant - Non Typist 7377613930 Ashis [dot] Mohapatra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
127 Kendrapada BC Mallick,Pravat Kumar Assistant Manager 8599010566 PravatK [dot] Mallick [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
128 Anandapur BC Naik,Nilakantha Assistant Manager 8599010579 N [dot] Naik [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
129 Remuli BC Nayak,Kshetrabasi Administrative Officer 8599010573 Kshetrabasi [dot] Nayak [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
130 BBSR - Chandrasekharpur BC Patnaik,Santosh Kumar Administrative Officer 8599010551 SantoshK [dot] Patnaik [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
131 Rairangapur BC Beshra,Sridhar Administrative Officer 8599010664 Sridhar [dot] Beshra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
132 Karanjia BC Naik,Sarat Chandra Assistant Manager 8599010564 SaratChandra [dot] Nayak [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
133 Phulbani BC Pradhan,Manoj Kumar Assistant Manager 7008914219 ManojKumar [dot] Pradhan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
134 Sundargarh BC Bhitria,Sashidhar Assistant Manager 8599010563 S [dot] Bhitria [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
135 Rourkela - Panposh BC Nayak,Bijay Kumar Assistant Manager 8599010577 BijoyKumar [dot] Nayak [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
136 Birmitrapur BC Tete,Cyprian Senior Assistant 9178086006 Cyprian [dot] Tete [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
137 Joda BC Bhadra,Gopal Chandra Assistant Manager 8599010591 GopalC [dot] Bhadra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
138 Padampur BC Meher,Karuna Assistant Manager 8637231685 K [dot] Meher [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
139 Nalco Nagar BC Pal,Kumuda Assistant Manager 8599010581 Kumuda [dot] Pal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
140 Bhubaneswar IOW Pattnaik,Pratapkumar Basanta Assistant - Non Typist 9407917496 Pratapkumar [dot] Pattnaik [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
141 CUTTACK LEGAL CELL Jena,Yudhisthira Manager 8599010609 Y [dot] Jena [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
142 Patna Regional Office Tewary,Sanjoy Kumar Chief Regional Manager 8392954541 Sanjoy [dot] Tewary [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
143 Arrah Branch Ali,Md Muharram Senior Branch Manager 8405802589 M [dot] Ali [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
144 Buxar Branch Kumar,Manish Senior Branch Manager 8405802515 Manish2 [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
145 Biharsharif Branch Prakash,Vishwaranjan Senior Branch Manager 8405802506 Vishwaranjan [dot] Prakash [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
146 Kankarbagh Branch Choudhary,Jai Prakash Senior Branch Manager 8405802679 JP [dot] Choudhary [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
147 Muzaffarpur Division Sinha,Ritesh Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 8405802622 RiteshK [dot] Sinha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
148 Motihari Branch Kumar Singh,Mithilesh Senior Branch Manager 8405802640 Mithilesh [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
149 Muzaffarpur Branch Kumar,Ashok Senior Branch Manager 8405802629 AshokK [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
150 Bettiah Branch Singh,Kumar Kunal R Prasad Senior Branch Manager 8405802493 Kumar [dot] Kunal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
151 Sitamarhi Branch Prakash,Prashant Branch Manager 8405803780 Prashant [dot] Prakash [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
152 Purnea Division Chamlagain,Toyanath Divisional Manager 9434538788 Toyanath [dot] Chamlagain [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
153 Katihar Branch Sinha,Santosh Kumar Branch Manager 8405802659 SantoshKr [dot] Sinha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
154 Forbesganj Branch Akhatar,Md Sakil Branch Manager 8405802665 S [dot] Akhtar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
155 Khagaria Branch Sevak,Praveen Kumar Branch Manager 8405802647 Praveen [dot] Sevak [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
156 Madhepura Branch Shrikreishna,Gautam Branch Manager 8405802639 Gautam [dot] Shrikrishna [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
157 Kishanganj Branch Kumar,Ashok Assistant - Cashier 9973757235 Ashok [dot] Kumar9 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
158 Patna DO Kumar,Binoy Senior Divisional Manager 8405802555 Binoy [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
159 Patna Branch II Ajay,Shiv Deputy Manager (Relationship M 8405802608 Shiv [dot] Ajay [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
160 Patna Branch III Choudhary,Gopal Sharan Senior Branch Manager 8405802602 GS [dot] Choudhary [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
161 Patna DA Branch Kumar,Navin Senior Branch Manager 8405802681 Navin [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
162 Gaya Division Choudhary,Sunil Kumar Divisional Manager 8405802677 SunilK [dot] Choudhary [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
163 Aurangabad Branch Das,Naveen Chandra Branch Manager 8405802587 NaveenChandra [dot] Das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
164 Sasaram Branch Kumar,Mukesh Branch Manager 8392954347 Mukesh [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
165 Bhagalpur Division Verma,Ajay Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 8335080403 AjayK [dot] Verma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
166 Munger Branch Rajesh,Rajesh Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8405802686 RK [dot] Rajesh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
167 Deoghar Branch Mahara,Gopal Senior Branch Manager 8405802601 Gopal [dot] Mahre [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
168 Sahebganj Branch Paswan,Ashok Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8405802697 AK [dot] Paswan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
169 Kahalgaon Branch Kumar,Rajeev Senior Branch Manager 8335080675 Rajeev [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
170 Dumka Branch Das,Gopi Nath Senior Branch Manager 8405802593 GopiNath [dot] Das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
171 Samastipur Division Kumar,Ranjeet Senior Divisional Manager 8405802628 Ranjeet [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
172 Begusarai Branch Kumar,Supriy Branch Manager 8335080696 Supriy [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
173 Darbhanga Branch Kumar,Mritunjay Branch Manager 8405802635 Mritunjay [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
174 Madhubani Branch Kantha,Jai Ballabha Branch Manager 8405802485 JB [dot] Kantha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
175 Hajipur Division Das,Arun Kumar Divisional Manager 8405802596 ArunKumar [dot] Das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
176 Siwan Branch Ranjan,Prabhat Branch Manager 8405802705 Prabhat [dot] Ranjan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
177 Chapra Branch Ranjan,Rajiv Senior Branch Manager 8405802652 Rajiv [dot] Ranjan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
178 Banka BC Choudhary,Uday Shankar Administrative Officer 8405802466 Uday [dot] Choudhary [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
179 Sultanganj BC Thakur,Shivdutta Kumar Assistant - Non Typist 9534628922 Shivdutta [dot] Thakur [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
180 Naugachia BC Tiwari,Umesh Administrative Officer 8405802490 Umesh [dot] Tiwari [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
181 Jehanabad BC Seth,Rajkamal Assistant - Non Typist 8271742424 RajK [dot] Seth [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
182 Lakhisarai BC Kumar,Ranjay Administrative Officer 8405803794 Ranjay2 [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
183 Jamalpur BC Mehta,Vikash Administrative Officer 8405803795 Vikas2 [dot] Mehta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
184 Masaurhi BC Bariyar,Sheo Shankar Administrative Officer 9955712633 SheoS [dot] Bariyar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
185 Gulabbagh BC Kumar,Amrendra Administrative Officer 8405802683 Amrendra [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
186 Dehri-On-Sone BC Prasad,Raghunandan Administrative Officer 9708479600 Raghunandan [dot] Prasad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
187 Dalsingsari BC Karn,Binod Lal Administrative Officer 8405802695 BinodL [dot] Karna [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
188 Jhanjharpur BC Akela,Ramdeo Singh Development Off -Grade I Admn 8405802517 RamdeoS [dot] Akela [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
189 Sonpur BC Ram,Shiv Chandra Administrative Officer 8405802684 ShivC [dot] Ram [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
190 Bagha BC Sinha,Kundan Administrative Officer 8370008810 Kundan [dot] Sinha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
191 Supoul BC Paswan,Pardeep Senior Assistant 9939219756 Pradeep [dot] Paswan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
192 Chirkunda BC Biswas,Sukanto Administrative Officer 7280044814 Sukanto [dot] Biswas [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
193 Pakur BC Tudu,Ignatius Administrative Officer 9437945086 Ignatius [dot] Tudu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
194 Simdega BC Munjani,Rajeev Wilson Assistant - Non Typist 9199342269 Rajeev [dot] Munjani [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
195 Transport Nagar BC Ram,Suraj Assistant - Non Typist 9572969890 Suraj [dot] Ram [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
196 Ranchi Regional Office Iyer,Ravi S Chief Regional Manager 8335080183 RaviS [dot] Iyer [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
197 Ranchi Division Sinha,Deependra Mohan Assistant Manager 7360002394 DeependraM [dot] Sinha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
198 Lohardagga Branch Kaushal,Ankit Branch Manager 7665013236 Ankit [dot] Kaushal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
199 Gumla Branch Hadi,Abdul Branch Manager 8405803796 Abdul [dot] Hadi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
200 Daltenganj BC Mayank,Kumar Assistant - Non Typist 9955555236 Kumar [dot] Mayank [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
201 Kanke Branch Mallick,Manish Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8335080387 MK [dot] Mallick [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
202 Ranchi Division II Kumar,Saket Assistant Manager 8405802704 Saket [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
203 Ramgarh Branch Hembrom,Raj Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8405802632 RajKumar [dot] Hembram [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
204 Jamshedpur Division Mukherjee,Durbadal Senior Divisional Manager 8335080404 Durbadal [dot] Mukherjee [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
205 Chaibasa Branch Shankar,Nirman Senior Branch Manager 8599010642 Nirman [dot] Shankar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
206 Ghatsila Branch Kumar,Sanjay Branch Manager 9099998530 Sanjay2 [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
207 Sakchi Branch Rani,Kamna Senior Branch Manager 8335080654 Kamna [dot] Rani [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
208 Dhanbad Division Banerjee,Aziz Senior Divisional Manager 8405802607 Aziz [dot] Banerjee [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
209 Bokaro Division Gupta,Mahesh Kumar Divisional Manager 8405802678 MaheshK [dot] Gupta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
210 Chas Branch Kumar,Birendra Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8405802606 Birendra [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
211 Phusro Branch Kumar,Ashutosh Senior Branch Manager 8405802630 Ashutosh [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
212 Hazaribag Division Jamuar,Shailesh Divisional Manager 8405802588 Shailesh [dot] Jamuar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
213 Koderma Branch Mandal,Deepak Branch Manager 8405802636 Deepak [dot] Mandal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
214 Nawadah Branch Kumar,Raju Branch Manager 8335080706 Raju [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
215 Giridih Branch Kishor,Krishna Deo Branch Manager 8405802633 KrishnaDeo [dot] Kishor [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
216 JHARKHAND IOW Sonwani,Birender Kumar Administrative Officer 9297973268 Birender [dot] Sonwani [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
217 Jharkhand Legal Cell Manjhi,Awadhesh Kumar Manager 8405802451 AK [dot] Manjhi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
218 Guwahati Regional Office Singh,Bikram Kumar Chief Regional Manager 8599010596 BikramK [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
219 Guwahati Division I Deka,Mahendra Divisional Manager 8404050139 Mahendra [dot] Deka [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
220 Guwahati Branch Sharon,Joshua Khalatkhai Branch Manager 8259050076 Joshua [dot] Sharon [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
221 Beltola Branch Saikia,Madhurjya Branch Manager 9864754469 Madhurjya [dot] Saikia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
222 Jorhat Division Borgohain,Apuraj Divisional Manager 8404050229 Apuraj [dot] Borgohain [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
223 Sibsagar Branch Borah,Dibyajyoti Branch Manager 8404050133 Dibyajyoti [dot] Borah [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
224 Golaghat Branch Boro,Manoranjan Branch Manager 8404050203 Manoranjan [dot] Boro [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
225 Dibrugarh Division Das,Ranjit Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 9435690608 RK [dot] Das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
226 Dibrugarh Branch Gogoi,Lipika Branch Manager 8404050238 Lipika [dot] Gogoi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
227 North Lakhimpur Branch Keshan,Ashish Administrative Officer(Br inc) 8876946809 Ashish [dot] Kesan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
228 Tinsukia Division David,Vishal Divisional Manager 8405802631 Vishal [dot] David [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
229 Margheritia Branch Bhowal,Uma Administrative Officer 9365891723 Uma [dot] Bhowal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
230 Duliajan Branch Dutta,Rishi Sandipan Administrative Officer(Br inc) 7002486369 Rishi [dot] Dutta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
231 Doom Dooma Branch Chakraborty,Pulak Administrative Officer(Br inc) 8404050135 Pulak [dot] Chakraborty [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
232 Silchar Division Rymbai,John Tngenmon Senior Divisional Manager 9856456759 JT [dot] Rymbhai [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
233 Karimganj Branch Roy,Krishna Pada Administrative Officer(Br inc) 8876954481 Krishnapada [dot] Roy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
234 Guwahati Division II Chakravarty,Sujit Senior Divisional Manager 8335080356 Sujit [dot] Chakravarty [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
235 Noonmati Branch Das,Satya Jyoti Branch Manager 8404050120 Satyajyoti [dot] Das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
236 Bongaigaon Division Gupta,Deepak Divisional Manager 8335080672 Deepak [dot] Gupta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
237 Dhubri Branch Bose,Ashit Kumar Branch Manager 8404050159 AshitKr [dot] Bose [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
238 Barpeta Road Branch Barua,Subrata Branch Manager 8404050210 Subrata [dot] Barua [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
239 Kokrajhar Branch Basumatary,Bisweswar Senior Branch Manager 8404050170 B [dot] Basumatary [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
240 Goalpara BC Kalita,Bhupati Administrative Officer 8404050104 Bhupati [dot] Kalita [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
241 Maligaon Division Basak,Kiran Chandra Senior Divisional Manager 8259050030 KC [dot] Basak [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
242 Nalbari Branch Basumatary,Julia Tipri Branch Manager 8404050232 Julia [dot] Basu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
243 Mangaldoi Branch Baishya,Ghanashyam Branch Manager 8404050144 G [dot] Bhaishya [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
244 Tezpur Division Biswas,Siddhartha Divisional Manager 9864096443 Siddhartha [dot] Biswas [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
245 Nagaon Branch Das,Pradip Senior Branch Manager 8404050191 Pradip [dot] Das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
246 Hojai Branch Choudhury,Chunky Branch Manager 8404050110 Chunky [dot] Choudhury [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
247 Shillong Division Aier,Yimjungyala Senior Divisional Manager 8259050074 Y [dot] Aier [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
248 Jowai Branch Rymbai,Riviewla Senior Branch Manager 8259050066 R [dot] Rymbai [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
249 Imphal Division Naorem,Ibomcha Singh Divisional Manager 9864081062 NI [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
250 Dimapur Division Singh,Khwairakpam Nabachandr Assistant Manager 8259050046 Kh [dot] Nabachandrasingh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
251 Agartala Division Dey,Arup Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 8335080115 AK [dot] Dey [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
252 Udaipur Branch Chakrabarty,Hemendra Branch Manager 9436106672 Hemendra [dot] Chakraborty [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
253 Dharmanagar Branch Das,Snehasish Administrative Officer(Br inc) 8259050037 Snehasish [dot] Das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
254 Aizawl Division Z,Lalnunmawia Assistant Manager (Marketing) 8404050235 Z [dot] Lalnunmawia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
255 Guwahati - Amingaon BC Sadagar,Raja Assistant - Non Typist 8011121495 Raja [dot] Sadagar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
256 Barpeta BC Kalita,Biswajit Senior Assistant 8761878780 Biswajit [dot] Kalita [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
257 Moran BC Saikia,Khirod Assistant Manager 8404050034 Khirod [dot] Saikia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
258 Biswanath Chairali BC Sarmah,Balin Senior Assistant 8404050209 Balin [dot] Sarmah [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
259 Dhekiajuli BC Upadhyaya,Phani Assistant - Non Typist 9859184304 Phani [dot] Upadhyaya [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
260 Udalguri BC Biswas,Ashish Kumar Administrative Officer 8404050212 AshishK [dot] Biswas [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
261 Patharkandi BC Choudhury,Biswajoy Sarma Administrative Officer 8404050065 BiswajoyS [dot] Choudhury [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
262 Naharlagun BC Halley,Hage Assistant - Non Typist 8014665194 Hage [dot] Halley [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
263 Lokhra BC Sutradhar,Nitai Chandra Senior Assistant 9678595864 Nitai [dot] Sutradhar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
264 Naharkatia BC Dutta,Gunabhiram Assistant - Non Typist 9435949690 Gunabhiram [dot] Dutta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
265 Lilong BC Shimray,Rechanpei Ramung Assistant Manager 8259050023 RS [dot] Reichanpei [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
266 Byrnihat BC Dutta,Sujan Kumar Assistant Manager 8404050155 SujanK [dot] Dutta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
267 Shillong BC Shullai,Sanjone Creason Assistant - Non Typist 8794717233 Sanjone [dot] Shullai [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
268 Nongpoh BC Kharshanlor,Pynsukjai Assistant - Non Typist 7005890160 Pynsukjai [dot] Kharshanlor [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
269 Kolasib BC Lalnunmawia,Anthony Assistant - Non Typist 9774121078 Anthony [dot] Lalnunmawia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
270 Champhai BC Lalparmawii,Angela Assistant - Non Typist 8131959935 Angela [dot] Lalparmawii [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
271 Lunglei BC Lalawmpuia,K Israel Assistant - Non Typist 8794723988 K [dot] Lalawmpuia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
272 Kohima BC Zao,Kekhiisezo Senior Assistant 9402679209 Kekhiisezo [dot] Zao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
273 Kailasahar BC Barua,Surajit Assistant - Non Typist 9774346267 Surajit [dot] Barua [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
274 Bishalgarh BC Das,Krishna Lal Administrative Officer 9436136485 Krishna [dot] Das1 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
275 Khowai BC Roy,Gobinda Administrative Officer 9436518497 Gobinda [dot] Roy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
276 Ranir Bazar BC Sur,Dipen Administrative Officer 9774215907 Dipen [dot] Sur [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
277 Mumbai Regional Office III Singh,Shiva Kumar Dy.General Manager-RO Incharge 8335080358 SK [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
278 Mumbai Division III Patkar,Sanjay Uttam Divisional Manager 7506345129 SanjayU [dot] Patkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
279 Mumbai DA Branch III Lokegaonkar,Santosh Bhimsen Branch Manager 7506345235 SantoshB [dot] Lokegaonkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
280 Mumbai DA Branch VI Dhabarde,Sumedh Janardhan Branch Manager 7506345321 SJ [dot] Dhabarde [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
281 Mumbai Division VIII Koli,Rupesh Kashinath Divisional Manager 7506345038 RupeshK [dot] Koli [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
282 Mumbai DA Branch VIII Tale,Govind Belappa Branch Manager 7506345111 GovindB [dot] Tale [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
283 Mumbai Division IX Margaj,Antara Ajay Senior Divisional Manager 7506345057 Antara [dot] Margaj [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
284 Mumbai Division X Hegde,Priya Pravin Senior Divisional Manager 7506345193 PP [dot] Hegde [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Gupta,Akshay Senior Branch Manager 9643003306 Akshay [dot] Gupta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
286 Mumbai Lower Parel DA Branch Salvi,Priyanka Pradeep Branch Manager 7506345202 Priyanka [dot] Salvi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
287 Mumbai DA Branch XIII Matya,Nirmal Branch Manager 7506345236 Nirmal [dot] Matya [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
288 Mumbai Division XVI Gudemane,Nagaraj Sheregar Senior Divisional Manager 9099998742 GS [dot] Nagaraja [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
289 Belapur Branch Shah,Devi Kishor Branch Manager 7506345204 DeviK [dot] Shah [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
290 Vashi DA Branch XVII Shrivas,Alok Branch Manager 8599010636 Alok [dot] Shrivas [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
291 Mumbai Division XVIII Mistry,Vijaya Chetan Divisional Manager 7506345039 VijayaC [dot] Mistry [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
292 Mumbai Division XX Thane Singh,Gurmeet Senior Divisional Manager 8558834880 Gurmeet [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
293 Mumbai Branch XXI Kalyan Prajapati,Archana Roshan Senior Branch Manager 7506345050 ArchanaR [dot] Prajapati [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
294 Mumbai - Vile Parle BC Parab,Radhika Ramchandra Administrative Officer 8291856326 RadhikaR [dot] Parab [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
295 Mumbai - Goregaon BC Sawant,Sumedha Hemant Administrative Officer 7506345158 Sumedha [dot] Sawant [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
296 Mumbai - M G Road BC More,Kunal Haridas Administrative Officer 7506345238 Kunal [dot] More [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
297 Mumbai - Parel BC Palve,Mangesh Ramnath Senior Assistant 9082913096 MangeshR [dot] Palve [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
298 Mumbai - Sion BC Kamble,Prashant Uttam Assistant Manager 7506345198 PrashantU [dot] Kamble [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
299 Mumbai - Kandivali BC Shaikh,Nadeem Sikandar Assistant - Non Typist 8087371166 Nadeem [dot] Shaikh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
300 Mumbai - Bhandup West BC Savdavkar,Hemangini Tushar Assistant Manager 7506345042 HemanginiT [dot] Savdavkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
301 Mumbai - Mulund BC Kahar,Ramdular Luddur Senior Assistant 7506345140 RamdularL [dot] Kahar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
302 Mumbai - Masjid Bunder BC Lad,Pradeep Mukund Senior Assistant 7506345085 Pradeep [dot] Lad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
303 Mumbai - Worli Naka BC Korde,Sanket Bharat Assistant - Non Typist 8097519087 Sanket [dot] Korde [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
304 Mumbai - Tardeo BC Gaikwad,Ajay Mahadeo Senior Assistant 9821801181 Ajay [dot] Gaikwad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
305 Andheri West BC Chawan,Poonam Suryakant Administrative Officer 7506345215 Poonam [dot] Chavan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
306 Mumbai - Goregaon West BC Chitare,Kishor N Administrative Officer 7506345213 Kishore [dot] Chitare [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
307 Mumbai - Borivili BC Korde,Laxman Appa Assistant - Non Typist 7045881422 Laxman [dot] Korde [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
308 Kamani Ghatkopar West BC Kamble,Vinod Dnyandeo Administrative Officer 7506345115 Vinod [dot] Kamble [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
309 Mumbai - Vidya Vihar BC Sarang,Milind Rajaram Senior Assistant 7506345203 MilindR [dot] Sarang [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
310 Seawoods BC Mhatre,Nishad Prabhakar Administrative Officer 7506345048 Nishad [dot] Mhatre [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
311 Dombivali East BC Desai,Dipak Vijay Administrative Officer 8291856318 Dipak [dot] Desai [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
312 Airoli BC Thombare,Prashant Digambar Administrative Officer 7506345055 Prashant [dot] Thombare [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
313 Badlapur BC Bhosle,Vidyadhar Sambhaji Administrative Officer 7506345049 Vidyadhar [dot] Bhosle [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
314 Thane - Kalwa BC Mayekar,Anand Madhukar Administrative Officer 7506345144 Anand [dot] Mayekar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
315 Mumbai - Bhayander West
Kane,Aishwarya Prasad Assistant Manager 7506345086 Aishwarya [dot] Kane [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
316 Vasai BC Brid,Jagannath Dattaram Senior Assistant 8291293644 Jagannath [dot] Brid [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
317 Mumbai - Lokhandwala BC Bhandari,Vinod Mohansingh Senior Assistant 7506345082 Vinod [dot] Bhandari [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
318 Mahim BC Kambli,Anand Dattaray Senior Assistant 7506345112 AD [dot] Kambli [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
319 Mumbai Regional Office I Raina,Krishan Kumar Dy General Manager 7506345006 KK [dot] Raina [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
320 Mumbai Division XI Malhotra,Atul Regional Manager 9643003649 Atul [dot] Malhotra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
321 Mumbai Regional Office II Sonkar,Babulal Dy General Manager 7506345242 BL [dot] Sonkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
322 Mumbai Division I Mahadik,Sachin Balkrishna Senior Divisional Manager 7506345216 SB [dot] Mahadik [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
323 Mumbai Division II Chortia,Vikram Singh Senior Divisional Manager 7506345292 Vikram [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
324 Mumbai DA Branch II Thakar,Sujata Atul Senior Branch Manager 7506345194 SujataA [dot] Thakar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
325 Mumbai Division XII Sawant,Disha Devendra Senior Divisional Manager 7506345224 Disha [dot] Sawant [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
326 Mumbai DA Branch XII Pethe,Vidya Vivek Branch Manager 7045924675 VidyaVivek [dot] Pethe [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
327 Mumbai DA Branch IX Agavane,Rohini Jitendra Senior Branch Manager 7506345290 RohiniJ [dot] Agavane [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
328 Mumbai Division XIV Kumar,Mahanthi Uday Divisional Manager 7506345298 UdayK [dot] Mahanthi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
329 Mumbai Division XV Arora,Neha Divisional Manager 7506345330 Neha [dot] Arora [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
330 Mumbai Division XIX Sinha,Rajesh K Senior Divisional Manager 7506345031 RK [dot] Sinha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
331 Mumbai Division IV Ranadive,Prakash Sonaji Senior Divisional Manager 7506345108 PS [dot] Ranadive [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
332 Mumbai Division V Temkar,Harsha Nandkumar Divisional Manager 7506345175 Harsha [dot] Temkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
333 Mumbai Division VI Chudasama,Arvind Dudabhai Senior Divisional Manager 8411885981 AD [dot] Chudasama [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
334 Panvel Division Parab,Sunil Sahadeo Divisional Manager 7506345121 SS [dot] Parab [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
335 Pune Regional Office Nakhale,Ajay Appa Chief Regional Manager 8411885988 Ajay [dot] Nakhale [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
