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09910383838 / +91 124 6613838 / +91 - 124 - 4852158


+91 124 4268664


Nodal Officer

Email:NodalOfficer [at] goindigo [dot] in

Appellate Authority

Email:AppellateAuthority [at] goindigo [dot] in

Head Office

Level 1, Tower C, Global Business Park(GBP), Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, Gurgaon 122002, Haryana.
Ph: 0124 4352500 Fax: 0124 4068536


airport terminal

i have got my flight 6E 5533 from mumbai to bangalore . please help me with the exact address of the terminal theres this confusion happening between T1 and T2


Dear Team,

I have booked tickets from vizag to bangkok and from Bangkok to vizag,
Insted of "selom srikanth" my name on ticket got as "seelam srikanth" which i booked from mobile got typo misspell
can you guys do some thing about it.
we friends totally booked 12 tickets so please help me solving this issue.
Its me who booked the ticket and got wrong.

Lost of jacket from lugggage

Dear Sir,
My father boarded flight no. 6E3906 on 12 Feb 18 from Gau Del 1325 hrs and his jacket red and black reversible was been stolen in between the journey grom Gau or Del.Kindly do the needful to find the jacket and stop these type of instances further.

Special thanks to all the Indigo people for their caring attitud

Dear Sir.....I profusely thank the whole Indigo fraternity for their care and help which they showed towards my parents who are old in their eighties. My parents flew from Kolkata to Bangalore and then from Hyderabad to Kolkata.Both my parents have sight problem and they were in Hyderabad to pay a visit to LV Prasad eye institute. They both used wheelchair as they can't read the instructions or the sign boards everywhere.The Indigo staff helped them from procuring the boarding pass till they got into the prepaid taxi at Kolkata airport that they are so happy and have gained so much confidence that they are now ready to fly for medical checkups every year only by Indigo.I will remain ever grateful to you all and suggest others to have faith and confidence on Indigo. Thanking you.

Indigo application

I found the indigo application impossible to work with. Why don't you put in a proper app. so that our time is not wasted. It is exasperating to work with it.

Customer complaint

To the Higher authorities,

Treat this mail as a very huge customer complaint from my side and if this is not acknowledged I will file a complaint against your company with the consumer court.

There has been a nuisance created by your airlines for me for no rhyme or reason. I had booked a ticket for myself for the flight number 6E 405 scheduled to be departed from Delhi to Pune at 18:20 pm on 25th December 2012. I had reached airport and was waiting in a line well before the boarding time and was waiting there for more than 15 minutes. I reached the counter at 5:30, however your people had stopped the check in till then. There were still 50 minutes left for the flight to be boarded. There were no announcements made for me till the last minute. One of your ground staff says the counter has closed and all your passengers have boarded the flight and I have missed the flight which was scheduled at 6:20.

Your Delhi base ground crew does not have any etiquette's and hold a big attitude and do not serve the main purpose i.e customer support. The ground crew actually does not deserves to be employed as they do not have any respect for their customers. The manager 'Gagandeep Singh' and 'Herleen' the counter lady showed off their back to me while I was talking to them, which frustrated me further.

I really fail to understand on what grounds do you actually employ such individuals. These guys were just cribbing and wasting my time doing nothing and kept fighting with me which made me waste 40 minutes during which i could have ran off and caught the flight even not taking further help from your airlines. I mean other than a bus service don't you have a car or cab for your passengers to reach the aircraft during emergencies. Your crew was just interested in making me wait there, frustrate me and earn further money by taking further Rs5000/- for other flight even though your flight 6E 405 had not even flown off.

I have shelled out Rs8500/- at the last minute to catch another flight to Pune on emergency grounds. These are full ticket charges for Spice Jet at last minute. It would be really appreciated if you could refund the payments made for the ticket I purchased for your flight as I was no where at fault and your crew had just wasted time in cribbing an doing nothing.

If I do not receive the refund for the ticket make this very clear I will file an official complaint against your airlines in the consumer court. Take this email as a matter of urgency and refund me my money. And for God's sake please teach your employees how to treat your customers fairly, which is the main objective of your airlines.

Well word of mouth plays a very important role in promotion of any company. I am very sure that I wont travel by Indigo ever again and also spread this amongst the huge community I am aware off. It was a poor performance by yourselves and you all do not deserve to be a part of this service industry. A spoil sport airline with disgusting employees. You have embarrassed yourselves and also embarrassed a passenger in front of the entire airport for a mistake or laziness done by your employees.

Rude behaviour od ground staff

I am a regular customer of Indigo Del- Dibrugarh flight. i have been travelling since the last 7 years. I have a severe problem with the ground staff at the dibrugarh airport. There is a lady with a round face, she is always so rude to people, she never pays interest to my preferences, as its a 4 hours flight i don’t like the emergency window seat, but she never relies properly. Moreover when i board from the delhi airport , the staff here in Delhi never checks the weight of the hand baggage, so i am always in a notion that 10 kg is allowed, Infact no other airlines ever check the weight of hand baggage, just that its not a huge bag is enough. But this women in dibrugarh harrassed me like anything. She insisted that i cannot take more than 7 kg , and i didnt have space in the luggage bag to shift my stuff. If there is a rule about this that more than 7kg is not allowed than i would request all airlies to do the same in all airports, but when one ground staff in a small airport like dibrugarh in Assam behaves like this than it becomes very irritating, because we people in metros keep travelling in so many airlines and to Mumbai and Bangalore frequently, but have never faced such rules and behaviors from the ground staff. If this is the case than next time i travel to my hometown i would prefer a jet flight which also gives service than facing this women again. Moreover the last time i was flying to Bangalore my luggage was 20.5 kg , but the staff here in Delhi was very sweet to me and did not demand for money, but the ground staff in Dibrugarh , takes money each and every time even of the luggage is 21 kg, i have myself seen many customers paying extra 100- 900 rs to the ground staff there. I don’t know how does Indigo manages its staff, but why is it that only this small airport and the staff there has been taking money from passengers whereas the metro city airports don't do so. Please look into this matter seriously. I am very happy with the service of Indigo otherwise, i want to continue with it, but I would request , that someone please take care of the ground staff in Dibrugharh, Assam.

