Mitsubishi Motors India Toll Free, Customer Care & Contact Numbers

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800 102 2955 (24X7 Road Assistance)
All India Number(s): 
  • 0124 401 2955 (Customer Care)
  • 011 41021234 (Head Office)

Fax :

011 41025150 (Head Office)
022 30681821 (Mumbai Office)
080 40197198 (Bangalore Office)
033 40192290 (Kolkata Office)

Head Office Address :

3 B, 3rd Floor, Lotus Towers, Community Centre
New Friends Colony
New Delhi - 110025 (India)

Mumbai Office Address :

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries India Pvt. Ltd.
403/404, Madhava Building,
Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra (E)
Mumbai - 400 051 (India)

Bangalore Office Address :

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries India Pvt. Ltd.
403/404, Madhava Building,
Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra (E)
Mumbai - 400 051 (India)

Kolkata Satellite Office Address :

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries India Pvt. Ltd.
403/404, Madhava Building,
Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra (E)
Mumbai - 400 051 (India)


Pajero Sports new

Hi Team

I am planning to buy new pajero sports manual .

Please let me know is it's available with any delear in India




I own a Pajero SFX BSIV model, which was purchased from Auto Pacifica India Pvt Ltd from Bangalore in December 2011.

The SFX BSIV has rune 3,00,000 kms till now. All the services were carried out at Authorised Service Centre (SVR Motors service station) at Bangalore.

For the below problem Vehicle has been taken inward at Bangalore SVR Motors on 23/10/2019 till now Vehicle problem did not recognized properly and till now problem not solved.

During the driving exalter was raising on movement of vehicle than it takes to high pitch after that there was no raining was found.

For the above problem SVR Motors technicians were thought that due to cylainder problem it is happening so that they have changed New Cylainder but problem was not found.

After that they thought due to failure of Turbo it is happening they have changed New turbo than also problem not found.

Again they thought due to Fuel pump problem this is happening, they have removed Diesel pump 5 days back and sent for repair now they are saying till now Diesel pump not received. We completely lost our patience how many days does they need to find problem of vehicle and to solve we also loosing money to hire other vehicle.

We completely depended with this vehicle and run 3 lakh kilometres with good condition.

Our strong opinion is that there are no good and proper technicians in SVR Motors, Bangalore.

So herewith I am requesting you to assist me on resolving this issue and take proper action against this issue.

Awaiting your favourable reply

Name of Owner: S.G. Chandramouli
Location: Tumkur.
Car number: KA06N2781.
Model: Pajero 2.8 SFX
Year: December 2011.
Mob: 9845xxxxxx


Dear Sir ,
I have mitsubishi outlander and i have no contact numbers at MUMBAI , kindly advise mumbai numbers for servicing of my car .

Incorrect contact details

I have been trying to get in touch with you. But none of the phone number appears to be in order. Has the company closed down as the rumours are?

duplicate parts in my car

asian motors moti nagar,new delhi.cheated me in repairingthe car no.HR 50 C 4646.the car is in the workshop since 3 months.

Pajero Sport shock absorber and uneven Tyre wear issue

Good Day Sir / Madam,

I own a Pajero Sport 4x4 manual model, which was purchased from SanjayRaj Auto from Mumbai in September 2016.

The SUV has clocked 26500kms till now. All the services were carried out at Authorised Service Centres (ASC) at Mumbai.

Now, during recent drive, I have noticed some rolling and upon inspection it was noticed that the rear shock absorbers were having signs of oil leak. The car was shown to the ASC and PPR was raised. After waiting for 20days the shock absorbers were changed under warranty.

Still I am facing some issue as below

The tyres of the car have unevenly worn out. Proper maintenance of the car and tyres were done at regular intervals as per manual. Tyres were checked for allignment and balancing at every service and no issue was reported by ASC. Further at every 5000kms Tyre balancing and allignment was done by me to just make sure proper condition of the Tyre.

Even after proper care and periodic maintenance of the Car the tyres needs replacement at 27000kms only.

I attribute above uneven wear of the tyres to poor quality of the shock absorber as there is no other reason why the tyres should wear out so early.

The new set of tyres will cost me some where around Rs 60000 of no fault of mine. This directly adds about Rs3 more per kilometer run of vehicle.

The ASC doesn't seem to have any answer nor they are willing to accept the fault and blaming me for the improper driving skills. If I may, please note that I am a single driver of my car and car is driven only on highways and no off-roading is done.

Now Finally, even if I change the tyres to new one what is the guarantee that the tyres won't wear out as, as per the ASC there seems to be no problem.

So herewith I am requesting you to assist me on resolving this issue.

I am a great supporter Mitsubishi product and we must make sure the brand doesn't get affected due to this.