336 Pune Division I Srinivas,Raji Senior Divisional Manager 8411885810 Raji [dot] Srinivas [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
337 Satara Division Gill,Balvinder Singh Divisional Manager 8411886079 BS [dot] Gill [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
338 Pune Division II Sherkar,Raju Janrao Senior Divisional Manager 8411886173 Raju [dot] Sherkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
339 Pune DA Branch II Halnor,Sachin Dnyandeo Branch Manager 9168636458 Sachin [dot] Halnor [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
340 Aurangabad Division Pawar,Karbhari Parwat Manager 8411885881 KP [dot] Pawar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
341 Jalna Branch Ubale,Aniket Bhagwan Branch Manager 7506345134 AniketB [dot] Ubale [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
342 Jalgaon Branch Singh,Vinit Kumar Branch Manager 8411886161 Vinit [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
343 Aurangabad DA Branch Jadhav,Sarika Chhagan Administrative Officer 7709577755 Sarika [dot] Jadhav [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
344 Nasik Division I Gupta,Vijay Bharat Divisional Manager 8411885819 Vijay [dot] Gupta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
345 Nasik City Branch Badge,Shrikant Prakashrao Branch Manager 9168636456 ShrikantP [dot] Badge [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
346 Dhule Branch Sapkal,Jagdish Laxman Senior Branch Manager 8411886131 JL [dot] Sapkal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
347 Nasik Road Branch Marghade,Mukesh Devidas Branch Manager 7391054905 Mukesh [dot] Marghade [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
348 Kolhapur Division Kamble,Avinash Bhupal Senior Divisional Manager 8411886125 A [dot] Kamble [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
349 Kolhapur City Branch Shete,Nilesh Nandkishor Senior Branch Manager 8411886153 Nilesh [dot] Shete [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
350 Sangli Branch Mohite,Vaijinath Mailari Senior Branch Manager 8411886086 VM [dot] Mohite [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
351 Ratnagiri Branch Ghatwal,Pritam Nitin Branch Manager 7506345030 PritamN [dot] Ghatwal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
352 Chiplun BC Warwadkar,Iqbal Hussain Senior Assistant 8108034679 Iqbal [dot] Warwadkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
353 Panaji Division I Anvekar,Pandharinath Shamba Divisional Manager 8411886058 PS [dot] Anvekar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
354 Mapusa Branch Desouza,Maria Sita Teresa Branch Manager 8411886052 MariaS [dot] Dsouza [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
355 Bicholim Branch Talgaonkar,Rajendra Ramdas Branch Manager 8411886064 RR [dot] Talgaonkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
356 Panaji DA Branch Sidhu,Monika Branch Manager 8411885812 Monika [dot] Siddhu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
357 Pimpri Division Kulkarni,Jeevan Nilkanthrao Senior Divisional Manager 8411885909 JN [dot] Kulkarni [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
358 Chinchwad Division Lachake,Hemabala Subhash Senior Divisional Manager 8411886103 HS [dot] Lachake [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
359 Lonavala Branch Patil,Sneha Vishwasrao Branch Manager 8411886151 Sneha [dot] Patil [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
360 Pimpri DA Branch Injewad,Sainath Venkati Branch Manager 8411885973 SainathV [dot] Injewad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
361 Vasco Division Gaonkar,Sohan Babuso Assistant Manager 7391054908 Sohan [dot] Gaonkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
362 Margaon Branch Redkar,Pallavi Arvind Branch Manager 8411886059 PallaviA [dot] Redkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
363 Ponda Branch Parsekar,Rajendra Tukaram Branch Manager 8411886061 RajendraT [dot] Parsekar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
364 Solapur Division Pastapure,Vijay Sudam Divisional Manager 9422610566 VS [dot] Pastapure [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
365 Latur Branch Gaderao,Arun Dnyanoba Branch Manager 8411885915 ArunD [dot] Gaderao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
366 Pune Division III Patil,Rahul Balasaheb Divisional Manager 8411886135 RahulB [dot] Patil [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
367 Ahmednagar Division Gunjalkar,Ajay Ramesh Divisional Manager 8411885869 Ajay [dot] Gunjalkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
368 Kopargaon Branch Deokar,Vivek Hiraman Branch Manager 8411885822 VH [dot] Deokar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
369 Nanded Branch Mishra,Dhirendra Kumar Branch Manager 8411886138 Dhirendra [dot] Mishra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
370 Pune Natmar Hub Division Sable,Sunil Keshavrao Divisional Manager 8411885913 SunilKeshvrao [dot] Sable [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
371 Pune - Bhosari BC Thakur,Rahul Chandrakant Administrative Officer 9168636470 RahulC [dot] Thakur [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
372 Pune - Nigdi BC Asawale,Arun Vasant Administrative Officer 7066028974 Arun [dot] Asawale [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
373 Pune - Kothrud BC Vaidya,Dakshata Dasharath Administrative Officer 7066028976 Dakshata [dot] Vaidya [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
374 Sinhgad BC Paradkar,Ravindra Siddheshwar Assistant Manager 8411886105 RS [dot] Paradkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
375 Pune - Sanghvi BC Damse,Eknath Vitthal Senior Assistant 7066028975 Eknath [dot] Damse [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
376 Chikali BC Kasture,Ankush Chandrakant Administrative Officer 9096243521 Ankush [dot] Kasture [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
377 Bibwewadi BC Chavan,Nandkumar Baburao Senior Assistant 7066028986 NB [dot] Chavan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
378 Pune - Kalyani Nagar BC Akhter,Perwez Administrative Officer 8411885977 Perwez [dot] Akhter [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
379 Talegaon BC Bhoir,Sunil Kashinath Senior Assistant 8411885893 Sunil [dot] Bhoir [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
380 Pune - Aundh BC Paranjape,Sujata Sameer Administrative Officer 7066028977 SujataS [dot] Paranjpe [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
381 Vadgaon BC Bhoir,Ganesh Kashinath Senior Assistant 8411885932 Ganesh [dot] Bhoir [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
382 Newasa Phata BC Sangle,Pradip Nathuji Administrative Officer 8830106364 Pradeep [dot] Sangle [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
383 Ahmednagar - MIDC BC Zaware,Eknath Namdeo Administrative Officer 7066028971 Eknath [dot] Zaware [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
384 Ajara BC Topale,Sharad Eknath Development Off- Grade I Mktg 8411834022 SharadE [dot] Tople [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
385 Sinnar BC Shinde,Shivshankar Baliram Administrative Officer 9607967089 Shivshankar [dot] Shinde [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
386 Malegaon BC Nikam,Dinesh Kishor Assistant - Non Typist 9607930479 Dinesh [dot] Nikam [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
387 Ghoti BC Shinde,Manish Shantaram Assistant - Non Typist 8806006788 Manish [dot] Shinde [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
388 Khopoli BC Parmar,Mukesh Sohan Assistant - Non Typist 7066028979 Mukesh [dot] Parmar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
389 Miraj BC Kolhatkar,Sadashiv Ramchandra Administrative Officer 8411886016 SR [dot] Kolhatkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
390 Panchgani BC Bachal,Bhanudas Shankar Assistant Manager 8411885902 BhanudasS [dot] Bachal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
391 Kudal BC Khan,Kamaruddin Abdulgani Administrative Officer-Mktg 8411895066 KamruddinA [dot] Khan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
392 Majalgaon BC Khade,Bharat Gangaram Administrative Officer 7066028987 Bharat [dot] Khade [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
393 Madhavnagar BC Mulla,Shahnaj Nasruddin Administrative Officer 8411885841 ShahnajN [dot] Mulla [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
394 Chakan BC Nene,Yogesh Madhav Assistant Manager 8411886106 YogeshM [dot] Nene [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
395 Calangute BC Nazareth,Peter Alex Administrative Officer 9764015778 Peter [dot] Nazareth [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
396 Cuncolim BC Sayed,Caniz Fatima Administrative Officer 8411886060 Fatima [dot] Sayed [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
397 Dovorlim BC Baadkar,Sanjay Sadanand Administrative Officer 7066028982 Sanjay [dot] Baadkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
398 Indapur BC Pawar,Vishal Dattatraya Administrative Officer 9604111007 Vishal [dot] Pawar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
399 Nagpur Regional Office Raju Steven,Yelusuri Chief Regional Manager 8335080299 YR [dot] Steven [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
400 Nagpur Division I Shahare,Rohit Kundan Divisional Manager 8411886133 RohitK [dot] Shahare [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
401 Amravati Division Lingayat,Ashish Manoharrao Divisional Manager 8411885982 Ashish [dot] Lingayat [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
402 Wardha Branch Sonkusre,Ganesh Dharmaji Branch Manager 8411885821 GaneshD [dot] Sonkusre [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
403 Nagpur Division II Borekar,Anant Jayaram Senior Divisional Manager 8411885957 AJ [dot] Borekar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
404 Butibori Branch Chimurkar,Prajakta Kisan Branch Manager 8411886122 PrajaktaK [dot] Chimurkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
405 Wardhamannagar Branch Gajbhiye,Manohar Udhaorao Branch Manager 8411886073 MU [dot] Gajbhiye [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
406 Nagpur Division III Patil,Vishal Durgesh Senior Divisional Manager 8411886128 VishalD [dot] Patil [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
407 Gondia Branch Pullarwar,Manish Prakash Branch Manager 8291856324 ManishP [dot] Pullarwar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
408 Kamptee Branch Bagde,Rahul Mahadeo Branch Manager 8411885992 RahulM [dot] Bagde [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
409 Bhandara Branch Kumar,Binay Senior Branch Manager 8411886154 Binay3 [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
410 Akola Division Sathe,Swapnil Sudin Divisional Manager 7506345322 Swapnil [dot] Sathe [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
411 Khamgaon Branch Bhattad,Satishchandra Dhansuk Branch Manager 8411885953 SatishD [dot] Bhattad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
412 Nagpur Division IV Raut,Sonal Ashok Divisional Manager 8411886152 Sonal [dot] Raut [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
413 Chandrapur Branch Bhusari,Abhijit Ramesh Branch Manager 8939845299 AbhijitR [dot] Bhusari [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
414 Nagpur Division V Borkar,Sunil Namdeo Divisional Manager 8411886080 SN [dot] Borkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
415 Nagpur City Branch Tirpude,Amit Anirudha Branch Manager 8411886141 Amit [dot] Tirpude [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
416 Nagpur - Wadi BC Dekate,Jitendra Vinayak Administrative Officer 8411885808 Jitendra [dot] Dekate [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
417 Kanhan Pipri BC Pounikar,Chhagan Anandrao Senior Assistant 7066028989 Chhagan [dot] Pounikar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
418 Nagpur - Digdoh BC Gajbhiye,Yashpal Balkrishna Assistant Manager 8370008441 YashpalB [dot] Gajbhiye [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
419 Kalameshwar BC Badge,Rajendra Jagdish Assistant Manager 8411886023 Rajendra [dot] Badge [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
420 Nagpur - Nildoh BC Shende,Onkar Nabhaji Assistant Manager 8411886029 Onkar [dot] Shende [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
421 Murtizapur BC Lutade,Tushar Vinodrao Administrative Officer 7770081188 Tushar [dot] Lutade [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
422 Yavatmal BC Thodge,Chandrakant Kirshnarao Administrative Officer 8411885855 ChandrakantK [dot] Todke [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
423 Kurud BC Malewar,Madhav Administrative Officer 9522599934 Madhav [dot] Malewar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
424 Raigarh Branch Yadav,Arun Kumar Branch Manager 8370008442 ArunK [dot] Yadav [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
425 Tatibandh Branch Agarwal,Rajesh Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8370008762 RK [dot] Agrawal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
426 Raipur Regional Office Sinha,Amrita Mehta Chief Regional Manager 8405802621 A [dot] MehtaSinha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
427 Korba Division Varghese,Philip Senior Divisional Manager 8370008575 P [dot] Verghese [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
428 Rajnandgaon Division Bhoyar,Omprakash Senior Divisional Manager 8370008958 OP [dot] Bhoyar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
429 Raipur Division Katlam,Purshottam Ramsingh Senior Divisional Manager 8370008773 PR [dot] Katlam [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
430 Raipur Branch I Chhabra,Suresh Kumar Branch Manager 8370009321 Suresh [dot] Chhabra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
431 Jagdalpur Branch Avujuri,Jashwanth Kumar Branch Manager 8884499437 Jashwanth [dot] Avujuri [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
432 Bhilai Division Santi,A L Assistant Manager 8370008966 AL [dot] Shanti [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
433 Durg Branch Agrawal,Prateek Branch Manager 9522599935 Prateek [dot] Agrawal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
434 Bhilai Branch II Kumar,Sunil Senior Branch Manager 8370008920 Sunil [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
435 Bilaspur Division Rahul,Suresh Rao Senior Divisional Manager 8370008987 SR [dot] Rahul [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
436 Bhatapara BC Sarkar,Akash Assistant Manager 7987072411 Akash [dot] Sarkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
437 Ahmedabad Regional Office Saikia,Bandita Dy.General Manager-RO Incharge 8335080141 Bandita [dot] Saikia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
438 Ahmedabad Division I Verma,Durga Dutta Senior Divisional Manager 8370008913 DD [dot] Verma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
439 Bavla Branch Solanki,Haresh Chandulal Senior Assistant 7041461308 Haresh [dot] Solanki [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
440 Ahmedabad Division II Chouhan,Gulab J Divisional Manager 9099998693 Gulab [dot] Chouhan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
441 Rajkot Division I Solanki,Amitkumar Bhikhalal Deputy Manager 9099998687 AB [dot] Solanki [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
442 Morvi Branch Shah,Pratik Mahendrabhai Branch Manager 7573996301 Pratik [dot] Shah [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
443 Junagadh Division Parmar,K S Divisional Manager 9099998731 KanjibhaiS [dot] Parmar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
444 Veraval Branch Nigam,Ranjeet Kumar Branch Manager 8335080725 Ranjeet [dot] Nigam [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
445 Jetpur Branch Chauhan,Rajnikant Govindlal Senior Branch Manager 9099998621 RG [dot] Chauhan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
446 Mehsana Division Desai,Dharmendra Satyendra Deputy Manager 9099998692 DS [dot] Desai [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
447 Patan Branch Majirana,Sureshkumar Nanakra Senior Branch Manager 9879770777 SN [dot] Majirana [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
448 Palanpur Branch Rasiklal,Madhu Kamleshkumar Branch Manager 9099996109 KR [dot] Madhu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
449 Ahmedabad Division III Parmar,Kamlesh Valjibhai Divisional Manager 9099998728 KV [dot] Parmar [at] NIC [dot] co [dot] in
450 Bhavnagar Division Parmar,Ramesh Somabhai Divisional Manager 9099998701 RS [dot] Parmar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
451 Amreli Branch Madhudiya,Prashant Parbatbhai Branch Manager 9099946071 PrashantP [dot] Madhudiya [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
452 Surendranagar Branch Jani,Rajendra Pramodbhai Senior Assistant 9428348166 Rajendra [dot] Jani [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
453 Gandhinagar Division Mehta,Jagruti Rahul Divisional Manager 9099998723 JR [dot] Mehta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
454 Himmatnagar Branch Shah,Dhavalkumar Bhagubhai Branch Manager 7665019180 Dhaval [dot] Shah [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
455 Ahmedabad Division IV Narayandas,Poonam Deepak Senior Divisional Manager 9099998418 PP [dot] Gidwani [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
456 Gandhidham Branch Kotak,Jatin Jethalal Deputy Manager 9099998646 JJ [dot] Kotak [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
457 Ahmedabad Division V Nikhare,Harishchandra Balaji Senior Branch Manager 9099998721 HB [dot] Nikhare [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
458 Ahmedabad DA Branch II Manek,Hitesh Prabhudas Branch Manager 9099998654 HP [dot] Manek [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
459 Jamnagar Branch Jadeja,Yuvrajsinh Jayendrasinh Branch Manager 9099998725 YuvrajsinhJ [dot] Jadeja [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
460 Ahmedabad Division VII Shaikh,Rafiyuddin Gyasuddin Senior Divisional Manager 9099998747 RG [dot] Shaikh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
461 Ahmedabad DA Branch I Shah,Biren Chinubhai Branch Manager 9099998620 BC [dot] Shah [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
462 Kallol Branch Shah,Kirit Chandrakant Senior Branch Manager 9099998684 KC [dot] Shah [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
463 S G Highway Branch Shah,Hiral Nipoon Senior Branch Manager 9099998619 HN [dot] Shah [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
464 Ahmedabad - Vastrapur BC Shah,Ronak Bharatkumar Assistant Manager 9099998637 RB [dot] Shah [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
465 Ahmedabad - Thaltej BC Solanki,Azrudin Yusufbhai Administrative Officer 9978423100 AzrudinY [dot] Solanki [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
466 Maninagar BC Patel,Harshadbhai Keshavlal Senior Assistant 9825011852 Harshadbhai [dot] Patel [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
467 Sanand BC Shah,Ronak Yogeshkumar Administrative Officer 9428731807 RonakY [dot] Shah [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
468 Changodar BC Joshi,Ronak Hariprasad Assistant Manager 9825444169 RonakH [dot] Joshi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
469 Rajkot - Metoda BC Kamdar,Chetan Gaganchandra Assistant Manager 9099998671 CG [dot] Kamdar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
470 Dhrangadhara BC Vyas,Rajesh Dineshchandra Senior Assistant 9099020561 RajeshD [dot] Vyas [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
471 Baroda Regional Office Goyal,Mukesh Regional Manager 8370008912 M [dot] Goyal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
472 Vadodara Division I Menon,Abhinav Anil Divisional Manager 7506345296 Abhinav [dot] Menon [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
473 Vadodara Branch II Brahmbhatt,Chintan Himmatlal Senior Branch Manager 9099998513 CH [dot] Brahmbhatt [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
474 Surat Division I Thomas,Johnson Kuramala Divisional Manager 9099998504 JK [dot] Thomas [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
475 Bharuch Branch Rathod,Rajeshkumar Amratlal Senior Branch Manager 9099998422 RA [dot] Rathod [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
476 Bilimora Branch Mohanan,Pritesh Senior Branch Manager 9512048777 Pritesh [dot] Mohanan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
477 Anand Division Chauhan,Rajnikant Valjibhai Senior Divisional Manager 9099998471 RV [dot] Chauhan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
478 Nadiad Division Parmar,Nileshkumar Mangaldas Senior Divisional Manager 9099998503 NileshM [dot] Parmar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
479 Vadodara Division II Rana,Parimalkumar Natvarlal Senior Divisional Manager 9099998434 PN [dot] Rana [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
480 Surat Division II Rathod,Ashok D Divisional Manager 9099998514 AshokD [dot] Rathod [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
481 Vapi Division Naik,Kaushik Bidhhisagar Divisional Manager 9099998499 KB [dot] Naik [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
482 Valsad Branch Gupta,Vaibhav Anilkumar Branch Manager 9099998526 Vaibhav [dot] Gupta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
483 Vadodara Division III Chandnani,Girdhari Kishinchand Divisional Manager 9099998456 GK [dot] Chandnani [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
484 Godhra Division Dhorawala,Upendrakumar Chan Divisional Manager 9099998483 UC [dot] Dhorawala [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
485 Boriavi BC Shah,Nileshkumar Vipinchandra Assistant Manager 9099998465 NV [dot] Shah [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
486 Ode BC Dhyani,Pingesh Arunbhai Administrative Officer 9099998451 PA [dot] Dhyani [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
487 Ankleshwar BC Dholakia,Ripal Yaseshchandra Administrative Officer 9909883758 Ripal [dot] Dholakia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
488 Navsari BC Maurya,Sangam Phoolchand Administrative Officer 9374554555 Sangam [dot] Maurya [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
489 Vadodara IOW Vasava,Bhikhabhai Revadas Administrative Officer 9099998410 Bhikhabhai [dot] Vasava [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
490 Indore Regional Office Shukla,Vinay Dy General Manager 9643003611 Vinay [dot] Shukla [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
491 Indore Division I Jain,Ketan Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 8370008990 KK [dot] Jain [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
492 Indore Branch I Mishra,Madhusudan Assistant Manager 8370008934 Madhusudan [dot] Mishra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
493 Bhopal Division I Joshi,Shailendra Senior Divisional Manager 8370008988 S [dot] Joshi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
494 Mandideep Branch Dohare,Jitendra Singh Branch Manager 8518884052 JitendraS [dot] Dohare [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
495 Sagar Branch Gour,Sumit Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8370008927 SumitK [dot] Gour [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
496 Vidisha Branch Jadon,Subhash Singh Branch Manager 8518884054 SubhashS [dot] Jadon [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
497 Sehore Branch Puse,Rupesh Branch Manager 8370009330 Rupesh [dot] Puse [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
498 Ujjain Division Jadhav,Mahendra Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 8370008977 MK [dot] Jadhav [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
499 Ratlam Branch Dehadraya,Pankaj Senior Branch Manager 8370009338 P [dot] Dehadraya [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
500 Mandsaur Branch Joseph,Charles Senior Branch Manager 8370008995 C [dot] Joseph [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
501 Badnawar Branch Kolwal,Rajkumar Senior Branch Manager 8370008841 RK [dot] Kolwal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
502 Indore Division II Khandelwal,Sameer Senior Divisional Manager 8370009333 Sameer [dot] Khandelwal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
503 Dhar Branch Bhalawe,Trilok Singh Senior Branch Manager 8370008991 TS [dot] Bhalave [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
504 Dhamnod Branch Nihore,Prem Chand Senior Branch Manager 8370008993 PC [dot] Nihore [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
505 Gwalior Division I Abrol,Vijay Senior Divisional Manager 8716935262 Vijay [dot] Abrol [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
506 Guna Branch Jain,Ashok Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8370008428 AshokK [dot] Jain [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
507 Gwalior Branch I Thosare,Subhash Senior Branch Manager 8370008986 SS [dot] Thosare [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
508 Jabalpur Division I Puri,Maha Singh Senior Divisional Manager 8370008959 Mahasingh [dot] Puri [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
509 Katni Branch Das,Bishwanath Senior Branch Manager 8370008964 Biswanath [dot] Das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
510 Mandla Branch Sondhiya,Pramod Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8370009331 PK [dot] Sondhiya [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
511 Chhindwara Branch Prasad,Rajendra Senior Branch Manager 8370008983 R [dot] Prasad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
512 Khandwa Division Dashputre,Sumukh Senior Divisional Manager 8370008740 S [dot] Dashputre [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
513 Khargone Branch Gaud,Sunil Jagannath Senior Branch Manager 8370008853 S [dot] Gaud [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
514 Itarsi BC Gonnade,Pratibha Arun Assistant Manager 8370008726 PratibhaA [dot] Gonnade [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
515 Indore Division III Minj,N Rajmani Senior Divisional Manager 8370008434 NR [dot] Minj [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
516 Indore Branch IV Bam,Hemchandra Senior Branch Manager 8370008925 HemChandra [dot] Bam [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
517 Satna Division Parihar,Rajendra Singh Divisional Manager 8370008606 RS [dot] Parihar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
518 Rewa Branch Karma,Chetan Administrative Officer 8358855020 Chetan [dot] Karma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
519 Bhopal Division II Dandwate,Uday Arun Senior Divisional Manager 8370008985 ua [dot] dandwate [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
520 Bhopal City Branch I Maindola,Rahul Satish Senior Branch Manager 7506345328 Rahul [dot] Maindola [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
521 Morena Branch Sonarthi,Harish Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8370008905 H [dot] Sonarthi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
522 Datia Branch Shrivastav,Sunil Dayal Senior Branch Manager 8370008747 SunilD [dot] Srivastava [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
523 Jabalpur Division II Pandey,Bharat Lal Senior Divisional Manager 8370008610 BL [dot] Pandey [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
524 Jabalpur City Branch II Chouhan,Deepak Singh Senior Branch Manager 8370008932 DeepakS [dot] Chouhan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
525 Balaghat Branch Harinkhere,Anurodh Senior Branch Manager 8411886162 Anurodh [dot] Harinkhere [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
526 Indore Division IV Soni,Pramod Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 8370008819 PK [dot] Soni [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
527 Indore Branch V Karma,Sunder Lal Senior Branch Manager 8370008902 SL [dot] Karma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
528 Dewas Division Thanwar,Mukesh Senior Divisional Manager 8370008835 MK [dot] Thanwar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
529 Shajapur Branch Kaitwas,Vandana Ajay Senior Branch Manager 8370008981 V [dot] Kaithwas [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
530 Indore-Sukhlia BC Killedar,Ravindra Administrative Officer 8518883401 Ravindra [dot] Killedar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
531 Indore-Aerodrome BC Jain,Harish Administrative Officer 8370008608 Harish [dot] Jain [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
532 Ashoka Garden BC Chighar,Girdhari Lal Assistant Manager 8370008895 GL [dot] Chighar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
533 Mhow BC Verma,Raju Administrative Officer 8518884997 Raju [dot] Verma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
534 Narsinghpur BC Rajak,Ram Gopal Senior Assistant 9300627383 RG [dot] Rajak [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
535 Pandhana BC Pachole,Dinesh Chandra Administrative Officer 9752794023 DineshChandra [dot] Pachole [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
536 Shivpuri BC Thagle,Kanhaiya Lal Senior Assistant 8370008814 KL [dot] Thagle [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
537 Ashta BC Sharma,Shiv Kumar Senior Assistant 8370007892 Shiv [dot] Sharma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
538 Maheshwar BC Patidar,Shriram Senior Assistant 8518884993 Shriram [dot] Patidar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
539 Sanawad BC Birla,Shriram Development Off- Grade I Mktg 9522278425 SR [dot] Birla [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
540 Malajkhand BC Nipane,Paras Administrative Officer 9302674533 Paras [dot] Nipane [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
541 Burhanpur BC Kapadia,Mahendra Kumar Development Off- Grade I Mktg 8370008828 Mahendra [dot] Kapadia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