Harassment by Indigo for International Travel

I travelled from Mumbai Dubai on 26 May 2012. My booking ref was GGI1DA. I changed my date from 27 May to 26 May. I paid fair difference on 26 May by debit card and money is deducted from my acct on same day. Again On 31 May money got deducted from my acct by interglobe aviation. As per your web site address I have written to nodal offficer and no reply from him.
As a customer I have suffered too much in my travel due to following reasons and this will be my last journery with Indigo.
1. When I changed the date I was told that you can not pay by international credit card since you are changing date 24 hours before. I was holding Dubai credit card.
2. I was ready to pay by cash. I was informed that we can not accept cash. Only way to pay is by Indian credit card or debit card. I paid by debit card and now suffering too much.
3. I belive as a customer I have write to pay by my choice which was declined by your air line.
4. I have lost money talking to my Bank in India ABOUT this double transcation as well your customer care in India.

Not allowed to Board Aircraft, no refund

The Managing Director.
Subject : Mental Harassment and torture caused to me
Reference : Ticket No.- JF7QLP, for Indigo flights on Dt. 12/Aug/2011,
in R/o Rr. Vikas Yadav

Being aggrieved and deeply pained with un-human and in-descent attitude of INDIGO staffer namely Ms. Manju Shree at Bangalore Airport, resulting considerable financial losses besides mental agony, I would like to bring to your notice, the unpleasant instance of 12th Aug, 2011.

I had purchased confirmed Tickets having Ticket No.- JF7QLP for air-journey on 12th Aug, 2011 from Bangalore to New Delhi by Flight No. 6E-122 . I reached to the airport at 15:45 hours. It was a long queue on an Indigo counter. So i directly reached to Ms. Manju Shree at 1600 Hrs and she informed me to be in queue. When I personally visited Indigo Counter and enquired, the staff straight away informed me that now I can’t board the flight, I informed them that I reached on time and was waiting for my turn on the counter. Ms Manju Shree she laughed at me and she did't reply for the same and asked me to meet Mr Alexender on the other counter. I reached to Mr. Alexender and informed him that i reached on time but Ms Manju Shree asked me to be in Queue and when Mr Alexender tried to confirm the same from her she refused in front of me stating that she didn't share any conversation regarding the same. He said “We had made the announcement & you missed it so we can’t help, now you can’t board the flight.”. I requested him if he can do something about it because it was very important for me to reach Delhi anyhow on the same day, for my own engagement. After my pleading in front of him he recommended me to board a flight for other day 13th Aug 2011 by paying Rs.12000. He recommended the same on my ticket and the time after the entire argument which he has mentioned is 16:29 Hrs (Scanned copy of the same is attached for your reference) I proposed 2 options, as under:

1. To cancel both the tickets and give me Full Refund.
2. To accommodate me in the late evening flight on same day from Bangalore to Delhi.

The first option, was straightly refused by giving some flimsy excuses, for second, The staff insisted me to pay an extra amount of Rs. 12000.00 for no fault of mine. The earlier Tickets had cost me Rs.3600. Besides all the money loss I postponed my engagement date and canceled all the venues and other expenses gone in vain which I made for the day.

Further it was also obligatory for INDIGO, which is airline of Repute to arrange my Boarding at Bangalore as is being done by other Air-lines. But Indigo did not arrange it.

Hope you will understand the issue in its right spirit. You are requested to kindly refund my money or issue me a ticket for my next date of engagement, travel or a ticket voucher in lieu of the above mentioned ticket in order to restrain me from taking a legal stand against your airline.
I, further like to bring to your notice, that in case of no satisfactory action from your side, I may be forced to approach Hon. Minister for Civil Aviation Mr. Vyalar Ravi as well as to bring the instance to notice of Press and other air-lines also
Expecting suitable action and a line of reply from your side,

Yours Faithfully,
(Vikas Yadav) 4054 K block Sanik colony Sector 49 NIT faridabad (Haryana)
Contact: 9538875521
Email: vikasyadav [dot] ada [at] gmail [dot] com

Complaint about not able to board filght #292

Respected Sir
we were flying from cochin to guwahati. we had to board two flight of your company, from cochin to chennai on flight # 315 which was suppose to arrive in chennai at 12: 35pm and we had our connection flight of your company to guwahati (fight no: #292) by 1:50. we were informed by your company by a sms that counters will be closed 45 min's prior to the departure. there was a flight delay for about 15 to 20 min. after recieving bagage when we reached your counters by 1:05 pm but your counters informed us that we are not allowed to board also informed that counters closed before.
we purchased purchased two tickets for the same journey and the e ticket number is " MDVJDN " and " TDEKDW ". we also have filed a complaint in your office at chennai airport.
we want refund of our tickets at the earliest.

mathews paul
08486002022 / 09447872136

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