National Insurance Customer Care No. 1800 345 0330

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800 345 0330 (Customer Support)
All India Number(s): 
  • 033-6811 0000 (Alternate Customer Support)
  • 033-2537 0070 (Queries/Support)
  • 040-2770 0011 (General Queries)


  • customer [dot] support [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in (For any other queries)
  • customer [dot] relations [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in (Unresolved Grievances)
  • faf [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in (To report frauds)
  • customer [dot] portal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in (For Customer Portal related queries)
  • agent [dot] portal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in (For Intermediary Portal related queries)

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SMS Service

  • SMS "MOTOROCLAIM" to 56767556 from your registered mobile no.

Grivances Management System (GMS)

Enquiry Counter / Information & Facilitation Counters Contact

Name of Ministry/
National Insurance Co. Ltd.
Location of IFC/May I Help
You Counter/Enquiry Counter
National Insurance Co. Ltd.,
6A Middleton Street, 7th Floor,
CRM   Dept.,  Kolkata - 700 071
Telephone no. of IFC/May I Help
You Counter/Enquiry Counter
Name of the Contact Officers Mr. Amit Kumar Ghosh
Designation Administrative Officer
E-mail address of IFC /  May I Help
You Counter / Enquiry Counter
customer [dot] relations [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in

CRM Officials at Head Office and Regional Offices

Name of the Grievance Officer Designation Company's
Mobile No.
Calcutta Regional Office I   
Ms Kasturi Sengupta Deputy General Manager 8335080408 k [dot] sengupta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr D Jamuda Regional Manager 8599010538 d [dot] jamuda [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr T B Rao Manager 7799903823 tb [dot] rao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in 
Mr Debrup Chatterjee Assistant Manager 8335080686 debrup [dot] chatterjee [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Calcutta Regional Office II   
Mr Shomee Roy Deputy General Manage 8335080128 shomee [dot] roy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Arup kumar Dey Regional Manager 8335080115 ak [dot] dey [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Suman Kumar Paul Manager 8335080657 sumank [dot] paul [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms Anita Reshma Xalxo Administrative Officer 8335080778 AnitaReshma [dot] Xalxo [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Bhubaneswar Regional Office   
Mr A Shetty Chief Regional Manager 8335080259 A [dot] Sethy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms C Sridevi Regional Manager 8599010557 c [dot] sridevi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr. Sovan Nanda Assistant Manager 9987969876 sovan [dot] nanda [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Patna Regional Office   
Mr.S.K.Tewary Chief Regional Manager 8392954541 sanjoy [dot] tewary [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr. Binoy Kumar Regional Manager 8405802555 binoy [dot] kuma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr.Pawan Kumar Assistant Manager 8405802523 pawank [dot] kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Ranchi Regional Office   
Mr Ravi S Iyer Chief Regional Manager 8335080183 ravis [dot] iyer [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms Bhavna M Bidichandani Regional Manager 8411885833 bm [dot] bidichandani [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Nilesh R Tirkey Manager 8405802614 nr [dot] tirkey [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Vikram Bhawani Singh Asst. Manager 9574221993 vikramb [dot] singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Guwahati Regional Office   
Ms Chandana Boro Brahma Chief Regional Manager 8335080353 cb [dot] brahma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms Mary Pegu Regional Manager 8404050224 mary [dot] pegu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms Julia Tipri Basumatary Assistant Manager 8404050232 julia [dot] basu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mumbai Regional Office III   
Sh S K Singh Deputy General Manager 8335080358 SK [dot] Singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Smt. Mahua Nandy Regional Manager 8884499605 Mahua [dot] Nandy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms Kavita Londhe Manager 7506345001 kavita [dot] londhe [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms. Surekha N. Suvarna Manager 7506345106 sn [dot] suvarna [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Mumbai Corporate Office   
Mr. K K Raina Deputy General Manager 7506345006 kk [dot] raina [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr. Atul Malhotra Regional Manager 9643003649 atul [dot] malhotra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr. R Bhatia Manager 7506345161 r [dot] bhatia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms. Jolly Menachery Deputy Manager 9099998625 jolly [dot] menachery [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms. Bina Kelkar Deputy Manager 7506345225 bina [dot] kelkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Mumbai Regional Office II   
Mr. B L Sonkar Deputy General Manager 7506345242 bl [dot] sonkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms. R. Kala Regional  Manager 7506345285 r [dot] kala [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms Usha Kosambi Manager 7506345177 ushap [dot] kosambi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Pune Regional Office   
