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labourhelpline [dot] karnataka [dot] govt [at] gmail [dot] com

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Sri Akram pasha I.A.S Labour Commissioner labour [dot] commissioner42 [at] gmail [dot] com 080-29753078 Karmika Bhavan, Dairy Circle, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore-29.
Sri Srinivas K Director , Department
of Factories, Boilers
& Safety Institute
directorfbish [at] gmail [dot] com 080-29753051 Karmika Bhavan, Dairy Circle, Banner ghatta Road, Bangalore-29.
Dr. Manoranjani Director,
Employee State Insurance
Scheme Medical Services
dir-esi [at] karnataka [dot] gov [dot] in 080-23324216 S. Nijalingappa Road, II Block, Rajajinagar, Bangalore-560010.

Departments Secretariat

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Sri Shivaram Hebbar 080-22252163 labourminister2020 [at] gmail [dot] com Hon'ble Labour Minister No: 207 & 206
2nd Floor, Vikasa
Soudha Bengaluru
Dr G Kalpana 080-22254894
Fax: 080-22256368
secy-labour [at] karnataka [dot] gov [dot] in Secretary to Government No. 414, 4th floor,
Vikasa Soudha, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Veedhi, Bengaluru-01.
Sri Padmini 080-22035031 ds_labour [at] yahoo [dot] in Deputy Secretary to Government 1 No. 411, 4th floor,
Vikasa Soudha, Dr.
B. R. Ambedkar Veedhi,
Sri Sandhya Nayak 080-22034773 jseclabour [at] gmail [dot] com Deputy Secretary to Government 2 No. 416, 4th floor,
Vikasa Soudha,
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Veedhi, Bengaluru-01.
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We are working 12 hours daily, no government holiday only 7 holiday per year, my company providing, and in company total 400 t0 500 people working here, no salary slip, not doing private limited, we are struggling here sir, pls help us,
male duty hours- 8am to 8pm
Female duty hours 9am to 6pm
Company not following any rules and regulation
May 1 workers day no holiday u can come here and check sir please

Complaint regarding non-receipt of my salary.

Sub.: Complaint regarding non-receipt of salary.

Respected Sir/Madam,

My name is Biswajit Thatoi aged 36 years. I am a resident of state -0disha, Dist- Sundargarh Rourkela.
. I was working in Gita Refractories private Limited, Hoskote Bangalore as a IR & FACILITIES MANAGER since 18.07.2022 I had resigned on 19TH OCTOBER 2022.

During the whole period of employment there, I had carried out my duties and responsibilities in a very responsible way with dedication. I have also completed all resignation formalities as required.I have been following up with them for the payment for the last one months, but they have not been cooperating at all & hold salary. I have been facing some financial issues.

Therefore, I kindly request your goodself to look into my grievances on non-payment of salary by my ex-employer, and give necessary direction to them to release my payment immediately. I shall be grateful to you for your help.

Thanking you,


Labour Department Student Scholarship

I am Vijayagouda Gurusiddagouda Kalagoudra, from Dharwad district, Dharwad Taluk. I am studying in shree dharmasthal manjunatheshwar college of engineering and technology in mechanical engineering.
sir, my father has been working in labour for so many years. I want to inform you that SSP scholarship is sanctioned but my father's account is not received.Sir I have done npci mapping, linked from aadhaar card to bank account, checked dbt there everything is correct but money is not credited to our father, please see my request. Must help. Email -vijayagouda1947vg [at] gmail [dot] com
Thank you sir

Complaint regarding non-receipt of salary

Sub.: Complaint regarding non-receipt of salary.

Respected Sir/Madam,

My name is AKHIL BOSE aged 27 years. I am a resident of AMBADI, PUNNAPRA NORTH P O PARAVOOR ALAPPUZHA KERALA 688014
. I was working in AURIGA RESEARCH BANGALORE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT BIAL as a MOLECULAR BIOLOGIST since 23/8/2021. The said company/firm is situated at (AURIGA RESEARCH
D BLOCK PROJECT OFFICE,KEMPEGOWDA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, DEVANAHALLI , BENGALURU KARNATAKA 560300). I had resigned on MARCH 24. As per the employment contract, I had served the required ONE months' notice period.