542 Neemuch BC Dabakra,Mukesh Development Off- Grade I Mktg 8370008907 Mukesh [dot] Dabkara [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
543 Indore IOW Kushwah,Rajkumar Babulal Administrative Officer 9826088321 RajKumar [dot] Kushwah [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
544 New Delhi Regional Office IV Chopra,Ravi Shanker Dy.General Manager-RO Incharge 8884499513 RS [dot] Chopra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
545 New Delhi Corporate UW Gupta,Kamal Manager (Relationship Manager) 9643009557 Kamal [dot] Gupta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
546 New Delhi Regional Office I Sagar,Mamta Dy.General Manager-RO Incharge 9643003534 M [dot] Sagar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
547 New Delhi Division II Solanki,Shriniwas Senior Divisional Manager 9643003432 Sriniwas [dot] Solanki [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
548 New Delhi Division III Lal,Sunder Senior Divisional Manager 9643008311 Sunder [dot] Lal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
549 New Delhi Division XII Verma,Sunil Divisional Manager 9811145605 Sunil [dot] Verma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
550 New Delhi Division XV Arneja,Sanjay Senior Divisional Manager 8392954306 Sanjay [dot] Arneja [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
551 New Delhi Division XVI Singh,Charan Manager 9643003434 Charan [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
552 New Delhi Division XVII Seema,Seema Senior Divisional Manager 9643003425 Seema [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
553 New Delhi DA Branch XVII Sundaram,D S Meenakshi Senior Branch Manager 9643003438 DSM [dot] Sundaram [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
554 New Delhi Division XVIII Choudhary,Poojashree Divisional Manager 8335080655 Poojashree [dot] Choudhary [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
555 New Delhi Division XXI Khurana,Pushp Lata Deputy Manager 8558834541 P [dot] Khurana [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
556 New Delhi K G Marg Branch Kumar,Sanjeev Senior Branch Manager 8370008943 Sanjeev [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
557 New Delhi Division XXII Batra,Mohinder Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 9643003443 MK [dot] Batra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
558 New Delhi Division XXV Bhatoa,Santosh Senior Divisional Manager 7665014697 Santosh [dot] Bhatoa [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
559 New Delhi Okhla Branch Kumar,Dhananjay Branch Manager 9711554159 Dhananjay [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
560 New Delhi DA Branch XXV Sekaran,M Chandra Branch Manager 9643003098 M [dot] Chandrasekaran [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
561 New Delhi Yusuf Sarai Division Singh,Davinder Senior Divisional Manager 9643003663 Davinder [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
562 Copernicus Marg Division Gupta,Hemant Senior Divisional Manager 9643003466 Hemant [dot] Gupta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
563 Delhi Regional Office II Singh,Dhananjay Dy.General Manager-RO Incharge 9643003554 Dhananjay [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
564 New Delhi Division V Sharma,Madhu Senior Divisional Manager 8392954544 Madhu [dot] Sharma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
565 Bahadur Garh Road Branch Verma,Rahul Senior Branch Manager 8396991370 Rahul [dot] Verma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
566 New Delhi DA Branch Kerketta,Amit Administrative Officer 9643003288 Amit [dot] Kerketta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
567 New Delhi Division VIII Nagpal,Archana Senior Divisional Manager 9643003458 A [dot] Nagpal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
568 New Delhi Karam Pura Branch Bharija,Shuchi Senior Branch Manager 9643003076 Shuchi [dot] Bharija [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
569 Uttam Nagar DA Branch Kumar,Vinod Senior Branch Manager 8396991393 Vinod [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
570 New Delhi DA Branch Gulati,Ravi Kumar Branch Manager 9643003037 RaviKumar [dot] Gulati [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
571 New Delhi Division IX Kanodia,Puneet Senior Divisional Manager 9643003465 Puneet [dot] Kanodia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
572 New Delhi Kashmere Gate
Khan,Asim Ali Branch Manager 9643003571 AsimAli [dot] Khan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
573 New Delhi Division XI Seth,Dheeraj Senior Divisional Manager 9643003409 Dheeraj [dot] Seth [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
574 New Delhi Najafgarh BC Singh,Rampal Assistant - Non Typist 9999991895 Rampal [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
575 New Delhi Division XIV Mishra,Sunita Divisional Manager 9643003502 Sunita [dot] Mishra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
576 Roshanara Road Branch Singh,Padam Senior Branch Manager 9643003250 Padam [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
577 New Delhi Wazirpur Branch Kumar,Pawan Senior Branch Manager 9643003334 Pawan [dot] Yadav [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
578 New Delhi Division XIX Mathur,Viresh Dayal Senior Divisional Manager 9643003651 VD [dot] Mathur [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
579 Azad Pur Division Bhatia,Puneet Kumar Divisional Manager 9643003668 PuneetK [dot] Bhatia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
580 New Delhi DA Branch Sood,Ramesh Chander Branch Manager 9643003012 R [dot] Sood [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
581 New Delhi Division XXIII Ginodia,Rishabh Divisional Manager 8335080341 Rishabh [dot] Ginodia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
582 Bhikaji Cama Place Branch Batra,Neha Branch Manager 9643003303 Neha [dot] Mehta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
583 Faridabad Division I Badhan,Surjeet Singh Senior Divisional Manager 8396991455 SS [dot] Badhan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
584 Faridabad Branch II Singh,Rinki Senior Branch Manager 9643003292 Rinki [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
585 Ghaziabad Division Chand,Subhash Senior Divisional Manager 8392954504 S [dot] Chand [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
586 Baraut Branch Tyagi,Pradeep Kumar Senior Branch Manager 9643003026 PradeepKr [dot] Tyagi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
587 Noida Division Kaushal,Sudha Senior Divisional Manager 9643003467 Sudha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
588 Noida DA Branch Jain,Samar Senior Branch Manager 7291974349 Samar [dot] Jain [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
589 Gurgaon Division I Gupta,Praveen Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 9643003426 PraveenKumar [dot] Gupta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
590 Rewari Branch Mudgil,Sanjay Branch Manager 9643003221 Sanjay [dot] Mudgil [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
591 New Delhi Division XXVI Kumar,Vijay Senior Divisional Manager 9643003433 Vijay [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
592 New Delhi Daryaganj DA Branch Mujral,Kiran Branch Manager 9643003140 Kiran [dot] Mujral [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
593 New Delhi Division XXVII Kumar,Bhupender Deputy Manager 9643003535 Bhupender [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
594 New Delhi Division XXVIII Singh,Pradeep Kumar Divisional Manager 8392954319 PradeepK [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
595 New Delhi Division XXIX Krishan,Gopal Senior Divisional Manager 9643003659 Gopal [dot] Krishan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
596 New Delhi Janak Puri Branch Bargota,Surender Kumar Senior Branch Manager 9643003475 SK [dot] Bagota [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
597 Dwarka Branch Kumar,Vineet Branch Manager 9643003356 Vineet [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
598 Gurgaon Division II Singh,Netrapal Divisional Manager 7665014975 NP [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
599 New Delhi Hauz Khas Division Garg,Veenu Senior Divisional Manager 8392954333 Veenu [dot] Garg [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
600 New Delhi Malviya Nagar BC Kumar,Manoj Assistant - Non Typist 8506960176 Manoj [dot] Kumar1 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
601 New Delhi - Nangloi BC Kumar,Inder Senior Assistant 9643003143 Inder [dot] Kumar1 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
602 Transport Nagar Branch Sharma,Anuj Kumar Branch Manager 9643003043 Anuj [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
603 New Delhi - Shahdara Branch Jain,Vishal Branch Manager 9643003046 Vishal [dot] Jain [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
604 Hodal BC Sundhir,Balwant Kumar Senior Assistant 9643003222 Balwant [dot] Sundhir [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
605 Gurgaon - Udyog Vihar BC Kumar,Rakesh Senior Assistant 9643003242 Rakesh [dot] Saini [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
606 Manesar BC Yadav,Ankur Assistant Manager 7506345349 Ankur [dot] Yadav [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
607 Haily Mandi BC Kumar,Sandeep Assistant - Non Typist 9812002747 Sandeep [dot] Kumar1 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
608 Noida - Sector 58 BC Bisht,Sandeep Assistant - Cashier 8447333995 Sandeep [dot] Bisht [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
609 Greater Noida BC Sood,Madhur Assistant Manager 9643003198 Madhur [dot] Sood [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
610 Dankaur BC Dutta,Jugbir Singh Assistant - Non Typist 9643003275 Jugbeer [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
611 Ghaziabad Chikamberpur BC Kapoor,Rishi Assistant Manager 9643003109 Rishi [dot] Kapoor [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
612 New Delhi RO II Claims Hub Vandana,Vandana Regional Manager 9643003578 Vandana [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
613 Jaipur Regional Office Mittal,Ved Prakash Chief Regional Manager 7665014891 VP [dot] Mittal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
614 Jaipur Division I Bairwa,Vijay Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 7665014604 VK [dot] Bairwa [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
615 Jaipur Branch I Chittoria,Mahesh Kumar Divisional Manager 7665013368 MK [dot] Chittoria [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
616 Sikar Branch Meena,Gaurav Kumar Senior Branch Manager 7665014979 GauravK [dot] Meena [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
617 Jaipur DA Branch Parewa,Babu Lal Senior Branch Manager 7665013448 BL [dot] Parewa [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
618 Jaipur Division II Meena,Jagdish Narain Senior Divisional Manager 7665013186 Jagdish [dot] Meena [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
619 Jaipur Branch IV Meena,Sanjay Assistant Manager 7665013218 Sanjay [dot] Meena [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
620 Jaipur Branch VI Saini,Arun Kumar Senior Branch Manager 7665013214 ArunK [dot] Saini [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
621 Ajmer Division Roopchandani,Mahesh Senior Divisional Manager 7665017296 M [dot] Roopchandani [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
622 Ajmer Branch Singh,Virendra Senior Branch Manager 7665014984 Virendra [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
623 Beawar Branch Vijayvargiya,Surendra K Senior Branch Manager 7665014525 SK [dot] Vijayvargiya [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
624 Kishangarh Branch Gandhi,Madhusudan Senior Branch Manager 9099998673 Madhusudan [dot] Gandhi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
625 Kota Division Meena,Amrat Lal Senior Divisional Manager 7665014681 AL [dot] Meena [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
626 Bundi Branch Meena,Ram Kunwar Senior Branch Manager 7665014529 RamKunwar [dot] Meena [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
627 Jhalawar Branch Hatwal,Dinesh Kumar Senior Branch Manager 7665014670 Dinesh [dot] Hatwal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
628 Kota Branch Meel,Vijander Singh Senior Branch Manager 7665014677 VijanderS [dot] Meel [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
629 Baran Branch Chanda,Surendra Kumar Senior Branch Manager 7665014698 SurendraKumar [dot] Chanda [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
630 Kota Saath Branch II Verma,Yogesh Senior Branch Manager 8392954555 Yogesh [dot] Verma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
631 Alwar Division Jawa,Surendra Jeet Singh Divisional Manager 7665015072 SJS [dot] Jawa [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
632 Alwar Branch Kuldeep,Sanjeev Branch Manager 7665015059 Sanjeev [dot] Kuldeep [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
633 Bhiwadi Branch Arya,Tara Chand Senior Branch Manager 7665013298 TaraC [dot] Arya [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
634 Swaimadhopur Division Soin,Davander Senior Divisional Manager 7665014969 Davender [dot] Soin [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
635 Bharatpur Branch Meena,Ram Dayal Senior Branch Manager 7665014532 RamDyal [dot] Meena [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
636 Dausa Branch Sahu,Ramesh Chand Senior Branch Manager 7665013460 RC [dot] Sahu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
637 Jaipur Natmar Hub Division Gurbani,Jai Kishan Senior Divisional Manager 7665013598 JK [dot] Gurbani [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
638 Jaipur - Mansarovar BC Tiwari,Kisan Kumar Administrative Officer 7665014696 KK [dot] Tiwari [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
639 Jaipur - Vidhyadhar Nagar BC Chellani,Lalit Kumar Senior Assistant 7665013244 Lalit [dot] Chellani [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
640 Jaipur - Raja Park BC Patni,Rajeev Senior Assistant 7665013364 Rajeev [dot] Patni [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
641 Sanganer BC Agrawal,Rajendra Kumar Senior Assistant 7665013016 Rajendra [dot] Agrawal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
642 Kotputli BC Yadav,Shailesh Administrative Officer 9799979994 Shailesh [dot] Yadav [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
643 Jaipur - Local BC Bhatt,Hemant Kumar Administrative Officer 7665014526 HK [dot] Bhatt [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
644 Kekri BC Garg,Shiv Prakash Assistant Manager 7665015069 ShivP [dot] Garg [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
645 Nasirabad Branch Garg,Dinesh Kumar Branch Manager 7665013320 DineshK [dot] Garg [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
646 Ajmer - Vaishali Nagar BC Shankhla,Arjun Senior Assistant 9983426963 Arjun [dot] Shankhla [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
647 Neemrana BC Yadav,Amit Administrative Officer 9001422035 Amit [dot] Yadav [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
648 Mahuwa BC Meena,Somotya Ram Administrative Officer 7665013635 Somotya [dot] Meena [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
649 Hindaun City BC Jain,Anshul Kumar Assistant - Non Typist 9079897349 jainanshul021 [at] gmail [dot] com
650 Kota BC Meena,Chhotu Lal Assistant Manager 7665014531 CL [dot] Meena [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
651 Ramganj Mandi BC Saini,Hitesh Kumar Administrative Officer 9024754763 Hitesh [dot] Saini [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
652 Kuchman BC Meena,Natvar Singh Senior Assistant 7836006336 Natvar [dot] Meena [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
653 Gangapur City BC Bharati,Vinod Kumar Administrative Officer 7412085616 Vinod [dot] Bharati [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
654 Srimadhopur BC Meena,Nihal Singh Senior Assistant 9252774371 Nihal [dot] Meena [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
655 Tonk Branch Meena,Shiv Charan Senior Branch Manager 7665013296 ShivC [dot] Meena [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
656 Uniara BC Gupta,Bansi Lal Administrative Officer 9414309185 Bansi [dot] Gupta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
657 Virat Nagar BC Shekhawat,Virendra Singh Administrative Officer 8284890899 Virendra [dot] Shekhawat [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
658 Kishanagrh Renwal BC Agarwal,Nilesh Kumar Assistant - Non Typist 7230002623 NileshK [dot] Agarwal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
659 Nainwa BC Meena,Mukesh Assistant - Non Typist 9667509855 Mukesh [dot] Meena [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
660 Jaipur IOW Kumari,Munesh Senior Assistant 8952021197 Munesh [dot] Kumari [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
661 Karauli BC Garg,Ramesh Chand Administrative Officer 7665017289 RameshC [dot] Garg [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
662 Bassi BC Choudhary,Rakesh Kumar Senior Assistant 7230001132 Rakesh [dot] Choudhary [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
663 Bagur BC Agarwal,Griraj Prasad Assistant Manager 7665013436 GP [dot] Agarwal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
664 Bandikui BC Meena,Mohan Lal Assistant Manager 7665015074 MohanLal [dot] Meena [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
665 Chomu BC Khatik,Pawan Kumar Assistant - Non Typist 9166236190 PawanK [dot] Khatik [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
666 Jagatpura BC Chawla,Amarpal Singh Assistant Manager 7230011932 APS [dot] Chawla [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
667 Kishangarh Bass BC Khairiya,Chiranji Lal Senior Assistant - Cashier 9413785504 ChiranjiL [dot] Khairiya [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
668 Behror BC Kumar,Rajesh Assistant - Non Typist 9571043351 Rajesh [dot] Kumar10 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
669 Jodhpur Regional Office Tiwari,Anil Kumar Chief Regional Manager 9643003598 AK [dot] Tewari [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
670 Jodhpur Division Choudhary,Asu Lal Senior Divisional Manager 7665013424 AL [dot] Choudhary [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
671 Pali Branch Saraswat,Anuapurv Senior Branch Manager 7665014990 Anuapurv [dot] Saraswat [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
672 Jodhpur Branch II Chouhan,Naresh Branch Manager 7665013461 Naresh [dot] Chouhan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
673 Balotra Branch Meghwal,Poonam Chand Senior Branch Manager 7665013458 PC [dot] Meghwal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
674 Udaipur Division Koli,Sita Ram Senior Divisional Manager 7665014607 SR [dot] Koli [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
675 Udaipur Branch I Gautam,Suryakant Branch Manager 7665014178 suryakant [dot] gautam [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
676 Udaipur Branch II Mathur,Anurag Branch Manager 7665014569 Anurag [dot] Mathur [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
677 Banswara Branch Saini,Gaurav Branch Manager 7665015020 Gaurav [dot] Saini [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
678 Sriganganagar Division Balana,Ramesh Divisional Manager 7665014507 Ramesh [dot] Balana [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
679 Hanumangarh Branch Chawla,Madan Lal Senior Branch Manager 7665014496 ML [dot] Chawla [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
680 Raisinghnagar BC Chawla,Birbal Ram Assistant Manager 7665014528 BirbalR [dot] Chawla [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
681 Suratgarh Branch Khadaria,Abhishake Senior Branch Manager 7665014981 Abhishake [dot] Khadaria [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
682 Bhilwara Division Golechha,Hemant Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 7665013432 HK [dot] Golechha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
683 Chittorgarh Branch Ojha,Anil Senior Branch Manager 7665014989 Anil [dot] Ojha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
684 Gulabpura Branch Sharma,Ram Krishna Assistant Manager 7665014595 Ram1K [dot] Sharma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
685 Bikaner Division Joshi,Dinesh Senior Divisional Manager 7665014594 Dinesh [dot] Joshi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
686 Churu Branch Mishra,Rajesh Kumar Senior Branch Manager 7665013427 RajeshK [dot] Mishra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
687 Jhunjhunu Branch Kumar,Rakesh Branch Manager 7665015052 Rakesh1 [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
688 Nagaur Branch Sikhwal,Hari Om Senior Branch Manager 7665013245 HariOm [dot] Sikhwal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
689 Jodhpur BC Hub Bhati,Tara Ram Senior Divisional Manager 7665013418 TR [dot] Bhati [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
690 Kushalgarh BC Acharya,Satish Chandra Administrative Officer 9414219618 Satish [dot] Acharya [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
691 Mandalgarh BC Kumar,Jitender Administrative Officer 9729918043 Jitender [dot] Kumar1 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
692 Bikaner City BC Vyas,Bal Kishan Senior Assistant 9414051737 Bal [dot] Vyas [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
693 Nimbahera BC Mundra,Kailash Chandra Administrative Officer 7665013195 Kailash [dot] Mundra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
694 Rajgarh BC Kumar,Sunil Assistant - Non Typist 9812908526 Sunil [dot] Kumar9 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
695 Dungarpur BC Mehta,Jitendra Administrative Officer 9982774711 Jitendra [dot] Mehta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
696 Sri Karanpur BC Mahendra,Sada Nand Assistant Manager 7665013565 SN [dot] Mahendra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
697 Padampur - Rajasthan BC Kataria,Mithu Ram Senior Assistant 9414087839 Mithu [dot] Kataria [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
698 Pilibanga BC Kumar,Rajender Senior Assistant 9887032542 Rajender [dot] Kumar1 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
699 Khetri BC Jaidia,Alok Assistant Manager (Marketing) 7665015078 Alok [dot] Jadia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
700 Mukandgarh BC Yogi,Sita Ram Senior Assistant 9414291898 Sita [dot] Yogi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
701 Merta City BC Saini,Mahesh Kumar Assistant - Non Typist 8290953022 Mahesh [dot] Saini [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
702 Mandawa BC Khanna,Vimal Assistant - Non Typist 9782966615 Viimal [dot] Khanna [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
703 Nawa City BC Sharma,Raj Kumar Administrative Officer 7665013505 Raj [dot] Sharma1 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
704 Jodhur IOW Kumar,Ramesh Administrative Officer 9414247075 Ramesh [dot] Kumar3 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
705 New Delhi Regional Office III Lalla,Sanjay Dy General Manager 7704900444 Sanjay [dot] Lalla [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
706 Maruti Vertical Division Choudhary,Deepak Senior Divisional Manager 8392954327 D [dot] Chaudhary [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
707 HERO MotocorpVertical
Prasad,Naveen Manager 9643003662 Naveen [dot] Prasad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
708 Honda Cars Vertical Division Sharma,Manoj Divisional Manager 9643003460 Manoj [dot] Sharma [at] NIC [dot] co [dot] in
709 Natmar Hub Division VII Lakhanpal,Rajiv Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 7665014978 RK [dot] Lakhanpal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
710 Natmar Hub Division XIII Chand,Ramesh Senior Divisional Manager 9643003655 Ramesh [dot] Chand [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
711 New Delhi HMC HUB Division IV Mittal,Naresh Senior Divisional Manager 8370008784 NK [dot] Mittal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
712 Bancassurance Branch Kumar,Vinod Branch Manager 8558834967 Vinod2 [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
713 Faridabad Saath Division II Jassal,Sushil Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 8392954305 SK [dot] Jassal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
714 Ghaziabad Division II Patni,Sanjeev Divisional Manager 7665013428 Sanjeev [dot] Patni [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
715 Gurgaon Division III Sachdeva,Bindu Senior Divisional Manager 9643003424 Bindu [dot] Sachdeva [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
716 Ludhiana Regional Office Grover,Amandeep Singh Chief Regional Manager 8558835334 AS [dot] Grover [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
717 Bhatinda Division Sachdeva,Naresh Kumar Divisional Manager 7665014494 NK [dot] Sachdeva [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
718 Abohar Branch Aneja,Raj Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8558834823 RK [dot] Aneja [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
719 Mansa Branch Chahal,Gurpreet Singh Senior Branch Manager 8558834806 GS [dot] Chahal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
720 Malout Branch Kumar,Vinod Senior Branch Manager 8558834798 VinodKumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
721 Fazilka BC Chhabra,Sanjay Administrative Officer-Mktg 8558834833 Sanjay [dot] Chhabra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
722 Jalandhar Division I Narula,Pardeep Kumar Divisional Manager 8558834830 Pardip [dot] Nirula [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
723 Jalandhar Branch II Bagga,Satish Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8558834981 SatishK [dot] Bagga [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
724 Jalandhar Branch IV Singh,Sukhwinder Senior Branch Manager 8558834988 Sukhwinder [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
725 Kapurthala Branch Kumar,Manoj Branch Manager 8558834836 Manoj [dot] Kr [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
726 Amritsar Division I Joshan,B S Deputy Manager 8558834994 BS [dot] Joshan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
727 Amritsar DA Branch II Singh,Paramjit Branch Manager 8558835158 Paramjit [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
728 Batala Branch Kairon,Gurkewal Singh Senior Branch Manager 8558835362 GS [dot] Kairon [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
729 Ludhiana Division I Sidana,Ravinder Kumar Divisional Manager 8558834676 Ravinder [dot] Sidana [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
730 Ahmedgarh Branch Singh,Jasdeep Branch Manager 8558835343 Jasdeep [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
731 Patiala Division Jain,Parmod Senior Divisional Manager 8558835036 Parmod [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
732 Rajpura Branch Puri,Rachna Senior Branch Manager 8558834899 Rachna [dot] Puri [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
733 Patiala Branch Singh,Bhupinder Branch Manager 8558834834 BhupinderS [dot] Malik [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
734 Nabha BC Singla,Pawan Kumar Administrative Officer 9878433628 PawanK [dot] Singla [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
735 Samana BC Singh,Bhupinder Assistant Manager (Marketing) 8558835053 Bhupinder [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
736 Pathankot Division Tuli,Sunil Senior Divisional Manager 8558834663 Sunil [dot] Tuli [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
737 Pathankot Branch Saini,Sunita Senior Branch Manager 8558835091 Sunita [dot] Saini [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
738 Gurdaspur Branch Kumar,Kulbhushan Branch Manager 8558835092 Kulbhushan [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
739 Mukerian BC Lal,Ramesh Administrative Officer 8558835371 Ramesh [dot] Lal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
740 Ludhiana Division II Bansal,Lalit Mohan Senior Divisional Manager 8558834675 LM [dot] Bansal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
741 Samrala Branch Singh,Satnam Senior Branch Manager 8558834711 Satnam [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
742 Ludhiana Branch VI Mudgal,Bela Senior Branch Manager 9643003121 Bela [dot] Mudgal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
743 Moga Division Goyal,Satish Chander Divisional Manager 8558834876 SC [dot] Goyal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
744 Ferozepur Branch Singh,Iqbal Assistant Manager 8558834807 Iqbal1 [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
745 Kotkapura Branch Singh,Manjit Senior Branch Manager 8558835033 ManjitSingh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
746 Muktsar Branch Singh,Gurmit Administrative Officer 8558834869 Gurmeet2 [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
747 Hoshiarpur Division Kumra,Pardeep Kumar Divisional Manager 8558834875 PradeepK [dot] Kumra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
748 Phagwara Branch Singh,Surinder Senior Branch Manager 8558834995 Surinder [dot] S [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
749 Nawanshahar Branch Kataria,Des Raj Assistant Manager 8558835190 DesRaj [dot] Kataria [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
750 Amritsar Division II Sood,Pardeep Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 8716935250 PK [dot] Sood [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
751 Cherratta Branch Pal,Surinder Branch Manager 8558835179 SurinderPal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
752 Ludhiana Division III Singh,Prabhjot Senior Divisional Manager 8558835054 Prabhjot [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