Mr Ajay Nakhale Chief Regional Manager 8411885988 ajay [dot] nakhale [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr P R Suresh Regional Manager 8589985409 PR [dot] Suresh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr. Dhananjay Kumar Deputy Manager 9711554159 dhananjay [dot] kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms. Nimmy Sadasivan Assistant Manager 8884499403 nimmy [dot] sadasivan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Nagpur Regional Office   
Mr Raju Janrao Sherkar Regional Manager 8411886173 raju [dot] sherkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms Gita Moni Deputy Manager 8411886036 gita [dot] moni [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Pravin Kakde Assistant Manager 8335080345 pravin [dot] kakde [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Raipur Regional Office   
Mrs A Mehta Sinha. Chief Regional Manager 8405802621 a [dot] mehtasinha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mrs. Radha M Kathale Regional Manager 8411886117 rm [dot] kathale [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr. Santosh Shriram Bhimte Manager 8411886047 ss [dot] bhimte [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mrs. Reena Soman Deputy Manager 8370009328 r [dot] soman [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Ahmedabad Regional Office   
Ms Bandita Saikia Deputy General Manager 8335080141 bandita [dot] saikia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr. K H Rathod Regional Manager 9099998473 KH [dot] Rathod [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr. D D Verma Manager 8370008913 dd [dot] verma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Rajesh D Satvara Deputy Manager 9099998486 rajeshd [dot] satvara [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms Runa Kumari Assistant Manager 9099013460 runa [dot] kumari [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms Ruchi Kapadiya Administrative Officer 9924445343 ruchin [dot] kapadiya [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Baroda Regional Office   
Mr A Mazumdar Regional Manager 7506345280 a [dot] mazumdar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Y D Dave Manager 9099998417 yd [dot] dave [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Sandip Roy Deputy Manager 7069006728 sandip [dot] roy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Indore Regional Office   
Mr Vinay Shukla Deputy General Manager 9643003611 vinay [dot] shukla [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Sunil Kumar Jain Regional Manager 8370008915 sunilk [dot] jain [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr P C Nihore Manager 8370008993 pc [dot] nihore [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Delhi Regional Office IV   
Sh. R.S. Chopra Deputy General Manager 8884499513 rs [dot] chopra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms. Minaxi Shatadal Regional Manager 8335080593 m [dot] shatadal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Raj Kishore Manager 8396991404 raj [dot] kishore [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms. Suman Jassal Assistant Manager 9717878441 suman [dot] jassal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Delhi Regional Office I   
Mrs Mamta Sagar Deputy General Manager 9643003534 m [dot] sagar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr. Viresh Dayal Mathur Regional Manager 9643003651 vd [dot] mathur [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mrs. Gunjan Garg Manager 9643003464 gunjan [dot] garg [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms Meena Khaneja Deputy Manager 9643003015 meena [dot] khaneja [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms Babita Chawala Assistant Manager 9643003058 babita [dot] chawla [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Delhi Regional Office II   
Mr. Dhananjay Singh Deputy General Manager 9643003554 dhananjay [dot] singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr. Anil Kumar Bareja Regional Manager 9643003605 ak [dot] bareja [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Sanjay Kumar Sharma Dy. Manager 9643003491 sanjayk [dot] sharma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Manish Jaiswal Administrative Officer 9643003349 manish [dot] jaiswal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Jaipur Regional Office   
Mr V P Mittal Chief Regional Manager 7665014891 VP [dot] Mittal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr. Y K Khinchi Regional Manager 7506345133 yk [dot] khinchi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr. B. L. Parewa Manager 7665013448 bl [dot] parewa [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mrs. Anulika Jain Administrative Officer 7230005531 Anulika [dot] Jain [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Jodhpur Regional Office   
Mr.A K Tewari Chief Regional Manager 9643003598 ak [dot] tewari [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr. Manoj Pangtey Regional Manager 8392954552 manojk [dot] pangtey [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr. Sanjeev Sharma Deputy Manager 9643003021 Sanjeev [dot] Sharma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Delhi Regional Office III   
Mr Sanjay Lalla Deputy General Manager 7704900444 sanjay [dot] lalla [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr. Chandra Shekhar Sharma Regional Manager 7665015061 chandras [dot] sharma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Harpreet Singh Manager 7832927104 harpreet [dot] s [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr. Mukesh Kumar Deputy Manager 8939840105 mukeshkumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Ludhiana Regional Office   
