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  • 92789-12345 (For service, installation & AMC, 9-6pm , 7 Days)
  • 95821-23456 (For Free Demo)


  • service [at] kent [dot] co [dot] in (Service support)
  • sales [at] kent [dot] co [dot] in (Sales support)
  • Onlinesales [at] kent [dot] co [dot] in (Online sales)

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Deliveries are made during office hours 9am to 7pm.

  • Most orders are dispatched within 2-3 business days.
  • Delivery time will vary based on your location.
  • Most packages get delivered within 10-15 days.

Order Return & Refunds

For this you have to mail at Onlinesales [at] kent [dot] co [dot] in

  • Please note that a refund facility only for products bought from our online store.
  • You can return any product bought from kent ro systems ltd, before the product is
    installed at your place. This should be done within 30 days from date of invoicing.

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KENT RO Systems Ltd.
E 6,7 & 8, Sector-59 Noida
201309,Uttar Pradesh, India
Ph: 0120-3075000

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Ozone washer

Very bad product and bad service in Kerala

Bought an ozone washer 4 months back and now it’s not working
Registered a complaint and it’s been a month. No reply Not answering nothing from kent

Useless products and services

Bad quality product

Dear kent team

I have purchased kent with SI no KR1506050656 almost 5 years back & during this period each & every component has been replaced
Smps replaced twice
Pump motor replaced
Cartridges & filter replaced
Apart from the outer body, each & every component has been replaced.
Its installed in a flat & only 2 are using it.
If the same is continued for next 2-3 years, i can purchase a new kent with the investment done.

Mitesh karkera

Kent UV UF water purifier not working.

Kent UV UF water purifier not working. We had bought Kent UV UF water purifier in October 2019. It has been repaired for more than 10 times but every 15 days it stops working. I dont under stand why it happens. I think Kent is focusing on advertisement rather than improving its quality. Next time i am not going to buy kent water purefiers.

Ro bad Service

Currently I'm using Kent RO, which often happens to be something
One of the problems and one of the biggest problems was the RO service, then I was decided to go for a ro specialist and I got immediate service at my home.

Ro Service Help

Thanks for giving valuable information about the RO Service Center. And I am from Delhi and I got RO service at my house. You can also get the best services at your home, just call RO Services Helpline number

Kent Ro Not Working

Hi Team,

My name is Punit Kumar and I bought Kent water purifier (Ultra Storage UV+UF 7L Water Purifier (White/Blue)1.IMEI/Serial Num xxxx3004024700) for my father and get it installed.

Due to some reason machine stopped working from last week of December 2018. We reached out to Kent Ro customer care several times but unable to get the solution. It is highly disappointing that even after one month we are struggling to get the solution.

Your customer care executive always promised us that the problem will get resolved in 24-48 hours. Your staff behavior is too rude and non-cooperative. My complaint number is xxxx-02382.

Your prompt response will be much appreciated.

Punit Kumar

Pathetic service by your Amc partner

Apex service center Laxmi Nagar Delhi. I had got Amc from this agency and since 5 days they are not coming to repair my Kent RO. At the time when I was getting Amc I was told that service will be done in 24 hrs and before 11am as per my availability. But now my RO is not working and I registered my complaint on 23rd sep and now it is 7th sep and still they are not coming on time and repairing it. Really frustrated with your service and I want my money back. I paid Rs 6500 for Amc and I want it back

Faulty working Kent RO supreme

We bought a Kent water purifier on 1st June 2018. Since the very beginning we have been facing one issue or the another. Within a week the purifier stopped working, we called the technician and he said that we need to purchase one additional candle and also he said that the candle installed was not of Kent and was a replica. We were surprised as we had purchased the filter from an authorised Kent distributor. On follow up the distributer told that the candle was of Kent company itself and consoled us saying that no cheating had been done. We let it pass as we wanted our good sense to prevail. Within a year the filter has stopped working around 8 to 10 times and every time we had to wait for a day or two before our issue was solved and most times we had to pay some amount or another to get the issue solved. On the third instance of faulty working of the machine we demanded a replacement as it is not something that we expect out of a 16500/- priced water purifier. We were assured that we won't be facing any problems. Every time false commitments were provided and assurances were given to us. As one year passed the machine got faulty again and the service engineer came and said that we have to replace the candle and it will cost us 4000/- for the candle and 300 for installation and also that we need to change the candle every year. I find it funny that nowhere does the company inform that even on purchase of a 16500/- machine every year one has to pay around 4500/- just for candles. We still had the candles replaced on 23rd July 2019. Again today i.e 26th July the machine has started making beeping noise . On complaining we were told that a part may not be functioning. We feel highly cheated and harassed and we want a proper resolve for the same.

I have purchased Kent ro

I have purchased Kent ro purifier 3years in every 6month there is some technical issues arrises...your service quality is not so good.try to improve them...The local technician charges higher service price....The local service provider provides nontechnical mechanics...Try to solve these problem...I Am from balasore odhisha...




Kent grand plus diaphragm pump

Every two years I am replacing diaphragm pump in my Kent Grand plus RO machine due to water leakage at pump head. This year finally I got a pump head spare from Kent service center. But I am not getting a standard tool to dismantle the pump head.
I did not get it from local market.
Could you please tell me the type of wrench and size required to dismantle the pump head.
I hope it is star head Allen key. But not sure about size.

Waiting for your early response.

