MDIndia Health Insurance TPA Toll Free No. 1800 233 1166

Toll free Number(s): 
  • 1800 233 1166
  • 1800 233 4505 (Cashless No.)
  • 1800 233 5588 (LIC)
  • 1800 233 5690 (BPCL/IBA)
  • 1800 233 5692 (HDFC)
  • 1800 233 5599 (SAIL)
All India Number(s): 
  • 8390839000 (Helpline on Whats app )
  • 020 25300126 (Senior Citizen)
  • 1860 233 4477 (MSEDCL & Group Companies)


lic [dot] mediclaim [at] mdindia [dot] com

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Status <Claim Status> to 86918 63863


Name of Department Toll Free Numbers Email ID Fax Numbers
Non-cashless 1800-233-1166 customercare [at] mdindia [dot] com
Cashless 1800-233-4505 authorisation [at] mdindia [dot] com 1860-233-4449
LIC 1800-233-5588 customercare [at] mdindia [dot] com
BPCL/ IBA 1800-233-5690 customercare [at] mdindia [dot] com
iba [at] mdindia [dot] com
HDFC 1800-233-5692 hdfclife [at] mdindia [dot] com
SAIL 1800-233-5599 sail [at] mdindia [dot] com

Grievance for Reimbursement

Escalation Level Contact person Name Contact Number Email ID Designation
Level 1 Vidya Temgire 020-25300128 grievance [at] mdindia [dot] com Group Leader
Level 2 Vinod Deore
Sandip Mane
vdeore [at] mdindia [dot] com
sandipm [at] mdindia [dot] com
Asst. Manager
Level 3 Aliasgar Murgha amurgha [at] mdindia [dot] com Manager
Level 4 Gargi Putatunda
/Manjit Pilakudy
gputatunda [at] mdindia [dot] com
mpilakudy [at] mdindia [dot] com
Sr. Manager

Grievance for Cashless

Escalation Level Contact person Contact Number Email ID Designation
Level 1 Jahed Shaikh contact [at] mdindia [dot] com Group Leader
Level 2 Praveen Kharade
Deepak Mane
pkharade [at] mdindia [dot] com Asst. Manager
Level 3 Aliasgar Murgha amurgha [at] mdindia [dot] com Manager


Claim settlement not done yet

I have submitted all my documents four and half months before but still the claim is not settled. They asked for additional documents and I have sent it all properly again.

But the claim is not at all settled. I am regularly following up with the customer care regarding this.
But, I am not getting proper response from them and the claim process is needlessly getting delayed from your end.

Now, Clary define me when my claim will get settled, if there is a valid reason for not settling, please clearly communicate with me, so that I will send the requirments.

I am also furnishing my policy details. Please process it at the earliest.

My EC NO.118312,POLICY NO- MDI5056585, Amount-27987. patient name-malubhi patil..

Payment not clear

I am submeet all document, but i am not receiv my amount. Plz clear my claim amout 26000/=

Regarding claim of Mr. Saurabh Kumar

Dear Sir/Ma'am,
With reference to the captioned matter I am very sorry to note that instead of various reminders and telephonic conversation with MDIndia Personnels, the claim of accident dental is still not resolved. The case is of April 2019 where Dental treatment was undergone by me and when the same was claimed by me, your company repudiated the said claim by saying that "Hospitalization is required for claiming of any type of claim" but as per IRDA circular
The above mentioned circular clearly indicates that " The dental treatment covered do not require hospitalization".
Kindly look into the matter seriously and resolve the claim as soon as possible.

Thanks & Regards

Saurabh Kumar

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