During the whole period of employment there, I had carried out my duties and responsibilities in a very responsible way with dedication. I have also completed all resignation formalities as required. However, they are withholding my salary for the notice period for a total of (20200) without giving any genuine reasons and explanations. I have been following up with them for the payment for the last one months, but they have not been cooperating at all. I have been facing severe financial issues because there are __ dependents who solely rely on my income.

Therefore, I kindly request your goodself to look into my grievances on non-payment of salary by my ex-employer, and give necessary direction to them to release my payment immediately. I shall be grateful to you for your help.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,


Look in to this on priority please. / Lost job by internal polit

Reason for removing me from my duties are below. )

I was sick and suggested 3-4 days of home isolation by a doctor as I was suffering with fever, cold and cough effected while I was in office and while I was going to the office to do work from office.

So there was a suspect which might b a symptoms of covid and during my home isolation.

Hence, I have taken informed leave.

But, the the HR and company management blindly processed my exit formalities and thy removed from my duties while I was unwell.

And my trainer lied to my HR that I was not reporting to the work.

Therefore my trainer sent out an email to the HR and tagging other management heads in the email asking them to proceed with my exit formalities while I was home isolated.

And my trainer placed the reason as I was not reporting to the work from
29-Oct -2020 to 4-nov-2020 and I am not replying to my trainer msgs or calls.

Which is not truth.

And the reality is that, I was in touch with my trainer abt my health condition.

But she lied to my HR, n my HR without speaking to me, without knowing my health conditions proceeded with the exit formalities on 04/Nov/2020 without any prior notifications or official email, or a letter or a simple msg on my phone.

This is what happened with me without my consent or official information untill

Please kindly help me get justice.

And even though now they are apologizing or offering a new job in the same company also there is no guarantee of job security, or financial and mental support even though if they give any level of assurance as they have been already failed after giving us so much of assurance before and got us to work from office and kicked us out while we are hospitalized and already struggling with medical and financial help.

There are chances for them to remove me again while in training for 3 months with some or the other training related excuses or intentionally they may fail me with or without salary.
Though we are drawing minimum salary in this company we have all our dedication and efforts and worked hard to secure this job.

Struggled alot to get this job but never expected this kind of filthy act which is done while we are sick.

Hoping you to help me.
And please notify me about the steps being taken against this persons and management and company of 24/7.ai.

And also let me know what should I do next?

Thanks and Regards,

Salary not released yet


I am working in wise Travel India pvt. Ltd. Company I was in maternity leave and due to covid -19, I asked my employer to relief me from my duties because i have a small baby and it's not good to come out in this time and i asked them to deduct my 1month salary in lieu the notice period, but after serving a polite way, company is not ready to reply me in my any mail, in resignation mail company CEO founder is taking care or replying, but now they are not replying me it's been 3month, I did even asked them for my appraisals amount when i was fall down in appraisals, I didn't even asked them for my leave encasment, I politely served each n everything and I thought is not ready to take that politeness, please help on this matter.

not giving leave

Dear sir,
I working in Bata Shoe Store
In BAGALKOT 587101
Store manager not giving weekly off and not give any Type leave.
But in attendance report showing weekly off please help sir

Relieving letter not yet received

Respected Sir,
I have quit a company and resigned from a company by serving proper notice period. However, the employer orally refused to accept the resignation. I tried my best to ask them to relieve me and give me relieving letter. Later, During my last day of notice period, I left my job after sending an email that this is my last day of the job and I would be leaving and also sent handover documents. I have no misconduct in the company and have not got any warning letter. Even my HR says that there are no complaints against me. But If there are no complaints then Why do they have difficulty in giving me a relieving letter.
It is just the employer is not ready to give me relieving letter saying that an employee cannot leave the company till they get another candidate.
During my last days in the company I tried to convince my employer that I am ready to stay in the company. But my employer did not accept that too. He only wanted me to leave the company after they get another candidate.