Non filtering of water

i have purchased three months back kent ro and faced problem of non filtering of water and stopped completely, kindly replace the unit or solve the issue permanently or else we shall move to consumer court. Your customer care people have turned up even after three days.

stopped filtering water

Non functioning of kent ro twice in three months, kindly change the unit or trouble shoot efficiently or else we shall move to consumer court. Since three days the customer care have not attended the complaint

Bad product of kent ro

Very very poor condition .it's mantinance charge is too high .approx 8000 thousand in six I suggested all of those who want buy a new ro ignore the Kent ro

Charged even within warranty Period

I purchased Kent Grand Plus at Visakhapatnam, AP on November1st, 2013. I was transferred to Hyderabad and when installation is taken up by Kent Technical people, it is stated that the UV Light tube is not functioning and needs replacement. When I told them that even one year is not completed and the system is in warranty period, it is the company to replace. then they asked for Receipt and I showed them

But they stated that since the piece is purchased in Vizag, only Vizag unit will replace and if at all to replaced by them it will be charged. How rubbish the service is???. The warranty is given by company and is applicable all over India. Stating that point only the company is selling the products to customers. Wer take branded items since they have all India service. Or else what dose it mean to take warranty only from earlier station???

Moreover, when contacted the customer care , the lady is giving vague answers and have no idea on terms and Conditions!!!. This is the way the Kent is functioning and I was forced to pay Rs 500/ for no fault of mine. I would like to take this consumers court for the larger interests of customers.
Nagendra Biyani,


Dear Sir,

I have purchased Kent RO (with filter changing alarm) in june-2013 and now in january'14 its filter changing alarm begin to ring. The dealer promised me for filters change up to more than one year because of our small family of me, my wife and a six year son.

kindly tell me the best suggestion why is it so???

plz help me i think i have been cheated

rajeev k. mishra
Lucknow, uttar pradesh, INDIA

complaints regarding product

TO Date- 5-11-2012





I have purchased kent max uv+uf on 6th june 2012 from sony electronics, civil lines, Bareilly.

Before purchasing the machine, they have checked the TDS- it was 180 and then they suggested that UV+UF is sufficient for this TDS.

I have a following complaints regarding your kent maxx uv+uf model-

1- One month back, I have complained that there is a deposition of yellow material on the walls of the container and many small ticks and ants floats in the water. Thereafter a person from the service center came and wash the filters and suggested that there is need of extra filter (which is delhi made and costing around Rs.850). Then I asked him why I should pay for extra filter if I have purchased the machine suggested by you.

2- Regarding ticks & ants- he said there is no solution for this.

Then I argued that I have taken water purifier for drinking fresh and bacteria free water.

Then he told me that there is a small space on the side between the upper part of machine and the water container(Manufacturing defect). So you need to contact the shop from where you have purchased this and they will replace with new one.

Till date, Again there is yellow deposition on the walls of container and still tick and ant come inside the water container.

I have been calling the Sony Electronic since one week but no action has taken.

Since I am a Doctor, I don’t have much time to call them again and attend them everytime, I request you to take proper action and replace the machine as early as possible.





PH- 9219503200


Typical problems in serving prospects

Dear Dr sahab,

This is a typical case on how casual the sales people have been with us. The companies like KENT actually do not have any control on this, but as a customer care [if they really care] they should step in forums like this & get these things resolved fastest.

Don't know why they are doing this.

But as far as your exact issue is concerned, I suggest you install a domestic ro, may be of 25-50 Ltr capacity. Catch hold of a local generic brand, no need of aqua guard, kent etc. You will save nearly 50 % in this, plus will get direct access to the guy [normally]

Also keep in mind that this not a NASA technology; it's all CHINA technology. Kent & a local guy, both do the same.

Anyway, best luck.

I am here as I run a web magazine on this subject :-


Dear Sir, Currently am using

Dear Sir,
Currently am using Kent RO, which is frequently having some or the other
problems. And the local dealer does not respond in time. Post sales service is very very bad. Please look in to the matter urgently. Mostly the dealer and technicians are not well trained in the field. Recently one technician had changed RO, Filter and UV lamp chock. the taste of the water is not good, smells badly and not fit for drinking, even after repeated complaints to the local dealer, service is much delayed. Please look in to the matter. Local dealer address is as follows
3-6-147/2/5, HIMAYATHNAGAR

yes, there are not may good technicians

The sale of kent is skyrocketting. But don't know what about the service. Why don't you catch hold of a local RO guy , he will [may] offer you a better solution in this. If you require help , please contact us , we can help you with some knowledge inputs

Water Leakage in OUR RO-in Carbon Filter

We Have Purchaged an RO before 5month Creating Problem Leakage in Activated Carbon Filter. RO Sr No.- KR 100500760.
Pl Rectified if you Can do or in your Scop.

Change/replace the connections

Please replace the washers at connection, changes the pipes etc. These small things you can do [need to] yourself.

I am not a KENT man, just caring about the maintainance. Thats all

Regular breakdown of RO

I purchased Pride RO in last month and within one month, the same is under breakdown in three times in a month. I think the quality of product is very very poor. Now i have already complaint to dealer but still waiting for engineer. Now i m advising to every body, please please dont purchase Kent product. The quality of KENT is very very poor. Local product is very very much better than KENT. sO DONT WASTE MONEY ON Kent product. The life nd quality of local Product is much better than Kent.
If any Kent emplyee is reading my massage than please advice me regarding RO problem and replace this dumm product with new.

Kent people need to take this eriously

Take it seriously Kent guys. Bad reviews will shoot up & spoil reputation.

Regarding the customer service in Shimoga,Karnataka state.

Dear sir,
I got one RO Grand by gift about two years back.Now some technical problems are arising in the system means not working properly so I contacted your dealer at Shimoga M/s.Prakash enterprises.Your dealer is demanding Rs,300 per visit in advance to his office.Please inform me the policy of your services to get customer service.
R O Sl No,KR-090904201
Thank you sir,