753 Jagraon Branch Sidhu,Balbir Singh Administrative Officer-Mktg 8558835196 Balbir [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
754 Khanna Branch. Aggarwal,Archna Senior Branch Manager 8558834679 Archana [dot] Aggarwal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
755 Sangrur Division. Raj,Kuldip Senior Divisional Manager 8558835083 Kuldip [dot] Raj [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
756 Barnala Branch Chawla,Mohit Kumar Branch Manager 8558835264 Mohit [dot] Chawla [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
757 Malerkotla Branch Garg,Abhi Nandan Administrative Officer 9643002259 Abhinandan [dot] Garg [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
758 Jalandhar Division II Aheer,Vinod Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 8558835185 Vinod [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
759 Nakodar Branch Sharma,Satish Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8558835073 SatishK [dot] Sharma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
760 Jalandhar DA Branch II Kataria,Kuldip Kumar Assistant Manager 8558835191 KuldeepK [dot] Kataria [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
761 Jalandhar Branch III Sahota,Som Nath Branch Manager 8558835180 SN [dot] Sahota [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
762 Jalandhar Natmar Hub Branch Kaur,Gurminder Senior Branch Manager 8558834982 Gurminder [dot] Kaur [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
763 Amritsar Batala Road Branch Kumar,Pawan Senior Branch Manager 8558835088 Pawan [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
764 Ludhiana Division IV Ghai,Bharat Rattan Assistant Manager 9643003168 BR [dot] Ghai [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
765 Ludhiana Branch IV Bala,Manju Administrative Officer 9876730641 Manju [dot] Bala1 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
766 Mohali Division Sachdeva,Vishal Senior Divisional Manager 8558835199 Vishal [dot] Sachdeva [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
767 Ropar Branch Lal,Krishan Senior Branch Manager 8558835178 K [dot] Lal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
768 Sirhind Branch Kumar,Surinder Branch Manager 8558835078 SurinderK [dot] Goyal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
769 Ludhiana Division VI Verma,Khushwant Senior Divisional Manager 8558834664 Khushwant [dot] Verma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
770 Raman Mandi BC Lal,Kundan Assistant - Non Typist 9317914560 Kundan [dot] Lal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
771 Faridkot BC Kumar,Dharminder Administrative Officer 8558835170 Dharminder2 [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
772 Zira BC Gill,Phoola Singh Senior Assistant 8558834847 PS [dot] Gill [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
773 Mahilpur BC Sidhu,Mohinder Paul Senior Assistant 8558835189 MohinderP [dot] Sidhu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
774 Adampur BC Bagga,Mukesh Kumar Administrative Officer 9417054094 Mukesh [dot] Bagga1 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
775 Jalandhar Industrial Area BC Trikha,Subhash Chander Administrative Officer 8558834768 SC [dot] Trikha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
776 Ludhiana - Hambran Road BC Arora,Surjan Singh Senior Assistant 8558835063 SurjanS [dot] Arora [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
777 Ludhiana - Samrala Chowk BC Singh,Gurcharan Senior Assistant 8558834894 Gurcharan [dot] Singh4 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
778 Doraha BC Singh,Gurjeet Assistant - Non Typist 8558834882 Gurjeet [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
779 Ludhiana - Basti Jodhewal BC Singh,Bhupinder Administrative Officer 8558835156 Bhupinder [dot] Singh1 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
780 Budhlada BC Jindal,Vinod Kumar Administrative Officer 9872823929 VinodK [dot] Jindal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
781 Bhagapurana BC Garg,Ajay Kumar Senior Assistant 8558835168 AjayK [dot] Garg [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
782 Kharar BC Singh,Vikram Jit Administrative Officer 8558834770 VikramJ [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
783 Tarn Taran BC Singh,Jarman Jit Senior Assistant 8558834662 Jarman [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
784 Bassi Pathana BC Singh,Gurmukh Senior Assistant 8558834827 Gurmukh [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
785 Chandigarh Regional Office II Marwari,Naresh Kumar Chief Regional Manager 8411885846 NK [dot] Marwari [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
786 Chandigarh Division II Sen,Pranob Senior Divisional Manager 8558834692 P [dot] Sen [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
787 Chandigarh Branch III Chopra,Mukesh Senior Branch Manager 8396991465 Mukesh [dot] Chopra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
788 Chandigarh DA Branch II Grover,Rakesh Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8396991448 Rakesh [dot] Grover [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
789 Chandigarh Division III Goel,Sandeep Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 8558834658 Sandeep [dot] Goel [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
790 Naraingarh Branch Sasan,Munish Branch Manager 8396991410 Manish [dot] Sasan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
791 Parwanoo Branch Malik,Vikas Branch Manager 8396991440 Vikas [dot] Malik [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
792 Panchkula Branch Chand,Bakil Senior Branch Manager 7832927165 Bakil [dot] Chand [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
793 Hissar Division Khrera,Dalip Singh Divisional Manager 8396991359 Dilip [dot] Khrera [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
794 Bhiwani Branch Sharma,Rajender Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8396991396 Rajinder [dot] S [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
795 Hansi Branch Makkar,Vinesh Kumar Branch Manager 8396991340 VineshK [dot] Makkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
796 Ambala Division Chhabra,Raman Divisional Manager 7832927103 Raman [dot] Chhabra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
797 Ambala City Branch Singh,Richhpal Senior Branch Manager 8396991363 Richpal [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
798 Kurukshetra Branch Saini,Harbinder Singh Senior Branch Manager 8558834542 Harbinder [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
799 Karnal Division Dhawan,Sameer Divisional Manager 8558835153 Sameer [dot] Dhawan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
800 Kaithal Branch Punia,Rajbir Singh Senior Branch Manager 8396991343 RajbirS [dot] Punia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
801 Rohtak Division I Virmani,Suresh Kumar Divisional Manager 8396991308 SureshK [dot] Virmani [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
802 Jind Branch Pahal,Mohit Branch Manager 8558835347 Mohit [dot] Pahal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
803 Gohana BC Kundu,Amit Assistant Manager 8396010129 Amit [dot] Kundu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
804 Sirsa Division Gumber,Vinod Kumar Divisional Manager 8396991346 VK [dot] Gumber [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
805 Fatehabad Branch Sharma,Vinod Branch Manager 7506345338 Sharma [dot] Vinod [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
806 Narwana BC Narender,Shri Assistant - Non Typist 9671225006 Shri [dot] Narender [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
807 Mandi Dabwali Branch Khatkar,Rajesh Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8558835344 Kumar [dot] Rajesh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
808 Jammu Division I Sarao,Sarabjeet Singh Senior Divisional Manager 8558834715 SarabjitS [dot] Sarao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
809 Udhampur Branch Sharma,Sudhanshu Branch Manager 8335080316 Sudhanshu [dot] Sharma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
810 Bari Brahmna Branch Lal,Som Senior Branch Manager 8716935289 Som [dot] Lal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
811 Leh Branch Yangskit,Sonam Administrative Officer(Br inc) 9622990806 Sonam [dot] Yangskit [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
812 Srinagar Division Goel,Ravi Kant Senior Divisional Manager 8558835059 RK [dot] Goel [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
813 Srinagar Branch I Jhajharia,Jaiprakash Senior Branch Manager 7665014972 JaiPrakash [dot] Jhajharia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
814 Anantnag Branch Pathania,Hardeep Singh Branch Manager 8716921101 HS [dot] Pathania [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
815 Sopore Branch Bhat,Mohammad Shafi Branch Manager 8716935317 MdShafi [dot] Bhat [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
816 Shimla Division Chandel,Jagdish Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 7832927168 Jagdish [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
817 Shimla Branch Singh,Harpreet Singh Senior Branch Manager 7832927104 Harpreet [dot] S [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
818 Solan Branch Pundir,Raja Ram Senior Branch Manager 7832927149 Raja [dot] Ram [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
819 Raampur Bushahr Branch Negi,Ramesh Chander Senior Branch Manager 7832927142 RC [dot] Negi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
820 Palampur Division Chahal,Anurag Senior Divisional Manager 8392954515 Anurag [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
821 Dharamshala Branch Chand,Khushal Senior Branch Manager 7832927123 Khushal [dot] Chand [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
822 Hamirpur Branch Dhiman,Sarwan Kumar Senior Branch Manager 7832927138 SK [dot] Dhiman [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
823 Una Branch Sharma,Pawan Kumar Branch Manager 7832927128 PawanK [dot] Sharma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
824 Panipat Division Kumar,Jitender Senior Divisional Manager 8396991408 Jitender [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
825 Sonepat Branch Verma,Pardeep Kumar Branch Manager 8392954322 Pardeepkumar [dot] Verma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
826 Bahadurgarh Division Buntolia,Parmeshwari Shanker Senior Divisional Manager 7665014515 ps [dot] buntolia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
827 Jammu Division II Lal,Ratan Manager 8716935278 Ratan [dot] Lal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
828 Jammu Branch III Kaul,Dileep Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8716935309 DileepK [dot] Kaul [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
829 Mandi Branch Singh,Darshan Senior Branch Manager 8558834863 Darshan [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
830 Yamuna Nagar Branch Sharma,Tribhuwan Senior Branch Manager 8396991361 T [dot] Sharma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
831 Paonta Sahib Branch Kumar,Manoj Senior Branch Manager 8335080390 Manoj [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
832 Chandigarh Division I Luthra,Shelly Senior Divisional Manager 7832927124 Shelly [dot] Luthra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
833 Derabassi Direct Agents BC Kaler,Jagat Saurabh Administrative Officer 8558835095 JagatS [dot] Kaler [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
834 Chandigarh Hub Division IV I,Raju Assistant Manager 7832927125 Raju [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
835 Barwala - Panchkula BC Chaudhary,Raj Kumar Senior Assistant 8396991358 Raj [dot] Chaudhary [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
836 Tosham BC Gogia,Parveen Kumar Administrative Officer 8396991435 ParveenK [dot] Gogia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
837 Charkhi Dadri BC Singh,Raj Assistant - Non Typist 9904011672 Raj [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
838 Ratia BC Singh,Baljeet Assistant - Typist 9416927638 Baljeet [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
839 Tohana BC Chaudhry,Fakir Chand Administrative Officer 8396991453 Fakir [dot] Chand [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
840 Mandi Adampur BC Kumar,Vijendra Assistant - Non Typist 8396991328 Vijendra [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
841 Satrod BC Singh,Swaran Administrative Officer 8396991348 Swarn [dot] Singh1 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
842 Jhajjar BC Kumar,Amarpal Assistant - Non Typist 8233507699 Amar [dot] Pal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
843 Julana BC X,Pawan Administrative Officer 8708411091 Pawan [dot] Kumar1 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
844 Taraori BC Saroha,Suresh Kumar Administrative Officer 9416263870 Suresh [dot] Saroha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
845 Indri BC Vijay,Vijay Assistant - Non Typist 7206207201 Vijay3 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
846 Shahabad BC Punia,Umesh Kumar Assistant - Non Typist 9034012044 UmeshK [dot] Punia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
847 Chandigarh IT Park BC Saini,Chander Pal Administrative Officer 8396991431 ChanderP [dot] Saini [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
848 Pinjore BC Kumar,Satish Senior Assistant 09872662942 Satish [dot] Kumar1 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
849 Kalanaur BC Singh,Uttam Assistant - Non Typist 9991070553 Uttam [dot] Yadav [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
850 Rania BC Gupta,Ramesh Kumar Senior Assistant 9416440013 Ramesh [dot] Gupta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
851 Kundli BC Kaushik,Lokesh Assistant Manager 8396991305 Lokesh [dot] Kaushik [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
852 Gannaur BC Singh,Vikramjeet Assistant - Typist 7988927820 Vikramjeet [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
853 Jagadhri BC Kumar,Mukesh Assistant - Non Typist 8396991437 Mukesh [dot] Rohila [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
854 Ghumarwin BC Kumar,Pankaj Assistant - Non Typist 7832927108 Pankaj [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
855 Barmana BC Kohli,Sunil Kumar Administrative Officer 7832927136 SunilK [dot] Kohli [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
856 Dalhousie BC Sharma,Ratnesh Assistant Manager 7832927161 Ratnesh [dot] Sharma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
857 Mehre BC Patial,Suresh Kumar Administrative Officer 9816053575 SureshK [dot] Patial [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
858 Jassur BC Kumar,Rajesh Senior Assistant 7018399455 Rajesh [dot] Kumar4 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
859 Kangra BC Kumar,Sudarshan Assistant Manager 7832927133 Sudershan [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
860 Indora BC Pathania,Manjit Singh Assistant Manager 8558835262 ManjitSingh [dot] Pathania [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
861 Dehra BC Thapar,Geeta Administrative Officer 9872662471 GEETA [dot] THAPAR [at] NIC [dot] CO [dot] IN
862 Bhunter BC Bodh,Karma Administrative Officer 8558888075 Karma [dot] Bodh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
863 Sundernagar BC Singh,Raghuvir Administrative Officer 9736108482 Raghuvir [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
864 Jogindernagar BC Katoch,Nand Lal Assistant Manager 7832927163 NL [dot] Katoch [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
865 Thoeg BC Thakur,Rakesh Lal Assistant Manager 7832927151 RakeshLal [dot] Thakur [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
866 Baddi BC Jaglan,Dayal Singh Administrative Officer 7832927157 DyalS [dot] Jaglan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
867 Recong Peo BC Bhandari,Heer Kumar Assistant Manager (Marketing) 7832927148 HeerK [dot] Bhandari [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
868 Doda BC Kumar,Ashok Senior Assistant 8716921105 Ashok [dot] Kumar2 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
869 Kargil BC Ladol,Dechan Administrative Officer 9469931339 Dechan [dot] Ladol [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
870 Kathua BC Sharma,Vishiv Pran Senior Assistant 8716921106 VishivP [dot] Sharma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
871 Katra BC Kumar,Vinod Senior Assistant 9419162954 Vinod [dot] Kumar3 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
872 Sophian BC Mir,Tamseer Ul Ishaq Administrative Officer 9469842470 TamseerUI [dot] Mir [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
873 Samba BC Singh,Sher Assistant - Non Typist 7006702484 Sher [dot] Singh2 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
874 Zirakpur BC Sharma,Ajay Kumar Administrative Officer 8558835154 Ajay [dot] Sharma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
875 Karoran BC Kumar,Anil Senior Assistant 9041763179 Anil [dot] Kumar11 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
876 Chandigarh IOW Goel,Pankaj Kumar Assistant Manager 8558835364 PankajK [dot] Goel [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
877 Lucknow Regional Office Mishra,Anurag Dy.General Manager-RO Incharge 7704900264 Anurag [dot] Mishra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
878 Lucknow Division I Singh,Dinesh Senior Divisional Manager 7704900408 Dinesh [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
879 Lucknow Branch I Kumar,Dharmendra Senior Branch Manager 7704900409 Dharmendra [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
880 Lucknow Branch II Verma,Ram Chandra Senior Branch Manager 7704900199 RamC [dot] Verma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
881 Lucknow Branch V Mishra,Rakesh Kumar Branch Manager 7704900187 RakeshK [dot] Mishra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
882 Lucknow Division II Mitra,Ajoy Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 7704900177 AK [dot] Mitra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
883 Bahraich Branch Dev,Chandra Senior Branch Manager 7704900206 Chandra [dot] Dev [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
884 Gonda BC Mishra,Atul Kumar Administrative Officer 7291974352 AtulKumar [dot] Misra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
885 Lucknow Branch IV Chandra,Phool Senior Branch Manager 7704900173 Phool [dot] Chandra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
886 Lucknow Division III Shanker,Shiv Senior Divisional Manager 7704900279 Shiv [dot] Shankar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
887 Raibareily Branch Kushwaha,Rajeshwar Senior Branch Manager 7704900380 Rajeshwar [dot] Kushwaha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
888 Barabanki Branch Prasad,Durga Senior Branch Manager 7704900174 Durga [dot] Prasad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
889 Sultanpur Branch Ahmad,Noman Administrative Officer-Mktg 7704900396 Noman [dot] Ahmad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
890 Faizabad Branch Raj,Ram Senior Branch Manager 7704900278 Ram [dot] Raj [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
891 Kanpur Division I Kumar,Dinesh Senior Divisional Manager 9643003643 D [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
892 Govind Nagar Branch Kumar,Rajendra Senior Branch Manager 7704900274 Rajendra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
893 Kanpur Gumti Branch Pandey,Shrikrishna Senior Branch Manager 7704900425 Krishna [dot] Pandey [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
894 Unnao Branch Agarwal,Pawan Kumar Branch Manager 7704900393 PawanK [dot] Agarwal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
895 Farrukhabad Branch Gupta,Ajit Kumar Branch Manager 7704900319 AjitK [dot] Gupta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
896 Hamirpur Branch Jadaun,Abhinandan Singh Branch Manager 7704900415 Abhinandan [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
897 Jhansi Branch Kumar,Jitendra Branch Manager 7704900418 Jitendra3 [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
898 Etawah Branch Saini,Uttam Prasad Senior Branch Manager 7704900132 UP [dot] Saini [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
899 Varanasi Division Tiwari,Jitendra Divisional Manager 7704900397 Jitendra [dot] Tiwari [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
900 Bhadoi Branch Singh,Prashant Branch Manager 7704900344 Prashant [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
901 Jaunpur Branch Khare,Abhishek Branch Manager 7704900414 Abhishek [dot] Khare [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
902 Mirzapur Branch Dubey,Jagdamba Prasad Senior Branch Manager 7704900159 JagdambaPrasad [dot] Dubey [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
903 Sitapur Division Bajpai,Kripa Shanker Senior Divisional Manager 7704900352 KS [dot] Bajpai [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
904 Lakhimpur Branch Singh,Rajendra Senior Branch Manager 7704900417 Rajendra [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
905 Hardoi Branch Dixit,Dinesh Kumar Senior Branch Manager 7704900346 Dinesh [dot] K [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
906 Allahabad Division Kumar,Ajai Senior Divisional Manager 7704900258 AjayK [dot] Sonkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
907 Pipri Branch Wahi,Vijay Kumar Senior Branch Manager 7704900379 VijayK [dot] Wahi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
908 Allahabad Branch Pande,Hari Shanker Assistant Manager (Marketing) 7704900232 HariS [dot] Pande [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
909 Waidhan Branch Pandey,Pradeep Kumar Senior Branch Manager 9415787404 PK [dot] Pandey [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
910 Gorakhpur Division Bajpai,Sraddha Charan Senior Divisional Manager 7704900229 SC [dot] Bajpai [at] NIC [dot] co [dot] in
911 Gorakhpur Branch I Nath,Prabhu Senior Branch Manager 7704900107 Prabhu [dot] Nath [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
912 Deoria Branch Shah,Ambrish Kumar Branch Manager 7704900426 Ambrish [dot] Shah [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
913 Basti Branch Pandey,Lavakush Sharan Branch Manager 7291973846 LavakushS [dot] Pandey [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
914 Gorakhpur Branch II Goel,Arun Kumar Senior Branch Manager 7704900345 ArunK [dot] Goel [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
915 Lucknow Division IV Mishra,Vijay Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 7704900395 VK [dot] Mishra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
916 Kanpur Division III Shivramkrishnan,Sita Senior Divisional Manager 7704900308 S [dot] Sivramkrishnan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
917 Maunath Bhanjan Division Deen,Satti Senior Divisional Manager 7704900172 Satti [dot] Deen [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
918 Gazipur Branch Yadav,Prashant Branch Manager 7704900428 Prashant [dot] Yadav [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
919 Ballia Branch Kumar,Shashank Pallav Senior Branch Manager 7704900371 Shashank [dot] Pallav [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
920 Azamgarh Branch Marwah,Manpreet Singh Senior Branch Manager 7704900120 MS [dot] Marwah [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
921 Fatehpur BC Kumar,Ashutosh Kumar Assistant - Cashier 8416954538 Ashutosh [dot] Kumar1 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
922 Sandila BC Suresh,Suresh Assistant Manager 7704900389 Suresh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
923 Mallawan BC Shukla,Mukesh Kumar Administrative Officer 7704900290 MukeshK [dot] Shukla [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
924 Mariahu BC Dubey,Shrikant Assistant - Non Typist 9956482221 Shrikant [dot] Dubey [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
925 Kannauj BC Gautam,Suresh Kumar Assistant Manager 7704900329 SureshK [dot] Gautam [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
926 Padrauna BC Kishor,Ravindra Senior Assistant 9839014494 Ravindra [dot] Kishor [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
927 Khamaria BC Kumar,Anil Senior Assistant 7704900291 Anil [dot] Kumar4 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
928 Naugarh BC Mishra,Shailendra Kumar Administrative Officer 8318733714 ShailendraK [dot] Mishra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
929 Biswan BC Chaturvedi,Dheeraj Kumar Senior Assistant 7704900350 DheerajK [dot] Chaturvedi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
930 Mohaan BC Nand,Sada Assistant Manager 7704900267 Sadanand [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
931 Lalganj Rae Bareli BC Yadav,Ankur Administrative Officer 9651671929 Ankur [dot] Yadav1 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
932 Katghar Lalganj BC Paswan,Rajesh Kumar Assistant Manager 7704900349 RajeshK [dot] Paswan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
933 Lar BC Ansari,Mohammad Imran Assistant - Cashier 7081529836 Mohammad [dot] Ansari [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
934 Sirsa BC Agarwal,Suresh Kumar Assistant Manager 7704900235 Suresh [dot] Agarwal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
935 Lucknow IOW Verma,Girish Administrative Officer 7704900208 G [dot] Verma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
936 Dehradun Regional Office Kumar,Rakesh Chief Regional Manager 8335080198 Rakesh [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
937 Meerut Division Bareja,Anil Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 9643003605 AK [dot] Bareja [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
938 Modinagar Branch Yadav,Kanista Branch Manager 7704900427 Kanista [dot] Yadav [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
939 Meerut Branch III Kumar,Ramesh Senior Branch Manager 9643003503 ramesh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
940 Hapur Branch Nigam,Dinesh Kumar Branch Manager 9643003344 Dinesh [dot] Nigam [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
941 Moradabad Division Gupta,Navneet Senior Divisional Manager 8335080396 Navneet [dot] Gupta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
942 Moradabad Branch I Varshney,Rishabh Branch Manager 8392954570 Rishabh [dot] Varshney [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
943 Gajraula Branch Tomar,Vivek Branch Manager 8392954473 Vivek [dot] Tomar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
944 Moradabad Branch II Kashyap,Sharat Deputy Manager 9871179795 Sharat [dot] Kashyap [at] NIC [dot] co [dot] in
945 Rampur Branch Singh,Jayant Branch Manager 8392954372 Jayant [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
946 Dehradun Division Dutt,Narendra Senior Divisional Manager 8392954382 Narendra [dot] Dutt [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
947 Dehradun Branch I Agarwal,Aniket Senior Branch Manager 8392954560 Aniket [dot] Agarwal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
948 Chamba Branch Singh,Dewan Branch Manager 8392954445 Dewan [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
949 Bareilly Branch Bhatnagar,Vivek Senior Branch Manager 9643003416 Vivek [dot] Bhatnagar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
950 Badaun Branch Singh,Gurmeet Branch Manager 8392954408 Gurmeet [dot] Singh1 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
951 Agra Division I Satsangi,Rajeev Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 8392954351 RK [dot] Satsangi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
952 Mathura Branch Arora,Yashpal Senior Branch Manager 9643003243 Yashpal [dot] Arora [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
953 Agra Natmar Hub Branch Sharma,Brajesh Kumar Divisional Manager 8392954377 BrajeshK [dot] Sharma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
954 Mainpuri Branch Singh,Rahul Kumar Branch Manager 8392954425 RahulK [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
955 Aligarh Branch Das,Alok Deputy Manager 8392954384 Alok [dot] Das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
956 Kasganj Branch Pali,Deepak Kumar Administrative Officer 8392954334 DeepakK [dot] Pali [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
957 Bulandshahar Branch Jain,Ajay Kumar Senior Branch Manager 9643003045 Ajaykumar [dot] Jain [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
958 Etah Branch Sharma,Pawan Kumar Branch Manager 9643003347 pawankr [dot] sharma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
959 Haldwani Division Dhiman,Meena Rani Senior Divisional Manager 9643003617 Meena [dot] Rani [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
960 Kashipur Branch Jangpangi,Manish Singh Senior Branch Manager 8392954553 ManishSingh [dot] Jangpangi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
961 Naintal Branch Bhotia,Tenzing Branch Manager 8392954568 Tenzing [dot] Bhotia [at] NIC [dot] co [dot] in
962 Rudrapur Branch Dharamshaktu,Ramesh Singh Senior Branch Manager 8392954522 RameshSingh [dot] Dharamshaktu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
963 Muzaffarnagar Division Pal,Inder Senior Divisional Manager 8392954493 Indra [dot] Pal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
964 Shamli Branch Kumar,Parveen Branch Manager 8392954489 Parveen [dot] K [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
965 Saharanpur Branch Giri,Nirdesh Branch Manager 8335080702 Nirdesh [dot] Giri [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
966 Shahjahanpur Division Dugtal,Arjun Singh Senior Divisional Manager 8392954392 AS [dot] Dugtal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
967 Pilibhit Branch Kumar,Amit Branch Manager 8392954575 Amit2 [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