Awaiting your favourable reply.

Name of Owner: Thomas Mendonca ( my father).
Location: Mumbai.
Car number: MH47K9460.
Model: Manual
Year: September 2016
Odometer: 26500.

Best Regards

Have a great day

Joslyn Mendonca.

sent from my mobile

Complain regarding pajero

Mr. Vishal Sinha,
Mitsubishi Motors,

Ref : Mitsubishi Pajero vehicle purchased from your showroom on 03/09/2017 (car no GJ 15 CG 5158) by Dr. Akshay Nadkarni.


On 3rd November 2018, I set off at 11.00 pm for my Diwali vacation to Lonavala. We left Vapi with my wife & 3 kids aged 7 yr, 5 yr & 1 yr for this trip at 1100 pm after winding up hospital work at 21st Century Hospitals, Vapi. After dinner we crossed Manor at around midnight & then this ghastly nightmarish incident occurred few kms after Manor. The car suddenly heated up & the steering got locked, the brakes failed & the car was at 120 kms per hour. In the next 10 minutes, the car was self-driving without control with smoke and fumes emerging from the bonnet which further reduced visibility in the dark jungles of Manor. It was sheer luck & God’s grace that the oncoming traffic was less and there was no head-on collision. My heart was in my mouth and my wife and children were shattered completely and crying.

We truly appreciate your prompt picking up of the phone in the middle of the night, your prompt help in sending the tow van and towing off the vehicle to New Bombay (For which Rs. 9000 was charged) and also for providing us a replacement demo vehicle.

We regained our composure in two hours’ time and checked in to Silent Valley Resort in Manor at 3.00 am in the morning. Our Diwali vacation was over, but we were happy to be alive.

We purchased this red white Pajero on 9th Sep 2017 and it has run under 10000 km in one year. There was no problem until Aug 2018 except that the diesel average was only 7 to 8 km per liter. Problems started in Aug 2018. The heating started after 100 km which was reported during service. We again sent the vehicle for engine heating when coolant was changed, and vehicle serviced and send back as ok.

However, the problem persisted, and the vehicle was sent again. The vehicle was then grounded, and some gas kit and engine work were done. The heating problem still remained. The AC was weak and diesel average dipped to 6 to 7 kms per liter. The vehicle was then kept with you in the workshop for 25 days. No replacement vehicle was given, and the vehicle was handed back in end October after test driving up to Baroda by you for which 6000 Rs charged as diesel expense.

This life threatening episode than occurred on 3rd Nov 2018 in which my entire family could have lost their life. Now none of my family members including myself, my wife, my children and parents and driver ever want me to drive this vehicle again.

So, I now make this humble request to you to either give a permanent new vehicle on my name with fresh registration or refund me the vehicle cost and my expenses.

I am unable to accept the same defective vehicle under any circumstances even if it is so called repaired by the company as we have lost all faith in this vehicle and cannot jeopardize our life once again. Hope you understand our circumstances and heed my humble request.

Sincerely yours,

(Dr. Akshay Nadkarni)

Regarding Service

From Past couple of services to our Vehicle i.e Pajero Sport Vehicle Number KA01MM1139 Owner Name P. Gopinatha Reddy.Have purchase the vehicle from Bangalore. The service Bill amount has been more than Rs 70,000 and I am not satisfied with the service made to the vehicle. From last 4 services the cost of service has been more than Rs 40,000 and the service is not up to the mark. There are still lot of problems in the vehicle that has not been rectified by your concern and service for the same has not been done properly.
More than Rs 4,00,000 has been spent for service in last 2 years. Please look into the matter.

i have taken pajero sport

i have taken pajero sport select plus
i have not get accesory and rto problem
so pls get me answer from mahesh amit

Complaint regarding the services

Dear sir/mam ,
I got my pajero sport slect plus serviced on 2nd july 2018. But after getting it serviced I experienced some problems in it like excessive smoking , losing power etc.
It took it for the diagnosis in Neela motors , patna .
But they are not taking proper response and as well as the team members are not responsible and well behaved.
Since yesterday i have not got any proper response.
This is for your information that they are using the service centre for repairing other companies vehicles and using the customer’s vehicle for their own personal use wgich is wuite unprofessional and will degrade the reputation of mitsubishi motors.
Kindly look into this matter and take necessary actions.

For your information: my vehicle details
Vehicle chassis no: MA701KH4WHD006907
Engine no: 4D56UCFX4873
Registration no : JH22B0027

Abhishek kumar
Narayan shakti bulidcon pvt lyd

Lubricant used in Pajero GLX

Plz let me know which is the appropriate lubricant oil for my Pajero GLX. 2.8 CRZ.
Currently I am using Motul- 10W 30.

Which are other recommended lubricants