Mr. Amandeep Singh Grover Chief Regional Manager 8558835334 AS [dot] Grover [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr.Ashwani K Chopra Regional Manager 9643003417 ashwanik [dot] chopra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr. Kuldip Raj Manager 8558835083 kuldip [dot] raj [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr. Parvinder Singh Assistant Manager 8558835027 parvinder [dot] singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Chandigarh Regional Office II   
Mr N K Marwari Chief Regional Manager 8411885846 NK [dot] Marwari [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mrs Sunita Ramesh Regional Manager 9643003652 sunita [dot] ramesh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Tanu Mohil Assistant Manager 9805695922 tanu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Lucknow Regional Office   
Mr Anurag Mishra Deputy General Manager 7704900264 anurag [dot] mishra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Adarsh Johari Regional Manager 8589985227 a [dot] johari [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Durga Prasad Manager 7704900174 durga [dot] prasad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Dehradun Regional Office   
Mr. Rakesh Kumar Chief Regional Manager 8335080198 rakesh [dot] kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr. Sanjeev Tiwari Regional Manager 8335080354 sanjeev [dot] tiwary [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Sakhuja Deputy Manager 8392954432 sk [dot] sakhuja [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Chennai Regional Office   
Mr. S Akilan Deputy General Manager 8939845511 s [dot] akilan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mrs C N Jayasree Regional Manager 8939845853 jaysreec [dot] n [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr. R. Ramesh Assistant Manager 8939840217 rameshr [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Hyderabad Regional Office   
Mr M Janakiram Chief Regional Manager 7799903618 m [dot] janakiram [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr B Venkatesa Guptha Regional Manager 8939840154 bv [dot] guptha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms D G Devi Manager 7799904705 dg [dot] devi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms. Anita Kalra Deputy Manager 8558835361 anita [dot] kalra [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Vizag Regional Office   
Mr Y R Steven Chief Regional Manager 8335080299 yr [dot] steven [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr S. Nagaprasad Manager 7799908218 s [dot] nagaprasad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mrs B Indira Lakshmi Assistant Manager 7799902862 b [dot] indiralakshmi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Kochi Regional Office   
Mr R Sundara Raman Deputy General Manager 8338080505 rs [dot] raman [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms Mini George Regional Manager 8589985414 mini [dot] george [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Bangalore Regional Office   
Mr.B Kesava Mohan Chief Regional Manager 7799908287 keshav [dot] mohanB [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms Chella Ashok Kumar Regional Manager 8884499603 chellaa [dot] kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms R Sujatha Manager 8939845831 r [dot] sujatha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Hubli Regional Office   
Mrs. R Lalithakala Chief Regional Manager 7799906391 r [dot] lalithakala [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Anil J Rao Kumbhare Regional Manager 8411886127 aj [dot] kumbhare [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Ravindra Kumar T Manager 8939845872 ravindrakumar [dot] t [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Smt Manjunath Basavaraj Attimarad Administrative Officer 9986118211 manjunath [dot] attimarad [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Madurai Regional Office   
Mr.K.Inbaraj Chief Regional Manager 8939840288 Inbaraj [dot] k [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr A.Vivekanadhan Regional Manager 8939845785 a [dot] vivekananthan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms. S Saranya Deputy Manager 8939845885 saranya [dot] s [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms S.Sakthipriyadarshini Administrative Officer 9842329948 s [dot] sakthipriyadarshini [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Coimbatore Regional Office   
Mrs Sreelata Mukhejee Chief Regional Manager 8939840286 srilata [dot] mukherjee [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr.S.Dinesh Kumar Regional Manager 8589985410 sd [dot] kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mrs A P Mary Manager 8939845878 ap [dot] mary [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Ms.Anugraga Jeyakumar Deputy Manager 8939845882 anugraga [dot] jeyakumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Head Office   
Mr. Peter R Chittaranjan General Manager 8335080171 pr [dot] chittaranjan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mrs Anita Das Deputy General Manager 8335080218 anita [dot] das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Subrata Kumar Maji Chief Manager 8335080179 subratak [dot] maji [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mrs Mahua Mukherjee Deputy Manager 8335080295 Mahua [dot] Mukherjee [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Amit Kumar Ghosh Administrative Officer 8336939035 amitkumar [dot] ghosh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Deepankar Saha Administrative Officer 8335080748 Dipankar [dot] Saha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
CRMD-Helpline (Toll free) 033-22831742 18003454033 customer [dot] relations [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
H.O- 3 Middleton Street   033-22831760  