968 Hardwar Division Rawat,Raghubir Singh Senior Divisional Manager 8392954534 RS [dot] Rawat [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
969 Rishikesh Branch Kumar,Nitin Senior Branch Manager 8392954311 Nitin [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
970 Kotdwar Branch Johri,Prakhar Branch Manager 7290088418 Prakhar [dot] Johri [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
971 Najibabad Branch Singh,Chandan Branch Manager 8392954443 Chandan [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
972 Roorkee Branch Sharma,Rajesh Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8392954308 RajeshK [dot] Sharma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
973 Agra Division II Singh,Sharad Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 8335080405 SharadK [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
974 Agra Branch Srivastav,Ajay Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8392954337 AK [dot] Srivastav [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
975 Ferozabad Branch Rajora,Gautam Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8392954379 GK [dot] Rajora [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
976 Hathras Branch Sharma,Harish Kumar Branch Manager 9643003363 HarishKumar [dot] Sharma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
977 Mawana BC Jain,Naveen Assistant - Typist 8392954490 Naveen [dot] Jain [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
978 Amroha BC Agarwal,Lokesh Kumar Assistant Manager 8392954366 LokeshK [dot] Agarwal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
979 Doiwala BC Pande,Sanjay Senior Assistant 8392954326 Sanjay [dot] Pande [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
980 Kosi Kalan BC Roy,Ajay Kumar Assistant Manager 8392954335 Ajay [dot] Roy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
981 Dehradun IOW Nautiyal,Mani Ram Senior Assistant 9412363782 ManiR [dot] Nautiyal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
982 Chennai Regional Office Akilan,S Dy.General Manager-RO Incharge 8939845511 S [dot] Akilan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
983 Chennai Division I Subramani,Ravi Divisional Manager 8939845803 S [dot] Ravi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
984 Neyveli Division M,Saravanan Divisional Manager 8939845889 Mu [dot] Saravanan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
985 Chennai DA Branch I Mary,A P Senior Branch Manager 8939845878 AP [dot] Mary [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
986 Tidel Park DA Branch II J,Udayakumar Senior Branch Manager 8939845891 J [dot] Udayakumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
987 Chennai Division III A,Karunakaran Senior Divisional Manager 8939840197 A [dot] Karunakaran [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
988 Chennai Division IV Ravichandran,G R Divisional Manager 8939840237 GR [dot] RaviChandran [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
989 Chennai Division XI Gajendran,Ravikumar Senior Divisional Manager 8939840180 G [dot] Ravikumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
990 Chennai George Town Branch K,Murugan Senior Branch Manager 8939845757 K [dot] Murugan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
991 Chennai Division V J,Chenchugan Divisional Manager 8939845764 J [dot] Chenchugan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
992 Poonamallee Branch Eswari,Kuppuswamy Mohana Senior Branch Manager 8939840221 K [dot] Mohanaeswari [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
993 Ambattur Branch S,Jayashree Branch Manager 8939840240 S [dot] Jayasree [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
994 Chennai Division VI K,Hemalatha Divisional Manager 8939840255 K [dot] Hemalatha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
995 Vellore Division V,Sivakumar Senior Divisional Manager 8939840184 V [dot] Sivakumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
996 Hosur Branch M,Job Jawahar Babu Senior Branch Manager 8939840235 JobJawaharBabu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
997 Krishnagiri Branch L,Ashok Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8939845877 L [dot] AshokKumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
998 Dharmapuri Branch N J,Maran Senior Branch Manager 8939840243 NJ [dot] Maran [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
999 Vaniambadi Branch S,Mahalakshmi Senior Branch Manager 8939840244 MahaLakshmi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1000 Kanchipuram BC R,Lavanya Assistant Manager 8939845881 Lavanya [dot] Rajendran [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1001 Puducherry Division Kaliaperumal,Nagarajan Senior Divisional Manager 8939845756 Kaliaperumal [dot] Nagarajan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1002 Cuddalore Branch Akthar,M Shabina Senior Branch Manager 8939845816 Shabina [dot] Akthar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1003 Villupuram Branch S,Kannan Branch Manager 8939840305 Kannan [dot] S [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1004 Puducherry Branch II P D,Saravanan Branch Manager 8939840236 P [dot] Saravanan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1005 Chennai Division VIII Guindy Subramanian,Padmavathy Senior Divisional Manager 8939845755 S [dot] Padmavathy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1006 Chennai Division VII Natarajan,Aruna Senior Divisional Manager 8939840227 N [dot] Aruna [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1007 Chennai Mylapore Branch Anita,K J Senior Branch Manager 8939840278 KJ [dot] Anita [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1008 Chennai Division IX L,Bhamini Deputy Manager 8939840271 L [dot] Bhamini [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1009 Chennai Division X Egmore Sureshkumar,R Divisional Manager 8939845501 Ramasamy [dot] Sureshkumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1010 Sowcarpet Branch Chengalvarayan,A Senior Branch Manager 8939840290 A [dot] Chengalvarayan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1011 Maraimalarnagar BC Venkataramanan,R Administrative Officer 9894673034 R [dot] Venkataramanan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1012 Tambaram Branch Selvadurai,Dineshkumar Branch Manager 8939840289 Dineshkumar [dot] Selvadurai [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1013 Chennai Natmar Hub Branch Ns,Karthik Kumar Divisional Manager 8884499411 NS [dot] Karthik [at] NIC [dot] co [dot] in
1014 Chennai - West Mambalam BC P,Dinakaran Administrative Officer 8939840293 P [dot] Dinakaran [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1015 Chennai - Velachery BC D,Govindarajan Administrative Officer 8939840272 D [dot] Govindarajan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1016 Chennai - Chromepet BC R,Balachandar Administrative Officer 8939840201 R [dot] Balachander [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1017 Chennai - Perambur BC S,Nedumaran Administrative Officer 8939840208 Nedumaran [dot] S [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1018 Chennai - Vadapalani BC T,Gopal Assistant - Non Typist 8939840219 Gopal [dot] T [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1019 Chennai - Porur BC Mohan,V Senior Assistant 8681819591 Mohan [dot] V [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1020 Chidambaram BC S,Madhiyazhagan Senior Assistant 9486623450 Madhiyazhagan [dot] S [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1021 Cuddalore - Pathirikuppam BC D,Subramanian Administrative Officer 8939845686 D [dot] Subramanian [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1022 Tiruvallur BC Thiyagarajan,Rh Assistant - Non Typist 8940481812 RH [dot] Thiyagarajan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1023 Tiruvannamalai BC K,Akilan Administrative Officer 9578536567 K [dot] Akilan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1024 Chettupattu BC K,Murugan Senior Assistant 7904305532 Murugan [dot] K [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1025 Ranipet BC Sultan,Z Mohammad Administrative Officer 8939840477 MohammadS [dot] Z [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1026 Villianur BC Ramasamy,Kumaraswamy Subra Administrative Officer 8939845696 RS [dot] Kumarasamy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1027 Puducherry - Ariyankuppam BC K,Vijayakumar Administrative Officer 9486950476 Vijayakumar [dot] K [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1028 Kottakuppam BC S,Lakshminarayanan Assistant Manager 8939845742 S [dot] Lakshminarayanan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1029 Chennai - Mangadu BC G,Thirumal Administrative Officer 8939840116 G [dot] Thirumal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1030 Chennai - Madipakkam BC Rajan,E S Administrative Officer 9445453240 ES [dot] Rajan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1031 Palavansathukuppam BC Thyagarajan,T Nageswari Senior Assistant 8939845808 Nageswari [dot] T [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1032 Vikravandi BC Ravi,P Assistant - Non Typist 8300169453 Ravi [dot] P [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1033 Chennai - Chitlapakkam BC Jeba Masilla John Pandian,Z Assistant Manager 8939845519 ZJM [dot] JohnPandian [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1034 Chennai - Alandur BC V,Latha Assistant Manager 8939840246 V [dot] Latha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1035 Chennai Legal Cell M,Santhosh Kumar Manager 8589985413 MS [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1036 Hyderabad Regional Office Janakiram,Mundrati Dy.General Manager-RO Incharge 7799903618 M [dot] Janakiram [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1037 Hyderabad Division I Andukuri,Venkata Vijaya Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 8411885962 AV [dot] VijayaKumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1038 Hyderabad Kachigud DA Branch Yenreddy,Srikanth Reddy Branch Manager 7799903186 SrikanthR [dot] Yenreddy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1039 Hyderabad Division II Narayana,Ramadugu Divisional Manager 7799906079 R [dot] Narayana [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1040 Secunderabad Division I Medithi,Chandana Divisional Manager 7799901361 Chandana [dot] Medithi [at] NIC [dot] co [dot] in
1041 Ananthapur Division Rao,G Nageswara Senior Divisional Manager 7799901039 GN [dot] Rao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1042 Hindupur Branch Mala,Ramanjappa Branch Manager 7799904366 M [dot] Ramanjappa [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1043 Proddatur Branch Krishna,M Hari Senior Branch Manager 7799907848 M [dot] Harikrishna [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1044 Kadapa Branch Kambagiri,Vasanth Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8939845892 K [dot] Vasanthkumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1045 Hyderabad Division III Maheshwar,Devasari Senior Divisional Manager 7799903987 D [dot] Maheswar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1046 Secunderabad Division II Lakshmi Narayana,Konakalla Divisional Manager 7799903015 KL [dot] Narayana [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1047 Karimnagar Division Swamy,Pulluri Senior Divisional Manager 7799911756 Swamy [dot] Pulluri [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1048 Adilabad Branch Ramakanth,B Senior Branch Manager 7799904889 B [dot] Ramakanth [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1049 Nizamabad Branch Sagroli,Shiva Ratan Assistant Manager 7799993584 Shiva [dot] RS [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1050 Ramagundam DA Branch Revanth,Matangi Bhanu Senior Branch Manager 7799908446 Bhanu [dot] Revanth [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1051 Kukatpally Division Veer Kumar,S Divisional Manager 8884499596 S [dot] Veerakumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1052 Patancheru Branch Megavath,Srinivas Senior Branch Manager 7799909132 Megavath [dot] Srinivas [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1053 Hyderabad Division IV Geetanjali,Thummalla Mun Swam Divisional Manager 7799906628 TM [dot] Geetanjali [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1054 Hyderabad L B Nagar Branch Sere,Suresh Senior Branch Manager 7799903626 Sere [dot] Suresh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1055 Hyderabad Begumbazar Branch Rajendra Prasad,Pulijala Senior Branch Manager 7799907784 P [dot] RajendraPrasad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1056 Sanathnagar Branch Naik,Kethavath Sreenivasa Senior Branch Manager 7799907443 KS [dot] Naik [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1057 Kondapur Branch Kumar,Chiluveri Ashok Senior Branch Manager 7799906228 CH [dot] AshokKumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1058 Tirupati Division Prasad,Rachagiri Ravinder Divisional Manager 7799906981 Ravinder [dot] Prasad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1059 Chittoor Branch Moorthy,Doraiswamy Madhu Branch Manager 7799900986 D [dot] Madhumoorthy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1060 Kurnool Division Obulpathi,Adiandhra Senior Divisional Manager 7799904081 A [dot] Obulapathi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1061 Adoni Branch Subramanian,Malathi Branch Manager 7799906654 S [dot] Malathi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1062 Warangal Division Chandulal,Lakshman Senior Divisional Manager 7799904212 C [dot] Lakshman [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1063 Khammam Branch Daripelli,Ramakrishna Branch Manager 7799900429 Ramakrishna [dot] Daripelli [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1064 Hyderabad Division V Sree,Sirasanagandla Jyothsna Deputy Manager 7799906365 SJ [dot] Sree [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1065 Secunderabad Division IV Natti,Suresh Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 7799900609 N [dot] Sureshkumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1066 Secunderabad Division V Minchala,Murali Krishna Divisional Manager 7799906119 Murali [dot] Minchala [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1067 Tarnaka Division Prudhivi,Padmaja Kumar Divisional Manager 7799907745 PP [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1068 Hyderabad Ameerpet Division Vamshi Krishna,K Divisional Manager 7799901948 K [dot] Vamshikrishna [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1069 Chikkadpally Division Y,Sivaram Senior Divisional Manager 7799902416 Y [dot] Sivaram [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1070 Hyderabad - Cyber Towers BC Bhavirisetty,Viswanth Assistant Manager 7799908940 B [dot] Viswanth [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1071 Hyderabad - Mehdipatnam BC Prakasham,Golconda Chandraia Assistant Manager 7799906621 GC [dot] Prakasam [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1072 Santoshnagar BC Kuruba,Bhargava Administrative Officer 7799912483 Bhargava [dot] Kuruba [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1073 Hyderabad - Gandhinagar
Surya,Sunil Kumar Senior Branch Manager 9643003328 Sunil [dot] Surya [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1074 Hyderabad - Erragadda Branch Brahmajy,K V S Senior Branch Manager 8884499557 KVS [dot] Brahmaji [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1075 Osmania University BC Ramesh,Cherupelly Senior Assistant 7799907798 Ch [dot] Ramesh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1076 Hyderabad - Kapra BC Vaidyanathan,Veena Assistant Manager 7799908865 Veena [dot] Vaidya [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1077 Hyderabad - Gachibowli BC Swamy,Darugupally Administrative Officer 7799902443 Swamy [dot] D [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1078 Hyderabad - Madinaguda BC Kondaiah,Janapati Singara Administrative Officer 7799901318 JS [dot] Kondaiah [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1079 Hyderabad - Kukatpally BC Mallesham,Renikunta Assistant Manager 7799906164 R [dot] Mallesham [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1080 Kadiri BC Venugopal,Changala Senior Assistant 9491865112 Changala [dot] Venugopal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1081 Tadipatri BC Bellary,Prasad Assistant - Non Typist 7799906989 B [dot] Prasad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1082 Guntakal BC Sankala,Pavan Kumar Administrative Officer 7799956761 S [dot] Pavankumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1083 Madanapalle BC C,Balasubramanyam Assistant - Non Typist 8332001389 Balasubramanyam [dot] C [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1084 Pulivendula BC Narayana,Jayavaram Lakshmi Administrative Officer 7799956762 JL [dot] Narayana [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1085 Husnabad BC Sandhi,Laxma Reddy Administrative Officer 7799904319 SL [dot] Reddy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1086 Kothagudem BC Chary,Gopalapuram Venkata Senior Assistant 7799907696 GV [dot] Chary [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1087 Nandyal Branch Sai Kumar,Jadav Branch Manager 7799901107 SaiK [dot] Jadav [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1088 Gadwal BC Moragadi,Raghavendra Administrative Officer 7799902501 M [dot] Raghavendra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1089 Mahabubnagar BC Rani,Ankush Sudha Administrative Officer 7799956763 A [dot] Sudharani [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1090 Badepally BC Kudire,Vinay Kumar Administrative Officer 9494568214 Kudire [dot] Vinaykumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1091 Naspur BC Prasad,Avadootha Ravindra Administrative Officer 7799907698 A [dot] RavinderaPrasad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1092 Sirpur Kagaznagar BC Moinuddin,Khaja Assistant Manager 7799906167 K [dot] Mohinuddin [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1093 Hyderabad Gaddiannaram BC Prasad,Bandela Krishna Administrative Officer 7799904737 B [dot] Krishnaprasad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1094 Chandrayangutta BC Maheshwar,Yengali Administrative Officer 7799956764 Yengalli [dot] Maheshwar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1095 Hayathnagar BC Goud,B Sai Anush Administrative Officer 7799956766 BSA [dot] Goud [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1096 Boduppal BC Sudarshan,Ratcha Senior Assistant 7799904361 Ratcha [dot] Sudarshan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1097 Vishakapatnam Regional Office Valluri,Sudhakar Chief Regional Manager 7799908112 Sudhakar [dot] Valluri [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1098 Vishakapatnam Division II S S Krishna Rao,Salagrama Senior Divisional Manager 7799902860 SSS [dot] KrishnaRao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1099 Vizianagaram Branch Gumma,V V Sudhakar Branch Manager 7799908817 GVV [dot] Sudhakar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1100 Vishakapatnam Division III Ahamad Shaik,Jaleel Senior Divisional Manager 7799906448 JaleelA [dot] Shaik [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1101 Gajuwaka Branch Chowdary,Siva Prasad Branch Manager 9099998518 SivaPrasad [dot] Chowdary [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1102 Kakinada Division Leela Roy,J Divisional Manager 7799908027 JLeela [dot] Roy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1103 Rajahmundry Branch Nanduri,Srikanth Senior Branch Manager 7799908784 Srikanth [dot] Nanduri [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1104 Yanam BC Geddada,Sujata Administrative Officer 7799909512 Sujata [dot] Geddada [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1105 Vijayawada Division I M Swamy,M Senior Divisional Manager 7799900470 MM [dot] Swamy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1106 Machilipatnam Branch Ganugapati,Sairam Senior Branch Manager 7799907005 GS [dot] Ram [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1107 Gudivada Branch Srinivasa Rao,Pedduri Branch Manager 7799903631 SrinivasaRao [dot] Pedduri [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1108 Vijayawada Division II Prasad,Lvpksv Senior Divisional Manager 7799903702 LVPKSV [dot] Prasad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1109 Vijayawada Branch I Prabhakara Rao,Velivolu Senior Branch Manager 7799906071 VPrabhakar [dot] Rao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1110 Guntur Branch I Vidavaluru,Pavan Kumar Senior Branch Manager 7799902296 PavanK [dot] Vidavaluru [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1111 Ponnur Branch Raju,Gaddam Branch Manager 7799907400 G [dot] Raju [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1112 Guntur Division II Sekhar,Tejavath Senior Divisional Manager 7799907996 T [dot] Sekhar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1113 Narasaraopet Branch Bala Vamsi Kiran,M Senior Branch Manager 7799908490 M [dot] BalaVamsiKiran [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1114 Chilakaluripet Branch Seshagiri Rao,Amara Branch Manager 7799902946 A [dot] Seshagirirao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1115 Ongole Division Mundru,Nageswara Rao Divisional Manager 7799908644 NageswaraM [dot] Rao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1116 Chirala Branch Sivanagulu,Devarakonda Senior Branch Manager 7799904930 D [dot] Sivanagulu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1117 Nellore Branch Peddibhotla,Ravishastry Subram Branch Manager 8884499561 PSRavishastry [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1118 Eluru Branch Siva Nagendra Kumar,Giduturi Branch Manager 8884499706 G [dot] Sivanagendra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1119 Bhimavaram Branch Garapati,Srinivasa Rao Branch Manager 7799908501 Srinivas [dot] Garapati [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1120 Tanuku Branch Eswara Reddy,Maragada Senior Branch Manager 7799906155 M [dot] EswaraReddy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1121 Vishakapatnam BC Hub Naidu,Dhananjaya Divisional Manager 7799908402 Dhananjaya [dot] Naidu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1122 Ravulapalem BC Ramakrishna Reddy,Gudimetla Ve Senior Assistant 7799909908 GV [dot] Reddy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1123 Samalkot BC Pydikondala,Raja Babu Administrative Officer 7799909350 P [dot] RajaBabu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1124 Amalapuram BC Srinivasa Rao,Rajanala Assistant Manager 7799902957 R [dot] Srinivasarao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1125 Mandapet BC Vubalanka,Srinivasa Rao Assistant - Non Typist 7799901749 Srinivasa [dot] Vubalanka [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1126 Kakinada - Sarpavaram BC Veerraju,Dadala Administrative Officer 7799901863 Dadala [dot] Veerraju [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1127 Danavaipeta BC Venkata Subba Rao,Devulapalli Administrative Officer 7799904434 DVS [dot] Rao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1128 Tadepalligudem BC Nageswara Rao,Jagilanka Administrative Officer 7799909517 J [dot] NageswaraRao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1129 Palakollu BC Raja Babu,Kollati Administrative Officer 7799907725 K [dot] Rajababu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1130 Kovvur BC Uma Maheswari,Uppalapati B Assistant Manager 7799906693 UB [dot] Umamaheswari [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1131 Piduguralla Branch Shaik,Rafeka Sultana Branch Manager 7799908977 RafekaSultana [dot] Shaik [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1132 Tenali BC Srinivasa Rao,Sunkara Assistant - Non Typist 7799909518 SunkaraS [dot] Rao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1133 Jaggaiahpet BC Rao,Vuyyala Mohan Administrative Officer 7799901496 V [dot] MohanRao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1134 Chimakurthy BC Naguboina,Ashok Assistant - Non Typist 7799904177 Ashok [dot] Naguboina [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1135 Addanki BC Nageswara Rao,Vaddi Assistant Manager 8884499344 Nageswararao [dot] V [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1136 Martur BC Sai Vinod,Dasari Venkata Assistant - Typist 7799912267 Dasari [dot] Vinod [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1137 Singarayakonda BC Elicherla,Rajasekhar Assistant - Non Typist 7799902703 E [dot] Rajasekhar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1138 Tekkali BC Raja,Balla Assistant - Non Typist 7799902193 Balla [dot] Raja [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1139 Amadalavalasa BC Swathi,Kuna Administrative Officer 7799909514 Swathi [dot] Kuna [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1140 MVP Double Road BC Ramakrishnam Raju,Rudraraju Administrative Officer 7799901971 Rrk [dot] Raju [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1141 N.A.D Kotha Road Junction BC Ainapurapu,Venu Gopala Rao Assistant - Non Typist 7799909519 venugopal [dot] A [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1142 Kothavalasa BC Rama Krishna,Tadimeti Administrative Officer 7799901371 T [dot] Ramakrishna [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1143 Vetapalem BC Prasad,Maturi Dhana Administrative Officer 7799909504 Maturi [dot] Prasad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1144 Jangareddygudem BC Buddula,Ramakrishna Assistant Manager 7799908021 B [dot] Ramakrishna [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1145 Mylavaram BC N,M Prasanna Babu Administrative Officer 9640387973 M [dot] Babu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1146 Vepagunta BC Narasimhamurthy,Vadali Assistant Manager 7799902601 V [dot] Narasimhamurthy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1147 Kanuru BC Ramadas,Talluri Assistant Manager 8884499370 T [dot] Ramadas [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1148 Pedakakani BC Venugopal,Gaddipati Senior Assistant 7799901443 G [dot] Venugopal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1149 Mandadam BC Shaik,Shukur Administrative Officer 7799909506 Shaik [dot] Shukur [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1150 Mangalagiri BC Vadduri,Naveen Kumar Assistant - Non Typist 7799909503 Vadduri [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1151 Visakhapatnam IOW Metta,Mallikarjun Assistant - Non Typist 7799909515 M [dot] Mallikarjun [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1152 Kochi Regional Office Sundararaman,R Dy.General Manager-RO Incharge 8335080505 RS [dot] Raman [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1153 Kochi Division P,Devaprasad Senior Divisional Manager 9497193411 P [dot] devaprasad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1154 Kochi Branch Jose,Arun K Branch Manager 8939845890 Arunk [dot] Jose [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1155 Aroor Branch P Ignatius,Annie Senior Branch Manager 8589985374 AnnieP [dot] Ignatius [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1156 Thiruvanthapuram Division K,Pradeesan Senior Divisional Manager 8589985362 K [dot] Pradeesan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1157 Thiruvanthapuram Branch I V,Sooraj Branch Manager 8370008953 Sooraj [dot] V [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1158 Thiruvanthapuram Branch II Chandrasenan,N Senior Branch Manager 8589985308 NC [dot] Senan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1159 Kozhikode Division I P M,Akbar Ali Senior Divisional Manager 8589985391 PM [dot] Akbarali [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1160 Manjeri Branch Thattankandithazhakuniyil,Sune Branch Manager 8589985429 Suneesh [dot] Ttk [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1161 Kalpetta Branch Jaya,S Branch Manager 8589985496 S [dot] Jaya [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1162 Vyttila Division K S,Deepa Senior Divisional Manager 8589985367 DeepaK [dot] S [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1163 Kollam Division A,Harigovindan Senior Divisional Manager 8589985384 A [dot] Harigovindan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1164 Kottarakkara Branch Ibrahim,Ashik Branch Manager 8589985446 Ashik [dot] Ibrahim [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1165 Kollam DA Branch Nair,Geetha Senior Branch Manager 8589985418 Geetha [dot] Nair [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1166 Kottayam Division K C,Prasad Senior Divisional Manager 8589985401 KC [dot] Prasad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1167 Palai Branch R S,Vinodkumar Senior Branch Manager 8589985422 VinodkumarR [dot] S [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1168 Changanacherry Branch Mathew,J Branch Manager 8589985445 Mathew [dot] Joy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1169 Thiruvalla Branch Issac,Bobin Senior Branch Manager 8335080721 Bobin [dot] Issac [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1170 Thrissur Division Augustine,Lawrence Senior Divisional Manager 8589985278 L [dot] Augustine [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1171 Irinjalakuda Branch S,Sajeer Branch Manager 8589985448 S [dot] Sajeer [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1172 Palakkad Branch Deviprasad,Navya P Branch Manager 8589985436 Navya [dot] Deviprasad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1173 Guruvayoor Branch Francis,Saju Branch Manager 8589985376 Saju [dot] Francis [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1174 Tripunithura Division V P,Ravi Senior Divisional Manager 8589985321 VP [dot] Ravi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1175 Thodupuzha Branch K K,Ratheesh Senior Branch Manager 8589985399 RatheeshK [dot] K [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1176 Aluva Division Babu,Suresh Senior Divisional Manager 8589985388 Suresh [dot] Babu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1177 Perumbavoor Branch R,Mayan Senior Branch Manager 8589985424 Mayan [dot] R [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1178 North Paravur Branch S,Jayamohan Branch Manager 8589985428 Jayamohan [dot] S [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1179 Kalamassery Branch P,Vijesh Senior Branch Manager 8589985419 Vijesh [dot] P [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1180 Kannur Division K G,Ajan Senior Divisional Manager 8589985331 AjanK [dot] G [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1181 Kasaragod Branch T,Dinesh Kumar Senior Branch Manager 8589985319 Dineshkumar [dot] T [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1182 Thalassery Branch T,Prakasan Branch Manager 8589985346 Prakasan [dot] T [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1183 Payyannur Branch O K,Haridas Senior Branch Manager 8589985202 OK [dot] Haridas [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1184 Kozhikode Division II S,Manoj Senior Divisional Manager 8589985378 Manoj [dot] S [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1185 Kayamkulam Division Latha,S Divisional Manager 8589985403 S [dot] Latha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1186 Pathanamthitta Branch Devaraj,Deepika Administrative Officer 8589985073 Deepika [dot] Devaraj [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1187 Kolencherry Division S,Shanthi Senior Divisional Manager 7506345299 Santhi [dot] S [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1188 Palarivattom Division Nair,Malini K Senior Divisional Manager 8589985368 MaliniK [dot] Nair [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1189 Kochi Division II Sreenivasan,Rajesh Divisional Manager 8589985381 Rajesh [dot] Sreenivasan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1190 Thrissur Division II Susheelan,Cibi Senior Divisional Manager 8589985288 Cibi [dot] S [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1191 Allappuzha Division Abhilash,S Divisional Manager 9995110904 S [dot] Abhilash [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1192 Mavelikara BC S Das,Ashwin Assistant - Non Typist 8589985309 Aswin [dot] Das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1193 Cherthala BC K K,Sanu Senior Assistant 8589985237 Sanu [dot] KK [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1194 Arookutty BC Azheeckal,Sabu Francis Administrative Officer 8589985062 Sabu [dot] A [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1195 Kalady BC Mohan,Saranya Assistant - Non Typist 8589985514 Saranya [dot] Mohan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1196 Mattannur BC Sheeja,Valiyaparmabath Administrative Officer 8589985261 VP [dot] Sheeja [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1197 Panoor BC J Nair,Jyothish Assistant - Non Typist 9567190420 Jyothish [dot] Nair [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1198 Kannapuram BC K M,Udayakumar Administrative Officer 8589985471 UdayakumarK [dot] M [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1199 Bharanicavu Branch Mohan,Arun G Branch Manager 8589985430 ArunG [dot] Mohan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1200 Anchal BC S,Krishnakumar Assistant - Non Typist 8589985506 Krishnakumar [dot] S [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1201 Paravoor BC V M,Arun Assistant - Non Typist 8589985507 Arun [dot] VM [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1202 Kanjirappally BC K,John Joseph Administrative Officer 8589985277 JohnK [dot] Joseph [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1203 Vadakara BC C M,Sreedharan Assistant - Non Typist 9446642699 Sreedharan [dot] CM [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1204 Tirur BC E V,Pradeep Assistant Manager 8589985232 EV [dot] Pradeep [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1205 Pattambi BC R,Anil Kumar Assistant - Non Typist 7025781279 Anilkumar [dot] R [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1206 Alathur BC C C,Pradeep Senior Assistant - Cashier 9946668456 Pradeep [dot] CC [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1207 Shornur BC K P,Subhash Assistant - Non Typist 7025539149 KP [dot] Subhash [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1208 Nedumangad BC R,Athul Raj Assistant - Non Typist 9447318498 Athul [dot] R [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1209 Varkala BC C,Russel Chandra Das Assistant - Typist 8589985501 Russel [dot] C [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1210 Kazhakuttom BC P,Balachandran Senior Assistant 8589985502 Balachandran [dot] P [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1211 Balaramapuram BC V,Mohanan Assistant - Non Typist 8589985041 Mohanan [dot] V [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1212 Venjaramoddu BC S,Soumya Administrative Officer 8589985503 Soumya [dot] S [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1213 Vatanappally BC C C,Kiran Senior Assistant 9656543280 Kiran [dot] CC [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1214 Vadakkekad BC Muttichoori Prabhakaran,Sudha Assistant Manager 8589985398 M [dot] Sudhakaran [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1215 Kechery BC M,Vysakh Assistant - Non Typist 8589985504 Vysakh [dot] M [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1216 Cherpu BC Madhusudanan,J S Administrative Officer 8589985383 JS [dot] Madhusudhanan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1217 Koratty BC T M,Rugmani Senior Assistant 8589985204 TM [dot] Rugmani [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1218 Marathakkara BC C,Blaise Jose Assistant - Non Typist 8589985065 BlaiseJ [dot] C [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1219 Sulthan Bathery BC C Raj,Akhil Assistant - Non Typist 8848919915 Akhil [dot] Raj [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1220 Thamarassery Branch Pradeepkumar,K Branch Manager 8589985394 K [dot] Pradeepkumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1221 Adoor BC Rajan Pillai,K Administrative Officer 8589985336 Rajan [dot] Pillai [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1222 Kotayam Perumbaikadu BC Rejikumar,Parayil Thankachan Senior Assistant 8589985354 Reji [dot] PT [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1223 Maradu BC B,Sathyan Administrative Officer 8589985280 B [dot] Sathyan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1224 Varam BC C M,Ratheeshan Assistant Manager 8589985467 CM [dot] Ratheeshan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1225 Muhamma BC Mohan,Aswathy Administrative Officer 8589985515 Aswathy [dot] Mohan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1226 Kadungalloor BC Kesavan,Sreenivas Mutukatupar Administrative Officer 9037226949 Sreenivas [dot] K [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1227 Kottuvally BC Narayanan,N K Administrative Officer 8589985320 NK [dot] Narayanan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1228 Kalliasserry BC P V,Ganesan Administrative Officer 7593830404 PV [dot] Ganesan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1229 Muvattupuzha BC T K,Vijayakrishnan Administrative Officer 8589985246 VijayaKrishnan [dot] TK [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1230 Karukachal BC Ponnachan,K V Administrative Officer 9526592285 KV [dot] Ponnachan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1231 Pampady BC Jacob Korah,Biju Administrative Officer 9495165477 KBiju [dot] Jacob [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1232 Piravom BC Narayanan Nair,Gopinath Administrative Officer 8304815494 Gopinath [dot] Nair [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1233 Kochi IOW Abdul Jaleel,P A Assistant - Non Typist 9447096404 PA [dot] Jaleel [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1234 Bengaluru Regional Office Kesava Mohan,Battarusetty Dy General Manager 7799908287 Keshav [dot] MohanB [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1235 Bengaluru Division I. B K,Vijaya Kumar Senior Divisional Manager 8884499608 BK [dot] VijayKumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1236 Bengaluru Division II Viswanath,Kala Vathy Divisional Manager 8884499459 Viswanath [dot] Kalavathy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1237 Bengaluru Division III P,Vikrant J Divisional Manager 7506345302 JP [dot] Vikrant [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1238 Electronic City Branch Chamala,Arjun Branch Manager 8884499388 Arjun [dot] Chamala [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1239 Mangalore Division I K P,Pushpalatha Senior Divisional Manager 8884499548 PushpalathaK [dot] P [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1240 Puttur Branch Bhat,H Raghupathi Senior Branch Manager 8884499544 HR [dot] Bhat [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1241 Bantwal Branch K,Nagendra Bhat Branch Manager 8884499314 NagendraBhat [dot] K [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1242 Mandya Branch Rani,Poonam Senior Branch Manager 8884499401 Poonam [dot] Rani [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1243 Virajpet Branch Jalal,Hilal Mohammed Branch Manager 8589985220 Hilal [dot] Jalal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1244 Udupi Division Shetty,Prathibha Senior Divisional Manager 8884499540 Prathibha [dot] Shetty [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1245 Kundapur Branch B,Kumara Branch Manager 8884499340 B [dot] Kumara [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1246 Moodabidri Branch Kela Kunjalu,Ramesh Naik Senior Branch Manager 8884499295 RameshK [dot] Naik [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1247 Bengaluru Division IV Yadav,Aastha Divisional Manager 8884499250 Aastha [dot] Yadav [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1248 Large Corporate Branch N,Nikhil Senior Branch Manager 8335080744 Nikhil [dot] N [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1249 Kolar Branch S K,Haresh Administrative Officer 8884409661 Haresh [dot] Sk [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1250 Bengaluru Division VI Viswanathan,Kasinath Senior Divisional Manager 8884499364 V [dot] Kashinath [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1251 Tumkur Branch Peddapalli,Avinash Kumar Branch Manager 8884499479 AvinashK [dot] Peddapalli [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1252 Mangalore Branch II Mantradi,Shantharam Senior Branch Manager 8884499538 Shantharam [dot] M [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1253 Mangalore Branch I Kamath,Jayshree Satyanarayan Senior Branch Manager 7506345214 Jayshree [dot] Kamath [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1254 Panambur Branch Mahesha,B R Branch Manager 8884499342 BR [dot] Mahesha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1255 Bengaluru Division VII Balakrishnan,Suchitra Senior Divisional Manager 8884499461 S [dot] Balakrishnan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1256 Bengaluru Division VIII Lakshmana Rao,R Divisional Manager 8884499546 RL [dot] Rao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1257 Bengaluru Division IX John,Antonet Senior Divisional Manager 8884499555 Antonet [dot] John [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1258 Bangalore Division X D,Ashokan Divisional Manager 8884499536 D [dot] Ashokan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1259 Marathahalli Branch Kousalya,A Senior Branch Manager 8884499296 A [dot] Kousalya [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1260 Hassan Division Kotian,Prakash Rama Divisional Manager 7506345275 PR [dot] Kotian [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1261 Chickamagalur BC Rao,Yashodhara J K Assistant Manager 8884499432 Yashodhara [dot] JK [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1262 Mysore Division II Nalli,Suryanarayana Divisional Manager 8884499453 N [dot] Suryanarayana [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1263 Mysore DA Branch K,Vishwanath G Branch Manager 8884499434 Vishwanath [dot] GK [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1264 Doddaballapur Branch Anand,Saket Senior Branch Manager 8411886165 Saket [dot] Anand [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1265 Bengaluru - Infosys BC Sesily,Manickam Assistant Manager 7799900598 M [dot] Sesily [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1266 Bengaluru - Kalyana Nagar BC Raja Shekaran,Eleyan Administrative Officer 7799906622 Rajashekaran [dot] E [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1267 Jeevan Bima Nagar BC Md,Mahesh Assistant - Non Typist 9035352201 MaheshM [dot] D [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1268 Bengaluru - Sanjay Nagar BC Managoli,Vasant Yallappa Administrative Officer 8884499237 Vasant [dot] Managoli [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1269 Bengaluru - Yalahanka BC Sheshadri,Sriram Administrative Officer 8884499495 Sriram [dot] Sheshadri [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1270 Bengaluru - Frazer Town BC Pasha,Khaja Assistant Manager 8884499590 Khaja [dot] Pasha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1271 Bengaluru - Puttenahalli BC Mir,Zahoor Ahmed Senior Assistant 8884499475 ZahoorAhmed [dot] Mir [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1272 Bengaluru - Malleswaram BC Bandiga,Durga Pradeep Assistant Manager 8884499462 Durga [dot] Pradeep [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1273 Bengaluru Mobile BC B R,Krishna Kumar Assistant Manager 8884499311 BR [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1274 Hoskote BC Prasad,G Sathyanarayana Assistant Manager 8884499294 GSathyanarayana [dot] Prasad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1275 Arsikere BC K S,Abdul Waheed Khan Administrative Officer 8884499284 AbdulW [dot] Khan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1276 Surathkal BC Swamy,Roopavani M Administrative Officer 8884499541 Roopavani [dot] M [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1277 Madikeri BC L,Venkappa A Senior Assistant 8884499503 VenkappaA [dot] L [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1278 Kushalnagar BC Dinakar,Usha Administrative Officer 8884499463 Usha [dot] Dinakar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1279 Hubli Regional Office Kannan,G Chief Regional Manager 8939845867 G [dot] Kannan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1280 Hubli Division Sayam,Ashok Divisional Manager 7799906626 Ashok [dot] Sayam [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1281 Gadag Branch Umesh Bhat,Albur Branch Manager 8884499328 A [dot] UmeshBhat [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1282 Belagavi Division Kamble,Mahendra Kumar Assistant Manager 8884499417 MK [dot] Mahendra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1283 Gokak Branch Polisetty,Satyanarayana Branch Manager 8884499421 Satyanarayana [dot] Polisetty [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1284 Nippani Branch Kamble,Arjun Durgappa Senior Branch Manager 8884499545 ArjunD [dot] Kamble [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1285 Davangere Division Gudi,Madhusudhan Venkannach Divisional Manager 8884499586 MadhuV [dot] Gudi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1286 Chitradurga Branch Krishnamurthy,Kumuda Senior Branch Manager 8884499549 K [dot] Krishnamurthy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1287 Gulbarga Division Krishna,Chandanala Gopala Divisional Manager 7799906008 ChG [dot] Krishna [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1288 Bidar Branch Malraju,Nataraju Branch Manager 8884499449 Nataraju [dot] Malraju [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1289 Dharwad Division Vasudeva Rao,Bheema Rao Assistant Manager 8884499379 BV [dot] Rao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1290 Karwar Branch Kumar,Vijaya Branch Manager 8884499430 Vijaya [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1291 Haveri Branch C,Venkateshappa Senior Branch Manager 8884499556 Venkateshappa [dot] C [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1292 Soundatti Branch V,Kiran Kumar Branch Manager 8939840295 V [dot] KiranKumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1293 Shimoga Division Kulkarni,Suresh Kashappa Senior Divisional Manager 8884499584 SK [dot] Kulkarni [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1294 Honavar Branch Ravindra,Muktabharan Branch Manager 8884499497 Muktabharan [dot] Ravindra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1295 Bellary Division Kanagala,Lakshminarayana Divisional Manager 8884499454 K [dot] Lakshminarayana [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1296 Raichur Branch Vamberavelli,Chandra Sekhar Rao Branch Manager 8884499443 V [dot] Chandrasekharrao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1297 Bagalkot Division Ganesh,Ganesh Divisional Manager 7799906727 Ganesh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1298 Bijapur Branch Kulkarni,Anand Shridhar Senior Branch Manager 8884499542 AnandS [dot] Kulkarni [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1299 Alnavar BC Nayak,Anil Beerappa Development Off -Grade I Admn 8884499302 AnilB [dot] Nayak [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1300 Hospet Branch P V,Shreekantha Branch Manager 8884499569 ShreekanthaP [dot] V [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1301 Sedam BC Nayak,Subhash Deepla Administrative Officer 8884499329 SubhashDeepla [dot] Naik [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1302 Yadgir BC Kumar,Vinod Administrative Officer 8884499938 Vinod [dot] Kumar4 [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1303 Byadagi BC B,Joshi Kumar Assistant - Non Typist 8884499515 JoshiKumar [dot] B [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1304 Yellapur BC Deshpande,Shripad Narasimha Administrative Officer 8884499324 Shripad [dot] Deshpande [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1305 Badami BC Sambrani,Timmappa Pandurang Assistant - Non Typist 8884499348 Timmappa [dot] Sambrani [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1306 Ramdurg BC Naik,Tanmay Sanjiv Senior Assistant 8618537617 Tanmay [dot] Naik [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1307 Raibag BC Patvegar,Khalidahmed Shamsho Administrative Officer 8884499373 Khalid [dot] Patvegar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1308 Huvinahadagali BC Sah,Kishore Kumar Assistant - Non Typist 9341575390 Kishore [dot] Sah [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1309 Holakere BC Soundara Pandian,Jeevan Administrative Officer 9600168268 Jeevan [dot] Pandian [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1310 Channagiri BC Bokam,Satyanarayana Administrative Officer 8884499964 B [dot] Satyanarayana [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1311 Sirsi BC Singh,R Charan Administrative Officer 8884499912 R [dot] CharanSingh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1312 Koppal BC Ananda,Honnalli Assistant - Non Typist 8073000236 Honnalli [dot] Ananda [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1313 Hubli IOW Thalu Shinde,Suhas Assistant - Non Typist 8892045183 Suhas [dot] Shinde [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1314 Madurai Regional Office Kadarkarai,Inbaraj Chief Regional Manager 8939840288 Inbaraj [dot] K [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1315 Madurai Division Jeyakumari,V R F Senior Divisional Manager 8939845648 RF [dot] Jeyakumari [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1316 Madurai Branch I M,Sundar Singh Branch Manager 8939845331 M [dot] Sundar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1317 Madurai Branch II Sathya,S Senior Branch Manager 8939845807 S [dot] Sathya [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1318 Madurai Branch III Swarnalatha,V Senior Branch Manager 8939845919 V [dot] Swarnalatha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1319 Karaikudi Branch Kumar,N Branch Manager 8939845613 Naganathan [dot] Kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1320 Tiruchirapalli Division I Meera,N Deputy Manager 8939845777 Meera [dot] N [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1321 Tiruchirapalli Branch II Ayyasamy,S Senior Branch Manager 8939845784 S [dot] Ayyasamy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1322 Tiruchirapalli Division II C,Manimohan Divisional Manager 8939845903 C [dot] Manimohan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1323 Thanjavur Division Rajendran,P Senior Divisional Manager 8939845776 Rajendran [dot] P [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1324 Kumbakonam Branch Ramesh,R Senior Branch Manager 8939845768 RRamesh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1325 Mayiladuthurai Branch S,Shaji Branch Manager 8939840165 Shaji [dot] S [at] NIC [dot] co [dot] in
1326 Thiruvarur Branch Ramesh,M R Branch Manager 8939845839 MR [dot] Ramesh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1327 Thoothukkudi Division Sivasubbu,T Divisional Manager 8939845838 T [dot] Sivasubbu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1328 Thoothukkudi Branch I Samydoss,C Senior Branch Manager 8939845813 C [dot] Samydoss [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1329 Thoothukkudi Branch II Ganesan,P Assistant Manager 8939845925 Paulsamy [dot] Ganesan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1330 Thirunelveli Division Chandran,A Senior Divisional Manager 8939845781 A [dot] Chandran [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1331 Rajapalayam Division V,Veeramanigandan Senior Divisional Manager 8939845876 V [dot] Veeramanigandan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1332 Rajapalayam Branch Sundar,S Branch Manager 8939845723 S [dot] Sundar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1333 Sivakasi Branch Chandran,K P Senior Branch Manager 8939845655 KP [dot] Chandran [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1334 Kovilpatti Branch P,Murugaiah Senior Branch Manager 8939840291 Murugaiah [dot] P [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1335 Dindigul Division Karthikeyan,R Senior Divisional Manager 8939845875 R [dot] Karthikeyan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1336 Karur Branch Kalaimathi,R Assistant Manager 8939845795 R [dot] Kalaimathi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1337 Bodinayakanur Branch Rajasekaran,G Branch Manager 8939845656 G [dot] Rajasekaran [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1338 Nagarcoil Division Sree Kumar,K Senior Divisional Manager 8589985322 K [dot] Sreekumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1339 Unnamalaikadai Branch Cp,Mithun Senior Branch Manager 8370008954 Mithun [dot] CP [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1340 Pudukottai Division Jayaseelan,C Senior Divisional Manager 8939845641 C [dot] Jayaseelan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1341 Anaiyur BC Soundarapandian,S Senior Assistant 9443935583 SSoundara [dot] Pandian [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1342 Paravai BC S,Sambasivam Administrative Officer 8939845701 S [dot] Sambasivam [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1343 Papakurichi Branch Sekar,V Branch Manager 8939845711 V [dot] Sekar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1344 Dharasuram BC Kannan,R Development Off -Grade I Admn 8939845737 R [dot] Kannan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1345 Koothanallur BC Stricandane,S Administrative Officer 8939845922 Seduraman [dot] Stricandane [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1346 Sathankulam BC S,Mariappan Senior Assistant 8939845935 S [dot] Mariappan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1347 Tenkasi BC A,Surendar Administrative Officer 8939845311 Surendar [dot] A [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1348 Palayamkottai Branch L N N,Balasubramanian Branch Manager 8939845769 LNN [dot] Balasubramanian [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1349 Sivakasi Viswanatham BC Mohamed Sarthar,M Development Off -Grade I Admn 8939845842 MM [dot] Sarthar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1350 Thingal BC R K,Abilash Administrative Officer 8939845001 Rk [dot] Abilash [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1351 Musiri BC N,Raadha Administrative Officer 9790139738 Raadha [dot] N [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1352 Raja Singa Mangalam BC Natarajan,R Assistant Manager 8939845920 R [dot] Natarajan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1353 Vadakku Valliyoor BC Sankaran,M Administrative Officer 8939845926 M [dot] Sankaran [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1354 Melachokanathapuram BC Maheswaran,G Administrative Officer 8939845927 G [dot] Maheswaran [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1355 Sankarankoil BC Pandian,K Senior Assistant 9842808323 K [dot] Pandian [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1356 Karaikal BC Dhuraimurugan,R Administrative Officer 8939845841 R [dot] Dhuraimurugan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1357 Coimbatore Regional Office Sreelata,Mukerjee Chief Regional Manager 8939840286 Srilata [dot] Mukherjee [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1358 Coimbatore Division I Manoharan,P Senior Divisional Manager 8939845676 P [dot] Manoharan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1359 Pollachi Branch Senthilvel,S Senior Branch Manager 8939845650 S [dot] Senthilvel [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1360 Mettupalayam Branch Hemalatha,M Branch Manager 7769900757 M [dot] Hemalatha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1361 Coimbatore Division II Muthuraj,N Divisional Manager 8939845793 N [dot] Muthuraj [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1362 Coimbatore Branch III Sharmila,C Senior Branch Manager 8939845806 C [dot] Sharmila [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1363 Coimbatore City Branch I Udayakumar,Spr Senior Branch Manager 8939845783 SPR [dot] UdayaKumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1364 Salem Branch I Pappu,C Senior Branch Manager 8939845679 C [dot] Pappu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1365 Salem Branch II Murugan,R Senior Branch Manager 8939845772 R [dot] Murugan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1366 Salem Branch III N,Santhi Assistant Manager 8939845704 N [dot] Santhi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1367 Salem Division Raja,N B Senior Divisional Manager 8939845739 NB [dot] Raja [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1368 Sankagiri Durg Division Isai Amudhu,C Senior Divisional Manager 8939845573 CI [dot] Amudhu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1369 Mettur Branch Palaniappan,A Senior Branch Manager 8939845694 A [dot] Palaniappan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1370 Attur Branch Velusamy,S Senior Branch Manager 8939845780 S [dot] Velusamy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1371 Erode Division S,Mohan Deputy Manager 8939845537 Mohan [dot] S [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1372 Erode Branch I P,Arulmozhi Senior Branch Manager 8939840259 P [dot] Arulmozhi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1373 Bhavani Branch Mahalakshmi,B Senior Branch Manager 8939845836 B [dot] Mahalakshmi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1374 Erode Branch II S A,Khader Senior Branch Manager 8939845840 SA [dot] Khader [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1375 Coonoor Division Krishnan,M Divisional Manager 8939845664 M [dot] Krishnan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1376 Uthagamandalam Branch Paramasivan,T K Senior Branch Manager 8939845801 TK [dot] Paramsivan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1377 Namakkal Division Sethumadhavan,Srinivasa Rao Senior Divisional Manager 8939845557 S [dot] Sethumadhavan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1378 Tirupur Division Jeyakumar,Anugraga Deputy Manager 8939845882 Anugraga [dot] Jeyakumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1379 Gobichettipalayam Branch Ravichandran,A Senior Branch Manager 8939845746 A [dot] Ravichandran [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1380 Kangeyam Branch S,Karthik Branch Manager 8939845886 S [dot] Karthik [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1381 Coimbatore Division III Padmini,N Senior Divisional Manager 8939845651 N [dot] Padmini [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1382 Tiruchengodu Division Rathinavelu,S Senior Divisional Manager 8939845689 S [dot] Rathinavelu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1383 Coimbatore - Saibaba Colony
Anandababu,M Senior Assistant 8939845907 M [dot] Anandbabu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1384 Coimbatore - R S Puram BC Pon Manokaran,Coimbatore Pala Senior Assistant 8939845916 PonManokaran [dot] CP [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1385 Anthiyur BC S,Ramakrishnan Administrative Officer 8939845905 Srinivasan [dot] Ramki [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1386 Sendamangalam BC V M,Subramanian Administrative Officer 8939845914 Vm [dot] Subramanian [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1387 Tharamangalam BC Parthiban,S Administrative Officer 8939845909 Parthiban [dot] Soundaram [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1388 Erode - BP Agraharam BC M,Arumugam Assistant Manager 8939845906 M [dot] Arumugamkodumudi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1389 Head Office Gupta,Suchita Chairman Cum Managing Director 9892949610 suchita [dot] gupta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1390 NCIL Narendrapur Boro Brahma,Chandana Chief Manager 8335080353 CB [dot] Brahma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in

