MDIndia Health Insurance TPA Pvt Ltd Toll Free 1800-233-1166

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800 233 1166
  • 1800 233 4505 (Cashless No.)
  • 1800 233 5588 (LIC)
  • 1800 233 5690 (BPCL/IBA)
  • 1800 233 5692 (HDFC)
  • 1800 233 5599 (SAIL)
All India Number(s): 
  • 8390839000 (Helpline on Whats app )
  • 020 25300126 (Senior Citizen)
  • 1860 233 4477 (MSEDCL & Group Companies)


Name of Department Toll Free Numbers Email ID Fax Numbers
Non-cashless 1800-233-1166 customercare [at] mdindia [dot] com
Cashless 1800-233-4505 authorisation [at] mdindia [dot] com 1860-233-4449
LIC 1800-233-5588 customercare [at] mdindia [dot] com
BPCL/ IBA 1800-233-5690 customercare [at] mdindia [dot] com
iba [at] mdindia [dot] com
HDFC 1800-233-5692 hdfclife [at] mdindia [dot] com
SAIL 1800-233-5599 sail [at] mdindia [dot] com

Grievance for Reimbursement

Escalation Level Contact person Name Designation Contact Number Email ID
Level 1 Vidya Temgire Group Leader 020-25300128 grievance [at] mdindia [dot] com
Level 2 Vinod Deore
Sandip Mane
Asst. Manager 09325612924
vdeore [at] mdindia [dot] com
sandipm [at] mdindia [dot] com
Level 3 Aliasgar Murgha Manager amurgha [at] mdindia [dot] com
Level 4 Gargi Putatunda
/Manjit Pilakudy
Sr. Manager 07030910973
gputatunda [at] mdindia [dot] com
mpilakudy [at] mdindia [dot] com

Grievance for Cashless

Escalation Level Contact person Designation Contact Number Email ID
Level 1 Jahed Shaikh Group Leader contact [at] mdindia [dot] com
Level 2 Praveen Kharade
Deepak Mane
Asst. Manager 7798984944
pkharade [at] mdindia [dot] com
Level 3 Aliasgar Murgha Manager amurgha [at] mdindia [dot] com

Online Complaint Registraion

Complaint Status


lic [dot] mediclaim [at] mdindia [dot] com

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