Sir, I have served my notice period and did not breach any contract and since I have no relieving letter from this company, I fear my future is at stake. So, I request you for any possible help so that my employer can give me resignation letter. I have a family of my own and a child and I have to think of my future life. So I need proper relieving letter.

Can I proceed to take legal action against the employer for not getting relieving letter?. They employer once told me that he will sue me for leaving the company. What to do to get relieving letter?

Sir, I request your advice for the same.

Thanks and Regards,


Salary not settled by the company

Good afternoon sir.

I was working as principal in viyaan academy Electronic city branch.
I had submitted notice period till 31/11/2019 but they have relieved me on 11/11/2019.
I need to get salary balance from 1/10/2019 to 11/11/2019.
We worked some Sundays and government holiday also but they have not paid.
I got my relieving letter.

I told them I will complaint labour office but MD said ok you can go anywhere but you can't do anything.

Weir Minerals Low Standard Management

Weir Minerals pennaya Industrial area , peanya, Banglore - 560058 treats employees under worst standards human resource department is without humanity a female staff who has just completed her labour leave while requested for an extension of 15 days they insisted either have to join immediately or take a break ( inspite of the manager giving mail approval its worst kind Management (HR)

Complaint Regarding the Termination from the job

I have worked with the organisation called Sulekha.com New Media Pvt Ltd since 2yrs 6 months and after one year i took leave and i was having leave balance of 37 leaves with me and i have applied 45 days back too on prior informing to my manager but till my travelling day management didn't approve my leave and after I left for my home town they called me and terminate me from the job without my single mistake. I haven't got any clearance letter nor relieving letter and none of the companies are accepting me for any jobs without that. Seeking for strong help on this.

labour department mysore lancha gulithana

namasthe sir,

nonda karmikara bedike

sir dayavittu mysore labour office nalli nadeyuthiruva dowrjanyada bagge tanike madi namantha bada karmikarige thondare aguthirodna thapsi. mysore nalli iruva 3rd circle, deo prema avru amount kotre aste andre madve arjige 4000, scholership ge 500, online print ge 100 hagu avru helida syber athva avra hathra arji hakisde hodre reject madthare and sir harish mathu nalina koneyalli banda arjigalige modalu amount hakthare aduve kelgade iruva tea hotel bali hogi amount iskothare kottvarige amount hakthare mathu 2nd circle shruthi and 4th circle deo harshitha yavaglu vahisiro kelasa bittu nirikshara kelsa vannu madthare innu 1st circle deo suchithra avarige kelsa ve baralla enadru kelidre rash agi baidu kalisthare idellla mysore nalli iro labour office nalli nadeyuthide idara bagge adhikarigala gamanakke thandaru avru idara bagge thale kedisikolluthilla sir neevadru idra bagge tanike madi namage nyaya odagisi kodi plzzzzzzzzzzz sir

Full and final settlement

Dear sir
Am worked 14 years in one of the private company at indiranagar bangalore. Last January I booked a complaint at labor office against the company for my gratuity and settlement. Now almost 10 months over still case is running.
Please note that in my absence my wife attending this case, problem is really we don't know why the officer not taken action ?? And how long we need to attend ???