CRM officials at Divisional and Branch Offices

Contact Details of Deputy General Managers

Name Email Address
Chairman-cum-Managing Director 
Mrs Suchita Gupta suchita [dot] gupta [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 General Managers 
Mr Navneet Doda navneet [dot] doda [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mrs Sunita Tuli Nagpal sunita [dot] tulinagpal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Peter Chittaranjan pr [dot] chittaranjan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr P. C. Gothwal pc [dot] gothwal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Debasis Das d [dot] das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Shri Chiranjib Das chiranjib [dot] das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Appointed Acutary 
Mr Ashok Kr. Lahoty ashok [dot] lahoty [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Chief Vigilance Officer 
Mrs Mamta Sarangi mamata [dot] sarangi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
 Deputy General Managers 
Mr C. Sreenivasa Rao csreenivasa [dot] rao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mrs S. M. Geetha sm [dot] geetha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr Awdhesh Kumar Jha ak [dot] jha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mrs G. Sarala g [dot] sarala [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mrs Sadhana Choube s [dot] choube [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr V. Ratna Kumar vr [dot] kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mrs Madhumita Jena (NLV) m [dot] jena [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mrs Anita Das anita [dot] das [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
Mr S. Kantha Rao s [dot] kantharao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in

Contact Details of Chief Managers 

Name Department Email Address
1 Mr S Sejiyane Accounts s [dot] sejiyane [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
2 Mr Prem Prakash Accounts prem [dot] prakash [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
3 Mr Rajen Mahendra Desai Accounts rm [dot] desai [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
4 Sanat Kumar Behera Accounts sanatk [dot] behera [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
5 Mr G. Sivadas Accounts Hub Chennai g [dot] sivadas [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
6 Mrs S. Shanti Accounts Hub Chennai santhi [dot] s [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
7 Mr T. Mohan Narayana Rao Accounts Hub Kolkata tm [dot] narayanarao [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
8 Mr K. Raghu Accounts (CFAC) & OF k [dot] raghu [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
9 Mr Debabrata Kar CMD Secretariat &
IRDAI Compliance
debabrata [dot] kar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
10 Mr Kashinath Behera Crop & Rural kn [dot] behera [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
11 Mr Rajesh Kumar Jain ERM & Fraud Monitoring Cell rajeshk [dot] jain [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
12 Mr Pradip Sarkar Establishment p [dot] sarkar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
13 Mr Ajay Sethi Estate ajay [dot] sethi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
14 Mr Anupam Rakshit Fire & Engg U/W a [dot] rakshit [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
15 Mr Nogendra Kumar Baghel Fire & Engg U/W n [dot] baghel [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
16 Mr S Sivasankar Fire & Engg Claims s [dot] sivasankar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
17 Mr M C Kishnamurthy Fire & Engg Claims mc [dot] krishnamurthy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
18 Mr Ajay Kumar Jain Funds & GST ajayk [dot] jain [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
19 Mr A Krishna Health & Official Language a [dot] krishna [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
20 Mr Ashok Kumar Health ashok [dot] kumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
21 Mrs Ganga Shivkumar Iyer Health gs [dot] iyer [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
22 Mrs Sanchali Lal Health sanchali [dot] lal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
23 Mr Chandrakant Lohar IA&ID & CAG cy [dot] lohar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
24 Mrs Seema Investment seema [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
25 Mr R Sethuraman Investment r [dot] sethuraman [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
26 Mr M V Subramanian IT mv [dot] subramanian [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
27 Mr Jayanta Kumar Roy IT jk [dot] roy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
28 Mr M. Shashi Kumar IT m [dot] shashikumar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
29 Mr Sharad Kumar Singh IT sharadk [dot] singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
30 Mr Yashraj Singh Legal, Publicity & CSR yashraj [dot] singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
31 Mr Subrata Kr. Maji Marine, CRM and RTI subratak [dot] maji [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
32 Mrs Geetanjali Khanna Marketing & Bancassurance geetanjali [dot] khanna [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
33 Mr Dhritiman Bardhan Marketing including Digital d [dot] bardhan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
34 Mr Goverdhan Shekhawat Marketing gs [dot] shekhawat [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
35 Mrs Bindhu Raphael Miscellaneous bindhu [dot] rapheal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
36 Mr Rakesh Kumar Gandhi Motor OD r [dot] gandhi [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
37 Mr P S Chakravarthy Motor TP ps [dot] chakravarthy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
38 Mr U Sagar Motor TP u [dot] sagar [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
39 Mr P. Saha Personnel p [dot] saha [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
40 Mr Ravindra Bowgal Personnel r [dot] bowgal [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
41 Mr Nikhilesh Gayen Personnel (PF & Pension n [dot] gayen [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
42 Mr Prabhat Soni Research & Development prabhat [dot] soni [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
43 Mrs Suprava Pani RI - A/c suprava [dot] pani [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
44 Mr Anup Dayal Xess RI - A/c ad [dot] xess [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
45 Mr Durbadal Mukherjee RI - A/c durbadal [dot] mukherjee [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
46 Ms Sumona Roy RI - U/W sumona [dot] roy [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
47 Mr Ajay Kumar Verma SAM-D ak [dot] verma [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
48 Mrs Rina Madia, CS Secretarial rina [dot] madia [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
49 Mr Ajit Singh Vigilance ajit [dot] singh [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
1 Mr S Rajagopalan Principal s [dot] rajagopalan [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
2 Ms Aditi Banerjee   a [dot] banerjee [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
  National Legal Vertical, Delhi 
1 Mr Rakesh Kumar Kadayala Legal Matters other than
Motor TP and HC & SC Cases
rakeshk [dot] kadayala [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in
2 Mrs Veenu Garg Motor TP veenu [dot] garg [at] nic [dot] co [dot] in