Contact Details of Deputy General Managers

Sr.No. Name Email Address
Chairman-cum-Managing Director 
1 Mrs Suchita Gupta suchita [dot] gupta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
General Manager & Director 
2 Mr Peter Chittaranjan pr [dot] chittaranjan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
3 Mrs Geetha Santhaseelan geetha [dot] kb [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
General Manager 
4 Mr P. C. Gothwal pc [dot] gothwal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
5 Mr T Babu Paul t [dot] babupaul [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
6 Mr Debasis Das d [dot] das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
7 Mr Chiranjib Das chiranjib [dot] das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Appointed Acutary 
8 Mr Ashok Kr. Lahoty ashok [dot] lahoty [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Chief Vigilance Officer 
9 Mrs Mamta Sarangi mamata [dot] sarangi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Deputy General Manager 
10 Mr C. Sreenivasa Rao csreenivasa [dot] rao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
11 Mrs S. M. Geetha sm [dot] geetha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
12 Mrs G. Sarala g [dot] sarala [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
13 Mr V. Ratna Kumar vr [dot] kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
14 Mrs Madhumita Jena (NLV) m [dot] jena [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
15 Mrs Anita Das anita [dot] das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
16 Mr S. Kantha Rao s [dot] kantharao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
17 Mr Rakesh Kumar rakesh [dot] kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
18 Mr M V Subramanian mv [dot] subramanian [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
19 Mr Subrata Kr. Maji subratak [dot] maji [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
20 Mrs Gayatri S Iyer g [dot] iyer [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
21 Mr Debabrata Kar debabrata [dot] kar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
22 Ms Sumona Roy sumona [dot] roy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
23 Mr Jayanta Kr Roy jk [dot] roy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
24 Mr Ravi S Iyer ravis [dot] iyer [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
25 Mr Amandeep Singh Grover as [dot] grover [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
26 Mrs Chella Ashok Kumar chellaa [dot] kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
27 Mrs Sreelata Mukherjee srilata [dot] mukherjee [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
28 Mr S Sivashankar s [dot] sivasankar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
29 Mrs Mini George mini [dot] george [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
30 Mrs Mahua Nandy mahua [dot] nandy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in

Contact Details of Chief Managers 

Sr.No. Department Name Email Address
1 Accounts Mr S. Sejiyane s [dot] sejiyane [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
2 Accounts Mr Prem Prakash prem [dot] prakash [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
3 Accounts Mr Rajen Mahendra Desai rm [dot] desai [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
4 Accounts Hub Chennai Mr G. Sivadas g [dot] sivadas [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
5 Accounts Hub Chennai Mrs S. Shanti santhi [dot] s [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
6 Accounts Hub Kolkata Mr T. Mohan Narayana Rao tm [dot] narayanarao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
7 Crop, Rural & Marine Mr Kashinath Behera kn [dot] behera [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
8 ERM & Fraud Monitoring Cell Mr Rajesh Kumar Jain rajeshk [dot] jain [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
9 Establishment Mr Pradip Sarkar p [dot] sarkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
10 Estate, IRDAI Compliance, DFS, GIPSA,
GI Council matters & AML
Mr Ajay Sethi ajay [dot] sethi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
11 Fire & Engg U/W Mr Anupam Rakshit a [dot] rakshit [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
12 Fire & Engg U/W Mr Nogendra Kumar Baghel n [dot] baghel [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
13 Fire & Engg Claims Mr M. C. Kishnamurthy mc [dot] krishnamurthy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
14 Funds & GST Mr Ajay Kumar Jain ajayk [dot] jain [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
15 Health, Official Language, CRM and RTI Mr A. Krishna a [dot] krishna [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
16 Health Mr Ashok Kumar ashok [dot] kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
17 Health Mrs Ganga Shivkumar Iyer gs [dot] iyer [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
18 Health Mrs Sanchali Lal sanchali [dot] lal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
19 IA&ID & CAG Mr Chandrakant Lohar cy [dot] lohar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
20 Investment Mrs Seema seema [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
21 Investment Mr R Sethuraman r [dot] sethuraman [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
22 IT Mr M Shashi Kumar m [dot] shashikumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
23 IT Mr Sharad Kumar Singh sharadk [dot] singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
24 Legal, Publicity & CSR Mr Yashraj Singh yashraj [at] singh [dot] co [dot] in
25 Marketing & Bancassurance Mrs Geetanjali Khanna geetanjali [dot] khanna [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
26 Marketing including Digital Mr Dhritiman Bardhan d [dot] bardhan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
27 Miscellaneous Mrs Bindhu Raphael bindhu [dot] rapheal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
28 Motor OD Mr Rakesh Kumar Gandhi r [dot] gandhi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
29 Motor TP Mr P. S. Chakravarthy ps [dot] chakravarthy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
30 Motor TP Mr Upadrashta Sagar u [dot] sagar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
31 Personnel Mr P. Saha p [dot] saha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
32 Personnel Mr Ravindra Bowgal r [dot] bowgal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
33 Personnel (PF & Pension) Mr Nikhilesh Gayen n [dot] gayen [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
34 Research & Development Mr Prabhat Soni prabhat [dot] soni [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
35 RI - A/c Mrs Suprava Pani suprava [dot] pani [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
36 RI - A/c Mr Anup Dayal Xess ad [dot] xess [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
37 RI - A/c Mr Durbadal Mukherjee durbadal [dot] mukherjee [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
38 SAM-D Mr Ajay Kumar Verma ak [dot] verma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
39 Secretarial Mrs Rina Madia, CS rina [dot] madia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
40 Vigilance Mr Ajit Singh ajit [dot] singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
41 Principal Mr S Rajagopalan s [dot] rajagopalan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
42   Ms Aditi Banerjee a [dot] banerjee [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 National Legal Vertical, Delhi  
43 Legal Matters other than Motor
TP and HC & SC Cases
Mr Rakesh Kumar Kadayala rakeshk [dot] kadayala [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
44 Motor TP Mrs Veenu Garg veenu [dot] garg [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in