Dear sir/ Madam,
I had been working for RELIABLE & RESPONSIVE SECURITY & ALLIED SERVICES # 1, 12th Main Road Brindavan Nagar S.B.M. Colony Bangalore-54 as Manager Operations FROM 27/ 10/2018 TO 28 FEBRUARY 2019 an waited for my salary till date but they denied to give my salary, please do the needful and oblige, hoping for positive responsive at the earliest,

Thankyou & Regards

MD not paying salary

Address : No. 22, 2nd floor 2nd Cross,
Shaktinagar, behind Redmart
off Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore.
Complaint: MD appoints Non Bangalorians, makes them work for 5-6 months doesn't pay after 3 months, asks to give resignation letter in writing, he will ask time to deposit then fight with them saying u went with out giving resignation letter, you have lost company assets mismanaged & others. He will tell staff to get credit & spend money for project submit bill he will take GST return but will not pay us.. many more.

Not payment of the salary for the last one year

Respected sir/Madam As I working in cooking section in hostel Mandya social wellfare department under the contract agency of suraksha.this suraksha agency has not paid the employee's salary for the last 1year kindly look into this matter both the social wellfare department and suraksha agency are neglect the employee's request, reaĺly we all are in very wretched situation kindly help us.

Non payment

Dear Sir / Madam
This is Anand kumar I was worked in company called Future Revolution as full stack developer for one month. They have fixed my salary for 24000/ but they are not payed anything and if I ask they are not responding. The reason why I have left that company means they have not provided any offer letter or anything. I have confirmation letter and mail conversation as proof. They are fraud company in one office space they are running two companies. Iam not able to attach the document s.

Please do needful to me.

Thanks & Regards

Anand kumar


Non Payment of Salary for the last five months

Beloorbayir Biotech Ltd has not paid the employees salary for the last 5 months (from feb 2019).

Please look into this as all are suffering without salary. Even if we leave the organisation, final settlement is not been done.

Full and final settlement

Dear sir,
As I worked in Alniche life sciences Pvt ltd as Area Business Manager in Bangalore . I resigned in month of September 2018 but till now I didn't get resignation acceptance letter,releiving letter and Company people holded my salary ,2 months expenses. After 4 to 5 months I directly spoke with Mr. Jayan Menon (VP) he agreed to give but they simply reduced my salary and they didn't send to training program but also they are deducting that money also. After that I sent mail but I didn't get any update. So please help me and give suggestion what I have to do next.


Regarding state run hospital n dispensaries

Why so much discrepancy in the state n central run hospitals.
Patients are very unhappy with state run ESI hospitals n dispensaries.I learnt that you are a strict officer, we are expecting a change, if you mind you can bring change.
ESI hospital Indiranagar don't have proper lab, scan facility, no blood bank, all the way coming from dispensary to hospitals for blood test they tell us to come at a later date, doctors tell to come again with reports so we will be wasting 3days for check up n treatment by then the money will exhaust for auto bus charges for Patient n accompanying person. For taking 100rs treatment we have to spend 500 to 1000 RS.except for cancer treatment this will not work out for other patients. Please get an attachment to teaching hospitals, where patient can treatment there.supply crocin cough syrups n pain killer gel to factory to all the workers.like 108 have mobile dispensaries area wise.
Atleast 10 hospitals like Rajajinagar in around Bangalore is required. Close down dispensaries. Dispensary treatment is a waste it is like a clinic treatment where no blood test x-ray done no specialist treatment .instead of wasting money to reach dispensary we can atleast take treatment at Pvt clinic the same buscharge or auto charge can be used for private doctor fee which is much more convenient.

Need to Apply for RC for Principal Employer & Labour License

Good Evening Sir / Madam,

My client wish to apply for 01 (ONE) RC for Principal Employer for the entire State of Karnataka and Contractor Labour License for about 38 Locations in Karnataka.

We have gone through the entire details for Online Registration, where in it has not been specified whether we can apply for one common RC for the entire State of Karnataka or we may have to apply for individual RC on the District Levels.

We also faced a major problem, while uploading the scan documents, wherein we are unable to upload due to size constraints.
Request your kind guidance to resolve our query.

Also share the Contact Name & Number of the Respective Officer, with whom we can speak and proceed with the necessary registration.

Awaiting for a favorable action and reply from your good office.

Thanks & Regards

Mangesh M Lavate