List of RO Coordinators For Life Certificate

Region Name of
Contact No. Name of
Contact No.
1 Ahmedabad RO B P Pathan 9099998610 Parisha Jadawala 9099901531
2 Bhubaneswar RO Neeharranjan Panda 8599010665
3 Baroda RO Rama Rajan 9099998729 Nayana S Jadhav 7069002894
4 Bangalore RO Pushpa Mohan 8884499523 Anita 8884499482
5 Coimbatore RO N Uma 8939845788 P Priya 8939841285
6 Chandigarh RO Urmil Sharma 8558834739
7 Chennai RO K Vedavalli 8939840205 R Sudha 8939840593
8 Kolkata RO I Gargi Paul 8335080652 Arijit Chaudhury 8335080258
9 Kolkata RO II M L Saha 8373061617 Deep Kamal Goyal 8335080385
10 Dehradun RO Preeti Dalal 8860569494
11 Delhi RO I Yash Wasdev 9643003457 Neeru Tyagi 8335080722
12 Delhi RO II Nida Israr 8884499383 Parvati Sagar 9711417102
13 Delhi RO III Kiran Takker 9643003485 Anjali Pandey 9643003499
14 Delhi RO IV Alexander 9643003053
15 Guwahati RO Lopa Sarkar 9707012508 Sumit Kumar 8404050030
16 Head Office Sasmita Roy 8599010667 Alip Mondal 9831090830
17 Hyderabad RO Vashita D Singh 7799908012 Dwadasi Sarma 9290435639
18 Hubli RO Anish 9994815955
19 Indore RO C L Raiger 7665014968 Jyoti Panjwani 9303223939
20 Jodhpur RO Rajeev Jain 7665013447 Anjali 7665011335
21 Jaipur RO Seema Yadav 7665013398 Bhavena Jangid 7665013342
22 Kochi RO Tinu Pappachan 8589985451
23 Ludhiana RO Virendra Kr Sharma 9643003023 Priyanka Aneja 8558834900
24 Lucknow RO Mamta Saxena 7704900326 Tushar Chatterjee 8558834661
25 Mumbai RO II Praveen Kumar R 7907970948 Geeta S Nayar 7506345174
26 Mumbai RO III Sanjita Jojan 8291293635 Suman Jaiswal 7506345017
27 Mumbai
Corporate RO
Yogita Dhanji 7506345185
28 Madurai RO A Vivekananthan 8939845785 Usha B 8754534563
29 Nagpur RO Gita Moni 8411886036 Ritesh Sonare 8411886163
30 Pune RO T D Sonwalkar 8411886104 kiran Asbe 8411079790
31 Patna RO P C Mishra 7506345075 Archana Sharma 8335080708
32 Raipur RO Vikas Sahu 8370008930 Swetha Patnaik 9494692939
33 Ranchi RO Rakesh Kumar 9099998627
34 Vizag RO D S L Gayatri 7799908795 G Kesavi 7799922457
35 NIC Pension Cell Anamika Ghosh 8335080472 Panchu Gopal Sarkar 9231696338