List of RO Coordinators For Life Certificate

Sr.No. Region Name of
Contact No. Name of
Contact No.
1 Ahmedabad RO B P Pathan 9099998610 Parisha Jadawala 9099901531
2 Bhubaneswar RO Neeharranjan Panda 8599010665
3 Baroda RO Rama Rajan 9099998729 Nayana S Jadhav 7069002894
4 Bangalore RO Pushpa Mohan 8884499523 Anita 8884499482
5 Coimbatore RO N Uma 8939845788 P Priya 8939841285
6 Chandigarh RO Urmil Sharma 8558834739
7 Chennai RO K Vedavalli 8939840205 R Sudha 8939840593
8 Kolkata RO I Gargi Paul 8335080652 Arijit Chaudhury 8335080258
9 Kolkata RO II M L Saha 8373061617 Deep Kamal Goyal 8335080385
10 Dehradun RO Preeti Dalal 8860569494
11 Delhi RO I Yash Wasdev 9643003457 Neeru Tyagi 8335080722
12 Delhi RO II Nida Israr 8884499383 Parvati Sagar 9711417102
13 Delhi RO III Kiran Takker 9643003485 Anjali Pandey 9643003499
14 Delhi RO IV Alexander 9643003053
15 Guwahati RO Lopa Sarkar 9707012508 Sumit Kumar 8404050030
16 Head Office Sasmita Roy 8599010667 Alip Mondal 9831090830
17 Hyderabad RO Vashita D Singh 7799908012 Dwadasi Sarma 9290435639
18 Hubli RO Anish 9994815955
19 Indore RO C L Raiger 7665014968 Jyoti Panjwani 9303223939
20 Jodhpur RO Rajeev Jain 7665013447 Anjali 7665011335
21 Jaipur RO Seema Yadav 7665013398 Bhavena Jangid 7665013342
22 Kochi RO Tinu Pappachan 8589985451
23 Ludhiana RO Virendra Kr Sharma 9643003023 Priyanka Aneja 8558834900
24 Lucknow RO Mamta Saxena 7704900326 Tushar Chatterjee 8558834661
25 Mumbai RO II Praveen Kumar R 7907970948 Geeta S Nayar 7506345174
26 Mumbai RO III Sanjita Jojan 8291293635 Suman Jaiswal 7506345017
27 Mumbai
Corporate RO
Yogita Dhanji 7506345185
28 Madurai RO A Vivekananthan 8939845785 Usha B 8754534563
29 Nagpur RO Gita Moni 8411886036 Ritesh Sonare 8411886163
30 Pune RO T D Sonwalkar 8411886104 kiran Asbe 8411079790
31 Patna RO P C Mishra 7506345075 Archana Sharma 8335080708
32 Raipur RO Vikas Sahu 8370008930 Swetha Patnaik 9494692939
33 Ranchi RO Rakesh Kumar 9099998627
34 Vizag RO D S L Gayatri 7799908795 G Kesavi 7799922457
35 NIC Pension Cell Anamika Ghosh 8335080472 Panchu Gopal Sarkar 9231696338

Ro-Wise Mediclaim Co-Ordinators

Sr.No. Name Regional Office Mobile
1 Runa Kumari ARO 9099153470
2 Nitin Shah ARO 9099998643
3 Hiral N Shah ARO 9099998619
4 Neehar Ranjan Panda BBRO 8599010665
5 Neha Kour BBRO 8599010625
6 Sasmita Roy BBRO 9583425109
7 Rama Thiagarajan Iyer BDRO 9099998729
8 Nayana Shailesh Jadhav BDRO 9824437494
9 Malapati Krishnaveni BRO 9493761624
10 Pushpa Mohan BRO 8884499523
11 Anita Tikoo BRO 8884499482
12 S Gunasekaran CBRO 8939845524
13 T. Selladurai CBRO 8939845680
14 V S Balaraman CBRO 8939845693
15 P Priya CBRO 9715096800
16 Rajalakshmi Ramakrishnan CBRO 8939845767
17 N Uma CBRO 8939845788
18 Dechen Angmo CHRO 8558894568
19 Smt. Rama Sharma CHRO 8558834951
20 D Selvi CNRO 8939840190
21 K Vedavalli CNRO 8939840205
22 Dr G Amudha CNRO 8939840203
23 R.Sudha CNRO 8939840593
24 S.Vijayalakshmi CNRO 8939845778
25 Gargi Paul CRO I 8981132439
26 Priyanka Sardar CRO II 8961485991
27 Saswati Mitra CRO II 8335080138
28 Santanu Mondal CRO II 8373061504
29 Sarmistha Ch Guha Biswas CRO II 8335080646
30 Preeti Dalal DDRO 8860569494
31 Sushil Kumar Sharma DDRO 9410549540
32 Yoginder Paul DRO I 9810156050
33 Geetanjali Khanna DRO I 7799900398
34 Meenu Mahajan DRO I 9818544516
35 Somi Kanojia DRO I 9910398307
36 Chanderkanta Tanwar DRO I 9643003538
37 Nida Israr DRO II 8884499383
38 Abhishek Upadhyay DRO II 8392954518
39 Rajiv Gupta DRO II 7704900111
40 Jaya G Soni DRO II 9643003632
41 Harsh Vardhan Pandey DRO III 7069006726
42 Kiran Takker DRO III 9953261221
43 Parmod Kumar Gupta DRO III 9643003590
44 Anita Joshi DRO III 8558834726
45 Harish Bisht DRO IV 9717293157
46 Divyarchi Bhardwaj DRO IV 9643003492
47 Charu Malhotra DRO IV 9643003661
48 Ms.Lopa Sarkar GRO 9707012508
49 Sumit Kumar GRO 8404050030
50 Manjula M Mattennanavar HBRO 9481680600
51 Santosh Sutagundi HBRO 9742708311
52 A Anish HBRO 9994815955
53 Venkata Naidu Dabbara HBRO 8123939302
54 D.V.Sarma HRO 9290435639
55 K V Sitarama Swamy HRO 8939845887
56 Vashita Singh HRO 9703523700
57 S.Hari Prasada Rao HRO 9441983010
58 Gunti Madhavi HRO 7799901198
59 Ritesh Jain IRO 8370009339
60 Chitranjan Joshi IRO 8370008968
61 Ramesh Balana JDRO 9414246048
62 Rajeev Jain JDRO 9413062526
63 Anjali JDRO 9034171965
64 Seema Yadav JRO 9468586884
65 Lovey Sogani JRO 8335080901
66 Bini S KRO 8589985400
67 Tinu Pappachan KRO 8589985451
68 Regina Ealias KRO 8589985468
69 Ms. Priyanka Aneja LDRO 9646975873
70 Virender Kumar Sharma LDRO 9810370102
71 Tushar Chatterjee LRO 8558834661
72 Gunjan Deep Kaur LRO 8335080190
73 Anupma Jauhari LRO 7704900339
74 Praveen Kumar R. MBRO II 9003760641
75 Ashwini Ashok Kamat MBRO II 7506345069
76 Arti Yadav MBRO III 8291856312
77 Sangita Jojan MBRO III 9869403148
78 Ms. Yogita V. Dhanji MCRO 7506345185
79 B. Usha MDRO 8754534563
80 A Vivekananthan MDRO 8939845785
81 Gita Moni NPRO 8411886036
82 Kiran Vitthal Asbe PRO 9881129766
83 Mrs Tanvi Sonwalkar PRO 8411886104
84 Mrs. Manasi S. Sahasrabudhe PRO 8411885922
85 Ganga Shivkumar PRO 8411885830
86 Deepika Kumari PTRO 8884499442
87 Saket Kumar PTRO 8405802704
88 Yogesh Kumar PTRO 8405802522
89 Palash Das PTRO 8335080670
90 Swetha Sai Patnaik RPRO 9494692939
91 Mr.Rajiv Kilaji RPRO 8370009346
92 Vikas Sahu RPRO 8370008930
93 Ranu K Chaudhari RRO 7004193175
94 Bhavirisetty Indira Lakshmi VRO 9491792758

Grievances Management System (GMS) Portal

CPIO and FAA List Regional Office wise Contact

Central Public Information Officers (CPIOs)

Sr.No. RO Name RO Code Cpio Name Contact Email Designation
1 Kolkata Regional Office I 100000 D C Baruri 8373061503 DC [dot] Baruri [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
2 Kolkata Regional Office II 150000 Dilip Sarkar 8335080292 dilip [dot] sarkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Deputy Manager
3 Kolkata Corporate Cell NA Debasish Saha 8335080780 debashish [dot] saha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Administrative Officer
4 Bhubaneshwar Regional Office 160000 K N Behera 8599010610 kn [dot] behera [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
5 Patna Regional Office 170000 Panchanan Chaudhuri 8335080158 panchanan [dot] chaudhuri [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
6 Ranchi Regional Office 180000 Anup D Xess 8370008421 ad [dot] xess [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
7 Guwahati Regional Office 200000 Newton Gogoi 8404050221 newton [dot] gogoi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
8 Mumbai Regional Office III 240000 I A Saiyed 9099998759 ia [dot] saiyed [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
9 Mumbai Regional Office II 260000 Usha P Kosambi 7506945177 usha [dot] kosambi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
10 Mumbai Corporate Office 250000 Bina Kelkar 7506345225 bina [dot] kelkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in DY Manager
11 Pune Regional Office 270000 P H Jadhav 8411885901 ph [dot] jadhav [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
12 Nagpur Regional Office 280000 A S Dahate 8411886040 as [dot] dahate [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
13 Raipur Regional Office 290000 A W Thul 8411886124 aw [dot] thul [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
14 Ahmedabad Regional Office 300000 M K Menon 9099998624 mk [dot] menon [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in DY Manager
15 Baroda Regional Office 310000 R M Desai 9099998489 rm [dot] desai [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
16 Indore Regional Office 320000 Sameer Khandelwal 8370009333 sameer [dot] khandelwal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in DY Manager
18 New Delhi Regional Office IV 340000 Divyarchi Bhardwaj 9643003492 d [dot] bhardwaj [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in DY Manager
19 New Delhi Regional Office I 350000 Rajinder Kumar 9643003658 rajinder [dot] kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
20 Delhi Regional Office II 360000 G S Bhadauria 7704900133 gs [dot] bhadauria [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
21 Jaipur Regional Office 370000 Ajay Kumar Verma 7665013599 ak [dot] verma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
22 Jodhpur Regional Office 380000 Amar Lal 9643003335 amar [dot] lal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
23 New Delhi Regional Office III 390000 Anita Joshi 8558834726 a [dot] joshi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
24 Ludhiana Regional Office 400000 Mukesh Kalia 8558835084 mukesh [dot] kalia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
25 Chandigarh Regional Office II 420000 Vijay Kumari 8558834733 vijay [dot] kumari [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
26 Lucknow Regional Office 450000 Neelam Sachdeva 8392954331 neelam [dot] sachdeva [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
27 Dehradun Regional Office 460000 Manoj Kumar Pangthy 8392954552 Manojk [dot] pangtey [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
28 Chennai Regional Office 500000 V Vijayalakshmi 8939840185 v [dot] vijayalakshmi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Deputy Manager
29 Hyderabad Regional Office 550000 Mamta Lepcha 7799908336 m [dot] lepcha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
30 Vishakapatnam Regional Office 560000 S Naga Prasad 7799908218 s [dot] nagaprasad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
31 Kochi Regional Office 570000 P R Suresh 8589985409 pr [dot] suresh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
32 Bengaluru Regional Office 600000 Pushpa Mohan 8884499523 pushpa [dot] mohan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Deputy Manager
33 Hubli Regional Office 610000 E Venu 8589985462 e [dot] venu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
34 Madurai Regional Office 640000 R Sethuraman 8939845811 r [dot] sethuraman [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
35 Coimbatore Regional Office 650000 Jaysree Cn 8939845853 jaysree [dot] c [dot] n [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
36 National Legal Vertical NA Neha Kishore 9643002651 neha [dot] Kishore [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Administrative Officer
37 Head Office 800000 Anita Das 8335080218 anita [dot] Das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Chief Manager
38 Kolkata Regional Office I 100000 Mr Ramesh Kaul 9643003626 r [dot] kaul [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
39 Kolkata Regional Office II 150000 Mr Bidya Bhusan Patra 7506345286 bidyab [dot] patra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
40 Kolkata Corporate Cell NA Mr Amitava Bhattacharya 022-22822116 amitabha [dot] bhattacharyya [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in CHIEF Manager
41 Bhubaneshwar Regional Office 160000 Mrs C Sridevi 8599010557 C [dot] Sridevi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Amanger
42 Patna Regional Office 170000 Mr Balaram Jha 8405802623 balaram [dot] jha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Amanger
43 Ranchi Regional Office 180000 Mr N Tirkey 8599010608 n [dot] tirkey [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Amanger
44 Guwahati Regional Office 200000 Mr Bikram Kr Singh 8599010596 bikramk [dot] singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
45 Mumbai Regional Office III 240000 Mrs Gayathri Iyer 8411886096 g [dot] iyer [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
46 Mumbai Regional Office II 260000 Mr R Ramesh 7506345273 R [dot] Ramesh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
47 Mumbai Corporate Office 250000 Mr P R Iyer 8335080359 pr [dot] iyer [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
48 Pune Regional Office 270000 Mr Ajay Nakhale 8411885988 ajay [dot] nakhale [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
49 Nagpur Regional Office 280000 Mr Beera Narendar 7799908182 beera [dot] narendar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
50 Raipur Regional Office 290000 Mr S K Maji 8335080179 subratak [dot] maji [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
51 Ahmedabad Regional Office 300000 Mr Lalit Chawla 9099998405 lalit [dot] chawla [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
52 Baroda Regional Office 310000 Mr A Mazumdar 7506345280 a [dot] mazumdar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
53 Indore Regional Office 320000 Mr A S Grover 8558835334 as [dot] grover [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
54 New Delhi Regional Office IV 340000 Mr R Bowgal 9643003587 r [dot] bowgal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Manager
55 New Delhi Regional Office I 350000 Mr Kant Prasad 9643003524 k [dot] prasad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
56 Delhi Regional Office II 360000 Mr Adarsh Johari 8589985227 a [dot] johari [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
57 Jaipur Regional Office 370000 Mr Ved Prakash Mittal 7665014891 vp [dot] mittal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
58 Jodhpur Regional Office 380000 Mr B C Dabhi 9099998450 bc [dot] dabhi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
59 New Delhi Regional Office III 390000 Mrs R K Allabadi 9643003488 rk [dot] allabadi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
60 Ludhiana Regional Office 400000 Mr Arun Kumar Bhardwaj 8558834653 AK [dot] Bhardwaj [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
61 Chandigarh Regional Office II 420000 Mrs Sunita Ramesh 9643003652 sunita [dot] ramesh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
62 Lucknow Regional Office 450000 Mrs K Bharati 7704900247 k [dot] bharati [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
63 Dehradun Regional Office 460000 Mr Amit Kumar Satish 9643003631 amitk [dot] satish [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
64 Chennai Regional Office 500000 Mr K Ajay Kumar 8939845503 k [dot] ajaykumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
65 Hyderabad Regional Office 550000 Mr M Janakiram 7799903618 m [dot] janakiram [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
66 Vishakapatnam Regional Office 560000 Mr J K Roy 8335080340 jk [dot] roy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
67 Kochi Regional Office 570000 Mr Xavier Alexander 8335080132 xavier [dot] alexander [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
68 Bengaluru Regional Office 600000 Mr Suseela M Abraham 8589985411 suseelam [dot] abraham [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
69 Hubli Regional Office 610000 Mr M Chandrasekharan 8884499600 chandrasekhar [dot] m [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
70 Madurai Regional Office 640000 Mr K Jeeva 8939845682 k [dot] jeeva [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
71 Coimbatore Regional Office 650000 Mr S Dinesh Kumar 8589985410 sd [dot] kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in Regional Manager
72 National Legal Vertical NA Mr Pravin K Gupta 9643003653 pravink [dot] gupta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in CHIEF Manager
73 Head Office 800000 Mr M K Roy 7665013165 mk [dot] roy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in DGM

First Appellate Authority (FAA)

Sr No. RO Name RO Code Address
1 Kolkata Regional Office I 100000 Calcutta Regional Office-I,National Insurance Building
(5th. Floor),8,IndiaExchange Place, Kolkata-700 001
2 Kolkata Regional Office II 150000 Calcutta Regional Office-II,NATIONAL INSURANCE BUILDING,
4 Bhubaneshwar Regional Office 160000 Bhubaneswar Regional Office, 6th Floor, IDCO Towers,
Janpath, Bhubaneswar-751022
5 Patna Regional Office 170000 Patna Regional Office Sone Bhawan, 4th Floor, Birchand
Patel Marg, PATNA – 800 001
6 Ranchi Regional Office 180000 Ranchi Regional Office,2nd Floor, Zila Parishad Marketing
Complex, Near Ranchi Nagar Nigam, Kutchery Chowk,
Ranchi - 834001
7 Guwahati Regional Office 200000 GUWAHATI REGIONAL OFFICE, LOHIA MANSION,
8 Mumbai Regional Office III 240000 Mumbai Regional Office- III,National Insurance Building,
1st Floor, 14,Jamshedji Tata Road, Mumbai-400020
9 Mumbai Regional Office II 260000 Mumbai Regional Office II,4th Floor, Sterling Cinema
Building,65, Murzban Street, Fort, Mumbai- 400001
10 Mumbai Corporate Office 250000 2nd Floor,National Insurance Building, 14, J Tata Road,
Churchgate, Mumbai-400020
11 Pune Regional Office 270000 Pune Regional Office, 4th Floor, Bhausaheb Shirole Bhawan,
Deccan Gymkhana, Pune - 411004
12 Nagpur Regional Office 280000 5th Floor, Fidvi Tower, Opp. Saraf Chambers, Mount Road,
Sadar, (Maharashtra) - 440 001
13 Raipur Regional Office 290000 Raipur Regional Office, Mobin Mahal II Floor G.E. Road, Opp.
Shahid Smarak, Raipur (C.G.) - 492001
14 Ahmedabad Regional Office 300000 Ahmedabad Regional Office,Hasubhai Chambers, Ellis bridge,
Ahmedabad - 380006
15 Baroda Regional Office 310000 Baroda Regional Office, 2nd Floor, D r. Indumati Patel
Trust Building Tilak Road, Opp. Aradhna Cinema
VADODARA – 390 001
16 Indore Regional Office 320000 Indore Regional Office,Fourth Floor, Apollo Towers,2,
M G Road, Indore (M.P.)-452001
18 New Delhi Regional Office IV 340000 Delhi Regional Office-IV,803-B, Tower-3, 8th Floor,
Konnectus Building, Bhavbhuti Marg, New Delhi-110002
19 New Delhi Regional Office I 350000 Delhi Regional Office - I, 803-A Konnectus Tower,
New Delhi 110001
20 Delhi Regional Office II 360000 Delhi Regional Office -II,2nd Floor, Core-3, Scope
Minar,Laxmi Nagar, Delhi 110092
21 Jaipur Regional Office 370000 Jaipur Regional Office,NBCC Centre (BimaBhavan),
Lal Kothi Scheme,Sahakar Marg, Jaipur(Raj.)- 302015
22 Jodhpur Regional Office 380000 NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED,
Jodhpur Regional Office, 3rd-4th Floor, Sun Tower,
Pal Road, Jodhpur - 342 008.
23 New Delhi Regional Office III 390000 Delhi Regional Office III,2nd Floor , Core-3 Scope Minar,
District Centre , Laxmi Nagar New Delhi - 110092
24 Ludhiana Regional Office 400000 Ludhiana Regional Office,4th Floor, Grand Walk Mall,
Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana 141012
25 Chandigarh Regional Office II 420000 Chandigarh Regional Office ,SCO 332-334, Sector 34 A,
26 Lucknow Regional Office 450000 Lucknow Regional Office,Jeevan Bhawan Phase 2,
Naval Kishore Road, Lucknow - 226001
27 Dehradun Regional Office 460000 Dehradun Regional OfficeNational Insurance Co. Ltd.‘Jai Plaza’,
56, Rajpur Road Dehradun – 248 001 UTTARAKHAND
28 Chennai Regional Office 500000 Chennai Regional Office Hamid Building, 2nd Floor 190,
Anna Salai CHENNAI - 600 006
29 Hyderabad Regional Office 550000 Hyderabad Regional office,5-8-568,Jubilee Building,   
Beside Petrol Pump,Nampally Station Road,
30 Vishakapatnam Regional Office 560000 Visakhapatnam Regional Office, 45-57-27/1, 4th Floor,
RRTowers, Narasimha Nagar, Akkayyapalem,
Vishakapatnam - 530024
31 Kochi Regional Office 570000 Kochi Regional Office Omana Buildings, 1st floor
Jews Street, Padma JunctionK  ochi- 682035
32 Bengaluru Regional Office 600000 Bangalore Regional Office, Shubharam Complex, # 144,
M G Road, Bangalore - 560 001
33 Hubli Regional Office 610000 Second Floor, Arihant Plaza, Kusugal Road, Hubli,
Dharwad, Karnataka, Pin : 580029
34 Madurai Regional Office 640000 Madurai Regional Office, Plot No.3, Second Floor,
Vaigai Colony, 80ft Road, Anna Nagar, Madurai-625020
35 Coimbatore Regional Office 650000 Coimbatore Regional Office, #684,Stock Exchange Building,
Trichy Road, Coimbatore – 641005.
36 National Legal Vertical NA National Legal Vertical (LegalCell),2 E/9,
Jhandewalan Extension (III Floor),New Delhi-110055
37 Head Office 800000 National Insurance Co.Ltd., 7th floor, Chabbil Das Towers,
6-A, Middleton Street, Kolkata- 700 071

Transparency Officer

Smt. Shobha Reddy
General Manager
National Insurance Company limited Head-Office
3,Middleton StreetKolkata-700071P.O.Box No.9229
Tel: 033-22896329,
Email: shobha [dot] reddy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in

Head Office

3, Middleton Street, Prafulla
Chandra Sen Sarani, Kolkata,
West Bengal, 700071.
Telephone: 033-22831705
Fax: 033-22831740.

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required email address of Kota (Rajasthan) office

Want to communicate regarding bike theft insurance claim

Regarding calculating claim

How can I calculate the claim on my vehicle having a IMT 23 insurance in first year of the vehicle?
Thanking you

Can be TP Policy canceled or endorsment

Dear Sir/madam

I have made wrong two vehilar policy . Can you cancel my TP two vehilar motor policy ? OR endorsment in the policy which policy totally wrong make by me . or I can take new motor policy.

Admit for passionate

Nareshbhai T. Mendpara
sons for Vraj Nareshbhai mendpara admit for hospital
Shyamubaa hospital

Policy number

Policy is in name of Mr.Vinay Ramniklal Oza, my husband and it's family policy. Can you provide me the policy number? Mr.Vinay is hospitalised and we want to inform the company. Hospital is Arihant heart clinic at Lancelot,Borivali West, Mumbai 400091