Ro-Wise Mediclaim Co-Ordinators

SNo. Name Regional Office Mobile
1 Runa Kumari ARO 9099153470
2 Nitin Shah ARO 9099998643
3 Hiral N Shah ARO 9099998619
4 Neehar Ranjan Panda BBRO 8599010665
5 Neha Kour BBRO 8599010625
6 Sasmita Roy BBRO 9583425109
7 Rama Thiagarajan Iyer BDRO 9099998729
8 Nayana Shailesh Jadhav BDRO 9824437494
9 Malapati Krishnaveni BRO 9493761624
10 Pushpa Mohan BRO 8884499523
11 Anita Tikoo BRO 8884499482
12 S Gunasekaran CBRO 8939845524
13 T. Selladurai CBRO 8939845680
14 V S Balaraman CBRO 8939845693
15 P Priya CBRO 9715096800
16 Rajalakshmi Ramakrishnan CBRO 8939845767
17 N Uma CBRO 8939845788
18 Dechen Angmo CHRO 8558894568
19 Smt. Rama Sharma CHRO 8558834951
20 D Selvi CNRO 8939840190
21 K Vedavalli CNRO 8939840205
22 Dr G Amudha CNRO 8939840203
23 R.Sudha CNRO 8939840593
24 S.Vijayalakshmi CNRO 8939845778
25 Gargi Paul CRO I 8981132439
26 Priyanka Sardar CRO II 8961485991
27 Saswati Mitra CRO II 8335080138
28 Santanu Mondal CRO II 8373061504
29 Sarmistha Ch Guha Biswas CRO II 8335080646
30 Preeti Dalal DDRO 8860569494
31 Sushil Kumar Sharma DDRO 9410549540
32 Yoginder Paul DRO I 9810156050
33 Geetanjali Khanna DRO I 7799900398
34 Meenu Mahajan DRO I 9818544516
35 Somi Kanojia DRO I 9910398307
36 Chanderkanta Tanwar DRO I 9643003538
37 Nida Israr DRO II 8884499383
38 Abhishek Upadhyay DRO II 8392954518
39 Rajiv Gupta DRO II 7704900111
40 Jaya G Soni DRO II 9643003632
41 Harsh Vardhan Pandey DRO III 7069006726
42 Kiran Takker DRO III 9953261221
43 Parmod Kumar Gupta DRO III 9643003590
44 Anita Joshi DRO III 8558834726
45 Harish Bisht DRO IV 9717293157
46 Divyarchi Bhardwaj DRO IV 9643003492
47 Charu Malhotra DRO IV 9643003661
48 Ms.Lopa Sarkar GRO 9707012508
49 Sumit Kumar GRO 8404050030
50 Manjula M Mattennanavar HBRO 9481680600
51 Santosh Sutagundi HBRO 9742708311
52 A Anish HBRO 9994815955
53 Venkata Naidu Dabbara HBRO 8123939302
54 D.V.Sarma HRO 9290435639
55 K V Sitarama Swamy HRO 8939845887
56 Vashita Singh HRO 9703523700
57 S.Hari Prasada Rao HRO 9441983010
58 Gunti Madhavi HRO 7799901198
59 Ritesh Jain IRO 8370009339
60 Chitranjan Joshi IRO 8370008968
61 Ramesh Balana JDRO 9414246048
62 Rajeev Jain JDRO 9413062526
63 Anjali JDRO 9034171965
64 Seema Yadav JRO 9468586884
65 Lovey Sogani JRO 8335080901
66 Bini S KRO 8589985400
67 Tinu Pappachan KRO 8589985451
68 Regina Ealias KRO 8589985468
69 Ms. Priyanka Aneja LDRO 9646975873
70 Virender Kumar Sharma LDRO 9810370102
71 Tushar Chatterjee LRO 8558834661
72 Gunjan Deep Kaur LRO 8335080190
73 Anupma Jauhari LRO 7704900339
74 Praveen Kumar R. MBRO II 9003760641
75 Ashwini Ashok Kamat MBRO II 7506345069
76 Arti Yadav MBRO III 8291856312
77 Sangita Jojan MBRO III 9869403148
78 Ms. Yogita V. Dhanji MCRO 7506345185
79 B. Usha MDRO 8754534563
80 A Vivekananthan MDRO 8939845785
81 Gita Moni NPRO 8411886036
82 Kiran Vitthal Asbe PRO 9881129766
83 Mrs Tanvi Sonwalkar PRO 8411886104
84 Mrs. Manasi S. Sahasrabudhe PRO 8411885922
85 Ganga Shivkumar PRO 8411885830
86 Deepika Kumari PTRO 8884499442
87 Saket Kumar PTRO 8405802704
88 Yogesh Kumar PTRO 8405802522
89 Palash Das PTRO 8335080670
90 Swetha Sai Patnaik RPRO 9494692939
91 Mr.Rajiv Kilaji RPRO 8370009346
92 Vikas Sahu RPRO 8370008930
93 Ranu K Chaudhari RRO 7004193175
94 Bhavirisetty Indira Lakshmi VRO 9491792758

CPIO and FAA List Regional Office wise Contact

Head Office

3, Middleton Street, Prafulla
Chandra Sen Sarani, Kolkata,
West Bengal, 700071.
Telephone: 033-22831705
Fax: 033-22831740.

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required email address of Kota (Rajasthan) office

Want to communicate regarding bike theft insurance claim

Regarding calculating claim

How can I calculate the claim on my vehicle having a IMT 23 insurance in first year of the vehicle?
Thanking you

Can be TP Policy canceled or endorsment

Dear Sir/madam

I have made wrong two vehilar policy . Can you cancel my TP two vehilar motor policy ? OR endorsment in the policy which policy totally wrong make by me . or I can take new motor policy.

Admit for passionate

Nareshbhai T. Mendpara
sons for Vraj Nareshbhai mendpara admit for hospital
Shyamubaa hospital

Policy number

Policy is in name of Mr.Vinay Ramniklal Oza, my husband and it's family policy. Can you provide me the policy number? Mr.Vinay is hospitalised and we want to inform the company. Hospital is Arihant heart clinic at Lancelot,Borivali West, Mumbai 400091